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  1. Hey there, happy to see you and here to cheer you on!
  2. That all sounds lovely! So glad you and Eamon both had a chance to visit your family!
  3. Ah, I see he is planning a nice, simple tea party.
  4. Hey there.So happy you are here. I've been following on Instagram, and woot you are doing a great job! Seeing all the healthy meals you eat, and the hard work you are putting in is a big encouragement to me.
  5. It does help me to think through what specific goals I want from each challenge. Writing out a plan helps give me concrete things to keep me focused. This time it is mostly a repeat of last challenge though.
  6. Well, I had salad instead of pizza. But it was still nice. Maybe not quite as nice as pizza though😄
  7. I didn't really feel like posting up a new challenge and goals yet, but wanted some accountability for the week , and a chance to yak at you all. Today was nice. It was sunny, so my friends came over and we met outside for prayer. Then we went out to lunch at MOD pizza and sat and chatted forever. It was a good ,refreshing time. Came home and did my workout.Did the circuit for the NF journey, then did L-sit work, and then handstand work. Made some instant pot pork carnitas https://nomnompaleo.com/2017041820170418instant-pot-pressure-cooker-carnitas Then hubby and I we
  8. I'm still trying to lose some weight, so that's a big focus right now Endeavor 1: Lose 2.5 pounds by challenge end Use MFP 6 days a week Follow guidelines from eating skills *experiment, I've upped my protein to 120 grams to see if that helps with satiety. This is a guideline. If I have a day where I feel like eating more carbs than protein, that is fine. I just want to experiment and see how this works Reward: counted at end of challenge: 1 point for each day tracked 28+ points = 2 Constitution pts 24-27= 1 Con pt. 20 -24 = .5
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