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  1. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    It's one thing to do something short term, it's a whole other thing to do it long term. For a little bit, you can totally focus on health , and let the other things slide, but long term means you have to balance more stuff. I don't think you need to feel guilty, you have accomplished a bunch, and it is just work trying to figure out how to balance it all. I'm talking to myself as much as you. I kind of got into this mindset, people said how much I inspired them, and I know the times I goof up, or just don't pay as much attention as I'd like, but I am trying to step back and see the bigger picture. It really wouldn't be inspiring if someone was consumed all the time with thinking about their physical health, what inspires is how people are able to make it a part of their lives, but still have other vibrant active areas of life too. And that is a skill to be learned.
  2. Is Paleo organic???

    Ok, I see what you are saying. The problem is that some people have different opinions on what is Paleo and what is not. My advice is to pay attention to what your body feels like. Does eating rice make you feel satisfied or does it cause you to get hungry? Don't worry if you don't follow it exactly, the steps you are taking to get healthier are good steps. The key componenents of Paleo No grains No refined sugar NO vegetable or canola oils Yes to lots of green veggies Eat starchy veggies sparingly (some Paleo say yes to potatoes, some say no- this is one where you just need to see how it makes you feel) eat some protein at every meal(Paleo advocates for grass fed meat, but if that doesn't fit your budget don't sweat it)
  3. obax ~ continues to KISS

    Making time for geocaching is a win
  4. Tight Budget Meal Plan Help

    When you buy meat or fresh veggies check the sell by date. Sometimes grocers will place the oldest stuff in front. I generally choose the newer stuff in the back, so that it last longer before I have to cook it. The exception is, sometimes they will discount the meat that is older and needs to be cooked right away.Which is a good deal, just know that you have to cook or freeze it right away.
  5. In Inceptum Finis Est

    Welcome. Nice origin story.Similar to a lot of other nerds here.
  6. Welcome. Yes, this time will be different. You are no longer alone. Now you have friends who will come alongside you and encourage and hold you accountable on your journey
  7. Grinding the winter away

    I like your system of grading. Hope the stomach gets better soon. Agreeing with Morella, sleep is a big part of recovery. If you push yourself too hard, and get injured or sick, that won't help you be prepared for the walk.
  8. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    That is so nice and wonderful that you inspired your friend. Stop feeling guilty and take the time to realize that you inspired her and that's awesome. And you will keep inspiring her, not by being perfect, but by showing her how you manage your life and continue to move forward.
  9. TiogaGirl: Focus!

    I'm sure your scale will follow the smiley emoticons soon.
  10. Tossing the Underpants for Phase 2

    Look at all those smiles! Nice week.
  11. Is Paleo organic???

    Hmm, well why do you want to go Paleo? Have you looked into it? I've followed a strict Paleo diet, and felt really healthy, but found it hard to adhere to. Now I am sort of, meaning I eat grains only occasionally and limit my sugar, and focus on healthy fats, meat, and veggies. I think you need to find what works for you. There are also people on this board who aren't Paleo at all, and they've lost weight and are healthy.
  12. Introvert Adventure Prep

    Thanks. I currently use a backpack that I don't really like. I've been pondering a vest, so this is good to hear
  13. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    If you can regularly eat within that many calories, then I say go ahead and eat. Maybe your squats are burning more. SOme days are like that. Just eat something good, some protein, or some fat
  14. Sounds like you are dealing with a lot. At home , my back is fine, but hotel beds usually bother it. I'm like Goldilocks, they are all too soft or too hard. Good job at making good food choices despite all the stress- that's really tough