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  1. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    Final update: no weight, no work, nothing happening at all. If I was in a coma I doubt much would be different. I'm just barely clinging to hope that this injury isn't going to be massively life altering--so hard to know what's actually happening with the healing process; and it's not confidence-inspiring to have persistent pain in places nowhere near the actual broken bone. 16 more days to the next check. I regressed completely with my eating, and my sleep has been garbage for weeks. On the positive side of things I may have made some progress figuring out what's been bothering my knees these last few years. I'm working on my posture and stance to help rebalance the load in my legs. Of course it would also help to reduce that load by 20%, but we'll get back around to making that hay when the sun starts shining again. Speaking of weather, today is going to be interesting and probably not in a good way. We're right under the "G" in the "HIGH" on this map: So that's a wrap on this one. I need to focus on a Recovery (thanks, Snarky, that's a good reminder) challenge in the next one, and to be effective it'll need to encompass much more than just my arm. If the tornadoes don't interfere then I'll try have a new challenge post up later this week.
  2. DrFeelgood

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Following, brother! Those goals seem a bit...familiar.
  3. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    Today's brief update: status entirely unchanged except for one small triumph--I've gotten somewhat decent at bathroom duties with my left hand now. I'm so stagnant right now that the word "rut" seems like an injustice. 19 More days until the next doctor's appointment, and I hope that's the last I'll have to see of this cast.
  4. Are we accidentally forming the Regnar (Rangers who've gone backwards) Guild?
  5. Change that 9 to a 34 and that's about where I am. Basically the last time I was satisfied with my condition was when I hit my 1,000-lb PL total.
  6. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Waverider

    Here's to another round out in the surf looking for swells and catching the waves I can ride toward my fitness goal of shedding all this excess body fat. Last challenge worked reasonably well, so let's do more of that. I aim to lose 10 lbs over the next five weeks. Starting weight for this challenge is 237.2 lbs. I'm lasering in on that singular outcome because it's all I care about physically right now. My main motivation is that I need to have my ID photo retaken in mid-June and I don't want to be face-fat in it. Plus I'm refusing to shave my beard this year (I normally go clean-shaven for spring and summer [unless my hockey team makes the playoffs]) until I get back under 220 lbs. Goals are the same three things I'm always trying to pin down: Eat: still counting calories; daily target set to 8 kcal per pound of bodyweight (1900 kcal per day to start). This target will be revised every two weeks to reflect changes. I'm not setting any quality standards, but the guiding principles of nutrition should help me improve my intake. Generally I'll be 80% paleo-ish. Last challenge I was consistently low with sporadic junky highs. I'll try to smooth things out this time by eating up to my daily targets with better quality foods. Move: about the only thing that seems to be working for me right now is to walk on the treadmill in the interval between arriving home from work and sitting down to family dinner. I'm going to try and keep that going three times per week (M-W-F). The bodyweight strength/stretching stuff just isn't happening, so I'm not going to push it. If I do manage to get any random exercise on T-Th then I'll just consider it a bonus. I won't program for it, but I also want to keep getting back in somewhat of a decent playing shape for when roller hockey starts back up, and T-Th will be the best opportunities to fit in some skating and stick-and-puck. Sleep: if I get 7-1/2 hours per night then I'm considering that a win. I took the last few days off to relax, recover, and enjoy some caloric indulgences; but now I'm ready to start plugging away again with this Week Zero. Surf's up!