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  2. I mean, undead bard, sure, but I'd feel like I'm stealing from shaar. Day 12 (Sep. 25) - Another work from home day. Went out with some friends and colleagues at night, invited them to dinner as thanks for their recent help with some cases. Vicious Mockery: ☐ Benchmark weight set at 94,8kg Bardic Inspiration: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐ Liquid Sword: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐ Charm Person: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐ Animal Friendship: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐ Defence: Dodge: ☑☑☑☑☑☐☐ Cure Wounds: ☐ Current status: HP: 9/9 Damage dealt: 1
  3. Ready or not, here she comes, you can't hide She gonna fiiiiiiind you, and tear you to shreds... Tsuruji is now inspired for her Cat Claws goal! Go get that strength session done!
  4. It was a no-go. They were offering much less than I need to make. But that's okay, I'm feeling pretty good about my job again.
  5. Oh yeh, and this. Favourite band makes new song (aesthetic caveat emptor: death-growls ahead)
  6. This week has not been glorious in terms of my goals Silver Words: I did read more and start working up my first review. I also read a novel and some other things on the side. Cadmium Pigments: I watched some art lectures, but nothing like the regular daily time I was hoping to put in. I couldn't tell you why other than tired/unmotivated. Iron Plates: I was going to go check out the gym but I don't want to go unless I feel unambiguously not sick. Damn. Zinc Vittels: Erm. I haven't had this under control. I had wine three days in a row thanks to events, and it stuffed my sleep. Two other days I didn't sleep thanks to the drama with the friend, so I'm now running up a noticeable deficit. I'm definitely not one of those people who does okay with a little less sleep. I need it all. All of it. I can get control of this. There's absolutely no reason I can't put the time into the art in the afternoons, and I can choose not to drink on weeknights.
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  8. fml. Tooth got better but not 100% so I called the dentist at like 1am and left a message explaining the situation (poorly) and said I didn’t need an appointment unless they wanted me to come in, I just wanted advice. It’s not just after 5:30 and I literally spent the last two hours sitting in the middle of my bed debating whether to call back and ask for an appointment or not. I eventually did because it does still feel like something is wonky and if nothing else I’d like to make sure that whatever was stuck in there is fully gone. But once again I’m just so upset and pissed off that I freak out over the smallest medical things and I can’t trust myself as to whether something is a problem or not. I don’t actually want to go to the dentist. But if I don’t go and have them tell me I’m fine, I’ll be waiting to just drop dead of an infection. Sigh. I mean, it does still hurt like 36 hours after it all happened so it’s not like I’m not having *any* symptoms. But still. I like this image too. There have been a few times where I’ve blocked the door with something to keep FK in so boobcat can eat in peace, and my father is terribly confused as to why it won’t open. But no smashing into it. Yet. I love everything about this.
  9. It was only this! And I mean, on the bottle it doesn't say it contains ketamine but I am wondering if it might.
  10. Definitely!!!!! xx Thank you *blush* xx Thanks Nova ❤️ xx _______ Hey all 10 am here, Saturday. Last night i got my mum alone and asked if she would be upset with me going home early, as in today. Not Sunday. I just feel a little overwhelmed and anxious and kind of want my own space now. She was worried about me, but also totally ok with it, and glad i asked her. So in two hours, I am going to head home. Im looking forward to seeing Jackson, cleaning up, settling down. Watching Everton at 3pm, having a bath, eating a nice meal ... and planning my week! I do feel a tiny bit bad, i hate to make my mum worry. So this morning, will pack up and drink tea and get ready for the drive home (just under 3 hours) xx
  11. Hey Yeti, hope you have a wonderful day xx
  12. Bloody hell Nova. This sounds so tough. Please take care of yourself as much as possible this weekend. Will be thinking of you xx
  13. That's rough, it really is. I wish I could give you advice or offer a way to help. Just make sure you take care of yourself this weekend.
