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    • Speaking of mildly dirty limericks, are you tracking the German pop song,  Barbaras Rhabarberbar?    
    • Maybe he'd prefer some limericks? I fear I don't have the skill of making them smutty enough:    
    • Did painting, German, and a walk. Working on a picture to go in a book of messages for a wedding--Mr Harriet's youngest half brother and his soon to be wife. Mr Harriet specifically requested a drawing from me. I'm so deeply offended that he didn't immediately consider my poetry skills:     
    • Interesting. So your anxiety stems a lot from unfinished tasks hanging over you, and from worries that you're not allowed to take breaks. Maybe we should be proactive about giving our brains high quality rest instead of waiting until it's too late for sensible rest and they go on a sugar and video games binge.      I've been wresting about guilt over my laziness and bad habits for years, and it didn't help me even a little. Maybe viewing it as self preservation will help me (us?) make better headway. 
    • The texture? The sound? The worried look on my face? Little drama queen.      I, too, am doing maintenance. Maintaining hard over here. 
    • And a final (since I didn't realize it goes through Sunday) +4 marbles for Sunday. I've done ALL THE WALKING and am definitely taking the "bye" week this week (well, after Monday which I totally walked 4x my normal goal as well - with a couple of small blisters as proof).  
    • Hoping this will work for me. Usually i spitball them in my battle log but I've done a couple of very similar ones (as they just had to be that way due to energy levels) and don't want a 3rds rehash of the same,  currently have some vague ideas floating for the fun/arty goal. But not sure what to do for the rest other than go back to basics.  hopefully being presented with a blank space helps 😅 did consider theming this one more. Maybe a book theme or something. Might be fun.   new tarot is incredibly cool art wise. I promise to take pictures 😄
    • Thanks Sov. I am trying to do more and be more active at the moment. Sometimes it backfires annoyingly.   
    • You are allowed to complain no matter what. Sometimes you need the blank page to prompt the inspiration. That is usually what happens for me. I might have a title in my head before I start typing, but generally the details of the challenge don’t solidify until I am typing them up. Yes.    Yeah. I asked in the Tavern if George could work on getting the new boards up and he said he should be able to do them tonight. So that would be good! I do organize by challenge, yes. I find splitting it by month really bugs me when the challenges are the primary reason that I am tracking things in the first place.  You got your new Tarot!! That is so exciting!!! Thanks, I hope so too.    This is all very awesome. Thank you, Mistr.    That might be the most amazing compliment anyone has ever paid me. I adore Taliesin. He is just such an awesome human. Thanks, Maerad. ❤️    You can always port it.  I was just really excited to see you posting again!    I will not let it go to my head, I promise.      Hi Friends,   Got home really, really late from work last night (7pm!) because I was helping Sonjia set new prices and get organized for the installation of our new Point of Sale/Till system that goes in today. Sonjia is in her mid 70s and isn’t the most tech literate. She does everything on paper as scattered notes and I felt really bad for the tech who was there to do the set up for us as you could tell he was just aghast at how analogue everything is at the cafe. He was almost personally insulted when he realized our gift cards and stamp cards are all handwritten. It was such a technological generation gap. I finally got the close done and everything squared away by 7 and then had to race home for D&D. I ate a *lot* last night, not the healthiest, but I did have a lot of lettuce on my sandwich so it wasn’t without chlorophyll. I am trying to sneak more plants in. So far with limited success.    I need to be at work for 9:30 this morning so that I am there to help the new POS system go live. Then presumably I will be able to take a bit of a break before I start my shift at 11. We will see how that pans out. I suspect I’ll start at 9:30 and go for the entire day. I won’t complain about the extra hours as it covers the time I took off on Monday to go to my psych appointment. I was a little bummed out to have lost those hours and now I have worked them back so that is great.    I put a post in the Tavern thread and George said he should be able to get the new boards up tonight which makes me really happy. I am going for wings tonight after work and then we are hosting Wednesday Paint Night so I don’t know if I will be able to post my challenge tonight but I am excited to know I can probably do it tomorrow. I think I am going to have a taco salad for supper to get a bit more greens into me. Plus it is a gluten free meal at that restaurant, which is also to the good.    It is pretty much time for me to go so I will wrap this up and finish my coffee. I hope that you take a moment to stretch really deeply today until you get that wiggly jello looseness that comes after a good stretch. Thanks for being here. ❤️ 
    • I am sorry that you were ambushed by the low energy while you were out. I hope you got home and into recovery mode safely. ❤️ 
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