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    • I would really like to just be in maintenance. I'm not sure how realistic that is. If I don't track calories, I tend to trend toward small weight gain. I  may keep tracking at maintenace , just to get a feel for it. Or, I could do The cut, bulk, maintenance cycle. I don't really want to track calories forever.  I like the plan you suggested of checking in with yourself weekly to see how you feel about your diet. Maybe if I stop before I reach that " I hate this ' point I would be more willing to have a few  cycles of bulk and cut yearly. Right now, I'm just in the experimenting stage. Committing to the reverse diet  test for a year, and after that I'll see.
    • Good afternoon,   I went outside on a very short walk to get bonus points. I managed it from pure spite against the weather and my boss showing up and advising me to stay indoors. He meant well, and he knows me well enough not to take any offense at me going "that thing you said I shouldn't do? I did it." 😅 Anyway, the sky was indecisive about the precipitation, so instead of rain or freezing rain or hail, we got pebbly sleet. I endured a gentle barrage for several minutes of walking. A number of the miniscule ice balls got into my shoes which now smell like wet feet. My toes are thawing after returning back to the indoors. The rest of me was fine because there's no wind (otherwise it could've been hail, which I wouldn't have risked) and because I wore a hat and gloves that I brought along today in addition to the jacket I could've used yesterday when I dressed like it was the same temperature as two days ago. Silly me. 😂   No animals sighted. I didn't even go far enough to see the pond. But I still went outside on my lunch break for the first time this week. 🤘   No TGUs this morning because I was scheduled to show up early. It even made sense until I got here, because we make sure there are three people before doors open until doors close, but me being here early made us four because someone else was also scheduled to be here early. So it wasn't necessary, but I made it on scheduled time, loopy headed and all.   Sudoku was hard this morning. I filled in one blank box at the start, and then did thorough mapping of possibilities for twenty minutes, and then had to guess my way toward the answer. I came to a point that I needed to start marking off where my guesses affected possibilities, so I checked my answers to make sure I was on the right track before I made my answers concrete. Took me nearly an hour! 🤨    Cidran has had The Wire two days in a row, so tonight I get to have CMS. Also I was notified in ACNH that in addition to the DLC completed arc, I now have the capacity to modify my neighbors' homes. *rubs hands together excitedly* Except I feel like I want to adjust who all is on my island... 🤔 ... and that's gonna be a lot of work. 😅   Anyway, gotta wrap this up and head back to work. Hope you have the chance to do something good out of spite against whatever obstacles might be blocking you from your goals. Maerad
    • Haven't revisited Small Gods, but I could do with more Pterry in my TBR. I looooove Phoenix and Ashes. It's one of her best in the series! 😍 (Haven't heard of Lamb, but I'll discreetly add it to my TBR)   Sounds like a good time. 😃   I think using tarot as a theme suits you, and continuing to select cards for theme topics would be a good exploration of life through various angles.   Man, it's rough having to talk to a player about their attendance. I had to cut out my prodigal player because I couldn't juggle her character separately from the rest of the group in a given session and she's not easy to get ahold of. 😮‍💨 
    • Interesting.  I buy an oatmeal (Kodiak) that comes with pea protein already added and I like it just fine.  Maybe quantity matters, though...or how it was processed.
    • Maybe hot tea (or fill in beverage of preference) would be better for warming up on fewer calories?
    • Just have fun with it!  What nerdy things do you love?  How could you adapt those to align with your challenge goals?  (You don't have to answer, more just prompts to get you thinking).   I think that's a healthy balance.  Unless you were previously in the realm of alcoholism (inability to control your drinking due to physiological and emotional dependence), I see no reason why the occasional drink is an issue.
    • You know your life best, but I'm always going to shoot you side-eye when you complain about resting too much. Plz yell at me re: the same.
    • I find it much harder to eat well when I am not well rested.  I think as you prioritize sleep/rest the calorie issue will become easier.
    • Good call.  I made up a mood scale some time ago that I have been using daily, but maybe I should start evaluating trends on a weekly basis to make sure I am not falling too much into the negative side of the scale.
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