  14. The phone was long overdue. Funnily enough the process of actually getting it lasted less than twenty minutes. Setting it up? Hours. But it's done and dusted now, thankfully. Yeah, those tapes are quieter than they used to be, but still loud enough to be causing problems. It's definitely a work in progress. Thanks
  15. You said it perfectly, and I agree with Tank, and also want to know what you put in your bath! We don't have a bath tub, but I recently discovered I can still enjoy a shadow of the awesomeness that is a tub if I do a foot bath...With blankets/pillows to be comfy Going to try adding a face steaming component to the make believe sometime soon.
  16. OHHHH I HAVE AN IDEA. You know how students often go on 1 year trips around the world? And that's not very practical or safe atm, also I have never really thought seriously about it but still, I am sure it's a very enriching experience. What if I make challenges where I read Around the World in 80 days? (which I had started as an audiobook, then used as a go to sleep book, then stopped because I read several books at the same time spanning in years usually, that's how I roll.) I will follow the trajectory Fogg follows, and during the 80 days of about three challenge I will read something about the (current state) of the countries he visits in a 35 day period, and their culture and so on. And I will imagine what I would do there. Maybe, that will even get me excited and less reserved of doing it for real one day. Who knows. But even the "travelling using my mind" sounds like real cool and also enriching in a way. And let's not forget... Free. I might even get inspired try recipes or so or try to learn folk dances if there are YT videos or so. The possibilities are endless. I might also just put this idea in my idea box and never follow through with it. But I wanted to share. PS - anyone who is more initiative than me, feel free to do something like this in my stead
  17. Workin' out: So my excuse this week is that I tweaked my back a little bit from stupid hack squats which are dumb. Then I lost track and momentum* However, last night, I did 20 min on the stat bike, then did a couple sets of crunches and leg raises after. So that's something. I redid the whole workout plan to focus on bodyweight exercises... except for deadlifts... cuz deadlifts. and some KB work. Now the plan is to just get through the whole list of 25 exercises. Bujo: I fell off the wagon here and lost track of what I was eating mid-week. I started it over. Hording Gold: I got a nice deposit to my bank account thanks to last week's nine hours of OT. Tonight, I almost worked 10+ hours of OT, but around the 8 hour mark, I broke a tool that we didn't have a replacement ready so I called it a night. It'll still be a nice paycheck. It will also be the first of five paychecks next month, plus we'll probably get a bonus for the last quarter. So, I should have a nice chunk of cash to try not to spend on booze by the end of the challenge. *Also, I've been drinking a lot** of wine **Actually I've been pretty good at keeping it to about three short pour glasses a night.*** ***Still, that's more than I should drink overall. Ideally, I'd just be pulling down a bottle a week.
  18. My son stared at this gif for ages, murmuring “mummy daddy mummy daddy” and then giving me a hug.
  19. Friday Update A day without a ton of DIY to do and I wouldn't have been sure of what to do with myself if my parents hadn't come to my rescue needing my help so I drove over there really early. I did some housework for them and helped my mom with some personal care bits. She can't really do anything herself as she can't sit or stand, she can only lie down, and my dad is her full time carer but he isn't in the best of health either. I feel like this is the beginning of them needing me a lot permanently but that's fine. I knew this day would come. While I was over there I got my dad to check my blood sugar and although I had eaten a giant sausage sammich with tomatoes and also a chocolate bar, my sugars were fine which is always encouraging to know. Luckily it seems I didn't get my dad's genes for diabetes but that could be because we're not blood related and it doesn't transmit through marriage. Who knows though, that's a question for the scientists, not the philosophers like me. I got home and played Mario Kart with TH for a little bit, then we got bored of that so we watched Bake Off but I fell asleep to it. We woke up wanting takeaway pizza but this Covid crap has had a single benefit in that we haven't eaten out or had takeaway since February and this should be an easy win going forward when I am mentally and emotionally ready for weight loss again which I am hoping will be Monday because I feel like Jabba the Hut. We drove to a supermarket and bought some pizza, had that for dinner, and then I had a really long bath. I am going to start a 12 week body transformation programme on Monday devoted to health rather than aesthetics which really isn't my style but I am wondering if the reason I am finding it so hard to be arsed is because in today's world, looking hot isn't going to cut it. That Dude keeps telling me I need to prepare for the end of the world just in case, and he is probably right. Although he did tell me in the mad max wasteland future he is imagining, everyone will be lining up repopulate the world with me as I have good genes so he thinks I will make a good honeytrap which honestly isn't how I saw my role in this dystopia but I guess it means I have a good chance of survival which I imagine is all that will be important when civilisation falls. And then in the unlikely scenario where civilisation doesn't fall I will already be hotter by the time I care about that again. Use your environment to your advantage, guys. We've got this.
