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  1. I have always been a little unclear on the ecology of Tatooine. With no apparent sources of food, how does the planet support enough wildlife that the large reptiles such as the great Krayt Dragon have food sources? Yea, I get that they eat Banthas. But what do Banthas eat?? It's a puzzle. Still, I am keeping up with the theme and am still on the trail of the dragon. It's a wily beast that I have fought most of my life (hum ... shades of Moby Dick here ....). This challenge, I'm focusing on tracking and consistency. Overall, these are the main objectives: Research or learning something new ... this challenge, it is the CrossFit Masters Athlete Training PDF Nutrition improvement - WW ... aim to log daily and stay within points each week Exercise focus and socializing outside of work - CrossFit 10+ classes Service component - Charity Miles app and trying to get in about 7+ miles per week Spiritual-emotional component - daily prayer(book) I am tracking in Habitica where we have a Nerd Fitness party and a Guild (join us!!). It might be a bit ambitious, but I have 12 habits that I am tracking. Success is to get 70% or 8 habits tracked each day: 1. Track 7 streaks each day = Success 2. Track meals daily 3. Exercise daily 4. Floss 5. Skin care each night 6. Study master's athlete training daily 7. Stretch 5+ minutes daily 8. Prayer/meditation daily 9. Get 7 hours of sleep daily 10. Once per week - stay within Points values 11. Check in at NF daily 12. Drink 32 oz water daily My primary tools this challenge are: Magic bottle of motivation (my 32 oz water bottle) Belt of swift travel (FlipBelt) Lenses of far-seeing (contact lenses) Tome of Mastery (CrossFit masters training recommendations PDF and other references) Registry of Deeds (Habitica)
  2. What do people wear for weight lifting shoes and/or for CrossFit? I've been wearing my running shoes, but they seem to encourage me to put my weight forward when I'm lifting.
  3. Chris-Tien and the Side Quest Quest When I started with Nerd Fitness (nearly 10 years ago), my major goal was to lose weight. I was at 171lbs. I am still tracking that dragon, but I am making progress and narrowing in on defeating the beast. My problem is that I tend to get distracted by side quests and lose sight of the of the endgame ... in life as well as in Skyrim. But this challenge, I am embracing the side quests as a way to build skills and strength so that when I do finally face the dragon, I will be ready. Long term goals for the YEAR of the Great Dragon Hunt Last year, I reduced from 168 to 156 (and bumped back up in the dumpster fire + train wreck of Fall Semester ....). This year, I want to get back into the "normal" weight category for my height, age, and gender: 150 (or less). And I want to do a pull up again, damnit. Those are the two measurable things that encapsulate a whole lot of life style changes along the way. I have set milestones for each month so that I know where I am along the journey. February's goals are: Back squat 55 - DONE Pushups 1 Lat pulldown 75 Deadlift 77.2 500 m row < 180 - DONE 5K 45 pace: 14.5 That gives me a couple of weeks to work on the rest of these while I pursue the side quests that make games and life .... interesting. So, heading out the door, these are my challenge goals ..... 1) Eat 84+ grams of protein per day (tracking in MyFitnessPal) 2) Strength train (CrossFit or gym or KBs at home) 2+ x per week 3) Positive affirmations daily 4) < 31.9% BF% 5) Draw a Side Quest card daily and complete all of those drawn by the end of the challenge In point, the first challenge I have is to toss out the invaders that have taken over the local fortress (i.e. get over this cold ... again).
