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    Hey that shit saves lives.
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    I really enjoy your slice of life updates @Rusk
  3. Kinda depends on your training goals and focus at the time. I think two or three hockey players found their way into the rangers guild for the mix of conditioning and lifting encouragement. That said, most the warriors are do cardio this summer, but we like to think we're the go to place to gripe about reps and sets for those focusing on weight training.
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    Laghail Writes Shit Down

    I see your global health center, and I raise you, practical paleo!
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    Laghail Writes Shit Down

    Writing, it's slightly better than talking. I mean, you can backspace terrible ideas, or even edit things on social media to lower the aggregate racist levels of the original post. And considering we as a species started off writing with pictographs in the desert, we've come a long way since with our sophisticated sexting and urban dictionary and fake news. I mean, I hardly ever feel like I want to burn all of human writing and culture in a cleansing apocalypse. Good thing the apocalyptic genre of literature hasn't resurfaced as a major theme in modern television or fiction; that could signal that human culture is going through a stressful time of change that is scary and painful for everyone involved, not to mention fatal for many. That would be awkward. So this challenge I'm focusing on writing down stuffs. Literally writing things down, like journaling more consistently (at all, journaling at all), and tracking calories. My diet is fairly consistent, but MFP is the first thing I drop when mental health gets shaky. If I manage a 30 day streak in the categories below, imma reward myself with a $20 etsy order. I have a similar sized one ready to go in the next week or so, but that's all supplies for clients; this reward will just be for whatever whim strikes me. Not exactly sure what I'll want by the end of the month, but something like this is hella sexy. Journaling Daily. I'll post a word count, maybe even some good bits if they're repeatable, but don't count on it. No assigned word count, but I'll track how much. Someone should yell at me if the word count stays low triple digits, but writing on the reg is more the focus than writing a daily novel. MFP I can retroactively log a day, this doesn't need to be WWIII. I'll post kcal and macros, but tracking at all is what gives me a checkmark. Hippy Rumspringa This is the most fluid goal. I got a moderately long list of hippy stuff that I'm recognizing is possibly important to me, but I'm not sure how to be regimented about exploring things as a free spirit. Paradoxes yo. For starters, this category gets a daily check if I do any one music thingy (rattles, drums, stav and tein, kalimba) daily, and any one meditation thingy (harner, mindfulness, energy work, mala) daily.