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  1. Health Walked during lunch. After work I was planning to walk again, but it started raining heavily, so I changed my mind. Mana Meditation again this morning. It was very nice. Stamina Same six cups of coffee as before. Also sipping Pero again this evening. It's growing on me, and I am quite certain that it's better for me than the bourbon I used to sip in the evenings.
  2. If that doesn't work, you might be able to rig up a web cam, or a phone on a tripod, or something similar?
  3. I have this same problem. Sally Hansen's Insta-dri line of nail polishes has solved this problem for me.
  4. It's a beverage made from barley , chicory , rye, and malted barley, according to the ingredients list on the container. It looks like cocoa powder, goes into hot water and becomes a coffee-looking beverage with a non-coffee flavor. It has a fairly rich, sort of sharp taste, and I prefer it with creamer and a pinch of cinnamon. Amazon has them
  5. ...is that in total, or per leg....? Asking for a friend.
  6. Me too. That first one just looked too painful to even attempt
  7. Well, making a person feel bad is never my goal, but if it leads to tea, I'm sure nothing bad will come of it. Especially not from the very old teas in the far back. Health Walked during lunch and after work. Mana Meditated in the morning again. Sadly, no cat this time. Stamina Same amount of morning coffee as before. Sipping a cup of Pero with cinnamon and creamer now.
  8. Health Saturday: Walked early afternoon Sunday: Walked late afternoon Mana Saturday: Completed Day 7 of an Anxiety Toolkit course on Insight timer Sunday: The Feisty Sidekick has claimed my meditation chair ( a very comfortable recliner) as his bed during the day. So I sat on the floor next to him, started the Timer for ten minutes, and patiently moved until I could rest my head on the chair while slowly rubbing Feisty's neck. He yawned at me and moved his head so my fingers would be at his preferred spot, and went back to his nap. Purring cat improves meditation. Stamina Saturday: Brewed and drank ca 1 liter of Shire Second Breakfast black tea. Sunday: Brewed and drank same amount of Volcanic Inferno black tea. Absolutely delicious - robust and smoky, with the edges softened by the addition of mango, pineapple and flower petals.
  9. It's the Shire from Middle Earth. This is the tea, and it is delicious. It has just the sort of robust, slightly bitter, flavor that I want and enjoy from black teas. I'm very happy with my purchase, and will test the Volcanic Inferno tomorrow.
  10. I've been staring at my face every morning for over 20years, I would hope I know it by now. As for the effects styles have, that the same visual principles as anything else. When painting something, using shades and light can make the subject of the painting (bird or slug) look less flat and more three dimensional. Similarly, adding more substance/color to the outer edges of something makes it look wider. Adding a bright splash of color to a spot on a painting draws the eyes there away from and the rest of the picture, while lifting that spot forward in the mind. Makeup is painting on a three-dimensional canvas. All the things a painter knows about how to use shade and shapes to make something look a certain way, apply in full.
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