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  1. I've edited the challenge to extend the muscle goal. The other part of this goal, which I forgot, is to write down how many grams of protein I eat every day. The plan is to eat at least 150g, which I think should be fairly straightforward as long as I get in a protein shake every day. No requirement to actually hit that, but writing it down so that I know I'm intentionally monitoring it. Friday - week zero day 5 Friday was a good day. Crossfit was a series of intervals of seated sled pulls and max reps log press, which was really good fun. Got up to 80kg (176#) on the sled pulls, but only 37kg (81#) on the log press - the difficulty I found is that the bigger log is not only heavier, it's also wider, and that makes you lean back further and changes the biomechanics of the movement. Nice to play with some strongman stuff though. Followed up with some seated dumbbell press and some ring support holds. Work was busy, but I was working from home so I got a chunk of stuff done, and finished not too stupid late. WW was working late, so I cooked myself an oven pizza and played Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II for a while. It was really nice, and reminded me how long it's been since I just played a proper computer game on my own. All 3 zero week goals nailed. Calories were good, I had a single gin as someone at work had given me a miniature, and that was well within budget, teeth were done and Duolingo streak maintained. Saturday - week zero day 6 Yesterday was a good day, Went climbing first thing with Hopalong, and had a really nice time. Managed to tick off some reasonably difficult climbs, and fall off some much harder ones. Got a chance to have a good talk as well, which is always a good thing. When I got home I couldn't be bothered to do anything, so I didn't. In the afternoon I went to my parents house to try and sort out my dad's finances; thankfully everything is fine, he just has some bills going into an account that doesn't have income going in, so it should be easy enough to transfer stuff from one to another. Also confirmed that mum's taking him to get the results of his brain scan in a couple of weeks, so we should at least have a diagnosis to work with after that. In the evening I played some more Dawn of War II. I'm now remembering why I don't play that much; I ended up getting sucked in and staying up until 1am playing 3/3 zero week goals done. I'm going to need to eat a fair bit today to not end up under calories; I didn't anticipate that this would be a hard target to hit. Teeth done and Duolingo streak alive.
  2. It does sound civilised. And thank you! Arse o'clock is just very early. Although to be fair, I might be being dramatic; I need to leave home for the meeting about 07:20, so I can probably get up at 06:00, run, shower, change, and leave on time. I just don't want to wake up before 6 to get in Literal Immortality as well as a run.
  3. I don't think so. Not necessarily authentic if you're going for a particular cuisine, but I think it would taste good.
  4. Maybe it would help to have non-internet times, rather than non-internet days? So say, 8-12 is art time, so it is not internet time. Maybe pick another block of time where you don't go online? Personally I watch TV whilst eating because I can't be bothered to eat and operate my phone, but I've never got into mindful eating. I eat what's in front of me regardless of how much attention I pay to it, and I don't like eating enough to enjoy eating mindfully. Although I get your point that as an exercise it might make sense to use simpler colours, I really love how this looks - really cute.
  5. I need this on a t-shirt. You can use them in most recipes in place of onion to be honest. I also quite like a leek in a carbonara.
  6. Yeah, I think in the very long term, as we move towards an eventual post-capitalist society, rather than people not having to work everyone will just find themselves working less. In the shorter term, I can see more people like me getting fed up and choosing a 4 day week. Particularly with the way tax and NI brackets work, losing a few hours once you enter the 40p bracket is much less expensive than losing them otherwise (though I didn't quite manage to hang on that long in the end). I'll be cutting hours. Currently I'm paid for 36.25 hours per week (though I'm not paid hourly, so that's a bit arbitrary when work needs to be done). I'm hoping they'll let me add half an hour to my remaining days, so I'm only dropping to 31 hours. If not I'll drop to 29. Hopefully we can inspire each other! I think I've only done 3 sessions, and it feels like a waste having bought the programme. It certainly sounds it, and it seems like more and more people are doing it.
  7. Out of interest, what constitutes 'lots' in this case? Because anecdotally, and obviously based on a small sample size, I don't think I know anyone in person who's had it twice. I haven't had it at all (yet), although I do seem to be in the minority amongst people I know with that.
