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  1. Saturday - week 2 day 6 Yesterday was a good day. I went climbing first thing, and managed to climb some fairly challenging stuff. After that I stayed down there and went for a run along the coast. I managed 6 miles, and had a really nice time as well. When I got home I made myself some scrambled eggs on toast and settled down for a really long bath while watching the snooker on TV. After and hour or more of that, I did a bit of tidying went and got some more beers, and spent the evening in front of Critical Role with WW. I messed around drawing on the laptop a bit until the cat jumped on my lap and interposed himself between me and the screen. After that I was falling asleep watching Crit Role by 10pm, so WW ushered me up to bed. Food was about on track until dinner - WW cooked a marvelous toad in the hole which was most certainly way over on calories. Teeth were not done as I sleep-walked to bed.
  2. Friday - week 2 day 5 Friday was a good day. Crossfit in the morning was deadlifts. We started with banded deadlifts and I went way too heavy for the band I was using, and felt a pull in my back as I lifted it. No real damage done, just a warning shot from my body to calm the fuck down. I dropped to 120kg (~264#) without a band and did a few sets of 5 at that. Afterwards we had weighted chinups and Nordic curls. I did the chinups with a 12kg (~26.4#) kettlebell strapped to my waist, doing sets of 5, which I'm pretty happy with given that it's over 15% on top of my body weight. After that I went up to London for the day to watch the snooker. Had a really nice time; it was a pretty good match if a bit one-sided, and always nice to be out with friends. In the evening I reheated the remaining lasagne, and had a few beers in front of the TV. Stayed up fairly late and watched First Dates - probably my favourite bit of nice, mindless TV. Calories were over, thanks to the leftover lasagne being massive. Don't think I did anything for creativity - well I won't count it as I can't remember. Teeth not done due to the late night - not a good day for goals really.
  3. Thursday - week 2 day 4 Yesterday was a good day. Crossfit was squats, and for some reason I woke up feeling really really good. Must be the beer and the late night beforehand . Anyway, for 3 x 5 squats I was due to work at 95kg, but after the first couple of sets I set myself a new 5RM at 100kg (~220#) . That was followed by 7 rounds for time of 2 cleans and 3 dips. I did the cleans at 55kg (~121#), and standard ring dips, and finished in a very reasonable 4'18". Work was pretty busy, I'm off today and most of next week, so I was trying to wrap up a lot of stuff before that. I finished fairly late, and then set about cooking a lasagne, which is about the slowest thing I could have been planning to cook. In fact, I didn't immediately set about doing that; I walked to the shop first to buy some mushrooms, just to make myself a bit later. The lasagne was actually brilliant, even if we didn't eat until quarter to 9, and I made enough to have some tonight as well. Food-wise I was on track until the lasagne. The recipe said 650kcal, which I probably would have allowed, but then I realised that it was from a recipe box and the calories would have been for the supplied. That means it didn't include the 700ml of whole milk of the 60g of butter I put in the bechamel, which would have put that number up considerably. Other meals and snacks were on point though, and no beer. After that I didn't have much energy for anything, so no creativity and no revision. Teeth were done.
  4. Thanks! Yeah. winter doesn't help; when it's dark and cold the bed is that much more tempting. And my trouble isn't staying awake (usually), but stopping scrolling through my phone and actually getting up!
  5. I love that tea strainer! I 100% do not need more tea paraphernalia, but I want it! Personally I tend to go with high bar squats over low bar, largely due to the things explained in this video:
  6. Wednesday - week 2 day 3 Yesterday was a good day. I laid in bed longer than I should have (sound familiar?), but did get up to go for my run. I tried to do running drills, but the ground was too soggy for that, so I ended up doing walk/run intervals instead. It was nice to get out. Work was exhausting for some reason. I'm trying to get stuff sorted before a few days off and that isn't going too well. Ah well, I shall do what I can. Que sera sera. In the evening WW slow roasted a celeriac, and we had it with fried halloumi and something that was almost, but not exactly, nothing like pesto. We had a few beers and watched the snooker, mainly because I'm going up to London to see the winner of last night's match play tomorrow. I also did some drawing in front of the TV. Our album of the day was Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club, and WW mentioned that she used to think a line in one song about "chicks in slacks" was about "chicken slacks". Inspired by that I drew a very stupid cartoon character called Chicken Slacks (or possibly Chkn Slax, I haven't quite decided yet). The album, incidentally, was excellent. Food was on track, and beer day is now at 800/2400kcal. I ended up going to bed quite late after the snooker finished, and didn't brush my teeth. No revision today.
  7. Tuesday - week 2 day 2 Yesterday was a good day. Crossfit was rope climbs and farmers' carries, which are two of my favourite things. I ended up practicing rope climbs with the opposite foot locking to what I normally do, because the graze on my left shin from last time hasn't 100% healed, so that was a fun challenge to try and climb left-footed. I worked up to 169kg (~372#) for a 100ft (~30m) carry - it felt heavy as fuck but I got it done. After that we had a 5 minute AMRAP of 5 kettlebell swings (Russian swings, for the Americans) and 10 burpees. I deliberately went for a heavy kettlebell so I wouldn't have to do as many burpees, and managed 5 rounds and 12 reps with a 32kg (2 pood, ~68#) kettlebell. Work was ok, still plenty to do but nothing too stressful. Working from home means I can have the snooker on in the background of an afternoon, which is nice. In the evening we chilled in front of Jonathan Creek, and then watched a very cool program about owls that WW had saved for me. I did some drawing in front of the TV for my creativity goal. I was running late first thing, so had cereal and a banana at my desk for a 600kcal breakfast. Lunch was a pork sandwich, a carrot and an apple at 600kcal I guess. Snacks were on track, but dinner I went well over. We had pork ribs and macaroni cheese bites, which was nice but highly calorific for its size. Teeth done, no running or revising today.
  8. Is it the working out what to buy that you find stressful, or more general worry about shortages? If it's the former, would it help to see it as a challenge? i.e. what can I make with whatever random stuff I can find today? If you like creative cookery that might be fun. Awesome job on the bench press! Keep up the good work.
  9. That's funny, your workouts usually sound like an awful lot to me Today's workout was 5 minutes long, so far more manageable than Monday's nonsense (even if I did have to do burpees!)
  10. Good luck with the changes at work, it sounds like a really positive direction you're trying to take the place in. I love this analogy. Wise words.
  11. Monday - week 2 day 1 Yesterday was a good day. Crossfit was pretty brutal. First we had 4 rounds for time of 20 dumbbell lunges and 20 pressups to dumbbell row. 80 pushups in about 15-16 minutes is a lot for me; I nearly gave up on round 3 but pushed on through. Then 5x5 squats, which I was knackered for. I worked up to 80kg (~176#), which isn't particularly heavy for me but it felt it at the time! I couldn't tell you if I did 5 sets or just 4. Work was ok. In the evening we watched some more Jonathan Creek, and I started some prep for a Pathfinder 2e one-shot I'm going to be running next week for my creativity goal. Food was good. Had the standard 600kcal breakfast, though I had to make an omelette as I didn't boil my eggs on Sunday. Lunch was a pork and chutney sandwich, a carrot, and a nectarine; about 600kcal. Dinner was a sort of pork and egg noodle soup, with the noodles replaced with rice. It was really nice, and I'm guessing about right calories wise. Snacks were about 600kcal, being two glasses of milk, a Tony's Chocolonely bar, and packet of Space Raiders #thingsonly90skidswill remember. Teeth were done, no revision or running for the day, no beer.
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