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  2. Good! I'm currently reading my way through the Harry Potter series for the first time.
  3. Week 4, Day 2 Monday Weekend: (0/1) Morning walk: (1/7) short walk Workout: (1/3) Workout 3A Jump Rope: (1/2) Dishes/Clean: (2/7) dishes Vegetables: (3/7) carrots in chili Creative/Garden: (1/7) banana nut muffins Water the Garden: (3/7) still wet In Bed by Midnight: (1/7) nope Made a big pot of chili in the crockpot. In my workout, I finally did the full 4 sets of 5 pushups! Now maybe I can move on to a new level.
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  5. Jun 2nd GtG pull-ups: 7x8 Handstand progression - none. Fire unit stuff kept me busy all afternoon, and when I had like half an hour of free time, Dad asked me to help him haul some steel rods from one place of our garden to the other. So instead of doing handstands, I was pulling heavy stuff around
  6. Tired. So tired. No KBs (have now had four rest days in a row... the warrior spirit has left my body and I am now a pacifist) Art: yep. not saying it went well, just saying I did it Walk: 25 min Other: watched this interesting talk that scratches the surface of why women's training should be different to men's. Apparently a lot of sports research (on training and diet) is done on men and might not apply to women. I wish to learn about this in much greater detail, though.
  7. Watching you perform these fancy moves brought me joy today. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
  8. I have completely fallen off this wagon. I don't think I have practiced once since the first day of the challenge
  9. I thank you for your condolences I did have a good time, so long as I can bug my nieces, it'll always be considered a good time. and thank you for the condolences I know right? I was thinking about this, and I kinda already do that. but not for everything. Thank you for your prayers I'm getting excited too, I should've learned to sign years ago! * * * Chiseled - I'm currently on Set #2 that will happen within the hour Better mornings: Stoic: "Plato's View" - What this means is that sometimes it's best to take a step back and get a good view of the world and everything on it, sometimes by taking it from a birds eye POV can you really see how small things can really be and then things start to get into perspective. Bible: Today: 2 PETER 3:12-15, 17-18 & MARK 12:13-17 I Dare You: I have been practicing the verses still, and my hands don't move quickly enough as I'm trying to remember what the sign is.
  10. I think following @Sloth the Enduring and @raptron has had a corrupting influence on me I started out in early March at 81.3KGs and just over 26% BF. I don't have any target weight, but I would like to get below 20% BF so depending on where I am in 2 weeks I will probably either keep it going for a bit or just start maintenance.
  11. I did the scary thing and went on the group run. It was awesome! The evening was sunny and everything was green and pretty, and it had cooled off just enough to be comfortable. Yes I was way behind everyone else, but so were two other girls who were also there for the first time. We speed hiked the uphill (and my lungs are still searing from it). By time we got to the top, the rest of the group was long gone and we didn't see them again until the parking lot. My body still remembers how to run downhill so I flew down the hills and waited for my two new friends at the bottom of each section so we could continue together. The loop took 1:39 at our slow stop-and-go pace and I loved every minute. They host these runs every Tuesday evening so I will go again next time I have the evening free, and one of the ladies I ran with said she would keep an eye out for my name and come too if she can. It is nicer having another person at about your pace.
  12. Oi, did too much yesterday, because I've been exhausted all day today. Barely made it through work, then had to go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. They were supposed to have it ready a few days ago but they didn't, and I had to call twice to confirm with a pharmacist, who had no idea what I was talking about. Good news, though, they had it ready within an hour of the phone call, so bonus. Anyway, stats: - Had 1 serving of fruit - Had 1 serving of veggies - Worked on my outline for 30 minutes - Read for a little bit And now I feel brain dead so I think I'm going to bed. Thanks for all your comments, guys, I'll respond tomorrow.
