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  1. Mistr

    Mistr sets up the new Normal

    I did okay on Tuesday. Make cornbread to go with the chili Make chocolate idiot cake so I have a really good dessert and can leave the junk chocolate alone Put away the last load of laundry Put away the dishes if no one else has done it yet Sort the medical papers and tax papers Do some spinning or knitting I also washed dishes because between the cooking I did that evening and cooking on the weekend, more than half the accumulated pots and pans were mine. I achieved Victor Over Dishes for the first time in a couple weeks. The lunch I made on Monday was still in the fridge this morning. I took it with me to work. Today there were leftovers from a taco bar, so I had a generous taco salad for lunch. I'll eat the food I packed tomorrow. I had some of the chocolate idiot cake for supper last night. It turned out beautifully. Hermes and I had a conversation about our happy chemicals of choice. We agreed that mine are much cheaper but more fattening. Today is Elf's day off. I'm waiting to see if any cooking occurs. Elf has been having a bad time with their various brain weasels, poor kiddo. My plan is to cook all the veggies on Saturday if they are still waiting. I also came up with a plan for supper for gaming tomorrow. One of the players has severe food allergies, so meal prep requires some creativity. Paleo food is generally fine, so it's not too hard. I went to another group yoga class at the studio near work. I enjoyed doing a different routine than my usual NF Yoga videos. There were only a couple moves that I haven't done before. My main issue was with hearing the instructor. I know he was keeping his voice soft to encourage a contemplative practice. Some of the time I was not sure what he was saying. It didn't help that I don't know the Sanskrit names for the poses. I was able to look at the other people and follow along well enough. It was nice to see people doing different variations on the moves. I could stick to the variation I can do and didn't feel weird about it. As I expected, some people are scary flexible. The poses were held for longer than I'm used to. That gave me time to relax and really work the stretches. Worth doing every now and then.
  2. Mistr

    RisenPhoenix Has a Big Challenge

    Good that you were able to present the data and your side of the story to the Big Boss. I understand that the management wants to reward results, but it is not fair to punish you for decisions that were made by your boss. You did what you were told to do. When that stopped working, you told your boss and went above and beyond to find a solution. Other people's untested assumptions about the biology are not your fault, although they ended up being your problem. In the big picture, it is good that your review happened when your boss is on leave so that you get the chance to present your case. That might not have happened if she was there.
  3. Mistr

    Chemgeek rests in Valinor

    Wow, I'm impressed that you are taking on such a major challenge so soon after recovering from injury. Good for you!
  4. Mistr


    Sounds like a good plan.
  5. Mistr

    Mistr sets up the new Normal

    I'm taking steps in that direction. This morning I pulled out a container of chili from the freezer. I made it a year ago. That problem about my family not keeping track of what's in the fridge - the same thing is doubly true for the freezer in the basement. Dumbledore and I even made an inventory list on a whiteboard and stuck it to the side of the fridge. I look at the list when I'm cooking. No one else seems to notice it exists. Elf did the grocery shopping yesterday. They said they like to do it. I put down specific things we need and some more generic things like "green veggies <$2.00/lb" and "fruit?". Our standard grocery store is a high volume place with variable quality produce. You never know what will be in stock, on sale and look good. Elf brought home brussel sprouts, broccoli and a cauliflower for veggies and red grapes and clementines for fruit. Good job! I'm feeling better about handing off the grocery shopping to Elf as a regular thing. The next step is to see what happens with the food Elf brought home. Will they take initiative to cook? Will they consult with me or Dumbledore about it? Elf and I do pretty well on consulting. Elf has been doing more cooking without prompting too. Stay tuned for the next episode. I understand. I still love to watch it snow even though we get a lot more than you do. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow, Sunday and next Tuesday. And horrible freezing rain on Saturday. I much prefer snow. It can be piled up and you can walk on it without risking your limbs with every step. Getting rid of snow is sooooooo much less work than getting rid of ice. Plus snow is sparkly white and you can ski on it. Unlike grey slush. Oh, training is happening. I just missed one lifting session because of work being busy. I cut my Friday lifting session short because I was dizzy. That was strange. I hardly ever get dizzy. I felt it a little when I did the 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, then more as I did lifts. I took it as a sign to stop. Today I went through the same routine with no problems, at least not with being dizzy. Squats are still a problem. Last week I had two 1:1 sessions with my training partner and two regular aikido classes. Getting more sleep is always a good idea. Last night I got to bed on time then stayed up another hour reading. My track record for putting down books and going to sleep is dismal. Luckily I was reading a short story. I'm going to stick with other things to wind down. I did more knitting on my sock and got to a fun part. I'm almost done with the two-color part. Plain knitting is so fast in comparison to two color or double knitting! I'm having a lot of fun with this project now. Plans for this evening: Make cornbread to go with the chili Make chocolate idiot cake so I have a really good dessert and can leave the junk chocolate alone Put away the last load of laundry Put away the dishes if no one else has done it yet Sort the medical papers and tax papers Do some spinning or knitting That will be plenty to keep me out of trouble.
  6. Mistr

