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  2. lucky fire dragon

    Big Hatter 6

    partys are always good motivation to get better Body and mind are connected here quite well. Holding thumbs for you
  3. Mad Hatter

    Big Hatter 6

    Isn't that the beauty of philosophy. Hope so toooo! I used to get that a lot, but not in the past few years or so. Thanks dude! Hahaha I love that way of thinking. Not sure I can convince myself of it though, I just mope and feel sorry for myself. Cold's getting better still, most of the symptoms are going away now. It's mostly residual tiredness/weakness left, but then again I couldn't sleep last night so... Fingers crossed I'll be ready for our office christmas party on Friday.
  4. elizevdmerwe

    Beyond Barbells: Tanktimus Bashes Barriers

    I'm lucky I trained with a dentist who was seen as one of the best in the field (at that time). When I started working for him, it was in Sabie, where mil lives. I was just out of school, but as his assistant I was able to attend some day courses with him. I saw first hand what kind of impression he made on the other people there, and of course I kept my ears and eyes open. Our first dentist here in Pmb, also happened to know dr. T, and we never had a problem with his work. Then he retired, and the next one with a "good reputation" and all kinds of new tech and machinery turned out to be the kind you described, making future work for himself. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after the first filling had to be replaced (for Brandt and myself), but when we had to go in again because that filling was leaking, I started looking for another dentist. We ended up at the lady who is now our dentist, and who referred us to the orthodontist. She does great work, and has (in the meantime) met dr. T whom I worked for years ago. She referred us to the ortho in the first place because she said, she had found that people wanted to go to specialists, and although she had extra training in orthodontics, she wasn't a specialist. We'll stick with her, or drive the extra hour or two to another city for someone else, if she really can't help us. We had a similar experience with Rocco and a dr who specialised in all kinds of mouth deformities. Because Rocco spoke more English than Afrikaans at a stage, his Afrikaans "s" sounds, came out softly and sometimes like a lisped "s". A GP referred us to this specialist, who at first said no, nothing was wrong, he would just recommend Rocco practice his Afrikaans pronunciation of "s" words a lot more. I made the mistake of asking him why then did the GP think Rocco needed his tongue 'ligament' (frenulum that connects the tongue to the bottom jaw) cut? All of a sudden he changed his tune and said, well if we wanted that little operation, he is more than willing to do it, and it would help with "this and that - this was where I shut down and stopped listening to him". So I smiled and said we'll get back to him, and nearly dragged Rocco out of the rooms. Never went back; Rocco has no speech problems; frenulum safely in place. You have to be so careful nowadays.
  5. juliebarkley

    Juliebarkley works on phase two

    Howdy! Since the last update, I have not been super successful. Friday - Santa Claus Parade day in town, and I was walking with the Beavers on their float. Of course, this was the coldest day of the winter so far, -20 degrees. Though we dressed for the weather, it was still pretty chilly as none of us were used to this level of cold yet (this was about ten degrees colder than any day so far). Got home, jumped under blanket, didn't come out again, end of challenge for the day. Saturday - got a migraine a couple of hours after waking up, end of challenge for the day. Sunday - catchup from the previous days. Some challenge stuff, but not like it should have been. Monday and Tuesday - fell off the wagon. Need to get myself back on there. It wasn't all bad. On each of these days, I did do some challenge stuff, but not all of it. 1. Neither underpants collection nor phase two can happen without a healthy strong body. Move every day. - Pushups were on track - this is a solid habit. I passed the week, so I am back to my nemesis week today. - Backbends were missed a couple of days (SO not being upside down with a headache!). Today I had my first ever fail at getting back up the wall. :( I did do the drop straight to the floor (actually, low couch) that I mentioned last update. I landed on my head a tiny bit, but it went pretty well actually. - I think I did one from my ab challenge? Bad me! - I spent like half an hour one day watching and reviewing a s-l-o-w video of the sequence I've learned so far and practising the steps. I'll practise tonight for a few minutes. 2. Phase two involves action. Do the Work. - Actually, I think I nailed this one. :) 3. Do the Work on existing former habits as well. - Ooh. All is not successful on the prayer front. - Clearly posting sucketh. 4. Collect underpants (to get rid of). - Not a whole lot. Rolled today, then neglected to look at what the task was. That's not helpful, self! - Stupid photos get posted tomorrow barring my house burning down or something. You have my solemn guarantee. I actually did do some tidying up!
  6. elizevdmerwe

