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  1. So, coming off the success of my first ever challenge I'm going straight into challenge #2. My main aim is to get control of my life and health. Easy, it's just 2 things! :-D I started really nicely with challenge one, found a good rhythm at the gym and learned a lot about my eating habits. Therefore... Go to gym twice per week Don't eat if not meal time. Ie not in front of telly, not with board games et Attain Level 3 of nerd fitness diet (No liquid calories <I will allow myself milk with tea, I mean I am British!> Reduce carbohydrates at dinner to none) Book at least one bank shift per month They are relatively simple yet challenging enough that I will feel stretched. I think I'll have a "soft opening" this week and warm up into the challenge!
  2. So I am new here...joined the Rebels for the first challenge. I think the Ranger description fits me, I bike, run, lift weights, and generally want to kick ass outside. Will decide on what I want my next challenge to entail and post accordingly. My life is in transition and I am itching for some real change and stability at the same time. Hey two things can be true at the same time!
  3. There's a power that's underneath And you can't see it 'till you believe On the edge of infinity Ignite by Zedd At the beginning of my first challenge I thought about to go to the rangers or to the scouts, but was to shy to decide it. So i stayed with the rebels. Now I know a bit more about what I want. I join the rangers because I'm interested into Bodyweight training and running. This challenge I will mostly do the same as in the last one: 1. Japanese: My Rosetta Stone subscripten runs out in April 2017. If I do 2 Chapters per week I can finish it till then. 2. English: I try to improve my English and do some grammar practise. (Fell free to message me and tell me what mistakes I do. And I won't get angry if you correct each little one) 3. Svedish: At the moment it's not as important for me as my other goals, but I want to continue to learn this language. 4. Heroe's Journey from Darebee (Bodyweight training + Running) 5. Learn for my apprenticeship 6. Playing Trumpet 5-10 min per day and practise some songs for christmas. I want to surprise my family. They think that I stopped playing my trumpet. 7. Last and most important goal: Improve Mindset. I play a lot of League of Legends and this game is known for their toxic community. On bad days I'm one of this player blaming the team more than myself for mistakes. Now I got an official punishment. And I could not end the ranked season in the division where I wanted to be. My goal is now to completly stop being toxic and to mute all other players when they start to blame somebody. One of my friends gave me a lot of advices how to improve, but because I knew it always better I didn't reached my goals. To accept criticism was always dificult for me. Second aspect of improving mindset: The book Work Clean by Dan Charnas, which describes the concept of Mise en Place, inspired me to use these technique. Mise en Place: 1. Planning is Prime: At the beginning of each work day, think what u want to do and write it down. Plan your free time one day before. 2. Arranging Spaces, Perfect Movements: Don't waste energie and time for nonsense, e.g. don't run 3 times to the printer, when you know after 3 sec thinking that one time is enought. 3. Cleaning as you go: My Mom said always: Put everything back where it belongs, when you finished using it. 4. Making first moves: Think about what is the best to do first. It's not always the most important thing which has to be done first. 5. Finish actions: Don't start a new action before you didnt finish the first. 6. Slowing down to work faster: 100 squads are useless if you didn't do them correctly. 7. Open eyes and ears: Don't ignore what is going on around you. 8. Call back: active listening/ show that you pay atention to other persons 9. Inspect and correct: Always try to improve. 10. Total utilisation: Don't waste anything. No food, no things, no person. I hope you welcome me to the Ranger guild and support me to reach my goals.
  4. I haven't had time to put this together properly, but I need to get this started. I'll revise this post but the basic structure is going to stay the same. Part 1: Stronglifts. I'm going to continue my stronglifts progression at the typical 5#/workout. I did the last month in the morning, but for now I may switch to after work. I can superset chores with lifting for additional productivity and I won't feel rushed. Ultimately, I think this will help out with sleeping more. Goal: 12 sessions. Part 2: Diet. Last challenge, I tracked a lot and monitored the results. My take aways are this: my floor for calories/day is 2800. The last 4 days, I've been well north of 3000/day and dropped back down to 263 (from 270 post LA) as of this morning. I'm definitely not eating too much and as the lifts are getting heavy, I'm not going to split priorities. Getting stronger is priority 1. My minimum daily intake is 2800cal and 200 protein. My food quality is pretty good so I'm not going to get more specific than that. I do have one food related sub-challenge. Part 3: Sub-challenges: Ride my bike twice this month Drink (7) gallons of milk this challenge (milk fits my dietary/strength goals, a quart a day is not too challenging, and I want to up my calcium intake) Build a level platform in the basement for deadlift and press. Walk around the lake (10) times In bed 8 hrs/night. I can't necessary control how much I sleep sometimes, but I want to see how often I can hit this goal. Part 4: Adulting: 4 pts. Throw out the desk in the living room Throw out the recliner in the living room Replace the outlets in the basement Triage my wardrobe for things I should have thrown out long ago Fix the lawn mower (currently borrowing a lawn mower) Clean out the leaves in front of the house Throw out computer components in the closet Demo the ceiling in the downstairs room Build a top hat into the ceiling in the downstairs room Get a checkup. I'm due and I hate going to the doctor. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. My dentist said I should. I just need to arrange it prior to them becoming a problem. Finish the voice modulator (Halloween project 1). This counts whether it works or not. Make a meaningful progress towards getting my PE (take a practice exam, start a practice book, schedule the FE) Hang up a decorative item. Anything. Fix bathroom fan.
