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  1. I have hoped it did ever since I found out he literally was in the trenches on the Western front. I literally cannot imagine what that must have been like, and what it would have been like to come back to "regular" life in England after that, at a time when psychology was barely acknowledged as a real thing. Edging out of our comfort zone when it comes to reading is never a bad thing. It's one of the main reasons I keep trying to do Book Riot and other reading challenges year after year.
  2. If they thought that was helpful, they are a moron. Not the most nuanced opinion, I know, but really... no. Not helpful. What you're feeling is not ridiculous. Doesn't matter what caused the feelings, they're valid. End of story.
  3. If you do, I'll be there. Asking border-line relevant questions and posting memes when I feel like it.
  4. This is the part of the video I have chosen to focus on, because my anxiety wants me to focus entirely on the fact that vaccines don't guarantee that I won't get infected, and wants me to forget the rest. I will put a poster that says "all Covid vaccines are 100% effective against death" on a prominent wall in my mind where I can see it every day. I'm also sharing the video with people because it's really good. Thanks for finding it.
  5. I need to do this for my lunches, I think. If not now, then definitely for when they make us go back into the office... I'm still determined to make bento lunches work for me when the times comes to go back to office work.
  6. Do you have links to sources showing this? I'd love to read more about this.
  7. The combination of the fact that the vaccine is not 100% effective, and the fact that the gym is a perfect environment for a virus to thrive in, is a pretty strong argument against going back, yes. But I am also well aware that being hyper aware that there is a dangerous airborne virus in the world, is doing wonders for helping my anxiety influence my thinking and warping my perspective. That wouldn't surprise me, actually. Kettlebells are fun, from what I remember of them. However, if I buy one now, it'll be shiny and new and fun for maybe a week before the blah-ness tak
  8. Ah, now that makes a lot more sense. The tests are not showing that you are "perfectly healthy", they are "successfully ruling out multiple known conditions", which is basically what troubleshooting does. And in all honestly, ruling out some of the more deadly things is a good thing. Why not? If it is one for you, why not celebrate it?
  9. One of many reasons I have stopped following a lot of news.
  10. Possibly relevant reading material: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/a-nerds-guide-to-anxiety/
  11. Mine likes to start thinking about all the terrible tragedies that could happen in my life, and how likely it is that every single one of them will happen to me. It sometimes irritates me that I spent the first four decades of my life believing this is completely normal, and not actually a symptom of my anxiety disorder.
  12. My professional troubleshooter brain vehemently disagrees and says this is a bad thing, because it means that all these many tests are failing to produce all the relevant information needed to isolate the cause of the problem. You are, at this point in time, not perfectly healthy. If these tests say you are, they are either done incorrectly, or they are testing for the wrong things. I'm short-tempered about this because I spent a few years having similar experiences with my eczema. None of the doctors I saw could explain why my skin exploded into weeping dermatitis rash at seeming
  13. True, you never did. But the best alternative to "not productive" I could think of at the time of posting was "not very thought-through" and it struck me as a bit rude to imply that disagreeing with me automatically means you're stupid (Especially when that's not the case)
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