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  1. I love that you made boob pie! It does look a bit like a boss-eyed face though
  2. Great job on week 1 man. I'm loving the look of the guitar already; will be cool to see how it turns out.
  3. I saw a report on this a while back, and the conclusion it came to is that our phones aren't listening to us, because they don't need to. The amount of data you share every time you search for something or go on a website, Facebook and Google know what you want to buy before you do. Add to that a healthy dose of confirmation bias (you only remember the adverts that make you paranoid), and it feels like our phones are listening. Also, it's much easier to process written data. Voice recognition is still not that smart (particularly when you're talking to someone else when your phone'
  4. I had a Fitbit a couple of years back (a Charge HR, which I'm pretty sure they don't make any more). It wasn't the most durable thing, but it was excellent while it lasted and the app was really good. They were also really good about replacing it when my first one broke. I now have a TomTom Runner 3, because I wanted a proper running watch rather than a day to day tracker. It really suits me for running, particularly for GPS tracking runs and getting less lost, but the app is nowhere near as good all round as Fitbit. The other upside of the TomTom is that it's almost indestructible
  5. Always nice to have some no-effort food ready to go. Speaking of which, I need to go prep some breakfasts. Thanks for the unintentional reminder!
  6. Saturday - Week 1 Day 6 Wormy Got up first thing yesterday and went climbing. I arrived a little late, and feeling slightly jaded after Friday's beers, but I got an ok session in and climbed some nice stuff. I left my car at the climbing centre and went for a run along the seafront for a change. It actually felt really strong, and I was grinning and having fun despite the rain and the wind. I don't know why I enjoyed that run so much but I'm not complaining! 9/10 for the week so far. Wormintrude The original plan for the day was 2,300
  7. I love the phrase "dive off the cliffs of fuckit"; I'm stealing that! And thanks! I figure that although I have a calorie goal, I also have a rough idea what my maintenance calories should be. So if I'm below maintenance, even if I don't hit my goal, I should still be losing some weight.
  8. I will do my best to strike a balance between protecting her and protecting me I think I can manage about 2,000kcal per day with a little luck. That would put me about 450 over for the week, which only increases my daily average by about 64. So Wormintrude shouldn't be too hurt.
  9. Friday - Week 1 Day 5 Wormy Crossfit yesterday morning. We started with walking lunges, and I worked up to 72.5kg (~159#) for 8 steps. Followed that with prowler push. As it was raining we had to do it indoors, which is bloody hard on a rubber floor, particularly when the floor maps pick up and ripple if you dig in with the prowler at all. The workout was to do the maximum 50ft push in 20 seconds. My score was 40kg in 14 seconds. I did 50kg in 'eventually', having taken half the floor with me on the way 7/10 for the week so far. Wormintru
  10. Thursday - Week 1 Day 4 Wormy I ran yesterday morning, another 4 miles (~6.4km) with 8 x 0.25 mile (400m) tempo intervals. It felt pretty good, maybe not quite as strong as Tuesday but definitely ok. When I got home I did hangboarding and handstand practice. Still the hangboarding is tough, and to be fair having sweaty hands after a run probably doesn't help (even when I use lots of chalk)! I also reached out to my Crossfit coach for some technique videos on d-ball/atlas stone to shoulder work, to see if I can work out what I'm doing wrong. 6/10 for th
  11. Wow, 16 people? That's a big gap. Hope things pick up for your place soon. We can but hope! Part of the issue will be that it's common in our industry to have a 3 month notice period, so even if we agree to take someone on now we won't see them for 3 months. My place only has a 4 week notice period, which is a bit of a mixed blessing as it's nice for me to not be so tied in, but it does mean that there can be quite a gap between someone leaving and us a replacement actually starting.
  12. Wednesday - Week 1 Day 3 Wormy Yesterday was Crossfit. We started out with deadlifts, and I built to a heavy 5 reps at 135kg (~297#). It felt heavy, but still pretty good. My current 5 rep PR is 137.5kg (~302#), so as long as it feels goo I aim to match that next session, and improve on it in the next few weeks. That was follows by a 6 minute workout of d-balls to shoulder, and a 6 minute workout of d-ball box squats. I suck at d-ball to shoulder, and because the class was pretty full I had to go for the prescribed weights of 50kg, 60kg, 75kg (~110#, 132#, 165#).
  13. No, but 'you wear what you eat' sounds like a great concept for an adventuring party I suppose broadly speaking what you're wearing is likely to be bits of plant and/or animal, so it's not that hard to do, but it would be more interesting to be dressed in a full meal.
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