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  1. Yes shut up brain! You've got beasts to slay! ROARRR! Thirding loving the quote.
  2. I'm getting Monkey Island flashbacks. No, just me? Never mind.
  3. I'm really glad you got to say goodbye. You're looking soooo strong in those handstands! I can definitely see a levelup!
  4. I'm sending soul hugs too, but no they're not for sale. They are safe to pass on though!
  5. I'm so glad to hear that you disappeared for a good reason. Happy belated birthday! 😄 Quite the understatement! Don't we all. 😥
  6. Hi! I still don't know what to say. What are goals even? What is fitness even? However I am beginning to feel less paralyzed and less glued to the livestreams, which is not helping anyone. Instead, yesterday I very publicly prodded the CTO of the billion dollar parent company which I work for with a very sharp stick about why he's not said or done anything, and where the donation matching program is. While I have no problem speaking up face to face, I'll admit that it was a bit nerve wracking, despite it being entirely risk free. But I'm happy to say that the donation program is happening now. ✊At least it's something you know, however small. The reactions in the local office was... interesting. The CEO of the Helsinki company is extremely cautious and would clearly prefer it if I could for once shut up instead of causing trouble. 🤷‍♀️My friends were jokingly saying that obviously I'm bored and haven't had enough arguments throughout lockdown haha. Speaking of, I did get into a fight with Super Bigot and OMG I hate his guts so fucking much. Not that my feelings towards him have changed since earlier, I just got a refresher course on what a bag of dicks he is. After all the drama I spontaneously went to hang out with a friend. Or rather she forced me to get my eyeballs off the livestreams. We went to a restaurant! And had wine! I felt a little like a country bumpkin who'd never been to a restaurant before haha, it was SUCH a long time ago. It felt amazingly normal to sit on the patio in the sun and chatting and destressing. (And ahemmm getting the bill, it reminded me why saving's hard during normal circumstances) I really needed that. Today I obviously still feel all the feels, but somehow this paralyzing inability to act has disappeared, instead of hitting me straight in the gut I can maybe deflect it to something more productive. Maybe. Hopefully. At least today is the first day in quite a while where I spontaneously extended my walk because I felt like it, rather than walking like a zombie.
  7. Oh forgot to say, sports might not be the best place to look for people to philosophize with. I'm sure you could find cool people, some might even want to discuss politics. But for many sports is a stress reliever and a happy place and sometimes discussions unearth things about people that you don't want to know and ruin that. What I'm saying is really that if you're looking for someone to discuss politics with, try and find those places specifically. But if you're ok with making random friends, who may or may not want to discuss politics, then sports is cool. I'd look into a nice old school/garage type powerlifting gym, it seems like a pretty neat community!
  8. Looking swole indeed, great job!
  9. It really is great to see discussions like this! While I'm also not in a state to join in (nor am I honestly knowledgable enough) I do want to share this sickening yet entirely unsurprising thing I learned today because it seems relevant. Then again maybe it's common knowledge and I'll see myself out.
  10. Definitely don't ask me, I very nearly failed my condensed matter course. My mentor was not pleased, it was his subject. 😂Incidentally, he didn't give a shit about the fact that I did in fact fail my particle physics exam in the same period... (Which was dumb anyway, I only failed because my handwriting is too crap to do tensor algebra by hand 😛)
  11. I'll get back to you later, right now I don't have words only sorrow and rage. Hope you're all staying safe. ❤️