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  1. Not a lot of updates this weeks. I've been doing the things. Well, ok, I'm still forgetting to make notes in my tracker. But, I am thinking before I eat, and this week's skill was to use my 5 senses with my food, and at dinner time I have done that occasionally. I am still continuing to put my fork down between bites. Not every bite, but if I notice I am plowing through my food, I consciously slow down. Been keeping up with my workouts. This week I restarted the chin up challenge. Doing that and the NF bodyweight, even with warm up and cool down , I can still do in 45 minutes. So, no time to dawdle or stare at facebook, but if I focus I can finish the workout in good time. I did my last journaling for the food and fitness values. There were 13 weeks. During the first half, I felt like I did the questions, and then forgot about it for the rest of the week. But, now I find myself thinking about my values as I make decisions around food (and other stuff too) I think it was very worthwhile. Making decisions around values allows for more flexibility than strict rules
  2. Auuuggghh! I missed this post(apparently I didn't check my posts just other people's) When I saw it at first I was???.Then slowly it dawned on me, hey I signed up for some challenge or something . Ok, back in the game. I decided to do the chin up challenge again, because I couldn't remember to do GTG chin ups. I'm switching to push ups, which are easier to do at random times. So far today 1 set has been done!
  3. Oh tarragon and squash sounds delicious. I have some Delicate squash, I bet tarragon sauce would pair well with it. That's my problem with sage, the only thing I can think of to use it in is stuffing, which I eat once a year. The plant is too huge to bring indoors.. I think I will just cover it with a frost cover, and unless we have an unusually cold winter, I should be able to just pick it fresh for Thanksgiving
  4. Sometimes what happens when you are on a diet for a while, is that your body compensates for less energy in by telling you to move less. Not necessarily the big movements, but home much yoou fidget while sitting or standing. There's a scientific term for that movement, but I can't remember it. So, even though you are exerising the same, your body is using less to conserve. Switching to eating enough for maintenance may signal to your body that it not has more energy, you may move more of those little movements, and be able to lose the weight. It also just gives you a mental break . I like the idea of focusing on the process
  5. I will drink pumpkin tea while wearing my flannel shirt of honor of the special day!
  6. Very impressed with the Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup and all the care you took making it.And fun that your daughter helped out! Glad you figured out how to make the noodles work
  7. So Carlos now has a permenant home and isn't roving the halls? That's sweet. You are doing great.
  8. Hi, as a 50+ year old woman, I can tell you that the sad truth is, it does get a bit harder as you get older. Your body starts to lose muscle, so it gets really hard to put it on. Not to be discouraging, because that is all the more reason why we have to keep in the game. Not sore after work outs is a good thing. Your body is adapting and getting used to working out. Sounds like your body knows working out is a good thing. If you look around at a lot of people your age, they are talking about all the things they can't do because they are too old. So, hooray for your body that it likes working out. How are your period cycles? If they are irregular, you could be in perimenopause. Hormones are wacky during this time, and send stressors through your body, and it makes it harder to lose weight. Sounds like you are eating healthy, so that is good. One thing to try, is to actually work out a bit less. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes too much exercise just signals more stress to our bodies, and our body responds by holding onto fat. For weight loss, I think walking is great. It helps me burn off calories, but it doesn't stress my body. Have you counted calories? Maybe for a week or two count calories. Just eat like you normally do, but track your calories. That will give you a good idea of where you are at and some changes you might make.
  9. My husband is an engineer. I agree that it is a certain type who is drawn to the job. Hope you have a fun time getting to know bachelor #3
  10. Wow, you are doing great. Great job getting right back into your routines! Also, yay for not stressing as much about the eating skills this week. I think that mindset just takes practice.We are very used to the diet mindset, so it's a bit of retraining our brains.
  11. Awesome day. How cool that you and your sis could do devotionals together! I agree, my whole day seems to go better when I start right off with Bible reading
  12. Welcome! Hopefully you will share your new recipe ideas with us.
  13. Today's workout was kettlebells and Mobius. The book that my workouts were from had some kettlebell swing drills. Even though I know how to swing the kettlebell, I did the drills. I figured going back and doing a bit of the basic practice is always good. Then I did the workout. I did the lighter bell, the 20lb. The workout is 20 sets, starting at 10 reps and then working up to 20 . I am not used to doing that volume, so I am working up to that, and doing less reps per set. My main goal was to do all 20 sets and I did! I worked up to 20 reps and then did 1 less each set. Knowing that each set there was one less swing helped with the mental aspect. I wanted to do staff practice, but didn't have time, and now I am too tired to do it.. I bought a loom today! A child's size one. It was smaller and cheaper. I figured it would be good to learn on. Weaving is always something that interests me, and I wanted something creative to do over fall and winter. It started out gray, and then the sun came out. By lunch time, when hubby and I went for a walk, the weather was gorgeous. Then in the afternoon, I worked in the garden.Pulled out our kale trees, which as the name implies were huge.The stalks were super thick.That big, the kale is bitter, so it needed to go. Also did some trimming of the sage bush. And cut back the Dahlias I grew both sage and tarragon this year, and hardly ever used it. I need to improve on that next year.
  14. Yes, it was interesting. His take is a bit different that Steve's .Steve's theory is more super easy level, while Josh's is that it shouldn't be too easy, or too hard. I've been pondering it, and think for me, it does not to be a bit of a challenge, but not too hard. Agreed, mindset wins are more long term. My weight can fluctuate too, that's why it's nice to have another form of measurement. You are welcome. I feel like it is something I need to continually remind myself. Yeah, I've had weight plateau and then suddenly drop