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  1. I can confirm this. That's also why I'm not in a terrible rush to do it again soon. We bought a new washer-dryer pair when we settled here. It's one of the things I was willing to splurge on.
  2. A fighter pilot in the US Air Force. Alas my eyesight was an insurmountable hurdle. I did serve as a jet mechanic on F-16s for four years, though. Since early high school I also wanted to be an architect. Lo and behold, that's what I do now, well mostly. The other item on my agenda was to be a husband and father. I'm still trying to get good at those. Most frequently worn? Jeans, a Star Wars t-shirt under a short-sleeve button-down, and sneakers. Most happily worn? The Shorts. Probably the ability to learn from other people's mistakes. I also have pretty keen spatial awareness.
  3. Busy weekend, now for some catching up. W2D6 - 0/5. Highest calories of the week by far, I cleared 5500 for the day. I skipped the gym to get home and work on my other guitar some more. I drank a soda or two for caffeine purposes, and I stayed up late and skipped guitar practice. W2D7 - 1/4. We spent the day in Oklahoma City--first at the natural history museum (always fun), then out for lunch with the family, and finally hitting our two favorite grocery stores before heading home. I ate a bunch of good stuff, drank a couple of sodas, and stayed up late working out guitar parts for Sunday morning. Week 2 Check-in. Did not happen. I didn't weigh in. I didn't take a progress photo. The numbers for the week suggest I should have gained about 3 pounds, and it wouldn't surprise me if that was true or if I gained more or even less. It's difficult to tell, and I'm not particularly inclined to care at the moment. I'm enjoying my down time. I only bothered with 6 goals last week, and half of those were just by momentum. This week should get better, but probably not all at once. W3D1 - 2/4. I allowed a couple of Dr Peppers to perk up the day after a late night and less sleep than I'd have liked. I didn't track eating at all, but I'll ball-park my daily total around 3000. I played the worship set at church, and the morning's rehearsal was very good practice. After an exhausting day of working on projects and cooking another batch of chicken tikka (not as good as the first one) I went to bed at 9:00 pm. I was feeling the onset of what seems like strep throat, and I thought some extra sleep would serve me well. Alas, I woke up at 1am and couldn't go back to sleep until after 3. Now I'm home resting so I don't spread an illness around the office. I do have this picture to make up for lack of progress this week: My fitness may be in a stall, but my projects are moving ahead.
  4. I realized during tonight's PHI-PIT game that I hadn't seen your thread this time around. Now I'm finally following you. I'm even too ashamed to say, Go Pens.
  5. Yup, that's all three of my boys.
  6. I wasn't recommending that you try to be a dad. I really appreciate that my kids have unique relationships with their parents. Bubbles would probably burn more stuff if she realized it meant we'd do more things together. It would be entirely different between her and MFG.
  7. Difference between moms and dads. A mom will eat it, and smile, and say thank you. Dad will suggest that we go make two more (at a lower temperature).
  8. 2015 was pretty great. I got in shape, got a promotion, made a little money selling my house, traveled a bit to visit family (while looking like Wolverine), my wife and kids were happy and healthy and enjoying their work and friends, I took a few risks and they paid off, and I think I grew a bit as a person. '03-'04 was wonderful. I graduated from university, fell in love with MFG, got engaged, started grad school, got married, got hired on permanently with DoD, got approved to continue my grad program, and had our first daughter all in a span of 18 months. I think this one qualifies as the best year of my life, so far. '94-'95 was another good one. That was my senior year of high school so fewer accomplishments but lots of personal growth.
  9. W2D5 - 2/5. Good eating still isn't happening. I was excellent through dinner, but then I went to the store after band practice for a couple of office supplies. While there MFG texted a short list of snacks she wanted, so I grabbed her stuff then added a few items of my own. I don't suppose I needed to eat all of it when I got home, but that's exactly what I wanted to do. At least I got my water goal for the day. No exercise again because I wanted to take advantage of the warm, dry weather to spray primer on my Carvin guitar. Naturally it was windy as balls and I had a hard time getting even coverage, but it turned out pretty good. A little sanding and spot repair should have it ready for color by this weekend if the wind dies down. Band practice went fine, so that's my other win for Day 5. I stayed up late watching (and falling asleep to) TV with MFG--we found a neat little documentary series on Netflix about British castles, and last night's episode on Dover was fascinating. We got caught up on our dramas afterward and that's when I started dozing off. Of course when I moved upstairs to try and go down for good I couldn't sleep at all, and the increasing wind storm made for a restless night. Oh well, back at it today. Let's see how it goes.
  10. Must be a bad storm. They postponed the Arsenal match.
  11. I have an extensive wish list of items from both categories. A Slash-like replica '59 Les Paul (gold top) is on there.
  12. I did, in fact.
  13. I said I'd buy myself a car. Sure, it would be a sensible Dad-wagon, but it would still be an indulgence.
  14. Save yourself, it's too late for me. I did that just yesterday :'( I did that years ago. In my defense, he was riding his bike in and out of the ditch at the front of my yard where my kids used to leave toys lying about (another pet peeve, grrrr), and I didn't want him to get hurt by running into something he couldn't see in the grass.
  15. I had that same thought earlier, so now that you've confirmed it it's official. Ice cream is (Smallville's version of) red kryptonite. ______________ W2D4 - 1/5. I did manage to get some guitar practice in last night after I rechecked the setup on my primary electric guitar and tweaked a few settings. I didn't do any drills, but I worked a bit on repertoire and just keeping the fingers loose. I have band practice tonight since I'm on the schedule for Sunday morning. Apart from that, I took the day off. I relied pretty heavily on caffeine, and since I don't drink coffee or tea that meant a lot of soda. I eschewed anything "diet" and just enjoyed some regular Dr Peppers and Coca Colas spaced throughout the day. I also blew off any semblance of eating discipline and made huge meals of indulgent foods. Breakfast was a mondo cream-cheese turnover (with Dr Pepper); lunch was a double Whataburger with cheese alongside large French fries and another Dr Pepper; dinner was MFG's sensible baked ham with cheesy potato casserole and salad; the evening added two large Coca Colas, half a bag of jellybeans, and another pint of red kryptonite while staying up late playing guitar and watching TV. I didn't do any exercise (unless walking around WalMart with Butch for an hour and a half counts) and I probably won't do any today. It's hot and dry which means I can resume my guitar painting schedule, so I'm going straight home after work to get that done before dinner and band practice tonight. As of this morning I'm back to eating and drinking on plan, and I fully intend to get to bed on time tonight. That should be the start of a decent reboot, then tomorrow I can shoot for all five goals with a decent gym session to end the workweek.