  4. Trying a New Years challenge to get organized! I exercised like a champ all through 2020, but last June I gradually started dropping off and haven't recovered. I walk/ruck pretty regularly but I'm exercising like once/week and not stretching or working on any little things at all right now. Daily yoga with bird or other yoga/stretching routine since I've been neglecting stretching and it is BAD Track what fitness I'm already doing - walking/rucking/crossfit/cycling - to figure out what my current baseline is Do max pullups at least once/day when taking my dog outside - I was doing this really successfully for a while but I've been slacking on it Rewards: Once I complete 30 yoga sessions I can get...some kind of reward, TBD
  5. Recently, looking for ambient music and environment mixes, I stumbled across a number of Skyrim-inspired mixes, and I was inspired to start up an old copy of Elder Scrolls. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the game ... even as it frustrated me greatly at times. Being in a reflective mood, I realized that many of my struggles in the game have similar roots in my daily life. Long story short .... I'm back to focus on foundational basics: nutrition and movement. Some RPG fun. And dragons, trolls, and zombies .... oh my!! Longer Version A player can rush through Elder Scrolls and finish in 33 hours. Or you can take hundreds of hours if you explore the world, learn skills, make items, and do side quests. I always tended to be one of the players who are so focused on the main story-line quest that I end up at the end under-geared and under-prepared ... only to be frustrated that I can't finish. In the mundane world, I often have a similar problem in that I neglect planning and preparing for basic, foundational health in the rush to prepare lectures and labs and assessments. I sacrifice the good in favor of the urgent: the next batch of emails, the next meetings, the next thing that someone else "needs" (wants!!!) me to do. So ... this challenge is aimed at establishing a more productive cycle of preparing for monster encounters before going out to complete a quest. You need both to advance in the game and in life!! Drink Your Potions Between masking and days of back-to-back classes and meetings, I was often slightly dehydrated this fall, which contributed to sinus infections and the whole host of other symptoms: irritable, poor sleep, and increased DOMS. I don't want the spring semester to be a repeat of that. For Christmas, I was given a 32 oz water bottle with time/amount goals on the side. Going for 64 oz every day seems like too much, but I am willing to set a daily goal of 32+ oz. My course mentors may have to entertain the students while I run down the hallway for breaks .... Restore Health and Stamina In Skyrim, you can make mistakes with what you eat and drink. In fact, if you haven't played it before, you have to experiment with items and ingredients to find out what the results are, and some things are definite Frankenfoods ... with unexpected results. I've been eating a lot of less-than-nutritious stuff lately. In part because of the holidays and the hold-over attitude that cookies etc are a reward that I deserve etc. So, it's time to shift back to eating real, nutritious foods. I've set a goal that I will eat at least ONE serving of vegetables each day. Trust me when I say that this is a stretch goal. Train to Skill Up You develop skills in the game (and in life) by doing the activity. If you want to level up your skill with a bow ... you have to shoot at things. Shocking. I'll give myself props here because I didn't completely give up on exercise during the fall semester. I didn't do as much as I wanted, but I didn't stop either. In fact, until December 8th, my weight was holding at 158 (not quite the best weight of the year, but not shabby) because I was running and walking consistently. It was the strength training that I started really neglecting after Fall Break. This goal is multi-part, but I think I can manage: At least 20 minutes of exercise daily. Cardio, strength, yoga, staff spinning, whatever. Get to CrossFit class once per week. I am still often suffering from DOMS 3 days after class, despite water, protein, stretching and rolling. It's just going to take time to build up the muscles. 60 pounds on my lat pulldowns by the end of the month. When I can go to the gym with hubby, he can also help me manage the bands for assisted pullups. Prepare for Monsters!!! Truly, I spend enough time in the "tavern" that I can cook ahead and get ready for healthy food, drink, and activities of the following day. I am committing to taking Friday night and all day Saturday off of work (gasp!) so that I can cook ahead and have chicken and veggies prepped for lunches have a protein shake available for pre-workout have my devices charged and workout clothes ready for the week Long term goals for the YEAR of the Great Dragon Hunt Last year, I reduced from 168 to 156 (and bumped back up in the dumpster fire + train wreck of Fall Semester ....). This year, I want to get back into the "normal" weight category for my height, age, and gender: 150 (or less). And I want to do a pull up again, damnit. Those are the two measurable things that encapsulate a whole lot of life style changes along the way.
  6. I sat down today to brainstorm my next challenge and couldnt do it. I was unable to tell what my priorities are. I want to get into Cross Fit again, I want to write book #2 and I want to spend time with my dog in nature. I want to recover from back surgery, I want to get to 99,0kg, I want to prep keto meals, I want to stay away from addictive behavior, I want to be financially stable ( teach more).... I don't see how I can get all of those things done at once since I have mental health issues that make me feel overwhelmed easily, and I am unsure about priorities. So I will use this challenge to try out different versions of a regular week and hopefully at the end I will know what I want a regular week to look like. So this might happen ( or not ) being keto and reaching 99 kilos are non negotiable. I will reach this goal ( if I don't fuck up!!!! ) during this challenge after working on it since June. After that its maintenance for a while. The energy then can go towards other goals. dog walks are also non negotiable and I will do a short walk 5 times a week and a long one 2 times a week.. I have a garden for her to play and pee in, but still, this is the minimum to be a good dog mum! ( weekly steps will be counted towards Walk to Mordor ) If Cross Fit doesn't work out I will probably add to my walking goal and try more hiking with the pup. the bodyweight stuff was hard to do by myself and I suspect I need a group setting to kick ass. So Crossfit ( with scaled down movements!!!! ) it is. I texted my coach and asked him if I can go to class tomorrow and Friday early morning and to make up for it, clean the box for two hours on Wednesday morning. (He had the same deal with me when I first trained there years ago. Its because I cant afford the fee) He hasn't seen my text yet but I hope to be able to start tomorrow and experiment for a week or two or three what a life with Cross Fit on top of all the other stuff would feel like. If I cant do it this week I will do it next week. Am scared shitless about this decision but cant wrap my mind around the question if I can manage this - unless I actually try it out. recovery is also not optional and I will have to develop a stretching routine and include some PT stuff. Maybe: Minimum 1/ week( plus after workouts) To be determined later. concerning smoking and drinking I will repeat my goals from last challenge and a) track my alcohol, b) have a goal to smoke not more than 24 cigarettes / day. I wasn't consistent enough to lower the number last challenge and will stick to 24 until I do it regularly. finances are looking better since I took on more students. Goal now: Be consistent. Also budget wisely and don't order crap! If Im overwhelmed Im allowed to scale down here though... mental health is most important. writing is probably optional although I really really really want to do it. Will try out some writing goal later this challenge. Maybe find some regular writing times??? I will adjust my goals every week and see how I feel experimenting with the different priorities. Maybe I even surprise myself and manage to do all at once in a reasonable sustainable way?? Its great to start from zero. Hopefully its gonna be as fun as I think it will be!
