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  2. Wild Wolf Wears his Brown Pants

    The Greystoke Protocol Ok guys and gals. It's getting to be that time where I need y'alls help creating and solidifying this program. Now, climbing is a big part of this but don't worry if you're not a climber. I'm going to find ways to make this work for people that don't have that option. Here are some things I recognize about Tarzan aka Lord Greystoke: Natural Movement = MovNat. Tarzan only had access to his own bodyweight for the most part so he was an expert gymnast and an elite natural mover. Elements of natural movement should play a key role in this program. There's a lot of quadrepedal movement even though Tarzan is a man and can walk upright. Can someone say, "Grok Squat"? Tarzan had a crushing grip. Why wouldn't he? He climbs, swings and fights his way through the jungle. The man has GOT to have some vice grips like no other Tarzan is very mobile and flexible Tarzan was freakishly strong. Can you wrestle down a Silverback gorilla? Yeah, me neither. Those are just some thoughts I have about what Tarzan as a character is to me. Please, if you guys have more input, I welcome it! Important Exercises on the Greystoke Protocol: Despite mainly being bodyweight, Tarzan did lift things. Deadlift and power cleans come to mind here Deadhang and pull-ups-for the obvious reasons Push-ups, muscle ups and HSPU (and all their novice and advanced progressions) Strong legs = squats (ALL kinds) and working single leg strength (Or SLS) for maximum power output. Plyometrics also come to mind Endurance-Tarzan could swim, run, climb and hunt all in the same afternoon. Cardio and building up the heart and lungs is key. That's about all I got so far. Anything else you guys want to add would be amazing Wolf
  3. Wild Wolf Wears his Brown Pants

    It would be a lot to expect things to be smooth and normal with all that's happened. If you need a sympathetic ear to bend while you bear the load then my inbox is always (literally) open. Personally, I admire how you're leading your family. You know who your friends are. Try not to let the rest of life become a distraction from the path you're on.
  4. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    I'm a bit of a datawhore so believe me that if there is a number I can track I am tracking it I actually think I've broken my macros a bit. I do over-rely on protein to suppress my appetite. Though I honestly believe that what it does is mask it rather than eliminate it. Nonetheless I'm going to rejostle a bit. Well I had bread (it was a burger) but I think you are correct. I've been thinking about this a lot today.
  5. Wild Wolf Wears his Brown Pants

    Sorry to hear you had a shitty night last night. Arguments are never nice but sometimes they are productive and necessary and hopefully this was one of them. I'm glad to hear you and Heather made up in the end (and in the best of ways). I'm also sorry people at work are being assholes. I think a lot of the time people don't know how to talk to people who have suffered loss and for whatever reason this seems to be even more true when it's infant loss. Just know we are all here for you if you need to talk or vent or anything else.
  6. AugustaAdaByron's (Ada's) Balancing Act

    Workout from Thursday 14/12 Pause Squat 20kg x5 40kg x5 50kg x2 57.5kg x4x4 Close Grip Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 40kg x3 45kg x8x3 (last set was 6, this time I lost track of the amount of reps) Pause Deadlift (Knee) 50kg x3x2 (Sumo) 60kg x4 67.5kg x4x4
  7. My people are proles, none of us are famous. I've met a few minor musicians and sports stars. The biggest would be Kirby Puckett who was at the grocery store at three in the morning. I also met Greg LeMond twice, once at a race another time when we were just riding along.
  8. Oh this reminds me I met Jimmy Felice after a Felice Brother's gig. He came out after to talk to us and he was so lovely. Please read this in the voice of Lucha Deffy: 1. Take two chicken breasts, put them one at a time in a strong plastic food bag and BATTER THE LIVING FUCKING SHIT OUT OF THEM with a rolling pin until they are flatter. Cut each in half width ways. Dip in flour, then beer batter* and then straight into hot oil in a frying pan to crisp up the batter. Flip. When the batter is crispy put on a baking tray lined with baking paper and cook for 15 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees c. 2. Take a burger bun. Slather the bottom with perinaise (mayonnaise mixed with peri peri sauce) slap on a slice of processed cheese, then a chicken burger, then another slice of cheese then another chicken burger THEN ANOTHER FUCKING SLICE OF CHEESE. Then add a spoonful of sweet chilli sauce and BOOM you gots dinner, boi. * Beer batter - enough to generously coat 4 pieces of fish or 4 double stack burgers worth of chicken. The batter freezes fine, it just separates as it thaws so STIR THE LIVING FUCKING SHIT OUT OF IT before you dip. 1/2 cup beer (although it might be a whole cup of beer, I can't remember. If it's too thick add another half a cup of beer) 1/2 cup plain flour 1/4 cup wholemeal flour 1/4 tsp dijon mustard 1/4 tsp oregano 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp salt This ain't healthy but I never claimed it would be. Please nobody tell me the nutritional info for this if you track it. I won't listen if you try. So fucking metal. And now we know where your Napoleon Complex comes from
  9. Wild Wolf Wears his Brown Pants

