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  1. Yeah...we went from about 26 C to 4 C overnight. Anyone who planted their tomatoes last weekend during the heat wave are looking at sad, frost-bitten 'maters now.... Um....yeah. yeah. I need to give that a shot and see if I like it better! I don't have anyone to run the trails with me, which make me a bit nervous, but there are so many trails that are just off of neighborhoods and stuff, I bet it'd be fine.
  2. I lift two days, and then there's a LISS day of 30-45 minutes, so I'm doing a run on that day. Then 2 lifting days, and a "low slow conditioning" for 45-75 minutes, which I'm doing a leisurely bike ride or going for a long walk. So 2 strength, 1 run, 2 strength, 1 walk/bicycle ride, 1 rest day. I didn't run this week, because it snowed and I'll take any excuse not to run lol (sad but true). Today is my 4th lifting day, but im lifting with a friend so I probably won't follow the prescribed exercises super close (except to make sure my first and main lift is the shoulder press) and then tomorrow is supposed to be the low slow day, but it's my Spartan training day, so I may need to adjust the schedule so that I'm getting my low intensity days in.