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  1. Jarric

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion III - KISS

    Thank you! Good to see you ===== Stats after W1D4 Workouts - 4/4 Rehab - 0/4 Budget - >£25 remaining So the slightly longer version: Workouts have been pretty good. Both of my runs should have been 6 miles but were cut short to 5 due to me getting up late. That said I've suddenly gone back to full running volume after quite a lot of time off, so it might not be a bad thing have a couple less miles in week 1. Crossfit has been fun, we did "Cindy" on Wednesday, which is 20 minutes of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 squats. I did 9 rounds Rx, and my arms still hurt from it now! Rehab hasn't happened at all. I am at least tracking it so when I get five minutes with a clear head I might just remember to do it. Budget is fine, although I'm going to see the rugby in London tomorrow so I imagine that will blow it.
  2. Jarric

    Hey, folks!

    Welcome to the forums Kára! Pro wrestling classes sound like fun, I'll look forward to seeing what they involve and how they work for you. As sharr says do let us know here if you post a challenge, I'd be keen to follow along.
  3. Jarric

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion III - KISS

    Thank you Puck! I'll always welcome the help! I know I can, thank you dude. And that goes both ways
  4. Jarric

    Starpuck: The Middle Floors of the Dungeon

    IagreewithTank™ There's nothing selfish about leaving a game if it's not what your looking for; no-one should expect you to not enjoy yourself so that they can continue their game. I don't know whether it's that bad at this stage, but remember that the game is only fun if it's fun for everyone, and that your enjoyment is as important as everyone else's. Also, Hi!
  5. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid Last challenge was a flop - I started late and then didn't update after the first week. Not good. Work is mega busy at the moment, and I can't pretend that it's going to let up much before the end of this challenge. But I miss this place, and I feel a bit directionless without the accountability here. That's why I'm running a super simple challenge this time round, with simple daily goals that I can answer "Yes" or "No" to. Rehab - 15XP I am still having hip issues, and pending seeing a specialist and figuring out what's going wrong I need to keep doing my rehab exercises. I'm not even 100% sure that these exercises are doing anything given that the physio isn't sure what's wrong, but building glute strength for my wear-arse arse can't be a bad thing. Workout - 10XP I might have mentioned this before, but I'm running an ultra-marathon OCR in 9 weeks (that would be Oblivion). So I should probably stick with the programme in terms of Running and Crossfit. One thing (at least) every day. Budget - 5XP £50 weekly budget. Stay under it. Simple. And that's it. I can't pretend that I'll post daily or keep up with everyone here, but I'll try to get on as much as I can.