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  1. I'm so excited for daily walks, even as much fun as backyard play time is, it just isn't the same as switching up the view.
  2. Well I'm here for moral support and accountability even so then.
  3. I haven't played it but I fell down its rabbit hole while @Wild Wolf was dabbling. Definitely enjoyed watching the playthrough; that game is absolutely gorgeous, and I also started reading the Shogun series which was pretty immersive at the time. Right now I'm looking at Metal Gear Solid to satiate my inner mercenary and possibly Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for my viking hair fix.
  4. I made the mistake of scrolling right to the food porn bomb. Thank goodness it's almost breakfast time. 😬 That's basically how I describe my birthdays too. Over three decades and I still don't feel any closer to being an adult yet.
  5. I'm not even paying attention to the drama anymore. All I know is I can reliably run CT14 Archways on Gold which is good enough farming for me while I hunt down the legendaries I need for my Pyro, but I'm also entertaining the idea of other games now 🤷‍♂️ so we'll see where I land! Honestly I'm spending much more time in the (home) gym now than before so I haven't really been playing that much anyway. I legit love it. It's way more volume than I've ever really done but I'm feeling powerful and that was a missing key factor in my training before. N
  6. So many strongman implements are really just a blast to mess around with. Yokes, atlas stones, deadlifting weird shit... you name it.
  7. Wow, I'm super pumped for you. So unusual to find a legit barbell gym just popping up like that! I'm excited for your lifting gains now, buddy 💪😎
  8. That's such a healthy mindset that pretty much everyone should benefit from. There's no punishment or denying philosophy there, just health. Food is fuel and can be fun, you needn't just eating plain salads to reduce calories to the absurd like we do sometimes 🤣 that was a good reminder at the end of Week Zero!
  9. FDA guidelines give companies a 20% or something margin for error. Consistency over time will be your ally anyway! Which you're already building 💪 Blood Death Knighting intensifies.
  10. I'm just here for the Chris Pratt .gifs I feel like he and I have had parallel glow-ups (although mine is more a work in progress still)!
  11. Honestly I am just glad to see your return to posting, but I respect the hell out of this outline. And this part too. I hope you make it to this point but remember there isn't an ounce of shame if you just survive the next month. 💪
  12. Since I'm on work shutdown due to Third Wave, this is gonna be an important one for me. The current routine calls for outside time (walk or yard) with the fam, inside for a short internet break (forums, YouTube, Reddit etc) while I enjoy my pre-workout, and then into the gym before noon. Afterwards the afternoon is home projects (I'm building squat stands and cleaning today), and then I look after dinner plus relaxing through the evening. I think it's important to have structure even when there's 'nothing to do' otherwise it's all too easy to become entirely sedentary. Not sayin
  13. Unfortunately I think the Developer has irredeamably shit the bed and there's no salvaging Outriders. Sure, there'll be a fluctuating player base but ultimately the damage is done and faith shaken. However I still enjoy the gameplay and love the theme so I'm going to keep enjoying myself until it feels forced, much like 15 years of World of Warcraft did before I finally hung up my totems and bow to (un)officially retire (just in case the next expansion is LEGENDARY). Maybe there'll be some epic DLCs or updates to infuse some life back into things yet. But honestly it
  14. Absolutely! I basically fell off the wagon the first whole half of this PVP and am just getting my routine back together now for the latter half. It's never too late to join!
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