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  2. Blethan

    Pt.6: Betty Gets Thiccck

    Honestly I just start feeling tired and I can hear myself begin to form arguments for just crashing and not moving! It’s like my brain decides to switch sides XD but if I can see it coming I’ll go do the dishes, or tidy up, or check my calendar/todo list, to remind myself that I’ll feel better after doing one of these things compared to how I’d feel if I gave up and curled into a ball. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. elizevdmerwe

    Elastigirl Enjoys Her Summer

    Brandt showed me a photo the other day of fires in California I think, where the flames were about 3-4x higher than the tree tops! I remember his forestry days vividly and as young fiancée who went to visit him and then had to help curb the grass fires next to the Eucalyptus section that had a crown fire (tops of trees on fire) raging through them. We had to drive through that section to get to the grass section. He was showing me around his plantation when he was called out and didn't have time to drop me off at home first. I also worked in forestry (offices) so I knew something of what was needed. Heck, I'm praying and asking for protection for any one who has to help or live in the areas of those fires! And rain... lots of rain.
  4. Chaosbane

    Grumble Tracks Tremendous Totals

    I don't know what heavy enough is really. The recommendation ive seen from coaches is that if you are planning on competing, get one early to get used to it and start breaking it in. But I should have a 2x bodyweight 1rm by then, or close to if I put on more weight. 170kg at 85kg bodyweight. And doing 3 plates+ for 3x5. What would you recommend I'm lifting before considering a belt?
  5. Raincloak

    What made you smile today?

    Ran across "The Neverending Story" on, of all the damned things, an inflight movie app. Amid all the Marvel flicks and 21st century TV shows. Hadn't watched it since I was like 7. It was exactly as dazzling, scary, and weird as I remember.
  6. Thursday 16th August The clusterfuck at work continued but it is what it is. Food was a bit of a car crash and I didn't fast. I did the opposite. I slowed. I got a meal deal for lunch - a ploughman's sammich with nice and spicy Nik Naks and an Innocent fizzy drink and I got veggie burgers for dinner, with mac and cheese. We watched OITNB in the evening. To illustrate how bad my food was yesterday, this is the Snapchat I sent to TH on my lunch.
  7. elizevdmerwe

    JonFirestar: Knightfall

    When I saw that Man vs Lakes run, I thought to myself there is no way that you'll do the Comrades and NOT be bored out of your mind! Yes, there's nice scenery, but it's slogging on tar road for 90km. Up and down serious hills/passes. But you are more than welcome to do it.
  8. Blocky

    Blocky Visits Dimension C-137...

    Week 2 Fri 17 Aug: Training: Dynamic Lower. -Box Squats with SSB + 20kg bands: 15 doubles at 90kg, then worked up to 1 at 155kg (PR). Injury is barely registering now. -Sumo Block Pulls: 10 singles at 140kg. -Powercleans: worked up to 1 single at 72.5kg. -Narrow Stance Box Squats with SSB: 8s at 95kg -Back extensions and abs. Conditioning: - 500 (not a typo) overhead press with a 10kg med ball. Took 35 mins. Mostly in sets of 10 once my arms were fatigued. All the other Stuff: -All good with the supplements so far. -Russian: Nope. -5 mins of schwifty hackysacking. SCORECARD Interdimensional Fitness Things: -Build the Citadel of Blocks 3 PRs -Get ready to fight the Glactic Federation 11/30 -Get Schwifty! 4/35 Intergalactic Health Stuff: -Take the Anti-Pickle serum 12/35 -Eat all the Strawberry Smiggles! 1/6 Smartypantsness: -Use Rick's Cognition Amplifier 3 extras
  9. GodzillaKong

    GK lifts weight to shift weight

    Weigh in today and the scale hasn't budged; still stubbornly on 122.1kg. Not totally unexpected after Saturday's family BBQ (although I suspect that the real culprit is this morning's BM not being as thorough as it should be). A little disappointing, but not disheartening. Perhaps more importantly, I feel better; shirts feel looser, have had to go down a notch on my belt. So.... Could be worse... Always good to remember that. And to remember to not piss the better half off before bedtime. Back in the gym tonight, back to the weights.
  10. Live in Ashby de la Zouche, it's in Leicestershire too! I think it's kind of nice to not have everything at our fingertips at all times. I like that there are restrictions on Sunday openings because it means people get to spend more time with their families and really, it's rare to need anything from a supermarket in a true emergency and if you do there is always Spar (I might have mentioned Spar is lawless)
  11. elizevdmerwe