  5. Challenge Two â— "'Don't worry, the dragon didn't hurt me. Turns out I am not even remotely threatening.' She went back to sleep and my ego got kicked in the ass. Leaving the Recruit hall has been nerve wracking and exciting to say the least." ◠☆ Book 1 The Story: Lose 90lbs Main Quest: Lose 20lbs (or inch equivalent) by my birthday, Jan 8th, 2016 ☆ Show Me Your Teeth: 80/20 Primal (37/42 days +3CON | 32/42 +2CON | 27/42 +1CON) *The conditions for the '20' are holidays, dates, friend time, family get-togethers, and particularly vicious PMS/periods Walk It Off: 20min+ walk daily (37/42 days +3STA/+1STR | 32/42 +2STA/+1STR | 27/42 +1STA) *I did 10 last time, let's turn it up c: Seize The Day: Sun Salutation hold 10sec+ each position & Standing Tree pose hold 10sec+ (37/42 days +3DEX/+1STR | 32/42 +2DEX/+1STR | 27/42 +1DEX) *I have a cocktail of physical problems thanks to disturbingly weak core strength, all this stretchy and holdy business will help with the pains as well as introducing a range of movement that my body has long forgotten ☆Goal progression kept in signature, battle log updated daily. 5 day increment grace periods are to accommodate disability/sickness/injury should they occur/flair up. ☆Motivation: 1. I want to be a good example for my sisters and future children 2. To optimally manage my mental health 3. I want a healthy relationship with food 4. I want to be more comfortable in my skin 5. To be able to better participate in walks, hikes, and other outdoorsy things I once enjoyed 6. To be able to be pregnant safely and have the energy to play with my child (disclaimer: I have jacked up ankles and very literally weak core muscles that don't even activate properly when exercised, so if I got pregnant while being in my current physical condition I likely could render myself immobile) 7. I want to be able to protect myself (maybe rejoin the dojo) 8. To better my chances at having a long and healthy life with my loved ones 9. My husband 10. Myself ☆Current stats: Doll, 23, Female October 24th, 2015 218.4lbs Height: 5'3" Waist: 33.5" Hips: 43" Thighs: 27" Calves: 17" Arms: 13" â— "...after dusting off from the embarrassing dragon encounter, I realized I needed to make a commitment to my recent idea of changing. Sure the last challenge was a nice start, but if I am going to strike fear or intimidate potential foes, I'm going to have to kick it up a notch. Some time walking through rubble and muck, a grassy patch surrounded by thick forest appears. I set up a meager camp, take a deep breath, and look to the now starry sky. A smile creeps onto my face and a tiny glow starts in my heart, 'See you soon Dragon.' Now the journey begins." â—
  6. Greetings! The last challenge (and my first completion -- WoOt!) went really well for me with regards to strength training. I'm far from warrior status, but I'm really appreciating the body weight exercises, hence my decision to throw my lot in with the assassins guild for this challenge! Fitness Goals Main quest:Increase strength! The goals:3 weekly strength sessions, at least 30 min each 3 weekly HIIT sessions, ideally on alternate days from strength sessions Do after-strength stretches! I always do warm-ups, and never do stretches after my regular strength sessions. I'm using this 6WC to get in the habit! Increase reps on one-legged push-ups (my current record is 7 on the first set, 4 on the two following sets). Ultimate target is 3 sets of 10. Life Goals I've been feeling a huge pull to make playing music a bigger part of my life. I'm a lifelong musician, but the playing ebbs and flows depending on what else is going on at the moment. I thought it would be cool to use the 6WC format to get myself to play more, and maybe even get a gig here and there. Thus one of my goals for this challenge is to create a profile on gigtown.com (an online talent agent of sorts), complete with sample recordings and a pic. This obviously won't guarantee me gigs, but it puts my hat in the ring. As the saying goes, you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. The next life goal for this challenge is a big one, and it's not optional. As we entered the sixth week of the last challenge, the company I'd been working for succumbed to some dire financial difficulties and I was laid off. Similar to the musician goal above, I can't make a company hire me, but I can set up conditions to make it possible: send out resumes regularly, work with a head hunter, network with others in my profession (I'm an IT guy). With that in mind, here are some measurable life goals for this 6WC:Music: record and master at least 2 demos (covers, not originals) and upload them to gigtown.com, along with a photo of me and my guitar. (Yeah, this is one HECK of a step outside of my comfort zone.) Employment: make at least 4 job contacts a week. This can be any of the following: sending a resume out, applying for a job, interviewing for a job, meeting with a head hunter, cold-contacting companies. Scoring of this goal: if I am offered and accept a position, I'm calling this goal 100% successful.I'm still mulling how to assign stats to these goals, but I'm happy with the goals themselves for the moment. I'm looking forward to leveraging the 6WC format to level up my body and my life!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm starting my second challenge now, the first was a reasonable success, even though I'm always harsh on myself. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62304-better-very-very-late-than-never/ A little background, I decided to start worrying about fitness at the start of August 2014, since I was quite significantly overweight weighing about 95kg (210 pounds). I'm 6'3 tall, so that was quite overweight. In the next six weeks, I lost 10kg by eating less (but very badly) and working out almost every day doing relatively low intensity cardio workouts. From mid-September until Christmas, I worked out about twice every week on average, and lost 10kg again, bringing me to 75kg now (165 pounds). I went from not being able to do a single knee pushup in August to now being able to do over 20 incline pushups. In March, I discovered Nerd Fitness, which relaunched my motivation. I took my before picture after losing 20kg, which I find quite ironic. Since I've gone on a Paleo diet, except for Saturdays for carb cycling and social occasions. I also signed up for a karate class for the first time in a few years, I loved doing karate but when I tried a class in September I found it too physically challenging, since i was in very bad shape at the time. Bonus: what "race" do you think I am if I'm 6'3 with "normal" weight and somewhere between a thin and athletic build? Quest 1: Karate - After the last karate class of the school year, start doing 2 karate training sessions alone per week, including technical training and drilling combat techniques and katas OR an HIIT workout. A - 12 + total B - 10-11 total C - 8-9 total D - 6-7 total F - less than 6 total STA Quest 2: Workouts - I'll be doing an internship in Belfast this summer, I need to find a gym there and workout at least 3 times/ week while I'm there and twice/week before and until I'm there at home or in the local gym (I'm too lazy to check if I'll be there before the challenge ends) A - 12 workouts B - 11 workouts C - 10 workouts F - Less than 10 workouts STR Quest 3: Stretching - Do leg raises every morning, 20 on each side per leg, and a complete stretching routine at least once every 2 days. A - 21+ stretching routines and leg raises every morning A- - 20-21 stretching routines and leg raises every day, sometimes not in the morning B - 16-19 stretching routines and 30+ leg raises C - 12-15 stretching routines and 25+ leg raises F - Less than 12 stretching routines and less than 25 leg raises If there's a different grade between leg raises and stretching routines I'll average them and round down. DEX Quest 4: Life goal - My exams are in a few weeks from now, there are about 650 students in my university class, but so far I've gotten a good start this semester. A - Rank top 10 in my university B - Rank top 15 in my university C - Rank top 25 in my university F - Rank below top 25 in my university WIS
  8. Hi there! I'm Liz and this is my second challenge. I chose Rangers because I'm interested in being all-around fit, without sacrificing one area of fitness to specialize in another. I do need to confess something before I jump into the challenge: I successfully completed my first challenge and met all of my goals, including getting down below my goal weight; unfortunately I have fallen off the wagon this past week. I've been too tired to stay awake past 9:00, have ruined my 4 day rotation diet for food allergy issues, and have blown off all forms of exercise since Monday. I need a reboot. I need to get back in touch with why I started and realize how far I've come. That being said, here are my goals for this challenge: My main quest is to reengage with my fitness goals and motivation. I want to find my happy place while exercising again, and to remember why I started this whole process in the first place. To that end, I plan to: 1. Do the "You Are Your Own Gym" workout 4-5 times per week. I'll be focusing on form over reps and starting out low and slow so I don't hurt myself. I will score myself thusly: 4-5x= A 3x= B 2x= C 1x= D I'll award myself STR and STA points for Goal #1. 2. Run or walk more than 1.5 miles at least 5 times per week. This is hopefully going to be in addition to the 1.25 mile dog walk daily. Scoring same as Goal #1. 3. Drink at least 48 oz or more of water per day. I noticed I've been sucking at this lately and I need to make some definite improvements here. The 48 oz can include herbal teas, but nothing with any caffeine, including decaf. Thus one is a Pass/Fail. My life quest is to carve out at least 30 minutes per day to read or knit. It seems I spend so much time working on lesson plans or meal planning or surfing the net that I've been neglecting my "recharge" activities of knitting and reading. They keep my centered and help me relax, so when they're missing from my life I feel frazzled. I'll be keeping track of my success on a spreadsheet so I'll know just how well I'm doing. I haven't done my measurements yet, but once I get them done I will post them on here. My current weight is 114.8 lbs, 30% body fat. My height is 4'10. Or 4'9.5, depending on how tall I'm standing And now...bring on the challenge.
