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  2. Salinger

    Enough: The Protector Rises

    Sorry things are rough right now Sky. Keep going, you are worth feeling better and happier and all good things. If you ever need to talk, you know where i am. Love you xx
  3. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Hey all. Phew. Been a couple of days since i last posted. Been very busy. Friday, around 1.30pm i drove to Blackpool. A seaside town about an hour from here. Its sort of run down and quite a poor area but still a bit of charm to it. Even when it is bitterly cold like this weekend! Arrived and checked in, we were staying in a MEGA cool Art bnb...each room had been designed by a chosen artist, so all rooms were unique and gorgeous. Serioulsy the nicest place ive ever stayed, AND it was all paid for We all (9 of us) went for a meal Friday eve and a few drinks. The Friday we set the work up. I forgot to take my meds so by Friday afternoon i was really not feeling good. I didnt drink any booze, and after the private view opening had ended, i headed back to the bnb - whilst most people went out. Felt sad. This morning, i left around 10am...everyone else was staying for an evaluation discussion, so again, i feel bad about that. But i guess my health comes first?! So im home, i have a cup of tea, ive taken my medication...ill rest today, plan my week. A VERY busy one. Packing, going to the tip, packing, packing, sorting, tip....Nottingham for my exhibition opening on Thursday, back Friday....then sorting then moving on Sunday SCARY. xx
  4. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Thanks a lot mate xx
  5. zenLara

    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    I've heard so much of you playing Skyrim this week, that I dreamt of it last night. I was playing myself and thinking "WhiteGhost is right, this game is so addictive" Sorry about the bug, it sucks if you have to go that far back. Haha. Poor thing.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter gets lazzzzer focused! 

    Yesterday was boring, I forced myself to rest. Here's a video instead.
  7. Today
  8. zenLara

    zenLara's journey

    I'm trying! I feel much better today, in fact. I could open a new thread and share all types of disturbing processes of my pregnancy
  9. Mad Hatter

    The Assassin's Path

    I mean, this is a long routine! It's very impressive that you can do it in the first place. Especially since you haven't really been doing much in terms of (non-strengthy) transitions up until now!
  10. Mad Hatter

    Raptron Reaps Rewards

    Whee nice handstand! It makes me happy seeing handstands everywhere.
  11. Mad Hatter

    zenLara's journey

    Oh no! You've been so unlucky with the threads recently! But, instead of getting angry and upset, maybe it's time to see it as a fresh start?
  12. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter gets lazzzzer focused! 

    WHEEEEEE!!! Me too! The strength requirement shifts from the lats to the upper back, the mid traps in particular. I'm not sure what you mean about the wrists. It's a little heavier on the wrists because of the additional lean, but they feel fine. They're also going to be a little weaker as it's closer to my end range. But it's a small lean so it isn't very noticeable. There's a big difference between leaning forward while keeping the wrists, shoulders and hips in one line, vs planching which puts significantly more pressure on the wrists. For balancing you want some of the movement to come from the wrists, but not a huge amount as it'd get very stressful on them in the long run. Uhh as in your back is hollowed or your front? But yes, weird! Also I'm imagining the handstand equivalent of a turtle on it's back, flailing the legs to get back up.
  13. zenLara

    zenLara's journey

    I'll have to impatiently wait, then. After I wrote my post yesterday, I saw the pattern more clearly: no protein ----> no energy ----> no movement ----> too cold, and each item reinforces the others, lack of protein being at the base. So I'll use the gelatin powder I've got and distribute it through the day, and I'll add as well a couple of coconut oil spoons after each meal to help with energy supply. Also, there are a couple of protein sources that my body is accepting as usual, so I'll stock up on them (I used one of those as a snack yesterday and afterwards I was my usual me, so it confirms my suspicions).
  14. zenLara

    zenLara's journey

    Yeah, no. Tank and WhiteGhost were great and restored the thread the first time it was deleted, because it was in a trash can, but now it's gone for good. The GL responsible for it has sent a PM to apologise, which I really appreciate, specially because I know her and I know she is sincere and that she is truly sorry. What I still don't understand is why wasn't I warned about anything. I mean, if I posted something that could be considered spam and someone reported it, shouldn't the person that opened the thread be told about? Something like "hey, it's not ok to post this in this site, I'm erasing your post" (the fact that the whole thread disappeared was unintentional). Specially because since I don't have the feeling that I ever posted anything that could be considered spam, I might repeat my action in the future.
  15. Ignimbrite