  7. I found Nerd Fitness a little less than 8 years ago as I was finishing up my doctorate and taking stock of the damage that too much stress and sitting in front of the computer had taken on my body. I'd gradually fallen into the very bad habit of rewarding myself with food or alcohol for pushing through and doing things that I didn't want to do .... like go to classes (and sit!) and write and edit and deal with my committee. I also rewarded myself with sweets and alcohol for putting up with the rolling unemployment and underemployment that hubby and I had both been experiencing since 2010. I was in a bad place physically and mentally. At least I knew it. Many years prior (1998 - 2003), I had been a part of an online group that connected Star Wars roleplay with real-life self improvement. We challenged each other to imagine .... what if we were modern Jedi?? What would we do? What would we study? How would we eat and workout? What would the daily life and training be like when we were not off, saving the Galaxy?? In answering that question, I had gotten into great shape, largely through martial arts and sensible nutrition. Fast forward to 2012, I wondered if there were any similar groups still online. A few clicks later, I was here. I think, at the time, I kinda had the same ideas as @Elastigirl .... that I'd be buff in no time and bench pressing my weight by the end of the year or something. My goals were pretty predictable, actually. I wanted to lose weight. My ideal weight during karate had been 127.5 pounds. I wanted to get back down to that level. It didn't exactly happen like that. My net loss has been 4 pounds, although given that the average person gains 1 to 2 pounds per year, I'm definitely beating the odds. I've had some successes and some set backs. Over the past 8 years, I've cycled in and out of the forums as life has gotten busy and I've had to move for work. But when things settle down again, I come back. It's difficult to find a group that is supportive like this one (although my CrossFit box comes close). You and this little old lady are my inspiration .... So .... I'm back again for the anniversary and to reboot lifestyle changes for the better by working on recovering strategies that work for me, improving my post-workout recovery (so I can workout more frequently again), and recovering some of our missing friends, I hope.
  8. It's been a while. when you last saw me, this happened... I've mostly stayed the course, but I reinjured my back again and spent all last year trying to get back to healthy. And the better news is nice drugs that helped me deal with the pain... burnt out my kidneys (kinda stage 3 for those who are familiar with that). Goals: It's now time to go from this to this My tracking Cals and reduce sodium. 2000 cals. 109p/298c/60f and ~2000mg Sodium continue to do physical therapy and core strength work and work on shoulder mobility so I can do more cool things! There, simple and easy.
  9. I see a theme emerging in our first few new challenges here. Start small, but start ... This challenge, I'm doing a point system and keeping track by repurposing an old, old online program (Chore Wars) to keep track of my points and determine when I level up and what my character's (old school DnD) class should be. One of my goals this coming year is to rewrite it in Ruby on Rails as an example for my software design and development class. Meanwhile, it works pretty well and has a cute, constantly updating, badge so you can see how I'm doing. It has a static level-up every 200 points system, which is why I've set every task to award very low points. My focus for this challenge is also to rebuild healthy patterns and habits after too many life changes. Success will be determined if I gain 200+ points .... starting yesterday. Physical activity: go to CrossFit class at least 3 times per week Nutrition: cook at home, dammit!!! I'm easing into a mostly-Paleo diet, but the big thing is to cut out refined sugars. Learn: study up on Paleo, especially reading the Nom Nom Paleo books and Michelle Tam's blog. Mental/emotional health: meditate daily Work: get the article finished!! Everything else is a step in the direction of eating better, working out, and not letting other people ruin my equanimity.
