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  1. Mistr

    Chemgeek survives the Zombie Apocalypse

    Ouch! That sounds both painful and frustrating. Good that you are letting it heal before running. I hope the trip had fun bits to compensate for the aggravation.
  2. Mistr

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Congratulations on getting out of debt! That is a huge win! Welcome back on board with your challenge. I hear you about doing small things consistently. Hopefully more exercise will mean fewer aches and better sleep.
  3. Mistr

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    I picked up Night Watch at the library last night and stayed up late re-reading it. I decided did not do the thing in front of me. I did manage to cook pork chops and put laundry in the dryer. That leaves me doing time critical things today on not enough sleep. I am not going near the book again until the weekend.
  4. Mistr

    Mistr reinforces better patterns

    Challenge Wrap-up Overall I feel like I've made a little progress on a few things. No major fails, but some important things neglected. Starting with the positive things: My weight has been steady at 153-154 for the last three weeks. That is encouraging considering how much chocolate I've been eating. Keep up the veggies and dessert diet plan. Squats are getting better. I am getting down into a deep squat position. My knees feel stretchy rather than painful. The muscles that freak out and tighten up to protect my knees are starting to calm down. I have been working my glutes separately and they are engaging when they should. I have been sitting zen more consistently. My teacher called me on this two weeks ago. Since then I have been sitting every day. I have confirmed that sitting in the morning is much more enjoyable than sitting in the evening. I'm doing it anyway. Still too soon to see if it makes a difference. I have stayed off caffeine, even on bad days. Sleep has generally been better. Apparently I should also avoid ice cream with chocolate shell late in the evening. My focus has been better at work. Still a lot of room for improvement. I've done a lot more knitting to relax. Also some spinning. This is a big improvement over two years ago. Mostly leaving work on time. Fewer times when I'm just not willing to face doing the next thing. Still challenging things: Only worked on finances one out of three weekends. I've felt that other tasks were more pressing. Not good. I don't feel like I'm avoiding it any more, just that I don't have enough time. Doing clothing and food prep has been hit-or-miss. Life is better on days I do it. Need to stay on task and have more creative energy at work. Need to communicate well with my family to avoid all of our brain weasels. I've done pretty well this challenge, but I don't feel like I can take that for granted. Tasks complete: Did the spring/winter clothing swap in one day. WIN! Gardening: veggie bed turned and planted, composter assembled and installed, one round of weeding done. So much more to do. My next challenge is going to be pretty much the same as this one. I feel like I am in the middle of the steady work that will eventually pay off with visible progress.
  5. Mistr

    Chemgeek survives the Zombie Apocalypse

    Congratulations for surviving the zombie apocalypse! I hope you are also surviving your running training and continuing to do bad-ass martial arts.
  6. Mistr

    Chris and the infinite reboot, a continuation

    I agree with @sarakingdom, hang in there for a couple more months before making any decisions. Sleep deprivation is the natural state of new parents. This makes normal life difficult and long term planning nearly impossible. You both will feel much differently about life once Baby B starts sleeping through the night.
  7. Mistr


    Fair enough. You want your friends to be decent people. Some of them might grow into decent people when they've dealt with their issues. That is on them, not you. Even if you want to help, chances are good that you are not the person best suited to catalyze their learning experience. It is hard to step back and watch people you like suffer. Ummmm, maybe that is the problem? You said he is in this friends group for the ladies. You are another male. If there are in fact signs that the ladies think you are awesome, that makes you his competition for their attention. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^This You already have a bunch of people who want your time. This jackass has shown that he is flaky at best. You know that the BJJ people will be there and glad to train with you. Or maybe you have a great idea you want to get down for your current story. Whatever activity you like, you can probably rank it higher than going to another improv show.
  8. Mistr

