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  1. Not related to anyone famous, but I have a cousin in Chicago who's an actor. You might recognize him from a Wheat Thins ad. The most famous person I've met is Chargers special-teamer Tim Dwight, post-retirement. He was working on something with solar energy and happened to be on my former military installation, so one of the engineers (knowing I was a Charger fan) asked him to come by my office and introduce himself. I remembered him from his playing days--still have a vivid image of him sprinting downfield to make a block ahead of a long pass, and he damn near outran the ball--so it was cool to shake his hand. Other than that I think I may have almost killed Chuck Yeager once, but I can't be totally sure it was him.
  2. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Bravo! And so quick from a relatively obscure clue, too. Not many people know how the album was named.
  3. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Are you acquainted with Mookie Blaylock?
  4. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    "In the Light" was the best song off that Jesus Freak album. "Flood" is my least favorite track from Jars of Clay, but that's still one of only two albums that I consider complete (as in, every song on it is excellent--no filler). In fact I listened to the whole thing yesterday at work along with my other favorite complete album. Any guesses what that might be?
  5. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    System ate my lengthy update. And I'm not typing all that out again. W3D4 - 3 1/2 points. Only 1/2 point for Move since I was busy driving kids around town, but I kept myself mobile with some light shopping and a quick wash of the RDC. All else was near enough target to merit green squares. Diet is improving, and I've started to process of tapering my dependence on diet soda in order to kick off 2018 cleanly. My ongoing reading of heart health issues has led me to look more closely at parts of my life that could use de-stressing. Still not sure what I'm going to do at the gym today, but I'm planning to go after work and do some proper exercise--albeit without the heavy barbells I've come to love. I'm sure I'll figure something out.
  6. Wild Wolf Wears his Brown Pants

    My Minions take turns sitting on my back for pushups. I'm glad I'm still strong enough to get a couple of reps with Bubbles, 'cause at 13 she's growing like a weed now.
  7. LadyShello's Quick & Dirty 24 day Challenge

    MFG's been getting in to this one lately. My screen time has been PS4-ish. Sorry to hear about your migraine, hopefully you get some relief soon. I seem to recall reading from the realm of Internet Voodoo that green light may help ease the symptoms. I don't know where to suggest you find any, though I don't recommend watching the Green Lantern movie.
  8. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    Better is on the way to good.
  9. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    I, too, will never judge anyone's love of snacky cakes. Also you briefly rendered me speechless, then I remembered that some treats might fit your macros better than others. I was expecting resistance from the doc (who tried to use the fact that she takes the same statin she prescribed for me as some sort of confidence boost) so it's not terribly disappointing. And since all of my cardiac tests are done and we know as much as we can I'm very happy to move on and work with my primary doc. He's a cool old dude who listens and doesn't give advice from on high--I consider him an ally and a good guy. I have considered that it might be possible to unbulk the heart muscle then resume a heavier training regimen at some point. In the meantime I think I can focus on leaning out and see where that takes me in terms of total lean mass. There's no need for me to carry around extra muscle, so I can live without it if it helps my overall QOL go up. Sloth might have to incorporate some additional grip training before our next big meet-up; I suspect he'll be obligated to man a "not-kissing" booth. Wordsworth reborn. So now I'm thinking to head down for my 40th, have a splendid time in The City, and stay through the weekend so we can do a Wild Hogs (but all in one car) trip to Cedar Park for dinner and hockey. @Tanktimus the Encourager are you up to meet us for an AHL game on the 30th not far from your AO? That would be the best way I could think of to ring in another year around the sun--steak and hockey with my brother and you excellent gentlemen. Pro-tip: it's the fretting hand that does all the interesting work.
  10. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    WELL IT'S NOT IN ENGLAND! WHY ARE WE YELLING? Oh yeah, it must be because you're ALL THE WAY OVER THERE IN ENGLAND. Not to brag, but clearly you've never been properly fondled by a guitar player. Something else I fear MFG doesn't fully appreciate.
  11. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    Wait, they're garnished with tiny imposter M&Ms? You're making it hard to keep the 'L' in my LCHF strategy.
  12. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Very first song I ever played in a live show with my first band (with all of three months of guitar learning under my belt) was a Christian-label '90s ska cover: Syncopated chords were not on my guitar learning agenda, but the band was made mostly of brass players from the local high school band.
  13. In point of fact I'm trying to pick up my brother for a Texas Stars game down near Austin--they're hosting my San Diego Gulls on Dec 30th. You interested?
  14. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    9 minutes each, so after three hours I was starting to feel irresponsible and decided I could only afford one more. I'm very blessed to have a low-stress job with a boss who accommodates my scheduling quirks as long as I'm getting my work done. There's a team-up for you. We're like the Avengers, except people are afraid for us to have their backs. Tank's right, you're on to something. Maybe just massage it a little. I aim to please, and all the more better if I can foster simultaneous appreciation at both ends. I'm a little excited to try something new, but right now it's mostly just anxiety about going away from what I know. I hope to find something fun that I can adjust to and get comfortable with quickly. But first I'm overhauling my diet. I've occasionally told MFG that as long as I have a face she'll always have a seat. I don't think she appreciates it as much as she should.
  15. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    W3D3 - 2 1/2 points. I might be extending a bit of charity here, but it feels good to get back in the winning column so I'm keeping the score. I didn't quite get up on time, but I also didn't snooze 21 times so that's a major improvement. Anyway I rolled out of bed at 7 am and got on with my day. I was still in food tantrum mode in the morning and my new car finally needed its first tank of fuel so I stopped on the way to work for fill-ups: gasoline for the RDC, a chorizo burrito and 44-oz Dr Pepper for the driver. After that I was able to calm down my day and stick to my planned lunch (the pork stir-fry), a couple of protein bars for snacks in the afternoon, and MFG's chicken-rice-cheese casserole with steamed broccoli for dinner. I added a handful of potato chips in the evening and closed out the day near enough to maintenance to earn the 1/2 point. After getting Dad-piled by the Minions for a while I gamed more NHL until 10 pm then headed up for routines and lights out by 10:30. Tablet-surfing only kept me up for a little while longer, so I'm calling that a full point as well. Definitely feeling better today. I'm going to stick to my program and try to do some yoga after work today just to test my physical recovery and see if I'm ready to go back to the gym tomorrow. I still don't know what I'm going to do when I get there, but it will be as epic as I can manage. Meanwhile the order of the day is disciplined eating. I can do it!