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  2. I could often tell when the local pro football team was playing and scored/won by the otherwise somewhat random fireworks. Football seems unlikely in this case because Google says the Superbowl is on Sunday, but maybe there's some other sportsball going on?
  3. Considering using this for developing my book's preconceived existence since I don't have a current game to prepare for.
  4. Got 1200 miles today for sifting through pics this morning, doing my stretches before leaving for work, eating salad and veggie-ful lunch, drinking water from my cauldron mug, and reaching out to friends. (Actually, I think I may need to message one more to hit the goal in full... Darn) I am beyond exhausted due to coming down with a cold. The medicine didn't seem very effective today, but maybe maintained use will help it kick the cold's butt. I let Cid make our dinner, and I used up all the mayo I had in the fridge to make the mayonnaise cake for my friend to try. Just finished the chocolate frosting, and I dare say it looks delicious. (Smells delicious, too) On my way home I considered sharpening a pencil for those easy points that lead to more points, but I was too tired, and then I let Animal Crossing get in the way... I wanted to try copying designs I made in New Leaf into New Horizons. Turns out they get a little distorted. 😕 Darn Gonna crawl into bed and sleep like the dead. Hope tomorrow goes better cold-wise. Maerad
  5. I slept all weekend....could not wake up...oops.... I had some veggies fried rice and a cup of tea today. I'm now partway through a Sunkist and some crackers. Clearly I am a nutritional Rockstar. EAP got canceled bc compsych lied about telehealth being an option u_u Found out my w2 from onin is At onin and I'll be able to get it tomorrow 😄
  6. I named my New Horizons town Heliodor, which is a yellow Beryl gemstone! 💛 😂 I thought you meant the cottage pie/shepherd's pie debate, but this is also super relatable. It's how I feel toward Eggplant Parm - not bad for what it is, but terrible if you want it to be anything like Chicken Parm. 😂
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  8. If nothing else, you have better protective capacity now than as a teen, meaning you can stop a bad experience as it starts rather than being forced to endure it.
  9. In keeping with my pon farr theme, I would like to point out that my latest successful sinus intervention is, in fact, lube. It'sentirely logical. You can't use oil-based moisturisers in the nose, and lube is a lot cheaper and easier to find than actual nasal moisturizing gel. I have fewer nosebleeds and sinus blockages, and thus can sleep for more than two hours at a time. Thanks, sexual wellness industry! However, it does mean I'm lubing up my nose every day. Oh well, that's definitely the future Gene Roddenberry would have wanted. Also bodies are stupid.
  10. Brains/ mindsets are weird. I posted my challenge, and then soon after I had anxiety that I wasn't going to lose the weight before my trip. Or that I had to earn my trip. I told my brain it was a silly old brain. Noone is going to notice if I've only lost 2 pounds instead of a goal of 4. And I certainly don't earn the vacation by losing weight. Anyway, I stepped back and told myself that wasn't the mindset I was going for. I will enjoy the vacation no matter what. The idea of using vacation as a motivator is good, but I've done that on several trips. And my routine loving brain starts to think that losing weight before vacation is mandatory. I'm still tracking my calories this week, I just want to see what I'm doing. In my challenge goal writing I mentioned the possibility of tracking and trying to stay within a range next week. I still might, but not if it's going to lead me down that path. I can just keep on doing what I have been doing. It was working, just not as fast as I would like. But, I think that's a normal feeling. Did my first new workout. I felt super strong. Taking a deload week was a great idea. I was super ready to go. It wasn't raining, so I could have gone for a walk, but I was meh about that. I did a 20 minute row, then after dinner I did a 10 minute walking video. Tracked my calories. I think I am eating more than is optimal for weight loss. I was at 1,800, and to lose a half a pound, probably 1,700 is better. It will be interesting to see what my numbers are for the rest of the week. Just tracking as a reminder to myself of how many calories. Part of me thinks thats a good idea, but part of me is frustrated, because I feel like to lose weight I should really be at 1,500, which leaves me with zero energy to work. And honestly what I put a higher priority on is working out Workout:
  11. Maybe I'm changing my habit or not. We'll see.😃 Thanks, That would have been a fun theme! 😃 There's a first time for everything! Thanks.
  12. New challenge:Elastigirl 's Incredible Challenge! - Current Challenge: 2/12/2023 to 3/18/2023 - Nerd Fitness Rebellion
  13. That's a good list! And a garden journal! Ahhh that's fantastic, little hearts are manifesting over my head
  14. Oh, I almost forgot BJJ study tonight I wrapped up video 4 which is the finishing details on the arm triangle (kata gatame). I already have some details I need to go back and revisit but those will be for another time. I think that Thursday we will start working on the back take and submission series which I'm looking forward to. I'm terrible at back control and this is part of the overtime rules for my May and August meets so I need to drill it.
