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  1. Started shadowing to learn how to be a trainer at the job this week, so I'm double-dipping as installer and trainer-trainee, leaving my Mana running a bit low for a proper update. Still doing the things, eating the stuffs, and occasionally working the outs. Update when I have the battery capacity! During our morning walk today I determined that a short yoga flow should be part of my morning wakeup routine. Only 5 mins or so, just to get the blood flowing and my creaky old man joints moving, but 5 mins in the morning and a longer flow in the afternoon or before bed
  2. I was just saying today that I'm going to throw a bunch of onions into my gerkin brine once all of the pickles are eaten! Which will probably be tomorrow the way I'm going... Also, I did it. I did the thing. Full version of FFXIV is mine 💪
  3. I used my free Downward Dog app membership and did the thing. And I feel infinitely better for it too!
  4. You lost me in the beginning, but it just kept getting better toward the end so I'll forgive it I made a new spotify playlist inspired by my challenge RPG character that features a lot of Corvus Corvax, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, The Hu, Hanggai, Tenneger Calvary, and a few other pagan metal bands. Deadly 🤘 Discover any new favorites?
  5. To be fair, Bruce Lee is the originator of my favorite quote/guiding principle of all time, "Be water, my friend." And I did enjoy the Ali movie back in its day. So it's not that I'm vehemently opposed either, just that neither falls into any category of enthusiasm from my camp. Some combination thereof? Honestly I'm just not a big fan of activity at all. Even though I know yoga is good for me, and I need the flexibility work, and I want to share its healing strengths with others, I would still just rather be doing anything else. All along, a
  6. To be completely fair, isn't that more like a foul ball or pop fly? 🤣 Close! From everything I've seen and read, consistency is #1 when it comes to flexitivity and benditude.
  7. That video is beautiful. I'd love to take a few seminars/classes/whatever on purely defensive boxing just for the psychological edge. Not that I have any intention of fighting. But it would be fun for sparring 🤣 but overall I'm just not a fan of conventional boxing. The answer is too complicated to articulate, but succinctly, I find it kind of lame. 🤷‍♀️ I'll gladly take your striking points when/if you take it up though! haha I fully support your use of Kenshin for gif choice. Also I feel like I should make a "no luck, all skill" remark but
  8. This game was terrible but godamn the art was badass. I can't wait to see that character! 🤘
  9. It's a cue I'm still struggling with myself when working on defensive tactics. But it's also a solid move to eat a knee strike or uppercut 🤣 It's also one of my larger anxieties; finances, fitness, and femme fatales. So when the finances fall in order, and the femmes aren't frustrating, that leaves just fitness to focus on. I much prefer stressing out over only on F rather than all 3.
  10. I would love to hear more about your IRL Warcraft character. My current RL inspiration is a vaguely Blademaster-ish (from WC3 or Samuro from HOTS) archetype and I've been playing my Arms Warrior as one lately (with the huuuuuuge katana from those summonable bosses from Vashjir)
  11. Should come as no surprise, but I love this one. It's Rurik back in 2005 🤣 but I can totally see how spending too much time in this world will weigh heavily on one's psyche! Actually now that I think about it, Brutal Legend is basically my dream fantasy world... a little less dark and demonic, but full of fire and epic metal landmarks. 🤘 I am only close to one sister who I rarely see, my mother to a degree, almost never see/talk to my youngest sister, and am almost entirely estranged (by choice) from my father. Extended family is pretty much right out. But
  12. 212.2 today, for 0.6lbs down since last week. Not exactly earth-shattering, but that's two weeks of 212ish consistency where I hadn't been able to make 213 stick all year. Also makes me feel like the progress isn't just a fluctuation either. So I'll call that a win and try to buckle down again for Week 3. Google it. You'll find hundreds of results talking about how sugar (especially consistently high sugar diets) muck with dopamine receptors. That's the real factor behind sugar 'addiction,' insofar as I can tell. Eliminating 90%+ of my sugar intake was
  13. I've never seen a superhero movie that just consisted of a superhero being super the whole time. There is always a antagonist, a struggle, a quest, an artifact, something. They are always tested, occasionally (or often) fail, regroup, and conquer the day... usually. Sometimes the plot is a little bit darker and all they can do is dust themselves off to start the battle all over again. I for one feel more like Batfleck covered in aches and bruises more than anything these days. 🤣
  14. My recipe is shit-simple and macro friendly. 1 serving (I usually double and adjust to my macros) is 1/4 cup oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 scoop protein, with 1 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips or other accent for flavor. Slowly add water until halfway between 'doughy' and 'liquidy', then bake ~380F for 10-12ish minutes. It's a very imperfect science because every protein powder seems to have different qualities from water retention to consistency to baking length. 🤷‍♂️ Sometimes I'll do white chocolate chips with chocolate protein, or add craisins, or coconut shaving
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