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  2. Hello fellow rebels, As the title suggests this isn't my first four week challenge, albeit it will be the first one that I will succeed at. So my name is Mallorey, and here are my goals: The First Labour: A FRIEND OF MORPHEUS Improve Sleep Quality Track sleeping pattern and take measures to keep it consistent. Limit screentime before bed (with the exceptions of video-calls with my love) The Second Labour: KING MIDAS AND HIS GOLDEN TOUCH Learn Better Money Management Skills Track spending and be feel confident to create a budget at the end of the challenge. Put €150 in savings over the course of the month. The Third Labour: THE GOLDEN APPLES OF THE HESPERIDES Eat Better Track what I eat. Cook at least 3 healthy homemade meals per week. The Forth Labour: THE TRAINING OF HERACLES Improve Physical Fitness and Strength Get in a solid 4 work outs in a week. Perfect my form for the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. Learn the basics of barbell training. Bonus Labour: JOURNEY INTO THE UNDERWORLD Stretch out of my Comfort Zone Have one totally new experience a week Tell me what you guys think. I know it might seem like a lot but other than the conscious tracking of my habits; most is stuff that I've been progressively doing over the last few weeks pretty consistently. I'm going to write a bit more of a flavourful description of each of my labours as soon as I have time! Thanks everyone!
  3. Spezzy Focuses

    I realized I forgot to answer the question on how many events there could be in strongman. And the answer is basically unlimited. And every comp can do whatever events they want. A lot are similar enough that once you sign up for a competition, you can work specifically on those events, but some of the most common are: Loading: Atlas stones, keg loading, sandbag loading Flipping: tires, fingal's fingers Throwing: keg toss, caber toss Pulling: deadlifts and every variation you can think of - deadlift, axle bar deadlift, tire deadlifts (basically a shorted ROM deadlift), car deadlifts Squats: car squats, squats (not often but they show up) Clean and Jerk type things: log clean and jerk, axle clean and jerk, circus dumbbell Carries: Yoke walks, farmer's walks, sandbag carries, husafel stone Random other: truck pulls, grip events (like hercules hold), Conan's Wheel sooooo yeah there's a lot basically if it's an odd shaped object (aka not a barbell) and it can be flipped, carried, or thrown overhead, you'll find it in strongman
  4. Holo-Log - Jedi Physical Preparation

    Wednesday 18 Oct 17 Physical Training AM I can't really remember what I did here (I am recording it the Saturday after), but it was weight lifting with Ryan and i'm 90% certain it was the following: - Incline DB Bench Press - 5x8 at 25kg - Bench Press - 8x60, 8x70, 8x80 - Cable machine stuff. Pulling arms together like a 'peck-deck'. 3x10 at 12.5kg each arm - Tricep extensions on the smith machine - low bar - 3x10 Simple/Sinister KB Swings. Sets of 10 - 24R, 24L, 24R, 24L, 24R, 24L, 24R, 24L, 24R, 24L - 04:46 Followed by a good group PT stretch and rolling session.
  5. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Following~ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Holo-Log - Jedi Physical Preparation

    Tuesday 17 Oct 17 Physical Training AM Started training with Ryan Mitchell early, before course PT. Hitting the gym at 0600 h - mixing his weight lifting with my GST stuff. - Push-ups and iM (4kg) - 5x23 (Kaizen - 1st set was 24 reps) - Upright rows superset with DB front raises - Upright Row - 10x25kg, 10x30kg, 10x35kg - DB front raises - 10x12.5kg - RC PE2 and iM - 5 x 9 (Kaizen - nil) - used a smith machine. Rings are in a different part of the gym to where I was working (as I discovered afterwards) - HBP PE3 and iM (3kg) - 5 x 8 (Kaizen - nil) then group PT. Stores carry / run, followed by obstacle course moving the stores through. Mostly a team building activity - not very taxing (although it was for some. Broad levels of fitness on the course)
  7. Salinger's sixth challenge!

    I am obese too. Ive lost weight but the harsh reality is that I’m still obese. Ive only just managed to drop the morbidly part. Only a year ago I shuffled onto a treadmill and decided I wanted to run. I was very much morbidly obese when I did that. I was morbidly obese when I ran my first 10k race and when I ran my first OCR. That is not a reason. It’s an excuse for not trying . I’ve spent the last decade making it. I’m not saying that it won’t take hard work. I’m saying that you can do it if you want it.
  8. The last challenge went well but there is I need some more work to continue on my journey. I don't have a good theme this but maybe I will find one before this starts. 1. Karate complexes - 3 times a week The kicking complexes do work well for me but I have to do them in order to get the benefits. On top of the kicking complexes, I plan to do katas on those days also aiming for 40 katas a week. I am also coming up with some stance training complexes that I will add to the mix once I figure out how to do them. 2. Circuit training - 2 times per week This time around, I am going to do some sort of strength training two times a week. It can be the inhumane burpee, a kettlebell workout or some form of strength work. 3. Active rest - 2 times a week What I have found in the past challenges is that near the start of week three, my training starts to fall off. I seem to be losing my motivation and my body is just tired. To fix this, I am planing on two days of active rest which will include stretching and mobility work. I have a lot of choices to choose from so this should be a fresh way to do something useful but not drain me like the full out training that I was doing six or more days each week. Teaching Karate might also count as an active rest day, since I am not really training but I am moving around. Extra credit - Write 500 words per week This is one of the things that I have to get back into. The last two challenges showed a little glimmer of hope but now it's time to get real.
  9. Spezzy Focuses

