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  2. The Assassin's Den

    I found it hard to answer my survey "well", because one of the main two things I am doing this challenge is "trying a little bit of everything"/"getting involved in what others are doing and trying to keep up". I marked myself for cardio and cooking, but I suspect my challenge will really drift me across all or at least most of the lines...
  3. Mike Wazowski: A Different Kind of Healthy

    I *promise* at some point I'll respond to everything, but drive-by update for now: Morning Qi Gong isn't consistent, but I did 1-2 breaths in the shower this morning when I felt myself dwelling on mistakes of the past day (specifically, a less than great handling of conflict with a fellow dance teacher, and an angry text I got from my now-ex dance partner - it appears she's upset about when I first started looking on dance partner search groups on FB vs. when I called her to officially break up the partnership - lesson learned for next time, I suppose, but nothing I really can or should do now - I will send her a quick note this weekend after she's cooled off to explain that my logging on there was part of larger turmoil / swirl in which I considered everything from completely leaving Dallas behind and moving to New York to completely quitting dance - who knows how well it'll work, but at least it'll completely give me peace that I communicated all the context information I should) Reflection at the end of the day isn't exactly happening, but it's not exactly not happening either - I'm at least thinking a little on it even if I don't do a full run-through of my day. I've been prioritizing sleep over working out; there's a part of me that still feels weird about this, but I *know* it's what I need to do in the long run Had first tryout yesterday evening - the dancing and working together felt great but there's a concern about longevity as she's looking to move away within the next year - sadly it won't work as a partnership unless that changes. In talks with another in-town potential, TBD when that'll happen. Gotta remind myself this is a very long process, potentially.
  4. Darkfoxx 45: I'm Home ... For Now

    Following along! Sounds like a lot of awesome up in here Although I'm a little sad to lose my keto buddy...
  5. Snarky is Kind to Herself

    Proud of you! That's a great stress reliever. You are a tower of strength. Keep building!
  6. Vibrantella Springs Into Action

    Insight Timer for the win. I used to really focus on streaks and maintaining counters, but I realized it was adding to my anxiety to "be perfect" at Insight Timer. Thus defeating the purpose. I'm the kind of druid who needs to focus on "moderation in all things" as my mantra. How's it been going since Monday?
  7. Hiroro Prepares for 13.1

    Congrats on the weightloss! You're doing amazing! I love hearing about the reduction in alcohol usage too - I think it's a great sign that you're feeling able to move away from it Can't wait to hear how all the wedding prep goes!
  8. [MaD MaLKaV] sets himself up for success!

    I think it is also in our human nature to not want to do the work of a human though. It's a shared part of our human existence that makes that quote so poignant. It is a bit of a metaphor for the weight-loss/strength/health journey too. Letting the "what I want right now" outweigh the "what I really want" is a constant human struggle for me. I want to reach my fitness and yoga goals, but I also want to make myself feel better with food. It takes will-power, discipline, radical self-love, and a solid plan to overcome that "right now" urge. We can do this!!
  9. In space, no one can hear Plazmotic scream

    Sorry you've been feeling sick! *hug* Being sick with those medications sounds like a nightmare. ...I think a pregnant friend once told me she couldn't eat bacon too. I just about cried for her at that!
  10. Fonzico Battles On

    I really don't think that's the case - it happens on days that I eat anywhere from 1-3 meals, and even after being high cal for a couple days in a row. I'm definitely not hungry when I'm doing this, I just can't stop eating even though I want to :/ One weird thing I noticed though is that it was often happening after I had a mango-flavoured club soda. It seems very strange that that would set me off, and I'd be sad to give them up... but it's the only correlation I've come up with so far!
  11. RememberYourPromises Respawn!

    Let’s see an update! How are your quests going?
  12. Vincit qui se vincit

    Update? Have you been keeping up with your stretching and fruit?
  13. When I hike I ALWAYS get my period.

    At the office I work, we're all around the same cycle. So when one hits, she warns everyone. XD My friend and boss, and another supervisor will start, and then two days later I start. Lots of starbucks goes around during that time. XD
  14. Xena: A Mermaid, Vikings and uhh Legos??

    So much fun going on in here! Definitely following!
  15. My First 4 week Challenge

    How’s the ballroom dancing coming along? Gotten any practice in this week?
  16. The Search for the Doctor

    Zomg, I missed the Monday posts and thought this was over until the next next challenge or something. Questions: Can I count workouts I am also counting for other minis, if they happen to overlap with this challenge's tasks? (Since Monday I have spent 305 minutes on an elliptical trainer, woohoo) Which activities, specifically, are Delta 3 activities?
  17. Evicious: Defiant

    Yeah Evi! Kicking up the mileage and taking names! You boss, you.
  18. And so it begins.

    Attended any Aikido this week yet?
  19. Fonzico Battles On

    Found you!
  20. Emerald Eagle eats meat and vegetables

    Following! Mostly for the meat and veggies
  21. therealkat :: Welcome to Night Vale

    I do that too sometimes. Annoying. I think one of the reasons I do it is when I am being too strict with myself, either too low on calories, or too many food rules.
  22. [StarlordPhoenix] The Paradox Paradigm

    I read it last week--my feelings about it were very similar to yours overall. I definitely agree with this. I've read books many books on walking, and indeed one on writers-who-walked or walking and the creative process, so it wasn't -ahem- treading new ground for me. That said, fun books on the wonder of walking always makes me want to get my shoes on and out the door, and it did leave me wishing there really was a Wander Society or something like it, ha ha. (My suspension of disbelief was popped when she talked about the London Perambulator being spotted in NYC.) But I'm not up for creating secret societies right now. (... or am I?)
  23. Eirlys Return

    Tell me about nettle tea! Is there a Nerd Fitness article or is this your own research? Cheering for you!
  24. JonFirestar, Race Season Begins!

    I SO hear you on the financial panic. The two weddings hubs and I are in over the next couple months are causing a real strain... It'll get sorted over the next bit though. Keeeeeep calm. Weekends are my bane too. Just gotta dial it in a bit, eh? We can do this!
  25. Help Echo get back on track

    that's a tough one. Upsetting things are upsetting. On a good day, I try to ask myself why I'm getting upset. Most of the time it's either because I had an expectation that isn't being met, or I'm reacting out of fear. Often thinking it through helps me to calm down and deal with the real issue. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you!
  26. Elastigirl/Shuri; Smiles, Strength and Sass

    Truth. Also: Following!
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