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  1. DJ Trippy T GOES TO REHAB

    Nice challenge. Love some bone broth. To mess with your brain I recommend this book "The Salt Fix, Why Experts got it wrong, and How Eating More Salt May Save Your Life" I've had pre-pertension to hypertension most of my adult life, and exercise didn't seem to help. What helped me was upping the potassium, lowering sugar, drinking more water, and INCREASING(yep that's right) my salt intake. Only a very small percentage of people are salt sensitive, and even that doesn't make much of a difference in blood pressure. Anyway, I recommend the book so you see a different side of sodium and blood pressure. Edit to add: I also take Cardiotone, an herbal supplement my doctor recommended.You can buy it on Amazon. Sorry, lot of info when you weren't asking for advice. Feel free to ignore if you want BP is just a battle I've been waging for so long, that I'm excited to share what worked for me.
  2. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    Nice goals. I don';t think it is vain to want to look good. I mean if you stop and stare at yourself at every mirror you pass by, that's annoying, but the general I just like the way I look is a good feeling. I like knowing I look good in a tank top and shorts, and not feeling like a fluffy middle aged woman.
  3. Nice challenge. Yay Kettlebells. Sad about your friend. I find it hard to get my friends interested in strength training, but it really is important. You used to work at Disneyworld?! That's amazing. You get the coolest jobs
  4. Ye Himalayan Ranger Guilde Hall: General Chatter

    Make mine a Butter beer bartender
  5. Elastigirl Enjoys Life

    Squeee, I love that gif. That Is Incredible!
  6. Consistency is more Important than Theme: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    You 're obviously a great guild leader, . Not only do I have my challenge up already, it doesn't have a theme either. Thanks for the reminder that it doesn't have to be complicated.
  7. Elastigirl Enjoys Life

    I'm on vacation the first of the challenge. Planning to enjoy my time with my family. Deciding it is a good time to step back and relax, and enjoy where I am. I have energy, I love to learn new things, and I enjoy movig my body. No goals this time, Just be thankful for all I have. When I return I will be doing Integral Strength, a bodyweight program from GMB. I bought some PVC Pipe, and am going go make (or enlist Mr, I. to make) paralettes so I can work on my L-sit. Also going to be doing the Focused Flexibility program. And keep working on math.
  8. Kestrel Joyfully Stagnates

    I love this. I've been caught up in that cycle too,.
  9. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    They recommend being able to do 5. But, I think you have the upper body strength . They actually start out with assisted pull ups on rings, so it might be a good way to build back up. When I started rings I could consistently 3 or 4.
  10. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    Challenge Summary Goal : Moana learns to ride the waves Upside down, spin three times a week- At the end of October we will be taking a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios, where we will ride roller coasters. For a lot of my life I avoided roller coasters. Now I think they are kind of fun. But my stomach needs a bit more convincing. The best way for me to convince my body that spinning on a ride is fun, is to spend some time spinning. It will also help me in the spring when I train on the rings. Goal is to do some sort of rolling or spinning move 3 times a week. That may include; forward rolls, back rolls , skin the cat, etc 2 points each day, 2 bonus points for a perfect week Last week I only did it once. Elements was 6 days.I had time to do a few forward rolls, but with the Elements schedule change, I just forgot. 8 points week 1 8 points week 2 8 points week 3 2 points week 4 Points =26 Goal: Moana learns new skills and completes her journey Completed by the end of challenge 10 points for each/ 5 points for half way completion Finish through pg 145-I’ve lost momentum on this and need to get it back complete, sort of, I didn't get through pg 145 because I decided to review with Khan Academy, but the main goal was to work on my math and I did consistently = 10 points Choose pictures for scrapbook part way = 5 points Finish Elements GMB program= = 10 points Week 41 of my Bible reading program Write a list of the home remodel projects/discuss with hubby prioritize them Write a list of to-do’s for vacation = 10 points Finish to do’s for vacation 10 points Swimming 2 times (1 time is 5 points) Mulch laid on garden bed Bonus: 10 points Plan out scrapbook pages Finish through pages 145 Start remodel task 80 points Moana has returned the hear to the goddess and sailed home.Prize earned. 50 points returned the stone, but has not returned home,choose a small prize total 71 points, small prize Moana has returned the stone, but her journey continues Bonus beat the sugar dragon earned $14 for her Kindle Fund, I bought book 1 and 2 of The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson Challenge thoughts : I thought I would like a list of things to do, but in reality it just made me feel overwhelmed and behind. I actually did get a lot of work, but somehow having the list made me feel as if I needed it all done.I just feel like I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately, thinking I have to advance faster in my workouts, be perfect with calorie tracking, and do ALL the Things. Next challenge I'm on vacation for the first couple of weeks. I'm going to take this challenge to just be more of a battle log. I'll do the things, and tell you all about them, and remember I do them because they make me feel better, not to achieve some sort of perfection award.
  11. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    Thanks, makes me feel better that you struggle with the bent arm bear too. I love Rings 1. I'm doing it again in the spring ( my rings are outdoor) Spoiler alert: Fred is let out of jail Fun to still read the stories. What math curr are you using now. You should look into Khan Academy, it gives you badges and points for each thing you complete, if you need to supplement with more practice, it's a fun,and well explained, way to do it Thanks! Thanks!
  12. Greg T and the temple of Fe

    Sounds good, just remember that building muscle helps, but weight loss is mostly about the food you eat.
  13. Woohoo on the pushups!!! Glad you like kettlebells. NIce on the prayer/meditation/quiet time habit too- you're right that is very important.
  14. Elennare The Fire Elemental

    Woohoo, Hellion of the Night and 4 hours of practice and still alive is Volcano goddess worthy!