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  1. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    What in the world are these. https://www.iowastatefair.org/food/whats-new/ Scroll about halfway down.
  2. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    Nothing on a stick, but you can try the Thanksgiving balls and the deep fried Oreos on my behalf.
  3. T2SC becomes partial Cyborg

    Mary Jane's Last Dance, IIRC. I want a share of that party dress.
  4. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    Freezing them is exactly what we all (New Mexicans) do. They come back fine from cryogenic storage and work well in anything in which you could think to use them. It's one of my favorite ways to use up green chiles. That and my green-chile stew (caldillo) which I think I've shared before. The quiche is as follows: - 1 store bought rolled pie crust - 6 eggs - 1 cup of half-and-half - 1 tsp kosher salt - 1/8 tsp ground black pepper - 1 1/2 cups of cooked chicken breast in 1/2" cubes - 1 1/2 cups of grated sharp cheddar cheese - 1/2 to 1 cup of diced green chile, adjust to your heat tolerance It's pretty much an assemble and go. Fit the crust to a deep 9" pie pan (we use glass) then arrange the chicken, cheese, and chiles in the bottom evenly. Lightly beat the eggs with the half-and-half and the salt and pepper until smooth, then pour in to the crust slowly so as not to disturb the other ingredients. Bake on a lower rack at 375ºF for 45 minutes or so until the center is just shy of setting and the crust is brown. Rest, slice, and serve to a grateful world. Thanks, it's off to a good start (painting is all done, and it went quickly and smoothly) and I'm looking forward to the rest. I just need to avoid any major pitfalls at dinner tonight so my check-in tomorrow is representative of my work this week. It's certainly been a major adjustment moving here, but I think we're finally starting to make it our home. Now if I could just find a house that's as right for us as the old place in Bettendorf...
  5. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    Well if the store offers roasting (which is usually just a big gas burner attached to a cage tumbler) then that's definitely the way to get them. The Quad Cities stores would rotate a roaster or two between themselves on various days, and if I bought a case or two at the store that was roasting that day then they'd roast them right there on the spot. They don't peel or process them in any way, and there wasn't an added charge. After roasting they should put them, blackened and whole, in a sealed bag for you to take home; and when they're cool enough to handle you can peel and chop them however you please. I've roasted whole cases on a grill before, and given the option I'll have the store do the roasting every time. It's worth it. There's nothing in the world better than flame-roasted chiles. MFG chuckled and said her quiche isn't particularly diet friendly. I don't think she quite gets what we're about. I'll put it up for you (and anyone else who wants it) later today. ____________________ W1D6 - 1 1/2 points. Another good day started with getting up and out the door to work on time without any yoga. The DOMS in my lower body (literally everywhere) was finally mellowing except in the quads thanks to Thursday's leg extensions. The DOMS in my chest has only just begun and is threatening to make today unpleasant but manageable. I put in a respectable work day and then made it home on time. Pretty standard US suburban dad stuff. Eating was acceptable. I succeeded with my test of IF for the morning by holding off my usual protein bar until 10:30 am. Lunch was leftover quiche (YUM!) and then I ate a small snack (string cheese) when I got home from work since dinner was to be delayed (for us anyway) since our Church was celebrating its 20th birthday with a big dinner that was a bit after our usual schedule. The dinner was catered by a local Chinese fast-foodery so I made sure to have plenty of room in my day. The food itself was okay--you can probably accurately picture how underwhelming the (Americanized) Chinese food in SW Oklahoma turns out--but at least nothing derailed my goals. Using MFP analogs for the beef and chicken stir-fry dishes I ate (no rice, and only one three fortune cookies) I came in at 2161 kcal and still under 50g of sugar. It's over target but well within my goals for the week, and since the bulk of the day was nutritious meat and plenty of veggies I'm using executive privilege to award a full point. Today we're continuing the 20th celebrations with service projects, so I'm taking Bubbles and Brick to one of the local schools for some painting and cleaning. And since I woke up naturally with enough time this morning I finally went through one of the quickie yoga videos I saved on YouTube. It was pleasant even though some of the poses were tough to find (my downward-facing-dog felt more like accidentally-swallowed-a-beach-ball-crocodile) and I'm feeling activated and relatively limber and ready tor the day. It's going to be another good one, y'all. Hope your weekends are off to a similar start.
  6. Deffy Doesn't Get Left 4 Dead - Deffy #33

    What can I say? I'm very fond of people before they start developing and expressing opinions.
  7. Deffy Doesn't Get Left 4 Dead - Deffy #33

    I have metaphorical ovaries that make me all nurturing and junk when I see babies. I've never considered whether or not I have metaphorical bewbs.
  8. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    Totally, I'll get it from her later today. Is HyVee going to roast your chiles for you or do you have to do it yourself?
  9. Ensi - The Fox Hunts Again

