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  1. Heidi: Receive

    Pants are the devil. Short shorts (they're called Ranger Panties for a reason, ya dig?) or kilts are preferred Ranger attire. Of course, special safety and professional acquiescence is permitted. Ballsy as I am, even I put denim on for motorcycle rides!
  2. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    Updates! Passed my motorcycle safety test on Saturday, no worries. I had a few hiccups but caught on quickly. Went for my first real ride that evening, back to my hometown to meet my uncle and pick up my bike. We rode back to the city so I could take possession, highway riding is a breeze! Didn't get around to another ride until Sunday because I was so house-busy and had a bit of a snafu - got ran off the road and had to kiss the curb or slide under a van, sooooo... I got intimate with concrete. Probably cost me one of my cat lives - counting West Nile virus, my brush with cancer, and countless other stupid moves throughout my 20s, I'm guess I'm sitting around 4 or so lives max at this point. Minor damage to Harley. She's getting some nail polish to tidy up the handle bar, my left mirror is cracked, and my rear taillight is wobbly. So quite rideable, but shook my confidence up a fair bit. Had to take an anxiety nap after, I was embarrassed and shaken and visibly distressed. Feeling much better today, but didn't ride to work for training as was the original plan. I'm going to look after Harley tonight and see how I feel about riding to work tomorrow. Nice and early, traffic should be chill. Onward and forward in true ISTP style! Also, moving day(s)! I'm in the house and have started renovations. So far new flooring throughout the living area and master bedroom (needs hallway and other 2 bedrooms), painted living room and master bedroom (needs kitchen, hallway, eventually other bedrooms). TV mounted and back on internet (most important). A billion things to do but I can putter around with small projects for now. It's starting to look really nice and homey and personal. I went with a neat rustic-modern-industrial antique vintage kind of look, like something out of a Restoration Hardware lookbook. You can see the new paint (a nice antique taupe from ugly sky blue) and lots of wood accents. Plus my new flooring! I'm becoming quite handy. I'll do a real video house tour when I'm happy with progress and feeling more 'moved in & finished.' I did, this challenge is an anthology - not just a chapter book! Boom.
  3. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    On top so far. Distractions are madly helpful. I'm excited to spend some time with my new Lady Friend next week! I'm in a relationship with Harley (Davidson). My trouble is balancing 'masculine' with 'man cave' and/or 'bachelor pad,' neither of which I am a fan of at all. There's a fine balance to be achieved without looking like a 40-something repressed office worker desperately clawing out a few square feet for beer signs and sports memorabilia, modern trappings and some fancy tech, and maintaining a cohesive flow and classy styling. Rustic Modern with a side of Industrial is accurate 97% of the time! I'll do a house tour video or something when I've made some headway!
  4. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    I've been describing my decor as 'James Bond meets Conan the Barbarian' so that descriptor couldn't be more accurate.
  5. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    It's a distressed 'Hickory' laminate, end up looking something like this...
  6. Cry Havoc Anthology: Chaos Theory

    "This idea of every day you wake up, it's these blank changes... with a lot of this shit we're doing is like you're becoming a full-time graphic novel character, in that all we're spending our time doing is taking these aspects of our-self that we want to amplify and working on turning them up to Mother Fucker all the time." Four words... You are born into this world with nothing and you are to die with nothing. You are but one, surrounded by hordes of those who will humiliate you, burn you, destroy you… you can’t escape because your fate has already been decided long before you were born. No one needs you to be anything more than you already are; no one wants you to be anything more than you already are. You are unrecognizable, forgettable, and disposable, and that is all you ever will be. If not for four words... I won’t accept that. Starting weight baseline: 220 lbs. CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels CLICK HERE for Most Recent Challenge Goals CHALLENGE INSPIRATION “The man I am today is what I have to work with.” Another mindset shift necessitates a swing in this challenge's paradigm. For the foreseeable future I'll be treating this challenge as an ongoing "theme shifting" Battle Log because my goals won't shift much but my Real Life Character™ focal stat may change. The wild news for this year is I have a reservation in Madison, Wisconsin for a hotel during the 2018 CrossFit Games. Tickets go on sale in April and I have every intention of being in attendance among the spectators at the Alliant Energy Center this year, which means... And that's the plan, folks.