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  1. Super Starling Ready to Fly!

    Following for super star Ranger awesomeness! I like your glasses. Very smart to take baby steps with nutrition. I had the most success I've ever had when I tapered sodas down to nothing. And you probably already know my stance on progress photos--they're the only thing that will be truly honest with you. Ranger on!
  2. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod Buckles Down

    You're really good at this. I hope TH appreciates the sport.
  3. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    I had the same thought, but it was probably just wishful thinking.
  4. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    1. I keep a briefcase with important items in an easy-to-grab spot. 2. My wallet: we're going to need it to recover. 3. The box of baby memories my wife keeps on the top shelf of the closet.
  5. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    Don't forget the trade-off...
  6. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Raul's Wild Kingdom. Where did you find this guy?
  7. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod Buckles Down

    Sorry, I needed the eyes of a wider slice of the populace. Plus I know there are more than a few docs (even heart docs) over there. My greater loyalty is here, by far, even though I've been there much longer. This is my home, and every single person here is welcome at my table. Most of the folks at the other place--well I wouldn't even make eye contact with them at the bus station.
  8. The Doodlies Doodle

    I, too, am deetless.
  9. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod Buckles Down

    Your mother is very wise. I'm slowly getting back to normal. I'm just warming up my foot at the moment. Butt kicking will commence properly in just a few hours. Yeah, I always want to jump back in with both feet after a total break, then I get discouraged when it's so difficult. I'm going to break it down and work on rebuilding my momentum piece by piece. Then I should be at cruising speed again by Monday morning. And I appreciate you being such a gracious hostess by letting us play at your place. I try to keep a moderately tidy house in my thread. It's the one that's most likely to be on screen when my kids are wandering by, after all. They're just not ready for Buff's stuff. See you at Deffy's. __________________________ W1D4 - 2 points. Daily score is inching upward, that's a good thing. I only had one red block yesterday when I forewent any Movement so as to be not-sweaty when we arrived at small group. I'm going to have to find something that works with Wednesday nights, though, even if it's just a leisurely walk. I had a fleeting thought about making up Tuesday's missed gym session, but that ended quickly when my work day wore on. Wake was another half point day (barely) since I did get out of bed earlier than the day before, but I still don't have any kind of morning routine beyond roll out of bed, fall into clothes, and get in the car. I really want my days to start better than that, so I'm going to need a better plan. Eat was another half point after I submarined myself at small group. I intended to only eat MFG's lasagna and close out my day on target, but one couple brought chicken tikka and another brought beef and chicken taco roll-ups from Taco Bueno. I was obligated to try some of the tikka, and I ate a few too many of the taco roll-ups after eating half of the lasagna I planned for. Then I had a good slice of pumpkin pie with Reddi Whip before halting the day at 2551 kcal. Still under maintenance but well enough over target. I made every effort to get to bed on time, and even though sleep was a bit delayed I still had all the lights off at 10:30 and didn't watch any Netflix. I crushed candy until 11 when I was sleepy enough to put everything away. It worked well and I had a much better morning today for it. Full marks for Sleep. After stressing over it for a few days I finally made a decision about how to proceed with my cardiac testing. With some good information and advice from my other forum and some cooperation from my insurance company I've decided to cancel the echocardiogram and go straight for the angiogram. I can't say I'm super sanguine about letting a hospital stick a catheter in my arteries, but I also realized that there's no resolution to this issue without that test. Hopefully it will come out clean and I can put this whole thing behind me. And if not then I'll at least know what needs to be done to stay healthy and active. At this moment all I can do is wait for the appointment and continue doing what I've been doing. Which means finally getting back to the gym tonight. It's been over two weeks since I was there, so I'm doing a one-off workout this evening as a reorientation of sorts instead of jumping right back in to my program. And since I missed Tuesday I decided that tonight should be all barbells at reduced weights for simple 3x10s just to get the major muscles used to working again. It won't prevent DOMS, but it should reduce the severity; plus I'll be ready to go with the program again next week at full speed. I'm off work tomorrow to take care of my boys while MFG takes the girls' troop camping. Friday-Saturday is my final remaining pitfall for the week, but it should afford some good opportunity for father-son bonding over a few high-quality meals and some recreational activity--weather pending. I don't have a formal plan, and that often results in slothing and feasting, but the house is devoid of crap foods (at least it should be if MFG let the kids polish off the pumpkin pie today) and I have no desire to sit around the house with three boys for two days. We'll find something fun to do, even if it's just out of necessity.
  10. Consistency is more Important than Theme: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Up here in Oklahoma we have just two: Winter and Road Construction.
  11. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    All of my kids do that already. I know you were busy at the wedding, but didn't you see the mounds of nuggets they put away? They must've gone through the line 5 times each. And then we still picked up burritos at Tank's taco place on the way back to the hotel for dinner. I'm going to need a second job when they're all in high school.
  12. DrFeelgood - The Dad Bod Buckles Down

    Above the waist only, above the waist only!!
  13. Wild Wolf Outruns the Evil Demon Monkeys

    Our Caravans have been pretty decent, though the first one did strand us in the middle of MO after midnight when the transmission shelled out at ~120K miles. It's still running okay as my DD now since I bought MFG a new 2015 Grand Caravan not long after we got the old one fixed.
  14. Consistency is more Important than Theme: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Raw mastodon. Tank's just lucky he lives in Texas where the climate par-cooks everything while you're still butchering the kill.
  15. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    Right? Mine are 12, 11, 10, and 8; and I thank God every day that he gave us 2008 off.