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  1. Welcome home, Snarky! It's time for that much needed post vacation rest!
  2. Tuesday Update I was quite hungry most of the day. I managed to fast 14 and a half hours. Meals at work were the usual but earlier than usual. Then I had some cheese and crackers around my usual lunch time. That mostly hit the spot and I had planned to have more leftover pizza for dinner so I stayed away from snacking the rest of the afternoon. I didn't want to eat until I had gone for a walk, not only because I'm not likely to get the walk in but I also needed the exercise calories for the pizza. I chatted with Peach for a bit first before she went off to dance. Then I took the do
  3. And another project bites the dust. It's not 100% complete. The art work isn't on the wall and the TV situation won't get resolved until DDG moves in. But here are before and after pics... Before: After: You can see the artwork around the room. It all needs to get hung somewhere or another. There's an extra TV stored in here too for later.
  4. Three quarters through the year! Where has the time gone! I feel like this last quarter has been a bust but I tend to see things more clearly AFTER I've summed up each goal. So maybe let's just wait and see... Quarter 3 really was a bust for this goal. I paced about 6 pounds behind schedule all year but still managing to lose 10 pounds. But this quarter I ended up gaining instead. There was vacation and a lot of other traveling and I haven't recovered. I'm hovering right at or below 250 which is always such a tough barrier to break. It's so stubborn. But I'll get it. I
  5. Monday Update Not much of consequence to note. I fasted 16 hours. It was easier since I had eaten early the night before and it had been a heavy meal. Meals were the usual during work with no significant snacking, or any at all. I don't even think I had any dark chocolate. I did snack reasonable on some Pocorner chips when I got home from work. Dinner was leftover breaded Caesar chicken with some roasted potatoes and air fried brussell sprouts. It was ridiculously good. I was under calorie target by 140. I did finish up the painting. I didn't have as much to do but I did count i
  6. Weekend Update I had an enjoyable weekend but I'm not really putting any effort into my goals. I'm ready for the next challenge but the goals aren't really going to be drastically different. I'm not making any headway either so maybe they need to be drastically different. Maybe I'm just eating pizza too often. DDG was is going to be busy most of this week as his youngest is home for fall break. Since I had some free time this weekend I decided to make some painting happen. I spent the evening prepping the game room. I got everything off the walls and spackled all the holes;
  7. Welcome back from vacation. Wouldn't it be nice if it could always be longer? I try not to keep these in the house but I recently found apple cider donut flavored Oreo's. They are very addictive.
  8. Those 2 are my favorites and I'm torn between them. The pond one is DDG's favorite but I think only because he likes the background color better and it wouldn't be as dark as these other two.
  9. Thursday Update I was a very strange day. I had to start the day working from home because Peach had a dentist appointment at the same time as I had a meeting and we are basically sharing a car. I still had to go into the office once she was back because my boss is s stickler for being in person. I decided to grab McDonald's on the way because I wanted to. I broke fast early for it. I wasn't hungry for lunch at the usual time because of it. I was starting to get hungry by 1pm but I had to do a yearly appraisal for an employee (not a great one). I figured I eat after that. It was b
  10. Well boy howdy did I fall behind. I'm still here but I haven't really bothered to make any updates. I've had trouble getting back to my fitness routine since the days off for a migraine. I had to mow the yard on Sunday and got moving again. I made a schedule for the week and then promptly disregarded the entire thing and haven't done anything since. Fasting continues to go well. I am averaging 15 hours of fasting and that even includes today when I chucked that out the window too and grabbed McDonald's for breakfast after 12 and a half hours of fasting. I have also struggled a bit wi
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