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  2. Welcome back Devlin! Here to follow because I know this will be awesome! I love what you've done with your hair!
  3. Diadhuit

    Lightning tries New Game+

    I'm here! Following
  4. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Monday Update Yesterday was pretty normal which was a nice change of pace from my weekend which resembled a Carry On film. I fasted until 3 and I felt a lot better for it. Lunch was a salad I made on Thursday night. It wasn't the freshest looking salad I have ever eaten but it seems my need to make new food on both Saturday and Sunday night was beaten by my overwhelming tiredness and I chose sleep over not getting food poisoning but I live to tell the tale. Back home we warmed up some Trinidadian chicken and mango curry I made last week and we only had basmati rice and it wasn't the best choice because it was too fragrant for this dish. Also I normally make coconut rice to go with the Trini curry so it was a bit of a letdown anyway but it was a quick shove it in the microwave meal for when we were both working late(ish). We watched Game of Thrones and I have a lot to say about it but I know spoiler boxes don't always work on Tapatalk so I am going to scream into a pillow instead of talking about it. It also occurred to me yesterday that I have actually reached a goal I constantly strived for and that is to have clear skin. Seriously my skin looks lovely now, I can't believe I have finally found a routine that works (and also birth control has helped but since it was such a persistent goal I feel the need to take some credit here so I will). I AM GLOWING RN GUYS! Booty moves done, moisturising done, Duolingo done (French), calories were excellent and day one was well and truly bossed. Wft lyric of the day: BIG BATTY GIRL GOOD EVENING, I CAN SEE THAT YOUR CHICKEN NEEDS SEASONING.
  5. @mu

    Press to handstand cont.

    Same! Talking about long-haul stuff, what I have in mind (but it may change) is try to get a first level of straight arm press (I expect this to take some time), then go back to fight for some kind of baseline on P2 Phase 4 flow (I say baseline because I'm not that bothered about doing the full planche version, I'd be very happy with the entry-level flow). While still improving on straight arm skills (so HS and HS-related vocabulary). Then I have some fuzzy vision of mixing silks, parallettes and ball And somewhere in the middle of all this, I'd like to perform again. In Scotland, I was performing aerial. In Iran, I was doing theatre. Maybe I can get that thread running here as well (but getting a job is my priority right now). Yes, I'm curious to see how it goes with just having a check at the end of the month. It's still some kind of accountability but not as stringent. Bah you know when I started working HS on a regular basis, my holds were around 5s at best I think HS just needs consistent, fairly long-term, dedicated time (I mean for an adult with no specific talent / gym background, like me basically). It's a bit of a priority shift. I have had HS in my wish list for a long time, but it's only the past year that I could really allocate proper time for it AND that I found the settings (ie parallettes) that made me stick to it - despite the amount of crap and frustration HS training is throwing at me Monday Hips-related training. In the morning? YES Persian daily read: YES (Khabar online and BBC Persian) Unexpectedly I also spent some time on my cardboard, and I reached the stage where I can put the furniture away in a corner until I have more time and desire for decoration. It's just plain white for now. Here is how it currently looks like: Here are a few pics from the building stages: It honestly looks better on the pic than it is really. It has some soft edges and bumps of guesso that leaked and dried...erm It's not too bad for a first time I guess. If I had to do it again, I would be really super careful about edges (krafting has to be really neat) and cardboard has to be super high quality / super clean (which is not that easy to find when you're recycling). Not sure I would bother with guesso + paint (covering it might be easier). I'm not sure how long it will stay there. It will have its use for now because we don't have a lot of furniture but to stay for good it will definitely need some improvement / decoration that hides some of the irregularities. And off to some press to HS work now
  6. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    I love the stuff, but I managed to survive this morning without giving in. Luckily nobody noticed that I didn't have anything, or if they did they didn't mention it. Yeah my diet is basically whatever I want, but try not to go overboard with sugar and not so much deep-fried food. I just can't stand the thought of calorie counting, and as much as I like the idea of keto, I like pasta and rice more. Maybe one day I'll have a crack at it, but for now I'm focusing on cutting down on the plain ol' junk food. I was met with something unexpected just now. A coworker came by my desk, said "Thanks for sharing your baking with us" and gave me this delicious dessert. I think it's some kind of berry mousse parfait (it has layers, after all) from the fancy public café upstairs. I never go there because, well, it's full of the public and I don't like to battle a horde of tourists for a hot chocolate. You can bet I ate the thing and thanked her heaps for it, but I've decided that's the last snack I'm having today. That said, it's only 4pm, but I'll see how I go.
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  8. Jean

