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  2. Hey FL....!! Great challenge ❤️ always here for you. Always inspired by you! Thank you for being here xx
  3. Hey Sara, I hope your day / eve is going well? You impress me all the time, with your determination ❤️ Sending love xx
  4. yehhhhhhh GREAT job Rookie, on the ride!!!!! Sounds like a brilliant day there xx
  5. Hey Mia, i think you are doing so well, and it may be nice to step back and try to remind yourself of all these HUGE changes...you are still going well, working hard etc Like Tank says, you are an introvert and thats totally, 100%, OK!!! You dont need to aplogise to anyone for that. Regarding the suicidal thoughts, when do you next speak to the doc? Im always here in private for you, if you need to discuss things, go through these thoughts. Lots of love Mia xx
  6. Did my run today.Yesterday I wore high heel boots. Most likely my ankle was sore due to that (does anyone else's feet hurt if they wear anything but flats?grr) . I lacrosse ball'd it until it felt better. But then, as I was walking my foot started to hurt. My run was 6 intervals of 3 minutes, and one minute of rest. I did more walking on the runs, due to my foot pain. Came home and did the lacrosse ball on my foot. I got myself set up for my challenge. I printed out a page from my Eating Skills (by Josh Harris ) book, and placed it on the table , right where I eat.Hoping that havin
  7. You're an introvert who needs alone time to recover and aren't getting that.
  8. You guys are nuts … but I’ll allow it and encourage it. 😌 My riding lesson went amazingly and I’m just on cloud 9. A lot of the things I’ve been working on have been paying off. I was able to remain calm and focus even when she pieced together a little pattern with the cavaletti, trot poles and a jump. All the things I have a mental block with. Ugh I’m just buzzing. It was so good. I just remembered I’m supposed to do a productive thing today still… so I’ll go fold my laundry begrudgingly 😂 then maybe read my brain training book. I tracked my calories and
  9. Heya! life is sounding pretty exciting for you guys! I hope it opens up soon and I also hope you get that property so I can live vicariously 😉
  10. I find the workout every day plan works well for me(usually) That way it just become part of the habit.
  11. Oh I love me some sewing! I can barely sew but I do appreciate it. I just sewn tentacles for a Halloween costume 😂 I’m definitely following along for sewing and purging! And maybe some hula hoop shenanigans?? I hope one day exercise will just be a part of my life too. That’s awesome
  12. Looking forward to following you on your art journey
  13. This sounds incredibly cool! Oh my gosh I want to read this lol. It gives me Temeraire vibes but a completely different take on it, with a much darker connotation.
  14. Welcome back! I probably share too much in my challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do paintings of peoples pets as my super lazy side hustle! How exciting that you are thinking of going full time. I eventually would love to do that but I’m very comfortable with my web developer salary and stability 😂 I also don’t hate it. I would love to follow your journey (fitness and art)
  15. Hi from Canada! It’s way more fun to focus on leveling up from a lvl 1 newbie into a lvl 100 badass! I like to think of it that way as well. I love dogs as well and have 3! It sounds like you will fit in well here. If you haven’t already you might like making a thread for the current 5-week challenge; you can track your progress and get support! There’s thread under the current challenge area that explains how to get started if it’s something you might be interested in.
  16. Monday update Why not start of with a bang? Food today was good. Leftover chili and such. At lunch I came home and did bench presses. I moved up weight, so I didn't make reps, but I only missed by one trip on the last set. After work my daughter and I did our one-mile interval run. Total 3/2 150%
  17. Following for... /checks... all the awesome things! I love the idea of long lunch for puppy walks!
  18. Welcome to NF! A new challenge just started up and it could be a great way to get some accountability and support. If you are unsure how to start there’s a thread that explains it all. Exercise is definitely an awesome way to cope with stress and I think it’s great you are starting slow to really build up that habit!
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  20. Short-term goals: Finish jeans. Be social at least 3 times a week (on NF, not going nuts with this one). Practice Russian once a week. Long-term goals: Purge: go through the house and get rid o' unused stuffs. Quality: replace failing things with quality items, as needed. Pike press as part of handstand. The quest to clean up the house is ongoing, and I aim to have it done by 2023. The kitchen and most of the dining room has been purged, plus it prompted us to get rid of crappy old pans and get new, quality ones. The exercise
  21. Welcome back!! I love October so much and it definitely gets those good life vibes going.
  22. Today: Finally had my regularly scheduled breakdown. I had a shower to try to calm myself down but was starting to crumble by the time i finished up. Stepped out of the bathroom fully about to dissolve, only to find my roommate working at her desk. Thus managed to postpone long enough to leave the room and call my mother. Then spent about half an hour sniveling down the phone. I had some extra mild and whispy suicidal thoughts, which i'm absolutely not mentioning to any staff members until my Dr. W appointment unless it gets worse. Just had a whole spiral, hating on the Me because "why am i li
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