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  1. Super fun and zero trouble. I stuffed the thing with a sack of mini-bottles, hung it from a tree and the fun happened. Some of the bottles were glass (poor planning) but nothing broke. What if you had custom labels on the bottles, making them wedding favors too? But that actually might be less fun, the pinata is more fun because everyone's scrambling to get that one weird alcohol they've been wanting to try, but were unwilling to waste $30 on a handle of potentially terrible booze. Apple whiskey, but for reals?
  2. Sometimes life sucks. You can lean into and maybe have good food and try and get good sleep when you're feeling shitty. Not that lifting is your number 1 concern right now, but the extra food is actually great for your gains. It's okay to give yourself permission to be blue for a bit.
  3. Any chance you wanna test 1rm's by 7/30 to take part in the virtual competition? It can be great progress notes to peg your starting numbers with this competition, then compare your gains in four months as the next competition comes around.
  4. Man. I don't even play paintball but that sounds like the ideal activity for any kind of employee appreciation day. Maybe limited ammo for the human team and touch kills/conversions for the zombie team??
  5. Oh shit! What kind of gym is this??
  6. Late but following!
  7. @Sam Ashen and @Urgan - 1. Who are your lifting heroes and why? 2. Who are your lifting axis of evil and why? 3. Who are your personal heroes? Also, why?
  8. A busy weekend with a marathon session of being lazy and watching Gravity Falls on Sunday, mostly to recover from putting on a company picnic on Saturday. The picnic was dope, so dope, I put my phone away for about 7 hours. Pictures that I should have taken include: - The peddle go-carts I drove around the forested trails with Elsie slung in her puppy bag across my chest - Egg races that devolved into egging the boss with the spare cartons of raw eggs. - An adult pinata with about 25lbs of mini booze bottles - Using a two seat, sit-on-top kayak as a water taxi to ferry kids from the swim beach to the diving raft, with Elsie leashed to my leg and alternately drinking the pond water and perched on bow deck.
  9. Congrats on the PR's and scrapped shins mean good form. If it keeps happening, grab a $7 pair of soccer socks from walmart, or a $10 Moxy pair from amazon. Powerlifitng gear is pretty basic looking, except for our socks, that's where we get to have personality.