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  1. Tash goes back in the arena

    Keep on trucking man, good job with the yoga.
  2. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    Also, I was reading old webcomics and I found some from this bygone era of hope and optimism - back before the trump presidency. I barely get these references, like watching SNL from your parent's day, but I still admire that simpler time before the Cheeto was a certainty.
  3. Finally taking my life seriously

    Welcome to the rebellion Quill. Strength training is def a complicated subject, but it's nice that you don't need to have all the answers before you start. What are you looking at for a beginner program?
  4. New User

    Welcome to the rebellion. We try to be both chill and encouraging, while balancing the nerd references with intelligent fitness discussions. Not saying we always hit the mark, but thems our goal.
  5. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    I see what you did there, you implied that you enjoy sexual acts in direct proportion to the depth at which you are allowed to penetrate your partners gastrointestinal tract with your genitalia! Speaking of depth and length, I had a decent sized depressive episode around some family medical schtuff we're sorting out. All's well, but the feels were strong for a few days and writing / thinking was the first casualty of war. So writing is going poorly. Sleep is hanging on at a steady 6-7 hours a night average. Programming bitching; I'll do that tomorrow. I have a meet in about 30 days, so it's definitely appropriate that I'm changing everything right now... Wheel of Time series has been a real treat though on this second read through. I missed so much just trying to get through it last time, including most of the foreshadowing and character development. I'm cruising through the dragon reborn and, while the slow buildup to Rand's insanity is annoying, I do appreciate how sweet it makes that moment on dragonmount when he turns the corner. Also, Nynaeve has more balls than any other character.
  6. Squeezing in the last 2 weeks

    Welcome and best of luck!
  7. A Paladin's First Quest for Fitness!

    You're rounding the bend on the end of finals season!!
  8. Which end do I stab people with?

    +1. I've had to do the same on bench. And deadlift. And squat. And will again.
  9. Project Phoenix

    Momentum building is real man. What's the potential new role at work?
  10. Pyndyr's Single Step

    Shiiiit, making big moves here!! Props on the pragmatic walk when you couldn’t get to the gym.
  11. I have won again, Laghail Therin

    "Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time." The sprawling epic of the Wheel of time is my inspiration this month for practicing better habits in my sleep and my writing. While I'll keep my habit of complaining about my deadlift, I'll also be doing a daily check in for the previous days tally of hours of sleep, creative writing word counts, and journal word counts.