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  2. *snicker* you said "quickie" *snicker* I have the mind of a five year old sometimes. Seriously though, your restaurant-fu is legit. I would have a very difficult time staying on track with two meals out in one day. Ten points for Gryffindor! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Highest of fives! I hadn't realised Joy had passed her Ref's exam. That's kinda cool. I saw she's gone up to the 57s for Euros.
  4. Summary week one ☐✘✔ Week One Goal 1: ✔✘✔✔✘✔✔ Goal 2: ✔✔✔✔✔✘✔ Goal 3: ✘✘✘✔✔✔✘ Goal 4: ✘✘✘✘✘✘✘ Goal1: two days with unhealthy snacks Goal2: lots of walking and went swimming once, but I missed one day Goal3: only about 4 hours Goal4: not enough tasks finished during one day for the whole week Goal1: 83% still an A Goal2: 86% still an A Goal3: 27% a C- almost D What I learned: I should try to give less about my motivation. There was time to learn more on Friday evening and on Saturday. But I didn't really want to and wasted to much time on the internet. And also I could have drawn something when our guest was here. She enjoys drawing, too. I'm not sure what to do about that yet.
  5. I am loving your updates - you seem very focused and productive. I am doing some decluttering and the big thing for me is to not hold on to something just because I spent money on it in the past if it isn't serving me now. This sounds like you and the video games. Letting go of the past spending of time and money if it isn't serving you now.
  6. Week two update: This week went by fast! Probably because I'm anxious to get to spring break next week ヽ(^o^)丿 Fitness 1: Took the advanced swimming class on Friday, and swam on my own Saturday morning. Friday's class happened to be butterfly which was exactly what I'd wanted to practice. I don't know about my form, but I don't seem to get tired swimming butterfly anymore, so I must be doing something right. 2: Stretched all 7 days! Even though one or two were just the minimum. Definitely more flexible than I was at the beginning of the year. Diet: This week was typical for me. Ate plenty of fruits, veg, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, fish, and had some richer dishes like gnocchi and sweets at the weekend. Right now I'm just trying be aware of what I'm eating, but honestly I have no clue how many calories I eat in a day, and the thought of tracking everything I eat sounds pretty daunting... but I might give it a go during spring break. And finally, after some Kafkaesque antics with the gym staff, I was able to book a private swimming lesson next week (。^_^。)ノ゙✧*。Still nervous but really looking forward to it too. That's all for now!
  7. Finally bought only one, but hey, that's something. A few years ago my boyfriend offered me this very one for my birthday, but now it is so so old (because it is so nerdy I wear it all the time), that I decided to buy it again, this time in blue. I also like a lot the designs in redbubble, but they sell american sizes so even the smallest one is too big for me, it's a pity. If you have some interest on them, even a slight one, I would try. With the right people (good ambiance, thorough instructors...) is a very rewarding activity. When I decided to try it for the first time I didn't expect how much fun could come of it. And I have a friend whom I've been talking about the benefits, and she finally thought she'd try something and signed up for Aikido lessons, and she is SO happy she did. She's been attending the lessons for about six months now and she swears is one of the best things in her life.
  8. A lot of people who believe in ghosts will tell you it is a science thing... Good going on the bedroom renovation. Good luck with the sanding.
  9. Wow, that is a huge difference between the different days!
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  11. Summary for Week 2 Health: To earn a Prize: Little Supers => 20 days. SuperMom => 24 days SuperMom: Water & Rooibos: 14/24 days Coffee: 11/24 days Healthy Lunch: 10/24 days Little Supers: Milk: 11/20 days Healthy Lunch: 11/20 days Exercise: To earn a Prize: Little Supers => 12 days. SuperMom => 16 days. BW Strength: 2x this week (me) Playball: Nope Walking: 2x this week (me) Dancing: 0x this week (Youngest) Other: Free play 2x this week (boys) running around outside, making videos, playing. Little Supers = 4+3 (7) days each SuperMom = 3+4 (7) days/sessions Sleep: To earn a Prize:Little Supers => 20 days. SuperMom => 24 days Youngest = 6+5 (11)/20 nights Oldest = 6+5 (11) /20 nights SuperMom = 5+5 (10) /24 nights Dry Fire Drills: At least once a week, but preferably 2x, 3x a week. Just to keep track of what is happening. 0x this week.
