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    • I hope it had a picture of someone getting suplexed
    • Happy belated birthday!!!   Thanks for the update and sorry about the sickness, but it's good you're back at it again.
    • Ah, gotcha. I thought at some point the DM revealed it was a DC 55 Dexterity save to not get burned to a crisp and I missed it. As for "the game loses a lot of the fun when death isn't a thing", it's one of my main gripes with 5e D&d and death saves, both how hard it is to die so there's no risk or consequence to actions, as well as how funny it can be to pop up and down when you're near 0 and keep getting healed/hit. Both of which I tried to channel in a funny way through my character, you might have noticed. Another interesting thing here is how this campaign follows the Planescape:Torment videogame and I'm not just talking about waking up in the Mortuary with Morte floating in saying "You okay there, chief?", which is how the game begins too (also, nice touch to not have Morte leave the room because he's "waiting for someone", that someone being that videogame's protagonist). I'm talking about that videogame's concept, it's designer notes/pitch to producers has been leaked since back in the day and it's a wonderful read about what those people set out to do. One of the things mentioned is how they didn't want the main character's death to result in a game over, as would all RPGs and dungeoncrawler videogames up to that point. Instead, the character would wake up once again in the Mortuary, thus removing the fear of death from the equation and asking the player what they'd do in a situation like that.   Wednesday 22 May Started the day with having to go to court to pick some papers up, so of course I allowed myself to get a workout in first thing in the morning, then shower and set out at my own pace. 3x11 Overhead Press 3x11 Dumbbell Rows 3x15 Decline Pushup 3x15 Hammer Curls 3x18 Triceps Kickbacks 3x18 Rear Delt Flyes 3x18 Lat Raises 3x11 Front Squats 3x20 Calf Raises Most of the time at the office was spent wanting this to be over so I can leave, but I did manage to be productive and actually get a few more things done, not urgent ones but still taking stuff off my plate when I return and also advancing things without deadlines that do tend to get overlooked in the heat of things usually.  After work and since I had plenty of time to spare, I decided to ditch the subway and walk to my next destination, despite having already hit my steps for the day. Went to a bar doing an open mic night, where a friend of mine from Thessaloniki would be doing his thing. We've been trying to meet and catch up since he came to town but it hadn't happened, plus I had no idea he's been dipping his toes in stand up comedy, so I was curious. It was a nice evening, I had a good time and he was pretty good, then we hung out for a beer or two and I ended up home a little after 2am.   Thursday 23 May Somehow I keep dropping in weight. I mean, the day before I had leftover beans and lamb sausage for lunch and skipped dinner altogether knowing I'd be having a beer or two, but despite the beers I still lost weight, which is nice. Other than that, I woke up early an rested despite going to bed late the night before and somehow managed to do all the things I was hoping to do for the day. Started with picking up a supermarket order I'd placed the day before so I'd have all the basic supplies in light of deffy visiting (I do tend to run a rather minimal setup in my kitchen/fridge/pantry), then I finally dropped off that damn carpet my ex had left at my place, so she can pick it up from that place when winter rolls around again. Was hoping to maybe meet my friend from the night before and have a morning coffee, but he never read my texts so I assumed he was asleep, which would later prove to be the case. After returning home to put the groceries in place, I walked to a nearby pastry shop to grab a few delicacies, brought them home and prepped two meal packs for deffy (one savoury, one sweet) because I knew she'd be waking up at 3am her time to start her trip and assumed she'd be rather hungry upon landing. I also printed out a sign with her name which I held up outside arrivals and it was pretty cute. After picking her up from the airport, we got back home and with the exception of a quick evening break for me to walk to my therapist and back, we just hung out and made up for lost time.
    • I have a plan!   To combat the energy mismanagement I'm going to try the schedule thing again. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be art days because that's when my grandma is out and I have the flat to myself. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be work days (work = basically unpaid web designer/marketing intern for my parents business launch). Saturdays and Sundays can be whatever. The plan is not to try and do stuff all day, but treat is as going to the office. The important thing is to show up, not to be productive. I can procrastinate all I want, but only with certain activities. The idea being that I'll be bored enough eventually to do the things. And that if I go to "the office" in the morning I won't have time to use up my energy on the wrong thing.   What can go wrong this time?
    • That's me right there. 🙃   Look at this grumpyface fuzzball!     Some more pretty flowers    
    • Sounds delicious?   Frustrating about the flare ups. Could you start by assisting the other people to try and find the culprit ingredient? I have to admit I didn't know about gluten sticking to chopping boards - good to know.
    • The mushroom hat makes me happy.   The insect mock-ups make me giggle because there's something unexpected about a fairy like creature but SUPER BUFF!   I found this moth and in the closeup the wings look like a mighty regal cape. I could imagine something like this, with layers of different colours.  
    • I'm glad you finally found a therapist that's really helping   For me the visuals alone made it worth watching on a big screen! It's stunning. But the movies suffer from the same problem as the books IMO, they're slow and boring except for a few scenes. Sorry Dune fans!
    • I'm so proud of winnie!!!!
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