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    Chronic fatigue

    There's so much uncertainty about chronic fatigue, unfortunately. I don't know if I got the wrong doctors, but when I told them about the fatigue I had (for 20 years now, though it's getting better) I got "can't help", "don't know" and "some people just have less energy than others". The reason I recommended low reps is that it sounded like OP had the same problem I did - fatigue prevented me from pushing hard enough on lighter weight/higher rep exercises to see much progress. I'd feel sick quite quickly, even with bodyweight exercises, which meant that while my sets felt subjectively hard, they weren't hard enough for me to improve. Heavy-ass barbell lifts were the one thing that were hard without making me feel sick (no idea why, but I'd rather do barbell squats than bodyweight squats...) And over time, they've increased my general energy levels moderately. Obviously I don't know if nighteyes will respond the same way as I did... But like you said, the research isn't where it should be, and doctors don't necessarily know as much as they should. If heavy weights don't work for them they can always go back to a different type of exercise. I just feel it's worth trying heavy lifting because it has the potential to be qualitatively different from bodyweight, light or even medium weight lifting in my experience. Tracking and journaling is an excellent idea. So, assuming you still want to give heavy, low rep lifting a try, OP: @Grumble, @Blocky, is it okay to do a basic 5x5 lifting programme with dumbbell only movements? At what stage would heavy dumbbells get difficult or dangerous to handle? I am guessing OP is a woman and sometimes the dumbbells can be difficult to get into place with the lower wrist and forearm strength we tend to have. Is there a point at which you *have* to switch to barbells if you want to go heavy, or can you keep doing heavy dumbbells indefinitely with the right technique?
  3. Maigs

    Maigs Chases the Wagon

    Hmm, on my phone I can swipe to the right and see it so I didn't try and fix it Here's crazy hair
  4. AverageFish

    Return of AverageFish

    Life has been quite disrupted lately, with injury (not good), travel (good), work stress (not good) and new opportunities at work (good). There is a little travel during this challenge, and hopefully some resolution to the issues at work, and hopefully no more injuries, so I'm going to try a simple little challenge. Goal 1: Physical therapy My broken wrist derailed my exercises for my back and hips, and I can feel the effect of not keeping them strong. It looks like 6 times during this challenge should be reasonable. Goal 2: Decluttering I have too much stuff and it stresses me out. I have a target date -- church rummage sale in June -- so that should get me a bit more motivated. I'll aim for 1 hour of decluttering 6 times during this challenge. Goal 3: Moderation in all things, including chocolate This is one I've probably needed to do for a while, but it's so easy to eat just one more piece. My tentative plan is to decide in advance how much I'll have for the day and not go over that amount. That should keep it under control most days while allowing splurges on special occasions. Small steps, but important ones for me.
  5. UnquietBones

    UnquietBones does favors for TomorrowSelf!

    It occurred to me today that with the new job, I'm really not sure what TomorrowMe needs. So I am going to take notes tomorrow for all the things I hit where I could have used preparation the day before to make things smoother. I have some time before work (assuming I got to bed and wake up on time) so it's not as much of a 'hurry-get-out-the-door' as it used to be. Because of an appointment midafternoon, I have some time after work that I wouldn't normally have to prep properly for the rest of the week. I'm really looking forward to this challenge and getting back on the Assasin-y way of things! (It's finally nice out, so I want to play outdoors! ) Sleep is the biggest issue I have right now, so for TomorrowMe I am gifting tonight's sleep... and we'll build from there!
  6. Hi guys!! Quick check-in to say I made it home safe and sound and am already rueing the fact that I must return to my regular life tomorrow.... ugh..... u g h ....... Anyways I had a WONDERFUL weekend so I am v. glad for that!! <3 <3 <3 I took a few photos out at the harbor, it was a GORGEOUS day on Friday and I'm so glad I got to run around and experience it all! Until then, bedtime for now~
  7. UnquietBones

    UnquietBones does favors for TomorrowSelf!

