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  2. Casbin

    Casbin - You can do this for God's sake!

    It's been one weird day. Kinda in between on and with everything around. But Challenge goals all checked. Walk done Veggies & fruits done packing done Selfcare done I do wonder if I've made things too easy for myself but the real Challenge starts here. The dreaded 3rd week is coming up as I've started on 0 Week. And a completely new environment and schedule comes monday. I am excited, about what's to come but also slightly worried for myself and about some of the people I'll be leaving behind. But this needs to happen and it will. One more day ahead, then the adventure starts. I hope you are well and your challenge goes strongly! Casbin
  3. I don't, you won't make me buckle that easily... Jup, those times suck big. But breath, keep going, you will get out of those times, too. No clue what else to say, you are doing a good job keeping yourself together. And you are rocking the organisational part as well. I'll be here as much as I can.
  4. Casbin

    Bean Sidhe vs Chaos _ I WANT TO BELIEVE

    You are doing more then okay. Remember that you shoved up the bar one the difficulty? I don't remember exactly but did you make a plan for how you are going to evaluate the points total? Bc it kinda feels like meeting your quota is the minimum per day but you expect to do more then that in order to feel okay with the result? I've been staying mum because I've had a hard time imagining how all the things above might play out for you. But one thought about your email ignoring coworker kinda superior, do you occasionally meet him in person? I know that you are at te end of the foodchain but it sounds like someone who just wants people to acknowledge that he got too much on his plate... Presuming that it's way harder to ignore you in person, it might pose a chance to give a little bit were it won't hurt your schedule. Harvard model is an Utopia but sometimes it helps to keep it in mind to smooth some edges on conflicts. All the best, things will work out.
  5. TGP

    elizevdmerwe - Keep On Keeping On

    wow. I agree with others that you are doing amazing. is it pretty well established that your immigrating? I wasn't sure you made that decision yet... for what its worth; I agree what you quoted. there's little of that here in my part of Rural USA, either. but its a big decision. Just saying' one of my favorite singers in Roger Whittaker, he is old school (I think he most famous days when in the 1980's) but famously from South African. totally white and I thought a wonderful ambassador of the culture of South Africa. (do you know of him?) ...not to get on any soap box; but every where in the world seems so much more divided, intolerant and upset than they used to. that what I like SO much about this website. a forum of encouragement, good cheer, and friendship in an otherwise unfriendly internet. I hope you are having a good weekend.
  6. Terah

    The Desperation of Snarkyfishguts

    I get that from too much sowing. Strength training helps me though. It's way less after a few months of training.
  7. Guzzi


    I was reading an article the other day on how to sneeze “correctly” (yes, really!) and wondered to myself, does anyone else sneeze the same way as me? The reason I say this is that for as long as I can remember I’ve been sneezing without opening my mouth or blasting saliva all over everyone/thing, I simply sneeze through my nose (no spray comes out, I promise!). I literally don’t even know how to sneeze “normally” anymore as I’ve been sneezing this way most of my life. I’m not sure if there’s any risks attached to sneezing this way (they say you can injure yourself holding in a sneeze, is that what I’m doing? I don’t know). I can’t say I’ve ever hurt myself, but I’d be interested in hearing any views on the topic.
  8. Yes, that makes much more sense. Thanks
  9. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian: The following challenge is scheduled for ONE FALL

    There is. It involves a sofa, some cats and an Xbox.
  10. Happienumber

    RogueLibrarian: The following challenge is scheduled for ONE FALL

    Oh man...good that you're fealing a little better tho!!! What an apt diagnosis. Is there a prescription for that?
  11. Echoceanic

    Echocheanic navigates

    WEEK 1 DAY 6 Wow did the time fly by! Half has been the fact I've been busy as heck, half that I didn't have a computer for 2 days cause tech is weird and half because I was trying to spend less time on it and more doing things. Today I'm sewing - pillowcases, because it was about time to use up the fabric we have and have more than three of them to switch around all the time. I also need to study for my exam. I will be done with two classes this month if everything goes to plan, leaving three for next month. The rest of the days have mostly been either computer stuff or me worrying. Inclines are at 383 - low for a thousand, but I have a reason - I changed the level once I was able to do 15 inline push ups in a row. Now I can do five. The diminished sets and the general 'holy hell' of this week is the reason the number is so low, so at this point I just hope I get over 600. I also had to carry the PC down five flights of stairs and up so I mean yeah that's not that bad. The trackers are okay-ish, I still need to get up when I wake up.
  12. Kestrel Grey

