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  2. The Shadow

    The first day of the rest of my life

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so supportive and helpful!
  3. fitbyforty

    Fitbyforty's Plant Based Recipes

    Lentil Sheppard's Pie No specific quantities on this one, as I normally just eye it and I use what I have. I'm giving a basic template. Notes: Can be made with any mashed potato you like. Sometimes I use yellow, sometimes I use red, sometimes I use sweet potatoes (baked in skin and then scooped out and mashed). Just cook your potatoes till tender and then mash them with a masher. If you are not vegan and want to make mashed potatoes like you normally do, go ahead and do so. Sometimes I add some water to make the yellow or red potatoes have a little more softness. Ingredients - dry lentils of your choice. Cook out most of the water so that the lentils are pretty dry. - Cooked and seasoned potatoes of choice. See note above. - sauce - BBQ sauce of choice, ketchup, tomato paste, tomato sauce, or spaghetti sauce. (I have used all and I have also rigged up a sauce with ketchup, mustard, and Worchester sauce) - Frozen peas and carrots mix (canned if you like that better or have on hand. Can just use peas. I have also used mixed veggies) - salt and pepper to taste, add more seasonings if you want. Sometimes I add garlic powder or onion powder or both. Directions: Spray some cooking spray in the bottom of a casserole dish. Mix the lentils with the sauce and season to taste. Put that mixture into the casserole dish. Top with the frozen peas and carrots (or whatever you choose), season that layer as well if needed. Add the mashed and seasoned potatoes to the top. I make little designs with the fork for better browning. Cook on 350 till bubbling or warmed through, then turn on the broiler for a few minutes to brown the top better if you wish. This one is kind of a use what you have on hand type of meal. -
  4. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    It's probably not a content issue, but a time wasting issue that was in question when your IT flagged the site Thanks. I'm guessing this was something like that. It seemed like they had converted a garage and then built a new one on or something. Thank you very much. I've been told before by people who have lived in Scotland my Scottish accent reminds them of someone they new. From what I understand, what I affect is a Glaswegian accent, though I'd happily accept correction from any UK residents. In the US we don't get exposed to the richness of accent diversity on the British Isles. For Irish we get Ulster accents, for Scots we get Glasgow, and for England we either get Received Pronunciation or Eliza Doolittle. American Media seems to forget Wales exists Yesterday was a good day. I did laundry and we went to a baby appointment (all good!) and went grocery shopping. Then we went to a fundraiser dinner with our church for a group called Ransomed Life, which rescues girls out of Sex Trafficking. We learned that there is a difference in definition between Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking. Smuggling is moving people from one place to another, whereas trafficking refers to the acts they are forced to do against their will. One thing that was pointed out to us is that almost all the girls helped are local; the abusers keep them here to exploit them. The organization is incredible, and our church has partnered with them almost from the beginning. Despite the heavy topic, it was still a fun night, the organization branded the event "A Night of Hope" and focused mainly on the work they do and the restoration these girls find. They are incredible.
  5. Yet, I did not enjoy the conversation, and I even took out my phone and disengaged. The whole meal felt unenjoyable because of that moment. I know it's mostly my thinking than anything else, but it felt that they were enjoying themselves and I was not. It felt like restriction, like being on a diet (and, no, the meal was not a salad )
  6. RogueLibrarian

    Asa Pond's Birthday Challenge!

    One slip-up day does not blow your momentum! It happens.
  7. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    THAT WAS FUN TOO. Seriously, punching people is way more intimidating than being punched. I had a great time and the instructor said I did really well for my first go. Yeah, baby. That's definitely me. The downside is that I left some of my gear behind -- I'm just not used to having all that stuff with me to bring home, and I was a little dazed and wiped out after the experience, and I think I just left my gloves and a couple of other things on the floor. I emailed as soon as I realized, and they will probably pick them up and put them aside for me, but I'm really pissed at myself and hoping I'm not out 100 bucks to replace gear I used once. They'll probably email me this morning to tell me they have my stuff, though.
  8. doctorake

