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  1. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    Ahh I can't seem to catch a break lately. Yesterday was super frickin' cold, -23C at one point, and I noped out of everything, including dance class. I might have gone anyway had I not got sucked into making web magic happen. But it did and I ended up coding until way too late. Which was dumb because at first I couldn't fall sleep then I woke up wide awake at 4 am and couldn't fall asleep after that. At 6:30 am I decided I felt too terrible to manage morning acro so I sent them an email to move my class. So not only did I miss dance class, but also acro. Guys, this week is not going great. Also my flat's a tip again and I need more freggies in my life. Tomorrow is a working from home day but it's going to be mainly non-coding work, so I'll do my best to catch up on life and clean my flat before the weekend. And with your threads - it's so much harder to keep up when I'm working so much at work! Tuesday positive actions Meditated Work flow x2? I guess it's positive but not at the expense of everything falling apart Wednesday positive actions Didn't make it this morning but will just now! Merged my first web thingy Not quite an action, but related to my much increased focus at work - today was the first time in forever since it got past my going home time and I hadn't even noticed! Laundry and washed up pans and pots Tunes to keep me going! Current stats Eat 2/7 Sleep 1/5 - 4 am today does not count as I'm a wreck and didn't even get out of bed Move 2/7
  2. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    On one hand it's very structured, on the other there's loads of room for experimenting! I'm super happy I went but hopefully I'll have a bit more ooomph next time. Nooo That's the one! I can't seem to get my leg to do anything useful and I end up trying to press my way up. Sounds about right. Damn it. Haha it was the cutest little parkour line. This was the first time I regretted my minimal furnishings. Oh man I hope so too! Now it's down "until further notice"...
  3. Mad Hatter

    karinajean takes better notes

    Amazing that your dad's doing so well!
  4. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    And I just realised that it's 2.30 pm AND I FORGOT ABOUT MY COFFEE! It's been sitting on the counter for hours. WHAT EVEN???
  5. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    So parkour class yesterday was of course good times! Even though I was crazy tired after a very, very long day. We had people over at the office and I was in a lot of meetings and finished late and didn't eat enough throughout the day and bleh. It was ok though, just felt super sluggish in class and even the thought of running and jumping was daunting. But we did some warm ups, (lots of quadrupedal running around) then the main class focused on how to get up on top of things. First we climbed statically on to the rail, and I honestly thought it'd be much easier than it was! I only managed to get up once this way without cheating. Then the next step was to jump to get on top of objects, with the feet to the side of the hands and in between the hands. I did ok on a narrow ledge but on the rail it got so much scarier, even on a much lower rail. Weird. Then the next thing was to get on top of boxes and rails by swinging the legs. This felt impossible. I get the movement in theory but in practice it was like huh?? After that we practiced two different lines with the new moves and the moves from last week and as a finisher we did a bunch of cat hangs for shoulder conditioning. All in all a fun class despite the blerghs.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    Cringe. Haha nope. I'm sure they are lovely people but I like my colleagues to be competent. Most of the dancing I've done before is lindy hop which is so different! All you have to do is hang on and occasionally add a little flourish when feeling fancy. It's so different when you're suddenly on your own. Cheers! He makes it look so easy and graceful! Awkward comes to mind again when I did it. He's pretty cool! Meeee toooo. Yeah! But to be fair, I went climbing with someone that has zero flexibility so everything I do seems bendy in comparison haha. It hasn't been very cold until now, but *that* balmy weather I haven't seen in a very long time!
  7. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    Will get back to you, but for now a quickie update because I'm knackered! It's been a very long day. Positive actions Meditated Survived a bad case of the Mondays Parkour! Didn't bail on parkour after a long ass day and -18C outside. Current stats Eat 1/7 Sleep 1/5 Move 1/7
  8. Mad Hatter

    Arkania is back in black

    Enjoy your vacation!
  9. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    Super relaxed day. Read a little, then went out for a long walk as it was another gloriously sunny day! My skin did not appreciate the cold though, it was only -10C but with a very slight wind and that seemed to have caused a mild reaction. When I got home I played around with a React tutorial and chilled. Oh and at some point I did mini parkour at home! And when I say mini I really mean it. My, ahem, "line" consisted of two yoga blocks that I did various jumps between haha. I actually found it quite tricky when I flipped them to the "middle setting" where they're slightly unstable and will slip if you push off too hard. Silly but surprisingly fun! Also came across this clip of my acro teacher where he does one of the silly warm up exercises we did last class! If you want to do some IG creeping you can get a pretty good impression of the kind of movements he likes and his influences for the morning acro class. Seeing as I don't have the words for it. Positive actions Meditated Mini parkour Long walk Coded Handstands Current stats Eat 5/7 (?) Sleep 1/5 Move 5 or 6/7
  10. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

    The self assessment is brilliant. And quite enlightening. I knew I had some deficiencies, but I didn't realise just how very much I'm compensating through my pelvis and lower back in just about everything that I do! Yeaaah... And it only just got up after having been completely down for 6 hours or so... Looking at it now, my profile has still not been reset as it was supposed to but mysteriously my program is completely different now anyway... It probably was something like that. But as a software developer it's really, really hard to watch. And I wish that instead of launching two days before the new launch date, they'd spend time testing it instead! It's not for everyone, but I do really like it! I do have to say that they've been great from a communication point of view. I think they just shot themselves in the foot by rushing it instead of taking time to beta test it. Aww thanks dude! Right now things are generally good, but I feel like my posts are disproportionately all sunshine and daises because I'm choosing to focus only on the positive aspects. So it was just a little reminder that not everything is perfect.
  11. Mad Hatter

    KB Girl and all the curls

    Another question would be if aerobic endurance is more of a limiting factor than local strength endurance, I wonder what the relative benefit is for KB sports vs running or cycling?
  12. Mad Hatter

    Suzaqu: running late, but here!

    Your little garden is adorable!
  13. Mad Hatter

    KB Girl and all the curls

    Do you have any idea of how much of a difference it actually makes though? Like how much would you benefit from a breathing practice compared to just doing the thing, which will also include the skill/strength/mental component? I'm sure that if you compare doing the breathing vs not doing the breathing for untrained people you'll notice a difference, but I wonder how much of an effect it has on already highly trained endurance athletes?