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  1. It's this kind of pocket, so while it's theoretically possible, it would be far more work to make it look good afterward, than I am willing to put in. I prefer open-style pockets that I can easily slip my phone whenever I need to take it with me, but now that the Wallflower colors with that kind of pocket are back in stock, I can start hoarding them.
  2. This is the attitude I strive to have towards exercise and meditation, because it's the healthiest one I've found.
  3. Jeans report: The full name of the jeans I have found have is WallFlower Women's Instastretch Luscious Curvy Bootcut Jeans, which is quite an ambitious mouthful. I ordered Standard size 13 Long, and they are actually long on me, which isn't often the case with jeans claiming to be for long legs. As with all clothes, two pairs of the same size are not identical in fit, but to my shock and pleased surprise, these fit me quite well. They are not the perfection the 529 were, for one the waist is a bit higher, and the back pockets are not 100% useable, but the fit is acceptable, and so is the comfort. Range of motion is sufficient enough to let me comfortably sit cross-legged and move freely, and Husband was kind enough to confirm that the fit is esthetically flattering from the angles I can't quite see for myself. The back pockets are an annoyance and a problem, and the search for jeans perfection continues. However, as it continues, the Wallflowers are an acceptable option. I will probably buy a third pair of these at some point. UPDATE: As I added the Wallflower jeans to a shopping list for future reference, I noticed that different colors have different pocket designs. So now I will definitely buy another pair of these!
  4. I like how the frames of her glasses match the flowers on her pants.
  5. I think maybe the secret is to make time for sleep, and make it a priority? I'm not entirely sure yet.
  6. Nerding out over any kind of food is good and worthwhile and you should absolutely do it. So hot pot is basically fondue, just not quite the same, and with a different attitude towards how to cook the food. I want one. I am investigating the kit you linked to, and trying to come up with how to make this happen in my kitchen.
  7. Um.... I'm not. I'm not looking for them. I have a noticeable waist, but not one narrow enough to fit most of the "curvy" jeans models I've found out there. The low waist of the 529 was one of their main selling points.
  8. The only brand and model ever to realize that there are women in the world who have broad hips and large thighs, and do not have a narrow waist! I am still bitter that they were discontinued. Online reviews of the curvy jeans model that was supposed to replace the 529 imply very strongly that the fit around the waist and buttocks has changed in a way that would not be flattering to the glutes I have spent a large number of deadlifts developing. After trying a pair on in a store, pre-pandemic, I have to agree. There was sagginess in the least flattering spot possible. The Wallflowers are supposed to arrive tomorrow... I'll report back on fit and comfort as soon as I have a chance to try them on!
  9. Welcome back! Has the crazy slowed down a bit, or is it still going on?
  10. That is indeed my Happy Sidekick. And we had two cats when she joined our household, many years ago when she was literally a young puppy, so she has picked up all sorts of adorable habits and mannerisms from the cats.
  11. Fun indoor activity: https://i.imgur.com/wZEWsvS.mp4 Video does not have sound, for various reasons. But it still works as virtual dog lending, in a pinch.
  12. Same here. The lack of stress that comes from doing only as much or as little as we want to, including decorations and food, is very freeing. It also makes it actually fun, which matters a lot.
  13. Please do share the full story of the home hotpot, including how you set it up and how I can get one of my own...
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