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  1. Yes! That's it exactly. And your faith was well justified: I had no real problems staying out of the cookie jar today. I even had a late evening "snack" of chicken and broccoli instead of some carby/fatty dessert surrogate. I am still 100% compliant on my MAPs. Today was a lot of box step-ups (and some weighted throws...I used bocce balls and it was kind of therapeutic). Writing...I am a bit behind. Nothing I couldn't catch up in a WriMo day's worth, but I need to have a good session tomorrow or the build up will start to feel unmanageable. Still figuring out how I want the next scene to go. MAP: Sweets: Writing: 1,585/10,000
  2. Some general thoughts: Everybody is getting sick! Glad you are feeling better Totally sounds like a workout
  3. They seem to help with moderating stress, too, particularly hanging exercises. Maybe because of tense shoulders? I am relatively okay with it. The whole point of the every other day system was to be able to participate in holiday stuff while still "practicing" restraint in between. I would have been happier if I had planned for back-to-back ahead of time, but I am not going to get too bent out of shape, either. So far so good! I haven't been too tempted to eat sweets today, even though it is literally everywhere right now. We still have cake and gingerbread and sugar cookies and fudge. Evening time is my biggest temptation, but for now I am feeling pretty locked in. I made these sausage biscuit cups (but with half as much biscuit because they were too bready last time). Admittedly, they are not super foods, but they are fast and delicious and preportioned so I know I am where I need to be on calories, if not on macros. Paired with a protein coffee (I like mint chocolate this time of year), I am good to go for the morning.
  4. Seems to be a bit of that going around this time of year Glad I could be of service
  5. Week 1 Day 2 MAP: Sweets: Writing: 1,585/10,000 I got in a solid workout on Sunday and walked a bit today. I also played around a bit with movement "snacks" which I might make a goal in the new year. So, sweets fail today. Yesterday was the permitted day, although I had toyed with skipping yesterday because I knew we would have cake for my son's official birthday today. But then, my family decided to have my dad's birthday party on Sunday (even though it was actually Friday). So, I allowed myself the scheduled sweet day thinking there would also be cake at his dinner and that it would be easier to pass up at home than at a bigger party with my family. Except that we went out to dinner instead and skipped dessert. But I had already had a pancake with breakfast so the day was messed up either way. I did at least order a very healthy entrée (grilled chicken and parmesan broccoli) and took half of it home for a nice lunch today. So, I told myself I would have to skip sweets today because I ate them yesterday. Then I forgot and mindlessly licked my fingers when icing a gingerbread house, which isn't the biggest violation, but it triggered a slippery slope situation in which I eventually ate birthday cake and fudge. All that to say, I need to get back on track with sugar. At least I got breakfast prepped for the week.
  6. I am Everstorm, and I approve this message. Congratulations on all the wins this week, big and small. It's so nice to hear that you are finally feeling better!
  7. Googles Figuary Oh! It's like NaNoWriMo, but for figure drawing! marks calendar
  8. This was my story for both pregnancies. Couldn't get pregnant for 2 years, made an appointment to get checked out, got pregnant.
  9. Technically, we are only on day 2 of the challenge. Last week was just a warm-up. Therefore, you still have time to get organized and complete a solid challenge!
  10. I wish I could give you advice on this one, but I was terrible with controlling my diet in the first trimester Hugs for all the pregnancy success worries. It sounds like you are handling it well with the regular meditation.
  11. Legionella?!? Immune compromised or no, I hope you are able to dodge that bullet. I love all your artworks. How long have you been practicing?
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