    Formation, Integration, Application: Tanktimus' next challenge

    I had the benefit of learning that pronounciation because of a town with that name, here in our Cape Province. But to remember the spelling I always say "wor-ches-ter-shire" and then say "wurs-ter", first r soft sound, almost not there. But then again, it might be slightly off as there is a slight difference between saying that name in Afrikaans than in English. We also have towns with names written as Kingsburgh, and Queensborough, but you say the last syllable as "bruh" not "berg" or "borrow". All thanks to our British heritage apparently Glad to hear the chiro has helped. Awesome! I'm continuing with the 28 day bible study messages I receive every day, although I somehow lost day 6... But *shrug*... I'm a little late on it this morning, but will do it, before I go on with school work.
  12. Teancum

    Teancum Goes to Hogwarts

    Week 1 - August 16 Classes Transfiguration - Eat less than 2250 calories/day - 4/7 Defense Against the Dark Arts - Days without eating out by myself - 2 /7 History of Magic - Write in journal daily - 3/7 Charms - Clean the house for 10 minutes each day - 4/7 Quidditch Goal Points - Days with one or less servings of sugar - 40pts Snitch Progress - 3 days in the week with no sugar - 3/3 - 150pts Other Team Goal Points - Extra servings of sugar - 0pts Other Team Snitch Points - Each day less than 3 no sugar days - 0pts House Points My House Points - People greeted by name - 12pts Other House Points - People not greeted by name - 8pts Managed without sugar today! Ended up buying food since I was on call half the night and in no state to make lunch unfortunately. Likewise journal went by the wayside. I'm proud of my sugar control this week though! My cousin's wedding is tomorrow, so this weekend might be tough, but I'll see what I can do.
  13. Today
  14. Mad Hatter

    Hufflepuff Common Room

    Fixed it
  15. WhiteGhost

    Shello Kicks Names and Takes Ass

    Glad the car accident was nothing serious. Where is the exchange student from?
  16. Could you print your spreadsheet and put stickers on the printed version?
  17. Grumble

    Brovatar Korra Masters Metalbending

    Maybe just buy a GPS next time?
  18. Grumble

    LittleTurtle Wanders Over from the Druids

    I did burpees with pullups today. It's all about perspective.
  19. Jupiter

    New Start

    So here's my progress for Wednesday and today: 1) Ate a healthy breakfast yesterday (mostly fruit) and even managed to eat some fruit for lunch. Today I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast, which I don't think is a bad thing. I can count it as intermittent fasting, right? 2) No yoga yesterday, but I did get in around twenty minutes today. I was aiming for more, but I'll take it. 3) No writing at all yesterday, but I'm hoping to make that up this weekend. I found it hard to focus today between work and life things going on, but I threw on some DC/Marvel soundtrack music and I managed 1500 words. Onward to tomorrow.
  20. That sounds like a pretty deep/dark/heavy book. What is your field, if I may ask?
  21. Murphy's Roommate

    Fantasy Football in the Rebellion!

    Throwing my hat in the ring. PM sent to Grumble! - Murphy's Roommate
  22. Acryllica

    Stribs Re-evaluates Her Priorities

    I feel like APs know we're terrified of hearing them holler our names and do they do it for fun. My AP and I get along great but she's a yeller. I can hear her across the school calling someone sometimes. Small school, but still.
  23. Murphy's Roommate

    Druids' Sacred Grove: General Chatter

    I may try out the football thing, but I'd rather be throwing tomahawks! Korea is neat, but it is a very compact country. Finding a spot to get away from it all in Colorado was easy. Here, more of a challenge. Anyone know of an isolated, not many people hiking spot out here? - Murphy's Roommate
  24. I have a ton of real stickers here. Star wars, stars, butterflies, ect. Thing is, I have nothing to do with them, so it becomes this "well now what?" since I can't put them on my spreadsheet because my monitor will just have a thing that annoys me. I just don't know what to do with real ones. Or do I virtual ones, but what kinda and where do I keep them? Here ? The spread sheet? I dunno This part of the challenge was not very well thought out...
  25. Tobbe

    Pt.6: Betty Gets Thiccck

    I know all about crashing in the couch in the evening. How do you identify these moments, and what are you doing to be pro-active?
  26. @mu

    Hufflepuff Common Room

    Did some this morning but I didn't manage to close the gap
  27. Tobbe

    Pt.6: Betty Gets Thiccck

    I use Google Sheets all the time, but didn't know you could do that! Mind sharing how to set that up? And can you just copy/paste straight from Sheets to the forums and it keeps all formatting and everything? That's awesome!
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