  9. 9.06.2014 The Main Epic Quest of Anna Laurentina da Mazovia, also known as Igi, chapter 2: Stamina Training The main objective of this challenge is to simply stay fit and physically active suring my vacation time. Therefore, I'll grab every opportunity to become a true Assassin - I plan to sail, run, continue my parkour-ing tendencies, swim, ride a bike and basically jump headfirst into every opportunity my life will offer, all for the sake of developing the neccessary strength and flexibility to really see the world as my playground. And I plan to have lots and lots of fun with it. It is, after all, the time of my grand four months vacations. However, not to get lost with an objective that is too vague and blurry, I've decided to focus on stamina. So, there are my goals for this challenge: Run at least every three days (if the weather doesn't allow it, then do rope-skipping) and increase the distance (or the skips) every time. Starting point: 0,5km.Do the Sun Salutation (yoga sequence) every morning.Learn at least three new firedancing moves.If at the end of these six weeks I will be able to run at least 2km, I will consider the challenge successfully completed and the goal fulfilled. Life Quest: Keep learning Italian on a daily basis and use Duolingo learning software every day. Health Quest: Replace all the regular oil in the house with olive oil. Additional objectives that I would like to fulfil over the course of these six weeks (not necessarily): - ride a bike for 30km, - go swimming at least five times, - buy a graphic tablet, - achieve a pullup. (When my arm heals.) I'm doing it, because: I finally have the time!Exercising makes me happy in a way that still feels completely foreign for me. I want to get to know it better.I don't want to waste a single day of my longest summer in life.I want to be worthy of the name Assassin.And the motivation from the previous challenge, because this is the same and I still feel this deep shiver of joy when I read this: I want to be a well-rounded, well-educated, fit woman full of life.I want to feel the freedom coming from running free and looking at the world as if it was mine to get and climb onto.I want to feel the joy of pushing my boundaries and achieving something I never have done before.I want to experience new things and enjoy life in its every colour and taste.I want to be a part of the Brotherhood, feel strong, happy and understood in my hopes and dreams.I want to make my Mentor proud.I want to look at myself and say, “This is the woman who has achieved something in her chase to freedom. This is a happy woman.†I am Igi and I will be an Assassin. I WILL be an Assassin.
  10. 6 Week Challenge (Well... 9 weeks ) Hey so I joined NF a while ago but Uni and a variety of other things happened.. and so I fell out of my routine. Damn! Gained 10 kg and my fitness went downhill! So this challenge is about getting myself back to having better diet and exercise habits. Main quest Get down to 65kg and be able to run a 5k. My method for doing this is: (1) To lose 5 kg in the 6 week time slot, working my way down to my weight goal. I will do this by; a) Not drinking anything aside from water/tea/milk/hot chocolate/pepsi max Making my lunch and eating it at least 4 times a week c) Keep to my nutritionists' suggestions in terms of what I should be eating d) Keeping note of everything I eat e) Carry water bottle with me and aim to finish at least two full bottles plus half after exercise f) Keeping up an exercise routine (see below) (2) To regain my exercise routine. I will do this by; a) Going to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, cardio -- treadmill (15 mins, working up to high intensity), low intensity weight training 15 mins Doing my 1/2 hour 3-5 km walk every day, rain or shine c) Biking to and from Uni at least 4 times a week (15 mins generally, 1 big hill at each end, rest flat) d) Doing 15 mins yoga Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays e) [WILL SPECIFY LATER] angry birds exercise Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Side quests (1) Learn how to skateboard-- Motifier to help with this (2) Go on at least 2 more tramps this year Life quest Save up ~$1000 for gear Training Partner: Motifier (http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/48209-motifier-first-challenge/#entry1029883) Thats all for now Daisygirl out
  11. The skill of an assassin is what I desire. But never have I truly believed it to be a skill that I might obtain. But now, I am determined to reach my goals, no matter how lofty. And I shall do this through baby steps. My first challenge was all about using my determination to gain momentum, and it was a success that resulted in the loss of six pounds! My second challenge shall be about using my momentum to gain experience. This will require physical prowess, light feet, and a change in my diet. So, without further delay… MAIN QUEST To use my momentum to gain experience and skill, all while continuing to lose weight. OBJECTIVES Using yoga and rock climbing, I shall keep myself active, all while preparing myself for my assassin lifestyle. (+2 STR, +2 DEX) I must become one with the silent shadows by practicing stealth walking. (+1 DEX, +2 STA) My diet must further change by adding more fruit and water to my daily diet. (+4 CON) LIFE GOAL The comic I have been preparing must come to fruition, meaning that I must begin work on actual pages. By the end of this challenge, I should have at least five pages completed. (+2 WIS, +2 CHA) I see this as a true challenge for myself, and I appreciate all the help you can offer me. And in return, when I become a full-fledged assassin, I will not kill you…maybe… The response time of a ninja is just as important as the mustache of a ninja.
