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  1. Harriet

    2nd Challenge

    It's not stupid, I felt very self-conscious too, at first. Especially when I was looking around trying to figure out which were the power racks and which were the squat racks, where to find kettlebells, and so on. But once you've done it a few times you'll know what exercise you're doing, where it is, and you'll just walk right up to it, and, if necessary, say "Hey man, how many sets do you have left?" like a boss.
  2. Harriet

    Gracefully moving forward ❤

    Good luck! Beach walk sounds lovely. And rain sounds better than Californian camp fire smoke, sigh.
  3. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    It's because I use it a bit like a journal and just update frequently.You know, "Today I squatted 105" "Today I ate eggs" "Today jeans are evil". You're absolutely right about the try everything. Imagination is no substitute for data. I haven't really been smashing the challenge, I've had a cold and dropped most of my quests except for the meditation and continuing with things I was already doing. Oh well, even one new habit is a win.
  4. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Cottage cheese and fruits is a pretty common lunch meal for me. I could do that or yoghurt for breakfast and swap something savoury for lunch. Mmmm, yoghurt is delicious. Will it power my OHP? Must try it and find out.
  5. Harriet

    CM warms up

    Damnit, you're right again, Dumbledore. Getting to my class is dark and difficult, but it's the RIGHT thing to do. I must set aside my fears and go anyway.
  6. Harriet

    CM warms up

    Yessss I want to complain too. I don't like cycling in the dark, especially as the roads are rough.
  7. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Wooo, got my 15 deadlifts in 3 sets. Unexpectedly stronger than last week. Maybe thanks to more aggressive approach and high volume light sets (just did over 40 reps at 50% of my heavies. It was hard in a different way). Will try 150 for first time next week. Then didn't have much energy left for OHP. Felt sleepy and flat. Then flat and nauseous whilst doing my inverted rows. I skipped the dead hangs because yuck. I must find something to eat for breakfast other than milk & protein powder. Rolled oats might be a necessary deviation from my attempts to avoid unprocessed carbs. I just haven't felt like eating much in the mornings, and certainly not eggs. The day before yesterday I had eggs for lunch, was in pain and nauseous for a couple of hours, then threw up copiously and felt better. Why would you hurt me, eggs?
  8. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Hiiii! The more the merrier!
  9. Harriet

    GK refines himself (oh FFS)

    Okay, interesting. I guess I have a slightly different goals (some impossible combination of get stronger, leaner, more muscular, also get some endurance and find a pair of jeans that fit well... probably total unicorn stuff). Are squats and deadlifts on the same day really tiring? My deadlift hates sharing with other lifts.
  10. Harriet

    Grumble gets Shiny

    Awwww, is that your own halfling? She's adorable. And getting to build one's own stuff as a kid is awesome. All she needs is someone to duel with. Gotta start learning those combat skills early. Ooops, I mean, um, clearly violence is wrong and I would never encourage it, um, maybe she can watch a heartwarming film about cooperation and teamwork instead. Yeah, I'm not sure how seriously to take the unhealthy air quality warnings here in the bay area. All I know is I'm sick of staying inside and I want to go walkies.
  11. Harriet

    JustCallMeAmber's All Owl's Eve Challenge

    Sweeeeet. I had a golden retriever. I miss him. He was super, hyper, painfully excitable. He would wake me up by wagging his tail so hard it thumped against the walls of the hallway outside my room in the morning.
  12. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Powerlifting Jesus, yay! Lol, you didn't mention there's a part where he drops his pants and mimes a low bar squat to demonstrate the incorrect way of defecating in the woods. That was my favourite bit Okay, I've been doing as low as possible because I felt that warrior=powerlifter=low bar. But given that I feel my posterior chain is taking over and doing work I want my quads to do, it might be a good idea to try high bar and even front squats as well. I want balanced overall strength, and right now I feel my hams are pulling ahead of my quads.
  13. Harriet

    Scalyfreak stumbles along, sort of

    But in order to stop him eating the guests, they have to start offering strange meat* at the buffet.... *Definitely not the remains of people who tried to cheat at cards
  14. Harriet

    Harriets Year of Energy: Act II

    Wait, what? I'm definitely trying to do low bar. Are you saying there's a little bit of hips rising first in the low bar squat normally?
  15. Harriet

    2nd Challenge

    I found Alan Thrall on Youtube and have been watching his videos. In fact yesterday I found something about how he fixed his good-morning-squat, which is what I need to do, too. I like him somehow. You can trust someone with so much long hair, because there's a person with patience. And you can trust someone who's about as thick as a small bear, because there's just more of them to trust. Well, that's how I reason it anyway. Also, he doesn't use misogynistic insults as motivation, like some do: