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  2. You tell him he needs kids... so they can come over and do your dishes!!
  3. Not a gif...
  4. There are so many lessons like this I feel I have to keep relearning! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes Ha, she's terrible at catching them so we don't have to worry about the moths. She's very good at catching bees which is why we always tell her "no" and she's such an obedient cat she actually does leave them alone when we tell her to.
  5. So the scale was just as unfriendly as I would have expected. Sitting at 335 which is a recent high and closing in on a weight I havent seen since joining NF. This is roughly 23lbs higher than I was this time last year. I weighed in the 330s back in January with a higher BF% which indicates that I have put on muscle since the last time I was at this weight. Feeling a bit out of control when it comes to weekends and holidays. Usually summer is my go-to weight loss time frame as I love to grill and summer veggies are the best. But being in a city where its so easy to go out and long work hours really don't help my mindset when it comes to getting food out, ignoring my plan, and falling off track. Cheat meals arent really cheat meals...they are more like weeks. I get into a mentality of cheats and I mentally can justify just about any food. Like this challenge alone, I've gotten 5 slices of pizza from work, whether leftover from meetings or from the cafe, as "supplements" to my lunch which is not really a small lunch by any means and my brought lunches are like 90% right on track with my macros. I am great at making plans but mentality has not been there to execute the plan. I think my fitness plan for this challenge is fine but I need to execute to that. That changes now as I am prioritizing my fitness in preparation for my wedding next year. I usually base my fitness goals off events like lifting comps or spartan race so why shouldn't my wedding count as one of these. Nothing will change with regards to this challenge but the background focus is there. I would really like to be sitting at 275 or below by my wedding a year from October. I feel like the logical first step would be to have a goal for the 1 year out mark(Oct 14th). I think its reasonable to be around 310-315lbs in the just less than 3 months until that point so that is goal number 1. Second would be the new year which I would like to be the time I reach sub-300. That is a bit of a smaller goal and leaves a little bit of smidgen room around the holidays. After that its kind of a slow loss until wedding time and too far off to plan for. Goal Schedule October 14th 2017 - 315lbs January 1st 2018 - <300lbs ... October 14th 2018 - <275lbs As for yesterday, I was pretty good for food...minus one of those pesky pieces of pizza which, along with non-prepped breakfast sammich, led to a bit of a high carb balance and 100 cal surplus on the day. Excited to get back into the gym tomorrow. Its 1RM week so tomorrow will be an attempt at a Bench PR. Ive been feeling pretty strong the last few weeks but sluggish coming off vacation so we will see how the bar moves in the morning. Checkboxes! Goal 1 - Figure out nutrition plan ☑ Goal 2 - Track foods every day ☑☑☑☑☐☐☑ ☑☑☐☑☐☐☐ ☑☐☐☐☐☐☐ ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ Goal 3 - Return to workout schedule ☑☑☑ ☑☐☐ ☐☐☐ ☐☐☐ Goal 4 - Track weight ☑☑☑ ☑☐☐ ☑☐☐ ☐☐☐
  6. GAAAH my colleague was driving me crazy today! He keeps torturing me by playing this AWFUL Finnish song over and over an over again. I swear it's equal parts funny and equal parts workspace harassment. Aside from that it was a good day, we even got the whole office to join in for a lunchtime walk. Really lovely, hope we can turn it into more of a habit. After work I had pole class (+5 p), where we worked on Rockstar spin Super man spin Reverse grab => chair spin => invert - Except that I still struggle with the first part. I can't seem to be able to loosen my grip enough to gather the momentum I need. Flying ballerina Gemini => scorpio => handstand - My inner thigh skin is struggling with scorpio atm, it feels like fire! It's getting rather annoying because it prevents me to work on it properly. Shoulder mounts Fun times! Then I went home and did abs (+5 p). This week's video is a cakewalk compared to the torture that was last week! Especially with the awesome soundtrack. Oh and one bonus with losing my wallet, and more specifically my travel card, is that I've started to use the city bikes more! I cycled to and from work both today and yesterday and I DIDN'T DIE! In fact I'm starting to quite enjoy it now that I've figured out what the best way to get to work is and where my station's are etc. It's only 20 minutes each way but it's still a tiny amount of cardio in my life that I didn't used to get.
  7. old fart

