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    • my apologies, I mistakenly assumed this was extra sleep and not all you got in a night. Sorry, that stinks.
    • I'm walking to cvs. Cross your fingers my ankles stay attached to my body.    Replies to come after I get back. If I don't leave now it's never happening. 
    • Seven or eight hours was what I needed. Two hours of sleep a night is definitely punishing. And I felt every minute.  
    • Hey Sov, so so glad that Les was so helpful. How brilliant.    I love beards a lot. Its my go to on a man hahahahahah x
    • It has been a busy but solid 24 hours! The good - my son rocked it out at K enrollment last night! He was nervous for about 5 minutes but then warmed up because it was all teachers and only one other student at the time. He passed all his health checks and then he did the academic enrollment assessment. He scored a 91.5 out of 100 but 6 entire points got taken off because he writes his name in all capital letters and apparently the lack of lowercase letters means they weren't able to give him credit for writing his name at all?? (Then he also didn't know where his shoulders were, nor could he recite one of our phone numbers). Still, they told us that his Pre-K is doing a great job (though that honestly kinda annoyed me, because some of that was me and my husband) and he's going to start in the advanced reading group in August! They even gave him a free book to take home with a picture in it that a current K student drew for him to say "welcome to our school" which I thought was a really cool gesture.  The slightly questionable - my blood tests came back good but a little bit weird. My progesterone, which is the most important one, came back low - which we wanted! - but it came back SO low that they're concerned it will spike back up soon, so I need to get another blood draw early Saturday morning to make sure it's staying low before I start the injection med on Saturday at noon. If it stays low and I get the green light to start my meds, the transfer will take place on March 30th! But they were also checking on my vitamin D, which was slightly low in December so I've been supplementing it for the last 3 months...and somehow, despite the 125% daily value I've been taking and my attempts to spend a little more time in the sun, it still went down instead of up?? Not by a lot, but geez! I was at 27 and yesterday I was at 26 (they want me to get to 30 or more, so it's not horribly far under, but vitamin D is what allows a baby to absorb calcium to build bones, so...pretty important!) So now we're going to try a bigger supplement and a check-in with my GI, since my Crohn's might be what's getting in the way (vit D is absorbed in the intestines, and mine are pretty effed up).     The randomly fun - this morning was "Parent Day" at my son's Pre-K. We went to his classroom and he showed us all the different stations. Unfortunately, his teacher wasn't doing a great job of keeping track of time, and we didn't get to do the last station, which really upset him. But it was a paper where they were practicing finding the initial sound of words, so his teacher let us bring one home for him to do later. Still, it was tons of fun and he loved getting to see us in "his" setting where he's never seen us before!   Challenge update: Quest One: Movement 1. 91 miles total before 3/31 - officially on track (barely) at 83.6 miles 2. 29 more miles on/after April 1st - on hold until April!   Quest Two: Nutrition 1. Daily water (24 ounces/3 mugs) - done yesterday, barely; haven't started yet today 2. 3 days without highly processed box foods - nope Quest Three: Work/Languages 1.  weekly department Instagram posts - I am gathering photos of today's Play-doh activity in French 1 for a Monday post 2. Rock out in Reckley's class - no progress made yet 3. Spanish 2 Unit 6 - not started 4. Write ER quizzes up to #45 - finished #30 just a few minutes ago  5. Maya Erikson y el misterio del laberinto - currently on page 100/128 in chapter 5 6. Grading - currently still on the Spanish 2 exams (listening and reading sections done, writing and speaking sections still untouched)   Quest Four: Home and Hobbies 1. log cabin quilt - still at 117/450 knots 2. dog toys - 0/2 done 3. garden/yard - the seeds I bought arrived in the mail! Slightly annoyed that my milkweed seeds say "start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost" on the package but it did not say so online. It's too late now but I'll try my best anyway
    • I did not, in fact, get a workout in today...   Can yes, did not want to!     Along this line, she did call me to say 'goodbye' and asked me if I would consider working on a part time/hourly basis, I told her I would, so we're going to talk again Monday and she's going to leave my access for now.  
