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  1. Glad you had fun with the ladies night out. Enjoy the grandkids tonight!
  2. Oh, one more thing. I finally made a decision and bought the Keurig. Remember a few challenges ago when I was deciding between that and the French Press? I watched this video of NF Steve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdtMt7bpmbM&t where he talked about experimenting with the French Press. The video was not designed to help me decide which one to buy, but that's what it did. His example was how he experimented with the French Press and made it work,analogy to life. But to me, I realized if I got a French Press, it was a fail point, as I don't want to experiment with it because I don't like coffee. So every cup, I would think, this is too bitter, needs less coffee, and then I would end up just serving hot water. So, I bought the Keuring, and now I can make coffee for my friends.
  3. All the happenings: Weekend: Saturday I shampooed our couch! Yeah for Rangering. Bad news is that it didn't help. What I thought was dirt was just places where the fabric is all worn. So, I guess I need to add couch shopping to my Rangerly duties. In the evening we did game night. Played Small World, and I actually won.Small WOrld is a bit like Risk, only you get to choose different characters (humans, elves, orcs etc) and they each have different abilities. For the first part of the game I had Flying Wizards, which meant instead of just conquering adjacent squares, I could fly anywhere and conquer. That was fun. Also played Survive again which is fun. Won that one too, so it was definitely my night. I tracked water, and did mobility that day. Tracked food, though I ate at their house, so it was a guestimate. Had half a dark chocolate bar. Probably not a 500 calorie deficit, but about 300, so I count that as good Sunday Went to church came home. Friends were coming over Monday, so I made a chicken salad for lunch for the next day, and cleaned house. Also downloaded pictures for scrapbooking. Thought about going for a walk, but it was a cold rain, and I wanted part of the day to just relax, so I skipped it. Really hard for me to be at a 500 calorie deficit without walking, as that is only 1,000 calories, which to me feels like no food. Did about 1,300 calories, so I was happy with that. Monday: Today started out crazy. I had invited friends over to scrapbook/craft and when I woke up it was snowing. Wasn't predicted to snow, so we hadn't even thought it might. Texted my friends, checked the news. Weather said it was supposed to warm up. Cleaned the kitchen, had breakfast, then went for a walk to check out the roads, and by that time, the roads were just wet. So, no one had to cancel and everyone was able to come. We had a good time. After they left , I scrapbooked for a while and finished my book!!! I just need to edit it a bit, but all the pictures are in. After that I then went to work out. While I was working out, we had a big hail storm. Hubby texted and said traffic was horribly just getting out of his parking lot. As soon as it started snowing, everyone left at the same time from all the businesses, and created major traffic hassles. I'm pretty much blaming @Tanktimus the Encourager for the snow, as he posted the gif that winter was leaving, course I said something about spring being soon , so I guess I take part of the blame. I've tracked food today. Had friends over, and they are kind, so they brought GF DF treats, so I had those. Cookies , and crackers and hummus dip. I had a small breakfast, and medium lunch. Lunch is a guestimate, but I am probably at about 300 calorie deficit. Behind on water, as I got busy hostessing and visiting and didn't drink much. Need to do my week 2 update, but I haven't counted points, and I'm tired , so it will happen tomorrow.
  4. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Not sure about solid muscle, but more than I used to have. I have a bit of a tummy too. I think aprt of it is perspective. We see models or professional athletes and compare ourselves to that, but really not only do they have the best lighting for their photos, and possibly photo shopped, I enjoy food too much to get that small, and that's fine.
  6. Squeee! SO excited for you and such a pretty ring. Hope your dad recovers quickly
  7. Thanks Tank. I'm excited about being able to Rangerify a whole new set of Rangers
  8. Oh hey, I see I have my official new title now! Thanks, looking forward to scaring encouraging all the newbie Rangers.
  9. Hoping your b-i-l is o.k. I struggle too with worrying, and I believe in a good God. But, I think just acknowledging that He is a good God is a great start. When I pray I also try and say thanks to God for how He is going to take care of things, and let God know that I trust in Him. God allows these things in our lives, and He knows we will struggle, but He loves us, and the more we rely on Him, the better we will grow our spiritual muscles of trust.
  10. You're welcome. It's something I think about a lot I'm probably actually too quiet with my friends about it. I'm trying to be a bit more vocal. Part of my thing is, when I started I was overweight, but not by enough. And I was in my mid -forties, so people just kind of think of overweightness at that age as normal. So, I got a lot of why do you want to lose weight? And then people feel judged. Which of course, is not my intent, but somehow it seems that way to them. Thanks. I actually think I do. I think people have been influenced by me, and I find that super encouraging. Just today my friend was talking about how she needs to stay active so she can do the things she wants to do 5 years from now.
  11. I don't think winter got the message. It snowed here this morning.
  12. Mainly what I do is try and have veggies with every meal. Easy things for veggies that I do are to have those washed pre- packaged greens. I can add them to eggs, or saute with a bit of oil or if I'm in a big hurry just throw them in the microwave for 20 seconds. I roast a bunch of veggies too, and just eat them all week. And I make a big salad and eat it for several days.
  13. I think you need to be a bit easier on yourself. Also if you don't have time for the gym or S & S, maybe just do a quick BW circuit a couple of times during the week?
  14. Looks like your numbers are adding up quickly. Do you have a prize picked out?