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Found 11 results

  1. I am VERY pregnant - 37 weeks and two days as of today. So baby could come tonight or not until my scheduled elective induction on August 16th. I would really prefer she show up on her own by August 15th. As such, this challenge will be in 2 phases. Phase 2 is just... After baby comes out, survival mode. Let people know baby has arrived. Get everyone, humans and animals, fed, get everyone at least some sleep, and make sure everyone has some level of cleanliness. Phase 1 is a little more detailed and what the rest of this post is about! Goal 1: Nest We still have a ton we COULD do and a couple things that are at least near-critical to do before baby arrives. This is the list that brings me from "I wish I had scheduled a 39 week induction" to "nevermind I need more TIME." Goals are generally in order from most to least critical. Looks like there are 11 critical items and 10 non-critical items. ✅ Done ☑️ Started More critical and baby-specific • Install car seat • Pack hospital bag ☑️ • Finish getting nursery ready ☑️ • Put waterproof protector on bed ✅ • Get new washer/dryer delivered (delivery Saturday the 29th) • Print home help list and put up in entryway ✅ • Finish filling out leave requests ✅ • Call insurances • Put $ in IRA (so we qualify for less expensive insurance for baby) • Address and stamp envelopes for announcements ☑️ • Write and send our shower thank-you cards☑️ Less critical and more getting-house-ready • Change fridge filter • Set up autopay for garbage service ✅ • Set up autopay for minimum payment on credit card (so sleepy parent brains don't cause us to get hit with huge penalties) ✅ • Tidy up hallway bathroom • Vacuum and tidy bedroom • Stock up on cat food and litter ✅ • Clean and put fresh litter in all litter boxes • Do all laundry • Clean fish tank • Clean snake tanks Goal 2: Rest and get happy chemicals flowing I keep hearing that to help encourage labor you should be relaxed and have oxytocin going. Plus I'm off work and about to undergo a biiiig change. So I'm going to put some self care on the books. • Try and get a nap in every day. • Schedule a pedicure. I normally wouldn't do this for myself but I have a gift card! • Schedule a haircut. Optional but I realized my split ends were getting wild again and I dont think I've gotten a trim for hmmm 4-6 months? • Request massages from Mr. Griz on a regular basis. Goal 3: Low-key not strictly relaxing maybe labor inducing activities, maybe making labor easier activities? Every day I should: • Go for a walk • Eat 6 dates • Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour bouncing/rocking on the yoga ball. • Spinning babies daily activities
  2. Hey y'all! I'm pregnant with my first child and I'm having a little bit of a conundrum. The conundrum is that we weren't trying not to have kids, but we weren't trying to either, so this hit me right in the middle of a great stride in actually losing weight. The other part of this, is that my OB (whom I love to bits and only wants the best for me) actually wants me to maintain or at least not gain very much over the course of this pregnancy--Maybe I mis-heard her, but I thought she said 5 lbs max?? That means that I'd actually have to lose fat and whatnot in order for the baby to make me gain weight without having a net gain. Since I was already in the mode of working out and starting to lift, I'm keeping that up, but I'm curious if there are other fit-minded overweight (optional) pregnant Rebels out there. I guess I'm looking for company Here's the stats in case you're wondering: 5'5" (I always say 5'6", but apparently I've shrunk) 243 (at the last doctor's visit. My home scale says 238) BMI 40 BF% 40 (as of April) 8 weeks (estimated) into the pregnancy. My blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. is fine. My RMR is 1580 (as of April).
