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  2. Day 13: Saturday, Jan. 21 Goal 1: Eliminate sugar: Success. Goal 2: Eliminate coffee: Success Goal 3: Crossfit 3x a week: Rest day Life Goal: Not much to do besides go to the Throwdown in the morning and the party at night, but technically done. She's certainly the most gifted of the two. I'm hoping by the time they'll both get better and have enough experience teaming up, I'll be able to have a proper tag team division so they can be the ones who were in it since day one. I really don't know why you keep making these mental connections between me and necromancers, but that was a fun article. Terrific, really. You know it, I know it and everybody knows it. Real great. Trust me, terrific.
  3. Thanks guys for the check ins and accountability! I sadly need it. Just got back from a ski week and it was harder than I thought to carry over most of those habits into the new environment. The Rockies were amazing though, got to see old friends again and make new ones, and hit one of the local Women's Marches to cap off the week. Back to tracking, stepping, yoga-ing and living intentionally!
  4. Daily Log - 1/21/2017 Established Habits X move all joints X quiet time with God X healthy breakfast X meditate X no screens in bedroom Today's Tasks X fix hotel X groceries Eating journal - mindful breakfast - mindful lunch - mindful snack - mindful dinner
  5. I love Hydra from Within Temptation
  6. Generally speaking, free weights require you to use more stabilizing muscles than machines do. This means two things, one is that the weight you can do tends to be less but that you are working more muscles with each lift. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  7. Eat healthy yesterday : Belgian Sheperd's Pie & Birthday Pizza Meditation yesterday : check Morning routine : check Book : Finished Pétronille, reading Sprint Cleaner lifestyle : - (waiting for eBay)
  8. My physical strength is a byproduct of my emotional unrest. The only way I've ever been able to keep myself sane is through lifting. As I'm finding out through therapy it fixed nothing but it allowed me to keep fighting and I'm eternally grateful for that. My NF updates are a lot of shop talk usually. I don't like to burden people with my shit. On Instagram I just throw it out to the ether.
  9. Day 13 (22/01/2017) Food : - Breakfast : - - Lunch : Finishing pizzas - Dinner : Probably the same Weight : 75.3kg (18.5%) Morning exercises : - Rest day Notes for the day : - Waking up sad on one's birthday is quite a strange feeling - Finishing Petronille by Amélie Nothomb Meditation : ✓ No alcohol : No coffee : ✓ 6000 Steps : Nerves :
  10. Yea, I heard that as well. I had an NCO who was all about boxing and combatives. Kept pairs of boxing gloves in the shop for lunch time and after hours PT. He was fully combatives certified. Beast of a man.
  11. I will definitely check that out. What would you recommend if I am willing to do in-depth reading?
  12. VS LEVERAGE THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can make my own challenges or things)
  13. Eek! Sounds like a tough start to the challenge with your schooling. For the sleeping, it might be easier to BUILD a night system that will enable you to go to bed earlier, rather than trying to cut it out? How did the rest of your week come along? Did you make any adjustments to your diet?
  14. I'm glad you started the week off strong! How did your exam go? Did you still manage to work on your challenge?
  15. Awesome goals! I love how your building habits to tackle the issues, and not just saying "Stop blah..." I also really like your music goal! How has it been coming along? (That reminds me that I need to pick up my viola again. Oops?)
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  17. Hey there! Loving the new recipes, they sound really tempting. For the 5k, you've got this! It won't take too long before you've managed to drop down your speed by a couple minutes. How has the rest of your week come along?
  18. Awesome goals! Are you giving yourself any reward at the end of your challenge if you complete it? Sorry to hear about your mother, but you are incredibly strong to make the stance to commit and change. How has your Week 2 been coming along?
  19. With the walking, it may help to lower it to a more manageable goal. But congrats on your other tasks! How has Week 2 been coming along? (And so jealous of your gardening one. I struggle so much with growing plants. Seriously, I killed a couple cacti. Cacti!)
  20. Day 21 Projection Lots of adulting and training to do today. I also feel a strong urge to nap but I am hoping that goes away. Day 21 Song Challenge: A Song From Your Favourite Album. This album (along with Toxicity) came into my life at the perfect time. I listen to both of those albums and they take me straight back. I have a signed and framed limited edition of White Pony, bought for me by an ex boyfriend and it's one of my favourite possessions.
