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  1. Yeah, that sound be fun. I know D_R's workout plan looks very different from mine right now, but a PvP to keep on track with out respective Darebee plans could be cool.
  2. Oh no, that's actual footage of me It costs a thousand dollars for a CT scan? Wow, that's really scary. Hope you manage to find out what's going on though, and get stuff sorted. Sending positive thoughts
  3. I know that feeling! When you look at the pile of dirty washing up and think "how do we own this much stuff?" Just been catching up; love all of the workout photos and good stuff working out in that heat! Also glad Mischief is better.
  4. That sounds like a really interesting challenge (assuming they book a new lesson) That's really good to hear, glad to hear you're finding something that's working.
  5. Yeah, absolutely. Might be a little while though; even if we get the keys next week I can't see us moving all of our stuff in until March! Then again there might be some work in progress pictures too. Yeah, even just 5 minutes would be hugely useful, but Deffy definitely has this nailed down. Yeah, that would be amazing! And you're right, it would actually make a really good superhero story - starting with you going wild, having all nighters, doing crazy things, and then slowly realising you're immortal and all of the problems and responsibilities th
  6. Thank you! I still can't quite believe it might actually be happening. And that's a cool idea! I was just thinking of Bernard's Watch when I started reading that, which would be awesome, but being able to rewind and fast forward would be the shit. perfect song choice
  7. Week 3 Stats Running: 76.95/116 miles for the challenge - 66% of the mileage in 60% of the time, so still on track Foam Rolling: 2/3 for the week, 7/9 for the challenge - I got this started early in the week, but lost the motivation to round it out on Sunday Protein: 7/7 for the week, 21/21 for the challenge - spot on Create: 2/3 for the week, 5/9 for the challenge - very much the same story here as with the foam rolling Teeth: 6/7 for the week, 17.5/21 for the challenge - Sunday evening motivation buggered up what was otherwise a perfect week * * *
  8. Well if it is cancelled, but you're still allowed to travel, you'll just have to come and see us anyway!
  9. On your first job, see @deftona's comment I love the positivity man - it seems life is pretty good for your right now, but I think being able to appreciate that is the main thing. I feel like we're in the same boat with just about all of this - I was fine to oblivious in our first couple of lockdowns, but this one with its lack of things to look forward to is just tough. D&D is 100% a lifeline. Will be interesting to see what happens with RRDW; I got an e-mail last week and they were still advertising it as though it was going to go ahead!
  10. That's really interesting - I'd never come across those terms but I can certainly think of people who fall in one camp or the other.
  11. Friday - Week 3 Day 5 Friday was a good day. Poker in the evening was really good fun, it was lovely to catch up with Hopalong and The Captain. I finished with slightly more money than I started with as well, which is nice. I also drank with relative moderation, and got to bed by 11. Teeth and protein were done. * * * Saturday - Week 3 Day 6 Saturday was a good day. I got up in the morning and went for my long run. It felt a bit rubbish to start with and 20 minutes in I thought I might have to cut it short, but somehow things picked up and
  12. Oh yeah, Ark would love that one! Not that I'm trying to give you ideas; with divebomb attacks and sneak attack these things are scary! That sounds like a really valuable thing to do, to go over your past in a constructive way like that. I try not to hold grudges too, it doesn't seem like a good use of my energy. And I know what you mean! I was great at maths in school and college, and I hate it when I find something's slipped away from me.
  13. Good work this week man - everything's so much harder when you're lacking sleep, but you've managed to do well despite that.
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