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  1. Thank you! I tried these recently and they seem about right, but I will also add weighted ones, too. The simple BW bridges are a little too easy.
  2. This is great. I mean, if you're going to be busy anyway, why not be busy without the freaking? Very excellent gracefulness.
  3. I was thinking of it in terms of terrorising others into silence, but this is good, too. I don't know. Maybe they were? Have I rediscovered the machine? I'm very glad to hear it 😛
  4. Oh, the photos are so beautiful! Keep collecting those ticks!
  5. Today it is quite cold and windy. I walked a little, wrote a little, and am getting my stuff ready for the trip tomorrow. I am suddenly quite hungry and interested in lots of food, and the steak obliged me by being 500 calories, *before* I added anything else like salad, butter, etc. I should embrace this change, go intuitively, and just see what happens. I will not suddenly gain one million kg and grow out of my clothing if I eat 2000-2300 calories for a few weeks. Maybe I'll get more physical energy. I decided I was sick of avoiding the gym. I may not have much physical energy bu
  6. Thank you! Skin problems are the worst because they're right there on one's face, which represents one. People always told me not to worry about it but it objectively sucks. I'm sorry you are enduring the suck right now. I know, right!? It has been about 6 weeks now and there are multiple, noticeable improvements! Anxiety! Skin! Joint and muscle pain relief! (did I even mention this? It's gone!) Mental clarity! Mental energy! Satiety! Compulsive skin picking relief! Usually I try things and the improvements are so small I can't tell if it's just hope
  7. Ah, of course, the infection. The goulash sounds lovely but when I have tried to make similar things the meat came out really hard. Excellent politicking. And I'm glad your mood is good and you will have some time to write. May the writing go well ❤️
  8. Good luck getting the meditation to stick. I also haven't managed it yet. And one vegetable sounds like exactly the right amount, really. Also, enjoy your running and bodyweighting!
  9. Focusing on skills rather than outcomes sounds very useful, since these eating things often get away from us. Putting down fork and getting protein sound like really a practical way to start. Do you have trouble getting the 30g? It requires focus, right? You can't just have a sandwich.
  10. Looks like you're doing well apart from the tiny takeaway slip up. Never mind! Friday, Saturday and Sunday can surely be takeaway free.
  11. Tell us more about the goulash! What's in it? How is it made? But why haven't you had any meals? I hope you are getting enough to eat?
  12. Yep, I think acne is inflammatory, and I have been reading for many years that a high glycemic index/load can exacerbate it. Interestingly, my slow carb diet with moderate, unrefined carbs, did not help noticeably. Thank you! Hats are pleasingly fast and easy and can help use up ends! I should make more! It's not about ensuring perfect safety from heartbreak before you start. It's about starting, and having the courage to be vulnerable. Also, remember the lesson of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Sometimes you get strawberry, sometimes you get ea
  13. Ah, finally, someone with wurst wisdom and sausage knowledge. Vienna sausage seems to be about right, though mine are shorter. But further googling suggests that what I call cheerios might be little smokies or cocktail wieners in America. I know they're cheap but I have pleasant associations because they were served at children's parties alongside chips, twisties and fairy bread. I can make no comment on the 1950s, but my father assures me he was forced to eat beef's tongue and choko, a horrible slimy plant that grows in gardens sometimes. I'm sure he would have liked some viennas. Or some co
  14. I'm sorry. But aren't tiny party sausages that taste like happy childhood memories, with mustard, pleasing enough? I thought so.
  15. This sounds like a nice habit! Enjoyable and useful at the same time. Happy challenging!
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