    The squirmy ones are always harder to press lol. Squat's for sure and weighted pull-ups as well I used to grab Racer and throw him across my shoulders like a barbell or sandbag and do walking lunges. HEY! You could maybe say PLEASE once in a while!'s your sandwich, a-hole. Yussss! Push-ups are always a fun one! I guess you'll just have to continually get stronger as Bubbles gets older HA! This makes me think of Heather's cousin. A couple years back, I was tossing Racer in the air and catching him at their cousins house. He looooooved this. And out of nowhere, her cousin says, "Man....I wish I had a giant to toss me up and down." LOL! I can imagine the wild ride a kid would experience if they were a human kettle bell Thank you Sif!! Things are moving along rather nicely given the circumstances and the lack of hype around these parts. And I would love to tell you what a devotional is! A devotional is basically a study guide per say that has you work through Scripture and it's usually coupled with questions about the passage that you read and then you discuss it. So, the one my wife and I are doing is a devotional for parents who have lost a child, miscarriage or stillbirth. We were working through Psalms 119 the other night and that was a good session. But each night we do a different part of the devotional and just work our way through till we complete it. OMGOMGOMGOMG! Star Wars toinight!!!! Woot Woot! I'm stoked! .....But before that, I have a date with the climbing wall! Second session of the week tonight and I'm itching for some bouldering fun. Still no TGU's. We got home from church last night and Heather and I had been in a heated argument which extended till like 10....yay. Not. The initial fight was silly, but I needed a moment to collect my thoughts and Heather wouldn't give me my moment. It made me mad, I'm not going to lie. So that started it...because I needed a moment and she wouldn't give it to me and then when she reluctantly did, she was upset. So the evening kind of spiraled out of control. We talked about some hard things last night, things like: No one at my job recognized Violets passing and I'm still pissed about it Besides the few people that actually ask how I'm doing, EVERYONE is more interested in how Heather is doing. I lost Violet just like she did..and I get that I wasn't the one carrying her, but she was just as much mine as she was Heathers Heather projecting stuff on me and never talking to me about it, like, "Ryan's gonna be mad if this XYZ happens so I just won't say anything". So she never gives me the chance to prove her wrong. And then we talked some about the year we were separated in 2013. I told Heather I didn't want to talk about it because the things we were talking about were making me talking about the relationships we had when we were separated. We both slept with other people when we were split so I have no room to say anything but it doesn't make it any easier to talk about. I know I fucked up. I know I let pride keep me separated longer than it should. I admit these things or have admitted these things over and over to Heather. It was just a tough evening all around. I was extra passionate while Heather was extra snarky and it just led to one long ass evening. Despite all that drama, it ended on a good note. We finally came to an understanding, prayed for the boys and then put them to bed, then went and did our devotional. We ended the evening with amazing sex which put us at 3x in a row this week. Seriously though, guys. I'm struggling from my end emotionally. I'm having a really hard time at my job and staying motivated. And the simple fact I can't handle my work situation like Deadpool does, it makes things tough. I hate biting my tongue for the sake of others...especially others who've wronged me. I have to remember that judgement is not for me though. It's for God. Ok, rant over. I'm actually in good spirits right now but I'm still dealing with stuff. I had a great idea last night! I want to start writing a children's book series that's relatively short with artwork. And I want to call it, "Violet and her Stinky Boys". It would be a little adventure type book but the idea hit me like a ton of bricks last night and I couldn't stop crying thinking about the idea. It's a good way to keep Violets memory alive and I could share her and the love we have for her with others. More to come on this subject. Wolfpool
  10. The Irish lad's lifting journal.

    Hello Rebels, just checking in after a few days of ten hour shifts. Unsurprisingly enough, I've lacked a bit of the motivation to sit down and type some more at a computer outside of work after spending a day at one, but I'm going to try be as consistent as possible! The last few days have been good training wise. Tuesday was a squat day, so this consisted of working up to a top set of triples at 145 kg (319 lbs) and then I dropped down to 4x4 at 130 KG (286 lbs). After that I hit up paused deadlifts 6x3 at 145 kg (319 lbs) and called it a day. Wednesday was a rest day. Today I had a recovery session and worked a 5x5 on the bench at 75 KG (165 lbs) and humbled myself as usual trying to military press 53 KG (116 lbs) for 4x6. I only hit five reps on each set so I'll stick to that again next week. I then performed weighted pull ups for 3x8 with for 22 lbs, did some face pulls, arm work and headed home beef brisket. While the main focus of this blog is to document my strength journey, I'd be lying if there weren't other areas I wanted to improve upon in my life. I'm your average 24 year old graduate working through the whole 'what do I do with the rest of my life' and I'm planning on applying for a PT course over the next year and getting into some writing. If I can write a paragraph or two a day about something I'm interested in, I'll consider that a life gain. Long term, if I can save up the cash to apply for a PT course and get a job in a gym six months from now, I'll feel like I've accomplished something. Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying a mince pie (in moderation) at this time of the year. I'm off to the pub! Happy holidays!
  11. Darkfoxx 42: Settling In - Desert Edition

