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    • Giant update time!   I survived the business trip.  The travel was a little chaotic, but the meeting was productive.  It was also neat getting to see my supplier's site.  It was a lot more historical than I was expecting.  Like, picture quaint Northeastern town, and then factory buildings of the same vintage.  I succeeded in making it back in time for Holy Thursday mass, too.   Easter was good, even though we didn't manage to find time to dye eggs.  Also, Little Bug flat-out asked about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and all that, and has now moved over to being one of the magic makers.  He had a blast helping set up the Easter baskets and hid his brother's eggs this year.  We got a lovely nature walk in on Easter as well.   The rest of the week after Easter was a mix of doing nothing and cleaning the house.  Also my birthday was in there.  We went to open skate and then to the fancy bubble tea place to celebrate.  That was a lot of fun.  We also snuck a visit to the science museum in Toledo into there as well.  The boys had a blast, so it was definitely worth the drive.   Then it was eclipse time!  We had my parents and one of our friends from college plus her family staying with us for the weekend, and then a couple of my aunts and uncles came over for the eclipse itself.  I set up my telescope to project onto a sheet of paper so people could watch without having to use the eclipse glasses (because even with them, you're not supposed to look at the sun for more than a few minutes), and it worked really well.  We even saw a couple of sun spots!  Then totality.  That was one of the coolest experiences of my life.  It got noticeably dark, pretty suddenly.  It had been getting a little bit darker as more of the sun got covered by the difference between 99% and 100% was huge.  We got almost 4 minutes to see the corona (and prominence! and also the diamond ring, for just a few seconds!), some planets, and also look around.  It wasn't middle of the night dark, but it was definitely twilight dark.  The sky had a weird, not quite sunset color, and all the birds went quiet.  And then when totality was over, it got bright again fast.  Almost like flipping a light switch fast.  In addition to all of that coolness, it was nice hanging out with everyone.   Junior derby is going pretty well still.  I am fully the head coach now, but we also have 4 other coaches so I have lots of help.  We had a meeting this week to figure out scheduling and some other logistical stuff and have a good plan in place.  They have a game tomorrow, which I will be coaching, I think without another coach to help.  Well, I'll have a parent running lines, but he's not going to be helping with the actual coaching during the game.  I haven't been the only coach before, so wish me luck!   Today I had a game.  We did not win, but it was a great game.  There were multiple times during the game where the lead changed, and the final score was only 20 points different (which isn't very much in roller derby).  I think I played pretty well, though I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my leg.  I had one of my teammates fall on my leg, and according to the people on the bench, I pretty much dropped into the splits!  It's been a while since I've done the splits, and my flexibility is not back up to being able to do them yet.   Otherwise, I have not been able to get myself on any sort of healthy eating plan, but I have kept up with my exercise.
    • I can tell, from experience earned while working as the front-desk/retail person in a shopping mall hair salon, that every single type of hair product is sensitive to extreme temperatures, including the hair oils. We had an inventory shipment ruined because it was missed and left in direct sunlight on a loading dock in an ambient temperature of 90+ Fahrenheit for several hours in the afternoon. Every single bottle smelled wrong (yes, I had to sniff test all of them, because the salon manager wanted a full accounting of how much inventory had been ruined), and the texture was off for several of them as well.   I don't know if perfume oils are as sensitive, but it makes sense to me that any chemical compound could be altered when exposed to extreme temperatures. That said, a perfume that is so unstable that the process of shipping it to the paying customer makes it unusable for any amount of time, that's a poorly formulated product that needs to go back to the R&D team.   Poorly sourced... that would certainly explain it, and would be very unfortunate.
    • There is a rumor among perfumeheads that some perfumes are fragile flowers that get upset by shipping and need to sit quietly in a closet for a month to calm down their precious delicate feelings. I've never had that experience, so I tend to discount it, but a lot of them swear by it. I might as well try.   There's also a slight possibility it's counterfeit. I wouldn't have thought it was super likely, but given how different what I smell is from what others smell, a site I don't know well, and given how rare the perfume oil is in the US compared to the spray... maybe it was not sourced properly. Not highly likely, but could happen.   But most likely I just have a particular reaction to this smell that others don't. I'm seeing a couple of other people mention the popcorn smell, and there's a wide range in how cheap a coffee people think it's replicating. I just seem to get the worst of every element of this one. I didn't think I would, since Choco Musk was pretty safe.
    • Is it possible that the one you opened was damaged somehow? Left outside to lean against a metal surface in direct sunlight, or something like that?      Personally I would hang on to them for future forced gift giving occasions to a person I dislike, but that's me....  and to be honest, those don't happen nearly as often now that I'm not working in an office anymore.
