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  1. I hope you have the perfect sleep and everything rocks tomorrow! Love you!
  2. Good job being in tune with what you need. You are an inspiration! ❤️
  3. Sorry to hear today isn’t the greatest day. I hope your rest is restorative and you have the right amount of mental stimulation to facilitate that. ❤️
  4. I don’t think I’d want to up my weight on the presses just yet, but the 15s are manageable right now as long as I am mindful about how I am moving them. I don’t think I ever did a barbell over my head except for maybe a military press back in the day? I remember hating that one, but I can’t remember why… It would be neat. I am trying to establish the home lifting. I always do better at home things when he is not here. I don’t know why that is. Something about not wanting to be observed while I flail around trying to get better? Lol Yay bonus!! That might be a good idea, thanks! I haven’t played Stardew in a while, maybe buying pixel plants might scratch the itch. Didn’t have too many steps yesterday, but I did cook so win! Totally okay, Dearheart. I know you are busy and I support you doing all the things. ❤️ I love that you have sacred pennies. That is amazing. ❤️ Canada hasn’t had two dollar bills since I was in middle school I think? They seem so odd to me now. But I am glad you have some to gift! Thanks, Maerad. ❤️ Hi Friends! Lifting done (two circuits) and journalling done. I was pretty resistant to lifting this morning. I even checked my book to see if it was a press day or a circuit day, hoping for a press day because it was less work. I wasn’t sore or anything, just unmotivated. When I saw that it was a circuit day I griped a little but went and got started. I did the biceps and chest raises and was going to nope out, but then got a text. So I paused and had a quick conversation, then went to the bathroom. Then I decided to finish the circuit. It felt good, so I did my two minute wait and then did another one. That also felt pretty good, but I decided I was done after that. So not three circuits, but two more than I was really motivated to do in the beginning, so win? The journalling was about how lifting is as much, if not more, a mental game than a physical one for me. It really helped me to reframe this morning’s lifts as things I can do because I have lifted longer and harder in the past, so I know my body is capable. Reaffirming that made it easier to tell my brain to step off and just shut up and lift. There was no discomfort in the shoulder today, so all is well there. I was also pondering whether or not reframing the physical fitness side of things as a privilege rather than a chore might be beneficial; I have the usual “exercise, ugh” mental tapes that I have inherited from media in my head, despite knowing that I love lifting in an ambient way (I might not love it in the moment). But today I was thinking about how I have everything I need (equipment, time, willpower, physical ability) to undertake this journey and that isn’t something everyone has. I would wager it’s not even a combination most people have for various reasons. Therefore it seems even sillier to not be putting the pieces together and taking advantage of the situation. I am not sure if this reframing if helpful or guilt inducing, but we will find out! Something Syatt said in the podcast is that men tend to think they can do more than they actually can and women tend to underestimate what they are capable of. I think that is partly why I fell in love with lifting: I had no idea that I was capable of doing anything that strenuous until Dave got me to try because nothing pushed me out of a very narrow, bookworm comfort zone. Finding out that I could move things gave me so much confidence and self-awareness and it was awesome. That attitude of exploration and discovery is important to me. I wonder if I need a map of some kind to gamify and track this? I am picturing a level map from Mario 3, something like that… Might be a fun addition to the whole idea. I also like the maps from Heroes of Might and Magic 3 where it’s all stars until you start walking around revealing the map, but that is harder to make happen on paper, especially because I would already know what is under it… anyway, that isn’t necessarily relevant right now. I did manage to cook a quick supper last night of tortellini with kale and sauce from my subscription box. It was pretty decent although not super high in protein. Not a huge problem, but next time I’d add some chicken or something, especially if I were serving it to Dave. He can eat a huge portion but it doesn’t count if there isn’t meat in it. Lol I hope that you have an excellent day today. May the tags on your clothes not bother you at all. Thanks for being here. ❤️
  5. Your existence is absolutely magical and powerful! I am so glad to know you. ❤️
  6. Ooh, shiny pen! I just bought my first TWSBI too, after being a big LAMY Safari human for a while. But the Lamy’s take proprietary cartridges and they don’t have a permanent ink one for drawing so I needed to try something new. I am really loving this TWSBI though! Happy writing and drawing!
