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  1. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    We prefer the term "enhanced".
  2. Queer Eye for Deftona (Deffy #41)

    Look at me being all inspirational and junk. Oh, wait, don't be like me! Keep working on your goals.
  3. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    More of a double entendre. I really do love melons. (hmm, there's no way to say that without the entendre, is there?) All of them have the same potential to be good or bad depending on the season, origin, degree of ripeness, care in packaging, etc. Growing up in California meant that they were always pretty good, though (more entendre?). I haven't had a reliable supply of admirable melons since finishing high school. (okay, I'll admit to doing that one on purpose)
  4. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    The melon shaming in this thread makes me sad. They're all beautiful and delicious. Perhaps I'm just a super-skilled melon handler. Would've thought that title belonged to Def
  5. "Waffle Daddy" is the coolest freaking title I've ever seen. If Tank is ever knighted then I demand that this be spoken aloud at the ceremony.
  6. Queer Eye for Deftona (Deffy #41)

    I am appalled by the lack of tater tots.
  7. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Middle-aged Dad mundanities. The crack is expanding in the line of sight, which is ticketable, and I like heading off problems before they arise for MFG. But I'd much rather have spent the money on something more fun.
  8. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Tuesday. I rode the pause a little longer than planned. After my soda and cookies in the morning (I stopped at four) I was fine until lunch, which was a leftover cheeseburger patty on the leftover roasted cauliflower (with grape tomatoes and bell pepper, delish!) plus a grilled chicken breast cutlet and salad greens. I thought that would keep me until dinner, but I wanted some more caffeine in the afternoon on the way back to my office from a site visit, and while at the store I grabbed a cheese danish and a candy bar. At least the candy bar had almonds. Dinner was pork chops with grilled zucchini. I added a string cheese while doing my evening tasks, then I was finally done for the day. I made decent progress on my work project, then after work I took care of a bunch of stuff at home. I made an appointment to have the windshield replaced on MFG's van--it sustained a crack last November that's recently gotten much worse. After dinner I did all the dishes then hopped on my computer to pay the monthly bills and organize finances. When that was done I did an hour of guitar practice. After the kids went to bed at 9 I played Rocket League for an hour and a half (10 games) then did a couple of software updates before heading up to bed at quarter to 11. Sleep didn't come easy, but I managed a decent night's rest. Today's emphasis is getting back on track--no soda, no sugar, no staying up late.
  9. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Well I did a bit of a refeed, and that improved my mood considerably even if it speed-bumped my adjustment period. That's okay. Monday. I paused my improvements for the day to allow for some caffeine to get me through the workday and to add some "junk" carbs for the sake of my waning enthusiasm for "clean" eating. I had a croissant and some hash browns at breakfast (okay it was a Loaded Croissan'wich meal from Burger King) with a large soda. That was plenty of food so I skipped lunch, but I needed another soda in the afternoon to keep from falling asleep at my desk. I made cheeseburger lettuce wraps for dinner, and MFG pan-roasted a huge variety of veggies. I added some cashews and cheese for snacks in the evening. Bubbles had a couple of friends stay over after their AHG troop meeting, so we all stayed up late watching Captain America: Civil War again for the one friend who hadn't seen it yet. My afternoon caffeine kicked in late and kept me from being sleepy at bedtime, so I stayed up playing games for a few more hours (enduring a massive losing streak in RL). Consequently I'm exhausted again today despite my alarm not going off this morning and awarding me a bonus hour of sleep (that I'll have to make up at work now; boo). Civil coworker got promoted to branch chief, and she brought cookies in this morning. I've only eaten four (so far) to go along with another soda (for the caffeine). But that's it for today, everything else should be back on track by lunch. I desperately need to go to bed on time tonight (and probably every night for the next six months).
  10. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Plain water got me by on Saturday, but I'm going to ask MFG to put some sparkling water on the grocery list for next time. I knew that about your tea (MFG is the same), I just thought it would further annoy Deffy. Regarding the Holy Grail confluence, I'd cite the cliché adage about great minds, but I'm honestly afraid of insulting you. Saturday. Just could not stop being hungry. I don't even remember what all I ate, I just remember being irritated that I couldn't seem to satisfy my evening appetite no matter how much meat and cheese and nuts I snacked on, and that was after full meals for the day. I even added some dried fruit to see if a few fast carbs would take the edge off. No dice. I stayed up way too late watching TV and finally killed the hunger beast by eating Cheez-its with Jif peanut butter. Of course that developed some minor heartburn which made sleep even more elusive. The day itself was fairly productive. I gained another full rank in Rocket League while MFG was running errands in the morning, then I shut the game off and took care of my household chores, with a decent assist from Brick. We did a wasp patrol of the homestead and knocked down a few early nests, then we mowed the yards and trimmed them up nicely. While he was finishing the backyard I did a thorough scrubbing of the grill. All of that activity left me pretty wrecked for the rest of the evening, and I was in and out of consciousness while browsing videos with the Minions until their bedtime. That also contributed to sleeplessness at my own bedtime. Sunday. Weird day that started feeling weird and ended weirder. I tried to eat sensibly and keep my water intake up, but for literally no reason whatsoever my irritability increased all day long. I had a decent lunch with chicken and avocado, then the rest of my day was comprised of compliant snacking. Somehow in spite of pounding water all day I still woke up this morning dehydrated. My body doesn't seem to be appreciating the return to clean eating. Once home from church I basically parked in my gaming chair and didn't really move from that spot until dinner, then after the kids went to bed I went back to my gaming chair and played for several more hours, finally heading up to bed in the early morning. Not smart. I did lose a few pounds last week, but I'm not feeling all that swell. Probably just need to push through the adjustment period and make sure I'm getting plenty of nutrients.
  11. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    You could also load it up with sugar like they do in the south. Friday. Not the best in terms of my goals. I stayed up far too late, snacked too heavily while gaming, and finished the day by eating all of the remaining ice cream. To be fair, all of what was left was still less than I would've previously eaten as a single bowl-full, but I'm still disappointed in my lack of discipline. I'm trying hard to keep today on the rails, but this morning all I want to do is go get a Coca Cola before I start my chores and errands. I'm slamming water instead, hopefully that will do the trick.
  12. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    In Oklahoma? Just be glad we used actual mince and didn't throw a bunch of peppers in with it. Plus it's a freezer meal, and mash just doesn't come back from that.
  13. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    This particular location is a bit stickler about their rules. Back in the day my favorite plex in Albuquerque allowed outside food, so we'd go get in line for a premiere then send a buddy out for McDonald's. You haven't lived until you've eaten a Double Quarter-Pounder meal (super-sized, 'cause hell yeah!) while watching Jurassic Park III.
  14. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    Most days I'd agree, but Red Vines are my movie candy and I think the local cinemaplex would've frowned on me brown-bagging a slew of tater tots.
  15. What's Great for a Snack and Fits on Your Back?

    I know, right! If only my red-vines discipline was as staunch as my tater-tot discipline.