    Doctorake Dungeon Crawls

    4/26 4/7 runs 2/3 lifts Great day yesterday. I did eat 2,600 calories and went higher in carbs with 80 grams but not over my daily limit of 100 grams. I walked to the store midday and got a Twix ice cream bar and ate it on the walk home in the sun. After the wife got home from work she wanted to go for a long walk so I obliged and we did a 3.5 mile round trip to a draw bridge on the lagoon. view off the bridge When we got home I ran the mile and then did my lifts Working sets: Squat 125lbs X 5 reps X 3 sets Overhead Press 75lbs X 5 reps X 3 sets Body weight pull ups were 4,3, I am too sore to be doing more and DOMS on those muscles. At this point I would say I have the map and compass and today I am progressing to get the boomerang. A run late afternoon with some friends, then off to hockey and skipping the beers after the game. I am getting to play goalie tonight and I am super excited about that since I have not played for about 3 months(I have been skating out).
  9. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Things are looking up The meeting I had yesterday was really fun and ended up lasting 3 hours, included an hour of working out with one of the small group classes, and ending with a hug! I really connected with the PT director on a lot of important, close to home issues, and the whole place has a much homier feel than the corporate environment I've been in. It was very... Average Joe's vs Globo Gym, but if Joe's was run by a woman. So from here we're talking about transparency and needs, and sort of laying out what each side needs from the other. I don't want to have a non compete anymore, and to be comfortable promoting other sides of my work - which she seems cool with so long as we're on the same page and I'm not trying to take business from them. But overall it seems like a no-brainer! I actually wasn't so optimistic about this a few weeks ago and now I've barely slept because of the excitement of it. I already feel so much more heard in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 months. So I'm just gonna go ahead and keep this little guy around. His mojo is workin for me Actual footage of me not sleeping last night^ _____ Otherwise water was good yesterday, writing wasn't (lawyer stuff omg I forgot I'll put it in a spoiler) but I can write and work this afternoon
  10. WhiteGhost

    Challenge for life, challenge for now [Manarelle]

    That looks awesome! And yes, even without the blonde hair you look very much like Thor
  11. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond's Birthday Challenge!

    Ugh. Yesterday was a bit of a wash and it was because I was lazy and procrastinating. Oh well... on to the next one.
  12. Oof, vivid dreams are so weird! It’s a side effect of the first antidepressant I tried, and boy howdy they got realistic. Thank God they weren’t scary. I always woke from them thinking “well, that was oddly specific” I’ve never had a lucid dream; but I, too, have died in dreams. Twice I think? Both times from bleeding out from various nefarious persons attacking me with sharp objects... it was a very strange sensation: everything began to fade to black, and that’s when I’d wake up. One of those dreams, I was in a secret rebellion and I was killed by some invading forces I think? It was extremely dramatic, like in a movie haha. The guy even said some dramatic one-liner before he offed me. I hope going back to the gym was VERY GREAT AND GOOD
  13. Cardinal_22

    Back to Basics

    Week 1, Day 4: Training is really starting to pick up. I ran 2.5 miles over the lunch hour. After work, I spent 1 hour working on bridge pushups and some handstand work, followed by 1 hour of rings class. We did ring handstand pushups today, which were really interesting. There were three setups: one with a 50-50 belt that takes out half of your weight, one with a green rogue band tied to a beam on the ceiling to take out a bunch of weight, and a third station where we did full body weight, but in a pike position instead of a proper handstand. I was able to get 7-10 reps on the first two with no additional assistance. The pike station was a no-go. =( Finally, after I got home, my gf wanted to go jogging and run sprints, so I did some of that too. We went about 2 miles. Needless to say, I'm pretty wiped out. I decided that if I'm going to do the Murph this year, I really need to go all out. So I bit the bullet and got a tactical military dog harness for Sookie, my gf's 10 lb cream-colored Maltese-poodle mix. She is going to look like a bad-ass. I also got her a nametag and a flag patch. Everything will be here in two weeks. I'll post pics. =) Dinner tonight was homemade pizza with a salad.
  14. WhiteGhost

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    I don't think I have ever heard of a baby being born at home in all the years I have lived here. It must happen but it is extremely rare
  15. Asa Pond

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Yeah you did.
  16. Really? Because it seems to me that every other challenge or so you get somebody giving you the eye on your way back and forth to work. Wasn't there a regular on train who gave you the look every time?
  17. WhiteGhost