  10. I started last month's challenge accepting that when it comes down to it, I am my own boss in life. And I am a shitty boss, so I need to start running a tight ship. I've pretty much narrowed down what needs to happen within the next six months in another post. So my goals will be based on those priorities and what must be done right now, or what would help in doing the others later. 1. Training I have been seriously slacking. I already missed 2 weeks of my program, and can't afford to miss any more. It's 4 weeks to IBJJF, which will be my last competition for this year. I really need to commit to the program. Strength maintenance, cardio, bodyweight movements, solo drills, and mat time. 2. Education My CrossFit Level 1 credential was due to expire this September. I was going to let it go, but just last week my old gym had an opening for a coach. I love that gym and the people over there, and my manager at my current one happens to be okay with me covering some classes, so it was perfect. There happens to be a CF1 course to be held in my city on August 10-11. Everything just seemed to fall in the right time and place. I'll need to save money and register for the course before the last day of the challenge. 3. Adulting Last challenge also pointed out (in cells) how I am barely an adult. I will be doing this again, making myself perform personal hygiene, do chores, and establish a bedtime. So I'll be updating the hygiene and chores, and checking-in every night when I'm in bed, which should be no later than 12. (The reading and creative stuff, maybe later.) I'll also need to write weekly and daily to-do lists. Zero Week: Friday > jiu-jitsu, cardio > 20 minutes of cleaning > dishes Saturday > sprints, jiu-jitsu > video and drills > Sunday > Budget > groceries > lift
  11. This is a continuation of my last challenge, located here. Essentially, I'm training for an event on Memorial Day called the Murph. It's described more below. Other than that, I'm in the middle of the off-season for CrossFit. I would like to address deficiencies that I have identified in my training. Goals are: 1. The Murph: The Murph is an annual American CrossFit tradition that takes place on Memorial Day (May 27). It involves the following: Part 1: run 1 mile Part 2: (partitioned any way you like) 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 air squats Part 3: run 1 mile To make things more interesting, the Murph should be performed in combat boots, and while wearing a 20 lb vest. While I don't own combat boots, I have done the event in a vest in both 2017 and 2018. This isn't really a competition, but it does require a bit of prep work. (100 pull ups in a vest, anyone? Ugh). I will spend some time training for this. 2. Handstand Work: My open score last March really suffered due to the fact that I couldn't do a single strict handstand push-up. In the last challenge, I finally nailed my first one. But I still have a long way to go. I resolve to keep working on them, at least one day a week, plus several days of accessory shoulder work. 3. Front Squats: My front squats are also pretty much garbage. It's really holding back my ability to clean heavy. In addition to the shoulder work above, I'd like to get stronger quads. Once the Murph is over, add 2-3 days per week of front squats. In addition, supplement this with pistol squats and lunges.
  12. SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO:  Haven't managed to make a challenge stick much this year to date. Once-successful habits eroding. Healthy lifestyle, crumbling. New challenge cycle imminent, and therefore a righteous time to respawn... again. Thank goodness lifestyles can be treated like a video game, or I've got 3 of 9 cat lives left on the line, depending on your perspective. So last challenge, , was marginally successful by Rurik Harrgath standards, but subsequent attempts to reboot through that challenge-turned-Battle Log failed to launch, and I haven't been treated myself well since - or, again depending on your outlook, I've maybe been treating myself too well. Every time Sir Tanktimus the Valiant posts in any of the Nerd Fitness Facebook groups I frequent, a pang of guilt and disappointment compels me to post a challenge and I'm finally answering that call with a fresh start. I can't promise optimism overflowing with enthusiastic motivation or guaranteed success or even the shenanigans of old, but I can offer the inspiration behind a rough and tumble, been there & done that, devil-may-care comeback story that's been tempered by reality's rollercoaster. Starting weight baseline: 212 lbs [Dec 23/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels HEMORRHAGING AWESOME ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™: ☐ 4 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE "Dump Statting Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Engage in 4 sessions of exceptionally positive Self-Care per week: ☐☐☐☐ An Advanced Social Networking™ activity once weekly: ☐ New “Gymtroductions” completed: [Total: 0 ] A CHAOTIC APPROACH MAKES FOR SPECTACULAR RESULTS The Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 3 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] Overkill by Ted Bell. ☐ Currency: [0g] Ongoing clutter purge for ??? and $$$. ☐ Sanctum: Finish concrete countertops. ☐ Sanctum: Paint laundry room. ☐ Sanctum: Baseboards in Den, Guest and Laundry rooms. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: Relatively fresh from a Girl in the Spider's Web viewing which has me feeling the Ducati Spirit, in turn driving me down a rabbit hole that will hopefully see my lumbering, clunky Harley-Davidson 883 eventually replaced by either a Ducati Scrambler or preferably a BMW R nineT in the cosmic near future. That also calls to mind a video I once saw of retired CrossFit phenom Jason Khalipa speaking about turning your body's engine into a Ferrari, referencing an athlete's training for comfort exercising or working at that 80-90% of capacity without redlining and crashing. Just like my Harley-Davidson, I've become a little too lumbering & clunky myself lately, so instead of downshifting further we're dropping the clutch and dumping the throttle full into a new Sleek & Sexy 6th Gear to find that elusive mojo again. The barbarian who selfishly sold his soul as a mercenary, the mercenary who fell to the void and became a demon hunter, and the demon hunter who returned from the darkness to live like a scoundrel is back; a Raven tattoo is notably visible from beneath the sleeve of his Lululemon metal vent tech t-shirt - a symbol of foreboding darkness, but also absolute freedom on dark wings and wisdom beyond learned reality. Once more into the breach, dear friends. It's Magnificent Bastard™ dialed it up to Mother Fucker again... I hope.
