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  1. Sorry about your boyfriend, though it does sound like breaking up was best. As for your boss who says that it is your fault that people don't trust you, can you ask him for more specifics? If there really is something you are doing, maybe it is a habit you can work on to improve. If your boss isn't willing to help you improve, than there isn't much you can do but just wait it out until you can move on.
  2. Yesterday, I pretty much kept to my no single leg work stuff. I did do some cartwheel progressions, which does use feet. But my foot didn't complain, so it's all good. My friends had very kindly given me a gift card for hosting our prayer group at my house. I decided to walk to the store and use the gift card. It is about a 2 mile walk. I bought a couple of short sleeve cardigans, and a lightweight hoodie. On the way back I stopped and sat in the sun and enjoyed a Lara Bar. Wednesday evening I went on our interurban trail walk with my husband. About 4.5 miles round trip, all flat. We were chatting , and talked about how with our ring work we both kind of felt like we lost a lot of progress over last summer. Even if you workout, some of the skills really need to be practiced. My husband doesn't do the full ring workout, but he does the static holds and pull ups. We now have some rings indoors so that makes it more practical to practice indoor. But the rings are in the doorway, so it's a bit squished for some moves. I've been thinking about it, and I think I am going to buy GMB's Parellettes Program. It has some of the same moves, and builds shoulder strength. It will be fun to do over the winter. Plan would be do Rings through Sept- Then do Simple and Sinister through Dec. Then Jan- March or Mid April do P1- then maybe some more Simple and Sinister for a month, than Rings. The drawback is I may not achieve the S &S goal by December. But maybe having a time goal is better than a set progress goal, which I feel like may go on forever. Big problem is that I wrote the Simple Goal as an Epic quest, and I've talked about it so much, and I'm so close, that I should just finish it. But I have other stuff I want to do. And as long as I'm rambling on this, I also wanted to do some more pressing stuff and this doesn't allow for that. Why don't I have the energy and time to do more? Other issue is it makes me more of an Assassin than Ranger as far as what I'm doing. Not that that's bad, I was an Assassin for a long time. Just that I feel more like this is home now. Though I don't think any assassins are doing GMB stuff either , so it probably doesn't matter. And we all hang out at each other's threads.
  3. Have a fun date night.I loved Wonder Woman. Woohoo for the Skin the Cat- your shoulder is doing great!
  4. I keep telling myself that one day I will be a more efficient shopper when I grow up. It has yet to happen
  5. I like this idea. Last time I cut, I said I was going to cut down to a certain amount, and ended up being really frustrated and discouraged.
  6. No, it's nothing serious. It didn't bother me at all yesterday. Well, I almost contained it to one thing. I just did forward rolls, a bit of cartwheel practice, and walking.
  7. I love that face. I'm imagining that your boss just unexpecedly dropped by and asked what you were doing.
  8. Those dice are very cool. So it's just you and Mrs Sloth for a week while the kids are at grandmas? Enjoy your vacation.
  9. Woot for getting the lemonade back under control quickly!
  10. For some reason I always thought he was tall?Yay, for short but strong and mighty people. The R21 is a great program, you should do it.
  11. Hugs. A couple of thoughts as to why your anxiety and other emotions might be overwhelming. Maybe for the walk you were just tired. You've been doing a bunch, and you said you were super tired this morning. Maybe your body was just asking for rest. Also, you've done a bunch of brave things and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone(woot) so that might be setting yourself off balance a bit. You've done great, maybe just take a deep breath, and let yourself enjoy all the amazing things you've done, and then do your favorite relaxing, self-care thing. Sometimes when I'm away from it all , with more time, the things I haven't dealt with starting processing through my brain. If that is happening, maybe just let yourself have that cry. Or even if you don't know why, it sometimes just helps. Maybe take some time and see if you can sort through your emotions and figure them out. Maybe you need to just relax a bit, not worry about your goals, and enjoy the rest, you've earned it.
  12. I think @Tanktimus the Encourager said it was a two week break this time. Not sure why/ Maybe because of Independence Day being July the 4th and a lot of people may be taking a long weekend? Maybe so we can eat all the food and not feel guilty- that's my guess.
  13. Sorry, that does sound hard. as for tracking, I don't think you need to be overly accurate with veggies. If I want to be super accurate with meat, I cook it separately from the veggies. That weigh I can measure mine, and then add it. I sometimes leave about a 50 calorie balance to off set any inconsistency. Have you looked into any of those delivery meals? Also, and please don't shoot me for this idea, what if instead of having your husband cook some of the time, you either did those delivery meals, or frozen food. You could do frozen pizzas and salad, or Costco salmon burgers and frozen fries and microwave veggies. Meals that take little or no prep. I know that isn't Paleo, or your ideal, but maybe with your busy life it is something you could stick to. If you knew what the meal was, you could track that , and just fit your caloric balance around that. Which seems easier than trying to figure out what your husband is going to decide. Or you could have him do a few meals, and those days you could just do tuna salad for yourself-. Tuna, mayonnaise, and some pre-washed lettuce. Fixing everything from scratch can be hard, and maybe this just isn't the time for it. Think of stuff you would have time to fix, and do that.
  14. Sorry about the food poisoning. Things that helped me Make a weekly meal plan Have a few emergency meals when things don't go as planned : My emergency meals : tuna salad, Costco salmon patties, Costco hamburger patties Pre-cook some meals- instead of cooking whole meals I usually just cook up a bunch of meat, some starches and some veggies, then we can pull those when we are busy If I get off track for one meal, or day, because of busyness or whatever, I realize that it's just one day, and the next day I resolve to get back on track When our power was out a couple of years ago and we couldn't cook and ended up eating out, I really tried to portion control at the restaurants Tracking in MFP. Tracking gives me some flexibility, I eat Paleoish+ some grains, but like you said it just doesn't always work out. If I'm tracking, that doesn't throw me for such a loop. I really like Paleo, but the thing that stressed me was trying to know how many times I could eat off plans and still maintain or lose weight. I know some people hate tracking, but I feel like it gives me more freedom. Also, have you measured in inches? Get a tape measure and keep track. You may be doing better than you give yourself credit for. I hate looking in the store mirrors. Even now when I look at them, I tend to criticize and find an area that is too fat, when I know in my head that I am in good shape. It's really hard to look at ourselves naked and not be overly critical.
  15. Aw, sorry. Having allergies, I've dealt with this quite a bit. I vote for taking the middle ground. Since you don't have an infection anymore, and it's just a matter of clearing the gunk out, it really is a good idea to move some. Just listen to your body, if your tired and fuzzy feeling, don't keep pushing it. If you feel up to it then do activities to a comfort level.