    • Howdy, y'all!   Getting in early on this one as I'm taking off to the beach in a couple hours and I don't know if I'm going to get the chance to post on time.   In keeping with the last challenge, I made a point of redistributing my training tasks to win back some much needed time. I applied that the past week as follows:   Monday: Simple and Sinister, Farmer's Walks Tuesday: Straddle Planche progression, Side Lever progression Wednesday: Rope Climb progression, Single Leg Squat progression, Manna progression Thursday: Hollow Back Press progression, Front Lever progression Friday: Simple and Sinister, Farmer's Walks Saturday: Handstand and Neck work Sunday: ???   It all sounds like a lot and very heavy until you realize that at this point it's just planks and push ups and inverted rows and super basic things at this point. But I tried it out and, uh, it worked like gangbusters! Everything's done really fast; nothing takes more than 20-30 minutes and I hit enough of my body to feel good for having done it. I've even been able to retain my qigong practice, although that too has changed some. Shi Yan Lei, whose work I'm following, wants like 5 different stances in addition to the qigong, as part of a combined program of qigong and kung fu. Well, I've already got enough leg work in my kung fu program as it is, and only 2 of the stances he provides show up in the qigong movements, so there's no real reason for me to faff about and waste more effort.   And the thing is, the training workload as it was distributed last challenge had some substantial effects on my ability to get after the non-training portions - the meditation and the writing. So I want to attack those problems again, but this time with this new set up, just to see how it goes.   For those who didn't follow along last time, it goes like this:   Goal 1: Training Like it says on the tin. Qigong is going to happen as it does; I actually want to try to get to 3-4 times a week, which I think will be quite doable. This was another one of those things that suffered under the prior load, but really it's more a matter of being an opportunity than something I'm going to pursue aggressively.   Goal 2: Meditation Gonna shift this goal a little bit and set a time of 2 minutes as my minimum. To be clear, even if I miss this goal, I'm still going to take my deep breaths at bed time and get some benefit. So it's not an either/or situation by any stretch. I just want to challenge myself to do more, and having a hard standard that I won't wiggle out of will help. Maybe. Or maybe I'll be lazy again. IDK.   Goal 3: Writing I found a more detailed version of the Snowflake Method. I think I'm going to use this one, since it has a more integrated approach to character profiling and stuff like that. The old 6-step program on Reedsy that I referenced before was a good starting point, but it was also looser in a way that I had a hard time connecting with. I still think I can use their character profiler as a way to construct a dossier on my characters for reference, but it's hard to use for the planning stages, at least for me. My figuring at this point is, plan out -> write the damn thing -> fill out dossiers afterward with the information I develop. But we'll see. 1st step is to follow the plan.   Those are my goals this time. It works out to being mostly a repeat of the last challenge. There is some stuff I want to do/get into, but I don't really have a realistic way of approaching that just yet, so that'll be something that hums along in the background. No worries.   T-minus a couple days. See y'all when I do!
    • Hahaha well i leapt into it big time     oh well. Still achey but not as bad ❤️  xx       Thanks AP xx         Hey Sov.    Yes all been fine xx     _____________     Hey all. 8.30pm here. Just listening to boygenius records.    Spoke to the person visiting my show earlier, this morn. She was understanding. Thank fully.    I ended up driving, just 40 mins to take Roxy and her two friends to the airport. Then popped in to my sisters for a cup of tea and chat.    Then home. Made a curry. Eaten. Now lazing about, doing some admin.    Im real real tired. And can not WAIT for bed haha so sleepy.   Tomorrow, ill wait Bronze, then go pick Roxy up around midday - be there for 1pm when they land. (theyve just gone to Dublin for a gig this eve!)   Then clean a bit, do laundry etc. Then a friend from London is up for the weekend, she arrives about 7pm. Sunday is our friends little boys bday (2 yr old) so a little party for him in the eve.  Pretty busy.    xx
    • This sounds very healthy.  I didn't really have any experiences with death until I was mid to early teens.  The first wasn't too traumatic for me (we weren't close) but I could pick up on the trauma for others.  My grandfather, whom I was very close to, was my next experience.  I still feel the trauma now and have lots of unresolved grief.    In my experiences as an adult I've come to understand death as A Part of Life and completely normal.  It's still not easy but less traumatic I suppose.  I hope Little Bit is able to take something away from this that helps her in life.  And I'm very sorry about MIL and family.  There is no easy way through it.  
    • Last night I was up with the 3yo who had a nightmare so today I slept as long as possible and let everyone else sleep even longer. I took my non-electric bike to work, I did backsquats and chinup negatives, I made a phone call I had been dreading, I asked Jaap to help me out by taking both kids to swimming class so I could tackle some more things that were stressing me out, I read to my eldest, I had salad for lunch and I got strawberries for an after dinner snack instead of chocolate. I may still have some chocolate in a minute ETA a photo of my kids colouring, I’m loving it.  
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