    Ha. Hahaha. Haha. The needle they accessed my mom's port with has been in since July 2nd. Apparently it's supposed to be changed every week. Fucking hell. We found this out because we're waiting for her to get a CT scan and she said "I wonder when they're going to change it. I think they're supposed to at some point." So I called her oncology NP and asked about it and the NP's exact reaction was "that hasn't been changed? Oh, dammit!" Nothing bad better come of this or I will rain fire on everyone.
  8. calisthenics

    So my fiancee has expressed interest in taking the two day wilderness survival class with me. However, she couldn't really get time off for dates I initially signed up for. Fortunately, the instructor moved me to the October class allowing her and I to take it together. But... This does mean I cannot complete one of the challenges on my list. Being the "completionist" that I am, I decided I am going to alternate this challenge with another, one that I can still do in the time remaining for this 4-week challenge. Mental Athletics During my excursion throughout South Dakota I spent some time reading the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. The book has a lot of interesting ideas to make you more productive more efficiently. One of the chapters I thought was the most fascinating was a piece about professional Mental Athlete, Daniel Kilov. Daniel specializes in memorization. He is so good at this that if you give him 5 minutes he can memorize the order of a randomly shuffled deck of 52-playing cards. The thing about Daniel though, was that his memory use to no where be near this good. When he was in high school he had horrible memory and did really bad in his academic studies. It wasn't until he started to take a year to intensely train himself in mental athletics did he manage to improve upon his memorization and become a professional mental athlete. His training not only resulted in him having a better memory, but it also had the unintentional side effect of improving his grades. This is due to the fact that he, like most mental athletes, build on an ability non mental athletes typically don't train. In which, "The biggest differences between memory athletes and the rest of us is in a cognitive ability that's not a direct measure of memory at all but of attention". Which basically means that Daniel is able to concentrate and focus on essential information much better than the typical person. Cal goes into more detail on how someone can become a mental athlete and learn to do card memorization, but at the end of the chapter he states that card memorization is not the only way to get into mental athletics. Instead, Cal says the same effect can be achieved by doing activities like productive meditation, practicing guitar, or anything that requires unwavering attention. New Challenge This chapter inspired me to go back and take up guitar and piano. I use to practice these back in my late highschool/early college years but stopped because I started to prioritize other activities in my life ahead of them. Although, it seems that spending a bit of time each day would have a significant long-term benefit towards being more productive. And so, my new challenge is to practice Guitar/Piano 30-45 minutes a day for 10 days. I feel like that block of time would be just enough for me to get it in without it being a significant strain on my schedule.
  9. We could ask the moths how they felt about that cutest thing
  10. *tries to find pattern in sequence* Being bad at high reps (or at least mentally intimidated by them) is one of the reasons I'm chose the program - I figured it would be good to see how I responded to the hypertrophy, and five's will seem much less daunting after all the 10+ work :P. But the meat of powerlifitng is really the low rep work, so while some higher rep work is good for hypertrophy, there's no need to torture yourself by counting to infinity with Juggernaut :P.
  11. new and improving

    Oh no, not the cold/flu! Seems like it's going around (if such a thing can travel by Internet, which seems unlikely). Quite a few people around have been ill in the past week or so. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you're mostly keeping on top of things. I love the idea of posting what you've done in advance, so you have to do it to stay honest. That's awesome. Best of luck with everything! I'm rooting for you!
  12. it's genetic evolution while having as much fun and contentment as you possibly can in the time you're actively involved in the project. boils down to being good to other people and yourself in the long run. na, i don't live by that either. just saying.
  13. That's interesting to hear since I've never done "regular" Juggernaut before! I think the inverted method really requires you to have good speed to get a lot out of it, and I'm just not that powerful (where power = applying force at speed). Mainly it's been a trial cardio-wise. Did you do better on the AMRAP sets the first time you ran the program?
  14. newbie-sortof

