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Found 6 results

  1. I did my first challenge in the newbie forum since I'd been gone so long. After much thought about what I'm trying to accomplish physically and mentally, I decided to join the Rangers. I've been working through the NF Academy mindset quests, and my big why (at the age of 42, when "look good naked" is nice but not necessary) is that I want to play hockey again. I got a taste of a sport I really enjoy, that didn't feel like exercise even though I was dripping with sweat afterward, and I want more. At this point, though, my body is not in a place where that's a good idea - I'm carrying too much w
  2. Introduction: Hail people of Rebellion! I am Simon. I am currently in healty shape, but I want to push myself to be better. I guess I'm starting here because I have been losing time to exercise with schoolwork piling up. Quest I: 3 x week; Complete a workout. First draft: [10 regular pushups - 10 situps; 10 wide pushups - 10 reverse sit ups; 10 diamond pushups - 10 crunches. Repeat starting four times, primacy on form] Quest II: 2 x week; Run 1.5 miles Master Quest: Find a career that I love and can make a positive difference in people's live. Currently: Get to Medical School Thanks
  3. Oh boy I hope I'm doing this right... Hello all!!!! I'm Erica, I'm a college student and I'm a wee bit chubby. I'm pretty new - new enough that this is the first challenge that I could join - and this'll be my very first challenge! I suppose I'll start with the basics: Main Quest: Lose some serious poundage and tone some rock hard muscle. I'm currently at about 230 give or take (I've lost around 6 pounds already!) and my first major hurdle is to drop below 200. By the end of September, I'd love to be 200 or lower. That seems doable, but if it's totally not I suppose I'll just have to
  4. Hail. I come seeking membership. I've been an (inconsistent) adventurer for some time so I think it's finally time to throw in with a guild. As my name would suggest, I move around a good deal, so the concept of the world as my training ground and equipment-free training agrees to me. Additionally, this thread is serving as my challenge thread, my first as an assassin (I completed one as an adventurer). Main Quest: Move my own weight fast and repeatedly First Quest (6-month time frame): 8 miles in 56:00, a 7:00/mile pace Six-Week Challenge Goal 1: Run 5 miles in 37:30, a 7:30/mile pace. Cu
  5. Back again, for another go at really succeeding at this challenge. I did better on my second try, but not as well as I would have liked. The diet goals I set for myself went fairly well- I don't even think about drinking sodas anymore, and while it's driving my family bonkers, I'm not eating as many carbs as I used to (I come from a household where a meal has to have a protein, a veggie, and a starch.) The fitness goals....not so much. Weather and location kind of killed the running goal, and stress killed the fitness one. But I'm nothing if not stubborn, so here we go again. Main Quest: L
  6. LiveWriteGrow here, laying out the plan for this challenge round. I kind of failed epically on the last challenge, for reasons that were mostly silly, but I've been talked into trying again by Stooshie, so here we go again, yeah? I'm supposed to be doing a 5K with Stooshie in December, so I need to up my running and generally improve my health. I'm not aiming for anything drastic....slow and steady is the name of the game this time. Challenge One: Make good use of the running programs I have. I have both Zombies,Run! and Get Running, and I intend to work on that at least three days a w
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