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  1. l have been doing BJJ since May 31st, 3 days a week without fail. It is the single most fun sport/workout type activity I've ever done. I have found my niche, something I'm both naturally talented at, and that I love enough to work at. Today I received my first stripe, and I'm so proud of myself and honored to have received it. I can't wait to keep improving and learning, and to guide players newer than me into the sport the way that my friends and peers guided and welcomed me. A girl was there today, watching us, and she asked me some questions because I'm a girl fighter and she is intimidated to try, I really hope she comes on Thursday and gives it a shot!
  2. This past weekend I went to Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah. It was incredible!! I hiked (and never once felt like I was dying), shot a pistol for the first time (with appropriate safety precautions, i ain't no fool), saw the Milky Way, lizards, volcanic rocks leftover from a world that's gone, and sheer red cliffs which made me feel small and in awe of God's creation. Back home now, and I am exhausted haha. But I'm back to hitting my macros, with a new fire in my belly to work hard and make things happen! I ordered some new gloves for monkey bars and I have 3 weeks to practice with them. I'm also going to start doing TGUs and some Kettlebell work to supplement my BJJ training, add in some cardio, and work on my grip, all in one fell swoop! I'm thinking Monday's and Friday's, and maybe Wednesday if it isn't too much on top of BJJ Tues/Wed/Thurs. Tomorrow I'm going for a run and gonna practice my TGUs with a shoe before I move up to weighted practice.
  3. I leave August 11th, through November 8th! Yay! Haha yes, after some feelings-dealings with the future husfriend, I am much more excited and much less fearful for this upcoming adventure!! Thanks! Yeah...still not doing great with this, but I did a ton of hiking this weekend and it was easy, so I'm still feeling fairly confident....for better or worse haha.
  4. A lot has happened since I was last consistently active with Nerd Fitness! One of the biggest things is that I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and discovered that not only do I have a passion for it, but I'm actually built just right for it, and I'm kind of a natural (or so it's been said to me, I still feel like a fish out of water most of the time!). Bear with me while I info dump... In other news, I did my Spartan Sprint last weekend, June 24th! Mom and I drove up to Boise Friday, and I ran the race on Saturday, 4.7 miles with 1100 ft of elevation gain (from climbing one big ol hill three times), and 150 burpees (all of the grip ones, the spear throw, and the rope climb...I was SO CLOSE on the Twister and the Rope Climb). I was adopted by a team about fifteen minutes in, which was my evil plan all along! Then, my car broke down just as we were about to leave Boise right after the race. So my Mom and I got to hang out in Fucking Boise (that's what it's now forever known as) for an extra 2 nights, as we waited for normal business hours on Monday to fix my car. We had a BLAST! We walked everywhere, obviously, and found some civilization on Fairview Ave, a great breakfast place called The Egg Factory, and managed to stay Green on our macros, and a workout in at the hotel gym. Eat To Perform is still going great for me, but lifting has taken a backseat to hiking and jiu jitsu. I do BJJ 3x a week, and try for at least one hike a week, with an occasional lifting session to keep in touch with my lifting friends haha. Personal life info dump, in the spoiler in case you don't want to hear me talk about my love life =p Body: 1. BJJ 3-4xWeek (Tues/Wed/Thurs nights, sometimes Saturday mornings) 2. Hiking at least 1x week (Fri or Sat usually, plan it for the evening to make sure I have time for a long date earlier in the day) 3. Running and BW workout or lifting 1-2 x week (Sunday/Monday mornings) Heart (when you're 4500 miles away, leaving things to spontaneity usually ends up with it just not happening, there's gotta be a plan...not super romantic, but the way it is): 1. Call on lunch break at least 3xweek 2. Plan and have extended date 1x week (usually Friday or Saturday, my days off, and something I've been neglecting because of all my other activities...because I felt like I wanted to make the most of my time left in Utah and felt a bit of resentment about having to leave...that's getting a little easier the more we talk and reconnect) Mind: 1. Read Jiu Jitsu Academy or Becoming A Supple Leopard 3x a week for 15-20 minutes 2. Get 7.5 hours of sleep every night (AKA: don't be a crazy grumpy zombie girl. 3. Check in on NF 5x/week