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  2. Solid progress on the PRs. I know lifting exercises aren't exactly the best way to build your MetCon, but learning to pace yourself during lifts sure is important.
  3. Looks like you passed out on the grass in workout clothes. I'd say it's a pass
  4. Those sound like some awesome goals. I commute to work by bike as well. My commute is so short (2 miles) that I take the long way home. Both the old houses were 6 miles. If you don't mind me asking, how far is your commute.
  5. Rolled 51: pigeon pose, head down. I'm not sure I nailed the miserableness, I tried to get the miserable apartment block car park in the background. I did this after a really crappy run, so I certainly felt miserable!
  6. Music tastes may differ, but let me help you with that
  7. GASP, what an abuse of kettlebells! And surprisingly lightweight. Do you even lift, igloo?
  8. Here for the ride Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hiking is a totally legit goal as a warrior! There are at least two of us (me included) that have hiking goals but also lift. It's ALMOST more popular to lift and hike at this point than it is to not. Almost. There are also a couple of cool cats who lifts and then run outdoors.
  10. Continued creeping on a kindred kettlebell cultist (with bonus alliteration) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I forgot to mention that I have experience with the laying on the ass phenomenon, not from surgery, but from a major accident. i have every utmost confidence you will be back in the swing of things soon. When do the docs say you can be more vertical again?
  12. I think that difference is called "intensity"
  13. Yay, walking in the woods, that is the best! I was going to go to the gym and treadmill jog today but you might have just reminded me that maybe I should head outdoors for this, even if it is on the paved flat trail, not on the hiking trail. This is the joy of challenges, inspiring each other! Please send apricots this way! Also, an inspiration for me to eat some of the prunes I have in the cupboard. Also, Bob Ross is better than a sleeping pill, so wonderful.
  14. Use that photo as motivation, not as something to bring you down. Sneaking in exercise has worked for you in the past and Nerdhammer should help with motivation for that.
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  16. Was is successful? Tell me your thoughts.
  17. Thank you both. Much love for being worried about me. I think I'm okay. I got a full night's sleep last night, about 8 hours. I woke up with a slight headache and my neck hurt a bit. But I took a detox bath (hot water, epsom salt, ginger powder, and tea tree oil) and soaked for like 20 minutes. Then I drained the tub and took a cold shower to rinse off and try to perk myself up a bit. The headache is still there, but I don't feel as exhausted as I have the past few days. I think I can do this. I open at work today, so maybe it will be an easy shift.
  18. The final day of zero week and it went ok had a bit of a sleep-in (despite the meanie-cat waking me up so I would feed him, I went back to sleep after), then got up and cleaned before people arrived for DnD, we played the second half of the epic zombie-fight and killed all 900zombies and 50 ghouls. Mr and I then went for a walk to get the steps up, finished at the grocery store to get some stuff to make dinners, they had rotisserie chickens for almost half price so we bought 2 and I chopped and divvied them into quarters ready to take for lunches or dinners, we also made a big batch of chilli for dinner tomorrow and maybe have some leftovers. Now we're watching some myth busters then I'll head to bed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. This just in, exactly why I'm never moving to Florida!
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  21. why don't I think this will work very well? Hahahaha! And I must say, that this challenge has really been helping. Even though it is supposed to be funny, I'm having tangible (ewwwww) benefits. lololol @Emerald_Dragonfly went through this just recently. haha! I made that pork green chile this week and I was a green machine.
  22. Finally sat down and scheduled the first three blog posts about my travels. I have two more written that I'll probably schedule after I get to Italy.
  23. Captain’s Log: Stardate 0.6 Building a Log Cabin Water: missed the boat on this one. weekends are hard. I have no idea how much water I drank. I didn't even pay attention. But we are planning a board game and pizza date night tonight, so keeping on top of my water today would be a good idea. Fiber: High fiber food of the day: a low fiber day. i ate like crap because I didn't feel like cooking. And instead of ordering a salad when we went out to eat before going to see Dave Chapelle (amazing!) I had a turkey pita and french fries. Only 27g total. I'm not sure how I can squeeze in a lot of fiber today unless I have a bunch of peas with my eggs this morning. Or if for some strange reason we both decide we should have the lentil shepards pie that I have planned for the next dinner I actually cook. Cardio: none, liftin' day Calories: 2165 (despite that salty high calorie day yesterday, I still woke up the same/0.2# lighter this morning) I went to my local gym and they hadn't finished putting together the new equipment yet, or rather had barely started. Everything was in piles on the floor. But I had my bands with me, so I went into the fitness classroom and did: Saturday Local Gym Workout 3x circuit walking lunges planks banded lateral walks bird dog 4 sets of knee banded bodyweight squats 4x super set of clamshells dead bugs Living that Cabin Life Gardening: After my workout I rested my sore glutes and then I went outside to space out my beets and kholrabi. Before this they were in packed little rows. I'm trying a new thing where instead of just thinning out the rows, I dug them all up and replanted them using alternating spacing. The better method would be to start them indoors and then plant outside spaced properly. But I have low light in my house and I don't want to pay the electric bill for plant lights. So it's much cheaper to start all my seeds outdoors and then either thin or re-space. This didn't take me any longer than planting them from seeds I started indoors and were easier to keep watered in the bed. Next year I plan to try the square foot gardening method so that maybe I won't have to do this step. Kholrabi Before & After: They will look less beat up in a couple of days. The beets after picture is more photogenic, but I won't bombard you with gardening pics!
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  25. Captain’s Log: Stardate 0.5 (Friday, if you haven't figured out the stardates yet) Building a Log Cabin Water: done and done Fiber: High fiber food of the day: peas & avocado Total Fiber: 44g Cardio: hiked for 3.2 miles. I meant it to be a light hike but I had forgotten how long certain parts of the route were and didn't check how far we had gone until we had gotten to the half way point. oops. but it didn't feel as hard as last time, so I am looking forward to a longer one soon. Calories: 1928 Living that Cabin Life Outdoor Cardio: Entrance to the park before you get to the hiking trails: (I have a pic of me on the trail on my Instagram, message me for my IG if we do not already follow each other.)
  26. Monaco Grand Prix 2017 Live Stream
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