  20. I know, right. There are only two more rooms I can do by myself as everything else either needs major building work or screws putting into the wall which I have vowed I am never doing myself again. One is the kitchen which always involves a level of disruption so I am going to put that off as long as I can, and the other is to update my dressing room which I haven't even started a pinterest board for yet so it'll be a little while!
  21. Absolutely. Better to put the time into 5 not-perfect things than 1 near- perfect thing and come out with better skills.
  22. I'm really sorry Nova. Devote your weekend to self care as much as you can ❤️
  23. So I actually did lift today. Technically, my 2 minute job (see previous post) was just to go downstairs and set up the barbell for lower body. I ended up doing 1 set of 9 reps of squats (at 50 lbs, it's been awhile since I lifted). At which point, I heard the boys fighting, so i went back upstairs and settle them down. I then did Bulgarian split squats on the living room couch (since I haven't mastered the balance enough yet to add weights). the point is, I did more than my 2 min habit setting goal, so I'm counting that as a win. For anyone not wanting to go back a few posts, my goal(s) for the rest of the year is to simply create the habit of daily allocating time to working out, which means 1) I dress in workout clothes and sneakers EVERY day and do 1 rep of weights and then sit and watch a 10 min video of HITT cardio (mon/wed/fri) or a 12 min yoga video (Tues/Thurs). I do nothing but watch, i.e. not drink coffee, play on my laptop, etc. If I get up and do the workout, that's a bonus, but I have to at least sit and watch the video every day so that the time is allocated to cardio or yoga whether I do it or not (this is based on the book Atomic Habits). PS: I did not do the watch the video part today as I am going on vacation in less than a week and will start that part when I get back.
  24. Week 2, Friday Pull-Ups (T Th S/S): T - Week 2 Workout A Th - Week 2 Workout B S - Hike/Ruck/Kettlechains (M W S/S): M - Ruck: 1.3 mi, Kettlechain swings 10x10 W - Ruck: 1.3 mi F - Ruck: 1.3 mi S - Dishes: M T W Th Clean: (Bedroom, Bathroom/Laundry, Living Room, Kitchen, Computer Room) M - Computer Room: dusted window sills and sewing table T - Bedroom: dusted a bookshelf and cleared some of the spider webs W - Bathroom: dusted the light fixtures and spider webs Th - Living Room: tidying and collecting dishes F - Sa - Su - DailyDare: M T W Th F - 30 seconds push-up plank Compline: M T W Th
  25. Thanks! It was not my intention at the start of the day, but a happy bonus! I was not complaining. Do let me know if I do the rules lawyer thing too much and I will shut up. I have finally finished allotting all the time in my schedule, which should hopefully give me a more realistic picture of how much time I actually have when all of my commitments are factored in. Now to stick to it (mostly) rather than ignore it and just do whatever I want in the moment. Today's walk was beautiful and sunny. I used it to dry my hair, and it was so on point afterwards that I kind of wished we had a video chat at the D&D tonight just so I could show it off (pardon my vanity). We managed to avoid a TPK by running like the wind (or in one case, strolling like the wind), which was really the best outcome we could have hoped for. After that game, I successfully coached the first person through their first attack (they have finally made it to a combat), because of course the person who is most skittish about knowing everything before doing anything was the one on the top of the initiative order and didn't believe that the basics were as simple as saying "I want to hit the first rat with my mace". I'm not sure why all of the action seems to take place after 1AM when we all live in Eastern time zone and are gainfully employed. But I am also not complaining about that. Ok, now for narration time from my oh-so-patient son (who was almost certainly playing Minecraft with his bonus free time tonight) and then he can teach me the board game he just learned.
  26. It was a very convoluted one for sure. It all kind of makes sense if you look at each step f the progression, but mission creep is serious business in home remodeling. Let me check my watch to start the countdown for when the next project will start...
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