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    • Can you do middle ground by picking 1-2 items that will wreck you, and the remaining items that are sensible and dull?
    • Still sick. Just got groceries and went for a short walk. My fitness watch rewarded me for lying on the couch for three days by increasing my estimated VO2max from 35 to 36. Yay? 
    • Oh yes, of course. I forgot I had the option of doing things at home. Thank you!     I haven't shared any pictures of my currently brassy hair, so maybe you mean the light brown? I liked that colour a lot. But I think dark brown is what I want in the long term. I feel that dark brown could be very Irish, too--arguably the most Irish! 😊     Thank you, Laghail ❤️ I asked Scaly and Sara for advice because I lack skill and knowledge on eye makeup application, that is all. Sometimes I like my face. Sometimes not. Oh well.     All right, that's confirmation. Hooded and deep.      I wonder if it's just what I'm used to looking at, also. If you don't wear much makeup it could look unfamiliar when you do, right? But I like low contrast looks. Maybe Korean makeup styles are worth looking at? They seem less harsh and more natural but still something to learn and experiment with.     Yes, good idea, I will do that in between now and the next hairdresser appointment. My plan then is to get hand painted roots in a dark brown, to help the light colour grow out a bit more elegantly. It's expensive but I will only do it once--since the ends are already light it seems like the right time to try. Later, I will dye it all dark brown. 
    • Finnr Update   Our intrepid hero was last picking wild lavender outside the old tomb complex by Riverwood, when suddenly ----  Days later our hero has stumbled back to Riverwood with a musty dragonstone in tow. Presenting the artifact as exhibit A before the local municipal authorities along with a complaint as to shoddy tomb manufacturing, Finnr is befuddled to have been given a house as a reward for his misadventure. Also this woman Lydia (who is also sometimes called Carl?) is now following him everywhere, and the cretin doesn't even play an instrument! Desperate to get a moment of peace, Finnr gave Lydia some busy work to do something about all the refugee children that pester him for songs in the streets. The children were mostly orphans of the Talos clergy that were purged in the North and trailed after Finnr in his flight to safety from Solitude. It's possible he shared his supplies and fire with them on the perilous trip, and now they've rudely latched on to the cowardly bard as a savior figure. Mercifully, Lydia/Carl seems to have turned Breezehome into a small orphanage, only asking Finnr to regularly drop off  bread, children's clothing, and daggers. Either way, the urchins of Whiterun seem quieter and much better armed. Finnr supposes this is the most one can ask. He's still sleeping at Jorrvaskr most nights, except the Companions seemed to have thrown him some kind of do to celebrate the whole Bleakfalls Barrow incident. Annoying interruption to his rest if we're being quite honest, but good of them to make an effort.     Honestly I think Finnr is done. With Breezehome decked out, him an official member of the Companion's Circle, and his Ursine bloodlust well sated on the bandits of Whiterun Hold; I don't think he seriously has a reason to ever leave the territory. I'd hoped he'd run into wandering Thalmori and launch a blood-soaked era of vengeance, but the boy has a small Talos shrine at Breezehome, bookshelves bursting with tomes and bottles of mead, and a bunch of urchins to look after. Game over, character arc complete. Moral of the story: cowardice and lycanthropy are great, as are gender-fluid housecarls. Also Lydia is now a werebear and the kids are next. The end.  
    • I get this a lot.     I have these worries as well. Am I taking needed rest (I love the idea of fallow time) or am I making it even harder for myself by growing moss?
    • ^^ Above post was supposed to have been posted on Friday but I apparently closed the laptop without hitting "submit reply".
    • The Challenge of Noontide Sun!    Rejuvenate (Sleep Hygiene) ✅✅✅✅✅🔲 🔲  Fortify (5x5 Accessory Sets)  ✅✅✅🔲  Learn (3d Modeling)  ✅✅✅✅ 🔲   Tasks! Hobbies Duolingo Bokmål - 60 Lessons Left Life Updates Surprise day off today. The company hands out 1-3 bonus days off here and there throughout the year. I suspect this has something to do with patching the Microsoft glitch, but in any case, I'm working through a pot of Oolong and I'll probably do some dishes before I sit down to quality time with Finnr in Skyrim. Doing my first Guy Gavriel Kay this week, and the historical fantasy fiction is so far a skillful blend of wonder and real-life horrors native to 11th century Al-Andalus. Weight loss talk  Drum circle tonight and a chance to give back some of the last art pieces that were on loan for that work gallery in June. I had ambitions about playing a droning accompaniment on Banjo but nope. I did a few sessions where I accompanied albums of recorded drum circles and the results were either bad, as I'd want to work a chord progression but I'd only find one chord that sounded "in tune" with the particular drum circle; or it was very boring, as I played a single arpegiated chord for 7-15 mins. Maybe a more experienced Jon will find a way to make it fun in the future. Meanwhile, there are few things more fun than rocking a mix of mild indica and medium strength lion's tail (leonotis leonurus) while drumming, then intermittent breaks for meditation / journeying.   
    • today wet, humid, generally miserable weather (as predicted. Welcome to the peak holiday season). Thank fully the dire forecast for this week seems to be putting all the visitors off a tad (either that or they are all in the towns. What i know is they are not here. So we get a brief (if rather damp) breather before the insanity commences.   Went for lunch with my brother. He had a rubbish weekend so i treated him. Went for a nice walk through some rather soggy fields when the rain gave in for a few hours around lunchtime.  otherwise just taking it slow today and chilling. Thankfully didnt toast myself to a scarlet coloured crisp yesterday (seriously, carrying sunscreen in your walking bag is such a lifesaver) or get heatstroke. So bonus. Must get a big floppy hat or something for sketching. Now i understand why all the painters have the things.    There is a massive bunch of sunflowers on the kitchen table and i keep eyeing them up for drawing, such pretty flowers.    darebee  swim  walk✅ mando
    • @Laghail Actually this (for anyone confused. Mandolin and violin are tuned the same. If you play one, cribbing from the other is reasonably strait forward)     sriracha tofu and stuff in a flatbread is a must try. So good, and also shovable in a lunchbox (bring a fork though, mine did fall apart slightly)   
    • 1. What was the cuppa? 2. What character are we running??
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