    Mistr reinforces better patterns

    Squat progress! I did strength training today and feel much better for it. On Monday I was struggling with supported squats. I was concerned today because my left knee was cranky yesterday for no obvious reason. I started off with two sets of one-leg bridges to get my glutes working. Those are easy. I also did M stretching and frog pose. Then I did supported squats. The first set was pretty shaky. I can get deep at the bottom if I go slowly, but needed the support to keep from tipping backwards. Getting up was easier than Monday - a good sign. I alternated benchpress with squats. I'm up to 70 lbs. on benchpress. Nothing to write home about, but steady progress. My second and third set of squats were MUCH BETTER. I was able to descend smoothly. I only needed a little support at the very bottom to convince my muscles that I could relax into the position. The real improvement was in my balance. I reached forward with my arms and was fine. Even at the bottom. I did not need any support to keep my balance standing up. My glutes engaged like they are supposed to do. By the end of the third set I was tired and very pleased. If I can keep this up I may be able to do regular weighted squats in a few months.
  9. Mistr

    Toshimi will update this more later

    Belated happy birthday! The big 3-0 is a good time for contemplation. Most people are not where they thought they'd be. The question is are you on a different path that hopefully is heading somewhere better, or are you stuck? The world has a huge number of options that we don't hear about growing up. Finding out about something interesting and pursuing it is a positive choice. So is meeting amazing people and figuring out a life path you can travel together. Just do it with your eyes open.
  10. Mistr

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Partly due to your influence, I picked up a package of onion sets at the hardware store last night. They were on sale for $1.25. I thought about how many mature onions I could buy for that (maybe 2) and decided it would be a good deal. There is a section of my garden that used to contain feverfew and herbs that needs to be completely redug. I tried to get out all the daylilies that the previous owners planted, but they are coming back with a vengeance. The feverfew has self-seeded to other areas of the garden. I can put in a section of onions. They will be right next to the garlic and garlic chives. I neglected to harvest the garlic last year. It will be interesting to see what the bulbs look like after two or three years. I may need to pick up a packet of carrot seed to overplant with the onions. Yay for flowers blooming and garden exuberance! I want to get creeping thyme to grow between the pavers around my garden. Right now they are occupied by various weeds and volunteers. I tried to start some a few years ago but it did not survive. This time I am thinking of starting it on the screen porch until it is big enough to tolerate some predation. Absolutely. Straight rows are for ease of cultivation in market gardens. All those pictures of lovely English gardens have mounds of flowers cascading into each other.
  11. Mistr

    RES: Here I go again

    Great job keeping up on things while working all the time. I agree the photo shows a big difference since last year. Keep it up!
  12. Mistr

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    I was just thinking about rereading Night Watch. Sounds good to me.
  13. Mistr

    RisenPhoenix Cleans Up

    Yay for having a private lesson with a 6th dan! Our chief instructor taught on Monday. Her theme was "different versions of basic techniques to mess with your habits". Simple techniques. Different footwork and hand placement. She was successful in messing us up.
  14. Mistr

    Mistr reinforces better patterns

    I was a little concerned about how things were going to go yesterday. Dumbledore was sound asleep when I left. I think that sleep deprivation is a big part of his problem, so I did not disturb him. I thought he might call when he woke up. He did not call until I was on my way home from work. He was worried that I would be mad at him. He apologized for being such a git. We only had a few minutes to check in when I got home because he had to take Hermes to the airport. He told me that he and Elf are both going to find therapists. I hope they follow through this time. Dumbledore has been talking about needing a therapist for a long time. For my side, I made it through aikido without getting sleepy. Thankfully I was not teaching. My co-instructor taught a nice simple basic class. I got home, washed my knee supports, did one round of knitting and went to bed early. The salad greens have sprouted in my garden! I don't think the sweet peas are up yet. There are a few seedlings by the fence that are probably weeds. Legumes have large cotyledons. We are getting more rain which should help the seedlings get a good start.
  15. Mistr

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Sometimes just showing up is a major accomplishment. Remember that some food places will deliver. I just learned that in some of the larger markets you can order from Whole Foods through Amazon and they will deliver in a few hours. I expect it is expensive, but possibly less than getting take-out.