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  1. I have arrived! Good choices on that summoning reagents I'll set up a PvP this week
  2. Welcome one and all! Come rest ye weary rebels, put your feet up and order a beverage. Security at the door will check your cloak, weapons, and armaments (but I wouldn't trust them with your valuables wink wink). The fires in the hearth are roaring and the barkeep is freshly returned from both a specialty cocktail course and a smoothie retreat, so they can handle just about anything your heart could desire! Since we're entering the autumnal months, I have it on good authority that the Guildhall staff have set us up a solstice bounty out back... There's a corn maze
  3. Serves you right for taking a lengthy hiatus from the forums! 😛 You just appreciate the exchange rate 🤣 Thanks, she's a whiz at capturing our goofy sides. And yet it'll keep you far warmer than anything commercially available #PoweredByMoltenFurnace
  4. [Havoc Ex Machina™ Quest Log] Challenge Journal: Date of 29.6.21 Weight: 205.8 lbs. Back on the Yoga Train! Shout-out to my Main Squeeze™ @spezzyfor keeping my skull groomed and allowing me to embrace my inner Hipster Ragnar even during lockdown #3. Doing my best Disney Princess impression with the House Beasts™ gang. Just a quick update to keep the week's momentum going with #HemsworthWednesday and this training montage for Thor: Love and Thunder while I take a break from leveling up my Enhancement Shaman on World of Warcraft's new P
  5. Aha! At last, the moment this gif was made for...
  6. Well well well, didn't you just come back with all of the grit and determination!
  7. I'm off to a great start since I hopped on the scale today and saw another since-2017 low at 205.8lbs Which means I'm almost at my interim goal (and therefore might have to modify my intention for this PVP after all)
  8. [Havoc Ex Machina™ Quest Log] Challenge Journal: Date of 29.6.21 Weight: 205.8 lbs. I never like to miss a #FlexFriday update! Got sick again last week, which is probably more illness than the last several years combined. But the Primaris Project™ continues unabated, it seems, since I weighed in at 205.8lbs this morning - a since-2017 low! What I've been doing seems to be working. Missed #MomoaMonday so here's some shirtless axe throwing as a belated offering to the Divine Lords of Swole! I might be a day lat
  9. Sometimes 'lesser' factors must fall by the wayside in order to keep the primary systems functioning there's no shame in that, but I'm glad you're back (and I'm back) and we're all in this mire together! Swiggity swak, I'm here to get jack't! 💪 The Primaris Project™ is well under way over here.
  10. Oh, so I shouldn't install a live feed camera to record an inevitable Blue Screen of deadlifting Death then? Error error error... *fzzzzt*
  11. Happy Monday, nerds! I weighed in at 206.4 the other day (which is an all-time low since 2017 or so) but 208.6 yesterday, and somehoiw 207.2 today, so I'm excited to see my weight trending downward even without dedicated cardio! I am enjoying my moderate carb approach to food and loving my pumpkin cookies lately (somehow I reverted almost entirely Paleo without even trying 🤣) More importantly, everything seems to be working
  12. Solidly okay is a perfectly adequate foundation for success, after all
  13. This is so gnarly. Six More Vodka are also behind the unreleased graphic novel concept Orken, which if you were to Google, would probably be right up our Orcish alley too
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