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  1. My sympathy on the disappointing quark and continued heartburn. I hope the culprit is the eggs and not the dairy. Who knew that keto cured both anxiety and acne? One would think that a higher fat diet would cause acne, not cure it. Maybe acne is another symptom of inflammation. Certainly stress makes it worse, so less anxiety -> less acne 🥰 The hat is gorgeous! Congratulations on getting it finished!
  2. Howdy training partner! I'm not working on efficiency, so no need for concern there. I am getting better at telling myself "a little better is a small step in the right direction". I can wash just the big things because those take up a lot of room on the kitchen counter. Or just all the knives. Anything I randomly pick is a Good Thing™. I understand you have as system with lists and time blocks that works for you. I suspect we are coming at the same chores from very different places. I used to be obsessed about doing jobs a certain way that included a set of
  3. So far this week is going well on the grace front. I have been super busy and not freaking out about it. I always have more things to do than time to do them. Just making choices and moving on without flailing is a big win for me. I'm happy with how I did the last couple days. On Monday I was talking with Dumbledore and he mentioned that a friend would be staying with us over the weekend, showing up on Wednesday evening. He swears he told me weeks ago, but I have no memory of that conversation. I was able to shift my plans for Tuesday evening to cleaning up the family room (my work
  4. Mistr works on grace My theme for this challenge is to handle everything with more grace. What do I mean by that? The opposite of graceful is awkward. I want to work on smoothing out the stiff, frustrating, sticky parts of my life. Certainly I want my movement to be smooth and flowing too. The exercise side is easier to see, if not always to do. Decisions and interactions are harder. That will be the main focus of this challenge. You may notice that the first five goals are the same as last time. Having accountability here helps me keep working on things.
  5. This is the most badass thing ever. Just hanging out, studying, tossing daggers to keep your hands occupied while you study. The general idea makes sense. You are looking at orbits, mass and acceleration. You need a solution that does not go through a Lagrange point and minimizes fuel use (and time, because oxygen is limited too). It is complicated because the earth and moon are both moving relative to the spaceship. Hopefully nothing else is close enough to exert significant gravitational force, because that would make things even more complicated. I hope y
  6. Excellent goals, as usual I applaud you doing this. I think my body would be fine on an eight hour window, but it does not fit well with my work schedule. I read some of the articles you linked and can see how overnight ketosis would be a good thing. That means no snacking in the evening for me. Funny you should bring this up, I was thinking much along the same lines for my challenge. I swear, I came up with the same idea before reading yours! I try to do this with household tasks. If I have to go downstairs to get something, I
  7. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!
  8. I certainly think it is a good idea to allow more time to finish the job, or at least get it to a good stopping point. Would you put the 15 minute buffer at the beginning of the task, before the timer starts, or at the end of the task to allow for tidying up and changing focus? I get the feeling that this is the sort of thing where framing matters. Which way would work best will probably become obvious quickly. You could make a rule that the switching time can only be applied to the adjacent tasks, to avoid general slacking.
  9. I have all those ingredients, how do you cook it? That sounds yummy, but I am still trying to avoid dairy. That is why I am not making moussaka. Aside from it taking a lot of time.
  10. Oops, I meant to say that vegans do NOT necessarily have lower cholesterol. My bad. I am curious about the link @sarakingdom mentioned between keto and seizure control. We can take that somewhere else so as not to highjack your thread. Good job on your challenge! You are stronger, getting more sleep, doing better at work and having fun with friends and family. All good stuff.
  11. Just think, when you move into your own house you won't have upstairs neighbors anymore. I still have neighbors with kids who play outside and yell at each other, barking dogs, lawn mowers, power tools and honking cars. Oh yes, the squirrels run across the roof and make noise. But most of that is during the day. It is pretty quiet at night. I hope your new neighborhood will be peaceful. Excellent job on your challenge!
  12. I hope you are less tired and cranky now. What is yu xiang eggplant? I have an eggplant languishing in my fridge that needs a purpose in life.
  13. Oh yes, a box of wool was one of the things I put on the clean shelving unit. Wool is nice and light and easy to store on the upper shelves. I want to buy more clear plastic storage tubs that will fit these shelves. Now that I know that mice can climb, I want to protect my stuff in something much more durable than cardboard boxes. I lost a sleeping bag to mice last winter and it was on an upper shelf. I made more progress this weekend. I swept up the spilled dirt around the gardening stuff and stacked it more neatly. I put the weed killer bottles up on a shelf high above the reach
  14. Congratulations! New car, new job, new house - Quite the new chapter for you
  15. I love that you and the kids wore capes for your archery lesson. Solid job on your challenge. You more than doubled your original goal on knife juggling. Your environment was not suitable for rolling for nearly half the challenge. You were making good progress before that. I think you did really well on mental health. You got through the seriously not fun parts and are actively working on getting better. That is progress.
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