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  1. Woot for maintain the weight and food tracking! I think in the ebb and flow of life, it's good to sometimes hyper focus on our goals, and then sometimes just go into cruise control and just trust in the habits you've established.
  2. A restaurant and wine!!! We drove a couple of hours and were able to eat at a restaurant, and it was wonderful.And hubby paid the bill, so I didn't even have to think how much it cost. The first part of my week was sucked down into the livestream whirlpool too. Glad you are climbing out. It helps me to remember that news gets viewers by showing the bad stuff, but the reality is that there are good things happening too.
  3. Sorry about the headache. That's nice of you to let Sra Tanque go out while you take baby duty.
  4. 1.7 is pretty good. Maybe something like kettlebell swinging , or jump rope for cardio?
  5. I keep forgetting to say that a few weeks ago, our pastor challenged us to learn the song/Psalm 100. So, every morning I have been singing it, and now have the first verse memorized, it is very cool because then the song runs through my head during the day. Yesterday went well. We moved 5 yards of rocks. I like being strong enough to do stuff like that. We did it in 1 hour increments,taking long breaks between. We also bought paint so we can paint the shed when it arrives. And went to the hardware store, and Mr Incredible bought some more things he needs for the shed. I bought some flower bowls for the backyard. My prayer group is meeting here , and we are doing it in the backyard. We really don't often have people in the backyard, it's mostly moss and weeds, so I thought some flower bowls might help. Tomorrow I will weed the one sparse flower bed we have. Doing good on putting forks down between bites, and slowing down eating. Also really stopping and thinking how the food tastes. It is working out well for me to have lunch as soon as I finish working out. I usually do have a snack in the afternoon, but it still cuts out the post workout snack. Today I did some staff training .Still working on the fish turn. Getting a bit better. It was supposed to be a workout day, but I called a rest day since yesterday was so intense. I did 30 minutes of my one hour mobility work. Then I was tired and called that good. Just felt sort of tired today, probably because I worked so hard on the rocks. Went on two walks today. One in the afternoon, and another after dinner with my husband.
  6. Quoting you again because I forgot to talk about this, and I had thoughts. Yep, part of the reason I want to learn how to shoot is to look cool and bring out my inner Sarah Connor
  7. I've had a very small amount of self defense training. It's always been in that one day category. But when they closed our town up and boarded the windows due to potential looter and rioters, I had a harsh reality check of how quickly things can change.
  8. Way to go on the jump roping. That's good that the COvid lockdown was voted unconstitional. See what they come up with next though. I'm so frustrated with the whole Covid lockdown in our state right now. Our governor said it was a fine and wonderful thing for people to peaceable protest( a situation where lots of people are tightly packed together and yelling) but is fining businesses who just want to open up and run their business. It's just crazy and maddening
  9. I had no idea there were so many different sizes. I'm a gun newb. Growing up, it wasn't that my family was anti gun, we just didn't have any. My husband's brothers were in the military. They all have guns and experience. A few times our family went out with them to shoot guns, but I stayed back because they were in high allergen area, and I just wasn't interested. Honestly, I am pro gun rights, but guns are a bit scary. A mix that come from believing in the constitution, yet at the same time growing up in an area that is very anti gun. Which is another reason I need to learn to use one
  10. Maybe that is a good happy medium. Eating low carb as a normative, but giving yourself permission when you don't want. I've found that works for me and my eating goals( which is meat veggies and nutritious carbs) I'm reading Lean and Strong by Josh Hillis and really enjoying it. He talks more about eating skills and guidelines, and gives some ideas for how to manage the psychology of eating (like cravings and treats)
  11. Great advice. Also my husband's brother has several guns, so we may try those
  12. Talking to one of my friends from the town, what the news didn't say was that many of the shops were guarded by armed citizens, which was most likely a big reason why they were not looted. Talked to Mr. Incredible last night. We've talked for a long time about buying guns and taking classes, but have never done so. This is going to happen.Right now the place where we would take lessons is closed, but as soon as it opens we are signing up for classes. I'm saying this as my accountability goal. The last few days have shown me I can not depend on police to be there if violent people start attacking our town. And in more cheerful news: we finished moving the pile of rocks from the driveway to the garden shed area.
  13. You are doing so amazing at the pull ups!! That Cicada picture freaks me out. Hugs and prayers for the hard things
  14. A good idea is to take a video of yourself doing them .That way you can look at your video and compare it to good form. You'd be surprised at how often it feels like you have good form, but then watch yourself and see where you aren't doing something. Tendons take longer to build than muscle, and it is easier to stress them. That sounds maybe what is happening. Not sure exactly what it is. It could just be that you are new working out, and your body is getting used to it. Or maybe you are pushing too hard. If I have pain when I'm doing something, I immediately stop. With something like this, where I am unsure, I usually just dial it back a bit and see how that work. I'd guess that when you are trying to max out, your body is tired and you are losing form, and that might be the problem. See what happens when you don't push the max out. Maybe stop one before you hit that max. Better to be in it for the long haul, than to injure yourself and have to completely stop