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  1. Both of these thoughts went through my head simultaneously as I read of your bed socks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    I'd say I reference simply corn flakes because I would default to Crunchy Nut cereal in the first place so it goes without saying. Kind of like how I might not bother with just any guy and I when I say I did something with the guy you should just assume I mean Jason Momoa. [emoji13] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Snarkyfishguts: A Battle Log

    Stupid knees! I like your plan and those dance kicks sounds like fun...but I bet they are not.
  4. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    "top-half modesty" I'm pretty sure that would not only scare the exchange student but would probably result in a report of some kind.
  5. Shello

    Cheetah is looking forward to a little slack time.

    If you haven't seen American Psycho I highly recommend it.
  6. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    So are you proposing that I could sit and eat corn flakes in my knickers even with the exchange student around? Also, I thought knickers and underwear were the same thing?
  7. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    Week 1 Day 4 - Thursday So it's almost 4:30 and I'm finally getting around to posting. I'm about to leave work and I have basically gotten jack shit done all day. Friday is normally the day I get the most accomplished since I have the fewest number of meetings. I haven't touched my todo list yet. The evening isn't looking much better since Qbert left his phone on the bus so I had to locate that and then add the errand to pick it up to my list for the evening. However, my list for the evening also involves picking up some Domino's since apparently yesterday was national pepperoni day and they have a sale. For Thursday, food could have been better but it was under target. I brought in a loaf of the lemon zucchini bread. It was bomb. I had a slice for breakfast, my usual for lunch, and then snagged another slice of bread for something sweet after lunch. We had a retirement party and I also had a piece of cake. I consulted MFP first and she seemed to think I could make it work, and I did. Dinner was the leftover vegetable pasta but with some cheese on top and thrown under the broiler. I also attempted some zucchini latkes with the remaining shredded zucchini but I don't think I had the texture right. They crisped up a bit on the sides but they were a bit soggy and flimsy. The exchange student liked them well enough or at least pretended to. I resisted eating more bread at home and avoided ice cream. I did manage to lose 2.8 at my weigh in this week so I guess it all worked. Sometimes I can't help but think what the weigh in would have been had I not had cake or ice cream but where's the fun in that life? I worked late yesterday and got home about the same time as Qbert. I took Dottie with me to drop him off so she could be out of her kennel but also not leave her with the exchange student. After dinner I finally felt like I had some free time. And then you know what happened? I FELT GUILTY FOR NOT DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!! There is so much that could get done. But I played some fetch with the dog. It was pouring so taking her for a walk was out. And then instead of sitting and doing nothing I got the guitar out and checked out some youtube videos. I didn't get very far but it was something. I was planning on just going up to bed early and watching some Netflix but I got caught up in some issues with the exchange student that needed coordinating with 4 other people and some translators so that took some time to get sorted. So I still showered late and got to bed by 12:30. Food - 50% clean but under target: +3 pts 3 point streak: 11 days Fitness - Athena's Playbook workout 10 done - upper body, 5500 steps: +3 pts 3 point streak: 11 days Total Points: 102
  8. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    I have no clue really. Everything would be easier if I didn't have to get a workout in or worry about cooking a decent meal but I'm not prepared to give that up. The exchange student is more work than I expected but mostly because of her activities. Shuttling around 3 teens is no joke. The puppy takes a lot of time but I'm committed to that and I know it won't be like this forever. The rewards for putting the time in make up for it. I can't give up teaching; as a matter of fact financially speaking I could really use another source of income but where would I find time for that?! So that leaves giving up sleep and cleaning the house. I can't even eat cornflakes in my underwear because it might scare off the exchange student. I think Deftona is on to something by eating corn flakes in your uderwear. I'm sure that's the key.
  9. After a week of fancy panties, if you haven't done enough laundry, then you have to resort to the comfy panties (or vice versa depending on your current priorities). That's your incentive for keeping up on laundry.
  10. Shello

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    Congrats on a most excellent day!
  11. Shello

    Doodlies Battle for Doodlie Island

    Unless waffles object I suggest the following. ... record your stuffs and we can still use it for our attack since we haven't done that yet. But regardless of the numbers, waffles still have the advantage and will get their play posted first.
  12. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    Week 1 Day 3 - Wednesday Finally finding enough time to post an update. Yesterday's food was uder target but not that great as far as quality and I experienced a lot of guilt despite knowing I shouldn't. There was a food day. I don't normally participate but I had some zucchini bread I've been wanting to try and I don't want to be stuck with the whole batch. In retribution for not telling me, I ate 3 pigs in a blanket. I had also planned on getting an unhealthy lunch in the cafeteria - it's chicken fritter bites and curly fry day - but then felt guilty about doing that and the pigs in a blanket. I consulted MFP and it seemed to work so I went ahead and grabbed lunch from the cafeteria and enjoyed it. It was certainly filling and I didn't need any additional snacks. I had planned on making a cheesy chicken and broccoli rice dish but I discovered there was another food day thursday so I was determined to bake the zucchini bread. I just simply don't have time to do everything so instead I put the chicken in the freezer for a later time and put together a veggie pasta dish with some leftover veggies I had around. I sauted some onion and orange pepper. Once they mellowed out a bit I added some diced zucchini followed shortly by some frshly diced tomatoes and some garlic. The consistency wasn't what I wanted so I added a small jar of tomato sauce and some red wine. After letting it simmer some, I added some beef bone broth and some rotini. Then topped with some parmesan cheese. It was quick and easy and delicious. Exchange student helped me cook and she seemed to enjoy that. We also baked the lemon zucchini bread. It turned out fabulously. Having a light dinner helped alleviate some of the guilt but according to MFP, I didn't need to bother really. I did indulge in 2 (small) slices of the bread and I had plenty of room on MFP. That didn't leave me with much time to spend with Dottie. We played some fetch and spent a few minutes training a few commands. I had trouble getting my workout in as it was mostly floor bw stuff and she kept thinking I was there to play. By the time I was done and the bread had cooled off enough to taste, she was sleeping next to me on the couch. I stayed up a little late so I didn't have to put her in her crate yet. But then I was up super late...and slept in again in the morning. I really need a break. I keep putting myself into situations where I am just over committed and I don't have enough time for everything, not to mention time to relax. It's not even really that I can't just say 'no'; I'm doing things I want to do... I'm just doing too much at once... I don't want to turn down any opportunities for new experiences but my mental health is taking a hit. It's time to pull it back a bit but I have no idea where to start. One benefit, though, is that I am feeling the need to purge some material items in an effort to declutter my life. I just need the time to channel that energy to actually declutter some stuff around me to make the house feel more zen. Food - 20% clean but under target: +3 pts 3 point streak: 10 days ----------- CHAIN BONUS +10 Fitness - Athena's Playbook workout 8 done - lower body, 7500 steps: +3 pts 3 point streak: 10 days ----------- CHAIN BONUS +10 Total Points: 96
  13. Shello

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    All the neighbors I trust pretty much the same schedule as I do. Luckily, I can go home for lunch at least half the time. I can always go back to that if she is having trouble going that long. I look forward to the age when she can be out of the kennel more.. You and me: Did you try this on purpose?