    Thank you! Part of me wants to hang on to the old wins, but right now they're just trail markers for what worked then-- I have no idea if they'll still be on the path when I go adventuring again. We'll see if I pass any good memories, but I'm ready to make a new trail! Thank you! I've got my mud shoes on this time and am hoping to maintain traction!
  8. UnquietBones

    UnquietBones equips the teaspoon again!

    Day 9 Notes (Sunday) Food: Breakfast out, lunch in, dinner out Movement: I walked around for a bit while shopping and cleaned the fish pond filter. Planning: Nada, other than coming here and posting the update and thinking about what I want to accomplish for the next challenge. Learning: Nada Creativity: Worked on some writing prompt collection eBooks that I want to release next week.
  9. Defining

    Chronic fatigue

    So, I gotta say, I think you'd be best off chatting with your doctor and/or a trainer with fibro specific experience. Without someone helping to you programme and observe exercises in person, no-one can really accurately say if 'low rep & heavy can be safe'. The thing is, those living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue don't respond to exercise stimuli in the same way as the standard research subject, so most of the literature available is only vaguely useful as 'grey area guidelines' for yourself. In addition to that there is SO MUCH variation in the responses between individuals to different types of activity, so realistically the only reliable recommendations will be ones that you yourself develop over time through tracking your responses. And what research IS out there for fibro-specific workouts typically isn't for resistance training, unfortunately. Personally, the first thing I'd do is start a mood & energy journal, tracking every day to get a feel to see if there are obvious cycles/correlations that you can take into account. For example you may find that any exercise during menstruation puts you on your ass, regardless of intensity. Or that if you wake up with a headache you'll be able to power through a workout and actually feel better the next day - who knows? The only way to really gather that data is to...well, gather data. You could also take a look at heart rate variability tracking, if you're the personality type that enjoys empirical data in addition to the subjective energy tracking. Are your recovery strategies dialled in? That may be a good area to focus on as well - I know that sleep and stress management can be challenging, but whatever can be done (eg. sleep hygiene, meditation, gratitude practice, etc.) will still help somewhat. Also, diet: you want to set yourself up for success in recovering from your workouts, and for most folks that's staying well hydrated, 0.7-1g of protein per lb of bodyweight every day, plus 5+ servings of fruit & veg, with a balanced fat/carb intake. I understand why @Harriet recommended high weight/low rep work for you; for some folks (especially those whom used to do predominantly endurance training, eg 12+ reps for lifts), it can be a revelation. But again, so much of that comes down the individual and the cause of the fatigue - for example, low volume high intensity resistance training can be quite beneficial to balance thyroid hormones and improve insulin resistance, and can provide a welcome change if the individual was previously in an extended caloric deficit. It's definitely a good strategy - but not for everyone, all the time. As in all things, variety (ie. periodization) is the spice of life. Progress can be made with endurance work too, it's just a different type of progress! Also, while I appreciate her caution for safe usage of heavy dumbbells, personally I often prefer DB over BB lifts anyway. They typically offer better flexibility for movement patterns, allowing healthier joint alignment - but that's my own bias. It's kind of like machines vs free weights - neither is better or worse, you just need to choose what's best for your needs & goals. On the topic of goals: what are you looking to get out of your workouts? Are you just generally trying to improve health? Add muscle? Lose fat? Increase aerobic endurance? Those goals will determine what you really want to focus on in your exercise programming. For