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  1. Welcome! And YAY! for us tall women! I also am working towards being able to do a pullup and run three miles. Good luck! Looking forward to following your progress!
  2. Just want to mention that the notion of being "big-boned" is a misnomer for a lot of people. I've been overweight for many years of my adulthood, and so many people outwardly excused my excess weight (and I believed it) due to being big-boned. It was my excuse for being big. It was bullshit. A few years ago, I looked into how to determine if I have a small, med, or large frame. I found two methods, both measuring the wrist: one with measuring tape and one using overlapping of fingers of opposite hand. Using both methods, I fall under the "small frame" category. I wasn't big-boned. I was fat. No more excuses. I've lost 40 lbs and I'm not done.
  3. babycakes: I hear ya with the plateaus. I'm in a big one right now, although I've been slacking on the exercise, so I'm just grateful none of the weight came back. I've been focusing more on food choices lately. Getting back on NF forum has helped me get re-energized. I lost 40 lbs, been steady for 6 months, and hope to lose another 40 lbs. And congrats on getting down to sub-200 weight! I know how that feels to have that first number be a "1" again!
  4. Ah, I dream of Whole Foods. None in Corpus Christi. Maybe someday...
  5. WooHoo!! That's pretty sweet. Has it been pretty much steady, or with dips with plateaus?
  6. You know, it's been a challenge finding local grass-fed beef, though. I thought SURELY there are cattle ranches all over the place to buy meat from... It was tricky. Can't get it in the local grocery stores (even though my city has 300K+ people living here), except the "natural foods" grocery store, where the grass-fed meat comes from Uruguay, of all places. Totally weird. Finally found a few grass-fed farms close enough where I can make a day trip to get some. Or I can order online and have some frozen meat shipped with dry ice. And fresh fruits and veggies are shipped in from Cali or Mexico. So much for buying and supporting local food. What are your options in DC? I would think a large population would increase demand for better options, no?
  7. 12/26/2011 No exercise today. Food: Bkfst - 2 fried eggs, 2 cups coffee w/coffeemate Lunch - Whataburger (gasp!) Dinner - Chicken fajita meat with fresh tomatoes... and chips and salsa EDIT: My CalorieCounter (phone app) says: 1198 Cal 44 g fat 78 g carbs 42 g protein Although, this doesn't add up... (44*9)+(120*4)=920, not 1198. Need to figure this out. It was nice eating an entire plate of meat and veggies for dinner and not feeling grotesquely full. Except for the chips & salsa, it was a smart food choice for being in a mexican restaurant. Weather is looking up, planning for a walk/run tomorrow.
  8. I have a profile question. When viewing my profile, my photo shows. But now photo shows on my posts. Having trouble figuring out how to fix it so my photo shows on my posts, too. Anyone have suggestions??
  9. Found this today: 5/3/1 Routine and Calorie Counter. Trying them both out for the first time...
  10. Hard core paleo for 30 days sounds like great challenge. Count me in, too! I have been doing paleo halfass for a little while and would love to be part of the challenge. A new thread and food logs are good ideas. Keep me in loop!!