    tgp tries to quietly slip into (old) habits

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm always in awe that someone is prepared to help the church out. I sense your character trait of competing, not just with yourself, but also with others. And it is good, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. That's your choice. I taught Adam how to play chess a couple of years ago (used a book to catch up again myself), and we still play the odd game. We have a teacher friend, however, who teaches chess for his school's kids at competition level, and he can't understand at all why Adam (or I) don't want to take part in competitions, and get our "official" level/rating. His question is usually, but why learn to play at all if you don't want to compete against others? I told him I don't want to compare myself against others, I want to just enjoy a casual game every now and again. I hope you manage to get some training in, otherwise that your week will still improve.
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  8. Mad Hatter

    Annyshay is Feeling Festive

    I really like this way of phrasing it! Please remind me at some point
  9. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost Get His Kips (On Route 66)

    I had never heard of shift worker syndrome, so I appreciated the link Now today I can barely walk After watching @jonfirestar and @Cheetah do vlog updates, I decided to do one too I was super nervous and kept forgetting what I was going to say
  10. elizevdmerwe

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. III

    I always learn new things on NF! What would be the 'repercussion' for people if they used your blood as donation? Every time the sister at the clinic measures my iron levels with the copper-liquid-mixture, the drop of blood sinks a little bit, then shoots up to the surface, meaning my iron levels are too low. But when they put another drop of blood in the machine to test, my levels are fine. It only does that sink then swim thing with one other person at that clinic. My hubby never has a problem when they test his iron levels. There is now a red note on my file to only test with the machine. Funny how the body differs.
  11. elizevdmerwe

    Annyshay is Feeling Festive

    I liked dancing, or acting as if I was dancing with someone, when I was a kid (videos of Fred Astaire, John Travolta - Grease, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and later Hugh Jackman), but never had the chance to learn, or the nerve. I learned to waltz in high school, but Brandt taught me to 2-step and what I call "the shuffle". I can only dance with him though. I'm very self-conscious when we have to dance in public, but that rarely happens anyway *shrug*. As in every relationship, you have to find those things that the two of you like doing together, so as you said, there are enough other things for the two of you . Which reminds me that I've danced more with Rocco these last couple of months, than Brandt! Maybe time to drag him out of his chair (or away from the cars!) again . I agree with them, @annyshay. You seem to be so on top of everything. So impressed with everything you manage to do, and already plan on doing next year!
  12. Ensi

