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Hello fellow Rebels!


I'm very excited to find a group of people who share my affinity for nerd culture! A friend of mine told me about Nerd Fitness last Wednesday and I've been reading articles and Steve's book and working through the angry bird challenge and doing my best at paleo. I'm super excited about being the best me I can be and it's been rough because I've got no accountability, so in the past everything I've started I just gruadually stopped doing and I didn't have anyone to be like "hey, did you get this done?"


I'm 22 with a beautiful 6 month old daughter and beautiful wife who is carrying baby number two. Three years ago I went through open heart surgery to replace a bad pulmonary valve and I've done little to no work to keep my body healthy. I've decided this time will be different. I've been reading about bodyweight excersises I can do at home(something I knew literally nothing about prior to this week) and buying my groceries to fit the paleo mindset. 


I'm really excited about this fitness journey and can't wait to see where it goes, to push myself to health so I can watch my children get old and grow old with my beautiful wife.


so that's me, a 22 year old father and husband who wants to survive to be present for my family!


Excited to Assemble, 

Captain Fantastic

That's neat, and so are you

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Hey! Congrats on the daughter and the bump, that's absolutely lovely. :) 


Sorry to hear about your surgery, that is a hell of a thing to go through at such a young age, it's fantastic that it has set you on the path to better health though. If you are really interested in body weight exercises then you might want to have a look at www.strengthunbound.com  It's an NF member called Waldo who runs it and he is impressively strong (and very lean too!).  There's a huge amount of info on there, it's worth a look. 


Anyway, nice o read your intro.  I'm still waiting on that photo though. :P 

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