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  1. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Videos The first is floating crow practice. The second is cartwheel progressions. I can just barely do the first progression, and I think I look rather sucky doing them, but, hey I figure if we only share the stuff we are good at no one can see our progress or be encouraged to suck at things themselves
  2. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    True, though according to that theory I could never make my goals, and then just say I'm planning for next challenge. I think I'm going to re-think my strategy for getting it done. Time goes so fast! Yes, and they were good DOMS. a little sore, but just enough to tell me I'd used my muscles. It was kind of surprising though, I was just playing and having fun and not realizing how hard I was working
  3. Elastigirl

    Xena enjoys 'Hero Season'

    Happy belated birthday! Running, friends, and nature sounds like a great birthday!
  4. Elastigirl

    Sloth Becomes More Sexy With Kettlebells

    That workout looks really fun to try.
  5. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Reporting : Are we on the last week already?! Did two new recipes this week; Chicken curry in which I ground whole spices with my mortar and pestle; definite level up made pumpkin spice doughnuts with my new silicone doughnut pan, delish! Week's goals Measure drapes and hem them (this is the last part of cleaning out guest room)complete clean out closet shelf - super easy there is only two things, just needs to happen complete clean out guest dresser- only one shelf , super easy here too complete clean out one cupboard in downstairs bathroom -nope email friends about scrapbook get together-nope sign up to bring meal for family in church-nope Instead of the downstairs bathroom I put away summer clothes and cleaned the guest bathroom. I also ended up doing a lot of fall gardening to winterize our garden since the weather was nice. This week I need to make it a high priority to sign up to bring a meal. It's a bit of a weird week. Father in law is having a pacemaker put in. It's supposed to be an easy thing, but he's 90. I'm making goals for this week, but if things get hectic, I'm not sweating putting aside the goals Finish winterizing Dahlia bed sign up for meal clean out downstairs bathroom cupboard nag remind hubby to get rental car for trip keep up with Bible reading do workout Goals I had for the challenge Mari Kondo downstairs bathroom- no progress Mari Kondo linen closet - not even started clean out three drawers in guest bedroom two new meals from cookbook bake cookies for Heidelfest plan December trip with hubby and son finish weeding side garden kept up with Bible reading be on track to read through Bible by year end memorize one more Bible verse move up a level in floating crow progression* (If I don't make this but have worked on it, still counts)- a half progression, which is very good and makes me happy Just one week left, so my Mari Kondo goals have kind of gone to the wayside. WIth my extra time I've been baking or cooking. Maybe instead of the full gung ho Mari Kondo, I'll just work on doing little bit each week
  6. Elastigirl

    Vercingétorix First challenge: preparing for the crucible

    Sounds like a great week. EnjoyThanksgiving
  7. Elastigirl

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    You make me want to re-do Elements again!
  8. Elastigirl

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Nice week! Sorry about the job, that lady sounds kind of crazy.
  9. Elastigirl

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    Feel better soon! Hope the new dishwasher gets in and ready to go quickly
  10. Elastigirl

    Rebel OR Ranger - here for a freind

    Welcome! I think it is great to just join in the challenge now and start rather than waiting for next challenge. I've found SMART goals to be helpful at times, but sometimes I find it easier to just think in terms of developing habits and being intentional
  11. Elastigirl

    Annyshay Settles In

    The retreat sounds wonderful. Glad you enjoyed that, and then went on to do your hero work at ID week
  12. Elastigirl

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Congratualtions! Loved your racewrite up. You always give a great description
  13. Elastigirl

    Illumination: The Protector Rises

    Yay for learning the value of waiting before you decide yes or no. For budgeting we do the Dave Ramsey method (though not quite as strict as him) Basic idea, we budget it all out and we have spending money in envelopes. What I like about the method is that I have money budgeted for clothes, or entertainments. So, if there is money in the budget envelope I can spend, if not I can't. We were super strict when we were getting out of debt, but after that we made sure we had some spending money. When we were getting out of debt, we were super focused. But long term sustainability, it works better for me to have some limits, but also to say when I go somewhere that I have money to spend, because always saying no just sucks, and usually ends up with me giving up (kinda similar to what I've learned about food)
  14. Elastigirl

    Mad Hatter retreats

    That's sort of a pain. I just got a new phone(a win for cheap phones!) and it lets me schedule when I want the grayscale
  15. Elastigirl

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    So precious! Those cow footies!