    JonFirestar: I am Awesome

    I'm glad you all have each other's physical backs as well as figurative ones. Go cause some mayhem this weekend and stay strong!
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  14. Calibre

    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    Excitingly Awesome!! Can NOT WAIT!!
  15. DJtrippyT

    DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!

    Yesterday was good. I deep cleaned my kitchen and did some other odds and ends but didn’t get all my ranger adulting done. Gym: 10 mins warm up on rower then I did a conditioning circuit where I tried to add a few reps to each move each round for the four rounds. It was good, hard enough that I felt like I was suffering but not so hard that I had my head in a trash can. Db squats #60 x10, x12, x15, x15 step ups x10, x12, x15, x20 pullups x10 for all four rounds wallballs x10, x12, x15, x20. These sucked kb swing #35 x15, x20, x25, x30 today I’m pretty sore and the sun is out so I’m thinking I might get the bike out on the comet for an easy ride just to get outside. Really i just want to sleep all day for some reason but I can’t justify it in my brain.
  16. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    Catching up on my (days old) backlog of e-mail got me to this Nia Shanks article, which further affirms my decision to keep going to the gym as scheduled even when I can only do a very few exercises. Also, forgot to answer @Mike Wazowski's question about moon salutations. Yes, it is different from sun salutation - but similar, in that there are a MILLION different variations. The one I am doing, and liking, is this one. Unrelated but awesome, when I went to YouTube to find that, I saw that the Sidh has released a new video and I am in love all over again: ETA: Rapid flashing lights warning!
  17. lucky fire dragon

    elizevdmerwe - Keep On Keeping On

    Shame, I can see the challenge in that big time. But you have a strong habit on looking for the good, I am sure that will help to some extent at least. It's good to acknowledge your feelings however and maybe it's the eye opener that will help you go through the harder parts of actually making the move. All I can think of is to keep breathing, trust in the larger good and beauty of life and trust that it may guide you all safely to more happiness. Good job on having a restful day Keep at it
  18. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian: The following challenge is scheduled for ONE FALL

    Update: Much more human again this morning for the first time in days. Still not 100%. I'm going to keep sleeping as much as I can and reset on Monday. I heard someone on a podcast this morning say they'd been sick with "bronchial fuck my life" and I was like, AHA got my diagnosis.
  19. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    I feel like I am not understanding the concept of a retainer. In my teenage life, it was a thing like this* that I could put in and take out myself, that I was supposed to wear all the time except when eating (but didn't.) What you are describing sounds like something permanently installed in the mouth. So I googled 'permanent retainers' and realized that technology has changed a lot since the last time I had a professional relationship with an orthodontist. Now I have a new question to ask next time I visit, because I have no idea what the plan is for my retention (or if that gets decided later near the end of treatment.) *I'm a bit disturbed that this is a thing you can buy on eBay. Call me a Luddite, but ... Challenge update: Thursday was a crazy-busy day at work, but I managed to do all of the things I was committed to do Friday I did most of the things early in the day, but didn't write. Then the hubs and I went out for dinner - our favorite restaurant, which is about an hour and a half away, was doing a V-day 'ribeye for two' special ... and yes, I can in fact chew steak. As long as I cut off small bites and take my time. And have interdental brushes in my purse! So - medium rare ribeye, salad with mandarin oranges, goat cheese, and citrus dressing, garlic 'n herb mashed potatoes, and raspberry chocolate cheesecake. Was I in a food coma and unable to write by the time we got home? You bet. Did I sleep restlessly while trying to digest all that? Of course I did. Was my jaw sore? Sure. Was it worth it? In home-tidying/possession reduction news, I struggle with getting rid of things if they are still good and I can't find a good home for them. Regular clothes/shoes/handbags are easy, I have several local thrift shops that I respect. Things that are too worn out to be of use to anyone I can throw away and it doesn't bother me. But I have changed my body composition enough that my bra size changed, and that is not the sort of thing that thrift shops normally deal in, so ... what to do? Ask (the Google machine) and you shall receive! I sent a box off to this organization today. This may be the nerdiest KonMari project ever - NaNoWriMo staff find Viking Helmet Valhalla. Everything about this video sparks joy for me. Total Thursday points - 4 Total Friday points - 3 Running Total - 18
  20. Rebel Pilot Gar

