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  2. It's mostly cauliflower (or at least it was when we made it) mixed with white rice, very well shredded spinach, and mashed avocado. Plus some lime juice, garlic powder, and salt for seasoning and it's surprisingly tasty! Really only good warm though, as we have learned the last few days - cold from the fridge somehow brings out the cauliflower-ness of it (which we typically don't like). Challenge Updates: Quest 1 - I'm a day late, but I made it. I was setting aside time to post last night but the neighbor's fireworks show kept the toddler awake until almost 11pm (it's only legal here until 10pm, but we haven't had the guts to call on anyone - it's incredibly disruptive, but it's also clear that stopping it would automatically make us pariahs). Tonight should be a rough one... Quest 2 - made 1.6 on Thursday but only 1.4 yesterday. And I'm way behind today so far, to be honest. Think I'll leave this goal at 1.6L for the next week since I'm not doing too great at it. Quest 3 - Yoga happened again on Thursday, yay! Starting to debate adding in a third day, maybe taking a walk or a third yoga. Not sure which would help me more at this point, so might just leave it open to "eh, whatever works that week". Quest 4 - I bought a new food processor that should get here at the end of next week, does that count for anything? (no, not really) Quest 5 - 1. get total count of unused nail polishes and use at least 5 of them - 4th one tried for my fancy 4th of July manicure today (picture below with my favorite (I think handmade?) mug from Mexico!) Going to up my goal to using at least 7 new ones in total since I'm almost to 5 already! 2. make 5 blankets for Project Linus, 1 per week - still at 2 3. 1 new Spanish word per day - Still on "June 28th" (8 entries) due to grad school hitting hard, whoops 4. complete local library summer program for both me and the boy - I am currently at 434/1,000 minutes and the boy is at 711 points/1,000.
  3. Workout Log 7/4/20 - Going in: I slept on my bad shoulder last night and it's feeling kind of tender today. I went in thinking I should probably back off and not add much volume, or even deload the shoulder workout some. Warmup 9in. Pistols: 5/5a-x, 5/5b-x, 5/5a-x Counter Pushups: 6a-e Incline Ring Rows: 5b-e HARD STOP - Gotta get going, it's time to head to the fam's for the 4th cookstravaganza. I figure I can make up the missed work tomorrow. My shoulder could probably use another day to calm down anyway.
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  5. Yea there’s probably a limit to the amount of naps that can be counted as a good thing.. though honestly I can completely imagine needing them under these circumstances. But if you feel it’s time to get up, then go for it. I’m sure you’ve got this
  6. 03/04/2020 Overview! I may have went a little OTT with the kettlebells I received yesterday, but I have no regrets - it feels like a door has opened up and I have access to a lot more workouts that I didn't have before (I'm looking at you Jefferson curls!). Calories consumed: 1,706kcal That's 26kcals over my limit, which is pretty good, I had the opportunity to eat another 3 or 400kcals, but I managed to exercise some self control Miles walked (and ran!): 6.5miles I downloaded Zombies, Run and I laced up my trainers and did some interval jogging for 2.5 miles - the heavens had opened and it was pouring down and it was so nice just to get out and jog. I'm never been that keen on cardio, but this was quite nice. Workout Kettlebell swing (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Inch worms (4 sets of 5)/Farmers walk (12kgs 4 sets for 1 min each)/Assisted pull up (on rings) (4 sets of 5)/Ring rows (4 sets of 8 at 45*)/Straight arm holds (on rings) (4 sets at 5 secs/2 sets of 10 secs)/Hanging scapula retractions (4 sets of 5)/Kettlebell halos (8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Goblet squat (12kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettlebell overhead press (8kgs 3 sets of 7) 45mins front split Yeah, I might have went OTT, but I was bored and had nothing to do all day. It was exhausting in the best possible way and I got such a good sleep that night. I found a good front split walk through and I tried it and it killed me, my hamstrings are too tight. Book: Medici Money Definitely enjoying it! It's really well written and it's weaves stories with facts it a really engaging way, and it's interesting to read about the lengths people went to when trying to get around sumptuary laws issued in Florence at that time!
