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  1. Hiya! I strongly recommend doing stretching of the muscles in your legs. Sore knees can have lots of causes, but tight muscles are common and easy to address. Less stress on the joint will let things heal faster. I discovered that sitting all day made my quads super tight. I don't notice in normal movement, but ran into limitations in yoga. Doing regular quad stretches helps my knees feel better. Quads, calves, hamstrings, IT bands, they all connect at the knee and will make things sore if they are out of balance.
  2. I love your sweater. I have mostly knit smaller things, so I admire your completion of sweaters. I noticed your Perfect Yarn comes in a large range of colors. I think your next sweater would look elegant in a soft grey. The speckled black is also very nice. So many options! Great job on your challenge! You emerged from slug phase and made consistent progress. That is a big win.
  3. The Peloton looks like a nice addition to your workout options. I hope it lets you get in some harder workouts while letting your foot heal. How have things been going?
  4. Hey Kishi, you are here for us when it counts. That matters a lot to me. I think it is a good sign that you were busy with people you care about local to you. Not being online all the time is a good sign in these pandemic times.
  5. I was very relieved to see eating food on your list. That was notably absent from the schedule or risks in the first list. Doing all the things and fainting from low blood sugar would not be an improvement. The classic method for cleaning rugs is to hang them from a rail and beat them with sticks. A boken works well, but a jo can work too. Beating on things with sticks has many benefits, especially when you are frustrated about other things.
  6. Mistr Practices Discernment My biggest challenge right now is picking what to spend time doing. I know what I need to do to get back in shape, lose the weight I gained last year and do things I enjoy. The problem is that my work is demanding a lot of time and many things I would normally want to do just won't fit in my week. All that "just do 15 minutes of this" advice is not working for me. Under normal circumstances I like my job. At the moment we are understaffed and having a hard time finding people to fill our open position. My boss is going to batt wi
  7. Yay for another successful challenge, a surprise anniversary trip and a new job!
  8. Today I did exercise, went to aikido in the park, then spent the afternoon hauling compost and shoveling it into the raised bed. I put in three wheelbarrows of dried leaves first at @sarakingdom's suggestion. I got rid of the big compost pile from the last two years. It was not all actually composted, I had to pull out a lot of sticks and chunks of sod that were still big lumps. That got it to about halfway full and cleared space for me to set up a new compost pile. The new pile started with the sticks and leaves from the old pile, plus the contents of my rotating compost bin. It s
  9. Yay for batch cooking! Okay, this sound crazy and I'm sure you have already tried it. Since you know IF works for you and you can't be trusted to notice when you are hungry, Could you just schedule meals? Maybe call it a system replentishment break. Think of it as a necessary blood sugar adjustment to let you do more things later.
  10. Getting rid of Windows XP speeded it up a LOT. I have only noticed it slowing down again recently, which I took as a sign of bad things to come. You understand now why my bar is so low for a new computer.
  11. I haven't had to restore from it, so I can't really say. It runs backups when I ask it to. They take quite a long time to run. It is the kind of thing I start when I'm done using the computer and let run overnight. In gardening news, I just got Elf to pound in the stakes to hold my raised beds in place. The total size is 4 x 12 feet. It seemed much smaller before I finished putting it together. My project for this weekend is to fill it with compost. I think my big compost piles are going to look like little lumps when I put them in the gar
  12. On the challenge side, work has been taking over my life. I'm not quite as stressed as I was, but I'm not getting to do much else either. I've been taking spinning breaks instead of eating sweets - those help a lot. Mostly I am struggling with making decisions about what I need to do. I am the only person with a paying job in the household right now, so I'm not willing to risk my job. The earliest I can expect things to get better is several months from now, so I need to figure out healthy coping strategies. On Wednesday I took a bike ride in the evening before going back to work.
  13. Yeah, that seems about right. I misremembered the previous operating system. It was Windows XP. My computer support guy switched it to Ubuntu and installed a new hard drive when XP support went away. That bought it several more years of good service. It doesn't owe me anything. I just dug out the file with the original paper work. I bought it in 2008. I talked this over extensively with Dumbledore last night. He is firmly behind me buying a new computer. Thank you for the recommendations. I never thought about giving it a last life in another role.
  14. @sarakingdom I'm currently running Ubuntu 18.04. It tells me that there will be no more updates for i386 hardware anymore. I am sure that the audio buzzing problem is not actually the fan. First, it does not happen at the same time when I hear the fan. Second, it happens with two different audio inputs. I have a headset that plugs into the mic and headphone jacks. I also have a headset that uses a wireless connection. Both of them have the problem. I use the wireless one for work all the time, so I know that does not have any hardware issues. I hadn't looked into replac
  15. My new undesired project is shopping for a new laptop. My old Thinkpad is on its last legs. The battery won't charge anymore and the fan is getting loud. It makes a buzzing sound in the outgoing audio channel when I'm on Zoom calls. I can't hear it, but my friends complain, so I have to stay muted as much as possible. I have been running Ubuntu (a variation of Linux) ever since Windows 7 support ended, and I don't want to go back to Windows. That makes things a bit more complicated. I don't need lots of computing power or bells and whistles. I use my work computer for a
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