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  2. I've completely turned into Lazlo from Real Genius (~1:57 in this video)
  3. That tiger is giving me side-eye and I don't know what I did to offend it.
  4. I'm still alive and exercising. Just really in the weeds with work and not posting. I'll be back in a couple days.
  5. Today is a good day. I was tired for most of it, had weird sleep last night. Church was good. Our small group semester is starting next week. I'm hosting an online group called "The Hard Questions" where we look at some of the Hardest Questions Christians face. We're going to start with The problem of Evil and suffering, and probably also touch on why people fight over interpretation of the Bible with a look at where theological conservatives and liberals came from (not the same as politics). We are also going to poll the group to see what other hard questions they want to talk about. I'm real
  6. Week 4 Day 1 The projects I to work on today: Hydrate and stuff Cleaning - kitchen focus Evening reset cleaning Plants Crunch numbers Go through saved info Job-related project Challenge goals Challenge goals (0/3) Stuff (0/8) Plants (0/6) Kitchen Crunch numbers (0/2) Job-related project (0/3) Saved info (0/2) Evening reset cleaning (0/3)
  7. @Athena @Epsilonte I did some micro meditations this week. I kinda feel like they are cheating somehow? For the purposes of the challenge anyway... But I do think they helped! Exactly! A big part of my motivation for this group of challenges was setting an example my kids. It's important to me that my daughter doesn't have to unlearn the same crap I've been trying to purge from my brain. (Self-care is not vanity! etc ) And for my son, he should feel comfortable with taking care of himself too; I know men who feel like lotion is an affront to their masculinity... 😕
  8. So this weekend did not go quite as planned. I ended up not wearing the blazer even though it buttoned because it felt too conservative / not edgy enough. I wore my leather blazer instead with leather boots (instead of the planned heels) and braided my hair on one side to who off the undercut. Even though I cut my hair back in November, so few people have been attending church that the majority of people at the event Friday night were seeing it for the first time. I am so used to it by now, that I didn't really realize that and wasn't expecting all the "oh my gosh, you cut hair!!!" comments. S
  9. Week 3 Day 7 Uh, so... yesterday was not sufficiently full of hydration, time boxes, or sleep. As a result, neither was today. The projects I to work on tonight: Hydrate and stuff Clean my desk for this week Laundry Clean my brain for this week Laundry (0/3) Stuff (3/6) Clear desk (0/5) Clear brain (1/4)
  10. In terms of results, I was stuggling with keeping the movements correct. In order to get the best sound, the bow has to move across the strings in a very smooth movement. If the bow is moving slowly this means very good control over constant speed, and when the bow is moving fast it means very good control over how far from the bridge it gets and the angle of movement. I never really got good at either. But if we are going to be honest, the thing I struggled most with was consistent/regular practice, which probably could have solved the above stuff Mostly marchi
  11. Sunday report! A very good day. Dunno why but I was in a fantastic mood all day! I'll take it! Church, leveling my new alt Raemion Agnaris on ESO, lunch left overs, grocery shopping, 45m of Just Dance, pvp with the guild and then D&D and Dinner! I also picked up some rainbow sherbet (because the other day I had thought about how long it'd been since I had some) and OMG it was so tasty tonight. Food tracked, and devotions will be had at bed time. Which means! Week 3 Tally Up 5 days of exercise, including 2 strengths!