    Ensi And The Dimension Of IRL

    ^ the face of a woman who's been pushing herself creatively for the past few days and arrives to her venting space, only to find out it's been taken over by some very long German and Dutch words (That sounds like a beginning of a linguistic fairy tale... I actually might want to draw that...) :DDD I I think I'm missing out on a lot of things by not studying German or Dutch! But we do put nouns together to form new words, too Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas is probably one of the longest words in Finnish. But we don't use that, like, ever Tank, those redneck videos were hilarious! ** So yeah, I've been very much in the Dimension of IRL, working on the gaming project's graphics...! The final presentation is tomorrow, and I'm starting to be happy with the work I've produced I came up with a new character yesterday, and got so inspired that I worked on it all day to get it ready in time. I did take a couple of breaks to for have lunch with my brother, and took a walk later on, and I worked out in the evening. I started by just doing some yoga, but then I started to warm up and did some kettlebell rows and squats. Then I danced a bit I just tried to get some movement, because I'm spending a lot of time by the computer. I might need to make a stand for the laptop that I could place on my table, and so I could work while standing... I must say that I'm happy with these studies: it's been a lot of work, but most of the studies feels meaningful and rewarding. I skimmed an art book at the library a couple of days ago and realized that I could never get bored of making art. It's a huge part of me, and whenever I've felt like a disaster, I've always been able to go back to making art. It's true love, OK?? As for intuitive eating, I've managed to start listening to my body better again. I actually got genuinely hungry before dinner: I had proper hunger cues, and I was restless and unable to focus. I had dinner, and since I felt a bit hungry afterwards (and I had eaten less than usually by that time of day), I still had some sweet potato with turkey cold cuts. I'll continue like this Now I can see that the weather looks really nice, so I'm gonna go for a morning walk before I start fine-tuning the graphics. Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!
  13. Tobbe

    Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife

    I know, right!? Boston Dynamics builds some uncanny stuff!
  14. elizevdmerwe

    Elastigirl Puts One Foot In Front Of the Other: Holiday Classic

    Glad tailbone aches are gone, and yeay! for dancing. When are we going to get a photo of a dressed-up Elastigirl? Glad you had fun. Looked with different eyes at your videos after reading some of LFD's comments. I'm learning what to look for, and how much you are putting in. Nice going on the regular Elastigirl tenacity.
  15. I've decided to stop logging my morning walks, and my sleep, for now. Also not (publicly) logging my workouts. Mostly because I don't feel like I need to. I don't feel that I need the extra accountability right now. I'm getting my daily walks in no matter if I log them here or not. Same with my workouts three times per week.
  16. Tuesday Dec 11 Food Log  Brunch - 11:00 Sandwiches with various toppings We were invited over to friends of ours for some late breakfast. We brought the wort bread my wife had baked the night before, some butter and cheese. They had the rest. I ate two bread buns. I had liver pate with fresh cucumber on one piece of bread. So good! It's something we almost never have at home, because it's only I who eat it, and it will spoil before I can finish a package Dinner - 18:50 Pan fried boneless pork chops, oven roasted sweet potato with olive oil, garlic, thyme and salt. Pan fried green beans, a salad and Salsa Romesco We had some roasted bell peppers left over from making the Italian salad the other day, so I used it in one of my favorite sauces, Salsa Romesco, which is basically bell peppers, almonds, garlic, chili and olive oil mixed together. Evening snack - 22:30 Two different kinds of glögg Freshly baked saffron crescents with almond, butter and sugar filling. Gingerbread cookies Tried a new glögg. It was flavored with port wine and figs. I liked that it had a really distinctive taste. You could really taste both the port wine and the figs. But if I had to choose, I'd still go with the traditional "Blossa" glögg, which is what I had in the other mug My wife was baking saffron crescents for the first time ever. So once they were out of the oven and had cooled down a bit we just had to taste them She had made two versions, one with filling according to the recipe, and one with twice the amount of filling I liked the ones with lots of filling! All in all I had four crescents. They're only freshly baked once! I also had three more gingerbread cookies than what's shown in the photo.
  17. Ketozin Review than most, a truth that would make it simpler to comply with and adjustable, to allow it follow a docs nutritional recommendation to his diabetic affected person. some other benefit offered by means of this weight loss plan is the extent of its conformity to nutritional suggestions. mild as it could appear, this is simply very important because some diets location a restrict on positive meals, thereby leaving the character doubtlessly deficient in sure vitamins and minerals. A breakdown of this conformity suggests that wherein fat is concerned, the weight-reduction
  18. Mr_Willes

    {Wolfpool} Always Two Steps Ahead Pt. 1: "The Gauntlet"

    Only if you keep me warm while showering
  19. Tobbe

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    Well done! And thanks for the encouragement
  20. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - Have husband, and Band of Brothers & Sisters