  8. Zero week update It's been a good week so far. On Monday I had a good chat with my manger about my workload, which has been a bit silly for a little while now. I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm definitely going to have some work taken off me at least. We also talked about my career longer-term and some of the changes I would like, which will take a while to be discussed internally but could lead to really good things. I've been working absolutely stupid hours this week, but part of that has been gathering information to try and get some career changes so that's good. I also told her that I'd like to start working 4 days per week, and to my amazement she just accepted that without question. It has to go through a formal process, but she was really supportive. I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised, given that she works 4 days and has been through the same process. I've stuck in the paperwork for that; it wouldn't be effective until September if it is agreed so it's not an instant fix to anything, but it'll hopefully be something to look forward to. I also set some basic goals for zero week, here's how those are going: Submit essay: done! Glad to have this off my plate, and I'm doing no study for the rest of the week in celebration. Calories (bulking): 3/4 so far. It's weird suddenly having an extra 350 calories per day to play with, and I haven't quite found the balance of fitting them in yet. I'm pleased I can start eating fruit again though! Teeth: 4/4 so far - the habit keeps going. Duolingo: 4/4 so far - the only goal this week is to keep my Duo streak alive between challenges The other thing I did was buy Warhammer: Dawn of War II, with all of the expansions and DLC, in Steam's cyber Monday sale. I play computer games so rarely, and I'm really looking forward to it, so now my challenge is posted I'm gonna go and do that!
  9. Jarric's ADVENTure Because who doesn't love a particularly strained pun? Here's how I fared last challenge: Well, it's the last few weeks of the year, and I'm up for finishing strong. With that in mind, let's meet our cast The lich +3 STR This challenge I'll be working on Literal Immortality. Literal Immortality is a GMB programme that I purchased a month or so ago, and I've not had much luck at making time to actually do it. I want to give it a proper chance, and want to not have wasted my money, so the plan is to do this 3 times per week, after I run. Exemption for Tuesday, week 1, as I have to be up at arse o'clock to go to a meeting. The muscle +2 CON Having spent last challenge cutting, I'm now on a slow-ish bulk. The aim is to increase my body weight by 0.25% each week (about 0.4lbs at the moment). In order to do that I will set my target calories for the week, and divide by 8 to give myself a daily target plus a floating 8th day for beer/snacks/whatever. I don't have a way of weighing myself that precisely, so the plan is that if I lose weight in a given week I'll up my calorie target, and if I don't gain at least 1lb for 3 consecutive weigh-ins I'll also increase my calorie target. My weight increase goal will also technically increase over time, as it's a percentage of my body weight, although realistically because it's such a small percentage it'll always be pretty similar. ETA: the other part of this goal, which I forgot, is to write down how many grams of protein I eat every day. The plan is to eat at least 150g, which I think should be fairly straightforward as long as I get in a protein shake every day. No requirement to actually hit that, but writing it down so that I know I'm intentionally monitoring it. The documancer +3 INT I submitted my essay during zero week! Which is good news, as it was due in by 6th December and I was getting dangerously close to that. I now have 2 more essays to do, and then I get some new letters after my name and can take a break from study for a bit. The goal, then, is to work on my next essay every day. Some days I should be able to do an hour, other days it might be 10 minutes of edits and that's fine. I found last challenge that little and often was definitely the way forward, as it kept it in my mind and my brain could passively work on it between times. The translator +2 INT I've been working on Dutch and French, and both are going pretty well so I'm going to keep doing it. Dutch will be Duolingo. French can be Duolingo, Language Transfer, or the Duolingo podcast. Or something else really, now I think of it, but I will work on both every day. The face +2 SAN Brush my teeth, twice per day, interdental brush in the evenings. This went absurdly well last challenge, and I'm going to stick to it for a few more challenges until I'm absolutely certain this is a proper habit. Well, looks like we've got a classic D&D adventure cast ready to go. Roll for initiative!
  10. Hope Ghostess gets home safely today mate. Sounds crazy over there; just focus on what you can do and don't worry about the things you can't control.
  11. A weary looking range strolls into the bar, and slumps heavily into his usual bar stool. Pint of the dark stuff, barkeep, he says, and watches in interest as the Staffordshire bull terrier behind the bar pours and presents his drink. The ranger turns his gaze slowly to the speaker, and lets out a sigh. Sounds like a terrible idea, he says, a hint of a smile crossing his face. I'm in.
  12. I'm glad you said that, because this song really creeps me out. I like the format of the goal though. Doing one song's worth of anything is a really good measure of time. Now I just need to think where I can apply this...
  13. Awesome job on this challenge man, but particularly on this bit of it. Once you've got the habit of bringing home-cooked food, it makes it so much easier to stick to any nutrition plan because you're in control of what you eat.
  14. It's fascinating, isn't it? I'm genuinely loving Language Transfer, just for little nuggets of information like that. Etymology is fascinating.
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