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  3. Kyellan

    Kyellan's Life is Ruined (in the nicest way)

    It seems only fitting that I would start this last challenge mired in a chest cold of epic proportions. They say everything's bigger in Texas--didn't know that also applies to the germs! I actually spent all of Saturday in bed, mostly asleep. It helped, but I hope this nasty cough doesn't stick around. Wife's got it too, and on top of her being 36 weeks pregnant AND with asthma, she's pretty miserable. Hoping her doc can do something for her at our check-in today. T-minus 18 days!
  4. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Keep trying

    I am back, sorry for the absence. Life got weird and then I managed to take almost 2 days off.... I know, its crazy. Here is the break down of the last few days. Thursday went really well actually. So big thing here was I got stuck at work. I finished up, with about 45 minutes before I had to get Eldest Agent. The problem is, had I driven home, I would have had to turn around and drive literally 5 minutes away from my office. Instead I packed my stuff up, and I went for a 2 mile walk around campus. it was a good walk and I felt good. I walked part of the route we would be taking for our 5K on Saturday. I got all 30 points, but I didn't finish my study guide for the midterm like I meant to, but had planned to get up early. Friday, I was suppose to get up early and study. Parent teacher conference for one, Had to address some of the issues Youngest Agent was having with other people, then off to the 6 parent teacher conferences for the other Agent (this took about 4 hours). And I had to work, so we got that done. Then we got home, and it was less then 10 minutes before one of Eldest Agent's friends stop by. This whole time, I am trying to prepare for my midterm. I let the kids have a bit and then took the 3 hour midterm. Not sure how it went. After however, I was so keyed up at 8 pm that all I could do was the "I bet I got that wrong, and that and that." I am hoping to see a grade on this today. However, I ate dinner after Eldest Agent and Hubby got me settled a bit and went to bed. This was a very stressful day. I was so emotionally drained since I hate parent teacher conferences since we have had more than our fair share of "Okay, so we need to talk about." By the time I got settled, I was just spent. I knew all of this was happening so I planned Friday as a "no challenge" day since my brain just wouldn't of handled it. That being said, I still got like 17.5 pts. Saturday, we got up a bit later than we meant to and had to rush to the 5K. Youngest agent and I did okay. This is a timed run 5K. Well, we haven't really ever run it. However, we walked and the best part here is... WE WEREN'T the last ones. Generally, I am the one with the car right behind me as I cross the finish line. I have not seen my official time, but it was about 55 minutes. I know that doesn't sound as fast for some of the runners, but for a walker, that's a good 17 minutes mile. This may be a PR for the 2 of us. After that, we had some errrands to run, then lunch and then came home and again were home like 5 minutes before extra kids appeared. However, Hubby cleared them off the video games and said "you have no homework, take the rest of the day and relax" so what was suppose to be like an hour of video games became most of the day. I did hit my 10,500 and went to bed a bit early. Again a planned "no challenge" day since we decided it was a "day off" Sunday was another up and RUN day. we had to get to the grocery store, come back put food away, go back out and get cat food and meet family for a lunch out. Do another errand and then we came back. I got the plants finally in homes. The trees got bigger than usual this year and we had to come up with all new places for them to hang out. Then I had to repot a few things that were just not okay in their pots anymore. I also checked and no one had posted any homework yet. Thing is, we have family coming in Friday so I was planning on spending Sunday getting ahead... It never happened. So a bit more video games and an early to bed happened. This should have been a challenge day, but I just didn't. I was so thrown off by the fact nothing was posted, I honestly couldn't really get my brain to function on anything else. I did go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep. I had a hard time getting my head to shut up. I am hoping someone posts something today so I can stop flipping out. I mean I have a houseful starting on Friday with Chosen family and one class has homework due Saturday night. Ugh.. Here is to hoping I can figure out what my week looks like. Oh and they grade my midterm since I am really afraid I bombed it. So yeah, I took a day off mostly. I am still tired and I kinda wish I had done more this weekend, but its done so time to go from here.
  5. Echoceanic

    JonFirestar: The Return of the Challenge of the Living Dead

    Glad you found the challenge to strive for! Also, you managed to convey the fun as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Weekend update consists mainly of binge playing Deponia (yes it's another point and click game) On Saturday I went for a morning swim followed by climbing. Unfortunately I got carried away even on the simple vertical stuff, and now my elbow is quite sore again. I'm at a stage where it's really, really easy to overdo it. I tried quite hard to remember to not do anything stupid*, but at this point it doesn't hurt enough to prevent me from instinctively doing moves which I shouldn't do. It only hurts as an angry reminder after the fact. Oh well. *Tried to. I'll admit there was one climb with a teeny tiny jumpy thingy which I really wanted to do. It was probably not my brightest idea but it was fun and it didn't yank my elbow *that* much. To be fair, the accidental lock-offs were a lot worse. Other than that I've done a little bit of flow, some long walks and spent some time drawing. On one hand I'm quite enjoying not being wrecked all the time and spending time on these "soft" movements and activities, on the other hand I do also miss training hard! I'm hoping that with this reset I'll be able to gradually increase my training load to some sensible levels that I can manage on a more consistent basis. It probably won't happen, but I can still hope. Flow 3/22 Recipes 1/10 Drawing +some more/?
  7. Tobbe

    Countess D'If - Battle Log of Awesomeness!

