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  2. So. Sunday evening. Work done for the week. Kids in their beds. Glorious Korean drama on my netflix Screen. Hearth going. Last christmas decorations packed up and put into storage. Life could indeed be worse. I have a date with my boys to go to the big main library tomorrow. To hang out and read and brows and luxurious within the depths of ordinary public library. The only pretty place in my home is the hearth right now. We've lived like total slobs this past week. Uargh. The concert was great fun. Loved it. Mongolean just made it onto my Must Learn list. Seeing these boys life. Wish I could do it more often. They are amazing! Sadly, for my Mongolean language acquisition, I am completely enamored with Korean, this coming Thursday I have my twelfth (=final) class of the first course. But not to worry I ordered a workbook for the interim and booked the 1.2 class already. Lessons start first week of March. This life of mine... not so bad. Tomorrow there will be cloths folding and paper throwing away and I will have sweet potato fries and something... I forgot, but it will be food, and my freezer load will lighten. And at some point tomorrow I will go and spend a day learning things with the kids, and reading fun stories and it will be good. Possibly fish&chips for dinner... or sushi, not sure yet. I am alive and I am headed in the right direction.
  3. Oops I totally forgot to log my farmer's carries this week. 😅 Would love to drag out my roller blades for the "play time" this week.
  4. Hope the competition went well this weekend!
  5. So I was getting the bikes out and we were going to go riding today because the weather is gorgeous for it, and then my thumb got caught in the kickstand and this happened. This picture is from a few hours ago. My thumb is pretty swollen now. Imagine if I had gone biking anyway and tried to shift gears on this. (We went walking instead.) So now I'm a lefty for a week or so. At least I did that training so I can write with my left hand.
  6. If you haven't seen CGP Grey's newest video, watch that before reading this. So, I was watching that, and resonating with just about everything he said. I've tried to avoid New Year's Resolutions for a while as not helpful to real change, but I like his idea of giving years broad themes to help guide your navigation and choices. At first, I was thinking The Year of Health, but then he put up this graphic with different theme ideas and off in one corner was Attention, and it was like a lighting strike! What am I trying to do with my eating? Pay attention to it, while eating, how it tastes, how it makes me feel, the feelings that are leading me to eat in that moment. Paying attention, to my space and surrounds and improving them. Paying attention to my other needs. Not being an unconscious traveler through time, but being real and present. This year is signed up for the Life's Library Book Club, as a way to get myself to read good things that I otherwise wouldn't have, and throw some money at a group that is doing some really good stuff in the world. I just got the first book and physical stuff, and a big theme they're pushing right now? ATTENTION! Got a snazzy new poster, which I am going to put up today to help me remember my theme, and a little bracelet that I don't know what I'll do with. It does feel like several things are coming together to give me confirmation that this is what I need to be doing.
  7. You say you are leaning towards orthodoxy, as in eastern Orthodox?
  8. I feel you on wanting relief and lighter fare. I've really been in rebellion against a lot of the harder forms of discipline - the anti-fragility stuff I preached about years ago - and I think it might have something to do with not having a good contrast between the harder and softer things. Rest - not just physical but also psychological - is freaking underrated and totally underprescribed as a result. Anyway, I hope you manage to balance things out to get what you want!
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  10. My goal was to get rid of books, and it is going pretty well. I have reactivated my account on BookMooch, so I can start listing paper books I no longer have a desire to keep.
  11. You look beautiful SKy xx
  12. Kishi


