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  1. Looks great! Pain is temporary, tattoos are forever 😝 hope you’re feeling better and get some sleep!
  2. bedtime: 8 hour sleep window achieved ✅ morning routine: gym! ✅ eat for success: 152g protein, 33g fiber, 100+oz water ✅ gym: 1/3 calorie ave: 1853/1800 Hit the gym this morning with my mom, her first time going to class with me, and we killed it! I’m so proud of her for coming with me, it’s definitely outside of her comfort zone, and she did great. I forgot my packed lunch on the kitchen counter but had some time before I had to be at work, so ran to the store and got fixins for a healthy, high protein breakfast and salad for lunch. Big win ove
  3. Oh, interesting, I’ve seen people looking for partners for games like that but haven’t tried it before. Sounds way fun, though! yep, sleep>pretty much everything else in my book 😹
  4. I really like your approach to weight loss- that study you shared was a great example! “Eat less, do more” as the old adage goes, quickly leads to nowhere else to go, whereas a moderate deficit gives a lot more room to work. Seeing women (and even some men! 😖) eating 900 or 1200 calories a day in pursuit of swimsuit model status is absolutely terrible. I’m sorry yesterday was such a hard day for you, but way to go in managing yourself in a positive way, and I’m glad today is better!
  5. Sunday, May 16th Sunday is my planning and reflection day. How did the week go: Overall, it went great. Life had a bunch of punches and I rolled with them. I adjusted my expectations and redefined success so that I failed forward and got some important stuff done this week, including making an honest car of my Pontiac, and successfully completing a tricky school project. 8 hour sleep window: 4/6 days Morning routine: 5/6 eating for success: 5/6 Area of greatest difficulty: I didn’t hit the gym but once, and I really am committed t
  6. Saturday, May 15th Routine always goes a little sideways on the weekends, and I’m glad because that means my mom and I can spend all day on a FaceTime call with my best friend in Alaska, hanging out and playing video games. As it was, I went for a 30 minute walk (the only steps I got all day 😹), hit my intake goals and didn’t quite drink enough water. My calories have been a little high the last few days so time to reel it in a little and focus on whole foods to satisfy snackiness. bedtime: 8 hour sleep window achieved ✅ morning routine: Coffee and video games
  7. 3 is a lot! is play-by-post a written version? I’ve done written roleplays for years, but it’s the sort where each person plays a character and we write the story together, no GM.
  8. Oh noo, poor Mr. Incredible! That moment of dawning realization is terrible. I was told that the DMV quit sending them for a short time, nobody paid their registration, and they’ve since recommenced sending reminders. I’m fairly sure that’s why I missed mine!
  9. Fair play to you, living abroad is not for the faint of heart! So, do you speak Chinese? Funny story, I’M from Utah, too!!!! I live in the Ogden area- moved away a few times, but I keep coming back like a boomerang. That DnD group sounds super fun- we only play every other week and I’ve never actually been a player, so I’d love to join up. I’ll send Jon a message!
  10. The half orc brothers and good boi smart dog sound like so much fun! I watched your gymnastic video with my heart in my throat. Dear God. I’m simultaneously suuuuper awe-inspired and suuuuper terrified for you. If I may ask- how/why are you living in China? Where are you from? (I lived in Ireland for a couple years and my nextdoor neighbor was from China; she and her Irish husband had lived near Beijing for several years before coming to Ireland....her food was the beeeeeest)
  11. Friday, May 14th Finished adulting and got my car registered- it took almost 2 hours, and I missed the afternoon gym class, but I got it done. I never knew the car registration was such a big deal, as crazy as that may sound! Everyone I’ve said it to was like, “wow, they didn’t impound your car?!” So, I’m feeling blessed it didn’t turn out badly after all. im writing this on Saturday, and last night I had a shot of vodka in my homemade orange julius, fully aware that it would jack up my digestion....and it did. Dang it, my body hates alcohol so much. I think I’m prone to
  12. Are you mentally exhausted by the time you finish a session? I hope my endurance improves with practice, but right now it takes a looot of brain power! Are you running a premade quest or making your own? We are doing The Lost Mines of Phandelver, with home brew characters- writing a quest was too daunting, though it may be something I work on in my spare time for “someday”. Thanks ❤️ she has declined suddenly and rapidly, turns out she has lymphoma. She says she wants to fight it, but she isn’t eating or drinking. She’s 86, I think if she doesn’t want to go through chemo, that’s her
  13. Thursday, May 13th • I got my emissions taken care of so I can make an honest car of my Pontiac at the DMV tomorrow. • I turned in the hellish school assignment that has me feeling like a dunce. • I identified a possible course of action that would allow me to spend a few months in MN with my brother and his family, and my husband was on board. All good things. My grandmother is likely dying, and my grandfather is fighting tooth and nail against every suggestion or resource that might help her at home, in a misguided attempt to feel in control of the uncontrollable. I’m ju
  14. Hello!! yes, it’s the best! And they all made such good characters, so fun! thanks ❤️
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