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  1. Hello together! Very excited to be a new part of this community. You seem like a nice collective of people honest about their daily struggles. Whereas my prior fitness boards have been limited to the physical, I feel like the mental side of training has more exposure and importance here. My history in weight loss goes back 10 years, my history in training 4.5 years. I've come down from 147kg@48% Bodyfat to 98kg@18% in these years but am nowhere near done yet. Some basic stats: Male 29yrs old 180cm tall 98kg
  2. Hey Rebels! (Love that moniker.) Philosophy post-grad (PhD) student, writer/author, pagan/witch/actual druid, fantasy fan, dancer/performer/storyteller, lover of elipses, and absolutely fascinated by the idea of travelling as I can't sit still, but earning money is a hassle so I tend to conjure travel opportunities by getting teaching work in random places! I've been occasionally reading NF for a couple years now, and only TODAY discovered the forums. *shakes head* But it's good timing, really... Fancy a story? I spent over a decade in a relationship with a l
  3. Hey guys, I am new and looking to interact with people regarding my weight issue, I don't know anything about loosing and just started researching about it. I've also purchased a waist trainer from prowaist.co.uk for my wife, she looks sexy now. Glad that I found this forum. Best, Mike
  4. Hello awesome nerds, thrilled to be here catching up on everyone's goals and progress. You're all so inspiring and fun to read! So I've decided to follow the start guide and I've put together my main quest and my first smart goals. I'm obsessed with watching the crossfit games and I love a mixture of HIIT and strength training so I fall into the Ranger category nicely. I'm 34 and I live in Melbourne Australia. We're currently in a second lockdown so what better time to build up the home gym and connect with other nerds wanting to get in shape! Main Quest To attend the Gala at
  5. Good afternoon! I am a female living in Indiana who's been a fat girl basically my entire life. I've tried diets, I've tried exercising. I did keto for a few months with the best results but eventually gained all that weight back. I was referred here by a friend over the weekend and I figured "why not." I'm a self-professed nerd; play DnD on the regular as well as rpg video games and boardgames. What I'm most in need of is accountability. I have some mental food issues I'm working through with a therapist that is going well, and I started getting consistent with a 5k training
  6. Hey all, I'm new here and to the fitness world. I am a 27 year old new dad standing at 182cm and weighing in at 108 kgs. My goals are simple; give the dad-bod a bit of definition and to be able to keep up with my young bloke as he gets older. I really don't want to be the dad that doesn't have the energy to go for bike rides or play at the park so I'm changing that. Started at the local 24/7 gym a fortnight ago. Biggest issue I have is attendance, my job has unusual and irregular start/finish times making building a routine difficult. But I'm working on going a
  7. Well, perhaps not "Overlord" in the strictest sense, but I've found that there's a great deal of power in the idea of being strong enough to be a lord or lady in a position of authority. As my gamertag of many years, I feel that it suits me well. (I reserve the right to change this username, just in case.) Why in the world does a female choose to call herself "Overlord"? Perhaps she's just a fan of Overlord as a game? Or was that just a coincidence?! Or was she inspired by the now famed 'Overlord List'? What about the Manga? Anime? The recent WW2 thriller? For me, it was a
  8. I just got this idea. i'd like you monks to introduce yourselves in this thread. to come and introduce yourselves, tell us about your martial arts background and what it has given to you. it's hard to wrap a picture about singular personas in this forum based on comments here and there so i thought it would help to get understanding about who we have here, and what we do. I'd personally like to hear what arts you do, what arts you have done, and how long you have done them. what life around martial arts has given and taken. Tell where martial arts brought you and where you came fro
  9. Hello, My name is Sam and I was initially here about a year ago under the name Seraph. I had a game plan and everything, but life decided to take some interesting twist and turns that resulted in said game plan being thrown out the window while I put out fires. Now I'm back. Once again life has given me some unexpected situations to handle, but this time, they're for the better and they all seem to be lining up with what I had initially wanted to start undertaking a year ago with Nerd Fitness; I now have a doctor that understands my medical conditions and works with them for the be
  10. Hi! Long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm Tanner, and I'm on a long-term quest to lose a lot of weight I put on during a challenging time in my life. Picture Thor, halfway through Endgame, beaten, broken, lost his hammer, lost most of his emotional support system, hit some major failures, surviving on a diet of Cheetos and self-loathing. While my mental health and personal life are in a much better place now, I'm still working on the midsize-child-worth of sad-Thor weight I'm carrying around. So far I'm focusing on diet, with a mix of Peloton spin (I know, cardio is heresy, but
  11. Hello Fellow Rebels, I want to introduce myself within the forums. I had initially been in with Rebellion for about four years, however I had chosen on several to stop making myself a priority in my own life on several occasions. I decided after realizing the food choices, the lack of clothing that fit, and the choices with physical activity (or lack of) I needed/wanted to put emphasis back on me. I am currently working on building a pull-up bar in my backyard and I'm resetting what progress I had made in the Academy to square 1 to rebuild the foundation for change in my life. My charac
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Matthew, and I'm excited to begin my journey with Nerd Fitness! Like Steve, I've tried several work outs before on my own without much success. I came to Nerd Fitness because I realized delving into the world of fitness is much like delving into a new world in a video game - it's wide, full of traps, and without proper tutorialization or a map to guide you it's easy to get lost and frustrated. I'm coming into this unequipped and inexperienced, but it looks like I may have finally found my hometown here. I'll be explor
  13. Hi! I'm Dehlia. I'm 31 and I'm from Denver, CO (Though I also spend a lot of time in Brooklyn, NY) In my searches for exercises and advice I kept coming across this website, and liked what it was about, so I'm finally joining, as the title indicates. I've had issues with my weight since puberty, mostly due to depression. About a year or so ago I was able to lose around 20 pounds, but I've had some set-backs since then. Stress, annoying life incidences, job changes, moving, and traveling have made it difficult to keep on a consistent plan, especially being an emotional e
  14. Hey all, I'm Laura (Ellestar) I've been a member for a while but always passively, so this year marks a change! I turn 40 in April and have let my diet and fitness slide over the last few years. I'm determined to level up for my 40th and my Epic Challenge is a trip to Kilimanjaro in July/Aug this year. I've joined the current 4 week challenge as a means to get on the right track. I'm a trained librarian but work as a Data and Information Manager in a tour company. I live in and love Scotland and was a tour guide for years - driving and guiding
  15. Hi everyone! I just joined and signed up for the Academy to make the process fun for what I knew I had to do already to get my energy back and to feel confident in my appearance again. I've chosen the path of the Ranger, because I get bored of repetition. The flexibility inherent in the class is great. Additionally, I need an all-around fitness level for my job, so it will pay off for sure. I'm a gamer, yet more of an old-school variety... I have an AVS (HD NES), Super NT (HD SNES), PS1, PS4, and Switch hooked up to my TV. I just got it last month, but the Switch is fun, becau
  16. Hello everyone I just joined today. I came across nerd fitness while hunting for bodyweight workouts. Then I saw the Level up you life book and had to pick it up I love the concept. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking to get back in shape. I took some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu years ago but now I just feel tired all the time. My goals are to expand myself physically and mentally .
