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  2. This is literally what I'm doing now - I have an Excel spreadsheet where I track actions, and the spreadsheet calculates the score for the day, averages and a couple of other metrics for gamification. I was going to prepare something about it to share at some point actually. Nice to see I'm not the only one haha WHM breathing: 1 point per round cold shower: 1 point per round fitness activity: 1/3/6/10/15 points depending on whether it's just stretching or a full-on intense gym workout 2 points per fruit/vegetable portion 1 point for 15 minutes of work "agile"-style story points for to-do list points for sleeping earlier etc. Right now I have 33.3 points per day since 10th April and want to push the average up to 40 points before my next travel **does random push-ups** @zenLara: that's actually quite a lot of activity if you think about it per week! You're on the right path
  3. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Thursday - w0d5 Mindful Moments - ate most of my meals with other people today, which makes it hard for me to be mindful PT Exercises - traced the alphabet - one legged stands Self Care - nap - Maundy Thursday service at church
  4. For me, it is the first and second day of my period that I lose the weight again (around 5lbs), even on a Mirena. The number of toilet-visits during those days are super-annoying, so it is easy to see that it really is water-weight. Considering tracking, are you using something that shows a long-term graph? I heard that it is much easier to see the big picture if you actually plot a few months' data instead of just looking at the numbers.
  5. Xena

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    White girl who knows nothing about hip hop giving advice about hip hop (so take this for what it's worth) Consider watching "Straight Outta Compton." It was really surprising to me. I lived through that time, but really had no sense of that story.
  6. You currently have more than 8 actions per day, on top of gym and walking. I think you would go crazy if you try to measure each action individually, and the prospect of having to track might or might not put you off. You are already doing so much! I agree with WhiteGhost that you are going forward when doing this amount, no matter what your brain says. If you want to go to another system than the current actions, you could consider a "point" system where e.g. one stretch is 1 point, half an hour of yoga is 15 points, etc. Points could either represent importance or time-investment. My boyfriend and I did this for a while for the household-chores: in principle 1 point stood for 15 minutes, but small important tasks also got a point (taking out the trash, vacuuming the bedroom, etc.). However, I also really like your current system of just counting actions. No matter what you decide, we will be here to support you .
  7. WhiteGhost

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    I'm guessing that was supposed to be Sebastian Koller? I was really confused until I got to the actual match. Even knowing they will be facing off against each other soon, it was good to see they were able to stay above that and keep things together for this match. More than that, though, I am glad Lister's Bruised Spleen doesn't seem to be slowing him down. I was worried he would be out for a few.
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  9. All that over 3 weeks? Seems to me that you don't need to know how much time you spent on these to see you are moving forward Nice bat!
  10. Guzzi

    Hey everyone

    Ah, on the west coast! It’s about 2hrs drive from my home town of Fort William. Nice to have a Lady as a neighbour!
  11. WhiteGhost

    Challenge for life, challenge for now [Manarelle]

    I really like that color
  12. WhiteGhost

    [NeverThatBored] She Loves A Lot of Things

    Yay, great news!
  13. This needed to be restated. No reason wedding themed costume parties can't be a thing. Also, wedding cake always tastes awful so if you do throw a wedding themed party, just get some regular cake. I feel the same way about crabs, at least the tiny ones most people eat here.
  14. WhiteGhost

    Mu develops her inner HS puppy

    Wow, very good job on those lever spins, especially with the cat hanging off your foot!
  15. Thursday Update I started the day on my beewasp mission. I stood outside by the bush and watched where they were going and it seems they were going into the old coal hole which eventually leads to the cellar window. I went into the cellar and cut the old cable wire that was keeping the window open, and I blocked off that window temporarily with cardboard. I have ordered some mesh to rig a screen since we need to leave the window open to aerate the cellar. I have only seen one or two in the cellar so it makes sense they are in the coal hole gap, and I had a good look to see if anything looked like a nest or hive anywhere and I couldn't see anything. We had another one in the vestibule when I got up and since most of them have ended up in there, I filled a hole they may have been coming through that I think might lead to the coal hole too, given it's position. While I was at it, I resealed the front door at the bottom because it was wearing away, and for the rest of the day we didn't have any more beewasps so I thought I had cracked it. More on that later. I did a welfare check on Scoot McNairy and he blinked at me so I didn't need to arrange a funeral. I did a lot of laundry, pegged it on the line and then the washing line collapsed as I was hanging the final thing which was just lovely. I carried the clothes horses outside and rehung everything so that's something I need to sort out today too. I took a break to watch Madmen and cuddle the cat, then I got to training. Because I have to do something else along with the elliptical, I had a go at the dance routines: The French Montana one is very hard on the knees since I only have a tiled floor on which to practice so the Totoro knee socks saved the day again. This made me feel sexy as hell but I bet I didn't look it. The Strip That Down one was more cardio based and a bit less like a stripper getting her training heels off but it was fun, even if this woman is so peppy I want to throw things at her. I then did some squats, single leg deadlifts and standing side kicks to craft DAT ASS. After this I did half an hour on the elliptical on the highest booty settings. I need to remember as I am killing myself that when I do this it's about booty power and not speed, so as long as I am really focusing on firing the glutes I don't need to hit my usual KMs. I did intend to do longer than the half an hour but I was really sapped for energy because I had forgotten to eat more snack box items before I did so. I need to remember this and stack my calories to give myself more energy for workouts because I want an amazing arse a hell of a lot more than I want to be skinny. I don't think I want the latter at all tbh. After this I cleaned the conservatory windows, very very badly. I need to buy some better tools with which to do this. Then I sorted all the laundry out and since I have got rid of my laundry monster I have no room in my wardrobe so I need to go through it and offload or store some stuff. I went to pick up some groceries and buy my easter eggs, but they had sold out of the cheese easter egg I planned on getting TH so I had to get him something else. I bought the eggs for the girls at work and I need to buy my mom and dad's today. When we got home I served the dinner and then another bee got in so we spent the evening trying to figure out how. There was another one this morning too, so although we went a good 10 hours without having one after I sealed up that hole, we did get another two. There are lots of holes in the skirting board where the central heating pipes were put in and they haven't been sealed so I am going to look into what I should do that with. Oh the joys of buying an old house... I don't mind them being in the coal hole - they are more than welcome to stay there because I am pretty sure they are bees of some kind and bees are endangered and if I let them stay I surely bank some environmental karma so I can feel less bad when I buy a bottle of heat protection shampoo instead of a package free shampoo bar, right?! I just don't want them coming into the house since my cat obsesses over them if there is one around and she's mad as a box of frogs already, I don't need them sending her further into madness. Food wise, things were pretty alright. I had the chocolate and walnut bread for lunch and then nothing else until I was super sapped for energy after my workout, at which point I ate the satsumas and the melba toasts. Dinner was wings, couscous and salad and we shared the mint cream. I miscalculated the couscous so it's good I didn't eat the cheese bits in the snack box because I ended the day on 1774.
  16. WhiteGhost

