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  1. This is triggering all my hatred of the current medical system in the US. Sooo much wrong with it. Please vote, everyone who read this. (I voted this morning, by dropping off my absentee ballot.) I am glad you're feeling centered and that you're able to relax on the couch. That's actually more or less what I was suggesting - the act of laying down on the couch is a physical movement that tells your body it's safe to stop being on high alert now. Once again, I do hope you continue to heal and feel better soon.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that, and I hope something changes for you soon. Do you have the option of consulting a doctor about this? Extreme physical fatigue can be a symptom of stress, and based on your post, you are dealing with a lot of that right now. Question for you: Are you doing something physical at the end of your workday, that tells your body that it's safe to relax now? It can be a stretching routine at your desk right before you leave it, a breathing exercise, or anything else that works for you, as long at it involves intentional body movement and muscle activation. I'm not trying to downplay your mystery illness, and definitely not trying to provide medical advice. I recognize the mental state you describe from what I was dealing with during the kitchen ordeal, and I'm trying to share what helped me. I'm genuinely worried about you, and I hope things get better for you soon.
  3. Here for the time travel.
  4. She was far above average for cats when it comes to intelligence, to the point it became inconvenient sometimes. She knew an impressive number of English words, and loved solving puzzles, especially if there was an edible reward afterward I'm doing better. I have reached the stage where powerful reminders, like the prescription card that bought her kidney supplements, or her food bowl, no longer make me cry. It's progress, of a sort.
  5. I might be interested. Is it in a sub forum here?
  6. I enjoyed Greyskull when I did it. I adjusted a few things around the pullup part, since I couldn't do one, and threw in some core exercises as well. Now I'm jealous!
  7. Hello! I'm Scaly Freak, and I don't care which part of the name you use if you want to shorten it. She/her pronouns. Welcome to the Warriors! "custom novice linear progression" sounds fascinating. Did you start with someone else's program and tweak it, or did you create it entirely from scratch?
  8. Two things: 1. Please come visit from time to time 2. A post count of 5555 just looks good for some reason
  9. To be fair, it doesn't become really weird until people start talking about "soda music" and "Euro-soda", and start debating the differences between the two...
  10. I can't remember the origin of the quote now, but I seem to recall being told once that we have two ears and only one mouth, because we're supposed to listen twice as much as talking.
  11. I am closely following your dog training adventures and taking notes. My Happy Sidekick is disturbingly smart and inhales her food, and I'm going to try and experiment with some of the methods you are using with your dogs, based on how they work out for you. Thanks for sharing!
  12. This is fantastic news! It's a special great feeling to be able to start working towards a dream. The two of you will figure out the schedule. I have confidence in you. Thank you for voting.
  13. Another Warrior visiting the Druids! Excellent, welcome, welcome. There is a nice and peaceful grove right over there, that's very restful for journaling and meditation.
  14. I respectfully beg to differ. Every cat I've ever had (four in total) has been trained, to a greater or lesser extent. They are completely trainable, as long as you are willing to redefine "training" into, "look how much you benefit from doing this other thing instead". Regal Sidekick (may she rest in peace, until something entertaining comes along), was great at "stop that!", "come" and "let me get up now", for example. I will concede that trying to train a cat the way one trains a dog, is an entirely lost cause.
  15. Ooof. My deepest sympathies to the owner of the vagina. That is not a good place to have medical issues! I'm glad they're doing better now.