  15. Starting my follow early this time so I don't have to catch up.
  16. Last Week Monday - Rest - had a cold Tuesday - Rest - had a cold Wednesday Gym - Rest - I thought I'd be back at the gym by now but no way Guitar - took my lesson virtual so as to not get my teach sick plus I needed to be back home for ... Hosting - I had a former manager and his wife over for dinner and games. Now, you'll see above that I've been sick. I tried to wave them off in a very Minnesota way, "I'm fine but if you don't want to get sick, we should skip." Well they wouldn't miss it for the world so I made dinner and taught them Power Grid. A better man than me would have just forced the postponement. Thursday - Rest Friday - BJJ no gi - went fine for first class back Saturday - chores Sunday - Akagi - I went light but it's never easy Last week was a bit of a mess as I had a pretty ugly cold for most of it and had some trouble with an overstretched muscle that had me limping around the first part of the week. I'm so happy to see it in the rear view mirror but I'm definitely not 100% yet This Week Monday - BJJ (Marathon Roll) & BJJ study Tuesday - Rec & Marathon Roll Wednesday - BJJ & Assisted Stretch Thursday - Rec & Doctor & BJJ Study Friday - BJJ Saturday - Rec & Chores Sunday - Akagi BJJ Today - Marathon Roll The first week of the month is brutal. Many of the noon people never go to Marathon Roll on Tuesday night so that Monday we do Marathon at noon meaning, I roll at Akagi then Marathon on Monday then Marathon on Tuesday. I usually take a bonus nap on Thursday these weeks. This is that week. I could tell I was not 100% today. My recovery sucked and there were times I had to suck wind. However, my jiujitsu was on point. I didn't roll with the blackbelts but among the blue belts I only took submissions. But I don't usually find myself looking at the clock and I was looking at it 20 minutes in today. To the best of memory Rob (blue) - Rob is the easiest blue belt roll for me so they hardly count. I have to make up challenges for myself with him. I think I took two strangles, a belly down arm bar and one other sub off him in the first round Joe (blue) - newly promoted, this was my first blue on blue roll with Joe. I never got a sub on him. I got mounted and he managed to sweep. I fought all the way back to mount but time was up Ken (blue) - Only an armbar . I stayed on the attack and he definitely had more energy than me but I never gave him time. My favorite armbar is nasty because I set it up as a kimura and really lock it in, almost making it a compression lock (bicep slicer) before I extend it. Alex (blue) - I had good control but no taps Tim (blue) - Tim is so small compared to me but he is strong, fast, and has great balance. No subs were traded. Early on I gave him my back mostly out of boredom and cockiness. He was sure he had me and I just slowly started escaping until I dumped him forward and took top Bradley (white) - I forget the details but pretty sure I pulled one and maybe two taps off of him. Let's call it one. Rob-again (blue) - this is where I had already started to run out of training partners. This is the problem with being big and working on submissions specifically. I had Rob start in side control top, fought up, tapped him, reset. I believe I got two taps but had to fight up to get there. Xavier (blue) - two taps if I recall. He's a super nice guy and small so I try to roll light with him but I know it's frustrating for him. He's a good sport Finn (white) - this is where I got desperate for partners. I like Finn as a dude but he's in his 60s and out of shape. I was just trying to not take a round off. I gave him any position he wanted and all he had to do is keep me down. Once I took top, we reset. We reset three time Rob-rep-again (blue) - this time I gave him back control. I tapped him two more times. Approx taps: Given: 0, Taken ~12 This seems like a great ratio but I'm not happy with it. This are all forgone conclusion taps. I need to be tapping Alex, Tim, and Joe. There are two keys, I think, to this. First. I need to get more effective outside of my two favorites: kimura and arm triangle. I should be about to unlock some new submission on my 4 x 4 video to help with that. The second secret is that all three of those are super high energy rollers who take rounds off because they can't sustain their pace. I need to learn how to pin them down regardless. I sincely believe that in a 15 minute match they'd eventually beg me to tap them because they'd gas but none of my matches are that long. I need to be more effective in 5 minutes. Outro Bringing back and old favorite I haven't listened to enough lately.
  17. I will definitely let you know. I'll relax when we get back the week mark
  18. Ooooh seeing all the rainbow emojis is so happy! I like your sleepy emoji too, I know looking at that it's a rest day! Clever, clever Stinks about the new boss. Unless they had a really good reason, you're right to see red flags when they start letting people go like that.
  19. I always love it when someone comes along like Kate and just breaks the "rules" that don't serve us. and THANKS. I wanted to start small. Yay! Glad you're here, buddy. Thank you!! I LOVE the flamingo duck!!!! He's so CUTE!! Thank you! And I'm glad you do!
  20. Monday: Lunch break walk, and after-work walk Morning meditation Played with Feisty Sidekick and a piece of string for half an hour in the middle of the work day. 🐈❤️
  21. Our two cats have free access to the dog door, and the Feisty Sidekick actually uses it more than the dog (our Happy Sidekick) does. The oldest of the three, Mellow Sidekick, is a gentle fluff-giant of a cat and though he is fluent in dog door usage, he vastly prefers using the front door for leaving and re-entering the house in a far more dignified manner in the evenings. They roam more or less as they wish, which is one of the reasons for our considerable vet bills - microchip fees, vaccines, and what feels like countless kinds of parasite prevention, it all adds up... https://norecipes.com/japanese-curry-recipe-from-scratch/ When it says total amount of prep and cook time is an hour and forty minutes, it's lying. It took me closer to three hours. Admittedly it was the first time I've ever made it, but on the other I am not a beginner at cooking in general either.
  22. Is this why the guild threads have gone into hiding as well?
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