    Red1263 versus the two Dodecahedrons

    I picked 20 different exercises grouped into 5 categories. I had 4 pull exercises decided by 1D4 , 6 static holds decided by 1D6, 2 leg exercises decided by 1D4 (1-4 or 5-8), 5 push exercises decided by 1D10 (12, 3-4, etc.), 3 mobility drills decided by 1D12 (1-4, 2-8, 9-12), and 1D20 for a random exercise. Every day I would roll all 6 dice for 6 exercises and do a pre-determined number of reps for whatever the dice showed.
  17. Waanie

    Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!

    This is a never-ending problem for me as well. What helps me when my will-power weakens, is to start another way of tracking/motivating myself. Things I've used in the past: paper list/calendar on a visible space, such as bedroom or next to computer agenda that I always carry with me todo-list apps, some of which have reminders very actively using my challenge-thread over here Currenetly, I'm using a weekly planning on paper, which is next to my desktop. Everything works for some time for me, and then I get bored and switch for new motivation. Good luck with your challenge .
  18. deftona

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    How rude, you should never judge a person by their scallion needs.
  19. I don't love them but I always buy chickens whole and use the whole damn thing because it seems a more ethical way of eating them. I even make stock out of the bones and wing tips. But this is why I end up with so many chicken wings in the freezer and I'm always looking for ways of using them up. TH doesn't love them either because he doesn't like meat on the bone too much so I stood in that kitchen last night and I stripped his wings for him. Aren't I a catch?! I love this idea. We have considered having a wrestling themed wedding with the bouquet tied up above the ring Money in the Bank style. But as much as I get a little uncomfortable with the idea of marrying my boyfriend of 15 years, the more I think about it, that postmodern hellscape where I marry a stranger sounds like a riot, so maybe we have a wedding Royal Rumble and the winner gets to marry TH?
  20. Waanie

    Waanie sets a routine

    Mentally I'm really having ups and downs, but there's also lots of good stuff going on: The morning- and evening-routine are still working out after 2 days . Yesterday's run was not great, and I felt lethargic during it, but I did complete my Zombies, run! week 3 day 3 workout. Classical running-music is a success. "Rhythm on Rails" by Charles Williams was my favourite here, but most other songs also worked well. I caught a lot of Pokemon during this morning's walk. I'm wondering if I could make a running-playlist with only Gershwin songs?
  21. Morag

    Terra creates Activation Energy!!!

    About the book club: i know just too well how aggravatin people with selective amnesia can be. Do be kind to yourself there, it's not good if you always swallow your anger. Stand up for my friend at least some of the time, ok friend? We got your back! send from my new phone, bear with me.
  22. deftona

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    I am very excited Cheetah is about to Enter the Wu Tang. Give me a yell if you need recommendations! This is my jam.
  23. deftona

    Xena plays the Long Game

    Urgh this sort of stuff gets me all the time. I think it's so upsetting because it takes very little to be a pleasant human being for five freaking minutes and it really brings me down some people find that so bloody hard. Console yourself with the thought that yes, he upset you, but it's better to be a little sensitive sometimes than a raging arsehole like he is.
  24. Bit late to jump on the "let's throw a wedding party thingie" but BUT HEAR ME OUT How about we pull it off inside a wrestling ring? I know you and TH are both into wrestling, wearing crazy outfits will fit right in and according to wrestling law, the wedding ceremony shall be crashed and interrupted, so you don't have to actually end up married to TH
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