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      New to the Rebellion, or did something go wrong and you're Respawning? Welcome, soldier! Post your story here, your battle plans, and what you plan on bringing to the table.


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      Talk about whatever the hell you want here. Well, almost anything :)


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      *NOTE: Daily Battle Logs and challenges are completely independent of each other - you can have one or both.

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    1. Rebellion Meet Ups

      Looking for Rebellion members in your area, or want to set up a Virtual Meet-up? Interested in doing an event (race, meet, etc) in your area and want to see if other Rebels want to join? Post here!


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      We've all gotta eat, right? :)

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    • Me too 😆. But i found another bodhran player here, so anything is possible!   Spindles are always my go to. (I have way too many).  for some of the more complex art yarns you do need a wheel though. So i must get mine out (it needs a little tlc right now).  getting back into spinning is on my to do list for this year. Used to spin nearly daily, then got blocked with it several years ago and havent managed to get back. This is the year though, I've decided. (Seriously i have a spinning project within arms length right now).      Its hard to tell when its top. Great colours though
    • Ooo, good to have a review of this! Were the mechanics much different to Wingspan? Also, if you're after a super cute and fun dragon game, I'd recommend Flamecraft ❤️
    • 1779 is what we have on our Road to Mordor sheet as well! 3404 if you go There and Back Again. 😁  
    • This is so hard. If you discover the key; please share!
    • Cool. I knew what you meant for movie night. 🙂 I was looking for exercise inspo. Yoga with Adriene has been recommended by almost everyone I know.
    • This sounds anazing! Homeschooling is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child. I believe it gives a child the most room to learn & grow. Those who say, "But socialization..." clearly have not researched homeschooling at all.
    • Critical failure rolls make for the best story  We laugh a lot on the nights that all we seem to do is roll 1s and coming up with ways to make things go terribly for our characters. 
    • Picked up a kettlebell & am going to switch doing kettlebell ladders to improve cardiovascular health which hopefully will improve my running. So still 5k training...but different than originally planned.
    • Day 8 report (Wednesday)   Warrior's barracks:  Rest day   Veggie plan: 👍   Athenaeum: Craft night with my friends!❤   Monk's Temple: Bible:  Bible study night, woohoo!
    • I really need to pull out my tarot cards again. It's been forever.   @Heidi mentioned on the thread a few days ago about Doing it All and hiring housekeeping staff if you can. I just wanted to mention that we have a weekly housecleaner. I'm not an enthusiastic housekeeper at the best of times, and when I went back to FT work I knew that I had no chance. It costs about as much as it would to order take away 1-2 times a week. I enjoy cooking, I don't like cleaning, and it's a lot cheaper than therapy or marriage counselling  It means we can spend the weekend gardening and crafting and playing games with family and friends rather than trying to speed clean the house. All things considered, it's a great trade off. I wanted to bring that up, because I find a lot of kind of "normal," middle class people either don't think they're "allowed" to have a cleaner, or that they don't want to admit they have a cleaner if they do. You absolutely are if it will improve your quality of life.
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