    Glad you weren't there during the attack. Well done taking care of yourself with Mr. Touchy. I'm interested to see what you come up with for food guidelines.
  10. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    I'm still hopeful for a good scale result, but I'm more than happy with my progress so far. I really do want to try the yoga, but my alarm goes off and my brain automatically calculates how much more sleep I can get if I skip it. Warm bed > morning stretches, it seems. I think I'm going to have to demo it this weekend and see if I can like it enough to actually want to get out of bed for it. Roger that. Scale weight is useful for me, but I definitely prefer the inches lost. Waffles and hockey can't happen soon enough. I need to get back down there for a visit, the summer really got away from me.
  11. [Sylvaa] Music Medley

    Mmm, baklava. Makes me want to place another order with Shatila. That would not help my goals. Not at all.
  12. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    W1D5 - 3 points. Still no yoga, and owing to squat-DOMS it was super hard to even get out of bed on time. I took an hour off for the morning and just rested until things were ready to cooperate. The rest of the day was sore but not terrible, and as of this morning I can feel the legs and shoulders subsiding (just in time for the chest to hate me all weekend, more below). Food was fine. I did my current standard protein bar and DDP for breakfast, then lunch was leftover grilled chicken, bratwurst, and steamed broccoli. After the gym I ate another protein bar for recovery's sake, then dinner was two slices of MFG's green-chile, chicken, cheddar quiche (which was outstanding!) with a small baked sweet potato. I closed out the day at 1964 kcal which is just slightly high of my target but well within tolerance. Still rocking the low-sugar foods and enjoying it all. The gym was tough owing to DOMS and a little bit of sapped energy as my deficit eating is finally settling in to a groove. I knew I wasn't going to bother even attempting deadlifts yesterday. My doubts about starting weights for 3x10 bore out again when bench press at 175 stalled halfway up on the 7th rep of the 3rd set, but that means I can keep using that weight for the rest of the challenge and continue upping the reps. For cable row I actually worked up the weights using 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 in consecutive sets of 10, with the final set stalling at 5. That means my working load for the rest of the challenge should be 140 for 3x10. I attempted a few hanging leg raises, but that old soccer injury is still bothering my right hip flexor during the movement, so I punted and did some leg extensions on the machine at 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 for sets of 10. I'm going to keep that exercise in place of the leg raises for the rest of this challenge. Once done I headed home and enjoyed family dinner, then we headed out for some quick shopping since it was payday. Brick needed some craft supplies so we went to the hobby store and browsed around for awhile. Then we stopped in at Target on the way home for a few household odds and ends, and I managed to score a replacement grill grate on clearance for 30% off. Back at home I read Steve's article on IF currently at the top of the NF blog and decided I would give it a try for today. Then I headed upstairs at 10 for a long hot shower, the rest of my rituals, and an on-time bedtime. A most agreeable day, indeed. My belt has dropped by a full notch this week and is already threatening the next one. That's extremely comforting, no matter what the scale ends up saying on Sunday morning.
  13. Unstoppable: Tanktimus’ Return and Commencement of the Juggernaut Program

    Totally worthy. Note to self: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's burrito.
  14. DrFeelgood - The Defattening, Take Two

    W1D4 - 2 1/2 points. I got out of bed on time but still didn't yoga. Everything was stiff and store from Tuesday's megasquats (and OHP to a lesser extent), so I did some light mobility stretching for a couple of minutes to try and loosen up before heading out to work, but that doesn't count in the slightest. Workday was pretty standard, and I was diligent about keeping my eating in bounds. Breakfast was a protein bar with DDP, lunch was leftover pork chops with steamed green beans, and I added another protein bar in the afternoon because the hunger sharks were circling and to that point I'd only eaten 700 kcal on the day. I still had plenty of space for dinner, which was grilled chicken, grilled bratwurst, and steamed broccoli, plus a half serving of unsalted cashews. Day closed out at 1850 kcal with 189g of protein, and I was stuffed to the rafters. Big dinners work well at keeping the night-time snacks away. Once home I had to eat pretty quickly to get to church on time for our 20th anniversary celebration service. "On time" for me meant 30 minutes early to set up my guitar and get ready for the first music set. After my crew finished there was lots of other video, music, and live testimony to come, and since MFG kept the boys home (they'd had a tough day) and Bubbles was sitting with her youth group I volunteered to run the sound board for the rest of the service. That kept me on my feet, so there was some bonus activity for a couple of hours. I also managed to avoid even looking at the snack tables (which were packed with nothing but desserts). It was an excellent evening. Bubbles and I did a quick shopping trip on the way home, then I went straight to nightly rituals, tucked the Minions in and said all our prayers, and promptly collapsed in bed with another chapter of The Princess Bride until 10:30. Lots of winning happening this week, but I still can't seem to hit that yoga thing. Missing it isn't any kind of detriment though, so I'm going to keep it on the program and just consider it extra-credit should I eventually knock out a session or three.