    Friday happened. Friday wound up being an open mat with just me and Spider Monkey. We rolled for about an hour straight before hanging out and talking afterward about life and such. It was a good time. I went to go grocery shopping and was approached by a couple kids looking for converts at one of the local college churches. I took their prayers and then gave the answers to keep them off my back on a theological level. I have to admit, I felt kind of felt like I was engaging in some kind of a performance, and I didn't know how I felt about it, but having had a couple days to think about it I'm far more sanguine than I might have been. (to be clear, still think I'm a Christian man, but I'm picking up more Orthodox ideas about Christianity which ironically makes me a little heteroorthodox to the Protestant traditions I grew up with. I wasn't sure if I was being fully honest with them when I gave the "passwords," but thinking about it I believe I was. I just thread that needle a little differently than I used to and from a more psychologically healthy place, I think). Strength work happened after and was good. Nothing particularly notable. Spent Saturday resting and looking things up. Went on WebMD to look up my shoulder symptoms and was gravely disappointed to discover I didn't have coronavirus. Or shoulder cancer. Looks like what I have tracks with subacromial bursitis, which is super good news as it's entirely treatable with rest, time, and naproxen. I picked up some rehab exercises just to see how they feel and initial work shows promise; my shoulders felt really good and as of this morning they felt even better. I'm hopeful that this will continue to improve. Spider Monkey showed me some shoulder stuff that actually comes from Ido Portal, and I find it compelling enough to work into warm-up as well. So, you know. Just trying to be careful and mindful and healthy with my choices. I'll still probably go to an orthopedist next month just to check and make sure I'm doing the best possible things for myself; also, apparently injections are part of the standard treatment course for this and there's no real reason to leave that on the table. I'm presently working on my writing at a coffeehouse with non-Maine Friend (who has traveled up to NH for another contract). Might go roll tonight and might not, depending on what time we get out. To roll is good, to rest is gain. Rest week this week as well. Need to figure out what to do as far as tourneys go. There's a grappling one up in April that I'm going to do, but I'm trying to figure out what I'mma do about kickboxing. Apparently there's a lot of stuff available but it's either sanctioned event-style shit or else it involves MT-style point work. Which I'm not opposed to, but I'm not familiar with either. Also, I really want to do the kyokushin tournament again in March, but I'm really not interested in putting on a gi and belting up again and I feel like that would be disrespectful to Ky-sensei and on and on and on. Phaw. All of which is complicated by the bursitis, and in fact the more prudent course might be to shoot for the grappling tournament in April and give myself some more time to heal. I imagine I could talk to the MMA guys about tourneys anyway. Such good problems to have.
  13. Diet: Decided to worry less about my diet on the weekend... Still the piece of cake and the two cheeseburgers yesterday were a mistake. but I lost almost 2kg in the last two weeks so that's something. Also, I got my suit for my wedding next Saturday back from the tailor. The pants sit perfectly... But somehow the jacket is too big now!!!? Around the waist!!!!!??? I'm super confused and a bit annoyed. Maybe dieting was a mistake after all... 😅 Exercise: Meh... Helped a friend to study for a big math exam next week so there was little time to do much else. And then I was lazy on top of that... Life: Nothing really... Maybe 5 minutes of Rubik's cube practice.... At least I finished the audiobook of Quicksilver on my 3-hour drive to my friend and back home yesterday... If I manage to read the first Firefly novel next week, I would have managed to finish 7 books in January (including a few comics/mangas...)
  14. Hi all, did somebody say SELF DESTRUCTION????? I picked up the phone and i self destructed... Last night i ended up going out, drinking too much and taking too much cocaine. Now i feel awful, im exhausted and i feel guilty and all sorts. My own fault. Of course. I need to make better choices really. **SIGH** Im about to actually eat something (just a sandwich and crisps) but its 8pm and ive not eaten today. Ive slept most of the day. I need to have a solid week i think. Really try and do better. Maybe ill try to have a week off the booze and stay home and take care of myself. Write down my goals and why im doing 'this'. I am meant to have a date a bit worried about it because i dont have much money really. I dont know what to do. aaghhhhhhh. Anyway, just being honest with you guys about what happened. ❤️ xx
  15. Good! Including comics I finished 6 books so far this year... (I started the first before Christmas...) Just finished Quicksilver. Probably the first Stephenson novel I do not outright love. Maybe because it's part 1 of a long series.... Maybe because there are too many big scientists thrown around... Maybe because I wasn't focused enough to read it on audio... I should definitely give it another go on paper. (So far I have read Stephenson novels only on audio...) (Pro tip: Don't make Anathem your first audiobokk ever; especially when you're not a native Englsih speaker...) Anyway... I'll start with the first Firefly novel Big Damn Hero tomorrow!
  16. haha yes i should do.... erm..... VINCENT! x
  17. I think it was intended to be the latter, with some obvious innuendo thrown in. It's been a while since I've seen the movie.
  18. Week 4, Sunday Today (all day) I tried to finish my fire brigade's annual financial report for the tax office. I didn't feel like it, so I did lots of other stuff to distract myself from doing it... cooking, laundry, dishes... But I finally did it, so the only thing I need to do for this annual report is to fill the forms and pass them for sending. I also spent some time with boys, played lego together, watched another "Meatballs" in the evening... Fitness wise I didn't do anything... but considering Sunday is my Rest Day, I did perfectly Sun|Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat Workout - FPP Y | | | | | | Workout - routine Y | | | | | | Snack (don't) Y | | | | | | Job research N | | | | | | Family - temper Y | | | | | | Family - taking part Y | | | | | | Chores 4/3| | | | | |
  19. Nah it ain't! You just gotta do the thing you did already again. You already did one. What's one more? And what will one more be a week from now?
  20. Kishi

    Getting ready

    Glad to hear that the bad advisor's BS managed to turn around to something good for you! Way to take a negative and turn it into a positive.
  21. Week Three End All in all, a reasonably successful week. I'm hesitant to say it, but I think I might finally have found a combination of things that work for me, I enjoy doing, and are sustainable in the long term. This might be the first time in my life I've hit all three of those at once... food - It's going really well this week. Since getting back into my meal prep habit I've found that I've actually relaxed a great deal about what I'm eating, and that in turn has allowed me to take a more critical look at the road ahead. I'm quite confident that I'm headed in the right direction here. fitness - Again, going well this week. Five days in a row of yoga, a couple of short walks, and both workouts done. All without much fuss. I didn't have to force myself to do any of it and that is a massive win considering my track record. wellbeing - Kind of falling down a little on this one, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because not only have I had to deal with a massive surprise completely out of nowhere, I have actually been trying. What's more, I actually want to try most of the time. I can't say how long that drive will last, but you can be damned sure I'm going to take advantage of it while I have it. ...I think I might have had my most successful challenge week sine returning to the forums. And it was... easy? I am highly suspicious of this, but I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing.
  22. We're over halfway through the challenge! How's everyone doing?
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