    Following! Relating to this super hard right now ... Yep, that is my 100% favorite new thing! Some days 10 minutes or even 15 is NO PROB, and some days I can just barely manage the 5, so best change they ever made! Sounds like a Really Good Plan, too!
  10. Avalanche: Barrett's Resistance

    Thanks! For my goal, I just create a quick 5-minute Google Sheet and print it off. This time around it just has all 28 days on the left side, the targets I'm trying to hit at the top, then off to the right I list my frequencies so it's visible if I'm about to fall short. Plus with money on it, it really works.
  11. Holo-Log - Jedi Physical Preparation

    Monday 16 Oct 17 No training today. Headed to course early, and the course turned out to be far busier than expect.
  12. Jlailin's Balancing Act

    I can't decide if that sounds delicious or just kind of weird...
  13. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Growing and Fighting Zombies

    I hope you're having a good time with your FIL! Also Youngest is super cute. <3
  14. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Heeeey, I've been to that festival and tried that ice cream, too! That was a really weird day, I was driving god knows where with my aunt and we just ended up at the Garlic Festival somehow...
  15. (Annyshay) Book One: Ice

    Listening to music in the dark.
  16. Salinger's sixth challenge!

    Feels like there is a bit reason....the fact im morbidly obese!!!!! Still raining outside, windy as hell, cold...ive just watched IT finally @Wild Wolf !!! SO GOOD. The bit in with the projector made me jump like crazy ahhaha and the kids were amazing, so brilliantly acted. Started feeling kinda down, craving some booze, hating myself. But im just trying to get through the night. I should be grateful im not homeless, its horrible out there. And tomorrow will be nice, football and cooking. Would just feel better with £30 in my bank account. So i could get the bus to the gym in the week. I know how it helps me mentally. Ive been slack with my meds, need to ensure i take them on time every day. Still not chosen a book....!!!!
  17. The Assassin's Den

    Veal-stuffed peppers for me, slow cooker style, yummmmmyyyyy!
  18. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    Day 69 Running/sprints day. Quite good. Weather was nice and the country looked all beautiful after these rainy days. Today I didn't need to rest after my third sprint and could keep on walking up the hills to the top without stopping. Tried to go faster when running downhill and it worked. Once at home, I repeated the yoga session to help my legs stretch. Took a nice meal after training and prepared one of my favourite dishes for dinner. Chose the first poem I want to memorize: Romance de la Luna, Luna.
  19. The Kettlebell Game

    Encore un fois (96 points) = 1410 + 96 = 1506 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Total Recall (Complete a Kettlebell routine every day for 2 weeks)
  20. The Assassin's Den

    Dropping by to announce my presence. Can't be sneaky around these parts.
  21. Kevin is Back with the Warriors

    Love the goals. Little bit jelly, matter of fact. I'm on a fat-burner (yeah, "cut", whatever) phase right now, so I can't eat enough to hypertroph properly. And I love the effects of creatine but it makes me kinda bloaty. Next challenge, though, I'll be right there with ya on those ones <cheers muscle growth emphatically from sidelines, nibbles carrot stick> Oh, and - good luck with the coffee thing. That's a tough one, but you got this!
  22. The Assassin's Den

    I just made baked corn and pineapple wrapped in bacon!
  23. (Annyshay) Book One: Ice

    Reading, definitely. Sometimes walking in the woods+reading. Seeing something wrong and choosing to say something seems like the right thing to do. It takes a lot of bravery though! Definite parallels with what's going on in the media right now with #metoo. Yes!
  24. Hey I'm new how's it going

    Greetings, and welcome.
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  26. To get things started off in a right direction, today I researched my local hiking options. I love hiking...when it's not a billion-and-one degrees out. Well guess what! It's that time of year when it's NOT a billion-and-one! Almost, but not quite. So this winter I'm going to hike. In that vein, here is my repository of local (and some non-local-but-I-love-the-area) hiking maps. Maricopa Park Maps Sedona Hiking Maps List #1 Sedona Hiking Maps List #2 Now I have even less excuses. I've already bought an Annual Red Rock Pass for hiking in Sedona, now I might even buy an annual Maricopa Parks Pass so that I have even more incentive to get out there and make good use of my money. (I've been reading more Nerd Fitness Academy articles. It's been helping!) I believe my first hike outing will be to the mountains right next door, the white tanks, so here's my: Map to the White Tank Mountains Trails Now for me to get out there and hike!
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