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  2. Today is stress baking day. Trying out a healthier biscuit option of Oat and raisin cookies. They turned out pretty well and i will definitely be making them again for taking to swimming. Nice alternative to the traditional flapjack option. will definetly flatten them more before baking as they dont really spread out much (the first tray load came out as balls 😆) (hiding the pic for anyone trying to avoid sugar) Feel a but better for having done something with my hands. Going to get some mando in today between the reading. Think that will help. sleeping is…yeah, well. That is an ongoing goal right now. basically my goals for today are - to keep the stress to a minimum. -try not to eat a ton of sugar (which i would definitely regret later) - get a few small things done to make me feel like there is some sort of constructive progress at least
  3. Buried in audit items currently...this is not my favorite part of my job Week 3 - Tuesday ( S )leep - 🥱🥱 ( E )xercise - 🚶🏼‍♀️⚔️🏋🏼‍♀️⚔️ ( T )rack - 🌈🌈🌈🌈
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  5. oh yay!! Happy birthday a wee bit early Someone said to me that weight loss isn’t so tidily scheduled and that bodies are not Amazon prime and I’ve been obsessed with that since. You’re doing great!
  6. Sharing is caring you knows.😉 What makes you not feeling it, is it creative resistance or not fun or something else? Feeling tired is definitely not conducive to art making so hopefully it’s just that.
  7. Haha this makes so much more sense than what I had in mind, I imagined drying the hair while wearing the colander like a hat. 😂
  8. Oh no not creepy guy again! Sounds like you did really well considering you played on hard mode during the work trip.
  9. Don’t have anything constructive to add to the diet talk, but I’m sorry, it sounds incredibly hard and frustrating. 😞
  10. My parents particular solution to theis conundrum was so to my brother and i to an absolute ton of castles and other historic sights like stone rings. Teach us about nature, wildlife and all the trees and plants and go rockpooling. (We always used to look them up in our copy of keble martin’s a concise british flora. A book Very worth having) Cooking, stuff like that. They’re the reason i can name so many plants and birds by sight. The reason we know so much about history before we hit secondary school. schooling wasn't going to teach us any of these things, but they're all useful and interesting things to learn (especially the cooking. That one is a life saver. Number of people i went to uni with that couldn't cook was astonishing). i don't know how old your son is but you could do colour theory with him with some coloured pencils. Its something he will probably eventually do, but its a fun activity. chances are your doig a lot of this already. But my point is it does count and its all valuable. Even if its not spelling or maths.
  11. Guys, i have a house viewing in 15 mins. Im so nervous. x
  12. I think that’s the point lol. At least it’s physical feels, like where’s my weight, how am I moving, what direction am I looking at, stuff like that, rather than emotional feels. Now that’d be gross! Hey I have room for both leeches and slugs in my heart ☺️ No no I don’t think I explained it very well, it’s not like a doctor’s visit at all. It’s more about paying attention to how we’re performing a movement, and all the subtle things going on in the body. That part of the exercise is fun, but the speaking aspect short circuits my brain. 😅 I think the point is to 1 feel before we speak 2 not go straight into teaching mode out of habit (not relevant for me, but most of the people on the course are already movement educators) 3 develop our own language and analogies rather than mimicking cues that might not even make sense to us 4 slow down 5 discover little things that help us move with more ease I can see how it’s useful, but it’s really, really hard! Awkwardness aside, feeling and speaking is way too much multitasking. I instantly forget how to move and how to speak and what the exercise even is.😂
  13. She is such a cutie. Oh dear 😮 Glad they survived and you didnt have to reprint them. Makes a good story at the very least. glad the darth vader mask is working for you. Finding the right kit can be so hit or miss.
