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  1. 1. I will 2. Oops. Now I need to make 1110 posts to get to the elegant 6666
  2. My plan is to just take one challenge period off and come back for the all guild challenge!
  3. This sounds like five kinds of stressful Why don't they have enough staff to do all the files on time?
  4. Harriet

    Minimal h3r0

    I have never heard the words 'hurricane deductible' but they don't sound good.
  5. Excellent, excellent. That's the important bit.
  6. She looks so strong and beautiful. My condolences on her departure. ❤️
  7. I think I need a bigger internet break for a while. I have banned myself from my most distracting websites and I feel it's doing me a lot of good.
  8. Yeah, so the last few months have been slug phase. But I'm starting to feel human again.Mr Harriet asked me to make a one-year work plan because he thinks a longer perspective will help me stay motivated. I tend to focus on planning the daily routine, so he may be right. I'm going to make a bigger plan for the writing and art and see if it helps. So, let's get some metals in: Silver Speech I have decided to try to write and publish (somehow? somewhere?) two longer pieces of non-fiction writing. So the first one is due in early March. For some early, easy wins and accountability, I’m planning to make a blog and publish reviews of the books and articles I read. Cadmium Pigment I’ve been wandering for lack of purpose. I need high quality classes that help me work on weaknesses. I think I’ve finally decided on an online school that focuses on foundational skills. It’s a bit more expensive but looks classy. It should take a year to get through the entire drawing content. I will need to put in some pencil miles every weekday. Iron Plates I’m going to continue with my elliptical running programme and lifting dumbbells at home. I ordered some heavier plates. I don't feel super hopeful about my ability to get stronger or bigger, s I'm just going to plug away at some full-body basics. I’ll run and lift three times each and take Sunday off. I’m not going back to the inexpensive old gym; it’s too crowded. But I should visit a potential new gym to see how much it costs, whether they have good equipment, and how crowded it is. Zinc Vittels Mr Harriet is committing to reducing meat, while I’m determined to eat the things that make me feel well and to identify the things that exacerbate the depression, fatigue and (my new friend!) heartburn. I think that means I’m going to be trying out lots of dairy-based vegetarian meals for our dinners, and eating meat for lunch. I’m going to buy game and learn how to cook it. I’m also keeping a food journal because I don’t know for sure what was making me feel bad for the last few months. I do know what brings feelings of wellbeing, though: red meat, liverwurst, salads.