  12. He wanted to moan yesterday, I gave him a look. He turned to Hubby, who gave him a look, then he said, "ok, ok, I know I only have 3x milk for the day..." and that was the last moan too. I'm not really that patient when it comes to the boys moaning about something like this, because we've discussed it, numerous times. He had repeated in his own words why we all need to eat more healthy, and he had agreed to it, for a prize! My job is to keep him to it, and thereby keeping myself to it too. Quick Summary for Saturday: (Saturday comes from the planet Saturn... to remember the spelling ) Health: Water & Rooibos: Had more than one bottle again, plus a fruit juice (no added sugar) in town, when my water was empty. Coffee: Managed three coffees. Milk: Moan, moan ... looks from mom and dad... ok, maybe not such a good idea. Kept to his limit. Healthy Lunch: A lot to choose from, and the boys had a ball with some yoghurt, dry wors, left over chicken, and carrots, and cucumbers. None of us were really hungry again until late afternoon when I started dinner. Chicken baked in the oven, in a thin layer of late harvest white wine, with the chicken topped with butter and general meat spice. The chicken came out moist and fully cooked in the centre, yet brown and the skin a bit crispy on the outside. Oh, I also added chunks of white mushrooms to the pan, but took them out after about 40min. They were delicious. Exercise: Saturday: Parked the car in Pick n Pay's parking area, roughly in the middle of three shopping centres: one where our post box is (to collect post), one where the pet shop is (to buy a new heat lamp for Breeze), and then PnP for grocery shopping. Walked to all three places (about 1.5km in all). Got home and after giving the dogs (and cat) all some scratches, realised that the dust in their fur were what caused most of my hay fever. Normally I get the groomers out two-three times a year to fetch all three dogs, wash and trim and then return them to us, but they don't fetch and return anymore, and I kept putting off taking them in one at a time, because of space in Uno, size of dogs, and too much adrenaline/excitement/trepidation causing yips and bites between the dogs. So I washed all three dogs and the cat in the shower yesterday. The difficult part was to drag/carry the two big dogs (40+kg) to the shower where I had buckets with luke warm water ready. Anyway, got them in (one at a time obviously), gave them good scratches while washing. Sneezed like crazy, had to turn the dogs physically over because they just flop down and enjoy the scratches, .... etc. etc. you get the idea. Vigorous toweling afterwards, wiping down bathroom and shower walls, and finally, with one very angry cat, giving me the evil eye, we were all done. My arms and back had a good work out. Going to count this as a strength workout. Brandt had to brush all Simba-Lab's loose fur out this morning. I swept the house again, to make sure that all the loose hair is gone, and wow! Any way, so animals are clean, house is clean... Sleep: Little Supers: In bed in time. Fast asleep by lights out time. SuperMom: In bed in time and awake by 5am. Snoozed until after 7am. We are having friends over for a braai today, so of course it started raining, after the weather report said for the last three days that no rain was predicted for today, just cloudy weather. We haven't seen the one couple in almost two years (although hubby and the guy see each other regularly at the one office hubby works at). The other guy is our friend I've mentioned before who went through the divorce last year. Both guys were at school with hubby.
  13. The Sharks are having a good time. How about me? Well, I did my groceries yesterday, and got some fish oil for healthy fats and vitamin D. Right now I remember a dream I had last night...! I was in Internship Town's train station. Huh, I'm gonna visit Internship Town a bit later in the spring. I'll reserve a room in an old villa and visit the library I'm gonna go to the same villa I stayed in last time, their breakfast was superb...! There's been a huuuuuge shift in my mindset this week, all starting from the questions "how do I see myself?" and "what do I want to be like?". Thinking about these things has made me see my possibilities better, and it has made some painful things feel less intense. I've been so focused on what I shouldn't be like or what I should be like that I haven't really had a proper vision of what I want to be like. It's all about taking control of my own life, I guess, and I have a stronger sense of self now. I haven't really had a clear box I could put myself into, since I study so many subjects and I don't know many people like me, and it's made me feel isolated and wrong in many places. Now I'm making my own box! No matter what my box is like, I can always stay calm, positive, brave, kind, intelligent, dorky, trustworthy, and so forth. And I can decide how to see things, and what I do in my life. I have wonderful friends and family, but my inner struggles have made me feel isolated and lonely. I'm gonna try and shine from now on
  14. Today - February 25th 2017 | Horizon Zero Dawn Countdown : 3 days O_O Ana / Scrappy Little Nobody - Weekend. (0 points) Zaria / Strength and Power - Rest. (0 points) Widowmaker / Flexibility and Confidence - Break. (0 points) Mercy / Nutrition and Body Image - It was a date night today! Meaning I got very little fruit and veggies. One banana for dessert. (1 point) D.Va / Gaming and Fun - All the Overwatch! Haha. I miss competitive, but quick play is fun too. (Complete) Mei / Reading and Relaxation - My husband and I finished The People Vs. OJ Simpson. Crazy show. Worth the watch!! Has anyone read Without a Doubt by Marcia Clark or If I Did It by OJ Simpson? I definitely want to check these books out now after watching the show. (Complete) Daily Total: Zaria = 42/40 | Mercy = 39.5/38 | Ana = 16/16 | Widowmaker = 67/70 D.Va = A+ LEGO Marvel Super Heroes = Platinum Ether One = Platinum Mei = A+ The Bane Chronicles = Complete Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography = Complete Scrappy Little Nobody = 54% Lúcio / Positivity - Excited for the weekend. :o)