  12. Hi! After three tries at my first challenge, I finally made it! So now I will have a go at my second challenge. So, my main quest is to lose weight. (Being awesome, strong and hot included) This is the reason why I choose Adventurers. (Also, because I like trying new sports out, even if I will stick to running for now). My goal is to weigh 110 pounds. ( I am pretty small, so no worries - still healthy weight for me.) Right now I weigh 140.2 pounds. I lost 4 pounds on my last challenge, so I am hoping to keep that up. (I also lost two pounds this week...does this count to this challenge? ^^) So, for that I will: Goal 1: Stay under 50 grams of carbs every day. I stayed under 20% last challenge, but I also noticed that the percents aren't doing it for me. (Hey, I am at 21%...I know, i will eat some cheese and bring it at 20% again, which clearly NOT the way it is supposed to work. 20% was about 60-70 grams for me, so now I will make it slightly more difficult for me). +3 Constitution, +2 Charisma Goal 2: As in my previous challenge, I will wear my fitbit and log everything - AND I will stay under my given calories on loseit! +5 Endurance Goal 3: I will go running three times per week and do the half-marathon training plan. I've took part in a Trail 10K this autumn, but I wasn't so well prepared...so now I will have a go at a half-marathon end of may. +4 Dexterity, +1 Strength. I won't do a side/ life quest and try to keep it simple. I took this half year off to do research in a lab...NOT done yet, but have to start classes again, and I have to start with the block that is considered the most difficult of all. Yays. So as a un-official life-goal...err..I am going to survive the next 5 months. May the Games begin! (Tomorrow ^^) Summary week 1: Running 3 times per week: Fulfilled 2,5 times. 83% Staying under my calories: fulfilled 6 out of 7 days. Staying under 50 g of carbs: 6 out of 7 days. 86% So that's an A! Yay! Summary week 2 Going running: 2 out of 3. 67% -C Staying under my calories: 5 out 7. 71% - C Staying under 50 g net carbs: 4 out 7. 57% - C So... a C it is. Summary week 3 Running: 4 out of 3 - An A! An A+! Calories: 5 out of 7. A C. Carbs. 2 out of 7. 29%. A D. So a C altogether. Summary week 4 Running three times a week: F Calories: 4 out of 7. a C. Staying under 50 g net carbs: Also 4 out of 7. Also a C. A D altogether, Anyway, summary of week 5: Jogging three times: check! an A Staying under my calories: 3 out of 7...a D. Staying under my carbs: 1 out 7...that will be an F. a C! :-) Summary week 6 Going running: yup, three times. An A Carbs: 1 out of 7. an F Calories: 3 out of 7. a D Which also makes it a C. And a C for the whole challenge.
  13. Today's workout was Isometrix- Balance heavily routine holding various Yoga Positions for 45 seconds, taking out the flow and keeping all the struggle of each pose. Six Week Challenge Number II: MAIN GOAL: Build on Good Habits formed during 1st Six Week Challenge This is my second Six Week Challenge on NF, only a week between them. I'll be using this Six Week Challenge to push myself further then last time and continue to cement these new habits into my life. QUEST 1: Finish P90X3 Classic 1 Schedule. This Six Week Challenge will cover the last 5 Main Weeks of P90X3 and the Recovery Week before taking the After Fit Test. Using the Accountability I set in the first Six Week Challenge I will continue to stick to the schedule and for the first time ever finish one of these exercise programs. I plan to intensify my work outs, pushing myself farther by using daily goals. Examples: Modify X Exercise Less or Not At All, Add X Number Reps or Take Less Breaks During Cardo. Potential Increase to: Dex (+2 Points), Str (+2 Points), Sta (+3 Points). QUEST 2: Continue To Improve Nutrition. This comes with two parts- 1: Eat 100% Paleo Diet One Day a Week. It'll allow me to try the diet without jumping in too deep too fast. Additionally I hope to will influence my total diet weekly to be even more healthier then I have already gotten it to. 2: In Addition to the above I'm going to try at least Two New Healthy Meal Recipes a week. Figured this will help keep me out of a rut of eating the same things over and over again. Potential Increase to: Wis (+3 Points), Con (+2 Points) QUEST 3: Bonus Round: Add an additional 15-20 Minute Workout that Compliments the Day's Workout every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday's I don't have filming add a 30 Minute Yoga Routine to the day. Figure this will help me push myself further and get closer to getting use to a full hour long routine for Working Out. Potential Increase to: Dex (+1 Points), Con (+1 Points) LIFE GOAL: Finalize Entry to this years Nicholl's Fellowship Screenwriting competition before March 31st. Potential Increase to: Wis (+1 Points), Cha (+1 Points)
  14. Hey Dudes, Man, it's been a long time since my last challenge! Kinda fell off the fitness wagon and had to run to catch up. Without further ado, here are my goals. 1. Get up and meditate for five minutes every weekday by at least 8am. I've been meaning to try to learn how to meditate for ages, and since I started university I've not been great at mornings. Double whammy. Grading Each weekday is worth 3.3%, if I accumulate: 90% 4 Wisdom, 1 Constitution. 80% 3 Wisdom 70% 2 Wisdom 2. Cut out junk food and increase the amount of fruits and veggies I eat, aiming for 5 portions a day. I've gotten into the habit of eating way too many sweets and fatty foods. No more! Grading For every week I eat no junk food at all, I get 20%. If I have a cheat day, 10%. If i cheat more than one day, NOTHING! 90% 2 Constitution, 1 Charisma 80% 2 Constitution 70% 1 Constitution 3. Complete the beginners body weight workout 3X per week. For every two weeks this happens, I gain 1 Strength. 4. Go to 2 new clubs/societies and socialize with new people. Trying to get out more and make new friends, but it's hard! For each of these I get 2 points for Charisma. Hoping to find some cool rebels to team up with on the road to awesome!
