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  1. Jarric

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Week 4 - Tuesday Alice Cooper was awesome! Had a really great time. He's not not hitting the high notes any more, but at 71 his voice is still seriously strong and he's an incredible performer. I did get back mega late, didn't do my last rehab exercises, as went to bed about half 1 in the morning. Teeth not brushed. Week 4 - Wednesday I hit snooze a couple of times on Wednesday, and eventually dragged myself out of bed for a run at 6:45. Did a very slow 5k, stretched and went to work. In the evening I did my rehab exercises that I hadn't done the day before whilst dinner was in the oven. Then had to dash off for a snooker match, which we comfortably won 4-1. I was knackered when I got back, so didn't do the rebab stretching, didn't brush, and got to bed late. This morning I've done my yoga and some rehab stretches to Black Sabbath again. OCRWC starts tomorrow! *screams internally*
  2. Jarric

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Definitely! Machine head didn't work so well, you get a lot of bars to one breath with thrash!
  3. Jarric

    Xena enjoys 'Hero Season'

    Glad you're coming back strong.- it's something I'm liking about this longer challenge format; as Tank says it gives you a chance to come back to a challenge if you have a bad week half way through. On the shoes, I do wear the outer heel more than the inner heel (on all footwear, not just runnjng shoes), and I always thought that was due to overpronation. I may also be guilty of overstriding though, and I have been getting occasional pain in my heal, so it could be that too? IagreewithTank™
  4. Jarric

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Week 4 - Day 1 Did some yoga first thing in the morning, and I'm taking the week off from Crossfit in preparation for OCRWC. Also did some of my rehab stretches tacked on to the end of that (listening to Black Sabbath, the ultimate yoga music). I like doing morning yoga, it's a good setup for the day mentally as well as physically so I'm thinking that after this week I'll try and start each day with a quick sun salutation to wake me up before Crossfit/running/whatever. Please remind me I said this next week! Work was pretty good. Went to Hopalong's after work for some snooker - he cooked pizza so that's one variance for the week. Got back quite late but still got in the rest of my rehab exercises in and brushed before bed. Didn't get a chance to do Inktober; I think I might have to catch up on a couple of days later this week. This morning I had a similar yoga routine, except with Machine Head for the stretching bit! I seem to have pulled something in my groin, hope it clears up before Friday Tonight I'll be heating up a quick dinner before going to see Alice Cooper
  5. Jarric

    Theophilus at the Hidden Temple

    I usually boulder - I like the simplicity of just being able to get step on the wall and go without messing around with ropes. Sounds like you're doing pretty well if you're a novice and climbing V2's already, well done!
  6. Jarric

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Ok, life got the better of me last week with a bit of a cold and with stress over whitepapers, OCRWC, my US trip and work in general. This is mostly good stuff that I'm excited about, but it's all been a bit much. Regardless, I'm back and ready to roll for week 4. Whitepaper is done, OCRWC at the end of the week, lets do this!
  7. Jarric

