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  1. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: I'll do what I want

    Scales are the most objective thing on the planet. Now mirrors on the other hand...those things lie like the devil. It's not the pound up that bugs me, it's the bunked expectation of a pound or two down based on my impressions of how I'd been doing with my goals. That's a three pound swing. But mostly it means that my impressions must be off. I'm fine with gaining weight when I'm bingeing on ice cream every night--that makes sense to me. But failing to lose and instead gaining (what turned out to be) a pound and a half when I'm actually more focused on my eating pisses me off--again not because of the gain per se but because it means that I'm either underestimating what I've been doing or that something in my metabolism has undergone a significant change. I don't like either of those prospects. On the other hand, my impressions have been just that--unquantified and largely unthinking quasi-mental guesstimates of what I've been doing. And mainly that meant just not eating ice cream. _____________________________________ Sunday didn't get a number. I basically ignored everything for several days while I dealt with the emotional fallout of last week's stupidity while trying not to fall back in to old patterns over a long, cold, and dreary weekend (with some success--I did not at any time give in to the ice cream). I finally got back on the scale Tuesday morning to find that I was up yet again to 249.4 lbs; 2 pounds heavier than at the challenge start, my second-highest recorded weight in 2018, and nearly a full 30 pounds up from where I was this time last year. To say 2018 hasn't gone as I'd hoped is a gross understatement. This rut I'm in is kicking my ass.
  2. ^ This. So minor as to be almost inexistant, imo. It seems neither of you made the twin mistakes of taking the wrong OTC painkillers and going bowling the night after the procedure.
  3. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: I'll do what I want

    I appreciate the extra eyes. Maybe y'all will see something I'm overlooking. But I'm also really good at identifying hurdles of any size in an effort to not do anything. Well you know what's at the top of my list. Right now my boggle is whether I want to continue in this profession or not. The last 14 years have just about beaten all remaining enjoyment out of it. To be fair it's a fine (if somewhat quirky) state and I am grateful for a lot of things regarding the move. If I never have to shovel another pile of snow it will still be too soon. I simply did not anticipate how little there was going to be for civilian men of my age here in Buttcrack, OK. There was a lot more that I liked to do when I lived in Iowa; and even Armpit, NM was better despite being less than 1/2 the size of Buttcrack. Then again I was younger and less encumbered, so maybe I'm remembering something I wouldn't have if I were back there today. I also have aged pretty hard in the last few years, and that certainly taints my outlook in general...regardless of where I'm physically standing on the planet. But I'd rather cope with this knee pain while eating brisket in Texas. ________________________ Yesterday was okay, I suppose. I stuck to one Dr Pepper in the morning, but neglected to refill with water afterward. I didn't have a lunch, so at noon I ran to the minimart for a snack and ended up with a bag of Cheetos, a salami-cheese thing, and a Diet DP for the energy perk to get through the afternoon. Then I worked late to finish up the day, and MFG brought the boys to my office so we could leave straight to neighbor town for their troop meeting. After checking them in I went in to town for a burrito (chorizo and eggs with cheese and pico de gallo), which was big but kinda boring. The last bite was super vinegary for some reason, so I snagged a chocolate bar on the way back to the troop meeting. Once I got back home I ate a few chocolate truffles and then closed the book on the day's eating. Without logging anything I felt like I'd done okay this week--snacking was significantly down and my meals were being pretty reasonable. Alas, this morning I hopped on the scale to see where I am and it's actually almost a pound heavier than Sunday. I'm blaming burrito bloat. Hopefully Sunday's number will be better.
  4. DrFeelgood

    Cheetah begins to practice at intuitive eating.

    You have no idea how deep that rabbit hole goes. There are simply too many variables in wood selection, construction methods, fit and finish, etc. There is no consensus in the electric guitar community as to whether or not tone is affected by things other than pickups. Some say every little detail is crucial, some say nothing matters but the pups, and still others say that tone is all in your fingertips. I think there are elements of truth in each of those camps, but there's no way to know for sure until you just do it. That said, chasing tone is an endless pursuit. You'll always want to try something slightly different to eke out a bit more chime, or shimmer, or mid-sqwak, or whatever else you're wanting to hear. The only limit is time and money. If you want to flatten things, then a smooth pounder like so is the best for the task; I like the upright style, it gives more control and makes it easier to get a uniform thickness: If you want to tenderize tougher cuts of beef, then a needler is much more effective than a blunt-force tool:
  5. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: I'll do what I want

    It's been quite a year, which is weird to say since it seems like almost nothing significant has happened. I haven't made any progress with fitness--in fact I'm as soft and heavy as I've ever been. I feel like I've been in a holding pattern in most areas of my life, and that certainly isn't inspiring me to strive for Lean and Strong. But I also feel like that holding pattern is finally turning for a bit more progress, and if I can just get my attitudes aligned properly then I'll have some momentum to carry in to 2019. So this challenge is about ending the year on a positive note with a little bit of weight loss, a little bit of discipline, and a return to at least some of the work that helped me achieve my goals the first time around. With regards to my fitness strategy I'm removing all of my prior (half-hearted, at best) restrictions. Instead of focusing on what I can't do, I'm going to frame my goals in terms of the things I want to do. I want to eat more meat and freggies: I've been pretty unhappy with the quality of my eating lately, not just because it's been full of junk but because that junk has been crowding out decent foods that I genuinely love. This one is always a challenge since I don't do our routine meal planning or prep, but MFG is on board with a clean-up and is slowly rehabbing our plans and stores. I want to drink more water: in a similar vein, my Dr Pepper consumption has been displacing water as my primary source of hydration. I love Dr Pepper and I'm not imposing strict controls on it; but I definitely want to drink more water, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm pretty sure that by drinking more water I'll drink much less Dr Pepper, so it's win-win. I want to sleep until I'm not tired: plainly, I'm just not getting enough sleep. I want to be in bed when I'm not supposed to be, but when bedtime rolls around I want to stay up and bask in my games without interruption. These conflicting wants conspire to keep me perpetually tired. I have to decide which one I want more and then go after it. I want to walk, stretch, and strengthen my core: I'm pretty ashamed of my body. I have wallowed in disappointment with it all year and now I'm in such a state that I'm actually (mildly) embarrassed to leave my house. I feel like a slug, and I'm tired of it. I do not want to go to the gym, but I have a treadmill and a floor at home; and really all I want is to be in decent condition and able to do my regular life without undue strain or pain. So I've decided that I want to walk to improve my endurance, I want to stretch to improve my flexibility, and I want to plank to improve my core strength to reduce back pain. I enjoyed being a Buff Dude™, but I just don't feel the pull to put in that kind of work again. I want to get out of our rental house: more of a life goal than a fitness goal, although getting some space will help with my motivation to keep (or start) exercising at home. MFG and I are making our peace with staying in this town for the foreseeable future, so it's time to find a permanent home that serves our family a lot better than the place we've been in since we got here. I want to support my Nerds & Doodlies: I've been a slack-ass when it comes to the forum, mostly because of my own negative disposition. Well, I'm here to cheer y'all on as we finish up the year and get ready for a fresh start. That's a bigger list than I've attempted of late, but it's nothing really new. I'll probably try to devise a spreadsheet of some type for tracking purposes, but it will likely just be a diary with notes on each day's highlights. Let's do this.