  15. Hey Everyone! So this will be my 2nd challenge. I'm an undergrad studying at university looking to get a B.S. in biomedical engineering. I originally thought I was going to go to med school and then the difficulty of classes (and the amount of time it takes) hit, so right now I'm exploring options and looking into internships. Anyways with fitness, I've really been thinking about getting into weight training and the more I read about it the more excited I am to get into it. I'm not that sure on how to start, but luckily my school offers a weight training gym class and I'm taking that this spring (It starts on Jan 13th and is Mondays and Wednesdays). I'm hoping that will teach me some of the basics and I can learn the rest from research. So onto the goals! Main Goal: Start lifting and get fit! [this is kind of vague, but I've been thinking about this for so long, and I want to do it right. This goal would mean that I'm working on lifting regularly and know how to do some of the basic lifts by the end of the challenge. EDIT: for measuring sake, I would like a pair of jeans I own to fit comfortably again] Missions: Workout at least 2 times a week [2 pts STA, 2 pts CHA] [i'm purposefully leaving this unassigned so that, as I learn more about lifting I can add more of that into my workouts and I also have the ability to decide to do a cardio day] Only have at the most 1 grain a day [3 pts CON] [i'm really interested in starting Paleo, but I'm in love with dairy and I do like to snack on edamame (soybeans). I'm keeping the restriction small because when I'm at school it's really hard to keep myself to my workouts AND keep up with a diet when I have all this stress bombarding me, so that's why I'm just trying one thing slowly. I also have a lack of options for food which makes it really difficult to cut main food groups out so I have hope this will go well.] Learn how to do the basic lifts with Starting Strength program [3 pts STR, 2 pts WIS] [by the end of the challenge, I want to be able to properly do the workout outlined in the Starting Strength 3rd ed. I ordered the book on amazon and should be getting it by Jan 7th!] Life Quest: Do all my homework [3 pts WIS] [This sounds silly when you first read it, but I think it's a necessary goal. I had a lot of classes last semester that had daily homework--it all became too much, and I started skipping assignments when I was overwhelmed. I lost a lot of points that could have given me more leeway when it came to finals and I probably could have gotten some better final grades if I had done all my assignments. So, for this semester, come what may, I will do every homework assignment. God help me.] Looking forward to the new challenge! Starting Measurements 140 pounds [using the right side of the body] wrist: 5 3/4 in upper arm: 9 11/16 in 2 in above the knee: 17 1/2 in 3 in below hip joint: 23 9/16 in hips: 40 3/4 in waist: 28 6/8 in bust: 36 9/16 in
  16. I learned a great deal from the first challenge. A week of reflection and tinkering was not enough, so this next six weeks will be about finding a balance that both achieves results and is sustainable. It also addresses the fact that while my health is VASTLY improved, my muscles are still not cooperating enough to work out consistently. Epic Quest: To resolve health issues and return to a less restricted and more participatory life. I continue to be primarily motivated by my children. This quest involves losing weight and getting fit as part of my journey toward optimal health. Challenge goals: (to be logged daily for accountability - grades based on actual percentages of overall performance at the conclusion of the sixth week) One: Eating the Food. Currently, TDEE without exercise is 1,940 calories. I will eat those calories every day (exception for illness only). I will get 80% of those calories from minimally processed foods, but I will not be orthorexic about my food consumption, and will only eliminate foods that trigger migraines. (Stamina). Note: should goal three indicate that MY TDEE is higher or lower, this number will be adjusted accordingly. Two: Moving the Body. I will move my body for 30 minute a day five days a week. How my body feels will determine what type of movement I will do. I will listen to my body. I will research chair exercises and be prepared to do them if I cannot do anything else that day, but I WILL move. (Strength and dexterity). I will attempt to get 10,000 steps in on at least 5 days. Three: Finding the Balance. I will track calories in/calories out, macros, and weight daily, measurements weekly. The quest is to find my personal "sweet spot," where I am consuming enough to be healthy, but at a small deficit so that I can slowly lose fat. I need to normalize my relationship with food. I need to stop the cycle of restricting and binging. ( Constitution and Wisdom). Waldo has shared a tool that I am going to use to accomplish this, because he is awesome like that. Life Goal: Continue the battle against the dragon of pain Make and keep appointment with GP for general physical with full bloodwork. Get referrals to rheumatologist and/or endocrinologist as recommended. I've been relying on my neurologist for too long, and have gotten lots of prescriptions, but few answers. Ask for referral to Physical Therapist for evaluation of hip/knee pain and exercise plan. Make and keep appointment with neurologist and reduce migraine meds. Make appointment for mammogram (might take longer than six weeks to get in). (Wisdom and Constitution) Side quest: continue following the journeys of fellow challengers and offering support. (Charisma) Now let us have at it!