  15. Thank you!
  16. And I forgot to say this last night, but the key inner struggle of the movie was the main character's fight to be free from his past sins - he wants to turn over a new leaf, reinvent himself, and start doing the right thing; but voices from his past - literally and figuratively - keep trying to convince him that it's hopeless and he can't change himself. It's a very familiar struggle to those of us trying to leave behind our old selves and become someone new. I think you guys will really enjoy it!
  17. WEEK 006 DAY 001 I tried doing yoga this morning. But couldn't find my focus. I was only ten minutes through a simple 35-minute video when I just paused it and did my own reverse Shavasana. I thought I wasn't getting into the vinyasa flow because the heels of my feet never touch the ground during downwards dog. So I looked up another "yoga with Adriene" video about that. I got past the puppy pose and gave up on that too. By that time I heard someone coming home. The stepmom had gone and done a 5k. I knew my morning was mostly spent in corpse pose so I finished the morning maintenance routine, gleaned through the list of potential job sites, and went to work. It was nice to have a break from the monotony of job hunting. My favorite part of the shift was when I got when a poodle gave me a hug. I think the dog's name was Sasha and she had just come from the groomers to get her nails painted pink. She even had matching bows in her fur. Her owner said I must be covered in puppy nip because her dog never gets too excited and enthusiastic around people. I think it's the deep tissue neck massage I gave her. My pupper melts in my lap whenever I give him some TLC. Even my lunch break was nice today. I ate cashews and string cheese and a small chocolate protein shake while I listened to a podcast from "This American Life" called "Grand Gestures." Part one was really great and nostalgic. It was about the grand gestures these teenagers from the high school where footloose was filmed would go through to ask out another person to a school dance. Since they live out in the country they would use farm animals and bad puns. Like someone dropped off two goats to a boys house with a poster that something along the lines of "I'm not KIDDing, I'd love to GOAT to the Sadie dance with you." And someone else left a guy a basket with baby kittens and a message that said: "I'm not KITTEN when I say I want to go to Sadies with a cool CAT like you." (gotta finish this off with some negative criticism cuz who doesn't love that?) I'm reading back through this week's log and I've realized I fell off the horse again. I stopped reading the academy quests. I didn't really post on the NFA social FB group this week. I've failed to do my dailies on habit RPG, but I check them off anyways since I have so many they would kill everyone else in the RPG party since we're in the middle of a daily checklist boss battle. I've been eating whatever I wanted or could get my hands on this week. I took my sisters to eat last night because the folks made last minute plans and we went to taco bell and my sister introduced me to the drug that is cheesy gordita crunch where it's a crunchy and soft tortilla held together with nacho sauce. I posted at the start of this week asking a few questions hoping to get some sort of feedback. It must have gotten buried under the wall of text from that one post. And I've learned something about myself. I suck at self-accountability. And I'm excellent at finding the mistakes and shortcomings. I haven't touched my bullet journal since the start of this challenge. I had dedicated a lot of pages for a lot of things that never went, though. Ever since the D&D session got canceled I chucked the bujo in my closet and stuff just piled on top of it. And I'm more than likely not going to be the DM for the next one because it's not a priority. I'd rather stick to the soul-sucking task that is job hunting. At this point, I'm willing to hit the streets, walk into a company site, ask for the hiring manager, and (lovingly) choke hold them until someone give me a job. X QUEST ONE: badland training (WEEK 2) alternate between strength training and yoga in the mornings and do x4 per week superhero app from six to start for strength and a youtube yoga videos) ✓ QUEST TWO: saving food rations (WEEK 2) Count calories and input water into MFP at least x5 per week X QUEST THREE: Operation Unprocessed (WEEK 2) Have vegetables with every lunch/dinner x5 per week No pasta or fries x5 per week X LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE QUEST: badland bounty hunting (WEEK 2) Send out at least 3 applications
  18. Excellent evening at the gym, met my step, food, and water goals for the third day in a row. Gym was particularly excellent because I introduced my friend to the weights. We had to modify the rows while working on bodyweight level 1B, and we actually did it in the weight area. With the buddy system we were able to get in there with some elbow room and have a productive, satisfying workout. The best part of going to the gym is using the various massage machine things. It's been helping stave off the DOMS and it's positive reinforcement for a job well done. This is going to be a fit summer, methinks!
