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  1. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a great one!
  2. I totally relate to this - I grew up 'knowing' I was a fat kid as my mum was always on diets. And I ate loads because I knew I was going to be fat anyway... So ridiculous! Also... I really want rings now I've watched some of your videos!
  3. Thanks, it's so hard not to eat all the foods sometimes...
  4. So week two summary... Exercise was pretty much on point - all full runs, dumbells and even remembered all the negative chin ups! The one day I was slightly under was Saturday at 9500 by midnight, but as I'd already done 7500 by the time I got home at half three in the morning (yay dancing) I'll allow that! Food though... I do tend to eat my stress. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were all good, and Tuesday was around 100 over due to miscalculation of a graze punnet. All healthy stuff though so only a five point deduction for that. Friday, tbh I'd just had enough of the week at work and went
  5. Thanks, yes I'm not sure how exact my exact counting is, but it tends to be predetermined things so I don't have to weigh things! Week two didn't go as that well due to mainly work stress and the like. I'm not letting it sink the whole challenge though and will do a full review shortly. At least the exercise was all good!
  6. Week one summary! Monday was a bank holiday but I managed to get plenty of steps in by doing a nice walk around London Town. Annoyingly calories went over by about 30, but as a lot of that was good eaten out and estimated, I won't mark myself down. Tuesday - Thursday I did all good with exercise and calories, and Friday I was going to a friends for dinner. The day started well but someone brought cookies and, well, cookies. Docking myself 25 points for that indeed. Yesterday I didn't get nearly enough steps in and forgot to do the chin-ups, and managed to go 16 over calories because I forgot t
  7. Ooo I don't track water intake, but I definitely become aware when I haven't had enough!
  8. Thanks though not sure I've started off so well today as it's a Bank Holiday!
  9. Why hello there! My last challenge went well and I'm looking forward to getting back on with the focus after a week of not being optimal. Largely copying the last challenge but adding little bits in. Get those habits set in n all. Exercise plan, current habit followed by ~ what I'm adding Working days: - 25 press-ups with my feet on the bed ~ only recently upped this, so carrying on - 10 min jog around the block ~ the sprint part from the bush before the lamppost (my last challenge target) - 3x10 dumbbell reps of two exercises (bicep curl + lat flies OR bent over rows + military press) ~
  10. Final summary of the challenge time! Monday was a bank holiday, so although I stayed under calories, I only did half the steps I should have. The rest of the week was on track under calories, exercise and steps except yesterday - day with the bf and birthday drinks in the eve so neither steps nor calories successful! Today I'm not convinced I was under calories but the end was at a buffet and I selected a few choice items and did not eat a the foods, yeay me! Steps are only just under (9500) but I don't want to march around my bedroom for 500 steps as it's late and work tomoz. So points wise
  11. Sorry, I didn't get a notification for this (or I missed it bcuz this week has been pretty manic!) Thanks for the congrats, it was so much fun and we put loads of effort in so I'm glad it paid off! The steps was because I had an extra hour or so in Newcastle after everyone else left so I decided to walk up to a pretty park, took loads of photos and misjudged getting back so had to pretty much run haha! Oh yes, also because in the morning I walked off a hangover...
  12. So, long weekend of BARBERSHOP! Ahh so much fun, and we WON the small chorus category, woohoo! Challenge-wise, I definitely had the Saturday over calories with celebratory food and drink, but the other days I largely ate well despite not fully calorie counting (and the hotel had a breakfast buffet - I should get extra points just for that!) Due to this, I'm going to dock myself the 25 for splurge day, but only a further 5 for the other days combined. Total 70 points. Exercises - I did a run/weights etc and additional chin-up-negs on Thursday even though I technically di
  13. Oh yes, forgot to do a week-end-summary. So I did all the exercises with the exception of Saturday which didn't get over 10,000 steps, though I did plant a cherry tree and repaint the kitchen so I don't feel too bad about that. Total points 95 I believe. Food wise, I was under calories every day except Sunday, which was a bit of a day out and nice food. This was probably a splurge day so minus 25. I think there was another day very slightly over calories, so I put down 70 for the week. Total points for week two: 165
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