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  1. 12/30/2011 Bkfst: Iced brewed coffee, cherry yogurt parfait Lunch: greek yogurt parfait, med apple Dinner: bacon cheddar burger patty, boiled egg, stir fry veggies Supplement: fish oil Total Calories (FatSecret phone app): 1209 32% fat 58% carbs 18% protein (total of 108%... wondering about this phone app) I'm thinking that consuming a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is going to be a challenge. 42g protein on Monday 47g protein on Tuesday 47g protein on Wednesday 96g protein on Thursday 57g protein on Friday Nowhere near 190g. Workout: walk/run for 2 miles
  2. I had no idea menstrual cups existed. I think you ladies just changed my life. Online shopping right now...
  3. That was my first guess, too. Wonder if that's the answer...
  4. I've noticed we are each categorized. So...... What's the system here? No issues with being a recruit, just curious. EDIT: Ah, nuts. Now I'm Rebel.
  5. More tall females (actresses) here. (Tricia Helfer, Lucy Lawless, and Famke Janssen, oh my!) Another, more comprehensive list here. I think Casie Leigh Shepherd is good motivation for figure competitions. At 6'2". Holla! Being TALL doesn't mean we have to be BIG.
  6. Good for you for wanting to get a handle on your finances. Loren Wade just posted about Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover. I would also recommend it. Focuses on debt reduction. Good luck!
  7. Um, YES. I am a big Dave Ramsey fan. The TMM book changed everything. And his radio show (via free itunes podcasts) really keep me going. He goes on his rants sometimes a little over the edge for me, but they don't happen very often. I haven't used credit cards since 2009, I paid them all off, and now I only have about half my school loans left. My parents have more debt than I do. My makes-more-money-than-I-would-know-what-to-do-with engineer ex-husband has more debt than I do. (Ok, honestly, I have no idea how much debt he has, but as of a phone conversation a month ago he still has debt.) Crazy. And a lot of his fans also got other areas in their life on track after following his plan. Like living a healthier lifestyle, for example. Interesting, no? ryanmercer: And as far as being a christian, it's not a requirement to follow his plan. I'm not.
  8. bondgirl, thanks for getting this going. and perfect timing to work into january's 6-week (or 7-week?) challenge. i'm super excited!
  9. Ha! Yes, Starbucks is evil when it comes to diet. I knew my calories would go up from the previous day (<1000), but I overshot it a bit. According to my Fat Secret calorie calculator app: Grande Mocha is 220 Cal Coffee cake is 440 Cal Skinny Latte is 130 Cal Scone is 490 Cal The scone and coffee cake are 930 Cal together. Still using Starbuck gift card today, trying yogurt or something instead of cake-y stuff. Will post Calories results. Using this phone app to track my food consumption has been an eye-opening experience.
  10. 12/29/2011 *Still working on clearing out (i.e. eating) non-paleo foods in kitchen. Also using up Starbucks xmas gift card before paleo challenge.* Bkfst: 1 cups coffee with creamer Snack: Starbucks mocha, Coffee cake slice Lunch: Starbucks Skinny Latte, scone Dinner: Ramen Snack: 2 boiled eggs, tomato slices, cheese slices Total Cal (phone app): 2197 39% fat 45% carbs 15% protein Daily calories getting better, up to a more reasonable number. Still working on getting protein % up and carb % down.
  11. carjack: thanks for specifics. just what i was asking for. =D
  12. Howdy, guys. One of my long term goals is to compete in a bodybuilding/fitness/powerlifting competition. I'm no where near ready to compete, and I'm not sure which type of competition yet, but I am looking into it. After doing research online, I'm left with some questions. Hopefully someone here can help. QUESTIONS: 1. Has anyone competed in one of these? 2. Do I need a trainer or manager? 3. Do I have to qualify, or can I just sign up for a competition? 4. How do I know which type (bodybuilding, fitness, & powerlifting) is right for me? Anything in particular I should know before deciding which to pursue? 5. Any other suggestions or advice? Thanks!!
  13. 12/28/2011 Bkfst: 2 cups coffee with creamer, 2 pieces of toast with butter Lunch: ramen soup Dinner: grilled talapia Total Cal (phone app): 945 38% fat 42% carbs 20% protein Not the best food choices, but came home by dinner time and had some fish. Working on getting protein % up and carb % down. Weight (parents bathroom scale): 188 lbs Exercise: Did a walk/run around my parents' neighborhood with the dog. Didn't log time or distance, just went outside and enjoyed the fabulous weather. Back at home today, so workouts should increase exponentially.
  14. I'm definitely incorporating this challenge into my January 6-week challenge. Great idea, guys! Reason(s) why I'm choosing to go Paleo and participate 1. I suck at sticking to a food plan without support. I have very little will power. I have a teenage son who likes to have very non-Paleo foods in the house (including Blue Bell ice cream!!!), which is torture. He has done Paleo before (with his dad) and is now doing Crossfit (both with his dad in San Antonio and here). I told him about this challenge, and he said he would help. I hope he realizes he's coming home next week to only Paleo foods in the house... 2. Going "Paleo" is the closest labeled food plan to what I consider to be an ideal way of eating. I'm not one for labels or fads, but Paleo is pretty close to what I already want to be doing. The challenge (and accountability contained therein) will force me to stick to a healthy eating. At least for a month, anyway. I hope the results will win me over and I will stick with it after the challenge commences. Personal goals I'll be working towards (other than sticking to the Paleo diet) 1. Fit into my size 10 jeans, which I haven't been able to do in almost three years. Still got 'em in the closet. 2. Get a full-time job. Being unemployed (or underemployed) is horribly depressing. It makes me want to eat. A lot. 3. Meet the fitness requirements for Navy Reserve and/or Navy Active Duty. I am in a position to go back in, this time as an officer, but my age might limit my options. I want to AT LEAST be able to pass the PRT with flying colors. 4. Find (and purchase meat from) a grass-fed farm and decide if it's worth the extra legwork and expense. Starting stats Female 36 years old 5' 11" Weight: 188 lbs Body Fat: 33.4% (using this website) 33.9% (using this website) *Note: I consider these methods to measure bf% very unreliable. Calipers and Omrons aren't much better. Water immersion is the only method I would trust with a reasonable amount of error. BUT at least I have a rough estimate what my bf% is. Waist-to-Height Ratio: 0.46 (read more here) Waist-to-Hips Ratio: 0.74 (keeping that hourglass shape...) "Before" pic (taken last week) http://nerdfitness.com/community/attachment.php?attachmentid=1240&d=1325105716 LET'S GO!!!
  15. Oh, I so needed that push! Thank you! So true! Although, even on a bender, I bet she burns lots-o-calories while punching people in the face! ... Or fooling around with hot-yet-unavailable guys. Since I am doing neither of those -- sigh -- I'm headed outside.
  16. 12/27/2011 Bkfst: 2 cups coffee with creamer, 2 pieces of toast with butter Lunch: 2 pieces of toast with butter Dinner: 6" subway flatbread turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich Total Cal (phone app): 1377 40% fat 47% carbs 13% protein Weight (parents bathroom scale): 188 lbs No exercise again today. Damn holiday laziness and cold weather. Forecast 72 degrees tomorrow! Got my VFFs ready!!
  17. oh boy, pushing through comfort zones here... Dec 2011 pic, at 192 lbs http://nerdfitness.com/community/attachment.php?attachmentid=1239&d=1325018540
  18. Awesome. I missed the last challenge and am VERY MUCH looking forward to the next challenge. And the new year!!
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