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    I'm stepping in just to congratulate you on the debt killing (really no small achievement) and cheer you on the "going for low standards but bloody reach them" approach of your challenge. Then I'm getting out of here as my way to support you to achieve this (and not at all because I know I'll be too busy/lazy to check later): Have fun and nice shoes on the way!
  9. @mu

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    Indeed, 2 in a row is a tricky one (prepping for just one can already be difficult ). Very interesting account on mental prep. I was thinking there were quite a few similarities with performing (as an amateur in my personal xp, so less at stake than a pro). There is no winning / losing but there is a sense of having a "successful" performance vs maybe a poor one. (5) "why the f I am even doing this" is very much the same
  10. Tateman

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Good luck. I never use to be too crazy on cheese, but doing Keto, I have enjoyed a lot more cheese now
  11. @mu

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

    Ding! Congrats
  12. Forgive my ignorance but are these special shorts or just like, tight shorts or something?
  13. Wobbegong

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Good luck! I have a cheese weakness, myself. Luckily my current way of eating is cheese-friendly for the most part. (I guess yours is too, within the eating window.)
  14. Mad Hatter

    Mike Wazowski: Settling Back into Routines (or "Routines")

    Following! So many exciting things happeniiiing!
  15. Cataleya

    Career help please. tired of dead end jobs.

    Also worth mentioning but if you've been applying around and not getting anything, part of the problem could be your resume. I teach a college course where I have students turn in one twice during the semester and some of the ones I see, even after workshopping with them, are pretty rough. I'd be happy to provide some feedback if it would be relevant--feel free to DM me. Otherwise, as others have said, unfortunately there is no formula to success or happiness. I think there's a fascination with landing some kind of dream job, probably as a side effect of capitalism (not shitting on it as an economic strategy, but our culture is hyper focused on being productive and finding meaning in work as a result). But for a lot of people, a job is a job. Their meaning in life comes from other things, whether it's being a parent or a runner or a volunteer somewhere or whatever. I love my job, but I could do other things. This is what I'm good at, and I feel a sense of pride when my students do cool things. But I could do other things if I needed to. A lot of my students ask me how they can make a difference. I tell them, look, some people have to make that a part of their career. They take the non-profit jobs, which are often low paying and produce high burnout. That makes them happy. Other people want to be secure, so they take a job they're good at and can make money doing, then spend their off time volunteering or advocating for stuff. There's no shame in making money. Likewise, there's no shame in a job just being a job. It's one thing if you want to move up, really hate where you're at right now for whatever reason, or want to develop new skills. It's also okay if your job is just what you do to get by. I've known dump truck drivers and janitors and electricians and hell, teachers and doctors and businesspeople who weren't passionate about their careers, other than making sure they did a good job. They weren't necessarily going anywhere with it, but that was enough. They fed their families, counted their blessings, and found meaning in other places. So I guess my question is: What are you looking for in a job? EDIT: I just saw how old this post was, so I want to say my offer is open, re: resumes and CVs.
  16. Grandkai_NL

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Love the challenge. Here to give you that extra boost!
  17. Cataleya

    Improving a Bad Credit Score

    Also worth noting your credit card company can also provide information. My credit card company gives me a credit score every month and tips for improving my score. Mostly to keep my score I pay off any debt/bills I can on time. I only have one card in my name but it's pretty active and paid on time so I think that might work in my favor.
  18. Cataleya

    This is LITERALLY my first step towards success.

    I love a challenge with Parks and Rec gifs. Following and rooting for you!
  19. Cataleya

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Stability is a great goal. Following along!
  20. squeakyvalkyrie

    squeakyvalkyrie levels up!

    Well, this challenge is off to a good start. I got my workout in this morning and looked at the boss battle, it seems doable with a couple more weeks of training. I stuck to IF and had dinner at the table. I did part of my night routine in anticipation of going to a meeting, but we bailed. Instead, we went for a little walk, that kept going until we ended up doing 5k! I had mapped out a loop from our house a couple weeks ago for reference, so we went for it. We didn't have the best shoes on and there was a large hill we weren't expecting, but we did it! The terrain race doesn't feel so scary now that I know we can both move our bodies that far without dying. Now it is advil and bedtime.
  21. Machete is dope. If you have Instagram, you should follow him at @machete_fitness, I think it is. If you need an MFP buddy, I'm on there... I think a link is still in my sig. (Sorry, on my phone and things get weird.)
  22. Following! What are you using to track cardio calories burned? Fitbit or?
  23. Cataleya

    Assassin's Den

    Yeah, uh, I'll get right on that. *Hides*
  24. Cataleya

    Lightning tries New Game+

    Glad to have you back! Following along!
  25. Cataleya

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    I love your theme! Despite her weird way of talking I think H'aanit is my fave. I'll be rooting for you to level up!
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