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  1. I don't know what week we're on, but I haven't been doing anything specific anyway. With my family out of town it was a good time to make some headway on my guitar projects, so after putting in an hour or so of overtime every day I'd come home, eat dinner, and get to work painting, sanding, buffing, soldering, etc. I haven't been tracking calories or macros, and I definitely haven't done anything resembling deliberate exercise. Sleep is still shot all to hell without MFG, and I haven't been super strict with my drinking goal either. Basically I've back-burnered all goals for this challenge. That said, I've had decent success at being moderate. I've enjoyed a few sodas without letting them take over my life. Food has been pleasant and easy since I've been making mass quantities for the week and sticking to it. After a week or so of soothing my abandonment feelings with copious amounts of ice cream and gelato my weight shot up pretty high, but after another week of moderation I'm back down to within 4 pounds of my 2017 low. One thing I've been focusing on is keeping my water intake up since staying hydrated keeps snack cravings at bay. I've been physically active in the evenings with my projects; though I wouldn't call it strength or flexibility or anything like that, it's more just "movement". The only thing I feel like I'm really struggling with is sleep. Meh, I'll take it. I'm kinda missing the gym but at the same time not really anxious to get back to it. All I really want right now (out of fitness) is to fit comfortably in my "skinny" clothes again. Bubbles' guitar is coming along nicely: I can't wait to string her up and hear how she sounds, by next weekend the neck should be ready for final finishing and assembly, just in time for MFG and the Minions to return from their trip. Hope y'all had a great week, here's to another great one ahead.
  2. I'd be shopping for a French shirt right now just to wear them. MFG hasn't ever bought an anniversary gift for me. We exchange cards each year, then I surprise her with a gift for the both of us. If we're very lucky then we might get to go to dinner, otherwise I try to prepare something fancy at home. She's extremely low key, but she does go out of her way to make a small fuss about the kids' birthdays and Christmas. We're a year-and-a-half out from number 15, maybe I should start planning ahead for a moderately less low-key celebration.
  3. Late start to this challenge, life has been advancing quickly and I've only just now found this moment between sprints to breathe and refocus. I've been subsisting almost entirely on sugary junk food and cold medicine for the last few weeks, and my physique has certainly taken the hit. With MFG and the Minions beginning their summer travels tomorrow morning now is a golden opportunity to invoke the Way of Pain™ and recover some of the progress I've made this year with strength and weight loss. After having recently thrown all common sense, discipline, caution, and decency to the wind regarding my food intake, I've decided I need a slightly simpler approach to the coming few weeks. And since I'm going back in to reluctant bachelor mode there really isn't any pressure to vary the household menu. To that end I'm going to embrace weekly food prep in full. On Sunday I will prepare all of the meals for the following seven days using a total allotment of kcal and macros for my programmed fat loss targets and then splitting them up. This will have the added benefit of not needing to track, log, or count anything during the week--all will be done ahead of time and in full. Hopefully it will work as a set-it-and-forget-it style of nutrition that makes it easier to stick to my goals. To whit, I'm sticking with my usual basics: - Drink. Water only, no soda or diet soda, all day every day. I need to keep my hydration up to curtail the snacky cravings. - Eat. As outlined above. Desired rate is 1% of total body mass per week burned, and at my typical activity levels that calculates to 1920 kcal per day of clean whole food, mostly meat and vegetables. I will also be incorporating brown rice, my usual wheat toast at breakfast (for fiber), eggs, avocadoes, and almonds. For supplements I'll add a daily Vitamin D to my protein powder and I'll take a fish oil capsule with each meal. All other nutrients need to come from the food itself. - Exercise. Sticking with my current (though suspended for the last two weeks) 5/3/1 beginner's program with cardio every other day. I'm abandoning running for now to keep my knees healthy, but I'll continue to walk while looking for HIIT options. - Rest. Spend deliberate time recovering from exercise and make sure to get a full night's sleep every night. This is always the hardest thing for me to do when my family is away, but I'm determined to make it work this time. That's it. Simple stuff. I'm tracking my goals and my workout plan in my standard spreadsheets, and I'll try to make daily progress reports in the thread. I don't know how much I'll be able to follow y'all this time, but I'm still rooting for each of you! Time to get back on the horse.