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  1. Wednesday 8 Prepped last night. Today, I did DBs, journalled, got dressed, read, did art, and walked. I was very sleepy yesterday, though not as bad as the day before. Today I recalculated my macros and realised that, by swapping out my frozen creams for a third meal of meat, I had reduced my fat %. So I did some planning to figure out how to get it back to 80% because I want to feel as good as I did the last four weeks! Anyway the plan is 50g of butter with each of three meals. And possibly a buttered coffee. And my calories will be lower than before! Even with up to 175g butter! We'll see how today goes. I also figured out that scrolling is no good when I'm tired, since I read too much and need to do something different with my eyes. I played a bit of oblivion, which worked well for that evening slump.
  2. There's research on this. Obese people absolutely experience more food reward drive and food salience, as do people attempting to restrict calories. Guyenet writes all about it in *The Hungry Brain*. In another book I read recently, *The End of Craving* the author explains that yes, research shows it's the dopamine that's too high (wanting, motivation to attain), not the seratonin (liking, satisfaction). These should usually be paired in normal rewarding experiences, but can become uncoupled in addiction and, say, binge eating disorder. Which means, horribly, some people get all the want and none of the like. All the craving and very little satisfaction. It doesn't seem to be genetic, by the way; the authors agree genes make a small difference and it's something in our environment, possibly the innate qualities of modern foods along with environmental toxins.
  3. Oooh, gardening thread. I don't have a garden yet but it sounds lovely. Herbs and flowers and things.
  4. I've seen some people recommend total carbs if you're eating a lot of processed foods, and net carbs if you're eating whole foods. I don't think we yet know everything about how sugar alcohols affect us. Cronometer is free, and you can choose whether to include or exclude fibre, sugar alcohols etc. Very easy to use, and you can see whether the entries are user added or USDA, which are a bit more reliable. Yay! Those sound like great improvements! Often I don't know something is affecting me until after I cut it or add it back, because we get soooo used to our status quo. That's right. I get many of the benefits already on no-grain low-carb (75-100g net carbs), with further improvements as I drop carbs & plants and add more fat & animals. Too many variables to know exactly what the cause is, though. Or there could be multiple causes. Interesting! Fibre makes me feel bloated rather than satiated. So I'll stop eating from 'fullness', but I'll be hungry again soon. Volume doesn't work for me, but lots of people say it helps them a lot.
  5. I LOVE the neon sign! Very Don't Panic but even better because neon red/orange. I cannot tell if it's red or orange and I love the colour.
  6. Tuesday 7 Did all the things: prep last night, today: DBs, journalling, reading, getting dressed, art, and walk. No optional study as I was beyond sleepy all afternoon yesterday. Sleepy again today, too.
  7. Happy vocalising, and I hope you get some comfier glasses, bad glasses sound terrible.
  8. Covid, eh? Get well! And good luck with the balancing.
  9. Good luck with achieving sufficient texas shorts cuteness!
  10. Hello hello hello! Hahaha unfortunately it's not my concept. Just an observational piece. I don't have the skill to invent a face, let alone a character. It's very adequate, thank you possum! Thank you and thank you!
  11. Gymming is winning! Yay for gym reports. I assume all the measures are pounds?
  12. A most auspicious colour! Good luck with the moving and tracking
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