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  1. I'm back! And, engaged! We had an amazing 2 weeks together, and many tears when we parted, but I am SO excited for this next stage in our life together, mainly, actually BEING together very soon. I got back on track Saturday morning, and it's been thankfully pretty easy to get into the groove again. I did 4 workouts over the 2 weeks and I think that helped me maintain the habit enough that it's not soul-crushing to come back! =p My dad, unfortunately, was in the hospital or 3 weeks, came home on Friday, and we had to take him back to ER on Saturday. He had surgery to fix the bowel obstruction yesterday, and is recovering in the hospital, so hopefully that will do the trick for him. I'm starting on Week 1 of my Mass Effect challenge tracker, and I'll continue till I finish all the missions, so I reckon this'll be a two-parter challenge. Mission Overview: Gather The Crew Workout 4x Track 7x Water 100 oz 7x Hit Calories/Macros (Bonus) Paragon: GTG Pushups 3x2 Daily Renegade: 30 Burpees Daily (The Morality quests have been the least adhered to part of this challenge...daily things like this are so hard for me!) Yesterday, Day 1 of Mission Tracked: Yes Water: I think so? Gonna be more on top of that today! Calories/Macros: YES, HA Paragon: No.... Renegade: No...
  2. Just gonna bump this up instead of starting a new thread: Have any of you had a chance to try the Icebug shoes yet? I'm looking into the Acceleritas or the Zeals. I currently run in Asics GT-2000s that I've had for about 5 years, and while they're fine for road running and gym, I need some trail shoes for training and the Spartans I have scheduled (Boise Sprint, Utah Super, and either the Seattle, Windsor or Taranto Beast, depending on where I'm living at the end of the year). My ASICS have a 9 mm heel drop, the Acceleritas are 4mm, and the Zeals are 6 mm, so it'll be a transition to a more minimalist shoe, which is a little scary to me cause I've heard that you can get overuse injuries when transitioning. Anyway, if any of you have any experience with Icebug, let me know what you think! I'm leaning towards the zeals because of the less intense heel drop and increased support of the wrap-around midsole, but I'm just not sure...
  3. Biography: Classified Name: Commander Valkyrie Shepherd Earthborn Sole Survivor: An orphan in an overcrowded, poverty-stricken city, I escaped a life of crime on earth by joining the military at the age of 18. During my service, I survived a harrowing mental and physical ordeal which left me the sole survivor of my unit, and mentally tougher than an Asari Matron. My struggles and achievements have created a duality of empathy and ruthlessness, which serves me well in my race to save the galaxy. Class: Soldier Specialization: TBD Spectre Status: Not Achieved Mission 1 Objectives: Prologue Workout 4x (Arms, Legs, Endurance, Conditioning) Track food intake 7x Water 100 oz 5x Bonus XP: Each Macro Hit/Day Total Available XP: 15 Mission 2 Objectives: Gather The Crew Workout 4x (Arms, Legs, Endurance, BW Workout) Track Food Intake 7x Water 100 oz 7x Total Available XP: 18 Bonus XP: Each Macro Hit Mission 3 Objectives: Become A Spectre Workout 4x (7-Minute Workout 3-4x, Cize or other BW Workouts) Track Food Intake 7x Water 100 oz 7x Total Available XP: 18 Bonus XP: Each Macro Hit Mission 4 Objectives: Specialize Workout 4x (Arms, Legs, Endurance, Conditioning) Track Food Intake 7x Water 100 oz 7x Hit Macros (1 point per macro achieved) Total Available XP: 46 Mission 5 Objectives: Final Battle Workout 4x (Arms, Legs, Endurance, Conditioning) Track Food Intake 7x Water 100 oz 7x Hit Macros (1 point per macro achieved) Total Available XP: 46 Bonus Side Mission: TBD Mission XP Total 1 /15 /143 2 /18 /143 3 /18 /143 4 /46 /143 5 /46 /143 Side Missions Paragon(Charm): GtG pushups 3x2 Daily (Progress to 5x2 if it's too easy) Renegade(Intimidate): Burpees(plank) x30/daily Paragon Charm Total 1 /5 /33 2 /7 /33 3 /7 /33 4 /7 /33 5 /7 /33 Renegade Intimidate Total 1 /5 /33 2 /7 /33 3 /7 /33 4 /7 /33 5 /7 /33 Rewards: 85% Compliance With Mission Objectives (121/143 XP): TBD 85% Compliance With Side Missions (28/33 per mission, or 56/66 for both): TBD Methods To Make Up Points: Paragon: Plank 2x1' per set missed (I.E. if I did 1/3 GTG sets, I need to do 4x1' planks to make up for it) Renegade: Jump Squats 5x1' per day missed General: I'm not sure, any suggestions? General Challenge Explanation Each "Mission" is a week in the challenge. I sort of loosely based it on the progression of the Mass Effect game to take me from the first mission to the last mission, with the main things included (becoming a Spectre, specializing, that sort of stuff). This week has been chaotic,what with my dad in the hospital and all. It took me a ton of time and brain power to get this challenge set up exactly how I want it and I spent a silly amount of time on my logo and tracker, but it looks pretty cool so I'm happy haha...I think my obsessive personality decided getting this one just right was a good coping mechanism for stress haha. This week I'm starting officially today, and not penalizing myself for missing stuff the previous few days, but I will count whatever I did accomplish (like tracking, or if I somehow managed to hit a macro) See how I do that? I am a goddess in my own galaxy, I make the rules! =p Saturday, Mister is coming to visit (YAY!) ! So I won't be tracking macros for weeks 2 and 3, just trying to keep the habit going more than anything with tracking and working out. I will probably be doing the 7 minute workout while he's here. Then for weeks 4 and 5 it's full speed ahead, do all the things! I absolutely had to have a Paragon/Renegade element to my Mass Effect challenge! I'm going to try Grease the Groove for my pushups- I'm going to do push up negatives (just the lowering/eccentric part) 3x2 every day (it seems so small and pitiful...but it's more pushups every day (and definitely more every week) than I'm doing now), and work on becoming burpee-proof by completing 30 burpees (planks, not push ups to start with) each day (in one go). If this GtG thing works, I'm gonna apply it to pull up negatives. I want neuromuscular gainz! My main focus for this challenge is on maintaining my good habits (tracking, working out 4x a week, water) throughout the challenge, and especially while Mister is visiting, achieving my macros on the other weeks, and performing perfect practice (say that 5 times fast) when I workout.