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1. Be cool, kind, and courteous.
Celebrate together, support each other, and above all, be kind!
We follow the Rules of the Rebellion pretty strictly around here. Get to know them.
2. No Hate Speech, Bullying, or Name Calling.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and respectful debate is encouraged, but we don't put up with any sort of name calling or (virtual) fist fights here. If you're getting angry at a post, walk away. If it breaks our rules, report it.
3. No Trolling / Flame Wars / Needless Thread Bumping / Spoilers
Nerd Fitness has a strict no-troll (unless it is your character's race/ethnicity) and no flaming policy.
For thread bumping, New accounts that post in very old, inactive threads with generic information look suspiciously like spammers trying to create post counts so they can spread spam later. This will likely result in a warning from the mods and close attention being paid to your account.
While you can talk about your favorite TV shows, games, movies, etc - we ask that you mark a post clearly if it contains spoilers, or use the Spoiler tag. To use this, just highlight the content, and click on the eye icon in the editor. This will create a new box inside of the text box, and anything in that box will be hidden behind a spoiler tag. 
4. No Promotions or Spam
This isn’t a place to promote your (or a friend's) website, product, fundraising effort, or solicitation. Anything that looks like promotion will be removed. This includes unofficial NF related gear or merch.
5. Be Nice to your Admins / Mods / Guild Leaders
We call our moderators "Guild Leaders" here. They volunteer countless hours to make this place awesome, and deserve nothing but the utmost respect. If they close a thread or ask you not to do something, they're just doing their job, so please be nice. If you have a problem with something a Guild Leader has done, don't argue with them - reach out to your Admins. 
6. These Forums are Public, but Please Respect Everyone's Privacy
Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private.  If you're sharing a resource because you think it's awesome, or a post by a rebel that inspires you - great - but if you share a post from these forums in any way that breaks any of our rules here, you will not be allowed back. 
A quick note: We do our best here to make this a place where everyone feels safe to post about any sort of struggle they are going through at any time - and want this to be a safe haven for all. 
That being said, these forums are public, show up in search results on search engines, and everything that you post on the internet can likely be found by someone if they are looking for it, especially if you use your real name (or a variation of it) as your display name. Accounts and content that you post can never be fully deleted, and even if it could, someone could screenshot it - so think before you post!
7. This is an 18+ Community, but we don't allow NSFW (not safe for work) content or illegal content.
You must be at least 18 to post here.
That being said, we don't allow pornography, NSFW (not safe for work), or illegal content here (this includes torrents or links to illegal content). 
Try to keep it honest but appropriate. If you decide to post progress photos, please do not post naked pictures of yourself (or anyone else).
8. See a Questionable Post? Report it!
See a questionable post? Report it!
If you have a question or concern about the appropriateness of a post or piece of content, please hit the “report” button by clicking on the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the post, and selecting "Report"
9. Reach Out!
Need help? Reach out to our Guild Leaders or Admins.
If you need help with something that requires urgent attention, or support for any Nerd Fitness product, please email contact@nerdfitness.com
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