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  2. Oof that sounded like a stressful time! I don't have much advice but I wanted to say you aren't alone! I hope things ease and improve for you.
  3. Sounds like you're really having a great time at Magic! That's exciting!!
  4. yes ! You were defo right rookie i actually set out my intention after posting in here, I wrote almost 1000 words today of pretty good stuff I think pleased with myself for getting through it i have some Paulo Freire theory to write about which will take it to the 4000 word could max then I can look over, review and edit and add references feel much better about things now have money in on 6th June and 13th June they are confirmed income - hope to sell prints maybe before that just need to stop being lax with spending and budget till then Thanks rookie for your support xx
  5. Welcome back! I'm also someone who has returned after some time away. Wishing you success with your goals!
  6. I can't believe no one has posted this, but it was the first thing I thought of when you said "sexy getting ready song" because it's literally the title.
  7. Sad to see you leave FL I always enjoy reading about your days look after yourself and see you soon xx
  8. Ok, made me laugh. Thank you for that. Cheering you on for MeetUps and Magic!
  9. WHOA, those are some awesome and impressive goals! I too had to walk a path of forgiveness. It wasn’t easy, but it’s easily the best thing I ever did. Looking forward to cheering you on.
  10. Tuesday Update Food was okay, I think. I had a dinner that was impossible to track, but I was pretty reasonable about it, so I probably came in about right. I got some deadlifts done, 3x5@230#. Good times.
  11. lovely heroes! fearless takes some time off now. I will care well for myself and recover from the upheavals of the last days. Its not the time now to level up right now. I need sun and hugs and less bubbly and cigarettes, good friends, cute dogs and good books. So Ill drop out of this challenge for now. will be back, I am trained very well to overcome obstacles and hard times. See you all next challenge!
  12. This reminds me of the line that "kinky" is using a feather, while "perverted" is using the whole chicken.
  13. Week 2 Day 3 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Journal Written Plan & Review Emotive Writing Exercise Meditation Walking Strength Yoga Assassin Style Bonus "Hrm," said Vetinari. It was not a reassuring sound. He steepled his fingers and continued to gaze at Sara without expression. She cleared her throat nervously. "I think often about the nature of empires, Miss Kingdom," he said. "About the stability of the state. About, as it were, the viability of kingdoms. Something in which you share my interest, I have no doubt. And what I think about, Miss Kingdom, is that the health of the state relies first and foremost on information. The most information. The fastest information. The right information. It is on matters such as these that great empires rise and fall." He leaned back in his chair and looked thoughtful. "I wonder sometimes why it is we call the acquisition of this information 'intelligence', when a moment's thought tells us they are not the same at all. The world is rife with educated clods, and there is no small number of uninformed geniuses. One might suppose it takes intelligence to gather, but I find that generally a combination of low cunning and sheer luck suffice, or even excel. The best explanation I can reach is that it is intelligence that tells us what to collect and intelligence that guides how we act on it, at least in the ideal case. A statement of aspiration rather than, ahem, fact." "Yes, sir," said Sara. Would a map to this conversation be too much to ask? Surely not, given this eulogy to information. But that was another thing the Patrician knew about information, wasn't it? How to withhold it. "You are not an entirely unskilled analyst," continued Vetinari. "Nor, indeed, collector, though I concede there are some temperamental excesses to be reined in there. I wonder if we have not adequately explored this." A trickle of apprehension crawled down Sara's spine. "You may return to your office, Miss Kingdom," said the Patrician. "Your assignment awaits. Do not let me detain you." Sara fled.
  14. I had so much spinach in the bag that I ended up spending most of the quinoa cooking time just getting the spinach sorted for storage, so I let the quinoa rest and stripped a few stalks of kale and added some torn up spinach to make the base of a salad. I added chopped scallions and radishes from this week, and cucumber, celery and carrots from what I had on hand. I also had a lemon that desperately needed to be used, and some gorgeous garlic that is starting to sprout, so Lemon Herb Balsamic Vinaigrette it is! I also set a loaf of bread to bake (it will be ready in a couple hours). There is some sort of weird leak in my fridge. I can’t figure out where the random water is coming from — a coating all over the top shelf, but there’s nothing on that shelf that leaks, or is thawing, or anything. Do freezers sometimes do this? Is that a thing? Anyway, it’s irksome. I put a generous scoop of red quinoa in a bowl, covered it with another generous scoop of spinach-kale with vegetables, and drizzled a heartfelt amount of the dressing over the whole thing. It’s really good.
