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  1. This sounds very healthy. I didn't really have any experiences with death until I was mid to early teens. The first wasn't too traumatic for me (we weren't close) but I could pick up on the trauma for others. My grandfather, whom I was very close to, was my next experience. I still feel the trauma now and have lots of unresolved grief. In my experiences as an adult I've come to understand death as A Part of Life and completely normal. It's still not easy but less traumatic I suppose. I hope Little Bit is able to take something away from this that helps her in life. And I'm very sorry about MIL and family. There is no easy way through it.
  2. I totally remember these but I was very confused at first since I read this as a cootER catcher instead which would be something else entirely! 🤣 Oh man! I drew these so much, pyramids of them all the time.
  3. Thursday - All 6/6 goals met. Calories from sweets - 180 Who knew week zero would be going so well? A perfect score so far and between that and having some vacation bloat to conquer I'm already down 3 pounds since Monday. It's motivating but I also know that motivation doesn't last forever. For now I'm just going to bask in it. 2 pieces of chocolate after lunch and then DDG and I cut half of a king sized white chocolate Snickers into half again and shared it. They are not as good as I was expecting. At least that's one new sweet that won't tempt me at the store. Everything else was as expected; I had to sub the afternoon banana snack for yogurt and popcorn since we only had 1 banana left for the week. I saved it for today. I was scheduled to do an arm workout but DDG and I got distracted after work and I ended up subbing in some 'hot yoga'. Totally counting that as my workout of the day. I did get some tidying done and cleaned up the kitchen counter and some mail before making dinner.
  4. Too funny. That Linda. Can you feel her by switching to preportion baked chips, or grapes, or some other snack? I often find that craving chips just means I'm missing some texture that my healthy lunch or snack isn't providing. Finding something healthy with a little crunch (I mean there are carrots and other veggies but it has to be kinda fun rught?). You did great though! You have some great habits to celebrate and you did make progress! Here's to the next time around.
  5. Nice! Do you have curly hair? How many days can you get out of it? That's HUGE! I find pizza a very difficult beast to pawn off. The threshold for stopping isn't just being satisfied but how many more can I eat before I feel like dying. Kudos!
  6. I love covers like that one that are unexpected and turned into something so different than the original but just as, if not more, powerful.
  7. MMmm. Easter candy. I did almost pick up some robin eggs. But I resisted. For now.
  8. Wednesday - All goals met again 6/6, calories from sweets 180. It's a little tough still to only eat pieces of chocolate after lunch. But what I'm relearning is that not only am I a grown up and can eat candy whenever I want, I am a grown up and can also decide to NOT eat candy whenever I want. I am not a slave to the candy. This is a hard lesson that often needs repeating. DDG spent the work day at his mom's place covering a day shift. We got home at the same time. That was lucky because I had virtual parent teacher conferences with Peach's teachers and I had completely forgotten until DDG reminded me 5 minutes ahead of the first one. Once those were out of the way I cleaned out the kitty litter and then did a 2 minute fitness snack (1 minute hamstring and glute stretches and 1 minute of squats) and then showered. This is a pretty helpful task bundle to get those pesky goals taken care of. We spent the evening on the couch watching Sons of Anarchy; the last season is a chore to get through. I was tired early. I may be coming down with something. I was feeling a little cough and scratchy throat before my trip but it went away. It came back as soon as I got back to the chilly weather here. I figured maybe just allergies but I'm starting to feel pretty run down too. I've been home long enough to be rested but I don't feel like I am.
  9. I have to try to avoid the candy aisles. Luckily I don't usually shop in person and pick it up curbside. This saves on all those impulse candy buys.
  10. Mystery Green stir fry. Sounds just like something out of Dr Seuss.
  11. Mornings are rough and excuses seem bigger in the morning. How long do your workouts take? Can you feed the dog an send her outside while you workout or is that too long for her be out? I have no solutions for the 3 year old. I just didn't workout when my kids were that age so you're already way ahead of me.
  12. Thanks! I am too. It's exhausting what he's doing and skipping meals won't help.
  13. I always struggle with snacking more when I'm tired. My body is trying to get energy from anywhere. I hope you are able to catch up soon.
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