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  1. You’re definitely in the neighborhood of what I’ve got in mind! I haven’t started hunting for patterns yet but it won’t be long. Which is why I love living in the sticks! I already wore my utilikilts all summer to enjoy the breeze 😉 so a tabard won’t really too far out there at this point haha Love love love it, but the handle on the right hand longsword appears crooked and now I can’t see anything else! 😂 Someday when I have free time and I’m not renovating my own house for a living, I’m super excited to pick up Elden Ring and give that a frustration-filled play through… the design and thematic elements have been dominating my thoughts for a good long while now!
  2. Thats a solid life goal. That’s a really really solid life goal. 😉 “What are you doing?” ”Killing monsters.” Brutally efficient dialogue. I was doing only Simple & Sinister in December, and it’s weights are tied to my Real Life Roleplaying weapon upgrades (new heavier weight for a whole week = next tier sword upgrade), but I’m primarily doing a main barbell movement followed my Push/Pull/Legs dumbbell accessories, aiming to get S&S 2-3x per week as a metcon basically. I’m onto the 44lb KB the past few weeks but I think I can move to the 52lb any day really. Probably next week? We’ll see how recovery goes. You can always add something simple like KB RDLs and really focus on the negative/eccentric part of the movement. Also rows, etc. Spezzy got me a log press bar for my birthday a few months ago, I really need to find a day to squeeze that in too! Maybe Push day #2 can be Log Press 🤔 My pull-ups are mid-late Pull day so more often than not I’m down to just negatives left in the tank 😅
  3. That's exactly how I've been feeling since my respawn in Nov/Dec. There's some magic in the water around here 🤩 Right?! It's an addiction. Here's an inkling of what I've got in mind for the Carhartt-style rugged work jacket: or And then something like this for the workout gear: I'm the worst for that. This is my all-time favorite Witcher phone wallpaper: And here's what I've been running lately with the Knightly/Crusader infusion: Or oftentimes something from Dark Souls because their armor is sinister AF. Push day is best day. I'll not consider any counter argument.
  4. I leapt straight into my 36lb plate from not having rucked in years to (surprisingly) no ill effect. Plus there's serious elevation gain on our morning walk! I am pleased haha I should remember not to swing by before lunch 🤤
  5. [Fires of Battle Quest Log] Challenge Journal: This 8th day of February, in the year 2023. Weight: 235.0lbs Busy busy! I spent all day yesterday (after my Pull workout and Simple & Sinister) roughing out the bathroom to prepare for the replacement vanity coming today. I still have SO. MUCH. WORK. to do in there but at least I know we can go full speed ahead with the plumbing since this new vanity doesn't appear to be smashed all up like the last one was. BONUS. Everything else is on track. Still filled to the brim with righteous vigor. Happy #WitcherWednesday 💪 Still the best scene in all the cinematics, don't care what anybody says To slay the Great Dragon: Suffer not the profane to exist, [TEMPLAR'S VERDICT]: ☐☐☐.☐☐ Rowed before each workout so far, and rucked yesterday. It went much much better than anticipated given I jumped straight into my 36lb plate. Uphold the glory of the Sacred Flame, [FLAME, GRANT ME STRENGTH!]: ☐☐☐ Push 1, Pull 1, and Simple & Sinister done. Abhor chaos. Destroy indolence, [LITANY OF THE IRON VIGIL]: ☐☐.☐ Mid-week update. Waited on Friday for weigh-in. No commitment shall be left unfilled, no matter the odds, [FIRE WITHIN, IRON WITHOUT]: ☐☐☐☐☐ I almost went 100cals over yesterday but realized I was recording double ground beef instead of the 50/50 beef to lean turkey we always do, so that made a huge difference. MAJOR LIFE HACK FOR TACOS BTW (thank you @spezzy) Right? He spends a few months as an electrical apprentice and suddenly he thinks he's a general contractor ;p; So excited for laundry units delivery Friday! I picked up the cinder blocks and plywood to build a platform for them to sit on this morning Glad to have you along. And thanks! I even found us a leather couch for the garage gym today so we'll be able to start settling in there even more soon!
  6. I still have to build a concrete block/wooden platform to keep them up off the slab (our basement habitually floods) and wire/plumb them in, but knowing they're coming at least... powerful motivation, that. Accurate depiction of me doing #TheWork: I swear I actually know what I'm doing. 😅
  7. I'll let you know when I have prototypes my real labor-of-love/big project is gonna be a Carhartt-style gambeson jacket straight outta The Witcher but right at home working outdoors. #BringinMedievalBack #MakeAmericaMedievalAgain (clothes wise, at least)
  8. 110% accurate. I remember the #Feels when I was making this in his memory a while back, and I will never not share it again, and I will never censor it
  9. I'm just here for an excuse to share my Dwarven side's penchant for pretty rocks.
  10. Simple, but pure brilliance. The week leading up to the start of a new challenge is always full of complicated gameification ideas, which always lead to a challenge going Dead On Arrival 🤪 Lessons learned.
  11. Let them come, says I. If I made this a goal, it would be a forever goal 😆 I seriously cannot wait to go motorcycle shopping again this spring!
  12. Count me in for Team What-Started-As-One-Pill-Now-Fills-A-Small-Drinking-Glass.
  13. I love everything about this goal. From the theme flavor to the intention, it's just solid gold. Like a solid gold totem. In the shape of a wolf.
  14. That sounds like this 'should only take 1 week' bathroom renovation that's taken me 3 weeks and counting... 😅 Some days it's easy as 1-2-3. Others, it's...
  15. Whatever it takes you keep you around, brother. I'd rather you not post anywhere but your own private corner of things than not at all!
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