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    • I don't think you have to wear tight stuff, per se.  You want "fit and flair" things that accentuate your waist and give that desirable hourglass illusion.   The RP people suggest not dieting more than 6 months out of the year because the stress can be a lot.  Maybe it would help, both mentally and physically if you worked on finding normal for a while? 
    • It's fun. I broke down and told Mom today because she was so frustrated I said "Okay, we have something to look forward to!" and she was like "This is so cool!!" Dad will still be surprised. I thought about telling him, but he's having a bad mental health day around food, so I'm not telling him because that's just poking the bear. He'll find out Tuesday.    
    • Its not like you just need one kind of sock. There are athletic socks, compression socks, dressy socks, warm socks, no show socks… oh and work out clothes are seasonal. Fer sure.  Ooooooh what kind of printer?   i am here for enabling the buying for one’s daughter. Buying presents is the whole reason i like saving lol
    • It's a good week for Amazon apparently -- I finally broke down and bought a printer (which also means paper and replacement toner) and also it's that time of year when I buy my daughter some October - December preholiday tradition stuff, and I went a little heavy handed with all the new options that I found for this.    Also, stress buying is real and here I am to admit that I did it and I'm in no way returning anything. I did it on purpose and I'm 100% okay with it.
    • May be getting hired for a part-time job at Zales 😌
    • Hello   I'm interested in starting yoga. I am coming from a very low bar of fitness currently - I am quite "functionally" strong, but I am quite overweight and struggle to move comfortably when I get up.   I am changing my diet and looking to do more exercise, but I want to do something to improve my flexibility. Apart from yoga videos my mum watched when I was a kid, I have no experience of it.   I'm thinking I would like to learn yoga, and my feeling is I'd benefit from a teacher. I am not confident about doing a youtube video - I don't want to learn bad technique or hurt myself.   What's the best way for me to get a teacher? Best case scenario, I'd have someone nice to visit and a supportive environment. Worst case, I'll be a fat, lumbering flatulent heap and make all the women in the class uncomfortable.   I don't have tons of money, but I'd pay - I see it as an investment.   Is there anything online I could try with a teacher, or am I better looking for a class, or even 1-1? How do I even look for such a thing? And what am I looking for?   Many thanks,   Confused cd667.😃
    • 6 days just stepping on and off, 1 small sesh where I did some back pullovers, and tried to get the feel for ballouts.
    • This sounds suspiciously like something I'd do. In fact, I noticed, while putting away my laundry yesterday, I'm in need of more socks. And workout clothes.
    • I think you have more chance than you think. That's coming from experience. Regardless of chances, I'll be sending out a little note to the universe to be kind with your future regardless of which direction it should go- be it this job or another you haven't yet discovered.
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