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  1. Pandemic: Valkyrie Saves The World

    I got into a car crash today on the freeway. There was a big snow storm that hit northern Utah, and I was going slower than the speed limit but apparently not slow enough. I tried to change lanes, to get out of a pushy car’s way, and instead I spun 360 degrees across 4 lanes of traffic, hit the guard rail (thank God that section had a guard rail or I would have flown off the free way), and ended up on the right shoulder, facing the correct way. Somehow, all oncoming traffic missed me, and I just have a dent and a flat tire to show for it. I’m blessed. I literally could have died today, and it makes all my worries and anxieties seem so insignificant. My poor mother, I was on the phone with her and she had to hear the whole thing. “I’m having an accident- I’m ok, I’m not hurt, oh my god I’m spinning, I hit a guard rail, I’m ok.” I figured I couldn’t have an accident and not tell her what was happening, she would totally freak out. A highway patrolman showed up shortly shortly thereafter and changed my flat for me and made sure my car was safe to drive. He’s a hero and I’m so glad he was there and willing to get wet and cold to help me. Im staying in the slow lane for the rest of my life lol.
  2. Pandemic: Valkyrie Saves The World

    Back home and back on my macros after a major macro pass! Omg, my nephew is the very best there ever was. My weight is up 15 lbs from where I was at the beginning of the summer, but it’s ok. I don’t look like I did the last time I weighed this much- I have a lot more muscle now. BUT I am determined to lean out again because I like how I looked and felt in my clothes (and without them haha...tmi?), and I’m ready to get back there! So I went for a walk and I’m gonna get my 8k steps for the day! Tomorrow, I’m getting my lift session in, and Sodium was under 2k for the day. Ive decided I did way too much, so I’m pairing it down to Macros, Lifting/BJJ, budget 1x a week and minimizing 3x a week, and journaling 5x a week, with writing and guitar as things I’m going to do when I don’t have to sacrifice sleep to do it. Sleep> everything else.
  3. Pandemic: Valkyrie Saves The World

    It is day -2, things are really going to kick off on Monday, and if I said I was anxious to get my research started, it’d be the understatement of the year. Oh, who am I? I’m The Scientist, and a good thing, too! The world is being over run by disease, a pandemic we have never seen in our time or any other. It’s up to me to find the 4 cures and stop the spread, before it’s too late! If there are 4 Infections, or 2 Outbreaks, all is lost, and it’s really getting down to the wire. The only way to win is to stick to my scientific guns, buckle down, and do whatever is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading while my research is in progress. In 4 weeks, I will have all the pieces I need to put together the cures and end this madness once and for all. I am the only hope humanity has. God help us all. A lot has happened lately! I got married a week ago Saturday to the love of my life, and yesterday he went back home to Ireland, where I will be moving in March. We have a fun year ahead of us, including a Spartan Super, a probably a couple more BJJ tournaments, a lot of international travel (all our friends are also with foreign people and getting married throughout Europe, yay!), and lots of board games, including my current favorite, Pandemic! Role: The Scientist Special Ability: I only need 4 cards of each color to cure disease (aka: 4 weeks) Event Card: One Quiet night: Play at any time to skip an Infection or prevent and Outbreak. Objectives: Western World Hit macros 7/7 days Southern Hemisphere Lift 3/3 days, BJJ 2/2 days Mid-East Budget: make a budget, comply with it, check it every week to stay on target to save for Irish car and insurance. Name change: work each week towards changing all official documents to new name, complete process if possible by end of month. Start with SS, go from there. Minimize: 10 minutes, 5/5 days, get rid of stuff I preparation for move. Bonus points if I donate stuff. Far East Journal: 7/7 days, a line or a novel, whatever. Guitar: Practice 5/5 Days, bonus for 6/5, includes music theory practice. Roleplay: Work on roleplay post 10 minutes 5/5 days. Bonus (Complete one or more to earn extra Event Cards): 1. Sodium <2500 4/5 days 2. Steps >8K 3. Finished and sent roleplay post How To Lose: As in the game, there are a lot more ways to lose than to win! Missing one goal for the week causes an Infection cycle, missing more than one in a single week causes an Outbreak. There can 4 Infections or 2 Outbreaks before it’s game over. I have one free Event Card, “One Quiet Night” to prevent an Infection cycle or Outbreak(instead of an Outbreak it would downgrade to only an Infection cycle), and I can earn more Event Cards by completing my bonus actions above. Event cards can be used at any time. How to Win: Make it to the end of 4 weeks without losing via methods above. Each week my “research” progresses and I will fill in a line on each vial, after 4 weeks they will be full and the cures will be completed! I just need to keep the world alive long enough for that to happen.