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  1. This is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing about all the amazing things and experiences you are able to bask in.
  2. Hey there I saw your rings tag and decided I should drop by. I'm currently doing the Ring One program. I've done the first 5 weeks, so for next challenge I will be working on Phase 2. Are you going to start some ring work before 6/25? I'm excited to hear how you like the program. I'm really enjoying it. I did a bit with it last year, but didn't finish, so this year I just started over.
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Challenge Summary; Met my goal of 15 days starting workout at 9:30! I'm wearing my new t-shirt prize right now. I like having clothes as a prize, because then when I wear it , it reminds me that I have accomplished my goal. I really enjoyed the relaxed pace of my challenge this time. I was able to see that I have a lot of good habits and routines in place, and just enjoy that.I think I'm going to continue with one goal during the summer. Other things that I accomplished: Kept up with my Bible reading Morning routine is just part of my habits now Finished Phase One of the GMB Rings Did 20 days of Turkish Get up for the Resilient 21 program lots of walking Geocaching Scrapbooking times with friends slept an average of 7 and half hours a night Competed in the Doodlie vs Non Doodlie PVP, fixing 10 new recipes in a week
  5. Bummer, I guess the program was just offered for a short time. Thanks.
  6. Congrats on the awesome exams and a well done challenge. A Wonder Woman challenge sounds fun.
  7. Awesome challenge! That's an impressive amount of steps.
  8. Well done challenge!
  9. Oh wow, that is hard. I'm so sorry.
  10. Hooray and congrats on the show being extended! Not at all weird that you are sad to see the forum go. I would be really sad if this forum went offline. Friends are still friends, even if you only know them through the internet.
  11. I love the analogy of pawns and habits. Nice challenge!
  12. Good for you for correcting your path quickly. See you in the next challenge.
  13. I don't hate the first few, it's only when the numbers add up that the hating starts.
  14. Now, I get the picnic sandwich. Yep, I find remembering how lousy I felt after eating something is a good deterrent. Ok, not trying to talk you out of lifting weights if that is something you really want to do, but have you considered other ideas? If you do Bodyweight stuff at home, you avoid the problem of being in front of people at the gym and you save time of not having to go drive to the gym. I use kettlebells at home and love them. Sounds like you are doing a great job of figuring out how to fit in squats into your busy schedule, and that is a great sustainable way to get in shape. Looks like most of your jobs are on your feet, which is great. Maybe it would be more doable to keep up with that method instead of trying to find a big block of time. Do a set of squats, and then do some pushups from the counter. Put on the song, do some squats, lunges, and pushups, and you've done a nice bodyweight circuit.
  15. This is amazing! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, but even more happy. But this is the part I like best You are beautiful, creative,fun, and kind and I am glad you are beginning to realize that about yourself.