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  1. Was a good work out prior to a few days/nights in Hawaii. I am looking forward to finding a quiet beach and doing some Tai Chi next to the surf at sunrise. I'll let you know how it went - 15 minutes 2,700 meters rowing for 190 calories burned - 30 minutes 2.25 miles for 425 calories burned - 15 minutes meditation
  2. I have a black-belt in Google-fu
  3. ~smirks mischiveously~ I like mounds...
  4. Pretty sure guy push-ups are off the knees, as "girl-push-ups" in the military on done on your knees
  5. Caffeine is a tough one... are you just giving up Pop(soda) or all of it?
  6. The barbarian stands up from beneath the maple tree where he spent the day napping. He walks to the edge of the lake's water and gazes up at the moon hanging high in the sky. He takes time to stretch his weary arms and legs, before kneeling to slake his thirst from the cool, crisp water by cupped handfuls. When he is finished, he rolls up the deerskin leggings and dangles his feet in the water, soaking up to his calves. As he relaxes, he draws out his book from his weathered rucksack and reads patiently. After some time, he replaces it and begins to scribble in a battered journal. Finally, he sets it aside and leans, stretching his back and watching the moon. Hu - the Chinese character for Tiger Today's reading talks of those who can tap into the pure energy of Tao, that they become like tigers; strong, graceful and resilient. The message, though, is not on how to do this, but rather, as many tend to be, it uses the tiger as an example. The challenge is not in discovering how to tap into or reach Tao, but in how the person uses that knowledge. Like anything in life it speaks of people, Taoist, who took that knowledge and used it for greedy, selfish, indolent purposes. They mastered the teachings and used them to control, enslave and destroy. Just as a tiger can be violent, bloodthirsty and predatory, so too can the tiger be caring, nurturing and protective. As a Taoist my focus will not be consumed by gaining knowledge, safe guarding my health and striving for immortality, but also on the direction that I use what I have gained. LIke the tiger I have the propensity to indulge my ego, to be selfish. Instead I seek to balance myself, as in all things. Maintaining my power, my ferocity, while nurturing and caring for everything around me. I am glad that some of you have found these inspirational. I am posting them, mostly, to keep myself doing it. I enjoy journaling and these readings, but many times I find that I let other things, work and such, get in the way. I tell myself, I'll do it tomorrow, I will make sure. And then I forget, or let it slip by again. I don't want to do that. I want this to be a habit that I build and keep. Psychology says it takes 6-8 weeks to shed a habit and 8-12 weeks to build a new one. So, that is what this is, me building this into a habit. Writing it down like this, also helps me to reinforce what I have read. I like the idea of the tiger, there are so many similarities and metaphors that can be used. By the Chinese zodiac, I am a tiger, so it makes sense. As I am preparing to make a major life change (leaving the military and heading back to school) these habits that I am building will help me deal with these changes. I hope this helps you as much as it does me and more.
  7. BBQ can do that if it's left out in the fridge. Make sure to put it in a good container or everything in your fridge will smell like that
  8. This is from "The Empty Boat" by Osho - "One fox became curious - and foxes are curious. In folklore the fox is the symbol of the mind, of the intellect, of logic. Foxes are great logicians. The foxed looked, and she observed, she analyzed, she couldn't believe it. She said, "Wait, one question! How do you manage, how do you know which foot has to follow which? One hundred legs! How does this harmony happen, that you walk so smoothly?" The centipede said, "I have been walking but I have never thought about it. Give me a little time." So he closed his eyes. For the first time he became divided: the mind as observer, and himself as the observed. For the first time the centipede became two. He had been living and walking, but his life had been one whole; there was no observer standing looking at himself, he was never divided; he had been an integrated being. For the first time division arose. He was looking at his own self, thinking. He had become subject and object, he had become two, and then he started walking. It was difficult, almost impossible. He fell down - how do you manage one hundred legs? The fox laughed and she said, "I knew it must be difficult, I knew it beforehand." The centipede started crying and weeping, tears came to his eyes. He said, "It had never been difficult, but you have created the problem. Now I will never be able to walk again." The mind has come into being; mind comes when you are divided. The mind feeds on division."
  9. ~smiles at Jitters~ Sound words, friend. Definitely bear repeating. Shoulder stretches... hmmm, draw your right arm across your chest, pointing your palm towards the sky, hold at your elbow with your left wrist. Hold for twelves seconds, switch, repeat. Hope that helps
  10. Find what works best for you a journal, a notebook, a spreadsheet and make sure you stay consistent with it!
  11. If you mean what I think you mean: 1. I love your sense of humor 2. I'm snickering over here.
  12. I love the parking further out to make yourself walk more, that's something I do to myself. Looking like a good start, keep it up!
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