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    • I went to an ENT and they told me it was likely dust allergies.   On top of 2 over the counter medications they prescribed a third nasal spray and it works so well.   The biggest thing is also frequently washing my face at work when in the bathroom. Theres wood dust in the air constantly. 
    • No, it's chronic. It's been like twenty years and many different climates and houses. No one's ever found a medical reason, so I'm left with inadequate hydration for their finicky tastes, or they hate pixie dust or something. It's possible actual dust is an issue, but not in a root cause sort of way. I once tried a dust filter, and it was... inconclusive. I might again. But the biggest impact is hydration, from what I can tell.
    • Thanks I appreciate it!
    • Oh my gosh there are new Valdemar books?!?!?! I haven't read that series in a decade or more, I didn't realize she was still writing them! Be still my beating heart! I may just have to do a read-along with you!
    • Here to cheer you on as you hit that 300# goal!  
    • I want to ramble about some things here. If you can follow along great!   I've been thinking a lot about my ideal physique. Pertaining specifically to goal weight and body composition. While I enjoy isolated growth of muscles and strength training my goal is not to pursue true bodybuilding. But at the same time I am looking at myself with a non critical eye for the first time in probably forever. I understand what realistic physique is for people my height. I am surrounded by it at the gym on a daily basis in the form of people I call friends and know what they are doing. I know what's realistic and what's movie magic right.   So why have I told myself I can't have things for so long? Embarrassment has always been a big one. When I was 390lbs and in that mental state I would never have told  you "I want to have visible abs one day." Even when I was skinny I never looked at myself with pride and respect. I was always so critical of myself and pushed myself into a box of what "realistic for me" meant. Realistic for me meant strong but far from the strongest, thin but not done, with strong abdominals but never low enough in bf to see them visibly. And as embarrassing as this is to say I never really saw myself as someone anyone would be attracted to. And I honestly treated myself as an after thought.   When I lost weight before things did change in a more positive light. I certainly learned that at least some people found me attractive (some more directly than others). But I still realize now that I was still holding myself back and limiting myself because I refused to see the potential in myself. Always afraid to commit to something due to what other people would think.   I can't tell you that I am 100% now, but I am in the best place mentally I have ever been. Compliments, catching someone checking me out, all of these things are starting to happen again NOT just because of weight loss. But because of the newfound confidence and care I take of myself. I have put other people ahead of myself my entire life, and this is an admirable thing but when it has reached the point it has for me that its devastating to my own health I have to take a step back and know that I am worth the time.   So back to what I talked about originally which is ideal physique.   If you asked me before I would have said 180lbs, 15-20% bodyfat. I would never be the strongest in the room. I would never be "cut" and in fact told myself that it was stupid to try and people only do it for vanity anyways (that's a whole other rant I want to have).    Now I am still quite searching for how to put it into words. But I know a big thing is building visible muscles. And a huge part of this is to help with loose skin. I was fortunate that when I lost weight before I didn't have much if any of this. I tend to carry and lose weight pretty evenly distributed across my body. Even now my pant and shirt sized hasn't changed much at all despite losing nearly 100lbs. Sure they fit MUCH MUCH BETTER. And I am not reliant on stretch materials and I likely needed bigger clothing. According to the internet and professionals someone of my height should be between 150-180 lbs.     I told myself before that I would never want to get below 180. I can't help but think WHY NOT!? And scream at my past self. I was unhappy with progress in the gym. I was happy to be skinnier but secretly deep down I knew I wanted more. I wanted to have more visible muscle. I didn't want to be just okay with taking my shirt off in public I wanted to be PROUD.     The truth is I don't know what my goal weight will be. I don't know what my body fat percentage will need to be. I know that I will ALWAYS prioritize my health over everything. Instead I want to build a physique with intention. I want to kick my own self and say hey, see, you can do it its just really fucking hard. And no excuses! You may look online and see something about how people with better genetics are more likely to have abs and its harder to achieve for those that aren't born with it. Hard is NOT impossible. I see people around me every day who have done the hard things to get where they are at. Some have lost weight to reach their goal, others had to struggle to put on weight.    I'm probably going to end up coming back within the hour and ramble about how I twisted my own brain up to make excuses claiming things like vanity and all that shit. To me getting all this stuff out is what has always helped.    If you made it this far thanks! At the end of the day I am on the right path and am sure to share more about how I know that in the coming days a weeks!
    • Ok scroll down to page 122, Chapter 25 for the new sections:  The Side Tracked Quest (rough draft)   I hope you enjoy it.  On a rewrite, there's quite a lot I would fix.   
    • The best type of yoga depends on personal preferences. Beginners may enjoy Hatha or Vinyasa for a gentle start, while those seeking a challenge might prefer Ashtanga. Restorative and Yin yoga are great for relaxation. Try a few styles to find what suits you best!
    • Happy to follow for relaxation and recovery
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