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  1. Quick recap of the past few days before wrapping up this challenge! W4D4 Didn't schooze good, but went to morning pole class anyway because it was too late to cancel. People even commented on how tired I look so I really must have looked like a complete wreck. It wasn't the most productive of classes, but my confidence in my butterfly increased a fair amount and I can get into it in two ways now. Only on one side for now, but it's progress! Finished up what I needed to do at work and celebrated the start of my vacation by... taking a nap. W4D5 Felt overly ambitious on my first full vacation day so I fixed my speaker (ish), moved furniture around, planted and replanted a bunch of herbs and made a huge mess. Then I went over to my friends' house. W4D6 Climbing! The place was officially closed, but since my friends have annual membership we can go at anytime and today we had the place all to ourselves! Climbing was ok, I wasn't freaking out about the climbs like last time, but my body was feeling super noodly and it was really hard to generate body tension so I still stuck to easier climbs. Which got me into trouble and my friend started to chase me with a stick. I tried my best to roll away from him, but it didn't work very well because I eventually got dizzy and had to stop. He's convinced it's all in my head, I'm convinced that I'm not strong enough, especially in my fingers and grip. So far my brain is doing an excellent job in resisting his logic. Afterwards I continued being weird by doing bridge walks across the gym, doing my best to dodge the equipment, instead of you know, doing actual useful training.
  2. I think I'll just stick to index funds, even if I feel iffy about it. Meh. Money. Dun dun DUNNNN Wildest party ever! It's not super close, but close enough. If the new metro line ever opens it will be really easy to get to so fingers crossed for that! And for cancellations. Great idea! It's a giant playground for adults. That's what it is. It's still very up and down, but definitely a lot of lovely ups. It can definitely be frustrating, but it's not worth getting worked up over. Whenever possible I try and tick off easier or more mechanical tasks on those days. And if that doesn't work I sit in a corner, drink tea and pretend to work.
  3. Awesome work, glad you had a fun time!!
  4. Amazing. Definitely amazing. Take care of yourself lady! ALL THE NOMS!
  5. Some of those quotes are magnificent. I feel so inspired now.
  6. Oh no that really sucks! Is it still possible to find an equivalent house for the same price or does it mean you'll have to downgrade?
  7. W4D3 Ooops it appears I have done nothing physical today. My shoulders, upper back and abs are killing me today though! I don't usually get DOMS from handstand training so clearly I'm not used to this amount of conditioning! I want to say it feels good, but mostly it makes me feel like a slacker. I did do some adulting though. I just received a decent chunk of monies from the shares fund thing at my previous company so I've been shuffling money around and trying to figure out how to place it. Eugh I hate money stuff. And the whole system. But better play the system than keeping the money under my mattress... Last week I also become a member of this organic/local food circle and today I picked up my first order! I'm not entirely sure how it works because all the information is in Finnish, and there's a lot of it, but I think this organisation buys stuff from a bunch of selected producers then sells it on to.... local shops maybe?... and the rest of the stuff gets sold to the members for a discounted price once a week. In return for the discounted price you have to volunteer for two hours once every two months. I was actually looking for a CSA box equivalent but couldn't find anything, but this seems like a good option. I haven't done a proper price comparison but I think it's similar to super market prices, but it's all either organic or locally produced. Plus pick up is right next to my house! Either way, today I picked up my first box and got an introduction by a lovely woman and we ended up chatting for quite a while. There was a mix up with her box (she says it's the first time it's ever happened) and she ended up giving me a whole BUNCH of other stuff, courgettes, spinach, green beans, fresh turmeric... (what do I even do with this?), on top of my already rather extensive order. I have so much produce now I don't even know what to do with it all! But hopefully this influx of freshness will help in getting back on track with food, it's been a real struggle lately, but now I'm excited about all this veg!
  8. I'm jealous too of the people that got spaces on course... grr... I want to train there all the time now! The pole class start at 9 and the acro classes I'm eyeing start at 8. And no, pole is far from sweat free, especially now when it's really humid in the studio! And I'm a sweater... But it's fine, after class I shower either at work or at home depending on whether I go into the office or not. Sure it means I sometimes only start working at 11, but whatevs. Haha I wish they pioneered 5 minute workday! One cup of tea and you're done. No, I'm officially supposed to work 37.5 hours, but nobody really cares as long you seem to be there enough and produce enough work. The unofficial office policy is that if you come in after 10 a.m. you post a message in the chat, but you don't even need a valid reason. The exception is Mondays when we need to be there all day because of meetings. And Tuesdays and Thursdays are pre-sanctioned work from home days. It's all really chill. For example they don't mind if you spend a day bumming around the office because you can't brain, everyone knows it all averages out in the end anyway. So amazing! My muscles are for sure not saying yay today. It will definitely run again, this is a proper circus school after all. But I want handstands NOW, who knows what shiny I'll be chasing in six months. Right?!
  9. First of all, you're an amazing person. And inspirational. And sexy. No matter your weight. In other words totally worth sticking around for. Secondly, it's not going to be forever. You've been going through a lot lately, with sleep, stress and pain. None of it is conducive to weight loss, or even maintenance, it's not a surprise it's been a struggle. I really think that once you get into the groove you'll be able to maintain just fine with a reasonable diet and some exercise. Having said that, if you really do want that super fit body then you better learn to love it, because it's not easy. But it's so important to find something that you actually enjoy doing, at least somewhat. You can do a lot of things in the gym, so if you find what you're doing now boring then change it! Do more yoga and swimming or biking or wrestling instead. Or try something new or find a workout buddy. Or you could spend more time dancing and walking and generally moving more! (Remember moving more = eating more != exercising more. ) No you won't be able to crush watermelons with your thighs that way, but I do believe it's possible to become strong "enough" and fit "enough" without ever hitting the gym. You just have to be more creative in finding more ways to add movement into your life. But if you really do want man crushing thighs then you'll have to find a way to enjoy the process, because it will never happen if you hate it. Thirdly, your kid is cool. That's a great answer.
  10. Jerk. Absolutely. The more you do it the thicker callouses you build up, and you also develop a certain sensitivity and muscular control in your feet that allows you to "wrap" your feet around the objects as you walk instead of stomping on top of them. But as with anything, if you're not used to it then you have to take it slowly. Start on grass and sand, or soft paths in the wood (though if you live in an area with coniferous trees beware, the cones can be nasty!), try to walk softly (for more control and as it forces you to pay more attention to your movement) and avoid concrete and gravel. Personally I really love barefoot walking! It just feels amazing on my feet, it's like a free massage and foot workout in one. But more importantly it's a way of connecting with my senses in a whole different way! I love discovering and walking on different textures, which is probably a sign that my feet get completely starved off movement when they're either boxed in shoes or have to experience the same flat floor textures all the time.
  11. Family, eh. I love mine but I completely understand how draining it can be! Is he staying for long? May I suggest that you try to bask in the grossness too, as an experiment? Walking outside in the rain or a storm can be amazing with the right mindset! (And clothes.) Really hope the surgery will help and the cyst won't come back!
  12. Nice week 3! I stopped thinking that after Alice in Wonderland, such a disappointment. I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast, though I'm not sure if it gave anything more than the Disney version except for the visuals? And Emma of course.
  13. Glad to hear you're on the right track!
  14. You're not the only one. No judgement whether it's "right or wrong", but it's definitely worth thinking about, for many of us. I suspect you just don't have enough data yet, it's still very new. With twitter timing must be a huge factor as well! From what I've read pictures and videos >>>>> only text. Nice work on the challenge overall, you seem to have found a nice groove.