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  1. Wow, 4-day DOMS are nasty! Hopefully in a couple of weeks they'll be a bit more reasonable in their duration. Good luck on the pullup goal too - always a fun thing to aim for.
  2. As far as I know, this is more of a concern if you have an average to low body fat percentage, but less of a concern at a higher body fat percentage. If you're carrying a reasonable amount of fat then your body should be able to burn that to keep you from going into true starvation mode even if you're below your BMR. I wouldn't recommend doing it, because you probably still won't feel date and the diet will probably be miserable and difficult to stick to, but it's probably not dangerous so I also wouldn't worry about accidently dipping below your BMR if you don't have a good way to reliably calculate what your BMR is. (Disclaimer: I'm a random guy on the internet, not a doctor, this is not good, or even mediocre, medical advice.) I'm in a similar place with this - my observed maintenance from calorie tracking is a good 300-400kcal higher than most calculators will give me, and one calculator gave me a maintenance figure the other day that I'm currently losing 1lb/week at.
  3. I went to look up the new one to see the subject, and it looks like the title's been announced too: benaaronovitch.com/wp-assets/uploads/2024/03/MOS-cover-reveal-FINAL.mp4?_=1 (I don't know why that video won't embed, but still, it's there!)
  4. Wednesday - W1D3 Yesterday was a good day. By the time I'd had dinner I was falling asleep on the sofa, so I didn't art before bed, but I did do my kneehab at Crossfit. Crossfit was box squats - they felt pretty solid at 95kg (209lbs) x 3 x 5, despite feeling knackered from the late night on Tuesday. Then we had hamstring curls, natural leg extensions, and box step ups - all very hard on the legs! Spent the morning reading Winter's Gifts by Ben Aaronovich (thanks @sarakingdom for alerting me that I'd missed this one!), then had physio in the afternoon that I talked about in my challenge intro. Then off to climbing, home for dinner, and an exhausted, early night.
  5. It doesn't, but I suppose that there's nothing to stop me doing that manually actually. Food for thought...
  6. Sometimes the simplest gifs are the best That's a really cool tracker - love that!
  7. Thanks! Good to have you here Sov! I'm happy you know it too! (Less happy that I forgot how to draw it ) (I don't know what that gif's from, but I now really want to.) Thanks man! Good to have you here. I just tried to search for a gif of what Jester likes drawing even more than Captain Tusktooth. Honestly, I should really think before I type out my internet searches
  8. I beat you to it by a whole 6 minutes, but you're not far off on the theme. Great minds think alike?
  9. Tuesday - W1D2 Yesterday was a good day. I drew a bad Captain Tusktooth face on a pizza box at half 11 in the evening, because I wanted to tick off this goal. Kneehab was done prior to a morning bike ride. The bike ride was the fastest I've done this route. Really hoping for some noob gainz here as I suck at cycling. Work was busy, but I left at 4pm to go to a charity quiz run by a supplier. It was almost a 3-hour drive there and a 2-hour drive back, though thankfully I got a lift. Had a big curry at the event and some beers, so calories were high, but I've still got about half my calorie buffer left for Easter eggs on Sunday. Got in very late, drew on the pizza box, did Duolingo and went to bed.
  10. Monday - W1D1 Monday was a good day. I did some work on a group shot of out Pathfinder party in the evening, and kneehab was done at Crossfit in the morning. Crossfit was good - I managed a 100ft farmers' walk at 169kg (372lbs) which I'm pretty happy with. Not sure if it's a PB, but it's bloody heavy at the very least. Also got a set of 5 weighted chinups at bodyweight + 20kg.
