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  1. Well, everything in the human body is caused by physical factors, anxiety included. That's how our bodies are wired. I think of therapy as the mental health version of pain management. Yes, taking pain killers does absolutely jack shit for helping a broken bone heal any faster, because they have zero impact on the fracture causing the pain. But why live with the excruciating pain while I'm healing, if I don't have to? Similarly, if I can use therapy to address and minimize the emotional upheaval the physical factors cause, then I might as well. To be able to slow down and manage my emotions in a way that stops the anxiety from sending me into a fit of blind rage when I'm having a bad anxiety day, has benefits for every aspect of life, not just for me but for the people around me as well.
  2. It is super-convenient when making banana bread. Basically stick them in the fridge over night to thaw, pour them in with the other ingredients, and done. Darebee has a dice emulator thing on some of their exercises as well. Like on this one.
  3. Now that I think about it, it's actually surprising that freshly thawed bananas don't make more frequent appearances in horror movies or TV shows with gratuitous torture sequences....
  4. ...and the void responded. This is more common than people think.
  5. If the choice is between winning with integrity and grace, or force a loss while being patronizing and frustrated, go with the former. And do it in a friendly and respectful way, and you will teach the child you play a valuable lesson about sportsmanship, in the way you approached the competition. That's my take on it, anyway.
  6. This is one of the very few situations in life where screaming into a void actually makes a difference. It's an excellent emergency valve.
  7. Condolences on your loss. Be gentle with yourself for a while.
  8. I get this feeling around the start of November every year. I am not sure why, and have avoided analyzing it too much. It's just a thing that happens every year.
  9. If you need a break, realizing that and taking one is healthy and wise. We'll be here when you get back.
  10. We do this in my family too. We also have a long standing tradition of wish lists, that we all email out to each other by Thanksgiving or so, to make the gifting easier to for everyone. if someone cannot be bothered with a list... well, Amazon sells gift cards.
  11. And the indulgence comes with a generous side of guilt about how selfish it is to indulge like this...
  12. Public beaches are like the gym... everyone is too busy to worry about how they look to pay attention to anyone else. Remember to pack your SPF! And the greek cheese sounds absolutely divine. Similar to manouri, was it? Manouri is super tasty on dark break with olives on the side.
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