⏰ HAMSTRING 101, Part 1: Nerve tension versus muscle tension, how to tell them apart, and how to address them! In this first of four live video series, I’ll be summarizing the hamstring 101 topic that I’ve been covering for the past month. Today, we’re starting with the basics, and tomorrow at 2pm pacific, we’ll build off of these concepts and continue delving into the intracacies of the hamstrings! FREE STUFF: I JUST released the second edition of my Perfect Pike active flexibility program, and to celebrate, I’M GIVING AWAY one complete set of my active flexibility programs! Here’s what to do to enter: 1. Share one of my hamstring posts to your page: either this live video, or the hamstring post from this series that you found the most enlightening. Be sure to set the post to “public” and tag me, so I can see it! 2. I’ll be doing a giveaway on both facebook and instagram, and announcing the winners on their respective platforms TOMORROW at 1pm pacific! SO, get it posted before then, and be sure to check back tomorrow! SUMMER SALE: Today *also* is the official start to my summer sale on active flexibility programs- if you want to get in on all that active flexibility goodness, use the code “heatwave” at this link: https://www.cirquephysio.com/flexibility-programs/

Posted by Cirque_Physio on Thursday, August 9, 2018