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  1. I definitely needed some, I definitely didn't need it all. Funny thing was yesterday my stomach was literally growling at work, and I'm still flirting with the third belt notch. Maybe all the extra eating helped flush out the extra water? Idunno. The week should clean up nicely after today. Ice cream wasn't misdirected, that was just a tantrum. Combo-breaker has been completed. Now there's a giant bowl of beef stew with my name on it. I let the enemy take some ground that wasn't strategically critical to me at the time, but they are overextended now and I'm going to cut off their supply lines. Sometimes this dad thing is pretty incredible. Oh, it didn't break; I broke it. You know, like a man.
  2. Umm, yeah, 'bout that... ____________________ W6D1 - 1/4. I was trying so hard to keep it on the rails, everything was on target for the day after dinner and I was looking forward to a quiet evening and an early bedtime. I had gotten a bit snacky on Saturday night, so I counted all that eating as Sunday's breakfast. Then MFG wanted to do a lunch date since we're slowly getting the kids used to being home alone for short periods, and it had been awhile since the two of us did anything together. I indulged a double bacon cheeseburger with fries at the local brew-pub, then we went and toured some of the outlying communities to see if they're viable for settling down in (they're not). When we got home I spent a couple of hours doing some much-needed yard work, then dinner was pasta with meat sauce. I went a fair bit over target for the day, but when I counted my bonus calorie burn from all the yard work it actually broke even right on target. All I had to do was go to bed. But I screwed up. I took a shower then relaxed on my bed for a while watching Frasier on Netflix. Next thing I knew I was opening my eyes at 9 pm after taking an inadvertent nap. I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed, but I did it anyways. Once downstairs I perked up and couldn't settle back down for anything even remotely close to a proper bedtime. Staying up 'til 3 am, while not ideal, isn't typically fatal to my goals. This time, however, my appetite (stoked by poor nutrition and lots of physical exertion earlier in the day) kicked into overdrive and took me on a whirlwind snack binge through an additional 2,400 kcal of things I absolutely didn't need to eat. I saw it coming and tried to stave it off with a plate of fried egg whites, but once the flood gates opened there was no closing them. And just to make sure I broke my water goal I washed down a pair of PB&Js with a frosty glass of milk. Boo. W6D2 - 1/5. I needed a breather of a day, so I'm not calling this the start of a spiral yet. Monday started with DDP since I needed a caffeine boost to get moving. Breakfast was a Sausage McMuffin on the go, and lunch was leftover pasta with meat sauce. For dinner we had broiled pork loin chops with broccoli and sweet potatoes, and I polished off the leftover green beans for a bit of extra bulk. Sadly it didn't hold. By late evening I was ravenous again, only this time I was already out on the town shopping for guitar-related stuff and it was all too easy to overlook a box of Red Vines and a pint of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream that appeared in my cart. Those were accompanied in the evening by some rolled tacos topped with shredded cheese and then a bowl of pecans drizzled with the why-haven't-I-thrown-it-out-yet caramel sauce from Easter dessert. Total soared to over 4,000 kcal with more carbs than I typically eat in a week. I worked late and needed to be home for MFG on time, so I skipped the gym--not that I was feeling it anyway. My new guitar was delivered yesterday, plus my knee was acting up, and I was just plain tired. There was no shortage of excuses for taking the day off. I got home for dinner then kept the boys while MFG took Bubbles to her AHG meeting. Once I unpacked and inspected my scratch-and-dent LTD I determined that it would need some minor wood repair and made a list of supplies so we could run out to the craft store. We got back home (with the bonus calories in tow) and I got to work drilling out the bad strap button where the body had been crushed and glued in a section of dowel to fill the void. It'll make a nice structural repair that should be pretty seamless once I've repaired the paint. I'd say that was a pretty good deal for $100 off the price of a new one. It plays really nicely, too, but it definitely needs new strings and some tweaking of the set up. I'm pleased with it. After I was done with guitaring (including a ripping practice session with the new one) I sent the younger boys upstairs and sat down with Brick for our first discussion of the birds and bees. MFG has already given them all a basic education in where babies come from, but Brick is the first to reach the threshold of male puberty so this is my initial foray into this category of father-son stuff. I never really had it myownself as a youngling (my own father having passed away when I was only 8) so I'm approaching it from the "Here's what I wish I knew when I was your age" vector. It went really well. I've got a book that's providing structure for our talks and we're taking one chapter at a time each night this week. I'm excited to be teaching and mentoring him this way. Last night he paid me the greatest compliment I think I've ever received--he said, "You always explain things in a way that makes sense to me." I really really hope that translates into actually saving him from some of the grief I endured as a young man. But fitness, yeah. I probably need to get back on that. Today should be okay--I've eaten reasonably well and I'm planning a combo-breaking walk on the treadmill when I get home this afternoon. Bedtime might be a little rocky since I've been nursing DDP all afternoon, but I'll get whatever I can get out of this day and trust the combo-breaker to reboot me for tomorrow.