  17. It is the beginning of the end. The culmination of an era. The final months. The past seventeen years have all be leading to this ultimate destination, and once it is reached the entire time spent traveling to it will matter no more. It will be the end of an end, and the beginning of a new beginning; in truth, it will be the end of the beginning. But the destination has not been reached yet; the end is in sight, but it has not arrived. Eight months remain. Eight more months of freedom; eight months until freedom. Eight months to finish learning; eight months until the learning truly begins. Eight months until graduation. There is much that our heroine must accomplish in those eight short—and yet unbearably long—months. Some things must be finished in that time, while others simply should be, and some might barely be begun. Nevertheless, these eight months will be the capstone on our heroine’s journey; it will be because of them that she will be vaulted higher than she could image, or that she will sink lower than ever before. Let us begin. MAIN QUEST In eight months, our heroine must become the person she truly wishes to be, the person she wishes to continue her life as. This improved version of herself is a black belt, weight at least 20 pounds less than our heroine does now, and has sharpened her social skills to a razor edge. First Mission (+2 DEX, +2 STR): In order to achieve her black belt, our heroine must be stronger and more flexible than she ever has been before. To this end, she will continue to awaken every morning in order to stretch, do her slow kicks, and perform bodyweight strength exercises on Moon’s day, Odin’s day, and Freya’s day. GRADING: Each day is on a pass/fail basis A: 7/7 passes B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 3-4/7 F: 1-2/7 Second Mission (+4 STA, +1 WIS): Strength and flexibility are not the only attributes our heroine needs to successfully attain her black belt; she must also improve herself as a martial artist. This mission has two parts: our heroine must attend all classes as that she is able, and must practice her art alone at least thrice a week. GRADING: a "missed" class means an unexcused absence--if I legitimately had so much homework that I couldn't go, it doesn't count as a missed class. If the only reason I didn't finish my homework in time is because I was YouTube-ing for three hours after school, then it counts. A: All classes attended, 3x practice B: 1 class/practice missed C: 2 classes/practices missed D: 3 classes/practices missed F: 4+ classes/practices missed Third Mission (+2 CON, +2 CHA): If she wishes to continue her journey to a lighter version of herself, our heroine must fuel her body correctly. She will continue to avoid grains and carbohydrate-filled foods while journeying down (a modified) Paleolithic way. Our heroine will, however, continue to consume dairy. In addition to eating as her ancestors did many moons ago, our heroine will also continue to experiment with Intermittent Fasting. At least five days a week, our heroine will ensure that she endures for 16 hours without food, then fuels her body for a mere 8 hours before repeating. GRADING: Pass/fail daily basis. The first two days without IF are still a pass (if the food I ate was acceptable) but after that, non-IF days count as a fail. A: 7/7 passes B: 6/7 C: 5/7 D: 3-4/7 F: 1-2/7 Life Side-quest (+2 WIS): If our heroine wishes to attend college, she must set herself down on her formidable ass and dedicate herself to completing manifold applications and composing essays of her most impressive prose. GRADING: Point system. Finish an application form - 1 pt; finish the rough draft of an essay - 1 pt; finish the essay to the point where I give it to other people to read - 1 pt; finish essay completely - 1 pt; all transcripts sent - 1 pt; application fully completed - 2 pts; all applications completed - infinite points A: 5 pts B: 4 pts C: 3 pts D: 1-2 pts F: 0 pts STARTING STATS Weight: 161.4 BMI: 24.5 Waist: 29.5 Hips: 42.5 Thigh: 24 BF Percent: 31% Bicep: 11.25 inches
  18. “I am standing here, watching hopelesly how the zombie horde approaches the alley I am trapped in. Sure, everything looked fine when I started running away from them. I’m way faster than these rotten zombies, but see...I made this only bad tun here and now I’m trapped. There is a ladder hanging from the wall of one of the buildings...if only I could reach it and pull myself up! But I can’t. Suddenly, I hear a noise. - Psst, need some help there? I take a glance at the stair and I feel ultimate happiness. #ZAP is here! With some help from them I manage to climb to the stairs and now I’m safe, ready to take yet another “adventurous†trip for supplies into the town again. - Nay - they say- No more scavenging until you get stronger!. We can’t rescue you every time you come here!†And thus, I must do something to get some upper body strength and overall stamina. Being a survivor during the zombie mayhem is serious business. THE MAIN QUEST: I want to get stronger. In general, I want to be able to move my body weight in every way I can. Be it jumping fences, running around, swimming at decent speed, being able to do handstands without falling. Pulling myself up things... you name it, I want to be able to do it. In order to achieve such goal, I guess I need to: 1) If you want to get stronger, train for strenght: bodyweight/ strenght workouts 3 times per week. (2 STR, 1 CHA) A ) 3 intense workouts, awesome! B ) 2 workouts per week, not bad C ) Just 1, shameful F ) None of them! Slacker 2) Run, run for your life. (3 STA) I downloaded the Zombies, Run! 5k app after hearing all the praise it got from other people at NF. Obviously, now I want to follow the training program and see what I can do with it. So, I’m aiming for some non strenght training that ideally would be... A ) 3 runs/week: I’ll definitely survive the zombie apocalypse. B ) 2 runs/week: Better, but really not impressive C ) 1 run/week: That’s just lame. F ) Couldn’t run, because I was lazy: Zombie food. 3) Watch what you eat. (3 CON, 2 CHA) Eat clean. 100% Paleo is going to be the way during the upcoming 6 weeks. A ) 100% Paleo. I’m the holder of an Iron will, and hotter. B ) 90 %. Not bad, but still got seduced by ice cream or cold beer. C ) 80%. Really? I guess I didn’t really needed those muffins. Or ice cream, or beer. Or wine. F ) Paleo what? I couldn’t care less about getting in shape and now I’m a potato. Life Side Quest: Scape from the "scientific limbo" (1 CHA, 3 WIS) To be honest, this is my main quest at the moment: to get my PhD degree and mooove on with life. I really need to get this done in order to be able to apply for a post-doc job, and to close a 4 and ½ years long chapter in my life. So, during the following 6 weeks I need to: -Submit chapters 3, 4 and 5 of my PhD for correction, plus the General Introduction part. MOTIVATION: At first I was just aiming to get stronger. Day to day, I'm involved in potentially dangerous activities that could cause situations of stress and potential injury (scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, deep-sea fishing for sciendific purposes, moving stuff around in the aquarium facility at work...etc). All those activities would benefit from a bit more strenght, in my opnion. Just to make life safer for those I work and play with. Also, at some point, I want to get my rescue license back (I think the word in english is...lifeguard), and for that I need to be able to drag someone out of the water. But overall, I just want to be the best possible "me".