  3. Two words....Depression sucks.... It's been a while since I last did a challenge on NF. Honestly I miss it! I've made amazing friends on here and I have come a long way from where I first started. As you can see from my before pictures, I was overweight. And those pictures are after I had lost some weight already. I joined NF, lost weight, and turned my life around. Although, it started out in a healthy direction, I ended up just a year ago in a really unhealthy spot. I was hardly eating (the most I ate was 800 calories, but that wasn't constant), obsessively working out till I would almost pass out, not really sleeping, and abusing my body because I genuinely hated myself. My self esteem was really low. I was doing a lot of things that only made my mental stability worse, But God really stuck with me even though I was convinced He just didn't care about me. I turned to Him again after talking to a guy online. We both realized that although we called ourselves Christians, we didn't really follow God like we should have been. Working together to get our sights back on God, we grew closer together. Which is funny because when I first started talking to him I really hated his guts hahaha. I just assumed he was a jerk because I firmly believed all men wanted one thing, and that's all he wanted. But he didn't and God was pushing me towards him because I was meant to be with him. We did a long distance courtship that was brief, and were married April of this year. I've been better because of it. My husband really works hard to make me happy and remind me that I am worth more than what I had led myself to believe. We are expecting a baby in Jan 1st and we are so excited! That's a brief look at what's happened to me ever since I joined NF. And right now I want to start another challenge to keep going in trying to be better. I need to be better for my husband and baby. So Goal #1: Be consistent with working out. There is a gym in the apartment complex, and I have Pilates on Youtube. But lately I have been letting some depression hit me hard and neglect my work outs. A. Workout more than 3x in one week B. Make it only to 2x in one week C. 1 visit to the gym in a week F. Nothing all week Goal #2: Eat better. I haven't been eating as much as I should be for the baby. And when I do it's hardly any veggies which is important. So I want to add veggies, protein, fruit, and the right amount of carbs to every one of my meals. Along with eating small snacks to keep the little one happy. A. Eat 6x a day, and all meals are healthy B. Eat 4x a day, meals are still healthy C. Eat 3x a day, meals are OK F. Eat 2x a day Goal #3: Read my Bible everyday. I need to be giving everything to God. And it's tough, because I don't ever like to admit I need help. Asking for help emotionally is a weakness that my mom would not have. You just got over it. But that's not healthy at all and it just makes me crash harder. Reading the Bible is a great stress relief for me, and I want to open up to my husband more to. Both will get me through everything. A. Read everyday for a week B. Miss 2 days of reading C. Miss 4 days of reading F. Miss 5 days or more of reading Life Goal: Stand with my husband and not let my parents push us apart. My parents are visiting us Tuesday, and I have an OK relationship with them so far. But my husband doesn't really care for them because he's seen how they have treated me. My older sisters are their favorites, and I'm the one to take care of everything because they know my personality is to be the doormat. Something I was so used to, I didn't see anything wrong with it until my husband and pastor showed me it wasn't healthy or OK. They don't like my husband really, and that's because he actually will call them out on their bull and stand up to them. Something my mom especially doesn't like. So they will talk to me only now, because I usually will cave in to them. Which causes a rift between my husband and I. I am determined not to let that happen with they arrive. I want to stand with my husband when they arrive and not let their games push me back to being the old me. Well that's my challenge! How is it?