  7. Harriet that cut is super flattering. I love it so much. Thank you for sharing a picture! You have so much volume, I am a tiny bit envious (my hair is very straight and fine. I have a lot of it, it’s just straight and fine. Lol)! I think the week in between gym visits is a good metric to see if you can build that consistency with the crashes. At the very least you will get the walk there and back and that will be a tiny bit of exercise even if the lifts don’t happen. All the wins are wins.
  8. My hair was waist length when I left my ex husband. When I finally got up the guts to cut it off I went to my shoulders. It was such a huge change that I grappled with whether or not I liked it for about a month before going even shorter. It’s been super short (even mostly shaved) ever since. The liberation of a new hairstyle is not to be underestimated. I am happy that your newly dried pony is promising. Woot woot!
  9. I love love love the colour composition of this one, Harriet.
  10. That went super well then! I am so glad that you got a colour strand experiment right away so your brain can assess it under all the different lights. That is excellent. I am excited he could fit you in for the cut so quickly so things can be adjusted with the minimum of waiting and anxious anticipation. Hopefully this all works out the way you want it to after all! ❤️
  11. Hi Sal! Thank you so much! It’s so interesting to see myself reflected back by you. I appreciate your comments so much. Love you too! ❤️ I am such a homebody that making myself go out sometimes requires a huge effort. I had to pay attention to that this weekend though because my mood was tipping towards sad/precarious and I need to avoid that, especially when Dave is gone because it takes way too long to get myself sorted out if I get off kilter when I am alone. So forced low-impact social is the way to go, just to remind myself that things outside of my head exist and life is moving on even if I feel stuck. I wish I had more charity shops around to check out, they would be a fun diversion! You sound like you live in a great little neighbourhood. Thanks, Maerad. ❤️ Thanks, athousandwords! Morning, Friends! Lifting done (10 deadlift to presses) and journalling done. The presses were notable because I felt some sensation/discomfort in my right shoulder which was the side I had less control over my final two reps on yesterday. It wasn’t bad or painful, just something to be aware of and a good reminder to go slow rather than fast when I am getting tired so I don’t wreck myself. I have all the time I need to do this completely and safely, there is no need to rush. Journalling was short today, just some happy notes about feeling satisfied with where things are and where I feel I want to go. I am a little bummed out that I need to wait for Dave to get back from Latvia (he hasn’t even left Alaska yet) before I can drag him to the gym and reunite with the barbell. But I can be doing things here to get me ready for that. I did not eat well yesterday. Lots of bread and high protein dairy. I was just feeling lazy and unwilling to invest in myself that way yesterday. This is definitely an indication that I need to watch my mood though, as this is day three or four where I haven’t wanted to cook beyond toasting carbs and eating things straight out of the fridge. I wrote down “cook dinner” in my Bujo’s to-do list this morning so hopefully I actually action that tonight after work. I might post a picture here as an accountability thing. I am being a bit of a magpie with wanting to buy things despite my soft no-spend. I haven’t spent any money yet, but I looked up how much a barbell set up would be for at home (we don’t have that kind of cash right now but *grabby hands*) and oogled some washi at Wonderpens. I am happy that I am not ordering things (I even put a little bit of money a friend gave me for a book against the debt rather than saving it for spending later which is true adulting) but I am noticing the itch. I played Wyrmspan with Nicole and Bryon for Family Day yesterday and it was a good time. Solid game although I am not as huge a fan of the aesthetics of this version vs Wingspan. It’s whimsical for sure, but looks a little less polished to me. I am positive that is a design choice that was very deliberately made, but it’s a miss for me. I do like the mechanics though and will certainly play again. Nicole made me a waffle which I had smothered in whipped cream and maple syrup, which was an incredible luxury. Dave doesn’t like waffles so I don’t get them that often and maple syrup is delicious and I don’t eat it as much as I could. Probably wise in terms of sugar intake, but still, delicious. Back to work today, working through Saturday this week. Should be alright. I hope that you find a lucky coin somewhere random today. Thanks for being here. ❤️
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