example, you may find that getting outside for 30-60min of brisk walking every day is a good place to start, gently improving your health over time without massive nervous system or physical stressors. From what I'm reading in your post though, you're experiencing additional fatigue from the bodyweight workout - which (depending on your bodyfat percentage and starting fitness levels) should be difficult but not balls-to-the-wall. So personally, I'm not convinced that adding weight to the movements are the best choice (I'm totally not an expert though, hence my recommendation to go chat with one! ). For many folks, those bodyweight exercises need to be regressed back into comfortable movements, aiming for gradual progression over time as strength and endurance improve. It sounds to me like that workout may not be a good choice for you to start with. Bearing in mind that I'm just a random stranger on the internet, and I'm not a doctor, health professional, trainer, or anything even vaguely related to expertise on the subject, this is what I might look at for yourself to start with: 1) Pole Bodyweight Squats, progressing up to 'freestyle' bodyweight squats and then maybe weighted goblet squats over time 2) Banded Pull Downs 3) Glute Bridges, Bird-Dogs, Clamshells, Fire Hydrants, etc. IE. glute specific work, which will help with posture and overall balance 4) LIGHT Incline Dumbbell Presses with a rotating grip, which can act as a 'two for one' for upper body vertical and horizontal pressing when you're first getting started (less is more sometimes) 5) Some kind of plank work, be it RKC, side, on the knees, on elbow vs hands - whatever works best for YOU 6) Banded Face Pulls (targets back & shoulders, less likely to cause arms to compensate like what can happen with inverted rows or DB rows) I'd choose weights/resistance/progressions that are comfortable but not TOO easy for 8 reps, and then do the whole thing as a circuit - working out for TIME though, not reps; just do as many as you can within the 30 seconds while still maintaining good form. 30 seconds of a movement followed by 1min of rest before going on to the next exercise. That way, you can do the whole thing in only about 10min. And then I'd only do enough to feel better, but not so much as to feel fatigued - this is where that mood journal will come in handy. For example, if your energy levels are rated from 1-5, then a 4 day means you could do 2 or 3 circuits; or split it out for 1-2 in the morning and 1-2 in the evening. Whereas a 2 energy day you might only do 2 altogether, or 1 each morning & afternoon. The advantage of spreading things out throughout the day as well is that it gives your system more recovery time, and is less likely to cause as intense stressors as a 30min workout all at once. I'm guessing that over time, you'll slowly be able to start tolerating more circuits, and/or more advanced progressions of the movement - I'd suggest here for a 'minimum effective dose' or rather to only workout enough that recovery is still easy, and give yourself permission to progress according to your energy levels rather than a trying to push progress before your body is ready. You may also want to avoid anything that causes too much muscular damage (eg. eccentric focused movements, lifting until failure, etc.); in your case, it may be more stress than you want to push your system through. But I'm also positive that a third voice will chime in here with ANOTHER different idea of how you could do things - and honestly, none of us are wrong or right. It's just a matter of experimenting to see what works best for YOU. As always, go slow, be safe, and have fun!
  10. Hello there, A while back I came in for a challenge my content from a specific month was gone. Now I come back for a challenge and there is nothing to be had in my activity. Is there some sort of pruning that went on? Why does this impact my account and there is other historical data on thie site? I would like to be able to follow my story but apparently I didn't exist, although it says I have been a member since 2016. In fact, it only shows my last post although I have posted twice in my challenge thread. Any help is appreciated.
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    $2 Spring Respawn Sale!