  4. First up – Emotional Well Being 1. Positive Body Affirmations – Daily 2. Mental Prep for Labor/Delivery–reduce stress and anxiety by learning about it. – 20 Minutes Daily 3. Practice being confident and sassy – fake it until you make it – 1 Act of Sass Daily Next – Physical Wellness! 1. Short (15 Minute) Walk – Daily 2. Physical Prep for Labor/Delivery–Make sure I’m up for the challenge by completing recommended exercises from the Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. – Every Other Day 3. Strength Training for when Baby Girl arrives! Babies come with a lot of gear, and a lot of trips up and down stairs… Time to get the practice in now by completing full body (modified) work outs that will include the following exercises at a minimum of every-other day: Bicep Curls Squats Overhead Press Rows Tricep Kick-Backs Alternating Arm/Leg Lifts Cat/Cow Stretches Stretches Side Quest: Level Up the House! I really want to have a proper nursery for Baby Girl, but we also need a proper guest room for our out of town visitors. My friends are coming to town within 2 weeks for my baby shower (ee!) and then my in-laws will be in town shortly after Baby Girl is born. My side quest to level up the house will be to relocate the office to the basement and to convert the office to a proper guest room. This will involve tearing out a desk that is built in to the room, patching and painting the wall, and moving large heavy furniture from the office to the basement and from the current guest room to the current office. It’s a big bite to take out of our plans, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it done before Baby Girl makes her debut. It’s on the list, though Let’s go. Starting Weight: 258.6 using the digital scale in the fitness center, wearing maternity jeans and long-sleeved maroon cotton shirt; 11:20am Monday 7/27/15
  5. I am now 14 weeks pregnant, and the goal of this challenge is to get back on track with exercise, get back into the paleo breakfast and lunches that i used to take, and maintain my sleep habits. Last challenge i started on a better discipline path, and i already learned a lot, but i want to continue finding tools to use and practice them. Also i want to connect more with my son, i find i am often angry at him and yell a lot, wich is not the kind of mommy i want to by. So i will play with him more, giving my full attention, and be present during his night routine on my days. I also want to get back into my soapmaking hobby, on Thursday nights. In details : Move : aim to move 30 min daily, using the followingWalk during breaks (0-30 min a day)Walk after diner walk with son1 prenatal yoga session (30 min), usually on tuesday1 walk/run alone for 30 min, with map my run and zombie run1 strengh workout, arms and legs only (abs are not recommended), will need to find some exercise moves ...Nom : eat better, towards a paleo lifestylePaleo breakefast 5 days a weekPaleo lunch 5 days a week, cute bento styleDrink more water (bring a 750ml water bottle daily to work)Cut the sugar from my morning decaf coffee (1 tsp, aiming at 0), with coco milk instead of cow’s milkZ : sleep 7-7h30 hours every dayMaintain night routine (shower, wash face, brush and floss, mouthwash, sinus rince)10 min yoga nidra before bed as needed, aiming at 5 times a weekLife : Play and disciplinelearn about discipline (no-cry discipline solution) and practice what I learnplay with full attention with my son a little every day, and be present during his night routineget back into soapy Thursday (my playtime)It's a bit heavy packed, but most of this are habits I already have, or need to tweek, or need to get back into, so it's not all new. If anyone has good suggestions for moves i can do for arms and legs without abs, i'm all ears. I'm thinking push up, pull up, freeweight moves, lunges and squats. And some butt moves too probably. I have got 15-30 min to do them.
  6. Well, this challenge will be a lot different than I expected at first. We have a major event going on in our lives : I am pregnant with my second child !!! I am so happy, but this means the huge goals I had in mind will need to be somewhat downsized for the safety of number 2 growing in my belly. I will maintain what i gained from the previous challenges and add a couple of things I think will be alright. The key being listening to my body as this amazing adventure continues. Therefore, i bring you : THE TRI-FORCE OF MOVNOMZ !!!! GOAL: Shape up my shape and be as healthy as I can be for the newcommer MOTIVAION: My growing family Mov : move 30-60 min daily, with the following : (STA 1 + CON 1 + STR 1 + WIS 1 + DEX 1 )Morning sadhana practice : spine torsions, leg stretches, sun salutations (10-15 min)Walking during work breaks and lunch (up to 45 min)Running 2 times a week for 30-40 min, using zombie run 5k and/or the cruise control app. As