  19. Hey Everyone! I'm back for my second challenge after slipping up quite a bit towards the end of my first I'm not very creative but I've seen a few people 'theme' their challenges so - why not! X-Men has been close to my heart since I was a kid so it's only fitting that I apply it here! MAIN QUEST: Ditch The Brotherhood and return to The Institute (NF) aka Lose weight and feel better about myself Goal 1 - Don't eat like Blob! I'm going back down the Paleo route with this one because I didn't quite stick it out on the first challenge but I felt the benefits and want that again. Following RogueWelkin's advice I'm gonna do things gradually and for this challenge I'll be removing grains from my diet. A - No Grains with 1 Cheat Day a week C - No Grains with 2 Cheat Days a week F - No Grains with 3 Cheat Days a week Goal 2 - Get in the Danger Room! I'm gonna introduce the BBWW into this challenge so I can maximise my weight loss ability alongside eating clean: A - Complete circuit 3x a week C - Complete circuit 2x a week F - Complete circuit once a week Goal 3 - Become Pyro's Enemy! Ok maybe not his enemy but at least annoy him. And what annoys a fire manipulator - water! I failed the water part of my first challenge so I'm bringing it back! A - Drink at least 1.5L of water daily C - Drink 1L of water daily F - Drink <500ml of water daily LIFE QUEST: Visit Uncle Nightcrawler I was actually born in Germany (but not a national - military brat, long story) but I love the language and enjoyed learning German at school. So now I wanna get back into it and I've got the duoLingo App on my phone. A - Complete 1 lesson 3x per week C - Complete 1 lesson 2x per week F - Complete 1 lesson per week
  20. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the 21st Century by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose over the Pacific Ocean. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. The wind swept westward, funneled into gusts through the artificial canyons of Sydney, Australia. The wind swept across roads and trees, turning south to follow the waterways of the Georges River. It crested over homes, down footpaths and through private gardens, and gently caressing the leafy branches of jacaranda trees, sending a shower of purple blossoms to carpet the ground beneath them. In one private garden, beneath one such jacaranda tree, one such blossom shivered as the finely crafted blade of a katana sliced across its path, sending two halves floating to the ground. Beneath the tree Thorns worked the forms with his blade, a look of concentration and serenity upon his face. He stepped gracefully from one movement to the next, the sword light as a feather in his hands -- almost an extension of his arm. There was no hesitation as he moved, and the lines of his forms were clean and strong. In another Age, and another place, the forms might have held fanciful names -- Heron in the Rushes, the Boar Rushes down the Mountain, the River undercuts the Bank. But to Thorns, they were simply the forms -- a visual syllabus of a fighting system from long ago, kept alive through dedication and countless hours of practice. Around his waist was knotted a faded belt -- once it was the deepest black of midnight on a moonless night. Now, experience and use had worn it away into familiarity. It was not always this way. ------------- The above is where I want to be. Hi. Some of you know me, others do not. First challenge with the Rangers and all that. Even those who do know me may not know my ultimate goal, which is to open my own dojo. Call that my mighty Quest. It will be many years in coming, but it far from abandoned. I've studied one style of karate for 20 years (off and on, but more on than off), and I want to share that knowledge and experience. I want to help give to others what it has given me -- peace, discipline, fitness, strategic thinking, knowledge, and confidence in myself. Some of those lessons are still being learned, but I've seen the beginnings and know they're there to be learned if I look hard enough. Every quest has a beginning, and I've already done that. I've left the comforts of the Shire behind me. Now I'm moving on to the first mile marker. For this challenge, I'm setting the following milestones: Get Lean: Winter is the time when game is scarce. Lose 3Kg by the end of the challenge. I was successful in this during the last challenge, and I believe in sustainable, repeatable goals. You can count on this goal in future challenges until I've reached my goal weight (long-term goal: sub-80Kg; mid-term goal: 99.9 Kg; short-term: 3kg loss).A: 3.0 or more lost: +2 STA, +1 CHAB: 2.0 Kg lost: +1.5 STAC: 1.5 Kg lost: +1 STAD: 1.0 Kg lost: +0.5 STAF: Less than 1.0 Kg lost: No Reward Get Strong: Attend 12 Boot Camp Sessions by the end. Again, another success carried over from the last challenge. Winter is here in Australia, so getting out of bed at 4.45am each morning to go is getting hard.A: 12 or more sessions: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 STAB: 9 sessions: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 STAC: 6 sessions: +0.5 STR, +0.5 DEX, +0.5 STAF: Less than 6 sessions: No Reward Lead the Pack: Proactive Fitness: But this time, I'm going to make a very small attempt at carrying the disciplines home from the boot camp. During this challenge, I will complete one session per week of a workout at home, lasting at least 20 minutes in length. I'll take what we do at boot camp (mostly body weight exercises) and do them at home. This is simultaneously about _creating my own discipline_ as it is about being an inspiration to my family. My hope is that if my kids (two boys, 8 and 6 years old) see me doing some of this stuff, they'll be inspired to do some of it themselves. Live the example, even if only in short increments. 1 Session, 20 minutes each week.A: 6/6 weeks: +1 CON, +1 WISB: 5/6 weeks: +1 CON, +0.5 WISC: 4/6 weeks: +0.5 CONF: less than 4 weeks done: No Rewards Cross your territory: Complete the City2Surf Race on 11 August 2013: This will be the third time I've run this 14km race. My goals here are simple -- as fast as I can.A: under 2 hours (Aspirational Target): +2 CONB: 2 hours, 6 minutes, 15 seconds (personal best): +1.5 CONC: 2 hours, 13 minutes (better than last year): +1 COND: Finish the Race (Goddamn it, it's a 14km race -- I should get _something_ for finishing!) : +0.5 CONF: Did not finish: No Reward Life Quest: Keep your gear clean, pt 1. I'm going to take a more practive role in keeping the house clean -- for this challenge, I'm going to focus on three things: emptying rubbish & recycling (nightly), washing dishes (nightly), and folding and putting away clean laundry (weekly).A: 42/42/6 (rubbish/dishes/laundry): +2 CHAB: 35/35/5 (rubbish/dishes/laundry): +1.5 CHAC: 28/28/4 (rubbish/dishes/laundry): +1 CHAD: 21/21/3 (rubbish/dishes/laundry): +0.5 CHAF: less than the "D" grade: No Reward UPDATE LOG: Changed my username from "Patchwolf" to "Thorns"
  21. As a morbidly obese man for as long as I've been a man, it's been my time to change. This is my second challenge, the first one was a little shaky, but I saw results. I can walk further without cramps, have a smaller waist, and am enjoying life even more. Main Quest: I have certain family members that I only see at major holidays; Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. My main goal is to drop enough weight and gain confidence and stamina and just blow them away at Thanksgiving. I believe that 40 pounds of weight loss will both Shock and Stun them. This breaks down to losing 10 pounds of weight every 4 weeks until Thanksgiving. Goals: Goal 1: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -- Laozi Walk 10,000 steps a day. I can keep track of this using Excel, and is a very track-able goal. +2 Sta, +2 Str, +1 Con Talked with doctor, this is edited to 5K average week one, 6k average week two, etc until 10K average week 6. Doc says 10K is too lofty a goal to start with given current health. Goal 2: It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it. -- George W. Bush Keep track of daily calories. No matter what: Be open, honest, and accountable. +2 Wis Goal 3: Mens sana in corpore sano. -- Juvenal Do the Rookie Level 1 Workout A three times per week. This is a yes or no idea. + 2 Dex, +2 Str, +1 Con Life Side Quest: Have I mentioned that I need to work on some other things? I've stolen this idea from joedog. I've created a checklist of things I need to do every morning before work/school and at night before bed. Chores, personal care, etc. I will get 1 point for each checklist completed. Scoring will be out of 90 possible points (42 mornings, 42 nights, 6 weeklies). +2 Wis, +1 Cha Motivation: Last week, after completing my first 6 week challenge, my dad hugged me, and said he was proud of me. We've always been close, and been very open in our relationship. He's not only my dad, but one of my closest friends. It felt good to have him smile at me and screw around and try to pull my pants down (they have 6 inches of slack in them now). Then he said something that made my heart ache. In the past 15 months, my father has lost his dad and his brother. He said he was glad I was doing this because "He doesn't want to bury a son." That's my motivation...to keep my dad and by extension my family proud of me. However, a selfish part of me wants to knock their socks off and watch their jaws drop when i walk in.
