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  1. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    Thanks! It feels good to be streaking a little bit again. W1D7. I'm not sure if I can give myself all greens for Saturday. It was a good day and I enjoyed it. After sleeping in nice and late MFG and I got up and made breakfast--scrambled eggs and bacon. I also had my customary Dr Pepper. Since breakfast was pretty late and I was still full I didn't eat anything for lunch. We ran some family errands/outings in the afternoon to pick up some necessities. MFG needed a 2-liter bottle for science experiments with the Minions, so I got a bottle of caffeine-free diet Coke and steadily depleted it throughout the afternoon. She also snagged a can of Pringles as a treat for the kids, so I had a single serving in the early afternoon. Dinner was a massive affair clearing out fridge residents. I polished off the roasted butternut squash with red peppers and finished off the garlic green beans. To that I added some more baked chicken breast and some of the lemon butter sauce. I finished off the day with a couple of string cheeses and a heavy dose of pistachios. That brought my total to 2158 kcal, easily in the green. Quality is also green given the massive amounts of veggies and good nutritious stuff. A single serving of Pringles isn't even a blip on the radar. Drink is where I'm conflicted. On the one hand I did only have one Dr Pepper, on the other hand I drank a lot of soda afterward, but on the third hand (am I a mutant?) that soda was the nutritional equivalent of water with zero calories and no caffeine. I think I'm okay calling this one green, especially since it was a one-time service to MFG that is now done. As long as I drink a decent amount of water today I think it will be fine to call Saturday's goal green. Week 1 Check-in. So I'm feeling pretty decent. This morning's scale weight was 246.8 lbs.; a full 6.3 lbs. down from last week and my lowest scale weight in a month. My energy seems to be improving and my mood is on the upward trend. The pains in my toes and knees from last weekend's hiking is finally beginning to subside. My back still feels all kinds of whack, but a lot of that is from being sedentary. I have a good feeling about possible getting back to some simple core-strengthening exercise (yoga-ish) in the next challenge. For this one everything seems to be working as I'd envisioned/hoped, so I'm going to keep doing exactly the same thing for Week 2.
  2. I can't even imagine trying to sleep in socks. My goal all day is to get barefoot as soon as possible.
  3. DrFeelgood

    Shello Searches for her Inner Wonder Woman

    You need more of a "Dad" mindset. My house, my clothes (or lack thereof), my food, my sofa, my gas... Don't like it? Go pay rent somewhere else. That said I almost always participate in top-half modesty. Bottom half is a different story... Wanna talk about a double standard? A woman in a shirt with no bottoms is totally hot, but when a middle-aged dad tries that look it's all "Ewwww, what a creep!" and "Sir, you have to leave the store."
  4. DrFeelgood

    Ensi - Urban Pirate Witch Cherishes Autumn

    I'm working on this, too. It's tough since I don't do the family meal planning, but I let that be an excuse to snack way too much and got in the very bad habit of pretty-much eating all day. This first week of my challenge had been spent learning how to eat proper meals again without snacking--especially while at work. It's been eye-opening and refreshing.
  5. DrFeelgood

    Themes Happen to Other People: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Always ALWAYS double the amount of garlic in a recipe unless that recipe specifically has "garlic" in the title--then you can get away with just adding a few more cloves. We keep a huge bag of peeled individual cloves in the freezer. These days I almost always grate them on a microplane before adding them to whatever dish I'm working on. Easy, fast, and delicious!
  6. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    It's toughest right before bedtime. I could easily eat a snack and go to sleep. It's much harder to make myself drink water and risk having to get up throughout the night. Thanks, I'm actually enjoying relearning my good habits, so far. It helps that I'm not being overly restrictive. W1D6. I forgot to upload my spreadsheet from my office, so I can't update it over the weekends; but yesterday was all greens. Morning Dr Pepper, lunch was leftover baked chicken breast with sautéed garlic green beans. That was pretty light and I was flagging in the afternoon so I added a snack of Cheetos puffs from the drawer at work. Dinner was MFG's turkey chili with cheddar cheese, cornbread with butter, and a side of oven-roasted butternut squash and red peppers. It was outstanding. Later on I added a string cheese and a few pistachios to round out the day right at 2228 kcal. Quality is green despite the Cheetos. I did the best I could with what I had, and there were plenty of veggies in my meals. Drink is green--right on the money. Things are going well. For the first time in a long while I'm feeling optimistic about continuing to make progress.
  7. DrFeelgood