    Thanks Liz. Hope yours was good too. And @TGP too. ------------------------------------------------ Wednesday: Things are fine... rolling along. Exercised Sunday and Monday, skipped Tuesday. Also didn't walk with Brandt as he had to take 2hrs off from work early morning to go for his chiro and massage appointments. Luckily all the inflammation in his right leg is gone, so he's started cycling to work again. I'll exercise again this afternoon. Now that we don't have to go out for extra-murals in the afternoons, I find that I enjoy doing the strength training just before I have to start dinner (+-15h30-16h15). The boys are doing their exercises every weekday morning. They're now doing double (or two sets), meaning 10 of everything. Some complaints, but soon forgotten when they go on the computer. All three of us (boys and I) have been almost ravenous most of yesterday again. We all tried to curb our eating, but we did eat more than usual. HUNGRY! Bible study done. Drank enough water (flavoured with chopped apple and cucumber). Usually go to bed before 22h00. Last night was by 21h30! Daily finances are keeping me busy as Brandt realised this is the last week he can order metal, gas (welding), etc. to work on things at home Christmas, and New Year's weeks. Most of our manufacturing shops are closing end of this week. It seems our education dept. is sending letters out to the churches now on what is acceptable to be taught and by whom, and the Sunday school classes now also seem to have to register with the education dept.??? That is such a huge overstep of law, it isn't even funny. But uninformed people now try to adhere to it, "because the gov. said this way".
  21. ChrisWithaStick

    Chris vs the holidays

    Went a little lighter today. 1x10 bodyweight squats. 2x10 +kitty weight with OHP. 3x10 pushups 3x10 ring rows. skipped the lunges as the quads are tight, and I don't want to trigger knee pain. some technique work, including a review of kodachi kata, and some naginata techniques, but using a bo instead, due to space limitations (most of the techniques that aren't cuts can of course be done with a long staff... you don't quite get the distance advantage, but they work, none the less). cooked again - broccoli, shallot, ginger, a few splashes of soy sauce and some tuna with left over rice.
  22. Rhovaniel

    JonFirestar: Countdown to Awesome (181 days to Oblivion)

    Loved the vlog Jon - well done on doing the scary thing! If it helps, my left arm has been super sore yesterday too! It made my pull up workout pretty uncomfortable and I couldn't hang onto the bar for more than 32 seconds. But it is a lot better today! I think it was the many, many times we got across those monkeys that are to blame!
  23. Rhovaniel

    Rhovaniel: Healing

    Thanks Sal. Saturday happened, but I'm recovering quicker from each knock-back now, and I think that's a sure a sign of progress than anything. Wait... that was only one attempt before I got it? My memory totally didn't hang on to that gem! Thanks Jon. I love that battle speech so much. Bookmarking it for when I don't feel like I can do what I've set myself to do. I'm owning it. I believe it. I will get even better! It's an obstacle, used by Nuclear races but probably others too. Basically, this... but on race day they can be suspended above water, mud, etc.
  24. Mr_Willes

    Cheetah reads about intuitive eating.

    I'm glad i'm finally able to put things together. Your writing, your face and you just talking. It was great, and you look so at ease doing a vlog. Do more of it! Great to hear from you! The only downside to all these vlogs is that i now really want to have a huge rebel-meetup!
  25. elizevdmerwe

    Jakkals probeer weer.

    Glad that your aches have improved. All the best for the last couple of days.
  26. elizevdmerwe

    JonFirestar: Countdown to Awesome (181 days to Oblivion)

    Now you've set the standard, we want more vlog's That was great hearing from you in person. Brandt also speaks fast and soft, so I've got a bit of training following you. Battle scars! Hope your arm feels better soon. It is probably from Sunday's hanging around with Rho.
  27. Rhovaniel

    Rise Above (the Pull-Up Bar!)

    531 to add to my total Keep going people!
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