  3. Nice to see you again, Korra. I trust this response finds you well in your mobile bunker. I aim to please. The chart helps to curb and direct my otherwise obsessive tendencies--at least it does when I follow it.
  4. W5D7 - 4/4. A cold and drab day outside trumped our planned trip to the zoo, so we stayed home and took care of some household chores. The Timmycaster took a few steps backwards, and now I'm going to have to start from scratch for the whole thing. That's fine, I learned from my mistakes and I have more confidence in what I'm doing now; so the final result will be better for it. The Carvin got its string ferrules finally, and this time with only a single small chip that's almost covered by the ferrule itself. I'm content to leave it. Food and drink were fine. Bubbles made French toast for breakfast and served them with applesauce and a bit of the caramel sauce I made for Easter dinner. Lunch was leftover Greek chicken, potatoes, and green beans. For an afternoon snack I ate a single piece of toast with butter while I was cooking our dinner--I roasted a pair of sirloin tip roasts in the oven to a perfect medium rare and served them with mashed potatoes and a side salad. I made a demi-glace with merlot (3 buck Chuck) and beef consomme that everyone really enjoyed with the meat. We ate one whole roast at dinner time and chilled the other one to be sliced then frozen for another meal some other time. Very tasty. After all that I had a little over 100 calories left on the day, so we took the Minions to the ice-cream shop to use some coupons they earned in a reading program. I invited enemy forces for a formal parlay by ordering a single scoop of Rocky Road in a cup. The Axis of Evil was delicious. I spent the evening relaxing with some Dr. Mario (old school) before sending the kids up to bed and working on the song list for church. Guitar practice was very productive. I watched a couple of shows with MFG then headed up to my own bedroom on time for rituals and a decent night's sleep. It was a very good day.
  5. I have a really hard time not picturing you as Anni from HPC, and I really really hope your laugh is exactly like hers because that's how it is in my head.
  6. I actually measured this in my first round of weight loss a couple years ago since I had access to reliable composition tools at my gym. While dropping from 244 to 196 lbs over five months I lost on average 1 pound of lean mass for every 9 pounds of fat burned. All that time I was getting stronger, but I was reducing my lean mass along with the body fat because I was in constant deficit. I don't think I'm adding any lean mass in this go 'round, either; but it's clear my body composition is improving. That's what makes me lean toward the opinion that this week's scale increase is just water retention--well that combined with the total lack of any apparent MAAHSULL definition in this morning's photo and the need to pee twice an hour.
  7. I want to be able to disregard my weight so badly, but I also don't want to weigh over 200 lbs. I know scale weight doesn't matter, but I can't reconcile my conflicting beliefs. For now I'm content with turning fat into lean mass if that's truly what's going on. I wish there was a precise way to measure body composition at home so I could do it more regularly. I'm doing my part (mostly). The program is taking care of the rest. It's nice to see results again. Yeah, that was perfect. It's even better if you know that Ensi lives in Finland. I heard your accent in my head and had to stifle a laugh.
  8. Probably just water. I've been running to the potty every 30 minutes all morning. I appreciate the vote of confidence, though. Y'all are seeing more in my photos than I am.