    • Some thought I've been having this week:   If at first you don't succeed, try a variation on the theme My goals for this challenge were/are Journal wasn't working, so try to adjust Salad 6 meals a week working well, stay the course Brush and floss hit and miss, mostly hit with it on the list Foot lotion hit and miss add to list Water hit most work days, miss most weekends add to weekend list   I'm not good at writing down healthy things I did as I go through the day, and an evening post really wasn't working. "Plan for today" is often a little mental exercise that I do, but don't record it and it rarely gets followed. Posting it here every morning has drastically improved the rates of: A. Remembering what I planned to do B. Actually doing it   Just this week there have been several times I remembered that I had something posted here, and that was the main reason for actually doing it. Going to try a few tweaks with it over the next week to see how I feel with them. Do I need to number them? They're in a rough order of how/when they should happen, but do I need to leave on the routine things like work, feeding the cats, and practicing Spanish?      Input Control and Addictive Patterns I'm not happy with what I'm filling my brain with; or maybe more accurately, the ok stuff is crowding out the good.   Things I'm finding problematic right now: Twitch - I've been listening to different streamers at work, and I think I would be much better served listening to praise music instead. MSNBC - I keep getting sucked into round after round of the latest Trump developments, and it is, frankly, masturbatory. Palia? - I love this game, it is delightful, and chill, and you can make really cool homes.  But, I do really bad with games that have timers that keep running when you aren't in the game. I was doing ok, until I figured out how the Palia day relates to real time (1 hour = 1 day, so complex to figure out!) And now, knowing that my crops grow at 15 minutes past the hour, I'm getting more sucked in. Like, if I use the restroom in the middle of the night, I want to pop on and check my crops. And I'm spending a lot of time running around my in game yard, waiting for the right time of day. I'm an old man, puttering around a virtual yard...   So yeah, I think I need to do less of that stuff, but something needs to take it's place, right?  Listen to praise music at work.  Put on instrumental music and read Maybe actually do art somewhere other than the (often missed) Saturday class Watch science or art videos. Do logic puzzles. I've been watching a YouTube channel that does variant Sudoku, and I would like to try some of that out.  There's also this puzzle that I couldn't remember the name of, but like a cross between sudoku and a crossword puzzle. I had gotten some books of it at Barns and Nobel's years ago, so stopped by after painting today to see if I could find it, I couldn't, but one of the employees was able to figure out what it is! Kakuro! Got a few books on order so I can do them. Found a website to do some one too, but I think I like the paper better for that.       
    • I thought the salty regret was mostly the stale popcorn oil vibe and teen bodies, but it does have that fast food undertone. It's like being around the corner from the worst food court, across from the Yankee Candle, as the smell of the multiplex concession stand wafts down. So much salty regret on offer in a mall.     I'm so confused by it! Sure, everything gets the odd bad review, but it's rare for something to get broad good reviews, let alone rave reviews, without being at least inoffensive. And most of the critical reviews were saying it was just too realistic, and like wearing a cup of coffee. I was not prepared for this... this abomination.     If you lived nearby, I'd give you one on my unopened ones. I need to figure out a way to offload these that isn't too wasteful or morally suspect.     The green tea is okay, at least. It spends about fifteen minutes being worryingly A Lot with hints of citronella, then settles down into a pleasantly clean citrusy-soapy-grassy smell, quite a reasonable entrant in the green tea family. Not blowing me away, which green teas never do, but clearly nice and professional and clean, and probably will be very nice in summer, when light and clean and full of chlorophyll is what you really want. And for adding green to other perfumes.
    • Kinda phoned in my run today.  Just 8k, running about 7:45/km. My vocal ensemble met this morning instead of Sunday, so I ran midafternoon instead of midmorning. It’s getting too hot in the afternoons already! Mind you, I start to melt at around 15C, haha. Definitely the last run in pants until fall. And it was also hard to know what to do about lunch given that it’s also my night to make dinner and I want to get out to see Work!Kiddo’s festival dance performance then swing by a friend’s 55th birthday this evening.   but.    Despite all that, I got out and did it!
    • My stomach is still not quite back to normal. Get with the program, guts! I'm tired of being cold and running to avoid disaster pants.  But I should feel better tomorrow. Maybe I should stop saying that.  I may be jinxing myself!   I'm going to get back to exercising Monday and really work towards losing weight again. I'm going to keep it simple and no redundant systems. I'm going to use Habitica to track daily exercises with other daily tasks, and that's it. I'm not going to worry about fitbit, or keeping an exercise journal. I am so tired of everything being recorded and reported. and I feel like i'm using everything I have just to do the thing.  I just want to embrace being active because it feels good and rest when I need it.  Same with diet, I'm not counting calories, I'm just gonna eat three meals and make sure I've got fruits and veggies on my plate.     Okay, that's enough wording today. Have a good weekend
    • That was horrifyingly specific.   And the thank you reaction is because I had not actually placed an order yet... and now I will not have this very upsetting experience. Your sacrifice is appreciated. 
    • What, the oddly specific eternal mall doesn’t also have a corndog shop and the smell of burnt fryer grease and salty regret?   What 1980s did you live through?
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