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  1. Love your reminder to yourself that mindfulness and consistency is what you are striving for , not perfection
  2. Great goals! Crow pose, kettlebells and juggling = wins all around
  3. Getting the basics down is a great idea. Sleep is so important, and it is so easy to let distractions stop us from getting it.
  4. Every good trip to Disney involves blisters on my feet.😉 Hope the feet and cold heal quickly
  5. Great thoughts. Improving in workouts is what I find motivating, so I hear where you are coming from. Goals can be great. But what happens when after your beginner gains things move slowly? Often improvement can be so gradual, that it doesn't feel like improvement. And if you are looking for that quick high of improvement , that can be tough. When I say it's all about the process, I quickly lose interest and stop doing it. I'm not sure what the answer is, I'm still working on it. Shorter term goals seem to work better for me. Also, smaller, specific goals. When I was working on the L-sit, and
  6. Yeah, if you are trying to heal them, adding something new may not be wise.
  7. I hope you're wrong about summer ending. Seems like it just started. Sorry about the other endings. My father in law is having dementia issue. It sucks.
  8. As far as a mess, not at all. It's just a liquid, about the consistency of lotion. I put a small drop on my hands and rub it in and it dries. Not sure on the eczema. I do have sensitive skin, and tend to break out easy, and I haven't had a problem. I try and wash my hands as soon as I finish. I haven't noticed that it even dries out my hands at all.
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