    The suspense is killing me! How did it go? Did you do the things?
  8. Lady Amezan

    I guess I'm a Druid...?

    Hi, Grayson! Great to see a familiar face here. I still haven't managed to write my goals in your super-cool "I'm a .... " format, but you've inspired me to talk to myself that way sometimes. I hope you can keep going through the business trip. I get easily thrown off by trips and changes to routine. Hopefully the structure of the 4WC will help.
  9. Lady Amezan

    Daryl of Barbaria: Mindful Training/ Badass Training

    Totally inspiring! I'm also fighting a cold right now, and the temptation is to stay on the couch. But I think I should get going if I want to be a badass too!
  10. Gemma

    Gemma Re-Boots the Whole Dang System

    She isn't selling this specific one anymore (I bought it years ago), but all the basic principles that she built it with are covered for free in articles linked here - under the "Strength Training Workouts" area she has links to her "Ultimate LLaG Workout Template" and "The Busy Woman's Guide to Strength Training." Nia specializes in the market of women who are busy with everyday life and can't spend 15+ hours/week in the gym, not so much competitive strength athletes. In fact she based a lot of her early work on the fact that the competitive body-building/powerlifting programming that was available at the time was a barrier to entry for many women, so a lot of her programming runs towards very basic push/pull/legs, multi-joint, get 'er done structures.
  11. I see That does make a difference Absolutely! I agree. And I agree now more than ever now that I've read a little about Health At Every Size!
  12. Thanks for checking in When's the next scheduled Tai Chi session?
  13. Today
  14. Mad Hatter

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    Oh interesting mini challenge! Might have to check this one out. Cute Aracn-us? (sing.?)
  15. Mad Hatter

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    Club Jester sounds great. Glad kiddo's feeling better.
  16. Lady Amezan

    Quest of Days and Years

    Last month was my first NF 4-week challenge and now I'm looking for a guild. I figure I'm more a druid than anything else, though this particular quest is more about general health than any special druid magic. I've had a bad cold the last few days so I don't feel inspired or excited about the new 4WC, but today's Day 1, so I'm at least going to post my goals here. Hopefully I'll have more energy for writing as the month goes on! Quests: 1. Calories in: Substitute no-cal beverages for high-cal drinks at work AND at home. This means in addition to keeping up last month's habit (no sweet drinks at work) I'm going to stop drinking beer in the evenings at home after work. I can still have a drink when I'm out with friends, but I want to eliminate the occasional lone weeknight beer. 2. Calories out: Get some physical activity every day. This is one where I slacked a bit as last month went on. And today I totally want to skip this because I feel like crap. So I'm not sure what I'll do today. But I know I need some activity every day. 3. Mindful eating: Last month I made big improvements in mindful eating by cutting out screens (TV and phone) from meals. But this habit is really hard to keep up so I'm putting it here again, and extending it to general mindfulness while eating. 4. Life stuff: Meditate 10 minutes each morning. This summer I had a really strong meditation habit, but I slacked during September, and I need to get back into it. That's it for now. Too many aches and pains. I hope everyone else is feeling well! Have a good challenge!
  17. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong stays steady

