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  2. Training Halos Shin Box with hip extensions Figure 4 2x16 Incline Pushups 2x18 Knee Tucks Spent three hours doing yard work yesterday and I am stiff and sore today.
  3. Saturday, May 15th Routine always goes a little sideways on the weekends, and I’m glad because that means my mom and I can spend all day on a FaceTime call with my best friend in Alaska, hanging out and playing video games. As it was, I went for a 30 minute walk (the only steps I got all day 😹), hit my intake goals and didn’t quite drink enough water. My calories have been a little high the last few days so time to reel it in a little and focus on whole foods to satisfy snackiness. bedtime: 8 hour sleep window achieved ✅ morning routine: Coffee and video games
  4. I've been missing here as I've had some family drama to deal with, but I've managed to stay mostly on plan. Weight is going down slowly but I seem to have overcome the last platau so I'm trying to keep doing the same thing while my body is willing to drop some kilos without going into body fat preservation mode. I don't think I'll hit the 6kg goal but I'll be a LOT closer to it. My body fax % (on my home scales) is finally dropping as well. I'm getting a new gym workout plan tomorrow - so hopefully this will keep me motivate for the next three weeks.
  5. 3 is a lot! is play-by-post a written version? I’ve done written roleplays for years, but it’s the sort where each person plays a character and we write the story together, no GM.
  6. Oh noo, poor Mr. Incredible! That moment of dawning realization is terrible. I was told that the DMV quit sending them for a short time, nobody paid their registration, and they’ve since recommenced sending reminders. I’m fairly sure that’s why I missed mine!
  7. Fair play to you, living abroad is not for the faint of heart! So, do you speak Chinese? Funny story, I’M from Utah, too!!!! I live in the Ogden area- moved away a few times, but I keep coming back like a boomerang. That DnD group sounds super fun- we only play every other week and I’ve never actually been a player, so I’d love to join up. I’ll send Jon a message!
  8. Alright, just weighed-in. Always do it sunday afternoon before breaking my fast. As expected, some water retention and bloating coupled with higher caloric intake didn't lead to much progress this week.
  9. Another study dealing with metabolic adaptation to weight loss comes to the conclusion that a moderate deficit coupled with exercise is the most protective of metabolic function. The group with very low calories lost over 500kcal of their daily expenditure after just a couple months. Granted, they did no exercise and likely lost a lot of muscle mass as well. The higher the deficit, the lower your TDEE will be during maintenance, making restrictive diets absolutely deadly for long-term weight-loss. I've made these same mistakes for years. I've done one meal a day,
  10. I think so if you're willing to get creative. Where it struggles is with recurring tasks like habit tracking. The mobile app can be pretty clunky, but the desktop app works fine. It's also a fairly new app, so they're probably still working out all the kinks. The other issue is that it's primarily designed for managing teams of people and not necessarily an individual. It's got goal tracking functionality, but that section of the app needs a little work from a UX standpoint. It takes way too many clicks to do things and you can get confused if you don't know what you're
  11. Once I get to the park, I can probably consider my main errand to be "walk a bit and listen to some music".
  12. Today
  13. I'd have thought you'd be all in favor of the rigidly scientific approach! Anyway, I'm broadly in favor of some Zen lack of emotional volatility, and mind melds look like fun.
  14. I'm not finding the exact thing I saw, but it seems to be an issue of lay people using efficacy and effectiveness interchangeably, and not understanding that efficacy is relative to testing conditions. Bloomberg discussion of efficacy (which points out J&J was the only one that tested under conditions of more transmissible variants, in addition to higher numbers of cases) this is not so clear on how to compare efficacy rates, but has reminded me that J&J carried out a larger study in multiple countries, including in South Africa itself while the South Africa variant
  15. Oh I agree that the UK has managed the pandemic badly overall - although it's difficult to disentangle the lack of collective responsibility versus government mismanagement (with hard and early lockdowns leading to shorter periods of restrictions overall). I was talking about vaccination willingness as a form of collective responsibility, in particular. Are the stats you have for US versus UK vaccinations the overall percentages or by age group, out of curiousity? A lot of people in the UK are still waiting to be offered one, which doesn't seem to be as much the case in the US based on talking
  16. This seems like a healthy attitude to weight loss. And well done for getting as far as you have 18.5lb is an impressive chunk of lard to shift.
  17. It's slightly lower than the US uptake at moment, despite the US nonsense. IIRC, there's one country that's done statistically worse than the US in this pandemic in terms of cases and fatalities, and it's the UK. Also, the news coming out of the latest SAGE meeting is not encouraging; apparently Johnson is prepared for surges equal to or exceeding past surges in order to open up. So I'm afraid I'm just not able to do favorable comparisons between the UK and New Zealand, a country with 26 total deaths and 2200 total confirmed cases (2600 suspected). It's literally comparing the mos
  18. The sun held though. I wrote an update saying I hoped it lasted just before we set off but it got lost. Anyway it was great. Warm but not hot, bright but not blinding or humid. Perfect running weather, in other words. There were goslings and bluebells everywhere. Exhibit A: Bluebells I had to dodge round a goose family at one point because they were crossing the path en route to a pond. I did my usual thing of listening some podcast or audiobook (podcast in this case) I disagree with but not too much since I find this keeps me at the right level of adrenaline and edgin
  19. I don't think I've read anything "classic" (besides Austen) since high school, myself. I did find a "Pride and Prejudice retelling with dragons" on Kindle Unlimited, but I don't think that counts 😂 Walking or yoga? Those shouldn't impact your recovery (baring extreme versions of those exercises). Haha, I've had similar experiences - it's funny what you notice from a different perspective! Those are looking really good already! Even if they're not perfectly accurate and realistic, they have a sort of stylised charm - the not-perf
  20. So you think that rather than breaking through your workout barrier, your current workout fatigue would taint a possible future love of kettlebells? That is fair. I don't think you're being unreasonably cautious - I'm also wary of going anywhere that has large amounts of unvaccinated people (which means I'm still working from home since that is everyone under ~40 in the UK right now, giving universities very low vaccine uptake). I'm less concerned about dying and more worried about the much higher possibility of being left with long recovery or a long-term illness. (Anyo
  21. Hey everyone! hmmmm, where is the new group? I lost the link I think haha
  22. So this week went alright. My calories were higher than the prior weeks, the weigh-in later in the day will likely come in without significant progress. Which is fine, because a prolonged deficit will ultimately lead to a reduction in metabolism activity. My theory is that occasionally eating above maintenance or at maintenance for brief stints signals the body that it's in fact not in starvation mode and thus does not need to inhibit sympathetic activity, downregulate the thyroid, gonads and adrenal glands. I guess you could call this metabolic flexibili
  23. Innit though, fam. And if the seal spirits really want to bless you with their flippery goodness, this happens https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm1QMWkHovM/?igshid=29oyxtuxwbkl (this was the first time I ever saw one and everyone was super-excited as you can imagine!)
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