  14. Challenge day 16/35 Tuesday, February 27 Nutrition Had a second serving of lunch, so although it was according to the plan in terms of ingredients, I went overboard with the quantities. Later that night I found myself at a friend's home and we shared a pizza. Marking this as a fail. Workouts Rest Day Reading None. Music Album of the day was "Electric Mud" by Muddy Waters, which I listened to and posted about. Videogame Didn't get to play anything, Duolingo Actually didn't do either. The app automatically used a streak freeze, but no practice was had. Weekly Tracker Nutrition 🧑‍🍳🥸 Workouts 💪 Music 🔉🔉 Duolingo 🦉🪳
  15. Is looks like a nice notebook. So interesting and useful to see how everyone else is doing it. I am still trying to crack the shorthand for writing things. @Sovalis leuchturn (or however you spell it) are expensive here. I can get them off etsy from a couple of uk sellers but they are like £25. Archer and olive is a name that keeps coming up, but i havent investigated availability here yet. All the art shops round here sell moleskin notebooks though, so they are probubly going to be one i try at some point simply due to availability. I will have to see what else i can get here. ooh cognitive surplus make such pretty notebooks 😍. 😕 sadly much postage for shipping to uk. i am currently using a paperblank, and they do amazing covers. Sadly most of them are not dotted for some reason. It annoys me as they are so pretty and everywhere here.
  16. Week 3 Day 3 - Women of Trek Wednesday I need less being quiet and polite, and more hauling off and punching people, power-posing, and sipping tea sarcastically. Maybe also more sleep. (Don't think I didn't notice Bev Crusher's bisexual chair sprawl. That'd have been a way cooler plotline than being the incubator for two different manic pixie dreamboys. ST:Picard, you are fired.) The Needs of the One Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Score Control the emotions Metta Mindfulness Hotness upgrade Social bonus Sleep at 12 Sleep deficit 22h Yoga nidra Hydration Sinuses Train the lirpa Walk the desert Weekly Score
  17. I'm a big fan of "gameschooling" (learning through games). But I also didn't want to have to feel like our quality time must be somehow "academic" because I think there's too much pressure to focus on this idea that anything we do with children must be deemed ~educational~ by parents/teachers/authority/whatever to be worthy of doing. Sometimes we just want to sit around and crash Paw Patrol characters into one another in hilarious new ways. Or at least he does, ha ha.
  18. These particular fellows specialize in the stone walls around the area, so they've been repairing a damaged wall that had been hidden by a rotting summer house. We took the summer house down a few months ago, and plan to put a greenhouse in instead, once the wall is repaired. They also do other odd jobs, so we have them repairing fences around the property as well so we can let the dog run around more safely. And so the place looks less like it was abandoned 😂 Aw, thanks. I always feel like I'm just kludging together a bunch of photos
  19. I've never really used one before, so poor results could easily be user error. We shall see when I use it. So do I. I've had very mild tinnitus for as long as I can remember, but right now it sounds like there's an annoying electric device in the room at all times, louder when lying down. It's not disrupting sleep or anything (other than the couple of times I got up to see if it was real), just annoying. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I could have gone to a thing today in the end - my son's flight was delayed until tomorrow due to mechanical failure of the plane. But the update process around said mechanical failure involved repeated phone calls at stupid o'clock in the morning, and I chose sleep instead. 2. I got about five books done before work today, and plan to do a couple tonight (as they are about to cross the line from "overdue" to "lost assumed"). Other than that, I focused on email - unsubscribed from some lists, set some filters to remove chunks of others without fully unsubscribing, and ended up deleting 1000 messages without trying very hard. 3. I can't really think of anything for today. Perhaps, I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, which is basically about applying Konmari principles to your mental clutter "by not giving a f*ck, wherein not giving a f*ck means not spending time, energy, and/or money on things that neither make you happy nor improve your live (annoy), so that you have more time, energy, and/or money to devote to things you do (joy)". To which a big part is "stop caring what other people think" (ie. DO care about their feelings if they are affected, but not their opinions. If no one is affected but you, you REALLY should not care what other people think!). This all seems to fit in well with part 2 of this challenge. 4. Oof, I did not walk! And now I must go to bed. Missed this, oops. And it was so warm today too!
  20. The glow looks so real! I want to imagine that this slug is powered by nuclear energy. Which... I guess solar radiation is the byproduct of nuclear fusion, so a little bit right!
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