  7. The road to the fridge is paved with best intentions. Enjoy!
  8. Ugh that is so annoying. Good luck, and yay for getting to do things again (safely)!
  9. Skate park looks hot, but nice tricks! Hope the allergies clear up soon, and good call on not having phone in pocket.
  10. I am unsurprised. Procrastinators often do things well at the last minute. How's the week been?
  11. Our house now has a buyer! Now we just need to make progress on buying our new place!
  12. Okay where were we. I’ve been in Florida for a week. My mom got released from the hospital on Thursday and she was pretty rough when I got her home but she’s bouncing back pretty well. The current plan is for me to stay until Tuesday to get her readjusted and possibly to a doctors appt Monday or tuesday. A physical therapist came today and a nurse yesterday to do follow-up stuff. Things in Florida are pretty weird, Corona is burning out of control here and everyone is terrified. I went to the grocery store Friday morning but that’s the last time I left the house. My eating has been okay, but I’m having a hard time sticking to one meal a day. Partly it’s fatigue - I’m sleeping on my mom’s couch and it’s not very comfortable - and some of that I’m making her meals and it’s hard to not want to eat when I’m cooking for her. Wednesday I ate all three meals, Thursday I kept to one, Friday I did two - some leftover green salad for lunch then hot dogs and potato salad for dinner - and today I had a sandwich at lunch and I’ll eat dinner. So the food isn’t terrible (hot dogs are nobody’s ideal food, but it was the picnic dinner for the holiday) I just keep caving and eating too often. Today I will work out but it will just be in an open space at the apartment complex - the beaches are packed and I’m not going anywhere near them. But I need to do something, I’m getting cabin fever.
  13. Yes, it seems so. I way to honor the body and world He gave us. Yet still, sometimes I struggle with feeling like working out is a waste of my time. Probably because I enjoy it so much. Maybe if I did something I hated.😉Obviously not true, that's why I think it is good to write stuff out, so you know if the stuff your brain is telling you is true or just malarkey.
  14. He's an adorable puppers, is he just waiting for adoption or is there a reason he is being fostered?
  15. Also my plan for the 4th of July is to drink beer while doing my taxes. 😂
  16. I slept terrible again Thursday night so I don't remember what all I did on Thursday since I was a bit zombified again yesterday. Ugh. Part of that was my fault. I was laying in bed reading waiting for melatonin to kick in and actually put me to sleep for about an hour when I realized I had not taken my magnesium or melatonin hahahahaha. I had some nano weed edibles which kick in pretty fast so I took two and rebrushed teeth so I wouldn't have to go all the way downstairs to grab my melatonin and magnesium. I was out within 30 min or so after that so yay. Also before I got in bed I discovered I have a screaming Cthulu plushie. I did not know/did not remember it screamed. I may have screamed also. Lololol. Not ideal for relaxing myself getting into bed but I had a very good laugh which is always nice! Anywhoom I remember yesterday for challenge stuff: Challenge Week 2, Day 6, Friday I had the day off from work! Much excite! Also grocery pick up day which I decided to do in the morning which ended up being not a great idea given the sleep struggles but eh. Goal 1 - CUT - ✔️ - Yep! Goal 1 Jump rope Daily - ✔️ - Yes, but not very long. I got distracted making meatloaf before dance time so I didn't have time to do it immediately pre-dance like usual.. My body and legs in particular were still pretty fatigued so I just did one set of 80 basic hops. Goal 3- Anti racism homework - ❌ 0 of 3 days for the week so far -Still not yet this week. Fail. =/ I got all distracted with guitar lesson videos yesterday and should have squeezed in some reading in there since I certainly had time. In other news, my left knee is a little grumpy. Pretty sure this is from under-recovery/ overuse. I'm not sure if it's the dance or the jumping (or the workout stuff though I cut that out this week so probably not that.) I don't feel it while I am doing all my dance other than when we do certain stretches (inner side of knee hurts when I have it at certain angles. Like specifically it really doesn't like it when doing a seated stretch and the knee is at an angle like you would do for hero pose in yoga. Luckily not something I do a ton but yeah.) I think I am going to go a total rest day today (Saturday) and see how it feels tomorrow. Maybe also rest on Sunday if it still feels weird. Also, I kind of sort of can play two chords on my guitar now (D and A)! I am super slow and f up the fingerings still sometime but I already can noticeably do them faster and slightly more accurately than 2 days ago. Progress! I also have some lighter weight strings coming as that was recommended to lessen up finger pain a bit so I don't have to push as hard. I am enjoying the Justin Guitar lessons and I decided to get his paid song practice app because it is far more interesting to play the same two chords over and over when you have a cheesy accompaniment on the app (plus tells me what to play and when and you can slow down the speed and stuff.) Since my knee is grumpy I may pull back the jump rope to every other day to give myself more rest and maybe I'll make a guitar practice goal on the alternating days. Hmm!
