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  1. ^^This. One of my favorite mud runs went virtual this year, and it made me so sad. How is running around my neighborhood for the 10 millionth time the same as the strange comraderie that develops when you help strangers wade through neck-deep-mud?
  2. Tuna could be a good option on occasion, but aren't we supposed to limit how often we eat it (like twice a week) due to mercury? Or is that only for pregnant women? I have thought of cottage cheese as a good option. I need to run to the store.... At my current rate of 2 shakes a day, I am not really craving more sweets than I am consuming, but I always ask myself with diet adjustments, "Is this sustainable? Can I do this for the rest of my life?" And I am afraid the protein shakes will just reinforce wanting sweets twice a day. Now, as I lose weight I should be able to drop one of the shakes, as both caloric and protein requirements will drop. I don't know. I guess time will tell how it all works out.
  3. All of those are sources of protein, but they aren't very efficient sources (calorically speaking). For 100 calories of chicken or protein powder, I can get 20-30g of protein. 100 Cal of nut butter is about 4g of protein. I choose to ignore whatever argument vegetarians make to say fish is not meat. It's the chicken of the sea.
  4. Ooh, I remember those. We called them supermans...(supermen?)
  5. I think I will need to look into these, as apparently I will be off weight-bearing exercise for a while. I might be able to do something like donkey kicks in a quadrupedal position, though... Thanks. I got pretty discouraged for a few days, but I seem to be bouncing back now. Lower body stuffs may just need to be put on hold for a bit, or dialed down to the tune of "hilly bike ride" instead of squats. Most upper body stuff can be done sitting or even reclining, so I can continue that training. I had several group projects due early this week, which is why school stress had built up to insane proportions the week before. Back to normal stress levels now So, this is definitely not my first rodeo with PF. I have a fair arsenal of helpful stretches to get the feet back in line, but it does take a while. *Suddenly remembers to grab foot roller to use while typing* In the meantime, as mentioned above, switching to bike rides instead of walks and looking for alternatives to keeping lower body strengthening moving forward while not distressing the feet any more. I am starting to come around to an interesting theory about the sweets issue. I mean, obviously mega-stress week was a big factor, but I am also starting to believe that I had created too great of a caloric deficit when I cut sweets and that it was my body's way of demanding a re-feed. So, I am toying with adding more protein (like A LOT more) into my diet to have a calorie balance that is more conducive to weight loss than donuts. The irony is, because of my slow metabolism, eating large quantities of meat makes me feel disgustingly full, so I am forced to rely on protein shakes, which are, of course, sweet. Now, most use artificial sweeteners so the calorie count stays moderate, but it still feels like stepping backwards. Actually, the whole thing about adding calories to lose weight feels like stepping backwards and it scares me a bit. I can't argue with the results so far, though. The past few days since I added the shakes, my energy (both physical and mental) seems much higher, and my weight seems to be going down. (You know, with the incontrovertible evidence of 3 days of eating like this). And I am actually hungry in the mornings, which never happened before. I will be carefully monitoring progress over the next 2 weeks and see how it goes. I don't know where this falls in my no sugar quest, since I didn't take artificial sweeteners into account. It certainly doesn't seem to help with curbing my sweet tooth, but if the end result is a healthier me, does it really matter? Pondering time.
  6. Just popping in to say that the past week has been 100% fail. Eating all the sweets, doing none of the workouts. School has me stressed out to the max and the dreaded plantar fasciitis issue has reappeared from my past, making me need to reconsider my workouts (again), which I have neither the time nor the mental capacity to do at present. I greatly appreciate everyone who has been popping in to check on me, and I will try to respond to everyone after this weekend crunch time is over.
  7. How is it going with reduced teas? Do you find you miss them or it's not such a big deal?
  8. Sounds delish! And glad to hear it was, since my husband at this minute is making roasted potatoes, zucchini, and squash to accompany a smoked tri-tip.
  9. Lifting happened today. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie also happened. What can I say?
  10. I am in my second year of graduate studies in Library and Information Science. I should receive my Master's degree next spring. My lower body warm-up consists of a short walk to get the blood flowing, some "stripper squats" (holding onto the post of the squat rack to get full depth squats at some fraction of my bodyweight), and some sort of rotating maneuvers in a full ass-to-grass squat position to loosen up the ankles. It does seem to make a difference, which may be why squats feel so much easier (and also discovering how wide I need to set my feet). I am sure I could do more, but I don't know what else exactly to do to prepare the knees.
  11. As a current library studies grad student, I approve of this thread.
  12. This ^^. I was put on an iron supplement after childbirth as a matter of course. It was issued with a stool softener. It was still horrible. I had to stop taking it. And yay for lifting!
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