  12. Today felt super long. I seemed to do a lot. Some notable mentions are... - separated 2kg ground beef and 1 giant pork loin into freezer bags - made 2 designs for e-shop - played BnS + PoE - clipped 3 doggos claws - brushed Poncho + swept up some of his tumble weeds - worked on tiger painting - doodled - watched 1.5 Studio Ghibli movies Food was 🤷 today. It wasn't the worst but wasn't the best either. I need to get back to my mindful eating and portions. Admittedly today just felt a bit weird. Like yesterday felt like it was just T
  13. Oh man what a week... I finally have a kid free minute to actually type on the computer. Week 3 Run 3/3 I did Thursday's run in the rain! Unfortunately, I couldn't complete Saturday's run. I guess I pushed too hard this week because my weak knee gave out. So for Week 4, I'm going to do leg/knee strengthening exercises and walks with the kids. Then I can re-evaluate and ramp up MORE SLOWLY. House Rule - Cleaning 5/7 Still going well. Not perfect but perfection is the enemy of the good, right? I'm looking for opportunities to involve my son
  14. Today
  15. I feel very called out 😡 NICE! May this trend be ever in your favor
  16. Finished my Week 3 update. Week 3 has been a busy week. I baked a Sans Rival cake for my officemate's birthday and brought to her home (with a bouquet of roses and bolt-in toys for her kids) last Sunday. It was great to see them again. Monday was a holiday but I have no recollection of anything useful done. My journal says cooked chicken liver and "vegetated"!!! Finished a photo collage for mom on Tuesday. One more photo frame to finish. We had an install on Thursday hence too much work to get things done. We nearly did not get the sign-off and it was a na
  17. Yesterday started out with church as Sundays normally do. The rest of the day was playing xbox while Ghostlet played his phone, interspersed with periods of working on building his Lego birthday present. Pretty boring day but it was certainly enjoyed
  18. Last time I updated was Wednesday. I keep feeling like I've updated. That and spending time replying to other people's threads. And I update in the evening, and Thursday evening my son came over. So Thursday went well. Walk, rowing, eating skills. Weekend Friday; worked out, went for a good long walk as the weather was nice. For dinner we had barbecue. You can order a meal or by the weight of the meat. I choose by the weight, as that is a bit smaller than the meal, and less likely to overeat. I weighed out the meat and set some aside for lunch the next before I started. And
  19. Solid goals. How's the challenge going? I do "my version" of Intermittent Fasting mostly following 20 hours fasting and 4 hours feeding window. Then, doing OMAD (one meal a day) on the feeding window (2pm to 6pm). Because I have allergies, my diet is a combination of carnivore + plant paradox + nickel allergy. I've been doing it for 2+ months now and I don't even notice hunger. But, I also have a sweet tooth. I fall off the wagon when I am tired, stressed, and de-hydrated. I have tried having nuts instead of sweets but I am getting allergic reaction to peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almo
  20. Hello! Lastnight i really had trouble not munching, so i kind of munched all night. Tonight though i'm doing well. I'm in my calories and i also started my fast around 4p, i drank my gallon of water as well. I'm having a rough night and my brain is SCREAMING that i need taco bell after work, but i'll be fine without it(i can always go tomorrow and get it) I don't know why i'm struggling so hard today but i think i might be burnt out. who knows. Anyways. Hope you're all well
  21. I love raw batter. I may eventually get sick from it. The brownie batter was vegan, so at least no eggs. And I should have just eaten it all. The brownes were inedible. Undercooked on the inside, overdone on the outside, really weird texture. I think I added to much oil. Or forgot some ingrediient. I'm a good cook, but the baking is still inconsistent.I've used the recipe before and really liked it,/
  22. I ... Uh.... no words.. I swear, your dad and my mom.... ... I just can't right now.
  23. awesome week - 805 kg and 710 reps! you're crushing it!
  24. At least you got the wallet back. I know some places where that wouldn't happen, and they would blame the students (even if it wasn't the students). Hopefully the cards all worked. BTW, the Anti Hunger games sounds about right. And the odds are never in my favor either.
  25. 'Just lurking about as I found your Bike vs Car side quest very interesting. I used to hike a lot and hurt my right knee before one of our biggest hike for the summer - the Devil's Path hike (rated one of the toughest hikes in the US Northeast - 23-25 miles, 9,000 ft elev, 17+hrs, technical terrain). Hobbling and barely able to flex my knee and in pain, I went to this sports/rehab clinic on Wed. They had xrays, scans, etc and they said no broken bone, just some pulled ligaments and inflammation. They injected cortisone on the knee. 'Told me I should be fine hiking that Sat. It was true. I was
  26. Sorry about the frustration. Hopefully it will be a short term frustration followed by less pain and more energy
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