  11. ETFnerd, thank you for starting this thread and posting the blog links. I like justmaintaining.com's description of the unfairness of weight maintenance. Unfairness 6. Damage to the joints from the weight you once carried makes it difficult, over time, to create and sustain an exercise regimen that is intense enough to maintain losses. I have carried 40+ lbs excess weight on my frame for several years, and it is a challenge to think (or to hear from someone else) that I should just go run around the block to get exercise. I've started -- and stopped -- running programs over and over, and it was never this hard on my body when I was thinner. (Okay, admittedly, my sore joints might be due to getting old...) It's so tempting to say "my body isn't made for running" and stop altogether, but it's good to know that it's very possible that it's so hard because of what my body has been put through all these years. I just need to keep at it. Unfairness 8. All the support you received while losing weight dries up, and often turns to sabotage. People push food at you and lose patience with your time-consuming exercise. Freinds & family are cheerleaders when the weight is actively coming off; they can see evidence of your hard work! But there are no high-fives when you look the exact same as the last time they saw you. Little do they know, keeping it off is just as much as an accomplishment, if not more, as I am learning. I LOVE lynnsweigh.blogspot.com's take on weight loss and weight management. What stuck out to me most was her idea that WEIGHT LOSS is to PARENTING as WEIGHT MAINTENANCE is to GRANDPARENTING. "I also get to have a little more fun and be a little more relaxed [with granddaughter] than I did when I was a parent. Same thing with maintenance. While I’m vigilant and mindful to food and exercise, I’m also having a little more fun and am a little more relaxed than I was during weight loss. I’m also a lot more patient, both as a grandparent and a person maintaining a weight loss, more so than I ever was with my kids or body before." Such a great analogy. And to think that when I lose weight, my job is over... no way. It doesn't end, it just changes. Now, I have to say, this rocked my world: the idea that a diet high in protein will help keep the weight off. Maybe I don't read enough about this, but I never really thought about this before. I especially like proteinpower's description of protein's role (and scientific data backing it up... the science nerd is very happy). "Additional protein consumption during weight maintenance after weight loss resulting in 18 vs 15 en% [percent energy] protein, resulted in a 50% lower body weight regain, only consisting of FFM [fat free mass, i.e., lean tissue] and related to increased satiety and decreased energy efficiency." Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys! WHAT TYPE of protein??? From that same site, apparently animal protein is more effective than veggie protein, and of the protein supplements, whey is more effective than casein. HOW MUCH protein??? Again, from the same source: "The take home lesson if you’re trying to maintain is to increase your protein intake by 50 grams or so daily, preferably with either whey or meat." So, I should actually go to that grass-fed farm I've been looking into, and I should be picking whey protein shakes over casein, soy, or other types of shakes, increasing my protein by ~50g/day. Good to know. I also did a google search and found some supportive and interesting tidbits that help with the feeling of struggling with weight maintenance. How do we know if we are considered "successful weight loss maintainers"? This article provides the following definition: "individuals who have intentionally lost at least 10% of their body weight and kept it off at least one year." I've lost 40 lbs from 233 lbs, which is 17% of my original body weight. And I've kept it off since July 2011. Only six months. Damn, I guess I'm not a successful weight loss maintainer. Yet. WebMD: "Losing weight is the (relatively) easy part." Amen, brotha. "It is a three-phase process: weight loss, transition to maintenance, and maintaining the weight loss." '"Getting the weight off is only one task, which is followed by switching your mind-set to a more permanent way of living so you keep it off." Soooo.... keeping it off is actually HARDER than taking it off. Crap. The good news is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. An article explains that "Weight loss maintenance may get easier over time. Once these successful maintainers have maintained a weight loss for 2-5 years, the chances of longer-term success greatly increase." I found a (who knows how reputable) website that calculated the number of calories that I need to maintain my weight with "light" exercise at 2119/day. Every time I track my calories, which I do periodically, it's nowhere near 2119 Cal. I'm usually way under. Maybe adding that extra protein will bring it up. A little bit about me: Sep 2010: 233lbs July 2011: 193 lbs Dec 2011: 192 lbs I'm not content to stay at this weight, but I am proud that I haven't gained any of the weight back since I lost it.
