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  1. I'll need to read more because I don't understand it yet. Maybe one needs adequate PPI and adequate size?
  2. The websites were saying that you can't make a good, big print out of a small picture regardless of PPI. So you can't take a picture that's only 500 pixels wide and print it at 15 inches, regardless of PPI. And a picture with lower PPI will be okay if you're only printing a 2 inch wide sticker. Or something. IDK.
  3. Week three report Writ: I journalled every morning, and checking in all evenings bar one. Fine. Warcraft: I ran three times and lifted three times. Perfect. Weaving: I painted and wrote four out of five days. Fine. Witchery: I meditated five days, did spirit work six days, and walked every day. Good. Willowy: Dry january continues, but I had trouble with snacking and eating while distracted. Lots of trouble. I read up on print-on-demand places where it would be super easy to upload and sell art. It seems like a super low effort way to sell things I'm making anyway
  4. Oh shoot. Take care and get well soon. Sleep and soup for the win!
  5. Hmmmm. I'm no expert, but this doesn't seem right to me. I'm pretty sure green tea has near-zero calories, carbs, and protein. Even if it's true that green tea has 4% iron, as the link claims, you should ask 4% of what? Of the total calories? Of the total weight? Since you only use a few grams of leaves for one cup, and since you don't eat the leaves but only drink the water they're in, it seems unlikely you'll get a lot of iron from tea. The claim that a cup of green tea could have 50 calories and 5 grams of protein seems way off. Tea, however, has compounds that are known to bin
  6. Ah, good to know our musings have some utility. Right on. 🤘 Mmm. Adult sodas.
  7. Okay. I actually do know someone with fine art printing facilities. I also know it's expensive. I'll look at that later. That makes sense. Oh yeah, a preexisting place like Etsy is an idea I hadn't thought of. I sure wouldn't mind not having to stress about printing and shipping myself. Thank you for all the ideas, Hatter! I am new to this, obviously, so your knowledge is very helpful.
  8. It's excellent that you're planning your week now so you can achieve something instead of nothing despite being depressed. Gotta keep the machine running slowly until the Bock comes back! I love that photo, it's a very charming study in light and dark values. I mean the landscape, not the skim milk 😄
  9. I take it she is a romantic prospect. Why wouldn't you share stuff about yourself? There are loads of reasons two people might not be a match, and none of them are personal failings (er... except actual personal failings like being a jerk). Even if it turns out not to be a match with this woman, it isn't a condemnation of you. It's still hard and painful, though, I know. Seeking love is vulnerable, scary work at times. But sharing information about yourself was the right step in any case. Hugs and valour to you ❤️
  10. I'm glad doggo is in good health. When I used to wash the large golden hound, he would obey but give me sad betrayal eyes while the washing was happening. When released, he would race about the yard so fast his claws would tear up the grass, and here and there he'd freeze dead and bow, staring at me with wild, challenging eyes. A transformation from his usual mild and snuggly demeanour. He'd also roll in the dirt if allowed and become mud hound.
  11. Oh. You know things! I'm going to look up color modes and find out what they are. So I guess what digital artists do is place a watermarked digital image on their website to advertise, but print and ship the prints themselves. ETA I post JPEGs here, but obviously I have the original image files (of e.g. swordless) and could save them as something else. ETA: after a quick search I realise you mean those are the specs for printing. For painting and saving apparently I want 300 PPI, and I should make sure I keep this resolution and save as tif or jpeg. So far I've been painting at 15
  12. Shoulders/arms? Yeah, this has been helping me for the last few weeks. I just take a quick look at my chart of tasks and write a sentence about what I'm doing today.
  13. I don't have it all figure out myself, but I guess you're on the right track and it just needs practice, so that "talking back" to those impulses becomes second nature. I've found I quickly become blind to environmental reminders like stick notes. But reading my "big whys" and recommitting every Sunday, as well as quickly noting my goals for the days every morning, seems to help me stay focused. You'll probably just absorb the wisdom through osmosis if you stand close to it for long enough 😛
  14. Oh, were you asking me? Sorry, I didn't realise! My current plan is light jogging (30 minutes, slowly) on M/W/F and full body workouts (3 compound exercises, 5 sets each) on T/Th/Sa. I walk for about half an hour every day but do no lifting or running on Sunday. How much you do on your rest days depends on your fitness. If you're super unfit, even light jogging could interfere with the lifting (my plan is new so I have yet to discover if my jogging will be sustainable), but if you're super fit, up to an hour of cardio probably wouldn't hurt. You just have to note fatigue and aches and make sur
  15. Writ: I journalled in the morning but didn’t tick everything off in the evening. Warcraft: I lifted. Loaded carries, snatch and deadlift. Weaving: planned weekend pause from writing and painting Witchery: Oops, I neglected meditation and spirit work. I went for a walk, though, in the light rain. Willowy: Erm. Let us not speak of yesterday’s eating. Dry January continues without incident. Well, yesterday was fairly indolent, but I lifted. And it's good to rest (i.e. play video games and knit) on the weekend. Today I'm re-reading my journally big reasons and recommitting t
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