of now, i can run 5k in about 45 min. I want to increase my speed a little. Aiming at 30 min for 5k. (Tuesday to my yoga class, Thursday, and once during weekend)Yoga class on Tuesday for 1h30*NEW* BBWW 1 time, on Wednesday or weekendNom: the way to 80% paleo (STA 1 + CON 1) *NEW* Wean from caffein, black tea is allowed as a transition (1-2 a day), then rooibos or herbal tea. I love a hot drink in the morning, so i will in general take 2 teas, cafffein free.Paleo breakfast (prepare egg muffins full of veggies in advance)Paleo lunch for me, 4 days out of 5, at leaseLunch for 2, 5 days a weekZ: Get minimum 7h of sleep each night ( WIS 1 + STA 2 + CON 1 + CHA1)Tracked by SleepbotWill use yoga nidra as needed to help fall asleep and restore missing z’sLife : happy mommy + meds (WIS 1 + STR 1 + CHA 1) **updated june 12th**Takes meds: sinus rince, 40 min inhalotherapy of pulmozyme & coly-micin, digestive/vitamin pills, pumps, lax-a-day in morning tea. Some meds i can't take anymore, so i need to prevent where i can, meaning i will take pulmozyme again, addign another 20 min to my treatments routine, and doing the sinus rince at least once a day, more if need be. Physio when needed as well, though i hate it and would rather run/walk/do yoga. Taking my digestive pills and lax-a-day means better digestion and no belly acke so win-win.Learn good discipline practices and work on being firm and constant. I often talk to a wall ... my fault ... I want to work on that.Soapy Thursday (get back into it). I will plan ahead some soaps i wanna make, and also wrap the ones that are ready and clean up/organize my supplies and workshop.Side quests : Clean fridgeClean ovenSort through baby/kid stuff in the basement and donate what will not be used, organise the rest better to be able to find it when needed (must put my son’s Max Schnell t-shirt and put it in our keepsake pile, as per his request)Shop and find our hardwood floor for this summer’s RenovationsWell, it might be a lot, we’ll see how it goes. Priority is sleep, and maintaining my exercise habits. Food is to eat less crap and continue progressing towards a paleo lifestyle. A lot of the goals are already in my routine, so I believe I will achieve this. June 12th edit : less side quests, modified life quest to replace meditation by taking meds religiously wich is more important in prevention for now.
  7. I've done a few challenges in the past, but haven't done a challenge in quite some time. What better time to get my butt in high gear! I'm determined to have the healthiest pregnancy yet. My previous pregnancies have been medicated due to hypertension and full of heartburn and unnecessary weight gain and muscle loss. So here are the goals! Add a new vegetable into my weekly meal plans Diet is key to any healthy body, especially for my newest internal addition! I plan on staying away from all processed foods, wheat, dairy, etc. However, I will keep our needs in check and eat the calories I see fit. Grazing, snacking and mini meals will be a standard. I also found a perfect prenatal vitamin that does not have any of the funky additives and is GMO free. I am currently consuming a good amount of vegetables, but I always get the same vegetables over and over again. I need to increase my intake by adding new vegetables and adding even more nutrients and vitamins into my diet. Be active 45 minutes a day I know it is not recommended to have a broad goal. However, I know that some days I will be too nauseous to go for a run or too tired to do strength training. I can vow, however, to walk, dance, do some bodyweight exercises, play with the kids harder and whatever else I can manage to stay fit/get more fit. I will allow myself to break up this time if needed. No matter how important exercise is, not pushing myself is even more important at this time. Pay off remaining balance at my grandmother's home I want to pay off the last $760 of my grandmother's balance at the nursing home she is at. The balance is my fault and I need to clear this! It's caused some tension in my family and I hope to get it paid off in the next 6 weeks. I want to keep my two major end goals in mind at all time 1. Go through this entire pregnancy without having to take medication for high blood pressure 2. Go into labor naturally instead of being induced again due to high blood pressure
  8. Of course I can. I know that much, but I am overweight by thirty pounds of fat I assume and today I start my work out plan. I want to know what are the best workouts that are okay to do while in my first trimester (I just recently found out I am pregnant). I don't want to gain any more weight and use the usual excuse of of "I'm eating for two" or "it's just baby fat" or even worse "All pregnant women gain weight, only the lucky ones go back to their pre-baby weight". Where do I begin? Can anybody help me?
