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  1. I hear you on that.Right now, my current method is to feel guilty for which ever one I don't do, and think that some magic will enable me to spend abundant time on both. But, I'm sort of leaning toward gardening. I don't get as many steps in, but there's lots of movement. And I have lots of projects and things I want to do to improve our garden, and that just takes time and energy, which is less time walking.
  2. Hope the DOMS get better soon. I've never done Crossfit, it looks so intense. I know you can scale it, but I also know how competitive I am, and how sometimes in the midst of that I lose common sense, so it didn't seem like a good fit for me. But the community of it all seems amazing!
  3. How often do you weigh yourself? I like to weigh myself daily. Then, at the end of the week, I average my weight for the week. Weight tends to fluctuate, and taking an average gives me a more accurate picture of what my weight is doing. Also, taking measurements helps you know if you are losing inches. And noting how your clothes fit. Either way, you are heading in the right direction, so good work!
  4. Glad Li'l Bit wasn't sick. I hate it when the meat is still partly frozen and your fingers turn to ice!
  5. Agreeeing with the others, taking a bit of time to recharge is normal, and even healthy.
  6. Sorry it's been so tough for you. Back pain is miserable. Woot for doing so well on the no liquid sugar challenge!! The habits you are building with that are fantastic. Since you are needing to go slow on the exercising, it's a great idea to focus on what you can control, which is your eating habits.
  7. One way to tell if it is injury or muscles is what the pain feels like. Is it sharp or is it achy. Sharp pain is more likely an injury. Is it the back of your calves or front? The front could be shin splints, which can take a long time to heal. Another way to tell if it's injury or soreness, is if the pain is lessening or getting worse. Even if it's healing slower than you want, if it is improving, it's probably just that you over did it. If the pain isn't acute, I'd give it a week and see how I felt. Try and do some light stretching. Nothing that hurts, just enough to let it relax and get some movement in. Also, do you have a massage ball ? I'd do some foot and calf massage on it too. When my calves are sore, I find doing some foot massage ball stretches really helps relax my muscles. I also take Tumeric when I have inflamation.
  8. Catching up on all you've been doing. I love your idea of buying a bike for yourself as a reward for consistency in walking! My three favorite gifts I've recieved: A doll a really wanted when I was a little girl A pearl necklace that my husband bought me for Christmas with his first bonus The Surface Laptop my son bought me for my birthday , as a thank you for homeschooling him
  9. Started the day with a cardio zone 2 rowing workout. After breakfast, did my GMB workout. I'm enjoying it. My only concern is that I want to maintain the porgress I made in NF, so that when I return I can continue levelling up the levels. I think I will for legs, not sure about for dips. This workout does have some bent arm work, but not a lot of pushing. My plan was to do 3 sets of dips before or after the GMB workout. But, by the time I finish , I'm ready to be done. Pondering grease the groove style, maybe just try and do 4 reps a day. Or go for 2 sets of 2 full or 5-7 assisted. The rings are hanging from the pull up bar in my laundry room, so grease the groove style would be fairly easy. Made blueberry muffins with blueberries from our bushes. I even tweaked the recipe a bit. When I cook, I often change the recipe. WIth baking though, I'm afraid I will mess it up. Especially since I'm baking gluten free, which is really picky. But they turned out good. I did a mix of half gluten free flour and half almond flour. All almond flour can sometimes be hard on my stomach. And replaced most of the oil with smashed banana, which is way lower in calories. And used half the sugar. After dinner we went on a walk. Tomorrow I'm going to make some refrigerator dill pickles. Then our son is coming over for dinner. We're having grilled hamburgers, and I am making a new potato salad recipe.
  10. Tuna is the best! It's packs a lot of protein without a lot of calorie.
  11. Way to go on figuring out what you could do on low sleep, and adjusting your goals wisely. I love snapdragons. I've tried to grow them a few times, without much luck. I think I did have some Salvia for a few years. Maybe I should try that again. A while ago, I was trying to grow flowers, without much success, and then gave up. Now I'm trying again.
  12. I suppose beef jerky is just sort of a meat bar. Still, I have never gotten the courage to try the Epic bars. The idea of a meat bar just sounds bleck to me. But, I hear you on chicken breast getting old.
  13. Somehow, I always forget about that. Yeah, I think they actually talked about it quite a bit, as I recall.
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