    Teirin shows up

    I'm glad you are here. Are you still participating in NF Academy? How is/was that working for you?
  7. Mistr

    Recruit Monitoring Thread

    Welcome Cr.Ash!
  8. Mistr


    Yay for having a great weekend!
  9. Mistr

    RES: Can't get there overnight

    Nice to hear that Cronometer and journaling are working for you. What is your current crochet project?
  10. Mistr

    Mistr sets up the new Normal

    I think the problem is that Dumbledore has been going out for lunch instead of taking food from home. He packs the lunches so he knows they are there. He is trying to work through his mental blocks about bringing food from home. I've seen Elf put together lunches to take to work. Elf's typical problem is not getting enough sleep and not feeling hungry in the morning. By mid-afternoon they want food. They just don't think of it when they are leaving. I packed two lunches this morning. I am curious to see if the second one is still there when I get home. The fridge is starting to look empty. We have chicken curry, pot roast and ham that I cooked recently. Elf made chicken tenders on Thursday and those are gone. I'm tempted to just make stuff for myself and see how long it takes before someone else steps up. Week two review So-so overall. I missed days on exercise and zen. I was short on sleep and drank coffee. I ate a lot of chocolate and valentine's day theme treats. Aside from that, I did okay on not stressing out about stuff. Aikido went well. I'm happy with the progress of the beginners. I went to advanced class on Saturday to work at a faster pace. Sensei complimented me on my shinai randori. I'm not sure why - I didn't feel like I did that well. Apparently it was better than last time. I was good about not trying to block the shinai and moving in relationship to my ukes. I also did not freak out when I got hit. Who knows, maybe the zen is helping. I wasn't scared of doing it like I used to be. Having a to-do list here helped me make good decisions this weekend. Sunday morning I wanted to just sit and watch it snow. So I sat at my spinning wheel by the windows in the family room and spun while relaxing and waking up. I finished prepping my friend's wool at gaming on Friday. I've made a visible dent in the pile to be spun. I feel good about progress on that project. Other things got done too: Regular chores: - put away clean dishes - cooked pot roast that I prepped on Thursday. Made mashed potatos to go with it. - laundry. It was Dumbledore's turn, but I offered to do it because he had a rough week. There wasn't that much to do. - cleaned stove top - washed dishes - chemical warfare on the toilet. We have had problems with black growth in the toilet for years. I finally cleaned the tank and ran toilet bowl cleaner through the whole system. I turned off the water so I could really soak it with cleaner. It looks much better than it did, but still not pristine. I'll see what happens if I keep at it for the next several weeks. I showed Elf and they were impressed. They said they had put cleanser in the toilet one evening last week, but then forgot to scrub it. - shoveling snow with Elf Task list: - Take my summer clothes to the attic. - Organize my sweaters in the closet - Put together a file of tax info - Take the ice cream maker to the attic - Clean the corners of the floor in the bathroom (technically Elf's job, but I want it done so I can put down a clean rug and have warm feet in the morning) - Finish turning the heel on my sock - Deal with the stacks of stuff by my desk. Points for each stack removed. Clothes are dealt with. I also bagged up the pile to take to the charity shop and gave that task to Elf. They work near the charity shop. Elf helped me haul the boxes to the attic. The files are no longer stacked by my desk, now they are spread all over the family room floor. One of them is full of tax information. Another has medical papers. Baby steps. I also did a round of filing and updating financial records. I made good progress on my sock. I realized that I was stuck on turning the heel because I wasn't sure how I wanted to deal with continuation of the pattern from the leg. I read the instructions for a different sock on doing intarsia and applied it to my pattern. It would have come out better if I planned ahead more, but it will be fine. Now the sock is something I can pick up and knit a couple rows when I have 10 minutes. I might eventually get it done. This week I want to keep up that momentum and get back on track with healthy eating.
  11. Mistr

    ATLA: Treva pounds it out in the Earth Kingdom

    Yay! That is great feedback. Go Treva! You demonstrated learning behavior in how you deal with 28 hour shifts and track information. Now you know where to find your people. I hope you can get a residency with them or a similar team at another institution.
  12. Mistr

    RisenPhoenix Has a Big Challenge

    Nice to hear that things are going well at the dojo. I'm sure you will be a great Role Model for your young kohai. Shoulders are such a challenge. I have a set of PT exercises and stretches if you want to add to your arsenal.
  13. Mistr

    Chemgeek rests in Valinor

    Oh no, that sounds horribly frustrating. Good thing you had your passport. No good at all on the 24 hour involuntary fast.
  14. Mistr


    I agree with @Urgan. My dojo has been putting more emphasis on teaching good ukemi. One of our beginners was moving into an exposed position during my class this week. Of course this is the new person who has done some boxing and is interested in how effective aikido might be. It never occurred to him that he was exposing his ribs to a kick. We don't teach how to kick and only rarely work on dealing with kicks. That doesn't mean we ignore those openings. There are plenty of senior people who have trained in hard styles who will help with that. I'm so glad you are finding good things at your new dojo. Yay for people liking your chili!
  15. Mistr

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Wow, you were productive for waking up at 11:30. I would just roll over and go back to sleep at that point.