    EricMN's Jedi Training - The Long Journey Back

    Welcome back!
  21. TGP

    TGP back Into the Fray

    @salinger hey Liz, just came back from it. SO athletic! I meant it to be a "fast" 12 mile walk/hike on the roads that go up the hills behind my house. kind of grey weary day, additionally it was cold and there was icy spots. nonetheless I was making good pace and feeling good about myself. towards the end of othe walk, however, I realized my 12 mile was in fact 13! you can't easily "make time" on a hike. Nonetheless I took my already fast pace and went faster... my legs are somewhat burning right now (I was only 20 minutes late!). anyways, mission accomplished I suppose- that was indeed a right fast walk. I need to do walks like that, though next time maybe not so extreme- and not when there is icy patches every once in a long while. I"m truthfully kind of lucky I didn't fall- (or is that skill in finding the safest path? idk)... not sure but I hope for another hike in the weekend. I kind of hope , too , to go icefishing with my son tomorrow. time will tell.
  22. elinox

    Elinox Goes Back to the Kingdoms

    Foundations: 5/60 Sweet Treats: 5/40
  23. Gemma

    Scalyfreak clears a boss fight

    I don't know how I managed to not be following this until now, but congrats on the PR!!!
  24. Gemma

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Just getting caught up, but a) sweater - GORGEOUS! Very impressed. My mom is an avid knitter and I own some beautiful sweaters, but I have never taken the time to learn. I am a skilled crocheter but hardly ever take time for it anymore. b) TKD sounds fabulous, I think it is wonderful that you have found something new to enjoy! I adore (and miss) martial arts, I am waiting for a less-busy season to find a way to fit krav back into my life.
  25. Gemma

    Mike Wazowski tries some process goals

    Trying desperately to be (slender/pretty/charming/sexy/smart/fun/nice/accomplished/likable) "enough" (for who? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) pretty much cost me 90% of the potential enjoyment of my teens, 20s, and early 30s, while also granting me all of the baggage that came with two reallybad marriages -> divorces. In other words, I took a hella long time to figure out that I'm a bloody decent human being without making any efforts whatever to be something other than who I actually am, and I heartily applaud all of you who are doing this work at an earlier life-stage than I managed. Or the same life-stage. Or really whenever you are right now. Bravo! Through the magic of social media, I have reconnected with the three people from high school who liked me for who I was then, and they all turned out to be pretty awesome humans in the now. As for the ones that I was so desperate to impress back then - I mostly don't remember their names. (Context - I'm 52 and have severe ADHD and a TBI, so I have to be sorta selective about what I even try to remember ) There is nothing about this that does not sound AWESOME! I love this a few different ways - your description of the benefits is exactly why I love BuJo, not excessive pre-planning, what is delta today, and a visual of what I have accomplished. Also, I am glad that people are still teaching and using kanban boards, I haven't heard or thought of those since my early professional certifications days but they are a good tool. And I don't think I have ever heard the phrase 'work mom' before, but I love it and am stealing adopting it - I am older, in some cases considerably older, than all of my coshirkers, but I do have close mentor/mentee or just mutual support relationships with a few of them, and 'work mom' describes it better than 'work husband/wife' (because eww, most of them really are the same age as my kids or even younger!)
  26. WhiteGhost

    JonFirestar: I am Awesome

    That sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Hope you guys have a great time!
  27. Atari

    Atari: Level 1

    We have a big mutt.... we did a DNA test a while back that said she was 25% Staffordshire terrier and 25% coon hound and a bunch of "other" types... so she's a whole lot of different types. She's such a gentle giant, pushing 90 lbs. I hate dealing with laundry *cries*
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