    Wednesday Oops. Forgot an actual update for yesterday. Wine lunch - behaved and only had 2 glasses. Managed to stick in carb budget. Thursday Malled with a girlfriend. Decided to do White Elephant at Christmas potluck. Breakfast: Coffee with coconut oil Lunch: Out for lunch and ate juuuuuuuuuust before the stupids hit - had a chicken/avocado/lettuce/olive salad ... only they were out of avocado, so I had cucumber instead Dinner: Leftover tandoori Chicken + roasted zucchini + butter Snack: 1 ounce bold sriracha almonds + 1 ounce walnut halves 1363 calories 68g protein (20%) 20g net carbs (8%) 113g fats (72%) Macros were almost bang on today. Also managed to try on and then buy black skinny jeans without crying or carrying on - and they’re even in a number size that is bigger than my US size (the brand is Mango - from Europe somewhere). I was pre-warned to size up 1-2 sizes because they’re bananas for everyone. Struck out on the Birthday shirt front. Tried my favorite birthday dress on —- have an inch of rib fat to shave before that’s zipping. Also started 12 days of vlogmas and posted a vid. Contacts are f-r-I-e-d so I’m off to bed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Weight loss Progress

    Hey, You look good man!
  13. LadyShello's Quick & Dirty 24 day Challenge

    Before I skimmed the article I was going to suggest using a talk test to find your rough HR zones. I think it's a better approximation than the age formulas.
  14. Bruce Willis. I was at Soldier Mountain when he came around to check the place out, prior to buying the ski park. Real nice guy.
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  16. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    I think you need more carbs brother. Have some noodles tonight.
  17. Tash goes back in the arena

    Keep on trucking man, good job with the yoga.
  18. Jakkals kry spoed

    Donderdag 14 Desember I ate a very expensive Cadbury ice cream this morning and enjoyed every minute of it. The workshop grass is cut, my ankle does not feel bad at all. The workshop is clean. And this is our last workday for the year. The workshop is closed until 15 January next year. But like always, I will spend every day at the workshop doing all sorts of things without any employees or customers bothering me. Tonight I listened to Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran and this.
  19. Jonesy's Magical Christmas

    What a frustrating day, re: the hot chocolate! Ugh! My sister's favorite old Christmas movie is Meet Me in St. Louis I don't really have one, myself.
  20. Mike Wazowski: Personal Development, Lifting, and Focused Work

    It's ok to just call it a tie!
  21. maegs: rest, refuel, resupply, move

    Bears are cool, but Churchill seems like the ratio of coats to swimsuits would be off again.
  22. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    Also, I was reading old webcomics and I found some from this bygone era of hope and optimism - back before the trump presidency. I barely get these references, like watching SNL from your parent's day, but I still admire that simpler time before the Cheeto was a certainty.
  23. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    Wednesday: We had family spend the night Tuesday, they were in town for a doctors visit for my great nephew. Wednesday morning was spent visiting with them all , and fixing breakfast. A very wise and pleasant way to spend a morning. Did my workout in the. Spent part of the day looking at recipes and finding some gf treats to make for the holidays. We are having family over next week, so todays' plan is to meal plan and finish house cleaning. Hoping that all my decorations will hope people overlook the fact that I am not that great of a house cleaner, and that are house is in need or some remodeling I turned the alarm clock for a half hour later today, I just felt I needed more sleep. But then I was extra slow and spent way too much time dawdling on the computer. One of those things where you feel like you have such a long to do list, the easiest thing is just not to start. Finally made a to- do list and got going. Food is somewhat better. I'm quieting the toddler voice in my head that says it needs to eat whatever it want, and reminding it that I am in control, and I actually feel better and have more energy when I eat better. If I thought affirmations helped, that sounds like a good one.I eat food that makes me feel better : I don't eat food that makes me feel sluggish. or I have control over my food choices; I don't eat mindlessly. Maybe if I just wrote out the affirmation 10 times instead of a gazillion.
  24. Finally taking my life seriously

    Welcome to the rebellion Quill. Strength training is def a complicated subject, but it's nice that you don't need to have all the answers before you start. What are you looking at for a beginner program?
  25. New User

    Welcome to the rebellion. We try to be both chill and encouraging, while balancing the nerd references with intelligent fitness discussions. Not saying we always hit the mark, but thems our goal.
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