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  1. Have you seen those videos where the husband challenges his wife with three totally random ingredients and she has to cook something with them? Pretty sure she's a wizard. Or maybe a chef. I couldn't do it. That's a hard question to get answered in my household, as well, even though our split is more 60/40. Sounds like you are more the exception that proves the rules, though.
  2. Ah, I just ran upon a reference to the haunted car and was questioning my memory 😆 Thanks for the tip
  3. That's just smart, no matter your life experience 😁 I might need a new pillow. For therapy 👀 What I am finding interesting is how much everyone is reporting the two approaches coming in pairs. I mean, opposites attract and everything, but funny to see it in action about how to stock the pantry. But I wonder if that has to do with who does the most cooking? Like do cooks just prefer having backup ingredients/meals?
  4. Ugh, I need to do this, too. My sister still has my spare key from when we went on vacation and my husband unwittingly locked me out of the house last week. We said we should get a spare to have one to lend out while not giving up our own keys, but we haven't done it yet 😬
  5. Wow so much tension in her body through those kata! I feel tired just watching her 😆
  6. It stinks that your manager is still being such a terrible manager while putting the blame on you for being bad at your job 🤦‍♀️
  7. My husband is like this, too! He needs the pantry to be full --even if it's things we don't eat -- for just in case. And tomatoes are definitely one of the things he never allows to go to zero (he's from an Italian family). No, I mean more along the lines of security tomatoes, that is food that is there mostly for the purpose of reducing anxiety and not necessarily for eating (although you could). A very famous example is that of the Korean orphans and the bedtime bread. After the Korean War, relief agencies came to the aid of the many war orphans. At one orphanage, they noticed that, although the orphans were clean and well fed, they had trouble sleeping. It turned out that the orphans couldn't sleep because they were so worried about whether they would eat tomorrow. The solution was to give each child some bread to take to bed. It wasn't for eating, per se; if they were hungry they could eat and still be given their bedtime bread. The idea was that if they woke in the night, they would see there was food in their hand for tomorrow. After a few weeks of this therapy, the kids were sleeping through the night. Now, I am not planning to bed down with a brioche or anything, but I am considering what I could do to relieve non-hunger-related food anxiety separately from hunger-anxiety, which may require another approach.
  8. Yeah, I don't see that mine has them at all. I just finished the book I needed to finish before I dove into book six, and laid claim to books seven and eight just now, so I should be moving right along over the next week or two.
  9. I found this handy visual reference for suggested reading order and realized that I have missed several books that look to be graphic novels. Have you read them? Am I missing anything? A good deal of my enjoyment of the series is the prose, which I assume is lacking in the graphic novels 🤔
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