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  1. Oh yeah, do whatever you're interested in, of course. You can use oil and acrylic on oil paper, though. I used to paint with oils and I loved the paper. It has a canvas-like texture and even comes in compact pads. I think I like it better than canvas, actually.
  2. The inertia. Why does it come to us? Why does it leave us? If I knew, I would write a best selling self help book.
  3. I'm sorry and I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure whatever you said to your brother was fine. I guess later he won't remember the exact words but he'll remember that you talked on the phone and were kind. I'm so glad your boss is supportive (er, at least sometimes?) and that you're doing okay.
  4. Hannover? Never even heard of it 😛 I'm glad they have christmas markets though.
  5. I'm glad the meeting went well despite the sleep in! Hope you're doing okay today ❤️
  6. Yikes, sorry to hear about K and the bad cannabis experience. He sounds like a bit of a people-user. And you're right, anyone can be sweet and considerate for a little while. 🤷‍♀️ I'm glad your work seems to be going well!
  7. Nice work on the painting! The colour choices are lovely. I adore "painterly" styles where you can see some brushwork. I think you should keep pushing the technique further! Not because unblended is always better, but because if you can do both, you have a choice.
  8. Oops, didn't update because tired and moody. Strength: did walks and sunlight on Tues, Wed & Thurs Stoicism: did gratitude/ reframing runes on all three days Spirit: did meditation and valediction on all three days Structure: started all three days with bujo runos I went to a first get-to-know-you session with the somatic experiencing therapist this arvo. It went well. I was able to give a short history of myself in German, and not only did she compliment my German skills, she noted that I bring a lot of humour with me despite the sickness. Which is true. Made a proper appointment for January.
  9. We're heading on next Tuesday. I'll be gone for three weeks. It'll be my first proper vacation since covid. I'm just watching sinix on YouTube and trying to light some faces. Needs work lol. Have you painted anything? I did a project with like 30 small birds while you were gone. https://scribbled-sigils.writeas.com/small-bird-studies I guess I am playing with the idea that my plans to programme and schedule myself into greater fitness and achievement, thereby overcoming or sidestepping my fatigue, were maybe ill-conceived. Due to, you know, the fatigue being behind the wheel, rather than my willpower. I'm having a mix of relief and sadness at the thought of giving up this path of striving for something else. But maybe the something else will be better. Thank you, Jackdaw! Hey Sov, thank you ❤️ Ooops the computer is trying to correct to "son". Thanks, son.
  10. Monday Structure: I did the bujoic runes. Strength: I went out for the infusion, which counted as my walks. Stoicism: I did the reframing runes. Spirit: I did the valediction and meditation. Got the fourth infusion today. The doctor had me drink a tall glass of water first, and we took some time getting the position right. It worked; only one jab this time instead of seven. And no pain. Feeling okay this arvo though I feel like I'm recovering from something this week. I did some cleaning to advance the cat sitting preparation project. I also did some painting. And knitting. I bought yarn for the holiday and started a new project with two coloured brioche.
  11. I'm not familiar with burn piles and maintenance pages. Do you get your ideas for what units or modules to use from somewhere in particular?
  12. Sorry about the cold and lethargy. It's good that you're taking time to sort through all the thoughts. It will become clear, I hope.
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