  13. So, um, how's everyone doing with their reading?
  14. Alright time for another update! I've been pretty consistent with these and I have to say already it's helped keep me on track because I know that if I don't do anything I'm going to have to put that on the log for you all to see haha. Today to follow up on the skill training of yesterday I decided to make a focused effort to try to apply what I've been learning. The timing was a little off here as I didn't get a lot of sleep. There was a health scare in my family and until she was back home and doing better, my mind was racing, and so I woke up both emotionally drained and physically drained...regardless, here we go: 20 min of muscle-up attempts 2x10 pull ups Vertical Jumps on to Ledge 20, 15 reps Wall walks Pushups 25 reps Notes on workout: 1. A lot of attempts here. Not one of them came close, but it's my first day trying seriously for it. I know I have the strength but my technique and explosivity isn't there. The take away though...Due to the explosive nature, this is something I'll need to attempt a couple times a workout, cause once you're gased(as I was) it was like beating my head against a steel wall. 2. Basic old pull ups to give me back some confidence after the first exercise. 3. My leg training of the day, working on exploding up and trying to hop on to progressively higher ledges. 4,5: Pushing movements of the workout. The pushups were very deep and controlled, using my paralletes just as a finisher, after all the wall walk practice. Tomorrow is my first 30 minute yoga session. Will I somehow find myself tied into a square knot unable to free myself? Stay tuned...
  15. Welp. Still ongoing nerve issues, thank you vehicular collision. Fortunately most of my mobility is back to where it was (pretty shitty to begin with). Working out when I feel good, and resting when I don't. Have not decluttered much, and have not been otherwise productive much. Lots of reading, and online content consumption. Work is starting to pick back up, which is good, but I am once again confronted with the face that I don't necessarily always like my job (which, granted, is pretty normal I think). The world is also kind of crazy right now. Interesting times....
  16. That looks like the kind of thing Ghostess would wear to work (with a stylish suit jacket to cover the shoulders) Tupac for me. This seems more relevant now than ever...
  17. Maybe that is a good happy medium. Eating low carb as a normative, but giving yourself permission when you don't want. I've found that works for me and my eating goals( which is meat veggies and nutritious carbs) I'm reading Lean and Strong by Josh Hillis and really enjoying it. He talks more about eating skills and guidelines, and gives some ideas for how to manage the psychology of eating (like cravings and treats)
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    I am proud of Elf. They got up early (before noon) twice this week to go to medical appointments. Plus they have taken on the deck project and it is looking really good. I was afraid we would have to replace the stairs they were so bad. Elf got them cleaned and sanded down to new-looking wood. Now freshly-stained wood. Today's appointment was for an eye exam. That means my errand for tonight is to go with Elf to buy glasses. Elf just needs me along to pay for them. Hmmm, that said, I could just give Elf money and send them off. Options, options. After we got home I realized I needed to make fruit salsa and guacamole because the produce I bought on Friday was rapidly heading past its prime. Elf did dishes while I chopped things. They could tell I was running out of steam and asked what they could do to make my evening better. I asked them to pack up the soup stock from the crock pot. My original plan had been to finish making soup tonight. I have the best kid ever. As it turns out, it was a good thing I went along on the glasses expedition. Elf has a unusual prescription for a young person and their lenses were more expensive than they expected. Not bad in the general scheme of glasses, but not $95 glasses either.
  19. You crack back into your thread to make a new post and only then do you realize you're scowling in every one of your progress photos. Of course, not a lot to smile about the past few days. I would protest, but frankly, I don't think it's safe for any number of reasons -- the National Guard is still out in Seattle, and civil disobedience appears to still be pretty much the norm, and the Seattle Police are known for excessive force at the best of times. But what worries me more is covid -- I have a feeling the protests will have to stop pretty soon, since they're hotbeds for outbreaks. At this point I don't know what to do; something is going to need to replace the protests, but I don't know what that is. I feel paralyzed. Workout Log 6/2/20 Warmup Hamstring Curls: 6/6a-x, 6/6a-x, 3/3a-e L: 25/25 Y: 10/10 T: 15/15 P: 20s Ex: 15/15 High IR: 10/10a-e, 5/0a- - The shoulder work and all but the last set of hamstring curls were done this morning, before starting work. - My shoulder felt a little sore after the exercises, but not in the anterior joint, impingement-y way. It felt more like a little achiness from various rotator cuff muscles. Back of shoulder especially, the supraspinatus and subscap. Taking it carefully to keep from aggravating my rotator cuff right now. BW RDLs: 10 Dining Chair Pistols: 8/8a-e, 8/8a-x, 8/8a-x - Now we're starting to get somewhere strength-wise, I actually started to feel the edges of failure creeping in. I definitely had a rep or two in the tank, but it's something. A little pain in the quad tendon on the R knee, 1st set. No issues in the rest. Wall Leg Raises: 9/9a-e, 10/10a-x Cooldown - After the workout I poked around some more Cirque Physio IG stuff and @Mad Hatter, you were right, there is some good stuff there. Messed around with some possible active stretches for hip flexors.
  20. I sense great potential in this one Overall a very interesting show
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