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  1. Avalanche: Barrett's Resistance

    Wow, you’ve put a lot of thought into this, I’m really excited to see how the plan treats you.
  2. Laghail is a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

    Ahh, your gif game is on point! My browser wouldn’t let me post either image!
  3. Gemma off the edge; here be dragons

    Following for swanky dragon writing goodness!
  4. Elinox's Werewolf Workout: Part 2

    My system is taken literal hours to process my data points, I have time. Where are you staying in Dublin?
  5. Elinox's Werewolf Workout: Part 2

    Hey welcome back @elinox! What all do you have planned for the Europe trip?
  6. Something Bardadin This Way Comes #1

    Once you fend off the others attempts at forcing kool-aide down your throat, what kinda lifting program are you running?
  7. Br0din prepares for Ragnarok, part Niu

    This bearded bastard I know from Cali always used to yell at me that you can't out-lift or out-run the calories, something about discipline being the same regardless of circumstances. He was a real cunder thunt.
  8. Wild Wolf Outruns the Evil Demon Monkeys

    bacon mac n cheese makes you both a genius and officially fall basic. You welcome
  9. Laghail is a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

    Please can this be the hashtag of the month?
  10. This. My early morning paleo life was enabled by egg bakes.
  11. Laghail is a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

    Streaking - Duolingo says I'm on a 17 day streak and I've started adding in podcasts again. Slowly I'm getting back my 2nd grade level german! MFP says its been 18 days of steady counting. This doesn't mean I kept my calorie budget every day, but I at least tracked. Calm says I'm on a 4 day steak. Some meditation happens without the app, but you shouldn't believe me if I pretend non-guided mediation is consistent. For the record, my calm high score is a 6 day streak. I don't have a streak tracking journal app, because I bounce between an app on my phone and a private livejournal (for extra emo points). My spreadsheet says I'm rounding the bend on a 7 day streak.
  12. Laghail is a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

    I mean, mostly your mom. Nah, using a foam roller to open my chest, improve my bench arch, and release tension in my shoulders and upper back. Plus holding some child's pose. Also, prehabbing my quad heads with the leg extension machine, only lifting the weight, single legged for the last few degrees of the motion to target the VMO instead of engaging the quad.
  13. MR_Willes: [SoA] Keep it tight, to keep it tight

    As a small dog owner, I completely agree. Tiny dogs deserve to be trained on how to human. The little breeds ironically can be more difficult to train with a tiny animal attention span and spastic reaction to stimuli. I mean, I can keep elsie's not quite 4lb body in check, but getting her to ignoring the bouncing ball or the little kids and listen to me, it takes a bit longer than with a larger dog apparently. Even professional trainers set lower expectations for the small breeds. This doesn't excuse the owner who neglects their animal and lets the poor pup become an ankle biter, the owner should have done the work and researched the breed before they brought the puppy home. I went for "inscrutable think-piece", but my fringe-right wing father immediately shared the photo, so... Not good.