  13. The CrossFit Open is finally over, and I've identified a whole slew of weaknesses. I think I've been focusing so much on reaching the summit that I've forgotten to work on the foundation. I need to remedy this problem. Between that and a busy schedule with my job, my work is cut out for me. Goals are: 1. Handstand Work: My open score really suffered due to the fact that I STILL don't have a single strict handstand pushup. Rather than spending my time perfecting skills that I already have, I need to address this shortcoming, and hit it hard. I will spend a significant amount of time each week working on shoulder strength and flexibility, and spending time on my hands (to wit: this means upside down). 2. Food: Between the open being over and going on vacation, I've been getting sloppy about my eating. I need to clean this up. I will focus on whole foods, especially protein and vegetables. I will bring lunch to work every day, if at all possible. 3. The 'Murph': The 'Murph' is an annual American CrossFit tradition that takes place on Memorial Day. It involves the following: Part 1: run 1 mile Part 2: (in any order you like) 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 air squats Part 3: run 1 mile To make things more interesting, the Murph should be performed in combat boots, and while wearing a 20 lb vest. While I don't own combat boots, I have done the event in a vest in both 2017 and 2018. This isn't really a competition, but it does require a bit of prep work. (100 pull ups in a vest, anyone? Ugh). I will spend some time training for this.
  14. Most of you probably don't know me, but I was active on NF a good number of years ago. It is true that I'm in the Warrior's guild and my first love is powerlifting - and for the record, I'm pretty bad at it. But it's also true that I have a savage interest in CrossFit and was back to participate in the 2018 CrossFit challenge thread last year. [We're doing this again, right?] Sadly, a life event knocked me down pretty hard in November. I had a skin biopsy come back bad, which required surgery to remove a moderate size chunk from my neck. They cut deep enough to require two sets of stitches, internal and external. This kept me out of the gym for 5 weeks and really destroyed my training base. Since then, I've been slowly getting back into things, but up until last week I really haven't felt like my old self - no pun intended. Those of you who are CrossFitters know that the open starts on February 21. I don't expect to match my score from last year, but I'd still like to do reasonably well. That means that full speed training starts today. I need you guys to hold me accountable. As such, I intend to do the following: 1. Train like a madman. The big focus right now is engine building, skill work (meaning handstands and rings), and stretching. I also need to do enough olympic lifting to stay limber. My training log is pretty far behind, so I'll try to record it all in this challenge thread for now. 2. Eat like a boss. More calories, more protein, and extra veggies. Try to bring lunch to work every day instead of buying it there. 3. Recover like Wolverine. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, Bub. 'Nuff said. For the record, last year I hit the 78th percentile worldwide in my age group (male 40-44), all workouts performed Rx, with individual workout scores as high as the 86th percentile worldwide. After what happened, it is probably unrealistic to beat this score in February. But I'd like to hit the 70th if at all possible.
  15. SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO:  If last challenge was 'or how Rurik learned to stop worrying and took back his gigantic mirth,' this one is 'or how Rurik spat in luck's good eye and got his mojo back.' It's great to be back regularly participating on the forums again (and if I'm being honest, actually earning that Guild Leader title beneath my user name...) I really want to make 2019 something special after the rough-and-tumble rollercoaster of 2018 and I think I've laid a decent foundation. Gone is the fixation on melancholy and what I cannot control; new is a more optimistic mindset tempered by reality but a horizon full of solid potential. With that in mind... Starting weight baseline: 212 lbs [Dec 23/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels CRACKIN’ SKULLS & CHAININ’ COMBOS "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™: ___ / 2170 cals. MyFitnessPal tracking streak: ___ days 5 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐☐] I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING... "Dump Stat my Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Partake of 4 sessions of “Be Happy” per week: ☐☐☐☐ Social activity 2 times/week: ☐☐ Moment of Positivity shared (per update): ☐ ...I'M JUST HERE FOR THE VIOLENCE A Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 4 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] Kings of the Wyld, Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braid,You Are A Badass, Remember your N.U.T.S. ☐ Play: Game out! ☐ Play: Hit the slopes snowboarding! ☐ Write: Share one self-authored poem. ☐ Currency: [0g] Sell 250g worth of clutter. ☐ Currency: [Pending] 2-week shopping ban. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: I am whiskey, amber and leather – I am blood, sweat and tears - I am supplements and coping mechanisms and consequences; the barbarian who selfishly sold his soul as a mercenary, the mercenary who fell to the void and became a demon hunter, and the demon hunter who returned from the darkness to live like a scoundrel. A new year means fresh opportunity. Now I'll live a life AMAP (As Momoaly As Possible), perpetuate the charming rogue archetype, keep polishing my devil-may-care heart of gold, and just entirely strive to Live My Best Life. In 2019 I'll be a Magnificent Bastard or I'll die trying; it's a simple matter of adrenaline, new experiences, and living life in the fast lane! So let's dial this shit up to Mother Fucker once again, folks - I'm about to hemorrhage awesome all over the damn place.