    Ignimbrite smash

    Here's a progress stocktake Goal 1. Progress has been horrible! I've had a glass or two way too often, definitely not less than normal and possibly the odd glass more. On the other hand it's a reminder that I'm not good at doing things in bits, so I think I'm going to not drink at all next year. It won't be easy but in some ways easier. goal 2. This is going kind of ok. I've had a lesson recently and he thinks I'm ready for my teat. I've had a couple big drives and some practice in the city as well as round here. Still a few things to practice but hopefully ready in the next few weeks. goal 3 training. I've missed a few calls but none through choosing not to go. I've had some great training sessions. I haven't filled in anything on my log but that's the next step. Then hopefully start the next stage. I just need to plan for training on the bits in my book then good to go. goal 4. I've hardly been on my bike but less bus trips lately. I have ridden up a few times, and walked as well. Downside is now it's hotter I have to bring more changes of clothes and find time to shower. goal 5. This weekend is a really bad example. Some days I've been ok, other days not so much. I have a really sore back today from overdoing it at yoga on thursday night. I haven't done my own yoga routine or anything like that. But i think that's my goal for next year as well- daily ashtanga. not wasting time- i mean in some ways this is better too (except this weekend) but still a work in progress.
  16. Salinger

    aramis becomes Bob the Builder

    Good job on a great day xx
  17. @mu

    The Assassin's Path

    I have been resting more than usual, really! Wed juggling class again, and oddly enough the teacher suggested towards the end to work on an apparatus with a ball or club or whatever, and lo and behold he brought the rope down (and the trapeze + a Chinese pole). I did not have MY ball but I played about a lot with a bigger lighter ball and a smaller one. Mostly trying to find new roll ideas and training my current stuff. Needless to say I was a pretty happy bunny! Thursday: aerial was cool although I was still not 100% between the wrist and some digestive problem lolz. Again rope and some stuff with the ball. When the silks was free, I did manage (without the ball) a section of a longer routine I used to do + a few star drops and the infinite salto (those separately). And I started feeling like I'm owning it again a little. After rope work, silks feels so nice. Still working endurance and grip strength though. I think the teacher is going on the side of do whatever you like and just ask if you need help On the side I also did some HS, both on blocks and on the local mini wooden parallettes. And the teacher showed me block drills for one-arm HS suggesting I start working on those. We did a bit of that during the HS workshop but with spotters. I feel that my HS on blocks is not solid / consistent enough yet. Plus I'm already working press and transitions, and above all, I'm not sure my left wrist / elbow is up for the game yet. I took Friday and Saturday off to make sure my wrist gets enough rest. Today it felt almost normal. Press to HS session, warmup, some cirque Physio, ball stuff, leg raises Routine on parallettes: straight → bent knees → diamond → straddle → piked straddle → 7 → full tuck → open tuck → straight Still too fast and not pausing long enough. + when I bend knees I tend to tuck whereas I want the knees to stay in line with the hips. That bit is hard. I fell over a few times. Press on parallettes: bench OK @8cm OK more or less @3cm much improved: 3 reps out of 4 attempts I got videos from the front and oh my legs were going up all ugly, and I think paying extra attention to them actually helped with pressing. Press conditioning 5s+ consistency on blocks: 6/10 Press on blocks, why not From yoga blocks: did not manage From blocks + books ~18cm: 1 sort of, and I could not reproduce, I need to learn to push with the wrists at that angle I might edit a video log if time permits. I otherwise did not read much Persian this week, it is SHAMEFUL!
  18. @mu

    Mad Hatter gets lazzzzer focused! 

    YES! so exciting!! Bodies are funny. My natural tuck is hollowed, so much that that at the very beginning, I would get stuck there (stuck-in-a-tuck), unable to unfold the legs, which is the weirdest feeling ever.
  19. @mu

    Raptron Reaps Rewards

    Nice! Ahaha that angle is pretty unforgiving when it comes to leg shapes. Got a few shots from there today, and OMG those bloody legs
  20. WhiteGhost

    [traaki] Coming back down.

    Welcome back!
  21. WhiteGhost

    The Doodlies are at it again!

    I got my uke in 2014 and at the time I learned a bunch of chords and a few songs, but then I kind of forgot about it. Then earlier this year I got it out again and started picking it back up again. I can currently play about 8 songs. As for the PVP here, I haven't even been tracking this week and have no idea where we are. I will see if I can get our team scores so we can at least be accountable here.
  22. WhiteGhost

    Elennare Moves

    Ugh, being sick is always rough. It is the season for it, though. Hope you get feeling better soon
  23. deftona

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    Saturday Update 10 hour shifts are not fun. I started work super early and we were running a marketing event in the evening meaning I had to stay later. It was variably successful depending on how you look at it. I got to drink prosecco at work which is how I am looking at it so it was a roaring success. I got home later than I usually would and TH had cooked us steak and stilton pies, chips and carrots. I had another glass of prosecco and then we came immediately to bed at around half eight. Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen. We didn't actually get to sleep until just after midnight but it was nice to just hang out in bed together, we should definitely do this more often as a legitimate way of spending an evening. I am pretty tired today. Food - Porridge and sultanas for breakfast, a cheese and onion sandwich and yoghurt for lunch and pie, chips and carrots for dinner. Exercise - Nothing necessary Languages - Yes! Forfeits - I finished 3/3 days for my no spend day finishing up all my forfeits.
  24. Trippy, where's your sense of adventure.
  25. Jean

    A Druid's Battle Log

    I love this! It's wonderfully crafty and yet simple, awesome!
  26. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    Maybe some stress release caused it? Hope it clears up totally, soon.
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