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  2. Harriet

    Spezzy is back

    The only thing that helped me with this was practice. I was always more motivated to sleep in than to get up. But recently I was extremely frustrated by always being tired, and I knew sleep hygiene was a piece of the puzzle, so I used that wave of motivation to get up at the same time every morning for several weeks. I had this mantra "wake up, get up", because I knew sleeping in was bad for my sleep quality. Sometimes I would just poke one leg out from under the covers at a time before getting up... anyway, it became a habit. Now I don't set an alarm, I just get up whenever I wake up, which is actually better for me because sometimes the alarms would wake me up in the middle of a sleep cycle and I'd be groggy.
  3. scalyfreak

    Act VII - Harriet Scouts the Lands Beyond the Fortress

    You are none of those things. Your body is being asked to do things it is not used to doing, and it feels unhappy about this and is complaining to you. That's normal, and it's very frustrating, but it's not a sign that something is wrong about anything. You're simply feeling the effects of doing more cardio, and harder, than your body is accustomed to. If you keep doing it, your body will get used to it, and it will become easier. How long that will take, varies from person to person. 45 minutes of cardio is the equivalent of a kickboxing or zumba class at any gym. Being tired at the end of something like that is not a sign of weakness, or of a lack of fitness. If anything, it's a sign that maybe the instructor needs to be reminded she's not working with professional gymnasts or black belts on Tuesday evenings?
  4. Harriet

    Warriors harness the power of flight.

    I don't actually understand... What are we meant to do?
  5. Elastigirl

    TheLostSpaces faces change (again)

    Sorry you were sice, Hope you feel better. I've had hip pain lately, and stretching wasn't helping , so I added side planks and planks to my workout, and that seems to be helping
  6. Elastigirl

    I'm baaaaack!!!

    Glad you didn't die in your workout. Hopefully you sleep well and aren't hungry. Good call on buying a bunch of Lara bars on sale, that's a really good price. I like them but they are pretty spendy, so I buy them on sale. Our grocery store now has some of their brands, basically the same ingredients. Not quite as tasty, but they are cheaper, so I sometimes get them if the Lara bars aren't on sale
  7. I read about half of the f*ck it diet. It was very similar to the intuitive eating book, but it had a lot of emotional stuff as well that I got a bit bored with. I stopped reading. I think I'll go back to the intuitive eating book when I need more guidance, it was pretty clear and good.
  8. Do you mean ramping up? I sort of do that with my warmups. E.g. for bench I do 45, 65, 75, then my working sets at 85. Or for deadlift it might be 95, 135, 155, working sets at 170.
  9. Elastigirl

    Back to Basics

    Montreal sounds beautiful. Glad you had a good time. How did week zero of your challenge go?
  10. Ugh. Really frustrated. I may just be tired and grumpy but... I'm fed up of the extremely long and silly workouts our Tuesday taekwondo instructor puts us through. Today it was about 45 minutes before we got to the actual kicking. A few minutes of that was stretching, but most of it was warmup. Jogging, then "suicides" (where you sprint one third of the mat, touch the ground, sprint back, touch the ground, sprint two thirds, touch the ground, sprint back, sprint to the end, touch the ground, sprint back) then five drills with more running interspersed with stupid little jumps or flutter kicks, then she asked us to run another person along the mat like a wheelbarrow... when it was my turn it hurt my wrist and I just wasn't sure what the benefit was. Then we had to lean against the wall, raise our legs into kicking positions, and keep them there while doing tiny circles or similar. Then she asked us to waddle along the mat while crouched ass to grass, and said it would strengthen our legs. I declined to do the exercise. I was so f***ing tired and frustrated I felt like crying. Maybe it's the heat and I'm in a bad mood. But I feel like a lot of these exercises just fatigue me with no benefit, and then I spend the remaining 45 minutes doing a half-assed job of kicking because I'm already worn out. Our Thursday and Saturday instructors do some warm up, but not that much. We get to spend our precious time doing kicks. And at least the Thursday instructor explained why we to do ladder drills, which I don't like much. Anyway, I'm not sure whether to be angry at my stupid body for being slow and heavy and never really getting better at this cardio shit, or angry at Tuesday instructor for pulling out random exercises to annoy us with when we should be kicking things. Are there some exercises that fatigue you without making you fitter? Or is cardio something where you can just add more and more little things like a stack of multi coloured licorices? Why do I respond to cardio by being equally tired every single time? And why is keeping my leg in the air and doing tiny circles so hard when I can lift and kick just fine? I'm feeling weak, inflexible, and unfit. And fat and angry and fed up.
  11. Elastigirl

    The Dude(ette) abides.....Rinna does things.