  16. Hello. My Name is Charlie, and I am a I started CrossFit in December. My head has been dunked in the barrel of Kool-Aid and I've taken a giant gulp. I've not gone 'full wanker' yet, I'm only going twice a week and I currently don't start all sentences in a conversation with 'at my box...' or 'when I was at CrossFit the other day...' But you know, early days. This challenge is more of a battle log for CrossFit. I've been running the same goals forever, because my long term goals haven't changed. I'm still training for OCR's and looking to qualify for the OCR world championships.This means as well as CrossFit, I'll be running three times a week and bouldering once a week. EMOM, AMRAP It's getting a little dull and it's pointless to put my running and bouldering as challenge goals, as they are now pretty much part of my routine. So this challenge is just going to be a little fun place for me to write crap, post pics of WOD white boards CrossFit and talk nonsense WOD, Metcon. Feel free to join in with the crap talk and post dumb memes and gifs. CrossFit
  17. Road to Oblivion - Part 1 So I've just written up my 2019 road map, and the first 4 challenges of this year will be working towards my first big and scary goal - running 4 laps of Nuclear Oblivion in May. I'm going to need to be able to gain some serious endurance to keep doing that, both in running and in general fitness for the obstacles, so my physical goals will be based around that. Nutrition - 20XP This goal is split into three parts (hence the high XP). The first one is straight eating better - my Crossfit box posted a list of weekly nutrition habits a couple of years ago which I've unearthed on Facebook, so I'll be running through those. By coincidence (or just because they start with sensible things) I already do their first 3 weekly habits, but if you want to play along at home they are: Drink 1 pint of plain water daily Eat a healthy fat with breakfast Eat cooked vegetables in the evening So I'll be starting straight at habit 4, which is: Eat a raw vegetable at lunch I'll be tackling that in week 1 of the challenge, and then adding an additional habit from their list on each subsequent week. The second part of nutrition is alcohol. Leading up to Christmas I was really stressed and not feeling great, and I attributed that to a lot of year end work stress and general Christmas/ohmyGodIhaven'tboughtanything stress. I started thinking the other week however that maybe the amount I was drinking had its part to play in this too. Well, there's only one way to find out if that is the case, and that's to stop drinking for a bit and see how I feel. The goal for this challenge will be to drink no alcohol at all. That'll start from Week 0 day 2 (because day 1 was New Year's Eve, come on!). The final part of this is to track my mood - just a short sentence each day in my bujo is fine, but I'll only know if the above is working at all if I track it. Obviously there's lots of other factors to consider, and conclusions may be hard to draw, but I want to give it a go. Running - 15XP The goal here is simple (thought not necessarily easy) - run 140 miles this challenge. That includes week zero, and is the exact amount of mileage I should hit if I get all of my runs in. The plan is to run 4 times per week - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday - with the long run either on Saturday or Sunday depending on when I'm climbing or doing other things. Whilst the goal is simply the mileage, I'll put the full running plan in a spoiler for info: Climbing - 10XP I want to work on my climbing and my pullups in general, as these have massive transference to OCR, and I've got two parts to this plan in order to do it: a) Continue with GTG pullups - basically I have my pullup bar in my kitchen door and do one pullup every time I want to enter the kitchen. Minimum 10 per day. This starts week 0. b) Hangboarding - I have bought a hang board with some Christmas money, which will allow me to train hanging off very small edges instead of just a bar. The plan is to do hanging sessions MWF, but never on a day adjacent to a climbing day. As I usually climb every weekend this should mean that I usually do 2 sessions per week, but it could be 1 or 3 depending on how the climbing sessions work out. This starts when the hang board arrives. Budget - 5XP This is a difficult one this month as money and spending are a bit strange after Christmas. I probably wouldn't have a goal at all except that reducing debt and saving money is one of my main goals for the year. The goal here is to simply spend mindfully for the month, and write any comments about my spending in my bujo. This starts week 0. Study - 5XP This is something I have been neglecting, but I really need to continue my qualifications for work. There is a time limit on these, and having missed the initial deadline it's going to be tricky to catch up so I need to put in the work. The goal here is to do 2 pomodoros of study (or 4 hours, if you prefer) per week. Bonus 5XP if I get my next assignment submitted before the end of the challenge. This starts week 0. Forum Cardio - Mobile Edition™ - 5XP I don't spend enough time on here and I miss catching up with people and knowing what's going on. A big reason I don't get on is that I usually only sit in front of a computer at work, and so my lunch break is the only time I have to be here. I don't always get a lunch break, and I use the time to catch up on other things as well when I do so that gives me minimal forum time. The goal therefore is to use my phone to visit the forums every day. Even if I don't post anything just being here and catching up is a start. Well I think that's everything. It's loads of XP so i could do realll well out of this challenge if I ace it. I have to dash, so anything I've missed I'm sure will come up later!