  11. 2024 Road map Last challenge results Downtime Last challenge I burned out and bailed pretty hard, mainly because work was mega busy and life in general felt really tough. And then when I got to the end of the challenge, and I was no longer sitting on the sofa of an evening thinking 'I still need to tick off 4 of my 6 goals', I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. So, this challenge cycle, I'm doing less. I've deliberately posted this thread late, because on Monday and Tuesday this week work was mad busy (as I knew it would be). From today I've got 8 days off, so this seems like a better time to actually commit to showing up to the forums. With the obligatory gif out of the way, let's get into this shall we? Only two party members for this challenge, who are using their downtime between adventures in the time-honoured fashion of either making stuff or training. They are: The cartographer Goal: Draw every day [+3 CHA] This is the thing I did worst at last challenge, so it's getting special attention. I've still not cracked a regular drawing habit, so if anyone has any tips on getting to that or any idea where I can get more inspiration/accountability then please let me know. Ultimately I just want to get a pen or pencil in my hand for a few minutes every day. Things I could draw (just so that I don't get stuck on the thinking about what to do stage, this gives me an easy list of options): High Rollers fan art My current Pathfinder party My players' D&D characters The adventuring party I use for these challenges Animal drawing exercises from the drawing book I have Calligraphy practice from the calligraphy book WW bought me Draw along with the Sketching Hour on CNE Games Twitch. Stuff in the Quentin Blake drawing book I've only just remembered I have I found a cool April character drawing challenge online (under the spoiler below) Whatever else takes my fancy The muscle Goal: do my kneehab™ exercises every day [+2 STR] I buggered up my knee 8 weeks ago whilst out on a run, and it's pretty much no better now than it was then. I've been really good at sticking to the physio exercises for the last 3 weeks, because I'm doing them as part of my morning workouts and making them a priority, so I just need to continue with that. I saw the physio today and he basically said this just needs more time, so I'm focussing what I can control (kneehab) and hoping the rest will take care of itself. Other stuff I'll also be doing a lot of the usual stuff, I just won't be tracking it as part of this challenge to take some pressure off. That includes: I've signed up for the latest weight loss PvP, so I'll still be tracking calories daily and seeing if I can lose 11lbs in the next 12 weeks I'll be keeping my Duolingo streak alive (at 562 days currently) studying French and Dutch. I've also started playing with Lingopie for French. I'll be making an effort not to spend money most days, to build up some savings and stop frivolous spending I'll be going to the gym 4 times per week and climbing twice per week as ever, and I'm going to try and cement in the 3 times per week cycling in lieu of running Maybe clean the damn house occasionally? At least enough for the boiler service and the new internet installation. I actually started tracking my goals from Monday, even though I wasn't posting the challenge until today, so time to hit the ground (metaphorically) running.
  12. Just wanted to drop in and say that I converted your spicy fennel and tomato soup recipe into a pasta sauce for lunch today, and it was great! I made it a couple of days ago and had forgotten I'd made it spicy, but once I'd got over the surprise I really enjoyed it 😅 . Thanks for sharing it!
  13. This is very true. Thank you for the reminder.
  14. Thanks mate! Thanks man. You're right of course, and it was still better than nothing, which is something.
  15. Thanks for the info. I might actually be inclined to try 3 months of NF Prime to give it a go at some point, but I'm hopeful that NF wouldn't put our data behind a paywall given that there was no warning it was going to be taken down.
  16. Glad it helped! I was a bit worried I was talking out of turn when I questioned it. ❤️
  17. Thanks for sharing, I can understand the maths now. And 1440kcal sounds good; if that does consistently lose you 1lb/week that would imply a TDEE is about 1940 (averaged across more and less active days), which is in line with what the NF calculator gave you.
  18. I do indeed! Personally I found I couldn't fit it into the week very well, and was getting fatigued adding it as a separate session. Now I use it as a warm up before bouldering instead - I do 5 x 5 seconds on/5 seconds off at different depths (currently 35mm, 25mm, 20mm, 18mm). The logic of doing it as a warm-up is that I would usually warm up my arms and my shoulders, but all that meant was that I was able to pull really hard on tiny crimps with cold fingers, which was a recipe for injury. I got most of this philosphy from this mammoth article, if you're interested in some extra reading: https://www.climbing.com/skills/fingerboard-training-part-ii/
  19. I'm glad to hear it - i'm really looking forward to next session A sofa day for the two of you sounds like a great day, even if it's not entirely a goal-crushing day.
  20. I don't have anything nearly clever enough to say in response to your thoughts on the books, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing - they were really interesting. I only read a handful of books a year at best, and I've never found a good time for audiobooks, so I very rarely re-read anything. I'm seriously tempted to re-read Rivers after your comments though, to see what I pick up retrospectively.
