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  1. New Wolverine in town

    Aww glad you're feeling better! Awesome for booking flights! When are you going?
  2. The Daily Handstand

    It always makes me so happy to see older people doing "weird" things. And certainly makes you stop whining. Last week was pretty good, think I managed 6 days. Monday I worked on kicking up, stabilizing for 5 seconds (successful about 60% of the time) and lowering down into a tuck, but I find it difficult to know where to stop the tuck. I'm not quite strong enough to hold it in a feet pointing up to the ceiling position, so I have to stop in a position where the shins are more parallel to the ceiling, but my body doesn't understand where that position is yet. WIP. Yesterday I went climbing and they didn't have enough space to play with HS.
  3. New Wolverine in town

    Hey how are you doing??
  4. Mad Hatter's tea party

    Hmm don't have that much to report! Mostly I've been reading books... Went climbing on Saturday, and I did a bit better than last time. Which doesn't say much. Then a bit of handstand work, which is coming along slowly but nicely. Umm yeah that's about it.
  5. Mad Hatter's tea party

    Got new stuff to do now. Of course it's stuff I don't have a clue how to do buuut I'm sure I'll figure it out. Sounds like it's a pretty similar price level, and it's not too bad, but once you start adding up all the cost over the year it becomes quite a bit. I don't mind if it's good tuition but I could also spend that money on workshops or online classes or something else entirely. Right, it'd be so nice!
  6. Congrats on the promotion you rock star!
  7. Be strong, get strong battle log

  8. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Around the World

    Dude, that's frickin' awesome!!! Congrats!
  9. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Hearing all this I think the best solution is for you to move to Scandinavia
  10. Be strong, get strong battle log

    You mean it should be. I think there are many places where people don't take responsibility for their work, and even if they do they only care about covering their own ass and not about the product or service as a whole. Especially in larger and/or more bureaucratic companies.
  11. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Yay glad you had another good class! Very true! Boo about work stuff. Can you just tell them to go away next time they want you to pick up their slack?
  12. Echocheanic's log

    So much awesome! Shadow boxing makes me feel stupid as well. I think it might make sense if you've learned some fundamental boxing technique, but since I don't I just feel silly.
  13. Mike Wazowski: Personal Development, Lifting, and Focused Work

    Yay! You're officially not broken. Awesome work!
  14. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    Maybe easy for you, but it's still impressive!
  15. The Daily Handstand

    Cool! I have a huge mental block towards them, they just feels wrong after having cartwheel bailed approximately a gazillion times. I have the same experience as @WhiteGhost, and not just that, I found myself actively reaching for the wall with my feet resulting in 1. not being able to kick up freestanding and 2. arching my wall handstands. After having used the wall as a crutch for waaaaay too long when I started (because I was a wuss ), I now really think that a hybrid approach of freestanding kick ups + chest to wall handstands for form and balance gave a much, much better result.