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  1. Good luck getting back on track with food! It's such a struggle to figure out what's working, especially when you've hit a plateau. Hopefully being more aware of your choices helps!
  2. Can you share? I love oatmeal and I have some ripe bananas in the freezer to use up! This is such a fun idea! I'm so guilty of those 3rd... 4th... cups of coffee. This would be a neat way to tack on some movement.
  3. Mmm this sounds amazing. I treated myself to apple cider + prosecco yesterday while decorating the Christmas tree and would recommend that for some seasonal cheer as well!
  4. I've missed quite a lot with you this week! I'm sorry for the surprise loss and the complicated emotions that follow from that, but I'm glad you're getting support at work, especially with Dave not around. I know how unmooring those feelings are and how it can help to have someone to talk to and caring for you. And I'm glad to hear you're progressing toward your weight loss goals and getting lots of reading done! As well as being kind to yourself and spending time on activities you love an delicious foods - we've made sourdough pancakes quite a bit and they're always good!
  5. Oh that's so beautiful! I love the fall colors. I have no idea what that technique that you were trying out is, but it turned out great regardless!
  6. Monday/Tuesday 🎁 Keep LoseIt streak alive: ✅✅ ☃️ Drink 6 cups of water every day : ❌❌ 🌟 Choose one fitness challenge to do every day : ❌ ✅ Well I clearly jinxed myself. On Monday my 3yo was sent home from daycare with a fever and today we got her in at the doctor to find out she has (a very mild case of) RSV. Fortunately she's feeling pretty well, unfortunately it's very contagious and she has to stay home the rest of the week. 😭 And while this is annoying, it's not particularly devastating. My work is really flexible and we're in a slow season with the end of the year anyway. I've been able to keep all my meetings today because she's been mostly entertaining herself with watercolors, toys, or her tablet. But my brain hasn't gotten the memo that we're not in flight or fight node and so I'm stressed and I've been struggling not to stress eat the last two days. I've kept my LoseIt streak up, but my calories and quality of food are pretty shitty (did I eat Cheetos for breakfast while packing them in my son's lunch? yes, yes I did.) I'm out of my routine so I haven't been drinking water, and the fitness challenge just completely slipped my mind on Monday. This is all fine, we're doing okay. I just need to keep reminding my brain that having a hard week is not permission to binge eat chocolate. On the plus side: I got a new French Press.... and then our coffee grinder stopped working. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. Looks like good progress so far! I've been using LoseIt too - I love that you can set high calories days and adjust your plan!
  8. Saturday/Sunday 🎁 Keep LoseIt streak alive: ✅✅ ☃️ Drink 6 cups of water every day : ✅✅ 🌟 Choose one fitness challenge to do every day : ✅ ✅ Still going strong! Had a good day with the kids yesterday after my husband left on Saturday. Now for the week ahead... 😅 And in terrible news, I broke my French Press this morning! 😭 I ran out and got Starbucks after I dropped my kids off at school to make myself feel better. I guess it'll be black tea tomorrow morning until I can get a new French Press.
  9. Thursday/Friday 🎁 Keep LoseIt streak alive: ✅✅ ☃️ Drink 6 cups of water every day : ✅✅ 🌟 Choose one fitness challenge to do every day : ✅ ✅ Well I've inadvertently created a habit cue to do my fitness challenge at the kids' bedtime. Which isn't ideal, but hey, at least it's getting done. I may try to make it more intentional choice next week but no promises. My husband is leaving for Germany tonight, on a one week work trip. He'll be back next Saturday, so it's just me and the kids till then. He's out with them at a birthday party right now, so I'm trying to get my life in order to make the next week easier. Cleaning the house, catching up on laundry, putting together a meal plan. We're doing all easy meals this week, stuff I know the kids love and will eat, and I can cook in less than 30 minutes. Mostly, I'm just hoping everyone stays healthy and can keep going to school/daycare this week. I guess this is technically the end of week zero, and the real challenge begins tomorrow. I think I did pretty darn well for a zero week. I hit all my goals, and more or less kept to my calorie budget. Yesterday was a bit of a cheat day; a friend and I went out to a winery during the day and caught up over a bottle of wine and fancy bruschetta. Then after dinner, our family watched the Bake Off finale and, of course, ate some yummy baked goods. Because the best way to watch GBBO is with a baked treat. (Extra points if you make it yourself, but ours were bought from our local bakery.) And all of that was a really lovely way to end the week, 💕
  10. Welcome from a fellow freezing Virginian! 👋🏻🥶 Hope you recover quickly from the plague!
  11. That's awesome that you have a workout buddy (even if it takes weeks to schedule something - sigh, #adultlife). It feels like you always get a better workout in when you have someone with you to push you forward. And congrats on the date! I'm glad you had a nice time and hopefully you get a chance to go out again and have fun! ❤️
  12. So true! I've managed to stack a bunch of things into my nighttime routine because I'm right there at the sink - take vitamins, floss, brush teeth, 9-step korean skin care routine (ok 2 step) - you know? But it's harder for things like exercise because you really have to plan out. Am I wearing the right clothes? Do I have time to shower? Etc and it's so easy to put off. Last year I had good success getting dressed in workout clothes and going for a run immediately after I drop my son off at the bus stop, so I'll probably try to stick with that again. But it's cooollllldddd at 7am so I really have to motivate myself. 😅
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