  21. 18/03 - 164.9lbs 25/03 -163.9lbs Well I stuck pretty much exactly to my calorie target this week (target 18,000, actual 17,940), and I lost exactly 1lb, so it seems like this is working if I'm strict. Granted I gained 0.9lbs the week before, but this is still a new low for the year. I did some actual meal prep on Sunday, so I have lunches sorted for the week - 2 portions of cauliflower curry (the forst vegan meal I've accidentally made in possibly ever), and 4 portions of spicy fennel and tomato curry. The main thing this week is to stay as on-track as possible in the early part of the week, before I consume my body weight in chocolate Easter eggs on Sunday. I also want to make an effort to get in 3 cardio sessions this week - I still can't run and I don't have much enthusiasm to cycle, but I want to keep my cardio conditioning up and the calorie burn is a nice little boost.
  22. I hope you don't mind me saying, but does that calorie nunber seem pretty low? If you're able to maintain it and you're not losing tons of weight every week it's probably fine, so please ignore me if that's the case, but I would normally expect that to be a pretty aggressive deficit and pretty hard to stick to?
  23. Oo, this sounds like fun. Are they a super high-level party that have access to the simulacrum spell, or if not how is he planning to clone himself?
  24. Hi all, there used to be a page where you tracked XP on your NF character, here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/level-up/my-character/ . That link now redirects to https://www.nerdfitness.com/my-account/ , and I can't find any way to get into the character pages. Is there still a way to access that, or if not can I get the data that I put on there as a download or something? Please tell me that I haven't lost 7 years of challenge records and completed life goals.
  25. Well, I very much burned out on this challenge towards the end. Actually I think I burned out on life in general, and this challenge was just a casualty of that. Regardless, here's a brief (ish) wrap-up. The muscle Score: 26/35 = 74.3% = +1 STR Extra credit: heat 9/35 = 25.7%, cycling 11/20 = 55% = no extra credit This is the one goal that started badly and got better, in that I got new physio exercises halfway through the challenge and after that I didn't miss a day. The secret there was that my new exercises are short enough that I can do them during a gym session, so there's really no reason to miss them. Regardless my knee is no better than when I injured it, which is very frustrating and is no doubt contributing to me feeling pretty tired and fed up. I've got another physio appointment next week, and we'll see what they have to say, but I'm going to have to face that the recovery on this will be a lot longer than I initially thought. The decisionist Score: 34/35 = 97.1% = +1 CON Extra credit = 1/5 weeks under 18,000kcal = no extra credit This is a pretty solid habit that I've stuck to, and I've lost over 4lbs this challenge and 9.5lbs since 1st January. The Weight Loss PvP was also incredibly helpful in keeping me on this. Granted I didn't stick to my calorie targets for most of the challenge, but with my birthday in the middle of the challenge and the general craziness of this month I'm happy with how this went. The cartographer Score: 14/35 = 40% = no stat increase This went well for week 1, and then very much fell off my plan. I was tired and fed up and just didn't feel inspired to draw most of the time. I think I need to find a way to approach this differently, though I also hope that life will get in the way less from the start of next challenge. The translator Score: 25/34 = 73.5% = +1 INT Most days I scored 1/2 a point for this, which really defeats the point of the way I set up the challenge. In fact, I didn't miss a day, and I think that's because I want to keep my Duolingo streak going - I'm not sure having this as a challenge goal made a blind bit of difference. Still, practising one language every day is still pretty good. The hoardsperson and the camp maker Score: 19/35 = 54% = +1 SAN I very much stopped caring about this goal towards the end of the challenge, partly because it became clear that I was going to make it through without running out of money, and partly because I started buying little things like bottles of coke at lunchtime to, I don't know, make myself feel better I guess? Buying stuff for me can definitely be a crutch when feeling tired and stressed. Quite frankly I'm amazed I scraped one stat point. I did make my D12+D3 table though, and I like it. Not sure when I'll actually use it at this rate though! The face Score: 17/35 = 48.6% = no stat increase I stopped doing this in the last couple of weeks of the challenge, and that's definitely stress and tiredness. Overall not the highest scoring challenge in the world, but I did some things. Week zero, where I've had a lot less to focus on and less demands on my time outside of work, has been really helpful, so I think I'll be running a stripped-back challenge for the next cycle. The brevity thing kind of worked too, until even logging on to the forums felt like too much mental load that is. I'll try to remember that I can keep my updates concise next time.
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