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  1. I'd say "eff the coworker" is more accurate in this case. If your work is completely done early enough that you can leave before your shift is over, more power to you. The tattling coworker is no doubt jealous.
  2. On the one hand, to still not have a diagnosis must be incredibly frustrating. On the other, you have the beginnings of a strategy, you have a direction about your diet, and a clear next step (seeing cardiologist). From my outside perspective, this looks like progress towards improvement. Right. So I'm just going to quietly put this halberd away... ahem. I'll be right back.
  3. Obviously not, since they're letting @Mad Hatter go without even trying to stop it. Idiots, the lot of them.
  4. It did, more than I expected. I have several of our wedding photos there, and a collection of pet pictures and family photos. It was very delicious. They rotate their menu on a weekly cadence, so I should be able to get it again for Thursday. I know! GROSS! Aw, thank you.
  5. This happens far too often. Ca we file a complaint somewhere? Awesome! This needs to happen more often!
  6. ...I have to really think about that. Maybe the surprisingly good salads they give us for lunch every day. I've ordered a cajun shrimp and greens salad for tomorrow. Unfortunately though, every Wednesday they have a food truck come give us free food instead, which is great in theory but tremendously impractical for those of us who try to avoid salt heavy or fat heavy food. There is a grocery store nearby with a great salad bar. Or rather, the salad bar it could be great, if the containers with salad ingredients were covered. I went there once, and saw several store customers grabbing samples out of the open containers with their fingers, while leaning close enough that whatever they exhaled wafted across the many salad ingredients. That would have grossed me out long before COVID. Disgusting. Tonight I will launch a sneak attack at Procrastination by setting up the digital photo frame I used to have at the office and took home with me at the start of WFH. I've had it here at home, and it needs to be at my desk at work. So I took the SDHC card out, located my card reader, and will spend this evening sorting, removing, and uploading photos. I'm also planning to do my next challenge thread this week.
  7. There, fixed that for you In my workplace, secretly recording a meeting on a personal device is a violation of several parts of the code of ethics and business conduct, and a person would be in serious trouble for requesting it. I hope this is the case at your company as well.
  8. Unless it's clearly unsafe, I highly recommend one of those small parks you mentioned you have nearby. Get some grass under your feet,
  9. I just finished my 72 symptom free hours. now I need to do my weekly COVID test (because test done while sick don't count towards the weekly cadence), report my new status as Fully Healthy, and by Tuesday I'll be back in the office. Yay...?
  10. There is no fight. This is only a pest. And yet, at the same time, remember these words of wisdom:
  11. Seconding this, and highly recommend this. On hot summer days, Husband and I take Happy Sidekick to the small park across the street and sit in the shade together for 15 minutes or so, instead of going for a walk. The mental health benefits of getting out of the house, seeing the sky, and sitting on grass, are almost impossible to exaggerate.
  12. That's fine. Being active here is not a requirement for anything. Manage your spoons in whichever way makes to possible for you to get through the day, and if you are low or out of spoons when it's time to check the forums, all that means is that you have used your spoons for things that were more necessary. We're not going anywhere, we'll be here when you have more spoons again. Hopefully having a shower will help with that.
  13. It is? ... this must be something that happens with more practice.
  14. There is no fight. I have no enemies. (I'm trying to learn to think of them as pests.)
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