    Seconded! All of this, seconded. RE: Halloween, I am now taking suggestions for elementary-appropriate Halloween songs. Holla your suggestions up at me! My day was exhausting and involved a lot of miscommunication (and corrective communication) in Japanese. Also, the 5th grade teacher at Atasho does not know what he is doing, ever. But at least he's nice about it? How was your day? Tell me some good things if you've got any lying around!
  18. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    I KNOW RIGHT?? Feels so good in the morning!! Well, debatable. It'd be easy enough to change within the company, but the problem is that either I'd have to work with the troglodyte or I'm not really interested... A lot of the new backend development veers way too far into the dev ops side of things (which I have zero interest in, but "should") and the front end stuff sounds just as uninteresting except that I'd work in a different environment. One of the main issues here really is that the product itself is uninteresting and I've realized that I'm a lot more product driven than tech driven. But it's also exactly as you mentioned - I'm so bored I get lazy and while I could technically take the time to learn something new my mind is completely elsewhere or I don't have energy... Nice. I think for me it's both the wrong way AND mindset at this point. But choosing a new direction is a lot trickier than changing mindset in this case. Thanks! We do sometimes have dates at work, but I'm not a huge fan. Unless with bacon. They're just a little too sweet on their own. Generally speaking I'm not too keen on dried fruit for the same reason, though it could be tasty when infused! I think here you can only buy jujube dried in Asian stores. For me that doesn't work at all - I need calories and not just chewing! The problem that I've had is that I can't last throughout an entire work day, especially when we have 5 pm meetings. Then I just get hangry and and drained of energy levels and I make poor choices because I'm too tired to cook. We usually have a bunch of snacks available at work, but for me I need something more like a small meal rather than random snacky things, otherwise I end up snacking this and that but without ever feeling satisfied. Veggies definitely don't cut the bill. And honestly chewing cabbage leaves would just make me oh so sad.
  19. annyshay

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    I'm following along with the Ranger Boundaries mini challenge, so here's the first assignment for my future use.
  20. Bearlee

    Bearlee is ...

    Longish time since posting, so I’ll start from the beginning. Friday I didn’t do my yoga at my usual time thinking I would be able to do it after I took Cub2 to the doctor’s for his post surgery check up and then drop him off at day care, then do yoga. For some reason I didn’t drop him off at daycare and instead toddled around shopping with him. That was a mistake because we both got tired and grumpy and no yoga was done. Saturday was fun. Took the Cubs to a local farm historic site. Cub2 had a big time chasing chickens and cats and seeing all the other animals. Cub1 also seemed to have fun. Sunday took Cubs and wife to new park I saw the other day. Cubs had fun. Then went house shopping for the wife. Getting really worried that her tastes are going to end up getting us into the poor house and not a new house. Monday, so far, got my first scheduled yoga for the week. I was fretting so much over the missed one Friday that it felt good to get back on track.
  21. annyshay

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    Sunday was a good day. I was mostly holed up in my apartment again although I did venture out midday for groceries. I spent my time reading, writing, snuggling my cat, playing video games, and generally enjoying the internet. There were also a few naps thrown in there. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full, which led to some unusual meal times that worked out great. I'm glad that this sojourn in Cincinnati is getting me to prepare my own food more often. I hope that I can bring that skill back with me to MInnesota. Three weeks to go!
  22. Bearlee

    Bearlee is ...

    Personally I think I’m irreplaceable, but honestly I’m not sure what they are going to do with my position and that kinda tipped me into taking this new position. Take what I want instead of having to accept what is given to me. I’ve never seen my department in such turmoil before so it’s hard to say what’s going to happen. I’ll be the 4th person leaving in six months (that’s a third of our shop), the place I’m bidding into has also had four people (of 25) move or leave the company in the same time span, and two other shops in our area have had people bid to positions outside of our territory (one from each shop, but the are both only two man shops). Also in the shop I’m bidding into a third of them applied for one of the positions that opened up in the smaller shop. And that second smaller shop just had it’s spot open up, so I’m sure there will be a bidding war for that position also. Then there is the part where our department got absorbed into another similar department, so that puts all of our futures in jeopardy. The one place I know they will need is the repair facility even if the other department starts taking our jobs. Times of chaos man.
  23. Nedwin

    MyFitnessPal friends

    I don't normally post my meals or workouts, I just use it for my own daily guideline _nedders
  24. Katerina

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Yay, you! But if you feel sick, was it a bit much? Enjoy your recovery day.
  25. Salinger

    Salinger's sixteenth challenge!

    Morning all. 10.10am. I didnt sleep very well last night but made myself get up early (ish) and ive been doing some work whilst drinking loads of tea. I have a lot to do this week, and im panicking a little bit about that but also just trying to be cooll and calm and to breathe. Its all written i just need to not panic. Like i mentioned last night, i have a PT induction thingy tomorrow morning (11am) that im pretty terrified about...really scared and i dont know why. Im rapidly running out of money, need to sell a few things...ugh. Annoying. Stressful. Deja Vu... Apart from all that, im doing 'ok' - im going to try make a hair dressers appointment for this week and spend my last £30 on that but it needs doing desperately. haha awful!!!!! Ok better get back to work x
  26. Salinger

    Tobbe eats like a...

    Reading isnt a waste of time! You are learning, you are delving into imagination, you are visualising, you are feeling emotion... I need to just PICK A BOOK and go .... xx
  27. Salinger

    Cheetah does better today than yesterday.

    Is the power back Cheetah??xx
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