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  1. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    Wednesday: We had family spend the night Tuesday, they were in town for a doctors visit for my great nephew. Wednesday morning was spent visiting with them all , and fixing breakfast. A very wise and pleasant way to spend a morning. Did my workout in the. Spent part of the day looking at recipes and finding some gf treats to make for the holidays. We are having family over next week, so todays' plan is to meal plan and finish house cleaning. Hoping that all my decorations will hope people overlook the fact that I am not that great of a house cleaner, and that are house is in need or some remodeling I turned the alarm clock for a half hour later today, I just felt I needed more sleep. But then I was extra slow and spent way too much time dawdling on the computer. One of those things where you feel like you have such a long to do list, the easiest thing is just not to start. Finally made a to- do list and got going. Food is somewhat better. I'm quieting the toddler voice in my head that says it needs to eat whatever it want, and reminding it that I am in control, and I actually feel better and have more energy when I eat better. If I thought affirmations helped, that sounds like a good one.I eat food that makes me feel better : I don't eat food that makes me feel sluggish. or I have control over my food choices; I don't eat mindlessly. Maybe if I just wrote out the affirmation 10 times instead of a gazillion.
  2. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    This time of year, I just try and keep the sugar somewhat under control Thanks. I enjoy being a role model , especially helping girls to realize how fun it is to be strong.
  3. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    No worries, my glutes can take it. Plus, added bonus, I will look even more awesome in my jeans.
  4. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    I was hoping you were too busy wrapping Christmas presents to notice the mini. Guess I better crank out some more kicks today.
  5. Yasha grinds it out

    Way to go on putting the bonus into paying off your trip!
  6. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    Agreed it is super tough to find that balance. Woot for finding it and making good choices today.
  7. Red1263 learns to Enjoy it

    Ok, maybe the dresser won this one, you'll get him the next round. Don't give up.
  8. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    You should just stop immediately. Is your floor padded? If I do mine on my padded matt. My knees are bony and it hurts to do them on a hard floor It is mainly my glutes that are sore. Walking up the stairs I was wondering why we don't install elevators in our house. My knees were kind of sore this morning though, wouldn't think that the donkey kicks use knees, but maybe?
  9. Hiroro #16: Making Space

    Yay for doing yoga even when you didn't feel like it! Like Xena asked do you have some go-to care tips for yourself when you feel like that. Going for a walk outdoors helps me, or stopping and really listening to myself to see if there is a reason I feel down, and what I can do about it.
  10. Red1263 learns to Enjoy it

    Great job at getting the boxing in and beating up the dresser
  11. Elastigirl's Incredible Year

    Thanks. Mainly baked goods. I like the websites Againstallgrains , and Fatburningman for recipes Cookbooks I have Practical Paleo; Diane Sanfillipo (all sorts of paleo recipes) Paleo Indulgences Tammy Credicott Decadent Paleo Deserts; Hannah Healy
  12. maegs: rest, refuel, resupply, move

    So far there aren't any monsters.
  13. KB Girl's journey to worlds 2018

    Congrats to you and your team. Super cool that your gym is havinga competition? Is it that first one at your gym, or have you done it before?
  14. maegs: rest, refuel, resupply, move

    I live in the in between, and the rain is a thing. Light rain for the most part though, so not to hard to Ranger it outside.
  15. suzyQlou, one step at a time

    Good idea on the chewing gum.This is what I find super hard about baking, is the snacking on stuff while I make it. It can be really mindless and add up