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  1. What? Why would we get fat if we eat the correct amount? No, the correct amount by definition is the amount that keeps us at the correct weight. I accept the rest of your calculations, however. The right popcorn at the right time, in the right amount. Immortality, popcorn, and the right weight forever. Well that's sorted, then.
  2. Saturday Invocation: yes Meditation: 5 min Writing: yes Strength/Yoga: nothingggg Walk: 40 min Stairs: 1 flight Painting: yes Reading: no, listened to an interview by an author about their book instead Skin care: yes Sugarless: yes I'm super tired. I slept for about 2-2.5 hours today and had trouble getting up again. Writing went okay, walk was nice. Painting turned out badly. I don't feel hugely motivated to do the yoga because I do some stretches in my integral strength thing, so I'm not sure what the yoga is for. I think I'm going to knit and chill.
  3. Okay. So like, getting ready for bed, getting dressed, winding down, that sort of thing. But the 14 hour days won't last forever, right? Just presumably until you catch up and can have regular 7 or 8 hour days?
  4. Indeed, it would be extraordinary if they were not. Are you feeling like sleeping stops you from working? I'm just wondering why regular adequate sleep can't be standard.
  5. This sounds so interesting! I'm definitely going to look into fencraft further. One of the main reasons I started my practice is that I wanted to give more active expression to my awe of nature, and it seems like the practitioners of fencraft want that, too.
  6. I'm so sorry about the rats. I hope they enjoy the rest of their time with you, and that you're able to focus on the thesis.
  7. Ah, procrastination demons. Familiar. After struggling with this for years, I don't have any easy solutions. For me it only improves when I work on everything: sleep, exercise, diet, meditation, long term plans that give me purpose, creative work that refreshes the spirit. And still it comes and goes. I hope things pick up for you soon.
  8. This book sounds really interesting! It's strange how important our ideas about our personal identities can be. It can feel so wrong if we look wrong. I'm not super interested in fashion or clothing, but I definitely feel "wrong" in the wrong things. I hope you have some find the right stuff that feels like you.
  9. During my youthful vegetarian phase I think I remember eating a lot of pasta. The fake sausages were not good back then, and I'm not convinced they're much better now. I've cut my meat intake significantly from my preferred amounts for diet and environmental reasons, but having at least some red meat really makes me feel better, and I crave it if I don't have it. So there vegetarianism for me. Just some vegetarian meals to eat with Mr Harriet. Black bean patty sounds a totally respectable and traditional food, and I would eat it for sure. In fact I told Mr Harriet I'd coo
  10. It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety around foods, and that you may be persuading yourself that you can't have certain things. You said you can't have too much fat, but you can't have too many carbs, either, and that's a long list of allergies. I think it could be valuable to see a professional to actually do some concrete tests to find out if you're really allergic to all those foods. This is important because cutting out food groups can mean we lose the gut bacteria to successfully digest them... so limiting what you eat can by choice can actually cause real limitations in what you can c
  11. How do you stop the wine running out? Or is it for a lot of people with tiny little mouths to drink out of at once? Harriet is wearing a slouchy knitted hat. Like the colander hat, and like all knitting, it is made of holes. However, it is hygroscopic and can hold up to 8 times its weight in wine.
  12. From the page you linked, quoted from Mark Twain: "The trunks being now ready, he DE- after kissing his mother and sisters, and once more pressing to his bosom his adored Gretchen, who, dressed in simple white muslin, with a single tuberose in the ample folds of her rich brown hair, had tottered feebly down the stairs, still pale from the terror and excitement of the past evening, but longing to lay her poor aching head yet once again upon the breast of him whom she loved more dearly than life itself, PARTED." Bwahahah
  13. Friday Invocation: yes Meditation: 5 min Writing: yes Strength/Yoga: integral strength Walk: 25 min Stairs: 1 flight Painting: yes Reading: will do now Skin care: yes Sugarless: yes I was tired today, but got through the strength workout with lots of pauses. Short walk because the weather today was wet and cold. I ate a meat free burger with Mr Harriet at his request, and it was both awful and high in calories. If want to eat vegetarian I'd much rather have an egg, a slice of haloumi, or maybe a rissole made of beans, than artifically flavoured,
  14. Oh, I'm glad! I haven't been to the druid's guild yet. I'll wander over tomorrow.
  15. Well the average density between infinite and nothingness should be equal to about half of the total range. Which means average. The pigeon is an average sized bird. We should eat a pigeon sized amount of this food.
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