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  2. KB Girl

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    Kettlebells and baby rucking, how can I resist?
  3. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet: Now What??

    It's the worst! But payday makes it all worthwhile Yikes, I just had a look at that and it's way too complicated, I'd never use it! I have also used iFasting, which was good until it started crashing on the regular. Zero's been a good fit for me. Thanks! I've seen that one recommended all over the place but now I've gone and downloaded a copy. I reckon I can translate into Aussie where necessary I've always been very good at saving money, but in the last six months or so we've spent so much on the wedding, honeymoon and vet bills, and now that we're done with all that (puppy is fine) I'm keen to boost my savings quickly before I then put it all into a house. The usual cliches of unnecessary spending don't really apply (I don't like avocado toast and the nearest Starbucks is a three-hour drive away) but I know there are areas where I could be more careful.
  4. Teirin

    The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    a kotatsu would also work
  5. Kishi

    Ladylydia: Still Breathing

    I'm not liking for the injury or for the bad. I'm liking for the learning. Learning more and learning better means doing better by default. You're gonna be ok. Like you said, now that you know what's going on, you can match treatment to it, which should help things improve.
  6. h3r0

    Harriet Presses the Advantage

    Where does one find parakeet fightclub gifs??
  7. GoodDoug

    Morag levels up further -- 한국 요리-style

    The Korean analogue to Hogwarts... I imagine spell enhanced Boy Bands
  8. fleaball

    Sylvaa Stands after a Stumble

  9. fleaball

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    It's a good thing I told myself I'll use zero week to ease into my goals. Target didn't have my usual eyeliner last time I went so I got a different kind. The combination of different thing + I haven't worn eyeliner in literally months = I look like I'm practicing monster makeup for Halloween. Yikes. Welcome to all the new weirdos who've shown up! General reply since so many of you talked about job things: I've told myself just to do the resume to start with (since really all I need to do is go through an old version and make sure the language matches the job ad), then do the stupid online portion that wants you to manually enter all the info on your resume, and then do the cover letter last since I hate them. Sadly this isn't helping. It's not that my application materials are bad, it's just the stupid brain part that tells me I'm not good at anything and I will somehow burn down this entire school on my first day if I get the job. I don't think that's a thing here. There are places that will help you make a resume and cover letter but nothing else - and I'm already okay with my resume and cover letter, all I really need to do is adapt them for the specific job. And there are places that will essentially apply to jobs for you, but you have to have your materials done and then go interview with them first and then basically badger them every single day to see if they've submitted your resume for anything lately. Hokay. It's 5:40pm and I'm just starting my day, because yay depression. I'm going to watch a single episode of a TV show while I drink my coffee and eat some food, then I'm going to at least get the resume done. I copied the job ad into a notebook by hand so I can literally cross off all of the relevant skills and keywords as I ad them to my resume, so it's something. We'll see what happens after that.
  10. Today
  11. Terra

    Terra pulls it together!

    I got my challenge goals updated. See post #2 above!
  12. ladylydia

    Ladylydia: Still Breathing

    I have an IT band injury!!!! I finally have a explanation for why my right leg is so sore and messed up. Now that I know what it is, I can finally treat it, and maybe get past this near constant knee and thigh pain I've been dealing with for the past year!!!!
  13. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Jason, thank you for such a long and detailed post to me. You have helped me somewhat. Keep calm. Sorry for worrying you all. I mean, i AM worried. About my mood, my frame of mind. I keep bursting into tears. Im exhausted. I was physically sick from stress. But i do feel slightly calmer right now. I mean, im still frantic, panic etc but less so. Me and Ste, havent had THE TALK. He went to his room... i think he knows i couldnt do it tonight. Maybe he was giving me some space? He told me NOT to get a pay day loan. I feel like a failure. Crazy failure. My friend who i was chatting to, suggested i start a ko-fi page. Get some help for the work i do. ... Maybe?! Ugh i dont know. Is it begging? I hate that. But artists and writers are using this a lot.... What do you think? Anyway. I have to try SOMETHING!? My friend said i should go to A&E but i cant bring myself to go.... drink tea, chat to you guys and friends. Try not to self harm. xx
  14. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    (to be discussed; WHEN YOUR FEELING BETTER...) by the way; can I recommend ONE hike for the 5 week challenge; 2 glasses of water a day and veggies/salad lunch & dinner. (isn't it harder to do that at breakfast?).... why? well I have a feeling you're making your goals too hard again. it might not help; to give yourself goals that you don't make or come close to. when You have a little time and feel Better (too....) I retract my question about the gym coach. Thats ok. it clearly didn't pan out. instead, for the future. what do you want to DO in the gym? what is doable for you?? what do you like doing? if you can answer that; when will you next try to do it and whats the NEXT date after that- if things interfere... everything in exercise is in the consistency of it. Just doing the TINIEST little thing is SO helpful if you do it regularly. but from our POV; we don't know you currently do. we do know somedays are really, REALLY hard. (they are for many of us) and THATS why I'm chiming back again on the goals. your really ought to allow for rough days and goals that are Almost being done. FOR EXAMPLE if you tell yourself 4 glasses of water in a day (on monday) and don't get anything but juice in the morning and a little brew at a gig- You'll feel terrible! and suddenly, you've canned your whole motivation. similarly, if a morning is rough- by the time afternoon comes you think , there's Not enough TIME for 4 glasses of water... all this is unneccesary mind games. your body Doen't NEED 4 glasses of water. it might need MORE water, yes. and I'm sure it would be healthier. only you can say where you stand with "motivation" but when your feeling Better; do Talk about your goals a little. do you figure they are right? feel free to amend and improvise. PPPS. I've been a (honestly) tiny bit worried about you. so in the next few hours, if you can, is it getting a little better. feel free to PM if you want. I love this place! but its Not quite "close" and personal enough when people need a little extra support.
  15. GoodDoug

    Cheetah tries to take it slowly.

  16. GoodDoug

    Novaurora practices S.I.M.P.L.I.C.I.T.Y.

    Very nice challenge!
  17. Mike Wazowski

    Harriet's Even Better Programme

    Gah those ambush wins are seriously so awesome!!! Happy for you, friend!!!
  18. GoodDoug

    Harriet Presses the Advantage

    Looks like you are coming out swinging
  19. GoodDoug

    As good as Dancing Queen (Xena)

    Can you clean the house while running? That would be pretty cool.
  20. Shello

    Sylvaa Stands after a Stumble

    Following too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. raptron

    Elennare Gets Spooky

    Aw, sorry it was a bust. That one frame does look gorgeous though!
  22. GoodDoug

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Here we go! If I may make a suggestion given my recent lapse into "Too Much Ranger Brain™" try and focus and see if you can gain momentum on one thing that will help you then gain some excellent momentum on the other things. You've got this, and you have a great cheering squad here.
  23. in honor of the great and powerful SHAAAAAR i will endeavor to save all capital letters for her highness
  24. TGP

    Sylvaa Stands after a Stumble

    yes; following... .
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