  17. A few days of updates. 2 July 2020 This was Deadlift day. On my second warmup set (225#), I felt an uncomfortable acute pain shoot up the underside of my forearm, plus aggravating my golfer's elbow. Whatever inflammation I had was taken care off with the drugs and extra week of rest. So the forearm is probably a muscle strain that needs time to heal. I stopped the workout, and decided to quit deadlifting until this heals. Could be anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. Won't know until I get there. Until then, I'll be using the deadlift day in my training rotation as a second Squatting day instead. Which is what I did the next day -- 3 July 2020 Workout summary: 4 July 2020 In honor of those who sowed the seeds; thank you for my harvest. Today's workout summary:
  18. I think I lost the first round. I took some time off this week, so I only worked on Monday and Tuesday. It is now early afternoon Saturday and I am finally feeling like I'm starting to relax. I've spent the past three and a half day sleeping in until noon, getting to bed far too late, burying myself in books and avoiding the internet. I have had no desire to move, either to lift or to yoga, I honestly cannot remember if I have meditated or not (this probably means I haven't), and the number of productive things I have done can be counted on one hand and all of them involve feeding the three Sidekicks. I have almost completely ignored these forums as well, I'm behind on my emails, I have forgotten to Duolingo, and I am pretty sure there are other things I should have been doing as well. My one foray onto socialmedia led to losing my temper on a distant family member who has since told the family they are cutting off all contact with us, something I simply cannot find the energy to care about. I want to nap more, but considering how the last few days have been, I clearly need to do something drastic before Despair takes over. We're doing a best of five here, if I remember right, so I still have a fighting chance. Step 1: Go meditate.
  19. I am a very noob at jump rope but I'll get better eventually! Haha. I can do a basic two footed hop pretty OK now though I still can't do it for very long! Definitely gets my heart rate up and works the whole body though so still a win!
  20. Take your time. Pushing yourself is good and sometimes needed, forcing yourself is not. Make sure you are doing the former.
  21. ...nice, as opposed to what, exactly? The problem with thinking of your made-up appearance as "looking nice" is that it forces you to think of the way you actually look without makeup , as "not nice". And that way lies insecurities and an insidiously low opinion of our selves as people if we allow it to continue. If being seen without makeup bothers you, by all means make it a habit to put it on before leaving the house, because anything that make you feel better about yourself and more confident is a good thing. But it's probably a good idea to actively work against that negative self-talk that tries to convince you that if you go outside without makeup your face will frighten little children and adults will turn away from you in disgust, for one because that's not true, and for another because when we have spent a life of telling ourselves negative things, breaking that habit takes a lot of work, and a lot of positive messages to balance out and override those negative ones. Using concealer mixed with foundation is not something I personally would do, because concealer is hyper-pigmented and intended to provide a lot of heavy spot coverage to a small amount of skin. Applying it all over the face without turning it into a cakey mask would be extremely difficult, and I would be concerned that my face would not do well with that kind of heavy coverage. For my face, full coverage foundations increase the risk of skin irritation because they cover too thickly, and a concealer would most likely have the same effect. Instead I spot cover anything that needs covering with the concealer, blend the edges to make it look smoother, then apply my BB cream or light foundation after. That evens out the skin tone and covers the redness on my cheeks and chin, as well as dark spots and under-eye circles. It used to take 15-20 minutes when I started doing it, now it takes me less than five (practice makes perfect?). Top the whole thing with powder and setting spray, and if I am short of time or out of time, I do contour and mascara, and then apply the tinted lip balm in the car on my way to wherever I'm going. An important thing to remember with makeup is that it takes a lot of time if your goal is to look fully "glammed up". But if your goal simply is to look a bit more "put together", or just a bit less sleep deprived, that can in theory be achieved in five or ten minutes at most, assuming you have the right products on hand and have had enough practice in application techniques. It's a skill and an art, and there is a learning curve.
  22. What a great idea to put the tables and flower pots in the square like that. It looks like a nice place to be. You’re actually making a great deal of sense and it’s very relateable so thanks for typing it out. Feeling uncomfortably privileged but at the same time completely powerless.. I think I’m going to give myself a free pass to worry about my little corner of the word 98% of the time and try to make that a better place for everyone and then allow myself to feel content with that. I hope you thoroughly enjoy being on vacation!
  23. Ah excellent! Hope you have a good time again this weekend I think you’re very brave for reaching out so I’m pleased it’s being rewarded.
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