  9. My sister in law rocks the Jimmy Neutron look. I bet you could pull it off, Sylvaa.
  10. Week 5 Check-in. Scale weight is up slightly at 220.8 lbs and waist measurements haven't changed at all, even though I was able to wrangle in another belt notch this week (temporarily). Even so I'm feeling leaner and stronger, and I received a couple of comments at work yesterday about how I'm looking trimmer again. The scale and the tape aren't really telling the story, but I can see small improvements in this week's progress photo. Compared to the beginning of the year this a huge improvement. I still want to see my total mass drop below 220 again soon, but as long as things keep tightening up I'm happy with the direction I'm headed. I'll have a better sense of my body composition when I go get it measured in the BODPOD, but that's a few weeks away still--beginning June 1 I'll do it every two months. Week 5 finishes up today, and I intend to make a big push to break those barriers (220-lbs and 40" around the belly) in Week 6.
  11. Trying to. I'm still falling off of my program every now and then, but I've been bouncing back much quicker thanks to the combo breaker. It's helping me to stay in the War mindset, too. Thanks! ________________ W5D6 - 5/5. Eating and drinking were on target. Breakfast was eggs and toast, lunch was leftover Greek chicken with potatoes and green beans, then dinner was MFG's turkey chili with avocado and a side salad. I added a double protein shake to cap the day at 1965 kcal with 163g of protein. Workout was good. I did the usual warm-up then 3xBBWW followed by OHP of 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 for 5 reps each before 130 topped out at 4 reps. I've definitely lost the most in my shoulders, and it's been a struggle trying to get it back. I'm still omitting dead lifts while I give the knee some time to rebound, so I moved on to dips for 3x10 then threw in a set of 10 hanging leg raises just to see if it's causing any pain, which is wasn't. I'm still not going to push those too hard, though. I did some calf stretches in between sets of dips so I could beat feet to get home on time. The evening was pretty mellow. After dinner I got to working on the guitar projects, and Bubbles kept me company by reading from her new library book on coding. I made more progress on the Timmycaster decal, and I shaved down all the drop fills on the Carvin so I could polish it back to the super high gloss in the earlier photo--it came out really nice. My new guitar (the LTD) is currently in Oklahoma City on the big brown truck of happiness, but even though it's less than 2 hours away the tracking website says I can expect delivery Tuesday evening. Maybe it'll be sooner. I'm still waiting on parts for the Carvin, so any work today will probably be sanding down the Timmycaster body for round two of paint. After finishing up my projects I sat down with Bubbles at the PC and helped her through a few coding exercises (in Scratch) from her book. She had a lot of fun with it, since it's almost entirely graphics based. I sent her up to bed and knocked out a guitar practice session working through the set list for Sunday morning, then I went up to bed on time. It was a good day, and today is going to be another one.
  12. In parallel, sure; but in series I think it's okay.
  13. Thanks, y'all. I'm feeling pretty good about the week, but I don't expect to have broken any barriers with my check-in tomorrow morning. Still, it's been good progress. _________________ W5D5 - 4/5. Another solid day in the books--I ate and drank well, practiced with gusto, and slept like I meant it. Breakfast was a fruit smoothie; lunch was leftover fish with rice, broccoli, and sweet potato; dinner was MFG's Greek chicken and potatoes with a side of fasolakia (green beans with tomato sauce). I had just a couple of pecan halves for a snack and called it a day just slightly over target at 1995 kcal with 124g of protein. Smoothie days are always a bit low in protein. I worked a little late and got home just in time for dinner before band practice, so I didn't get my run in; but honestly I don't think I'd have done it even if I had the time. My knee is enjoying the lighter load and I'm going to suspend running for now to see if it improves. For the foreseeable future I'm just going to walk 2 miles for cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Exercise was my only miss for the day, and I consider it well spent. Band practice was quick and painless. I got back home in time to play some Mario Kart 64 with Bubbles before getting to work on the Timmycaster (lacquering the headstock decal) and the Carvin (more drop-filling finish defects). I cleaned up my project mess and headed upstairs on time for rituals and a decent night's sleep. I got the shipping notice today for my new guitar, so now I'm hawking the tracking page to see when it will be delivered. I wasn't expecting it to even be in stock for over another week, and I'm pumped it's going to arrive early. Hopefully it doesn't need too much TLC to get running correctly out of the box. Today is going to be a good day.
  14. Did the tech at least buy you dinner first?