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    • 2023 - The Long Game Word of the Year: Balance Sleep: 12 Hrs Water: 4/4 Liters Weight: 236.2lbs   Meals: 10:00am - Rice Cake w/ Peanut Butter 11:30am - Iced Tea 1:30pm - Cheeseburger, fruit 3:00pm - Iced Tea, cheese stick, grapes 5:30pm - Turkey stick, cheese, chips 6:00pm - Soda, hotdog, salad   Fitness:  1 Miles Incline Treadmill   Meditation: 5 min   Notes: Weight keeps fluctuating, I think it’s a combination of salt and portion control. Going to go a little leaner on portions to see if that makes a difference this week and watch my salt.   Also just plain worn out, think I will scale back to one workout a day until I get some more equilibrium.
    • I have to admit, as much as my mind is drawn to end of life stuff these days, I really need to get some stuff in writing from my folks for when the time comes. Or that I need to do that writing myself, for myself. I'm not at a stage of life where that's a huge thing to worry about, but still.
    • New refrigerator part (3rd party for $100 rather than OEM for $300) works. Customer issue #1 was a brief network glitch so all we had to do was restart it. Main person with customer issue #2 is on vacation so that's on hold until Monday. Server parts for NAS are officially ordered (including the new NICs) so we should be good to go there. The hot water heater is still working so I just need to sort out replacement options and make a final call on that. Until the next thing breaks.... At least dinner is in the slow cooker (Butter Chicken - YUM - recipe is in my recipe thread if interested, link in my sig).
    • 😲😲😲😲 I don't think I could manage half of that! Great job on the first go!!! 🏆
    • I did. I'm really glad for what I was able to do.     Thanks! I think it'll happen sooner rather than later. Just need to wait for the supervisor to get back.   *   Goal 1: 24/31   Goal 2: 25/31   Goal 3: 28/31   Still holding steady. Still losable, though, so no reason to slack off now.   So, Sunday carried off about like I said it would. I didn't really get the amount of time walking that I said I needed to comply with my goals, so I didn't count it.   Monday was a hecking busy day. I was good to the job, but between that and getting out at lunch to do mat stuff, I didn't really get the time to do any walking. Still got my study done. Also, the friends wanted to get together to watch the new Spiderman film, which I'm pleased to say is excellent IMO. Good to the point that it made me despair of ever making anything that good, which isn't a healthy emotional response but is also a sign that I really enjoyed something. And I was able to walk myself back from that ledge pretty quick, so, you know. Good times.   All that to say that I didn't get my steps on Monday. I did do some leg work with the kettlebells, though, which felt like a good challenge.   Yesterday, I was at the office but I didn't get my steps in. I have no excuse.   I also didn't get to make mat time. I do have an excuse here in that we were visited by some bigwigs up the chain and I had to dress nice for it, and I left some of my clothes at home and couldn't get out of work on time to get back there and get that stuff done. Also, I was feeling kind of old and rickety in my joints, and I realized that I didn't really have a plan in place unlike before where I'd just take a dedicated day off every 5 days or so. So I talked myself out of going and instead went home to work on mobility. I think it was the right call, although in the future I should be mindful that mat time doesn't have to include sparring and that I have other options in place for training. Of course, generally, I'm also better situated to get out there too.   I made a breakthrough in my research about Maeda's methods in that I finally found a video where he talks about how he trains. Truthfully, I was pretty close already in terms of figuring out what he does, but there were some additional details that I didn't know about that kind of gave me a sense of enhanced perspective once he explained it. I think I get it, but I also think I don't get it too, and there's more work to do as far as figuring this out. But whatever. I'll take it. It's kind of refreshing to have that off my mind.   Today is today. Got the research done at home already, so now it's just down to walk and play. I'm at the office, so getting up and walking is going to be easy, and I plan to get out and do some striking practice tonight since my shoulder's feeling good. I'm also working to get some additional time there with one of the other coaches so I can buff up my striking to keep it sharp as I continue on this grapple-centric chapter of my martial journey. Hopefully he shows up tonight. Guess we'll see.
    • It is. There is a lot of toxic masculinity being quietly dropped in favor of wholesome masculinity in this group.
    • Yeah. I hope your worries settle down soon.
    • Damn ... That's a bunch of curve balls. The lottery does sound good about now.    Sounds like a win on delish but healthyish meals!
    • Gah. Just..... gah! Being an adult sometimes - GAH! The part for the fridge should hopefully be here today so we can get in door water and ice again . Hubby rebooted the NAS yesterday and it now won't come back up. So just dropped a $2700 order on EBay essentially for new guts for it (board, processor WITH heat sink, memory) because currently it won't even post so who the f knows what died. It will bring it more up to date (and be more energy efficient) and hopefully last a good 5 years, but FFS. THEN realized while washing dishes - there's no hot water. The pressure valve is dripping, which dripped onto the gas line that seemingly snuffed the pilot light. So we now have a bucket for drips and bent the gas line so it's not being dripped on. I'm going to check into replacing it with a tankless and if it's affordable just do it. Otherwise we can make some repairs to this tank that should make it last another year while I budget it. Most importantly we DO currently have hot water. We're researching A/C units so I fully expect them to go belly up any second, probably the hottest day of the year because that's how I roll..... Let's see - both of my big customers are having weird issues this week so work is being a beast. I had a migraine yesterday (can't IMAGINE what kicked that off - but it was before I knew about the water heater and NAS - so probably just the work related BS).    *grumble* On the meal planning front, while we haven't actually meal planned in 2 weeks - because we have a master plan (muhahaha) I'm still pulling off delish dinners that aren't terrible for you. So that seems to be working at least.   I just need to win the lottery.... that's all....
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