  18. POP QUIZ: what's the difference between being a truly successful (potentially mad) scientist and just messing around making things explode here and there? THE QUALITY OF YOUR NOTES. I was here last in June (oh god so embarrassed) and since then I've still been super busy, still been going to cross-fit 5x a week (I KNOW I LACK MODERATION OK), tae kwon do 2-3x a week, and eating not terribly. Over the last couple of months though I've said to myself: SELF, you know what would make you a more effective human being? if you were keeping better notes. * I don't know how much food I need to keep fueling my body at my current pace (I am moving at a rate of approximately NO MODERATION). * I don't know really how much stronger I'm getting, every new PR feels like a snapshot totally independent of time and space (but it is totally dependent on gravity, I will have you know) * I don't know what my body is supposed to weigh. I know I'm on the soft side - and I've been having a cookie bulk over the holidays as is appropriate - but with all the weights I've been lifting I need to find my new normal idea for how heavy I ought to be while living here with planet earth gravity. I'm up from when I started crossfit but also up from when I started the cookie bulk even more. I need a challenge to get data to support my FUTURE GOALS, which are: show off my new muscles a little big by debulking (post cookie bulk), see if it's possible to fit in some running, and oh also yoga. I'm pretty solid on showing up to my regular workouts but not so solid on the supporting habits that will get me looking the way I want to look and performing the way I want to perform, so this challenge is focused on rebuilding those habits. Goal 1: Finish this challenge. ok, that sounds preeeety self explanatory but I went back and checked and I started and did not finish 5 challenges in 2018. That's right, every challenge I started, I did not finish. I also didn't finish my last few challenges in 2017. Now, 2017 was a pretty rough year for me personally, and 2018 was hard for me as well (as it was for many of us), but beyond basic chemistry and thermodynamics, being healthy is really about having good habits, and you all are my good habit. measurable outcome: post here several times a week. write up challenge in my hobobujo and update / track against those goals. TAKE BETTER NOTES PART 1. Goal 2: Find your food balance. Take better notes part 2 - LOG FOOD. I've used the loseit app in the past and am comfortable with it. I'm going to try not to worry about calories, but rather, log everything I'm eating so I can start to pull apart that thermodynamic calculation of how much I need to be eating to power my body. When I first started at crossfit I pretty much ate avocado toast every day and it went pretty well for me, but the cookie bulk in December has for sure fluffed me up. I am also going to try not to eat like an asshole, so I can get a pretty clear understanding of what my natural food budget looks like right now. measurable outcome: log the things every day. Goal 3. More recovery activity. I've been hitting crossfit hard, and tkd hasn't been the most gentle pursuit either. I need to do more stretching and flexibility work. I would like to work in more walking and yoga into my already ridiculous schedule. I have a subscription to Do Yoga With Me and they have a Flexibility for Busy People course that I should be able to work in. I can walk at lunch, it's not horribly snowy and icy yet this year. And also, I have a few hundred dollars in my flexible spending account that I have to use up by March, so prioritizing chiropractic and getting massages are a big part of this too. measurable outcome: aim for 5 recovery activities every week. backstory. I'm karinajean, 41, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way where I manage projects and clean up hazardous waste. I joined the NFA in October 2013 and transitioned over to the big scary boards (ahem, these forums) in April 2014. Since I discovered NR, I've lost about 25 lbs, tore my ACL / had it replaced with a cadaver ligament and rehabbed it, ran a bunch of running things, took over instruction for a class at the dojo, started with some weight lifting, and have increased by weight by about 20 lbs (note NOT all clean muscle). CURRENTLY I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and have a long-time overarching fitness goal of doing good form push- and pull-ups. I accidentally started doing crossfit in February 2018 and have been attending classes regularly since then. I have a crazy mean (yet super sweet) cat and live with my husband full time and my younger stepdude 1/2 time. the 2nd stepdude is In college out of state. I motorcycle, knit and spin, and am endlessly ignoring how messy the house and yard is. I'm an ASSASSIN because I like doing all the things, and because I want to be able to do push-ups and pull-ups -- these seem like very efficient movements that will exercise my upper body and core, and if I can do those and run and do martial arts (NINJA) I will feel totally strong and fit and capable. The MERMAID comes in because I saw it in a dream when I was a very young child and I believe it to be true. also kittens. you see how it goes.
