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    • That's unfortunate... there was promise and potential in the previews I've seen. Or at least it seemed like there might be, if one looked past the AI fear-mongering they were less than subtle about.
    • Yes. You wear makeup.     Specifically, like this:    
    • One of my all time favs.  Solsbury Hill as well .... great ideas for wakeup music.
    • Applied to two Adjunct faculty jobs over the weekend.    I'm already setting up an interview. 
    • Hello,    This article I have attached below explains the benefits of simply having a personalized meal plan. The original question is what kind of diet is seen as the best healthiest diet for a human, but I thought this could add a good discussion point. This took a group of over 5,500 participants and monitored their progress through six months including their nutrition choices and waistline diameter. The study found that personalized nutrition plans were more successful being incorporated into participant's diets than the control group who carried out their normal diets. Attached is the link to that white paper for a deeper dive into their findings!   White paper: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317012773_White_paper_on_personalised_nutrition_-_paving_a_way_to_better_population_health
    • ❤️    I have arrived in New York and made it to the hotel. I had a lovely bath and was a bit surprised to find that the kitchen that was specified does not in fact have a stove or a microwave, but it does have a sink. Also it has no plates or cups or utensils of any kind, but I made tea with the tea kit that I brought and am using one of the little bathroom cups, I am very tired, and I have no idea when in the world the state library analysis will get done, but that is clearly tomorrow’s problem. It’s time for a good long rest.
    • The kids didn't have school today, so I took the day off for them. Of course, I also had a scheduled appointment at the Red Cross for a blood donation (which doubles as therapy for me since I have iron overload). Made lunch for the kids, but skipped it myself. The idea was that I would eat leftover Chinese from Sunday with the missus in the evening. Did some minor chores around the house: did the dishes, cleaned up whatever toys the kids had left in the garden the day before, put the extra chairs we'd used for the visitors on Sunday back in the attic, and got our two transport boxes for the cats out because our youngest two cats had their yearly check-up at the vet in the afternoon. Something TimovieDaughter was eager to join - and which had her laughing for the rest of the day at the anguished and incredibly loud wailing from one of them in the car. 😅   Had an extra drive to the vets afterwards to get our oldest cat weighed. He had his check-up in July and was at his lowest weight in years then, so the vet wanted to see if it was just normal variance or if he was losing weight (in which case further testing would be necessary). Fortunately his weight was the same now as in July, so he's cleared. The vet wants an extra check-in per year to weigh him from now on, though. But I don't think it's going to be an issue. The cat's "only" 12, and is behaving perfectly normal. And with the weather getting colder, there won't be many opportunities to go outside anymore these coming months which means he'll likely put on some weight again due to less movement.   The missus wanted me to clean the driveway with the pressure washer (which uses rain water) and then refilling the rainwater well by draining the semi-permanent pool into it, cleaning out said pool and disassembling it for next summer. I don't know where she thinks I would have the time for any of that today, so I got neither done. Between the Red Cross, a fruitless attempt at acquiring manhole lifting keys for our rainwater well, lunch for the kids, and the double visit to the vet, there was simply no time for anything of that scope.   Sometimes, a "day off" is not a day off. This was already worse than any day at the office. 🙃   But I somehow still got over 8K steps in for the day, so it's not a total loss. And while the leftover Chinese meal was sizeable, I only had a leftover cupcake and a handful of candy as well for the entire day. That probably puts me in "yellow" calorie intake territory. Not going to bother trying to count accurately. That's not the point.         The missus watched another episode of the Netflix "Maid" in the evening. Made me sit up when the following song came on. I associate this song with the movies "Ice Age" and "Matilda", and it's one of those songs that always instantly perks up my mood by being unabashedly optimistic, catchy and upbeat. In fact, I might consider using it as a "waking up" ringtone (which is currently handled by Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" for similar reasons).   Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way
    • Right?? I don't even know where to start.
    • Hello! I'm feeling optimistic, so here I am      New job, new deck, new keyboard. I JUST got used to the second keyboard, and I can't bring my clacky keyboard because I'm still in a shared space.  I'm very sad.   I plan on getting back into the swing of eating well and exercising.  so    Up on time ✓ Midget Mayhem up on time - no school today AM shower - took one last night brush tooths  ✓ skin care ✓ Midget Mayhem Anti Crazy Pills - no school Breakfast ✓ Midget Mayhem to school on time - still no school Pack lunch AND remember to take it to work ✓ to work on time ✓ Morning anti-crazy pills ✓ wear make up  - packed in my stuff. . . Lunch ✓ Afternoon anti crazy pills  ✓ Leave work at 5 Go to Verizon for new phones because the phone situation is  untenable  Check Midget Mayhem Backpack for rotted food and/or homework (should still do this, even if there is no school. . . . . ) Prep Tomorrow's lunch Get ready for bed at 9:30 Midget Mayhem Lap top Charging PM Shower brush tooths again Take practical joke amount of vitamins/supplements Actually go to bed track food and also  be in a calorie deficit BMR 2053 Intake Goals: 1700 Total Intake:  Total Outgo, according to FITBIT:  MONDAY Calories :  
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