    Snarkyfishguts: A Battle Log

    Aw man, I'm sorry your knee is hurting. Lingering injuries are the main reason why my current challenge is entirely focused on eating.
  8. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    I'm still temporarily ignorant of this phenomenon, but I'm glad it reoriented the tongs discussion. W1D5. Aw yiss, solid greens. I had my single soda in the morning, then for lunch I reheated leftover taco salad fixin's and added a whole avocado. For dinner MFG made lemon chicken breast with sage-garlic-butter sauce, steamed green beans, and boxed potatoes au gratin that Boomer wanted to try. I weighed out my portions carefully and logged everything--lo and behold by the end of dinner I was still 600 calories short of the day's target. That was far too low to be sustainable IME, so I added an ounce of pistachios to close out the day at 1811 kcal--still super low, but I know from experience that I can sustain that level for quite a while if needed. I don't want to make that a habit, but I also don't want to just pound a ton of food for the sake of hitting my numbers. Balance and moderation, yo. Quality is green. It's still not quite as much veggies as I'm nebulously aiming for, but everything I ate yesterday was nutritious. Drink is green--one soda, then water all day. When I got home from work I mowed the lawn in anticipation of a mega-rain storm due to hit today (and it has), and afterward I was a bit dehydrated. I recognized it later when my body said "snack" but my eyes and brain couldn't find anything appealing among our foodstuffs. I drank a big glass of water while Rocket Leaguing in the evening, and that stuffed the craving.
  9. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    I was thinking more along the lines of "STFU Carl Military Memes", but now I'll have to check out this llamas-with-hats thing.
  10. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    W1D4. The back-to-school crud has invaded my sinuses. I had a rough night's sleep and woke up late and exhausted. I also had a relatively light lunch planned, so I capitalized on the opportunity to eat a drive-thru breakfast (Sausage McMuffin and large Dr Pepper) in my rush to work. That got me through the morning relatively well. For lunch I added my daily can of soda to a leftover serving of chicken tikka masala over jasmine rice--one of my freezer meals for days when there are no dinner extras to pack for lunch. Dinner was taco salad, and I was able to go heavy on the veggies. That closed out my day with no additional snacking; 2236 kcal. Quality is green even though carbs were still a bit high owing to the extra soda, plus the rice and tortilla chips didn't help matters much. I'm greening it up since there was lots of veggies, and the extra soda gets its own penalty. ...right here. Drink is yellow since I had more than one, but I stuck to water after the two DPs and didn't go over my kcal limit for the day. Midweek 1 Eval. So far things seem to going just as I'd hoped. I'm getting plenty of food without feeling hungry at all; and I have recognized that I only snack for entertainment rather than actual nutrition, so I've been able to curb it almost completely. I'm still feeling tired, sore, and puffy--but at least a little of that is attributable to illness, both my own and the family's. The persistent bloat from overeating seems to be easing. I'm glad to be moving in the right direction again.
  11. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    You and I have very different concepts of "fun". Thanks, I'm building up to full greens. Baby steps are slow going, but they keep me moving in the right direction. I was just thinking "bathroom tongs", but now I feel like I have to be more creative. Poo Pincers Crack Cleaners Whatchamawipeits Toilet Tongs Carl Gunk Grips Binus Invaders Gooch Mop The Reacher Come at me with your Mobility Privilege.
  12. DrFeelgood

    DrFeelgood: Learning to Walk Again

    All I know is those wouldn't be "kitchen" tongs any longer.