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  1. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    I didn't realise how far behind I was updating on this week. Guess that's the story of this challenge. Aaaaanyway: Week 4 Stats after 6 days Giant's Strength - 3/3 Crossfit sessions for week Hero's Feast - 6/2 variances for week Attack of Opportunity - 50 pullups for week Prestidigitation - Nope Pencils and Paychecks - mega over budget Wednesday: I've talked about that Crossfit session, and I played some snooker in the evening but stopped early and went home for an early night, because... Thursday: Had to get up at 05:30 (urgh) to get in my run before heading off to London for a conference. @jonfirestarhhelped me out with some accountability and messaged me to shame me out of bed (thanks for that dude, I expect I would have slept in otherwise). Thursday evening was D&D, which was really good fun but I was so tired by that point I wasn't really able to give it my all. Friday: I had Crossfit in the morning: On Friday evening I was out at a gig in London, which was really good fun but to be honest if it wasn't booked I probably would have opted to go home and sleep instead! I got home at 01:30 after a few beers and a long train journey. Saturday: I got up for Parkrun with a bit of a hangover, but I got round in about 28 minutes which was ok. Did some housework in the day but it wasn't very late before I was knackered and just chilled out, gave up on cleaning and cooking dinner and vegged in front of the TV. I wasn't very happy with having to do that, but I think it was needed after this week!
  2. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    Well it'll all depend on money, but that sounds pretty cool to me mate.
  3. Jarric

    Mint and Dill and Cumin: Tanktimus Fights his Legalism

    ^I love this, I find I say it to people a lot. Looking forward to hearing how your bodyweight training goes man! And now if you'll excuse me I need to cook some bacon, because I foolishly ventured into this thread before eating.
  4. Jarric

    Xena goes for a run

    I hope your hip and back feel better soon - I wish I had some advice but as you say it's so hard to know what will help and what will exacerbate some things
  5. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    You've got a point mate, we really should come out and see you for a change. I'll have to pursuade WW she wants a holiday in Sparta around that time! I hate to tell you this, but it wasn't slow fall that did it - slow fall only operates if you're adjacent to a wall and this was a gantryway suspended in free air. I do have Boots of the Cat though, which give you minimum damage from all falls (1 per 10ft falled instead of 1d6 per 10ft) and mean you always land on your feet.
  6. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    Week 3 Stats what do you mean that was ages ago?? Giant's Strength - 2/3 Crossfit sessions for week - missed one as I was in Essex, but otherwise going strong Hero's Feast - 5/2 variances for week - despite the poor score, I am eating better at work and home than I would be without the goal. Still not good enough, but better at least. Attack of Opportunity - 68 pullups for week - finished strong here Prestidigitation - 40 minutes for week - this goal is not really working Pencils and Paychecks - very very over budget Week 4 Stats after 2 days Giant's Strength - 1/3 Crossfit sessions for week Hero's Feast - 2/2 variances for week Attack of Opportunity - 15 pullups for week Prestidigitation - Nope Pencils and Paychecks - About £44 remaining I'm not going to recap everything that's happened since I last updated properly last Friday. But here's a couple of things I do want to talk about: Crossfit this morning: D&D last night:
  7. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    Thank you dude! And I definitely support that goal; it would be great to run with you again. And C_Q's idea for a race is pretty excellent. Yeah, it was definitely good fun, and the race and the debrief in the pub after were a good way to cap off the year.
  8. Jarric

    Jarric Rolls High

    Jarric Rolls High I didn't run a challenge for the last challenge cycle, partially through lack of organisation and partially because I buggered off for a lovely week in Ireland right in the middle of it. Had a lovely time there, visited about a dozen old castles, abbeys and cathedrals, and saw a lot of the beautiful Irish countryside. Since I've been back I've been watching a load of High Rollers and Critical Role, so why not have another D&D themed challenge? Giant's Strength - 15XP I've spent the last couple of weeks working on a new lifting plan for myself, and then promptly decided to scrap that and join my local Crossfit box instead! Went to see the place on Saturday and it seems really nice so I'm going to make the jump and try out a three month membership. Week zero of this challenge will be the last heavy week in my lifting cycle, and week one will be deload week, each with a goal of two lifting sessions per week. After that I'll start Crossfit and the goal will be three sessions per week. Hero's Feast - 10XP Simple enough and a goal that's worked for me in the past. I know what real food is, so I'm going to eat that with two variances per week. A variance can be a course, but not a whole meal. Attack of Opportunity - 10XP I want to keep working on my pullups because they're cool and they're good for climbing and obstacle courses and all the things. I struggle to get long pull-up sessions in, so I'm going to give "grease the groove" pull-ups a go. Inspired by one of @Charlie_Quinn's past challenges I've got my pull-up bar hung over my kitchen door, and I'll have to do a pull-up every time I want to go into the kitchen. I'll keep a note of how many I manage each day and report it here. Prestidigitation - 10XP Lovingly stolen from @DarK_RaideR's current battle log, before I sit down to watch TV of an evening I need to do something to improve my habitat - cleaning, tidying, hoovering, throwing stuff away etc. Pencils and Paychecks - 5XP This goal is so regular that I barely need to write it here, but I liked the name for a goal. £50 weekly budget, and I've got a jar for change left over at the end of the week. The Main Quest One of my main goals this year was to run in the OCR World Championship. I opted against running in the main event for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it means I get to run in the fun charity wave with @jonfirestar, @Rhovaniel and @Charlie_Quinn. Really looking forward to that, it's going to be a great event. And then two weeks after that I get to run Nuclear Fallout with these guys, and I get to see @iatetheyeti who's coming down too .