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  1. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    That's awesome .Congrats for holding the crow. I used to be able to do the headstand crow. Looking forward to playing with it again.
  2. Starpuck: Anime'zing Return

    I have not heard of this magic. What is it?
  3. shadri :: nothing but flowers

    Love the new leaf you are turning over
  4. Xena is a hot mess!

    Love the grab bag idea! This may be why I wait to post my challenges,that way I can steal borrow other's ideas
  5. Hips, Trips, and Starships

    Waving hello to a fellow Washingtonian! I love the moving in a weird way goal, what a fun way to work on flexibility and movement. Noticed geocaching is a goal to. Have you geocached before? Are there some places you've really enjoyed? We are working on finding caches at Fort Ebey on Whidbey Island. It's a gorgeous spot.
  6. [Wolfpool] I just saw the Ad

    Yep, I used my Beas KB's the 44# and the 53# .
  7. Solve the puzzle, open the box

    Sounds like a good trade off. Sometimes when you are focusing on one exercise, you start to miss something else (especially if you are a Ranger) Bleh about the sickness. Hope it was a quick thing and you feel better now.
  8. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    Here is my contribution. The flying one legged crow. Also below that is the link to the website, in case you want to see it done properly My addition is at the end, after the other crows https://yogainternational.com/article/view/get-into-one-legged-crow-using-a-block-and-a-wall @lucky fire dragon your turn
  9. Starpuck: Anime'zing Return

    Do you have Kelly Starrett's book Deskbound? I find doing the foot exercises from there really good when my toes are sore. Bascially, stand on a lacrosse ball and slowly move it undr your feet. After that, sit down and use your finger to separate your toes, and move them around.
  10. In which Mad Hatter un-adults and enjoys life!

    I keep looking at floor cushions and not buying them. I think I really should though. We have that size of ice cream maker and it's wonderful. Now that warmer weather is here I should up my ice cream making too (I have to do coconut milk though)
  11. So say we all!

    More paralette fun, can't wait!
  12. Maigs Misaligned Challenge Continues

    Look at all those OCR's you have planned. Fun and kind of crazy month! I hear you on the anniversary sneakily adding up. We somehow celebrated our 32nd, even though I am only 29.
  13. Jedi Literally Just Needs to Keep the Schedule

    A schedule is a great idea. What is the job you are doing?
  14. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

    That's what I had in mind.
  15. Raxie Fights in the Keyblade War

    Makes sense that that causes some anxiety. It's new and unknown. But agreeing with all the others, and saying go for it.