  9. Hello all, after dropping out of my first challenge about 6 months ago, I'm here to give it another shot. I've been married 7 years and I'm a stay at home mom to a 4 year old boy and a 19 month old girl. We've had some unexpected and tough things happen in the last 4 years and I haven't taken care of myself, resulting in being quite underweight and not living a healthy lifestyle at all. We've wanted to be better for along time, but just never did it. Now, I've come to my moment. I don't have a choice anymore. We found out in July that baby #3 is on the way, due date March 15. We are very excited, but I know things must change. I have had issues with preterm labor in the past, so I know I'm at higher risk this time around. I know some things are out of my control, but with what is, I need to give this baby the best chance I can give it. I guess I can say my main goal is to get healthy for Peanut so I can be in good shape for the rest of the pregnancy, delivery, and those first few months after. Ultimate goal- to have more flexibility, control, endurance, and strength than I have ever had in my life. 1. Do bodyweight workout 4x a week I'll be doing different groups each day, plan inspired by You Are Your Own Gym 2. Three solid meals a day. Snacking all day does not count. 3. ...I'm not really sure yet. I'll come back to it. Life goal: Retrain the brain- I haven't taken care of myself in any way. I've let my faith get weak and my attitude go to crap. No more negativity, complaining, excuses, or quitting. I don't have a very strong personality, so things like persistence and determination are unfamiliar to me. I have to find them and I will.
  10. Hey y'all! I do love a challenge. I'm Christi, a 28yr old lady preschool teacher from Parrish, FL. Currently 14.5 weeks preggers. My fiance and I will be welcoming our little punkin' sometime in the middle of October!!! (It's our first) Pre-preg I was a 2-3x weekly Crossfitter, heavy lifter, avid walker, totally Paleo.. All that good stuff. So in case anyone is concerned I have been completely cleared by my midwives to do anything I want. Within reason, no handstand pushups or crazy box jumps! I will not be going for PRs or straining myself, I'm not that stubborn. I just want to be as healthy and strong of a momma as possible. I don't believe pregnancy is a weakness. I'm so looking forward to this challenge, since I need to perk myself up a bit.. Growing a human inside your body is tiring work! My Goals: 1. 80/20 Paleo or better, keeping carbs around 100g/day, no dairy, no Paleo "treats"..... A- 6 or 7 days compliant 2. Barbell Battalion programming, starting with Rank One Cycle A.... A for 3-4 days a week 3. The dreaded Yoga, going for 2 sessions of prenatal yoga a week... A for 2 days a week 4. 7+ hours of sleep a night.. Gotta get all the sleep I can before the lil' one gets here!.... A for Sun-Thurs nights 5. Life goal- Start my backyard organic garden... A for garden plan, built raised beds, compost piles, and seeds Well.. That's about it.. A good start for sure. Good luck to everyone!
  11. So challenge 2! Did pretty well on the last one. Achieved all my goals. Now I am not sure what to focus on. We have successfully transitioned to paleo. The kids are primal but even tho I would let myself I've just not wanted anything dairy so have steered clear. So to make life easy I will set my first goal as a diet one - Stay on the paleo path! It might look like this will be easy but I have just discovered I'm pregnant and the past two pregnancies I had such horrid morning sickness the only thing I could eat were oat cakes. So far apart from feeling super tired I don't feel too nauseous so fingers crossed. 90-100% = A, 80-90% = B, 70-80% = C, less than = F Goal two - do some exercise every day. Usually I run most days or go lift weights but this tiredness has knocked that on the head but I am making sure I at least take the dogs out for an hour each day. I want to do at least that and hopefully more. Everyday = A, 5 days a week = B, 3 days a week = C, less than = F Goal three - find time to meditate every day. This is tough with work and two children but the hypno birth Programme I followed with the last two and plan to use again relies on you being really able to relax yourself and that requires practice. Everyday = A, 5 days a week = B, 3 days a week = C, less than = F I may amend or add to these but I want to keep it simple and achievable as clearly I have a lot going on at the moment but I still want to be part of this. The exercise part is most daunting as I have just passed my fitness instructor course and start teaching two classes as of next week. Well we shall see how we go.
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