    Thank you!
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    TheLostSpaces faces change (again)

    Week 0 was largely a bust. I was sick most of the week and slept a lot. Didnt make it to the gym at all. Rode 50 miles Saturday. I did stretch several times because I also was having a lot of hip pain. So, here goes week 1. Forgot I made "biking to individual dogs" a goal and I have one tonight and at 6am so...
  15. Day - 1 Paleo: was offered and accepted a Cadbury's mini egg, from my daughter. Well, it's Easter. Exercise: proper river rowing (yippee!) followed by some dumbell rows to strengthen those muscles Mouthfoolishness: I haven t thought about it all day so either I've been doing it unconsciously or not doing it at all. Hopefully the latter.
  16. Ene the Gray

    Part III: Maintaining Momentum

    Ene the Gray, a new scout. Ene’s Level 1 challenge occurred Aug 13-Sep 9; their second challenge with the Rangers occurred Nov 26-Dec 23. This marks their third challenge. THE PLAYER Hi all, my name is Ene, and I am here to mark my progress. I picked up ultimate frisbee this last September, and I've really invested myself in the sport. I want to be someone my team can be proud of. I want to be a good player in a way I never got to achieve in high school. I want my teammates to be relieved when I’m on the lineup and the competitors to say good game with conviction. I want to give back to the team in commitment what they’ve given to me in love. THE GOAL - Short-term, I want to complete this challenge! My past two, I gave up on. - Long-term, I’m taking these actions for me and my body. I want to continue working on ranches into my old age. I want to be able to move the way my mind says I should be able to move. I want to have physical control over my body and have the ability to take care of myself. I want to feel at home in my own skin. I want to be proud of the body I inhabit. It’s mine and mine alone, and it’s mine for life. STATS Height, 5’6” Weight, 135 lbs Age, 21 Location, MA THIS CHALLENGE This is yet again a poorly timed challenge because of all the circumstantial stress and moving parts. But by the end of this challenge, I will be exactly where I want to be: I want this gross semester put behind me. It's been an awful, awful time; and I just want it to be over. Week 1: 4/22-4/28 - Second to last week of classes. Week 2: 4/29-5/5 - Last week of classes. Week 3: 5/6-5/12 - Finals period. Week 4: 5/13-5/19 - Begin summer job. QUEST ONE: Physical 1) Running a sub-ten minute mile. (my ankle is still sprained) 2) Go to the gym 3x a week. 3) Track workouts. QUEST TWO: Nutrition 1) Maintain vegetarianism (Meatless March achieved!) - Five exception meals a month. (Mar: 5x // Apr: 2x) 2) Make conscious food choices; think about the consequences. - No more flaming hot cheetos. QUEST THREE: Lifestyle 1) Follow nightly routine. 2) Medication routine.
  17. Severine

    Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!

    Ugh, $576 is not trivial but I'm glad it wasn't worse. You're killing it on C25K
  18. Severine

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    Breathe! Some things might not happen the way you expect, plans might need to be juggled, you may be tired. But you will cope and you will adapt and the week will come to an end and nothing will have exploded. We are here to offer hugs and kittens!
  19. Severine

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    I hope driving is going well today!
  20. Severine

    $2 Spring Respawn Sale!

    Here for placeholders that turn into threads!
  21. Severine

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    So good to see both of you! This is just an update to say that I had a kind of nice moment today. I was in the shower and my mind was wandering and I was thinking about all the stuff I need to do today (mostly for the classes I'm taking, but some other random stuff too) and some voice somewhere in my head reminded me that in the past four months, despite being diagnosed with cancer, having surgery, and then having to deal with infection and bronchitis during my recovery, I've still managed to travel internationally, not burn the house down, and I'm getting A's in both the classes I'm taking despite both being a lot of work. I don't know where that voice came from (normally I'm so focused on all the time I misspend or all the things I haven't done) but it was a very welcome moment of gratitude or optimism or whatever you want to call it. There's also a huge, huge list of stuff I haven't done during the past four months, stuff I've had to let slide or goals I've missed...but for just a moment, I wasn't thinking about those things are it was nice. I'm taking it as a good omen.
  22. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Man, it's been a struggle lately. This weekend, I'm settling for just eating, full stop. Eating well, that's for tomorrow or something.
  23. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Week Zero Summary Mindful Moments - 14 I'm doing ok here, but I would like to expand a bit more. More frequent mindful moments and longer would be good. PT Exercises - 7 I only did two sets of toe raises and two of squats, which are the big ones, so I would also like to do a bit more work here. Self Care - 20 Kicking butt and taking names.
  24. Rusk

    The Battle Chef's Log

    With the help of some friends and only a minor disfiguring injury, I have my gym floor 100% covered in stall mats. AND even though it's kinda cramped, I gots me a dedicated lane for (short) yoke walks and farmer's carries. Considering how disgustingly humid and rainy it is, at least I'll be able to use the damn yoke now. Also installed a dehumidifier, since the other day the ENTIRE INTERIOR was wet with condensation. Training day tomorrow. Yay. Just need to sweep up now...
  25. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Guardians of the Galaxy <3
  26. chemgeek

    Chemgeek survives the Zombie Apocalypse

    So the one thing I really love about exercise is how I can guarantee I will feel better about 10min in. Even if I am a Dingus and forgot the city water fountains aren't open yet. And wind up begging some water from a Tim Hortons when I started cramping halfway through the run. Even if I had a really shitty weekend caused by watching a show with a subplot that blindsided me way too close to home. I can go for a run or to martial arts or do some bodyweight in the basement and it is... Not ALL better, but much better.
  27. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If had fun last time, so let's keep going

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