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  1. W2D5: one DrP in the morning. Lunch was another small serving of the enchilada casserole with diced tomatoes. I was working from home yesterday so afternoon snacking was just a bit of deli ham. For dinner MFG roasted a sheet pan of sweet potatoes with onions while I steamed some frozen broccoli and grilled a bunch of pork chops. 1720 kcal and all green for the day. I feel fatter today than at any point prior to respawning. Weird how that works sometimes.
  2. Maybe his body isn't Amazon Prime, but mine surely has been in the past. I'm not trying to do that again, mind you, but I'm still aiming for somewhere in the vicinity of Walmart Pickup as opposed to my recent blind foray into the devil's flea market. It's shorthand for 'kilocalories' which is the more accurate measurement of human energy. It's equal to 1,000 calories which is also called a 'large calorie' and is commonly what we're referring to when discussing food "calories". Basically it's just a way for me to not have to type out 'calories' every day.
  3. The math says I should have gained 1.3 pounds last week, although that's based on pretty loose estimates of my intake. Still, they weren't that loose. It'll subside, and I'll get back on track before long. Just sucks to see it all unravel so quickly, even if it isn't "real" weight. Doesn't help that I've been feeling pretty terrible that last few days--squishy, slow, stiff, and just all-around old. I'll be thrilled if mine turns around in a week--right now I'm thinking it'll take closer to 3. You're both right, of course, and I know that it can all be reversed. It was just a massive shock to my psyche to see that number. Nothing for it but to get back after it.
  4. Alrightythen, the bounce-back has begun. W2D4: one DrP in the morning. Lunch was oven-roasted turkey breast (leftover from Sunday dinner) with twice-baked potatoes (leftover from Butch's birthday meal). I was able to avoid all snacks during the day and stuck to just ice water instead of fountain drinks. After work I drove to the golf course and spent over an hour working on my game including a good session of just swinging as hard as I could. I decided against fasting for the rest of the day and ate a small portion of MFG's enchilada casserole for dinner once I got home. That capped the day at 1,197 kcal with all other goals achieved. This morning's scale turned back down, not as much as I would've liked but enough for one day.
  5. Thanks, yesterday was a solid reset day. For birthday dessert I avoided the cake (gluten) and ate the ice cream. I am getting a little tired of weighing and measuring everything. It still has to be done--we've all seen what happens when I'm left to my own devices. I appreciate it, Snarky. As usual the biggest hurdle seems to be meal planning, and I can't really fault MFG for not being 100% on the same page all the time. I do best when my meals are quantifiable and satisfying which doesn't always mesh with her quest for efficiency.
  6. Undoubtedly a fair amount is, but an extra 15,000 kcal (almost all sugar) over the last week isn't helping matters.
  7. Here, I'll help y'all feel better about your results last week: 12-31: 218.7 lbs (start) 01-07: 218.5 lbs (-0.2) 01-14: 216.5 lbs (-2.0) 01-21: 216.3 lbs (-0.2) 01-28: 213.4 lbs (-2.9) 02-04: 215.6 lbs (+2.2) 02-11: 212.7 lbs (-2.9) 02-18: 218.7 lbs (+6.0) I mean, I took most of the week off and ate bigly, but I'm still in actual disbelief of that number. In six days I managed to erase almost two months worth of work. On one hand, holy crap I'm amazing! On the other hand...dammitsomuch! Back on the wagon today, lets get going again.
  8. Well my challenge has taken a pretty savage beating, and the grid is bleeding profusely. I did that one little run last week and then my body was like "okay, we're a marathoner now--let's eat!" I simply couldn't seem to get enough food. Valentine's Day was abundant and nice, then every day after that just kept going. Finally I gave up tracking for the weekend and decided to suspend goals until after Butch's birthday. Sunday's weigh-in (+6.0) was the most discouraging thing I've experienced in years. Monday was a day off that I spent helping a friend with project that counted for some exercise--which is the only goal I've accomplished in the last 8 days. Tuesday was Butch's birthday, so we glutted it up with grilled steaks, twice-baked potatoes, and tons of ice cream (they also had cake, but I did not). That concludes our family holiday/celebration gauntlet, and now I'm clear to run again until Thanksgiving. But I think I need to revitalize a bit--I've been going pretty steady for six months and might be facing some burnout. First priority for today is to get off the excess caffeine train so I can get back to a proper sleep rhythm. Second priority is to get out and get some exercise. Third priority is to cut out all the candy, ice cream, and excess empty calories. In fact, I'm going to take a quick break from this update right now to go get some ice water and suppress my thirst for more Dr Pepper... That's better. I've got a nice lunch for later today that's a left-over twice-baked potato along with some roasted turkey breast, and I'm thinking I may shoot to fast through dinner tonight just for a bit of metabolic reset. The weather is gorgeous today, so after work I'm heading straight over to the driving range to beat the demons out of a large basket of balls. All of that together should kick me back into gear. I've got quite a bit of recovery and catching back up to do.