    Success!! That's awesome that you've learned some things about yourself. Have you thought about how to avoid being in situations where you'll overeat, or how to prevent yourself from doing it if you do end up in those situations? Damn. That's a lot of liquid calories! The social aspect of eating and drinking is really hard to overcome, I've seen it crop up in a few threads. If you're going to Starbucks for your coffee drinks/tea lattes, in the United States they have a size smaller than "tall" that's not advertised on the menu, called "short." A sweet eight oz. Idk if there's anything similar in other coffee shops (since I haven't had the dubious pleasure of working for them) or in other countries, but maybe consider instituting a size rule for when you go out with friends? My mom always says this about eating breakfast in general. "If I eat breakfast, I'll just be hungry again at lunch, and I'll have eaten more calories!" Unfortunately, a large part of hunger is down to timing. Especially if you eat on a fairly regular schedule, your body will release ghrelin when mealtimes are coming up whether you need to eat or not, and it's pretty tough stuff to resist. Maybe try packing a snack? I'm very fond of a ziplock bag of grapes for this purpose, since they're mostly water and I feel like I can snack on a tremendous number of them without blowing calorie goals. But there are lots of other great snack options out there if grapes aren't your thing. Keep up the good work!
  15. No problem - that's what we're here for! Sometimes it's hard to see how bad things are when you're in the middle of it (metaphorical frog in slowly heating water and all). In the past I've also had to have people tell me to adjust my calorie goal - I'm glad I can pass on that favour. Yeah, IF is usually a 16 hr fast (although I think most recommend that women keep the fast shorter, ~14 hrs), so you're not quite there. But playing around with meal timings and macros might help if you still need to do some troubleshooting to help with your morning energy levels and mood :).
  16. respawn

    Wow, busy week. Don't leave us hanging, what's your favorite beer?
  17. Bitcoin Code Review
  18. Fall countdown clock . . . Ok, so technically I live in Florida, and we don't really have "Fall".
  19. 10 sink push-ups! My arms seem to have recovered from last week excess, finally!
  20. Might I suggest Crunch Fitness Boot Camp: I started using the youtube version, and then bought the video. It does strength & cardio in roughly 1/2 an hour.
  21. Is there anything you've identified that might be getting in your way with reaching any of these goals? A distraction, a mental hangup, a time constraint? If you can figure out what's getting in your way, usually you can come up with a couple of options of things to try to overcome the issue. It's all about setting yourself up for success. For REAL.
  22. I feel like Thor is a bit too heavy-handed to be a goldsmith, but it's important to have dreams, even if you're a thunder god
  23. Oh my gooood Breaking Bad season 5 is tough stuff. Episode "Dead Freight" had such an intense heist scene that watching it was almost painful. I loved it. :'D It's been a good day! After work, I went for a walk and had a cappuccino in a small coffee house. It was nice to sit down and calm down after the work day, and I did some eavesdropping on some older ladies that were talking about their travels in Europe a few decades ago. After that, I walked to get myself some veggies, and after watching Breaking Bad, I wanted to go out and bike. I decided to rest, though, so I baked a protein bread and did some yoga while it was in the oven. My body still screamed that it wanted to go out and bike, so I did T__T I biked around town, which took 50 minutes, and now I'm just chilling. I worked 30 minutes on my thesis this morning, and I might do another 30 minutes before bed time. Food thoughts! Some colleagues returned from their vacation today, and they brought some sweets with them to celebrate. All the sweets were on a kitchen table. Before, I would have thought about them constantly, and sneaked to snack on them all the time. Now I barely remembered them, and was able to focus on working. My mental energy goes to other things than food now. This is great. I'm slowly letting go of the intention of losing weight. I'm eating to stay energized and healthy, and I don't have to wonder if the food I'm eating is going to make me gain weight or lose weight. I can just eat until I'm full. This is also great.
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