  19. SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO: From [REDACTED], unknown date and era. This challenge shall also be known as 'or how Rurik learned to stop worrying and took his gigantic mirth back,' because I've been focused for too long on my gigantic melancholies and things around here feel and look too goddamn grim. As they say, and by they I mean me just this moment, in a room full of the sane, it's the insane man who is truly free... and my freedom means everything to me. Plus this challenge will take us up to the release of Aquaman, and Jason Momoa should be an inspiration for us all! Starting weight baseline: 220 lbs [Aug 12/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels I DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING: "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™ 6 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐☐☐ 4 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] I’M JUST HERE FOR THE VIOLENCE: "Dump Stat my Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Partake of 3 sessions of “Be Happy” per week: ☐☐☐ Social activity 1 time/week: ☐ Moment of Frivolity shared (per update): ☐ OH, AND STOP AND PET THE POKEMON: A Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 3 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] ☐ Play: [In Progress] Get a Wii and play the shit out of some Mario Kart. ☐ Write: Thoughts & Ponderings in ColorNote/OneNote app. ☐ Build: [In Progress] Accent Wall ☐ Minimalize: [In Progress] Return unused trade goods to Home Depot. ☐ Other: [In Progress] Dump run. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: There's no theme in particular here, just #Momoa365 and as much geekery and frivolity as possible. Mostly I just want to live this challenge as if I were a Borderlands character (even though I've never played the game).
  20. Well, last challenge had one win, several losses. I'm pretty okay with that. This cycle: maintain, 3 workouts a week. Bonus - add an extra. I'm reaching the misery equilibrium where being sore is normal. I'm starting to recover well enough to push harder or add another workout. Tai Chi - time to go introduce myself. It seems like the norm is to find people face to face - phone calls and texts are not going to work. Oh well, adventure time! Goal is to make first contact and start classes! Food prep - once more unto the breach dear Nerds! Eat more meals I cook than I don't - simple challenge, but oddly difficult. Life - I have a major life choice coming up with no clear right answers., I'm basically at the stage in my career where I have a lot of "chose your own adventure" options. I have one, maybe two assignments left until I retire and start another career. I think I'll keep following my own star, but I don't even know which options are open right now. By most standards, I've been successful but I'll always feel that one more thing, just out of reach, needs to be done. This is the last or second to the last roll of the dice and I want to make it a good one. More to follow. - Murphy's Roommate
  21. This will be my diary, where i'll keep a minimum organized ( or try) of my workouts routines, diet and relevant things that may influnce my goals My athletic background is in martial arts, where i devoted 12 years of my life to wushu, sanda and brazilian jiujitsu (sadly, this one was short). Two years ago, i tried Crossfit, and oly weightlifting has become my passion since then. I have tried a couple of championships, opens and meetings, and now, i want to give a step further. My new program will require lots of discipline, since it is a 6x days/week, with 9 workout sessions per week. Nutrition and lifestyle balance also, for it reflects directly in the results... All being said, let's get started! Bodyweight: 76 kg/ 165 lbs Snatch: 110 kg/242lbs C&J: 125kgs/275 lbs Deadlift: 210 kgs/462 lbs Back Squat: 170kgs/374 lbs Bench Press: 120 kgs/ 264 lbs Those are for 1 RM Front Squats, rows, overhead press and weighted pull ups will be ignored for now. They're used as % for the main lifts.
  22. Hi, I started Crossfit roughly two months ago, did a foundation course of two weeks first and I'm now participating in the normal workouts. While no one's actually ever been rude to me or said anything bad about my - admittedly not exactly impressive - performance so far, I really feel like I'm massively out of place. Literally everyone else is incredibly buff and fit and can do incredible stuff while I'm chubby and clumsy and I can't remember the weight lifting moves etc. My social anxiety kicks in big time every time we wait around for everyone to arrive or after the workout when everyone else, even the new people, chat and socialise and I have no idea what to talk about. I've tried to talk to people but I feel they don't know what to make of me because I'm quite shy and introverted and my life is so much different from the other people's there: I'm a teacher, I struggle with mental health issues a lot and most of the time, when I get there in the evenings, I'm already mentally exhausted by the day and just to get into the workout, where I don't have to interact socially with anyone and can just do my thing. So far, I've made slow but steady progress and I love the workouts themselves but the social situation with everyone else being best friends and me sort of on the outside makes it so hard for me to go back every time. Has anyone else here dealt with this?
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