  12. Thanks for the feedback... I just saw that there were replies to my original post. I need to work on notification settings on here. =)
  13. Setting some goals for the next week (remaining days of 2011): ~Create Google Doc spreadsheet for tracking weight (& share on NF) ... check! ~Get new body measurements ... check! ~Create Google Doc spreadsheet for body measurements (& share on NF) ... check! ~Get calisthenics baseline: pushups, situps, pullups (as if!), plank ~Get weightlifting baseline: squat, deadlift, benchpress, cleans, jerks, etc. (need to figure out specific exercises) ~Create Google Doc spreadsheet for workouts (& share on NF) ~Create Google Doc for food log (& share on NF) SHORT-TERM GOALS: 1. Pass minimum/"satisfactory" Navy PRT requirements for my age bracket ("outstanding" level in parentheses) ~40 (95) situps in 2 min ~11 (43) pushups in 2 min (43) ~1.5 mile-run in 16:30 (10:51) ~500yd/450m swim in 14:30 (7:30) Why???? Going to Navy Officer Recruiter in Jan, looking into joining as active duty or reserves. Have to get an age waiver, so I'm hoping my prior enlisted service (2 yrs) will help. Also hoping to compensate for age with excellent PRT results. 2. Get through Couch-2-5K program. I keep starting and not finishing. I want to run 3 miles nonstop. For realz. 3. Develop and maintain a weightlifting program. Looking at Olympic/powerlifting regimen. Still need to research this area. LONG TERM GOALS 1. Reach low body fat (~15%) and size 6 jeans. 2. Compete in Tough Mudder 3. Compete in a bodybuilding/fitness competition. (Right now I like INBA Bikini Divas and Sports Model divisions.) 3. Compete in a powerlifting competition: Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift. Not sure about the process on this. Need more research. And... reach these goals with no added expense. No gym memberships*, no personal trainer, no supplements, etc. I assume my grocery bill will increase somewhat while getting back to Paleo-esque diet, but not very much. *I have "free" access to fitness center in my apartment complex and fitness center at university campus. The next few days are getting organized... LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHALLENGE!!!!
  14. Good job! I find my impulsive, one-the-spot workouts can be the most rewarding. I got things done around the house AND got in a workout! Looking forward to following your progress. =)
  15. Look who hasn't been posting workouts... ME. The kiddo and I are starting to work out at the same time. He joined Crossfit (via his father in another city) and I'm working out at the local park while he's at the gym. So far, it's been working well. Getting the moleskin back out to log workouts. And food intake. And weight.
  16. I'm a bit late to this thread, but I am definitely up for a run challenge. I've been doing so-so running, half-ass motivation. I'm going to a Navy Officer Recruiter after the holidays, and I want to be able to blow the running part of the PRT requirement out of the water.
  17. 10/30/2011 Couch to 5K: Week 1, Day 2 *Easiest running program ever. Varied intensity on 60-sec jog parts, going for HIIT version of C25K. Hip flexors will probably be sore tomorrow! *Put off running this weekend until LATE Sunday night. Finished at 11pm. Barely got it in for the "weekend run". I've decided to add food to this log. Bkfst: Coffee w/cream, Greek yogurt parfait from Starbucks Lunch: Mixed veggies... green beans, squash, corn, spinach Dinner: Reuben sandwich, iced tea Post-Dinner gluttony: pint of ice cream That last part was not my proudest moment.
  18. 10/29/2011 Push-ups on kitchen counter (40 degree angle): 10 Walking Lunges (knees to the floor): 12
  19. Hello! I joined NF last year, participated in two challenges, ventured elsewhere, and now I'm back. I'm eating well, very paleo-esque. I tried a local Crossfit and liked it, but it's wicked expensive. I have 24-hr access to the fitness center at my apartment complex, and I have access to the fitness center at the local university. (Taking one night class a semester has its advantages.) Except for high heat and humidity, outside weather doesn't usually prevent outdoor activities. I have the facilities to become a fitness goddess, but I'm lacking in ideas. And support. I've found it's hard to find other people locally who are interested in these types of fitness-based challenges. I liked the support I received on NF, and I'm looking for that feeling of being in a fitness-minded community. It's hard to be motivated when I feel like I'm doing this all alone. Looking forward to being active on the boards again. Some stats about me: Female 36 years old Single Mom of teenager Height: 5' 11" Body frame: small Weight @Sep 2010: 233 lbs Weight @Sep 2011: 192 lbs Next weight-loss goal: 150 lbs by Spring Break 2012 General fitness goals: increase running stamina, make workouts varied and fun, and be able to do a freakin' pullup
  20. I like the Champion brand PowerBack bras, bought at my local Academy sports & outdoor store. They have underwire, and they "left and separate" nicely. No uni-boob. I found I sometimes wear them in between workouts under my regular clothes. I like them that much. Plus, the racer back style (straps sit higher in my shoulders) is ideal for me since I have the bra strap groove on my shoulders from holding these girls up for so many years. Hope this helps. =) https://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopNavCatalogSearch?Ntt=champion+powerback&Ntk=All&langId=-1&storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&N=0&krypto=iCh8P1m15tXJnSJzzSyPFw%3D%3D
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