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    What about the part where they punch you back?
  18. saoithin

    captain's table log -304294.31

    catain's table log, thursday report: breakfast: oatmeal and greek yogurt, one babybel cheese lunch: two quinoa cakes on salad w/ avocado dressing, protein bar snacks: roasted chickpeas, 2 mini reese's cups dinner: what you eat when you have the auroral plague: 1/2 piece of chicken parm, bag of popcorn, glass of wine and movie night the scale continues to be kind to me whooopie, guess I was having a fever dream yesterday, you know how those inter-planetary illnesses can be. oh if only i had a vulcan immune system.
  19. Thom Stépan

    Thom coaches himself

    I am feeling frustrated. The money I set aside to go to Sydney for my week of NLP hasnt been released yet. So instead of waiting to get on the train tonight, I have had to cancel attending the training this week. My drop off for the kids was rough. Bec had a go at me, criticizing me for not changing or growing or improving. A complete change from the pick up on Good Friday. Sigh. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  20. Glad you got your dreadmill working again.
  21. fitbyforty

    fitbyforty's first challenge

    I love that word. I always say I have spaghetti legs and speggie is so similar. lol I don't have a ton of plant based recipes yet, but I'm gonna list them as I create them or try them or maybe even add links to ones I want to try. When doing mostly veggie meals, I normally keep it pretty simple like tostadas with different toppings, salads, soups, and Buddha bowls , but I'm always open for new recipes and for sharing when I find a good one. I'd love a PvP next time centered around a plant based diet. We can iron out the details closer to the next start date.
  22. Today
  23. WhiteGhost

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Off to watch Endgame in an hour
  24. Arcelas the n00b

    New Thread: Here I go again (But not on my own)

    Journey continues. Boss was here for three glorious days of corporate-sponsored lunches! Day 2 and 3, I only had water or unsweetened tea. I did decide I broke the spirit of the challenge, so gave myself a naughty point for the Coke Zero. Accidental went over my calories by 103 yesterday (curse you delicious biscuits!), but my steps were 6700, so I dona feel too badly about it. Here's a random photo I took of one of my favorite decks of cards. (I collect playing cards)
  25. GreenNeedle

    Super Skinny stronglift log.

    Just to let you all know I haven't given up. I started a new job last week and it is quite physical so have all sorts of aches and strains on muscles that aren't used to being used (Outsides of shin bone, outer sides of forearms etc.) and so I didn't want to strain anything else. Will start up again at the same weights I did last time round next week after these muscles have gotten used to being used.
  26. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Thank you! I am actually surprised that I was able to draw them as well as I did. Baby Giants are fun but scary. I use a strap to keep me from losing my grip which almost was a problem yesterday as I was doing some more and actually fell off the bar into a German hang and couldn't let go. Luckily I have been working on skin the cats quite a bit so I was strong enough to keep myself from pulling my arms out of my sockets. I guess every generation needs one Doodling - nothing again. I was going to do it in the afternoon but I watched Infinity War instead and then Ghostlet gets out of school early on Fridays so I went downstairs to play with him instead. Exercising - LEG DAY!! I went to the park and did my leg workout. I enjoyed it as always. I noticed that I have made pretty good improvement in my shrimp squats but I feel like I am not getting much progress with my pistols. I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. Eating - I had the last of my spaghetti for lunch today and then made myself some baked beans for dinner. This was my first ever attempt at baked beans and I have to say, they were fantastic! I had some leftover coleslaw and some potato chips with it to make a trifecta of BBQ sides. The chips were pretty disappointing, though, so I only had a few. Playing - Nothing scheduled We will be heading out to the theater very soon to catch the 10pm showing of End Game
  27. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    hey! sal is a very good friend of mine, maybe don't talk about her like that? you've got a lot on your plate right now, as outlined in your post. It is okay to not go to the gym sometimes. You've been a few, you're cooking/plan to cook good food, you didn't drink or stay out, a little while ago you had just the one drink and've made all sorts of progress and skipping the gym doesn't change that, nor correlate to "big fat lazy idiot" - it just correlates to "doesn't necessarily want to go to the gym right now" and that's fine every now and then. i don't blame you at all for the pre-trip anxiety but i do hope you're able to have a good time mon amie! not at all to pressure you (so feel free to slap me with a Nope fish!) but would you consider doing a vlog of some of it? or taking some pictures along the way? Best wishes for your meeting and safe travels to you
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