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  1. Sometimes you just need some loot to make the quest worth it. I’m on “daddy can I play?” difficulty level for life right now, I totally feel ya.
  2. W2D6/D7 Movement ✅❌ (I did have a 6 day streak, and hit my 5/5) H2O ✅✅ study ✅✅ Bedtime ✅❌ (got my 5/5) Funny thing is happening- I’ve been maintaining my weight for about a year, but slowly getting a little fluffier (like, gained 3 lbs over 6 months), and I’ve been totally fine with where I’m at. All of a sudden, I’m starting to feel anxious and obsess a little about it. I think it’s just that with everything going on, I’m trying to exert some control in my life. I’m just reminding myself that I’m moving more, which is badass, and badassness has nothi
  3. W2D5 oh my gosh, I’m so, so tired. I’m going to go to bed early tonight. I’ve been tired all afternoon, that 5:30 wake up is kicking my butt! However, tiredness aside, today has been a badass day! Movement✅ Elements Day 1 AND I walked to the gas station down the street from work to get a co worker a soda instead of driving(because we want to keep the nurses sweet, and there’s like a weird thing where nurses hate the rehab team, but I’m working my way into their good graces. I ain’t too proud if it means a less hostile work environment 😹) about a 15 minut
  4. We made it through the whole thing this morning- I went a bit ahead of him, since my time was limited, but it was great to have him as a motivator to get it done. I’d have slept through my alarm if I hadn’t known he was waiting for me. #peerpressureworks
  5. I’m also a one game at a time person! I tried the original AC and found it really repetitive, so you find Odyssey is better? I’m still doing the Frozen Wilds content on HZD, and...I’ve recently started playing Overcooked...it’s so stressful/fun 😹 The next game is going to be A Way Out. It’s an online co-op game, so my husband and I are going to play that, since he’s stuck in Ireland and I’m stuck in the States. Nothing wrong with SNES! XBOX360 was the first console I really played on, before that I was PC, now that I’ve gone Playstation I doubt I’d ever go back to xbox!
  6. W2D3/W2D4 Movement: ✅✅ y’all, I have gone on a walk for the past 3 days, and today I got up early and did day 1 of Elements with my husband, and after work I went for a 9 mile bike ride. Badass. H20 ✅✅ Water water water water Bedtime ✅✅ I’m so not a night time person that this is the easiest one for me. Study time ✅✅ I’ve spent about 3-3.5 hours between yesterday and today. I feel discouraged because I’ve put this time in and I’m still on the same unit (unit 10/11, i’m sooo close), but math is really hard for me. I’m going to schedule an appointment with the online
  7. Sounds lovely, actually! Did you find the person?
  8. What is a SAR mission? Search and rescue?
  9. W1D7/W2D1/W2D2 Movement ✅✅✅ H2O ✅ ✅✅ bedtime ❌ ✅✅ W1 work hours: 37 woo W1 study hours: 5 😹😭 Math class: stillllll working on it. But the online platform is working finally, so that helps. I did a hiit workout on Saturday after a 30 minute walk, I went for a walk yesterday and I went for a walk today! That’s three days in a row!! I also paid off a credit card yesterday and it felt awesome. I studied about an hour today and 1.5 hours yesterday. I keep meaning to clock my time so I know how long I’ve studied, but
  10. A fair assumption haha. It's been a complicated 2 years. We almost didn't make it. But things are really good now, and we're working toward residency 😃
  11. He was here for 3 months, and went back in March 14th, right before the borders closed. We are working on getting his green card, so I don’t know how long it will be, probably another 10 months or a year, but he’ll be coming back again for a visit hopefully in the summer. I moved to Ireland for a year and a half but it really didn’t work out, so we’re doing the States instead.
  12. Sleep can lead to creative things, so I’d say that was a wise choice
  13. W1D6 Movement ✅ stood and baked for 6 hours after work, it counts 😹 H2O ✅ study ❌ I will get at least one hour tomorrow and Sunday bedtime ✅ work ✅ I worked 37 hours this week. I’m proud of myself. My job is such that I can adjust how much time I work, and it’s been an act of will and discipline to stick to my schedule and stay for full shifts. In some areas, in doing great, and I others...well, I’m going to adjust my tree branch heights a little lower... for this math class, 8 hours a week is going to be pretty good going. My brain is fried a
  14. Haha thanks, it was pretty great to eat 😹 That’s so nice! My best friend and I are doing Hunt a Killer mystery boxes and we’re going to go through the next box over Zoom. I can’t wait! I’m glad and not glad that WFH isn’t an option for me...I’d probably nap a lot when I should be working.
  15. W1D4 You ever have a meal that just feeds your soul? Salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus, home made French bread and wine that I backtracked 15 minutes to get (I NEVER backtrack 😹). All this stress, working really hard, missing my husband...sometimes a good meal really makes a difference ❤️ Also, 2 glasses of wine has me crying at 9-1-1:Lone Star, and my face feels a little funny...#lightweight i also got up 30 minutes early and was able to have coffee and Skype my husband this morning. I’m grumpy after work, so we’ve decided to try a pre-work call. 7 hour time difference is br
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