  9. Honestly, there's no way of telling. When I'm eating low my 'output' is so sporadic--last night might just have been clearing a four-day backlog. It's the thing I hate most about losing weight (when I eat however I want you can set your clock by my system). But to your point, yeah, I don't care too much about overages on those days. Most of my snacking was an effort to replace whatever I wasn't able to hang on to from earlier, and the rest was to help recover/replenish after Monday's run.
  10. W1D3: one DrP in the morninig. Lunch was leftover chicken nuggets and fries. In the afternoon I wanted a snack so I ran to the mini-mart and bought a candy bar. For dinner MFG made a big pot of tomato sauce with beef and sausage, so I boiled some GF spaghetti and had a nice meal. I think the previous day's cardio made me hungrier, but even so I was content to keep my calories within limits...until my stomach rebelled later in the evening. Being suddenly and unexpectedly emptied led to a run on the kitchen that added some beef jerky, a big plate of nachos, and a banana to ratchet my day up to 2809 kcal. Not ideal, but not catastrophic. Maybe I should defer the heavy cardio until I'm closer to my goal weight.
  11. W1D2: CCCOMBO BREAKER! One Dr Pepper in the morning, then lunch was leftover penne rustica. For dinner I made GF chicken nuggets (from scratch) and crinkle cut fries (deep-fried from frozen) with a bit of ketchup. Only a few times did my body attempt to push me into snacking, and I staunchly refused. 1839 kcal. Move was also good. I hopped on the treadmill when I got home from work and warmed up with a short walk at 3 mph, then I bumped it up to 6 mph and ran for a mile. That was feeling pretty good so I kicked it up to 7 mph and ran for another 1/2 mile before hitting my cooldown. 21 minutes, 240-ish kcal burned. I think my legs weren't expecting a run--they've gotten accustomed to incline walking, so it was good to work them a different way, plus I really wanted to push my heart rate since I haven't in quite a while. I'm feeling it in all the right places today. As if that wasn't enough, my adventure with deep-frying dinner led to an hour of bonus work when I had to clean the ring of polymerized oil off the new stove top, which was even less fun than it sounds. I really don't understand why they didn't put a gas line to the range in this house, but next time I have to replace this thing I'm going to have an extension run so I can put in a proper cooktop. Anyway, mission accomplished! I crushed the day and kept Sunday's departure from initiating a spiral. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to string a few consecutive low weeks together and get off the biweekly stair-steps I've been stuck on.
  12. It's true, too. I'm the tallest person in the room if we're all seated. I got stubby legs.
  13. W1D1: Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't even care about the game, but Boomer has been super in to the NFL this season, so I took him and Butch to the viewing party at church and ended up eating way more than I wanted to. The rest of the day up to was fine, though I had an extra Dr Pepper with lunch because it was nice. Lunch itself was leftover penne rustica from Boomer's birthday dinner the night before (which thankfully didn't submarine my Sunday morning weigh-in), and my portion was huge. In the afternoon I added a string cheese snack, then for dinner I took a chicken tikka out of the freezer so I'd have something at the watch party while everyone else was eating pizza. None of the other foods (donuts, breadsticks, and cookies) were GF either, so I thought I'd be fine just watching the game without snacks; but after half time I wanted a treat so I raided the box of worship team snacks and ate several small bags of Cheetos and potato chips that I washed down with a couple extra cans of Sprite. That's 4 sodas and over 3,000 kcal for a big red square on Day 1. Even thought it wasn't worth the calorie hit I'm still glad I got to spend some time with my boys--I just need to prevent it from snowballing and tanking the whole week. Today needs to be a CCCOMBO BREAKER!!!
  14. I appreciate it! This time around seems to be taking a lot longer than the last one, but I'm also not working anywhere near as hard plus I'm almost a decade older. I'll take what I can get. I used to joke with my kids that I had the same stats as several pro-bowl NFL running backs. 5'-10" at 225 lbs looks and performs very different in the middle of the bell curve.
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