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  1. Laghail Doubles Down on Shitposting

    <shitpostingbreak> I'm here and still lifting. Mrs Laghail took a immune system test that revealed we need to spend the next year without a lot of staple foods to give her autoimmune situation time to cool down. For the time being, I'm re-learning how to cook without dairy, eggs, turkey, pinto beans, coconut, cinnamon, black pepper, oregano, or ginger. There were other requirements, but the ones listed have the biggest impact. So far, I've been using a lot of creole inspired spices parsley-sage-rosemary-thyme-chipotle- cayenne-smoked paprika, and the food tastes good, just a matter of figuring things out. Lifting, between cycles of depression and a stalled out DL, im running a hepburn inspired 4-day plan. Google docs is being finicky at work, so gimme a min to update my signature linked plan. Also, cardio is happening. Anytime the depression gets persistent, some laps thrown in help a bit </shitpostingbreak>