    Theophilus at the Hidden Temple

    Torture? What do you mean torture? It's all good fun. The trouble with climbing is that there's so many different grading systems. For bouldering you have V grades, Font bouldering grades and British Tech grades. If you were climbing 5.x-6.x that's probably US trad climbing grades rather than bouldering grades - it's all quite confusing! Also, hi @theophilus, nice to meet a fellow runner/climber!
  8. Query: How did I come to be here, far from others of my race?> > >> Answer: We were performing our work as directed, as normal, when an error was made. I watched the gears fall, shattering the others in our unit, before they faded from vision.> > I lay in the rubble, beneath cogs and walls and stone, for countless time. I had no orders to act, and so I did not act. I lay there, and I awaited instruction.> > I could sense that I had been severed from the collective, but I could not comprehend it. The collective was all that existed, so to not be part of the collective was impossible, and I therefore did not conceive of it.> > After time, a great deal of time, I saw figures approaching. As they came in to view I felt confusion, a feeling I had never conceived to feel, for these were not modrons. I would learn later that two of these creatures were humans, and that the third was a dwarf.> > One of the humans asked me for a name. I responded that we did not understand the question. She asked me to identify myself, and I confirmed that we were monodrones of Mechanus. She asked me how I identified myself from other monodrones, and I did not understand the question.> > She named me Cog.> > I have found that it is difficult for humanoids to understand the importance of that moment. Before I was given my name, I had no sense of self. We were monodrones, there was no individual consciousness. But when I was given a name, we were no longer monodrones. I was Cog.> > That shift broke something inside me, it was information that I was incapable of processing.> > The human, Lilia, instructed me to come with her. I followed her home, to her temple. There she cared for me, as best she was able, and I was instructed in the way of The Gentle Flame, Goddess of home and community. It was in this time that I began to learn of my individuality, to understand the concept of being an individual and not just part of a collective. At the same time I took comfort in the community of the temple, of its structure and rules and laws, like and yet unlike my previous home.> > Over the course of the subsequent years, the acolytes of The Gentle Flame taught me new things. They taught me of order, but they taught me that laws should be used to help people, to protect individuals and protect communities from pain and unrest. And so I became a priest of The Gentle Flame in my own right, an individual in a community of individuals, working together efficiently and compassionately.> > I understand now that Lilia named me Cog as she felt I was a piece of a machine, a piece which she had removed. But I feel now that I am a Cog in a greater machine, individual and yet part of a whole.> > ---- So, as some of you might know if you've looked at other Ranger challenges already, I have the privilege of being involved in a dungeons and dragons play-by-post campaign with the wonderful @SheriffWolfpool, @Raxie and @Starpuck, DM'd by the illustrious @DarK_RaideR. I will be playing Cog, a modron, and the little story above is an intro to his character. For those o you who want a better visualisation of modrons, here's the cute versions: And the less cute version: Anyway, this challenge I will be learning to play a construct/robot/cyborg (and learning to play a cleric too!), and I'll post some of our PbP narrative when I get the chance. To learn to play this character I'll need to channel lots of other robot-type characters that I've heard of, which is where my goals come in! Cog - 10XP Cog is a modron, and specifically a monodrone. They're single minded, simple creatures, that can only focus on one task at a time. My exercise goal will be to do one thing every day. Most days that will be either crossfit or running, and recovery days (more on this later) will likely be yoga. I will also track my total running mileage for the challenge, because I like large numbers . Seven of Nine - 15XP Seven of Nine (Star Trek Voyager) is ripped from the Borg collective, very much like Cog has been pulled from the collective consciousness on Mechanus. She has a lot of recovering to do as she heals from the Borg implants which were part of her body. In honour of this healing goal I will do my rehab exercises every day. This is slowly working to improve my hip issues, but I can definitely do better. There's 12 exercises in total (2 added since last challenge), so each day gets a score out of 12. Bender - 10XP Bender (Futurama) eats and drinks excessively and often. I need to be less like bender, and only eat real food. This goal is the same as last time - eat real food with two variances per week. Drinking beer at home (unless we have people over) counts as a variance. I had some success with this last challenge and lost 5# without losing any strength, even if I didn't stick to it 100%, so it's here to stay. Lt. Com. Data - 5XP Data (Star Trek TNG) is analytical and calculated. I'm bringing back an old goal here, a £50 weekly budget for all spending money, as part of my ongoing goal to save funds towards one day owning my own home. Kryton - 5XP Kryton (Red Dwarf) is a cyborg butler and loves to clean things. I've just bought a new electric toothbrush and I want to get into the habit of using it daily before bed. Other Stuff This challenge exciting things are happening, chief of which is the OCR World Championships, which I qualified for last challenge. That takes place at the end of week 4, and is my main drive for the above. I'll be taking a break from Crossfit in the week leading up to it to make sure I'm in the best shape possible. Other things: I'm volunteering at and then running a Tough Mudder at the end of week 1 I'm hosting a D&D game for @Charlie_Quinn, @jonfirestar and @Rhovaniel at the end of week 2 I'm going to NYC at the end of week 5, and will be there fore week 0 of next challenge Finally, I should say that I'm on my lunch break and ran out of time to add gifs to my goals. So please, send me you robot, cyborg, android and construct gifs!