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  1. Absolutely zero walking yesterday! Drove to my folks for pre-Christmas roast dinner with my other half, as he's heading to Oz a week before Christmas. I ate far too much food (nut roast, roast veg, yule log and Christmas pudding), and also had lindor for both breakfast and pre-bed snack. Oops. I might count out how many I have left and limit myself to [days ÷ lindors remaining] per day, otherwise every day I overeat I will probably just chug through them. After so many days overeaty, I feel a bit bleh today, but have already had to walk nearly 4miles this morning to and from an appt and am staying within 1600 calories today. Also I have to do some extra exercise today or I'll miss my 5 day rolling without exercise as I definitely can't tomorrow as I'm on site! Yesterday: 10pts 0pts -20pts Total: 40pts* Three days since extra exercise *Seems depressingly low at the moment but I knew it was going to be a tough start!
  2. It's crazy easy and comes out so nicely (at least in my hair!) - you can also use a pair of leggings, and then pull the waist bit over your head so it all stays in place while you're asleep! Just make sure to either partially dry it or set it early in the evening, as otherwise it'll still be wet when you take it out and be a bit meh!
  3. Quick update as about to watch the footballs. Concerts yesterday went really well, amazing fun and actually performing in front of people for Christmas for the first time since 2019! I don't think I actually ate that much seeing as I was running around most of the day, but a couple of beers after and the type of food probably meant I ate over calories. I don't think I did overeating for the sake of it so much so will just go with 0pts rather than -10. I was a bit adrenalined when I got home so stayed up a bit catching up on socials and concert chat and then read before bed. I said quick update right? Only a couple of miles actually walking though, so that wasn't successful, ah well. Yesterday: 10pts 0pts 0pts Total: 50pts
  4. https://youtu.be/driTmCJzG14 - this absolutely works very well in my hair Yeah, my hair is that kind of hair that gets flatter and thinner in humidity! They did thanks, and lasted all day Haha, yeah I do a lot though I think from my upbringing it's what I think is normal!
  5. I'm not convinced I'll get much actual walking in today - I'm trekking an urn into town for the mulled wine and so definitely going to bus/tube as much as I can. If I could be arsed to get a pedometer I'm sure it would count all the running around setting up but
  6. Quicky update as I'm about to head into town to sing not one, but two Christmas Concerts I did manage to just have the porridge for dinner, but I did then have a few more biscuits, and when I got home I ate a few lindors while rolling my hair around a dressing gown belt (really is the best way to make my very straight hair curly!) Yesterday: 10pts 10pts -10pts Total: 40pts
  7. Time does fly when you're at a team away day (morning) and then have to catch up and do a day's work in an afternoon... But we did have a lovely Thai meal out, and although I had a few chocolates after, I'm planning on just having my 'lunch' (overnight oats) for dinner this evening to minimise overeatyness. I did have a burger and a Veggnog cocktail last night, both of which were yummy, but when I got home I did not eat a lindor chocolate even though they were right there and I wanted one. Yesterday: 10pts 10pts 5pts 5pts Total: 30pts
  8. Oh it is VERY hard not to snack at home when you have been a snacky mcsnackface for the last few days. Staying strong though and holding out for my dinner this evening. Yuhmmy. Even managed a cycle today, to drop off some Christmas things my friend asked me to make, though haven't done any walking yet.
  9. Thaaaaaanks! It has become tradition! We used to sing Nine Lessons and Carols at around 6pm, then people from choir would go for curry/drinks before Midnight Mass (overeating and drinking helps hit the descants haha)
  10. Mini summary - I've been happy with how this has gone, and am going to do the holiday mini challenge from tomorrow as I've been snacking a lot since last challenge. Mainly focused on exercise as that has really dropped off too (haven't left the house today!) I've got some ideas for the new year, maybe more a rolling X days for exercise rather than week by week, as that puts stress on my Saturdays! Anyhoo, new challenge here if you want to follow! Can't believe I'm up to 30!
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