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  1. Elastigirl

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    The snow is pretty. Hope you are enjoying it
  2. Elastigirl

    Rinna goes hungry...........

    Sorry it's been rough. Hope it improves. Wow, that is a lot of snow.
  3. Elastigirl

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    Congrats on the weight loss. Yay for finding a workout you enjoy and look forward to
  4. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl : Pixie Ranger

    Last night's reading of the Marie Kondo book was interesting. She explained why she doesn't give a specific number of things to clean up. Some books say " You need 5 dresses, 4 pants , etc" She says that it is up to each person. If you decide, and you keep what brings you joy, then your home will be set up with just the right amount of stuff that you want. And that will keep you from getting cluttered again, because you are satisfied with the way it is. I wrote about how she was minimalistic, and then changed my mind on that. I think she writes her examples of what works for her, which is having very little, but she doesn't try and say everyone has to be just like her. @elizevdmerwe I read about books and thought of your question. She says she only has 30 books, she only keeps a few favorites. But, she also talks about clients who have more and are happy with that. Today was good. I had my friends over for prayer. It's been a whole month since I've done that, so it was enjoyable. Then I walked with my friend. Came home and did my workout. I took a nap, then, still feel tired from my cold. This evening I am going to do some of the goal setting work for the 12 week year (it didn't happen yesterday)
  5. Elastigirl

    H3r0. A New Year

    Glad you enjoyed your workout.
  6. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl : Pixie Ranger

    Sounds like several people are interested. I'll set something up at the start of our next challenge, or maybe zero week
  7. Elastigirl

    Ye New & Fancy Leaky Tankard: Ranger Guildhall Chat

    We saw it for a little bit before the clouds covered it
  8. Elastigirl

    The Silver Archer: Imperfect

    Sorry, didn't mean to come off like why are you complaining. You are in a tough spot, it is hard. Like we've talked bout with other feelings, it is perfectly normal to say I am struggling with this, yet at the same time acknowledge that you are trusting in God. You are not - a - negative Nancy. We are your friends and here to listen
  9. Elastigirl

    It's probably psychological - Jonesy 2019.1

    Question for you on going through your clothes: DId you take out all your clothes at once like she suggested, or did you just take them out by category? I'm trying to decide which way to go. I feel like if I take them all out, that really puts pressure on me to decide that day, and I"m not sure if I could do it all in a day.
  10. Elastigirl

    JMK becomes Committed (not gets committed!)

    Those recipes look good! Thanks, I'm always looking for good Instapot recipes
  11. Elastigirl

    The Silver Archer: Imperfect

    Agreeing with Tank. You're sort of in a holding pattern. Ready to take on the new adventure, all pumped for it, and then..... just waiting. But God is not surprised, and He will use this to help you grow.
  12. Elastigirl


    Woot for calling your mom! Never heard of yam leaves. Where did you buy them and the pork belly? I've only eaten pork belly twice. The first time I didn't like it, but I had it at Disneyland and really liked it. I've never made it before though. Good for you for adventurous cooking
  13. Elastigirl

    Nymeria re-noob-ulates

    100 pts for Charisma and going to a neighborhood party!
  14. Elastigirl

    Suzaqu: running late, but here!

    Hooray for the new office. And I love using herbs from the garden-nom!
  15. Elastigirl

    I'm so lost trying to figure out what warmups to do!

    Just do it for 5 minutes, There is no perfect warm up. Do the NF warm up as far as you can for 5 minutes (or pick your favorite warm up) and call it good.