  21. Whoops. Catch up required. Lifted some stuff. Did some walking etc etc. Finally got my bench back up at 5x 5@30kg wooo!! Abandoned a session the other day because I hadn't eaten enough. I'm still trying to retrain my brain to think that I'm not fat if I eat more than 1200 calories a day. Not that eating 1200 calories a day was helping me lose weight anyway. I need to figure out my sweet spot where I'm eating enough to fuel my training but also able to lose weight at the same time. I'm a bit stuck :/ I'm also struggling with cramp during my derby sessions, it's just one muscle but it's holding my laps up and it's driving me nuts. Anyway. It's Sunday skate day, and skills assessment day! Wish me luck...
  22. Higgeldy blergy. Nope, the depressive episode only lifted for a short while before coming back on full force. I find myself in need of more creative outlets, with an incapability to do things I am supposed to .... Study has actually been going pretty well! I've managed to get 1/3 of my EPQ project done (most of the boring paperwork) and actually have an extension till the 7th March before I have to give it all in. However, I need to focus on my maths and get that up to scratch, because oooh boy. Any tips on how to do well in maths would be appreciated! The Bible study hasn't been coming along so much recently. I did read some Daniel in class, and referenced Revelations. But I have a bit to catch up on and don't want to fall any further behind. I shall try and keep it after school, but I may try waking up earlier to read in the morning as well (back to 6:30 when I used to get up for a shower - so I know I can do it) Exercise is the same as Bible Study. It's incredibly difficult. On Wednesday I did play two hours of Benchball. The first with a rugby ball (when it bounced the results were hilarious) and the second with a rugby ball AND a netball. This was only 5v5 games as well, so I don't think I laughed for so long so hard. I actually started loosing my voice by the end of it. But I may drop exercise as its too much to handle at once. I shall have to experiment with this one. Journalling has gone really really well. I think I've only missed one day, and have the weekly timing spreads has been really useful for seeing how the week should unfold - so I get long term and short term goals completed. Diet is probably the best. I am now down to 86kg from 90kg! That is from the past two/three weeks and I'm really happy. I think more of it came from this week and dropping dairy as well from my diet. For me, that seems to work, so I shall be keeping it on for the rest of the challenge. If anything, this makes me feel better about not feeling guilty about not working out. Therefore, I can put more of my focus on good food and less about developing extra habits of exercise as well. I may pick it up in a future challenge. That's it for this week! Hopefully next week I shall be updating more frequently, but I need to form to-do lists to cross off. Let's do this!!!
  23. I'm so glad that you're feeling so much benefit from fitness! That's great! But yeah, it can leave you in uncharted waters, it's a little difficult to mix with people at the gym or such. Might there be any social groups that you could join? Where I live it's very "outdoorsy" and there is a hill walking group, running groups, canoe club, climbing club... I'm just wondering if there's anything similar that would have a good social element to it.
  24. Agreeing with Xena there. I list to make lists, and then organise one item to do per day. If I feel up to it, I can do two in a day, and gain some safety for myself. You've got this!!
  25. Thanks for that! I shall now be using my school backpack (all those textbooks :/) and get some points in!
  26. I'm not trying to be political here, but I've been watching some of the videos of Barack Obama from his time in office, and that man is just a wonderful human being. He has been an inspiration to so many people and has set the bar for how you should conduct yourself in office. His relationship with Michelle and his daughters is beautiful to see. He is the kind of man I would want *my* daughters (if I had any) to have in their life. It's been really lovely to see. "Obama out" **drops mic**
  27. Update: Sunday Exercise-wise today was rest day. After working out 5/6 of the previous days my legs needed a rest. However, Sunday was Domestic Day! Left himself sleeping and got up early to get the grocery shopping done. Meal prep was smaller this week, I'm only working three days and then have Thu-Fri off when we go away camping Menu for the upcoming week: Breakfast - Bacon and Broccoli salad Lunch - Zucchini Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta filling I also cooked lunch for himself - Roast Lamb and veggies. As we had to be out in the afternoon I did not get the rest of the domestic rangering done that I was hoping. I did manage to squeeze in two loads of washing! Hopefully I can find time this week to tackle the lounge room. Tomorrow I am meant to start Week 2 of the C25K plan. It's meant to be HOT so the plan is to go to bed early tonight and get up first thing in the morning to run before the heat hits. Should probably shut down my laptop and start getting ready for the week ahead.
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