  19. Competition done and dusted! It was under British Powerlifting, so IPF rules were applied. Squat: 145, 157.5, 165 Bench: 65, 67.5, 70 Deadlift: 155, 165, 170 (center reffing by Joy Nnamani!!) Very pleased with this, especially squats.
  20. Day 14 (!!!) BREAKFAST: Oatmeal, peanut butter, banana ACTIVITY: BBWW, 20 minute walk with the pup LUNCH: Chicken, couscous SNACK: Orange DINNER: 2 slices of pizza Yay for the halfway mark! Another BBWW done, and had a friend over and gamed tonight, and had 2 slices of pizza! It was fun
  21. Hoof. What a day. I set up the budget for the next couple weeks Did the capoeira thing Watched my nephew, then drove him to the next town over to meet up with family for dinner Drove the remaining distance to the other next town over to partake in birthday shenanigans, but had too much anxiety to stay (I think too many people and not enough to directly focus on) And drove all the way home. * Capoeira was fun, but super awkward. I had to override the rock climbers' music choice with my own because capoeira, but the one student who said they would be "just a little late" was 60 minutes late (in a 90 minute class). So I had many moments of feeling like a doofus for commandeering the floor for just myself for an hour, but the practice actually felt pretty good. When she DID show up, we did ANIMAL DRILLS * It super sucked that I had to leave the birthday party early, but the big thing here was that I gave myself a way out, and I took it, rather than trapping myself in a situation I couldn't handle.
  22. minichallenge

    Redcliffe Castle With only one group left to recruit, the Grey Wardens travel to Redcliffe. A horn sounds at the approach of the Warden forces and the gate opens in welcome. You see looks of relief on many faces as you file into the castle for an audience with the king. "Wardens, it is good to see so many of you coming to our aid," the young King Jaron greets you. "I wish I could greet you in happier times, but our need is urgent, so I'll waste no time. We are doing what we can to prepare for the Darkspawn horde, but there is much that still needs to be done." There are four tasks the men of Redcliffe need completed to aid in their preparations: Fortify the Castle - perform Push exercises to dig trenches and build pickets to improve the castle's defenses. Scout the Area - perform Leg exercises to sneak through the surrounding wilderness and locate the Darkspawn forces (Rogues will receive a 10% bonus). Place Wards - perform Core exercises to cast and place warding spells around the castle (Mages will receive a 10% bonus). Drill the Army - perform Pull exercises to train the King's army in proper formation fighting (Warriors will receive a 10% bonus). Each Warden may assist in any or all tasks by logging reps on the Human Task Sheet. Each point earned will provide a bonus during the final battle. You have until Saturday 4March at 11:59PM Eastern to complete preparations!
  23. minichallenge

    Despite the efforts of the Grey Wardens, led by Plitog (37.45 points), there isn't enough time to close the Breach in the Veil and save the elves from it's effects. Perhaps once the Blight is defeated, we can return.
  24. minichallenge

    I'm sorry, my kid got sick last night and I got no sleep, and he's still been sick today, so any exercise has pretty much been out of the question for me today.
  25. Just saw this , congrats on eating the tomato! I was a super picky eater. When I had my son, I realized that I had to change. I still was picky, but not as picky. My son is now grown, and most foods I will eat, might not enjoy all of them, but I will eat them. Just did pretty much what you were doing, pick a food and decide to eat it. A lot of it is mental, and once you start eating more foods, it gets easier. And I learn how to cook them so the textures are better. Still not very crazy about raw mushroom, but if I cook them up and put them in soup, they are o.k. Tomatoes I decided I like ones from my garden. Other than that I don't eat them much.
  26. I had a great weekend! Did the running, ate and drank all the things, and now I feel like I've put on around 50lbs and my belly kinda looks like I'm going full bear again. Today, however is Respawn Day - everyone else here is back to work, I've got all my OU work to catch up on (I've been speaking to too many Muricans recently, I almost called it "schoolwork"...) various other jobs to do, and none of it is going to take care of itself. Already got off to a good start by going for a run - back to proper daily updates this evening!
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