  17. Hello there! My name's Emily/Ed/Grimmi - and I've gotten quite tired of living how i currently am. I want to have an amazing story to tell where the life i'm living now is the life i get to tell people I overcame. I'm 31 years old, just graduated college with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts - so i'm also unemployed, naturally. I'm looking for jobs and keep getting turned down. Living with parents because i'm absolutely poor and hopeless. On top of that I battle depression, anxiety and a few other fun things. I'm really overweight and inactive, scared to leave my room, and t
  18. Hello, all! I just stumbled across this illustrious assemblage and decided to come in. Almost any pursuit is improved by nerdy company, imo. After a pretty serious knee injury at work early last year (I’m a stagehand, professionally), the rehab process has been slow and annoying. My mobility severely reduced and living at the top of lots of stairs until recently, I gained back part of the weight I’d taken off in previous years owing to inactivity and less than stellar food choices. Seamless was both my salvation and the bane of the width of my backside. Currently, I l
  19. Hello all, So I've recently decided that I need to make a change. A real one this time. In real life. In real time. Not just in my head, not just as I'm drifting off to sleep making promises about what I'll do better tomorrow, but in the waking minutes and days when those better decisions have to be put into action. So here I am. I used a forum like this to make a major life change a few years ago, and I miss the camaraderie and accountability that was available there, so here's hoping that exists here too A bit about me: I'm looking at 40 in the next 18 months o
  20. Bought Level Up Your Life the other day. I never actually got around to posting a hello or an intro so here's my origin story - and also my 20SoC for the day, because this much honesty on the internet associated with any part of my real name is vaguely terrifying. I'll be posting in 3 or 4 parts - not quite sure how far this is going to go, but I'm posting part 1 before I edit it into a blank document. Childhood Chiara was a plain child and maybe a little on the fat side. Growing up she was more interested in reading than making friends. She was more likely to be in the backya
  21. Hello, my fellow rebels. Not sure what to say. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know that my life choices - or more accurately, lack thereof - will put me into an early grave. I know this and yet I've continued to just sort of go along with the flow. I've made an art of mindlessness, simply eating and doing whatever I felt like in that moment with no thought to the consequences. But that stops today. Like, literally today. Starting with a few quests and a simple food log, my personal journey has begun.
  22. Day One or One Day. Having fallen behind on my marathon training plan (by several weeks), I thought I could use so mojo, so I dusted off my digital copy of Level Up Your Life and, well, here I am. This will be marathon number 2 for me (the first about 14 months ago on my 50th birthday). The first one was a success (in the fact that I made it), but this one is meant to be the one where I am better prepared and enjoy the experience. Not doing so hot on living up to the quest. Hoping that getting re-involved with the forums might help.
  23. Hello! I am a recently career changed Software Developer, 4 weeks from completing Lambda School. Awesome place I highly recommend if anyone is interested! That aside, I'm here to take control of my health again. Before school, I was an Assistant Store Manager for some weird gas station/restaurant place. It was fast pace and endless hours. The money was *decent. It was the first time in my life I was close to making 40k in a year. Every job before then was at or below 20k. So it was a huge difference. The workload was not worth it though. To put in perspective, I was averaging 75 ho
  24. hi, i'm your basic 39-year-old engineer. i have never done a deadlift and i've been out of shape pretty much my whole life (except for my brief stint in DC, where i had to walk everywhere constantly). i want to get physically fit because i want to feel better and i don't think people take me seriously. i have a gym membership through my health insurance but i've only gone five or six times. i want to learn how to lift weights. i also just signed up for a jiu-jitsu class this week because all the grappling and throwing fascinates me to no end. i'm planning on doing a bunch of the NF
  25. Hey! I've found NF two days ago after looking at myself in the mirror and thinkin "I need to finally take care of myself". But maybe let's start with an introduction (I hope this forum is alive and well btw ;)) I'm (almost) 26 years old. I work as a web developer in Poland. My first encounter with a gym was when I was around 16-17 years old. I've always been a very skinny kid, and in a couple of months in the gym I've managed to gain a little bit of muscle and look somewhat healthy. Unfortunately I've abandoned that habit and never managed to get back on track consistently. I'm strugglin
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