    Glad you finally got some nice weather and your boy-o is feeling better
  12. Elastigirl

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    Talked to my husband about the garage project and how to tackle it. I think our plan is to just take some weekends and work on it together.
  13. spezzy

    Spezzy is back

    haha, yeah, I've heard of those too! The biggest problem I've been having is that my fiance HATES alarms, so I use my apple watch and have it on vibrate. So trying to find an app that vibrates on my wrist that also makes me get up. ha, a volume challenge on movements I can actually do (well, kind of, I'll have to do ring pushups)? I'm in.
  14. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Had lunch while reading on Kindle, stayed away from computer Ate slow- didn't think to time it though Had a snack and ate it distraction free. I bought myself a dark chocolate bar for Easter (everyone else got bunnies) and I had one square of it. Eating it distraction free helped me be satisfied with one square. Practiced crow, did some kettlebell swings 100 25# swing with very little break, and then went on a walk. My MFP goal was 1,300 and I ended up eating 1,400. That is about a 400 calorie deficit. Not sure if doing the kb swings helps or not, since I just get hungrier. Here is a video of my praciticng the crow. I am mainly just working at finding the balance point.
  15. ChrisWithaStick

    Shotokan turns it around

    Out of curiosity, are you practicing a particular iaido ryu?
  16. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Always glad to see you! Yay and hello! Thanks, waving hello! Thanks, yes I think so We should be set up for lots of May flowers! I know you hike a bunch in the rain. I'm much more fair weather. We have gotten caught in rain while geocaching, but we don't usually go if it is already raining Hi there! Agree, and that is the plan. Thanks Hi!!! Yes, hopefully more joy.
  17. Update for Apr. 23 Workout: Rest day, Eat Right: I stayed in my calorie goal range for the day. No Fast Food: I wasn't even tempted. Daily Cleanup: It was a long day and I didn't feel up to it after doing bedtime - back to the grind tomorrow.
  18. DAY 3 Exercise Bike 4 min. at tension #3 31 min. at tension #4 25 min. at tension #5 Break-Fast 6.5 oz steak 4.5 oz ham 4 egg whites 5 oz Irish oatmeal 2 g fish oil Strength Training super set of EZ bar preacher curl 4x12 EZ bar standing curl 4x12 DB curl (alt. arm) 4x12 super set of Rope pushdown 4x12 Rope overhead tricep extension 4x12 Lunch 8 oz chicken breast 1 cup mixed vegetables 2 cups white rice a can of vanilla coke Dinner 8 oz chicken breast 2 mandarin oranges a pear Bedtime 50 grams protein powder
  19. jstanlick

    jstanlick vs. The Hydra

    I wonder if the story will eventually be that dad made them run up hill in the snow and it was a 10 mile run to the park. It was 2 blocks and 71 degrees, but that won't make as good a story
  20. ChrisWithaStick

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    My brain is at about 70% capacity right now, so I'm just going to say hooray for a good taqueria nearby, and I hope things with Vetinari aren't as serious as the seem. Then again, there is coffee. Coffee is not usually the last meal of the condemned. Then again, one must get on with the times, I suppose...
  21. spezzy

    Spezzy is back

    Thanks all!
  22. scalyfreak

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    So what I'm learning from this thread is that Jack Handy is trying really hard to be a modern Mark Twain. Hi!
  23. Today
  24. scalyfreak

    Better late than never

    Here you are! I knew I'd find you eventually.... Sleep is important, so I'm here for the sleeping solidarity.
  25. Maigs

    Maigs Chases the Wagon

    Tuesday Not quite so good on the food today. I had my normal breakfast and another unnecessary granola bar in the morning (why did I even grab one?). Lunch was leftover chili then I ran to the grocery store to grab something for Hubs and managed to talk myself into pomegranate and vanilla cashews and a two pack of Reese's eggs which were promptly eaten. Then mid-afternoon I grabbed one of the mini ice cream cups and ate it. After work I came home and made Peanut Stew for dinner and stuck to one bowl, then went out for another run. I had extra motivation to take it slow and not push myself, I did not want to have to breathe through my mouth because the bugs are out in full freaking force. Even though it wasn't super bright I wished I'd had my sunglasses to help keep the things out of my eyes. I ended the day right around 2000 calories.
  26. I'm fully behind that. For me, it's a matter of balancing the amount of boundaries pushing with some more relaxing time. Sometimes, I try to go for my goals and push my boundaries in whatever I do. Sometimes, I just allow myself to call it enough and take an easier time, needed to regenerate the willpower I need to keep pushing through.
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