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  1. Shello

    Shello's Nearly 6 Week No Frills Challenge

    I may or may not have set some aside to make sure I had my own stash.. Very true. Sadly, or not, I ran out of decent Halloween sweets. I started pilfering Qbert's stash but I was only grabbing the things with Peanut butter. If I continued he surely would have noticed. I am still alive. Busy, but alive. and not really fitnessing much. Despite being busy I have managed to use the Ranger mini to take a good look at how I am spending my time. I have made some improvements. Thanks all, for checking in. Perhaps I'll get around to posting an update soon... It better be soon or I will forget everything. Although, fitness-wise there is not much to report.
  2. I'm shooting for a trifecta of pseudo-successful challenges. By successful I don't necessarily mean that I stuck to all my goals but rather I've been successful in turning the corner on getting back to healthy habits overall. For those who are new, this year started off at a low point and just got lower for what felt like a long while. It was particularly devastating to my goals coming off of a less than successful year in 2017. The timing is impeccable though, since this challenge ends right before the holidays. I have no intentions of losing any weigh over the holidays; I will be right happy if I maintain, especially given the quantity of cookies and other baked goods I intend to eat for the holidays. I'm extending this challenge into this zero week and a bit into the proceeding zero week, ending the day before Thanksgiving, giving my 5 -1/2 weeks of challenging to make as much progress as I can muster pre-holiday season. I'm keeping my goals simple and focused again on just food and fitness. I'm sticking to a points based challenge, including bonuses, for maximum motivation. The streak was not my friend last challenge so I'm making a few tweaks to avoid that in the event of another fit of plague or otherwise goal busting life event. Rather than aiming for a streak and awarding chain bonus points, I'm simply removing the streak and just awarding points for hitting certain milestones. I'm also simplifying the points (or I'm making it more complicated). I really only cared about getting the highest points for each day so I'm essentiall removing the tiers. I get a full point for meeting the goal, a half point for doing some basic minimum. I am including 1/2 point bonuses for going above and beyond. And now for some random gifs since this challenge has no theme...... Food Goal I'm not making many changes to this goal. Last challenge I reduced my MFP calorie goal to 1800 with the intention of staying below it and only approaching it occasionally. I approached it a bit more than I am comfortable, especially near the end of the challenge, but I also like the freedom of having the extra wiggle room. I mean, I'd prefer a little extra wiggle room in my clothes but we're going for balance and sustainability. I primarily stick to IF but I am flexible. If I am truly hungry, I will listen to what my body says and eat earlier than my normal window. However, I'd like to increase my fasting window by an hour. I currently fast about 13 hours. 1 point for staying under target 1/2 point for at least having a deficit of 750 according to Fitbit +1/2 bonus point for eating at least 5 servings of freggies in a day Bonus Points - awarded after hitting successful number of day milestones. There are 38 days in the challenge, having 35 successful days, or 35 points, is considered a 'perfect' score. 3 days = +3 7 days = +5 10 days = +10 (plus additional +1/2 bonus point saver to be used at any time) 15 days = +20 21 days = +50 (plus additional +1/2 bonus point saver to be used at any time) 27 days = +500 35 days = +1,000,000 Fitness Goal Last challenge I tried to raise the bar and I fell right under it. I'd rather be doing something consistently than doing more inconsistently. So it's back to an anything goes mentality for fitness. I'd still like to avoid only doing the bare minimum so the points will help incentivize something slightly above bare minimum. A bare minimum workout (BMW) is hard to define but I know when I've done it. Simply walking around the block is a BMW, walking the entire neighborhood is not. Rucking around the block is not. Walking, rucking, shovelgloving, BW, lifting, ellipticalling all count as workouts but as I am still aimless on the gym front I have no clear lifting goals. Expect to see more cardio than anything else. 1 point for anything above a BMW 1/2 for a BMW +1/2 bonus point for hitting at least 10,000 steps Bonus Points - awarded after hitting successful number of day milestones. My goal is about 5 workouts a week. Given a 5-1/2 week challenge, 27 workout days, or 27 points, is considered a 'perfect' score. 3 days = +3 7 days = +5 10 days = +10 (plus additional +1/2 bonus point saver to be used at any time) 15 days = +20 20 days = +50 (plus additional +1/2 bonus point saver to be used at any time) 24 days = +500 27 days = +1,000,000