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  1. Sorry about the septic. Is it drying out a bit? How fun that you were able to trampoline with your boys, woot for being fit enough for that. How tall are you? I agree on 5 pounds being a low number. I'm 5'`" and got down to 115, about 22% BF. 13% is super low, seems like even if you got there it would be hard to maintain
  2. I was missing you! Looks like a tasty snack in a very cool lunch box
  3. Good day today. We had an appointment with our accountant today , and had to leave by 8:30. I was up, dressed, read my Bible, did a good portion of emptying the dishwasher, and had my breakfast. When I have a appointment, I'm pretty good at getting moving. Today was the first time we've ever met with our accountant. We really liked him. However, in talking to him, and telling him about our money, we figured out that my sister as executor of the state was supposed to file some paperwork, and she didn't know it. And there could possibly be fines. The accountant said the case he helped they waved the fines, but still , it was a bit of a worry for me. I've been telling people on the boards not to worry so here is a good time for me to put it into practice. Did some anxiety calmers- reminded myself that we have money in emergency savings-thanked God for all the blessings he's given me so far, remembered the Bible verses how God said not to worry about tomorrow, how in the Sermon on The Mount he said to look at the beautiful flowers and see how well God clothes them and how much more He will take care of us- talked to my husband about my worries, kept busy, and told myself to look at best case scenarios instead of worst case. Still a bit worried, but overall, I'm doing pretty good. Got my new rings today, and they are super easy to adjust the straps on. I'm in a PVP with the Doodlies and this week my challenge is meditation, so I'm off to do that. Points 2/15 Bible_Yes_ Kitchen _Yes_ Water _Yes Start 9:30 _ Yes__ bonus walk or mobility_ _ bonus early start_ _Yes_
  4. They were good. I had planted them last fall, and meant to harvest them in the early spring, but forgot Glad they hadn't rotted
  5. I need to do more barefoot walking now that the weather is nicer
  6. No, they are all from the same packet. Rainbow carrots, aren't they pretty? That's what mind said too. You know you are supposed to store seeds in the fridge? They get to warm in the cupboard. Sigh, allergies. Today my nose is stuffed up, so no yard work, even though it desperately needs to be done Hi there, I need to drop in on your thread and say hello.
  7. Cool down... I don't think that words means what your instructor thinks it means The pic's were awesome. Thanks for being brave enough to share them. You look so happy and fit and outdoorsy, love everything about them
  8. I hope so .We're heading down to the Oregon Coast. It sure would be nice to have some dry weather while we were there.
  9. Been a few days since I stopped by. Looks like as usual you've been busy.Botanical gardens and goecaching sound fun! At one point I told my husband not to get me flowers due to allergies. Now it seems better, as long as I get rid of the flowers before they start to die. Did you have your anniversary yet? Hope you have a good time. The idea of dessert and candle light sounds lovely.
  10. So pretty!
  11. Waving hello nieghbor.
  12. Great Day 1! I'm better off staying away form google as far as anxiety, usually searches just end of being worst case scenarios.
  13. Sounds like you are doing a good job despite having to deal with difficult people. And very cool that you actually enjoy what you do.
  14. Forgot to say, I'm not doing points for my morning routine but at least occasionally I'll post my checklist for accountability and all that. Bible_Y_ Kitchen_Y__ Water_Y__ Start 9:30 __Y_ bonus walk or mobility_Y_ bonus early start_Y__ Point Earned 1 point /15
  15. Hey, you actually have a challenge, awesome!