  22. WOO! Second challenge! Quickie run-down Main Quest: Weigh 230 pounds by January 1st, 2014. Goals: 1.) 120 minutes of cardio a week. 2.) 80g of protein a day, 1 vegetarian day a week. 3.) BBW once a week. Life sidequest: -1 hour of deliberate religious stuff (meditation, prayer, study) a week. Elaboration Main Quest I need to focus on weight loss, for a bunch of reasons, mainly to make it easier on my back. Also, it's just a number I can use to gauge my fitness, etc. Goal 1 Last challenge, my goal was 90 minutes of biking a week. Some weeks I scraped by, some weeks I DESTROYED 90 minutes. Like 200+. So, I'm upping it to a 120 minutes minimum average. Goal 2 I tracked my food last challenge, and tracked my protein for a week as part of the mini-quest. This challenge, I want to make sure I get lots of protein (without going overboard) to build some muscle. Muscle burns fat better (I've heard) so that's how this fits into my main quest. I went vegetarian for a few months a year or two ago, and really liked it, plus I want to eventually go paleo, so this is a step towards that long term goal. Goal 3 I did the BBW last challenge, and ALMOST got through it three times in a row. Now, I just want to make it a steady part of my weekly routine. Life Goal This is a mental health thing as well as an I-really-need-to-study-my-own-beliefs thing. I may or may not have mentioned that I'm an Anglo-Saxon heathen, but it takes a lot of independent study. Which is something I've been failing on. Could be just meditation, prayer, writing, crafting, genealogy research, lore reading, whatever, as long as it's deliberate and in done in a certain mindset. I'd like for that one hour a week to be straight in a row as well. Rewards: Goal 1: 4 STA Goal 2: 3 STR, 1 WIS Goal 3: 3 STR Life Goal: 4 WIS So, some of you know me from last challenge, some don't. I was an adventurer then, and now, and might be for a while. We'll see. Regardless, I am back for round two, and pumped. Here goes. ----------------------------- WEEKLY REPORTING Week 1 Goal 1: 112/120 minutes Goal 2: 497/560g Goal 3: 0 BBW circuits Life Goal: Done! Mini-Challenge: Done! +1 WIS Week 2 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 3 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 4 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 5 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge: Week 6 Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Life Goal: Mini-Challenge:
  23. Well the last challenge I did was in March and I'll be honest it didn't end so well. I ended up with an inflammed rotator cuff by week 3 and on lifting restrictions for 2 months after that Taking that into consideration, this challenge is going to be more about rehabbing my shoulder and making sure it doesn't happen again. I usually like to power lift but for this the closest I'll get will be looking forlornly towards the weight bench while doing shoulder exercises. sigh Anywho Vitals : Age: 25 Height: 5'4 (Short enough to work harder but not short enough to have an extra cuteness factor) Weight: 152lbs Body Fat: 29% Goals: 1. Increase shoulder strength by 15lbs measured against a lateral side raise - Current: 10lbs, Goal: 25lbs - Plan: 5x5 sets of shoulder exercises. 2. Increase run distance to running 1 mile non-stop. - Currently I can run 1/4 of a mile non stop and I was pretty stoked about that when that happened. - Plan: Utilize Couch to 5k to increase the distance 3. Increase Back Squat Weight by 25lbs - Current: 85 Goal: 120lbs - Plan: 5x5 Sets at 70% 4. Life Goal! Well, the last time was to learn conversational Spanish and I didn't even touch it. I kinda want to try it again but not sure how it's going to work out. Eeeh what the shell, I'll do it again cus I still want to learn Spanish. Difficulties/Obstacles: 1. I'm currently working on buying a house and if that comes through I'm going to have a TON of work rehabbing the house, which while that will certainly be exercise may take away from my ability to do actual workouts. 2. The neighborhood I live in is nooot exaaactly the best for late night walks. So I'll have to make sure I do it earlier and go North instead of south. 3. When I push too hard on running, I get chest pains of a nasty variety. However I've noticed that if I work up to it a little slower than I would like it's not as bad. Overall Hope: Lose an additional 10lbs. This isn't a goal! just a hope. I've had good results in the past eating Paleo and I'll have to get back to that. It was a LOT more food than I expected to be eating that's for sure!
  24. I'm back for more! Starting point: I am a tall girl, 5 ft 11 in. Official weigh in - 182.5 lbs (woot woot!) Haven't seen that in over two years! My highest weight post baby was 225 so this journey is going well, a little over half way there! Goal 1 - How Stella got her groove back Sta 2 Str 2 Get back to serious, committed exercising. I was doing work outs 6 days a week. I gave up when things got complicated. Now to get back to where I was and push on when it gets complicated. Goal is to work out 3x per week minimum Goal 2 - Eat well, Live well Con 1 Wis 1 Continue making good food choices. Continue making green smothies for breakfast. Continue eating leafy greens + meat + veggies for lunch. Goal is to eat smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch. Goal 3 - Total Money Makeover Wis 2 Con 2 Continue biking/busing to work. Continue to plan weekly menus. Continue spending freeze. Goal is to do the 3 previously mentioned tasks and spend no more than $10 per week on a non essential items. and that's it. This time around I am going to keep it simple, but still challenging. Thanks for reading!
  25. I finished the first challenge rather cowed... my goals this time will be a bit more reasonable. I'm doing this one as a Scout as I'm very very close to committing to my first marathon, and running better is my top priority. Fitness Goals: 1. At least 5 days/week of good hard cardio. Usually this will be three runs, maybe racquetball or bike for the rest, or a kickboxing class at the gym. 2. Run a 5k at an average of less than 12 minutes 15 seconds/mile. (I need speedwork help as I'm new to it). Food Goal: 3. Drink more water, less soda. No more than 1 soda/day. I do plan to keep up my goal from last time of eating at least one Paleo meal every other day, which is a lot easier now. Life Goal: 4. Do something social - join at least two of these local groups and start participating in their activities: running club, archery group, women's golf league, or local photography group. I need to get arrows for the bow that's been sitting on the kitchen table for a month and get to the range to learn how to shoot things.
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