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  1. The BBWW is a really solid recommendation - I actually did it twice a week during my last challenge and was trying to mix it up this time because I got a little bored. I may go back to doing it along with some different workouts. Still noodling around on it!
  2. CHALLENGE WRAP UP! This challenge ended how it began - with everyone in the house getting sick. 😷 Thankfully just a head cold, but it kept both kids home from daycare, and DH and I were exhausted. I took some much needed rest and let the exercise goal go by the wayside, but still kept up with diet. So while it wasn't really the best end to a challenge, at least I'm still here kicking. Here's the final spreadsheet, though it's one of more more incomprehensible ones. Suffice it to say I did pretty well for weeks 2-4, and definitely took a nosedive on week 5.
  3. Congrats on a great challenge and hitting your goal in weight! Looking forward to following next challenge!
  4. I think 80% is a really good success for a 5-week challenge. It's hard to run at 100% for over a month straight, even when you set achievable goals. Doing 80% - and sticking around - is so much better long-term than being bummed out by less than perfection and disappearing. Congrats on a successful boss battle of making through all 5 weeks, and looking forward to following your next challenge!
  5. Maybe give a look at My Body Gallery? You can search by height and weight and see non-edited, non-model pictures of women at that size. Should be easy enough to search for your height and goal weight. That said... I totally support rocking a healthy lifestyle and trying to get to a body composition that feels comfortable and makes your clothes fit well! A number on the scale can be misleading; how you feel is the most important thing. ❤️
  6. Welcome @ArcticEngineer! That's a great start! I find that habit stacking really helps me get started with a new goal. Figure out something you do every day without fail and add your new activity habit on to it. Maybe it's walking out to get the mail - and going for a 10 min walk while you already have your shoes on. Or maybe it's doing 5 wall-pushups while you're waiting for your coffee to brew. Whatever makes sense to you. I definitely agree - check out the 5 week challenges! They're the perfect bite-sized amount of time to make some positive cha
  7. Woohoo! You made it to Week 5! In the home stretch now! 😁 Yeah I honestly had to stop reading at night for this reason! My ADHD won't let me stop when I'm in the middle of a good part and then, whoops it's 4am! Doesn't work so well when you have tiny, insistent alarm clocks crying at 6:30. 🥴 Sounds like a great goal! That's basically where I was at the beginning of summer - walking consistently, about 5-8k steps a day. My first challenge back on NF (in July) I decided to start the Couch 2 5k, and now I'm running 4 miles. 🤯 I'm sooo not a runner, so
  8. Week 4 Recap Well the longest challenge ever continues with... a pretty good week? Running: I deviated from the plan a little bit and did a second long (40min) run on Friday instead of interval training. I just wasn't in the mood to sprint. I also finally bought new shoes so hopefully that means an end to the knee pain. 🤞 ST: Tuesday I did a pilates workout which was real intense (in a good way) and on Thursday I tried to find a yoga video on the Peloton app, but they all needed yoga blocks in an apparently crucial way and I don't own any. So I
  9. I've been wanting to read that one - glad to hear it picks up. I think I've read her other series, The Inheritance Trilogy, though it's been a while.
  10. I'm the same - seeing the # once isn't enough, I need to be hitting it or under for a few days before it counts!
  11. Welcome back! October has a get-things-done-before-the-holidays kind of feel to it, doesn't it? Good luck with the academy, I hope you update us over here on the boards too!
  12. Yup, your turn! Get yer turkey trot on! I've got a pork shoulder in the slow cooker and dinner's at 6!
  13. I just registered for a 5k on November 20th! It's quite far away, but also it's a cross-country run with steep hills, so I think I'll probably need the extra time to practice. I'm also considering a Superhero-themed 5k in late October with the family. There's a Tot Sprint (2-5 years old) too - and my 4 year old has been on a real Spiderman kick so he'd love it. Plus that one's a road race, so it would be a lot closer to how I normally train. And since I'm here, updating mid-week (!) I thought I'd share some tasty primal/paleo dinners we've made in the last couple weeks: Roa
  14. Hey just wanted to check in and see how you're doing? How's M? You've had some pretty intense events in the first couple weeks of this challenge between sleep deprivation and M's health and work stress. I know that's when most of us just say "F*** it - I'll try again next time." Just wanted to say we're here for you and I hope you come back and give us an update either way! Plus we want to see how that painting is going!
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