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  1. The Dailies

    dead hangs done!
  2. Lil_Red_Devil goes searching for hope, and her stolen spoons...

    You look gorgeous! Not only did you get dressed, but you got all prettied up. I consider getting dressed sweats and a t-shirt. So , I arard you bonus points for stepping it up. Hope you feel good for this weekend.
  3. Tialoredron Jumps Back Into the Fray

    Impressive workout!
  4. Salinger's fourth challenge!

    Eve nicer that you just noticed her and were concerned and went and helped.
  5. Learning The Elements

    Elements warm up 5 minutes (breaks as needed) Bear Frogger Monkey Did my workout outside in my backyard.It was fun to have more room, but harder because my backyard is very bumpy. Elements stretch afterwards. most stuff 30 second, except A-frame 2 x 30 seconds, because my ankles are the tightest
  6. Elastigirl Vs Godzilla

    Did Elements and Simple and Sinister. Morning routine, read Bible, had smoothie, emptied dishwasher, worked out , had second breakfast. DId Elements outside . Makes it a bit more difficult, as our backyard is super uneven. But it was fun 5 minutes bear, 5 minutes frogger, 5 minutes monkey (resting when needed_ Then I did swings and Turkish Get Ups. For the swings I did a drill to make sure I planked at the top and didn't extend my back too far back. Details are in this post http://www.strongfirst.com/one-classic-blunders-kettlebell-swing/- only I used the rings instead of a band. I realized that a bunch of the time, I do lean back. Will have to do this drill more Today's plan is to get ready for the Great Eclipse Camping Trip! Pondering on my work outs Workout took about an hour and 15 minutes, including warm up and cool down. Which is fine, but next week's Elements are going to be longer. I think part of the dilemma with my Simple Goal is realizing that I can't progress on it and work on Elements. And feeling a bit guilty that I want to do Elements. But I do want to do some kettlebell stuff. I am going to have to prioritize one of them, and I think it is Elements. Not sure how that will work out. Next week Elements is a 4 day a week program. I could do S &S on the off days. Or maybe I will just do it as longer sessions when I have time for both. Or just do Elements and then either swings or TGUS. And instead of working on building strength, I may just work on getting better form. Not sure, I will just see how it goes. Elements warm up 5 minutes (breaks as needed) Bear Frogger Monkey Did my workout outside in my backyard.It was fun to have more room, but harder because my backyard is very bumpy. Simple and Sinister Swings 35# 10 x 10 TGU 30/35/30/35/30 60 second rest Elements stretch
  7. Elastigirl Vs Godzilla

    Process goal are probably better, that's what you have control over. But it is nice to have outcome goals to hit.Good idea of scheduling a review. If I have an outcome goal that is sort of eventually I get there type thing, and then review to see how much closer I'm getting. Hmm, pondering that. 2 hours of hooping, that sounds intense.But fun too. You've worked hard to earn your shameless plug, congrats.
  8. Salinger's fourth challenge!

    That was nice of you to stop and help your friend, I hope she is o.k. Fajitas and chicken pasta are great , and sound very yummy. Yay for not buying the alcohol!
  9. Unstoppable: Tanktimus’ Return and Commencement of the Juggernaut Program

    Nice haircut! Do you fast one meal, when you do a big variance like that, or just that your workout gives you enough in your calorie budget?
  10. VanGrrl57---First 4 week Challenge---The rebuilding process

    Sounds like a lovely day.
  11. It’s a HELA good challenge for Terra

    Strongfirst just put out a good video, with a drill for helping you not to overextend your back http://www.strongfirst.com/one-classic-blunders-kettlebell-swing/
  12. J3nn - Gets Stuff Done

    Hugs, Just read your spoiler content about your daughter. I have a son 26,.I think in a way, parenting an adult is even harder than when they were kids. They are just starting down the road to adulthood, and we have all this experience we want to share with them, and really they just need to figure it out on their own. I've said things to my son that I'm pretty sure he was annoyed at. Trying to learn how to just bite my lip, but I don't always succeed like I should.Tell your daughter you love her, and you are sorry you hurt her feelings.Tell her how excited you are for her to finish the degree. And then be there at her graduation with flowers. You sound like a good, caring mom. Her husband most likely told you because he trusts you, and knows that you want a good relationship with her.
  13. Tialoredron Jumps Back Into the Fray

    I haven't exactly figured out how, but sometimes the computer will unfollowe people you've followed. Super annoying
  14. maegs is back

    Such pretty sailing pictures! Congrats on the job! Sounds like you are ready for a smooth sailing challenge.
  15. Learning The Elements

    I hope it is nothing serious. The first day my knees were getting stiff, and I had to take lots of breaks. The next time, I took some time and did some knee circles before as warm up, and that seemed to help.