  15. Prologue Challenge! Continue Morning Routine until the next 5 Week Challenge begins. Continue the Huel+1000 Diet until the end of the 28 days (but will incorporate Academy Nutrition principles when I come to those Modules). Keep Up Bodyweight Fitness now that Push-Up Challenge is complete. Plus: The 12 days of Self-Care (May have to take a break from this while away depending on what the challenges are for those days).
  16. Hello there.... Welcome to the logs of my journey for a better today, every day. ---------------- This page a work in progress----------------- Life Goals (no fixed end date at present): Buy a campervan. Financial Stability. Become a Hadzi like granddad Forgive my parents. Complete the Athens Marathon 2022 Aims: Go to Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival (July) Decide whether to continue with Environmental Science or move over to the Master of Engineering (By July) Complete at least one event - running or swimming... or both. Continue 'No Amazon Deliveries Pact' for whole year ......... May Goals: Get Car MOT Sorted (ASAP) - booked for Monday 23rd Finish Final Assignment for this module - Due Tuesday 24th Go to theme park even though it will be packed because of school holidays Continue Morning Routine streak every day in May Arrange to see Nan in June. Finish 'Report to Greco' (By June 2nd)
  17. Would love to read of you have any particular technique for working on your upper back by yourself. Any tools? Just hands?
  18. Today
  19. Just keep showing up. That's really all you can do. Fortunately, that's all you need to do.
  20. Finally caught up - I loved reading your race report, sounds like a blast!! What videos are you using for your drawings? I'm impressed with how bold your strokes are! I did a life drawing challenge with @Harriet two (?) years ago and found it really, really difficult.
  21. Yup! I see no long term side effects for that at all
  22. Update time! Monday long day. Work. Slept forever yet still tired. Didn't do anything. Tuesday more work. I got my parcel with loads of pole goodies so I spent the evening trying everything on, as one does. At one point I was deciding on one pair of shoes, and walking around the flat felt utterly hilarious. I'm almost 2 m (!) in them and all furniture is comically tiny! While trying out my slutty pole wear I got called into an impromptu chat with my PM. I pretty much always have video on (helps me focus) and this was no exception so I was sitting there in my most professional outfit to date LOL. We spent about 1.5 hour chit chatting about random crap, and then half an hour discussing one of my team members who we're about to fire. It's the right decision from a business perspective, but man does it suck knowing him as a human, you know. A human who's just bought a house and has a bunch of life stuff going on... I feel a bit bad, but also not, and then I feel bad about being so callous, but also not... I do find it cute though when he (the PM) gives me little "first-time-manager" speeches to make me feel better about things. I most certainly do NOT see him as a great manager role model, but I really appreciate him taking the time you know. I've been largely unsupervised for most of my career, for various reasons, so it feels a bit different, and surprisingly nice I have to say. Today was really chill as I went to the office. Office days are always way more chit chat and way less work. Plus I have to leave early for pole class. Class vibes were on point today! On Wednesdays I do back to back lessons, first a heels choreo class and then a tech class. I'm finding that the more my strength comes back the MORE wrecked I'm becoming since I can do more volume. Love it though. I also realized that my hatred of spin pole might've magically disappeared?? I used to get instantly nauseated but for some reason I haven't been lately. But it's not like I built up tolerance through exposure, we only occasionally use it. Curious. Anyways, lately in classes I've mostly found it just alright, but today we did this marley move and I found it legit fun on spin. Who would've thunk? It's nice to feel that my comfort with the pole and my strength is finally coming back. My friend was trying pull-ups at the office so I decided to test as well - lo and behold I managed almost 2! It's been a whiiile. And I haven't lost any weight recently either so it must mean I'm actually getting back my strength. Yay! Challenge wise I'm doing great at my goal of not starting work before 10. But this week so far I've no resistance fight in me. Just one more day until the weekend though!
  23. Yesterday was all plant based, but I skipped gardening or any other exercise because I slept in a bit... still catching up from the Sat-Sun lack of sleep. Today I did the NF BKB workout with a 10 lbs plate and only BW on the squats and lunges. It was just about right. I got all the reps and sets. Each circuit left me winded and a little sweatier than the last one. I will be a little sore in the next two days... just right for a workout. Wednesday is $2.00 tacos at the taqueria just around the corner from where I work. What better workout recovery food is there than tacos al pastor... ehh? So that might distract me from staying plant based today.
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