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  1. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    Well I'm literally about 10 hours drive from the Arctic And outside is a whole different ballgame. When I think about it can can be up to 50 degree temperature difference between outside and inside, which is kinda crazy!
  2. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    I think most people carry low level chronic tension. There's a fair amount of research (that I don't know too much about) claiming that our stress coping mechanisms are not really made to handle work and adulting and random life stressors. It works better in situation of intense stress and intense relaxation and for most muggles the stress hormones never reach those highs and lows in everyday life. Instead we're in an in between state where we constantly hold a little bit of stress and tension even when we don't think we are. I think adding physical activity as a stressor is a way to fake the peaks, so is meditation in the other direction. I think the physical contact of bodywork is also pretty good for that so there's probably something missing there too for many people. Hahaha you'd think so but the thing about Finland is that everywhere inside is nice and toasty. If anything I have to open the windows to bring the temperature down. Unlike the UK for example.
  3. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    To be fair it'd probably be enough to come up with one simple choreo and then tweak it slightly for each couple if necessary. And it'd be ok if it repeated itself a little, a ) nobody would notice and b ) it'd be less to learn for the couple!
  4. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    Forgot to update stuff yesterday! Forgot/fell asleep. As always I had the best of intentions, but I was completely wiped out by 9. I almost fell asleep with the lights on in my day clothes. And then of course once I had decided to give up on everything and call it a day I couldn't fall asleep... I even considered getting back up and do some stretching for the challenge but thought it would be a better idea to just focus on the sleeping. Performance practice SEMI-done - I went through separate bits of separate routines in my head. Salad or smoothie DONE - Ate the leftover fake Vietnamese summer roll salad. Tidy DONE Abs or stretch NOPE - Nada Breathe DONE
  5. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    It's all so cool if you can do it WELL! But I don't have those pretty lines or move very nicely, for example my wavy legs look more like a jumping jack. And there's a high risk of me screwing up the choreo under pressure. Like miss my timings.... Or fall/slide out of my tricks... Thanks!!
  6. KB Girl ~ Just has to get those hundred reps!

    Maybe you can hide some of the toys and only give them back if she really misses them?
  7. Such a great mindset reframing! Sorry about the headache though, that really sucks.
  8. Twilight: You are what you take

    Oh sorry, I didn't realize things were shaky on that front. But hey yoga, that's a win!
  9. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    I didn't at all mean to shut down your idea, I really have no idea what happens once you crunch the numbers. I'm sure it's all a matter of "it depends" anyway. I do think it's worth exploring as an alternative as maybe you do in fact get high enough retention rates. Maybe like a one time opening offer as you said or perhaps it's worth running them seasonally, like in summer/wedding season when there's fewer regular classes on offer? I've no idea, my point was mainly that it's something that should be brained over.
  10. Mike Wazowski: Challenge Content TBD

    Also super excited for you! But I'd think twice about Groupon. Yes, you can definitely attract people and some of those will want to get more lessons, but from what I've heard you also get a lot of rabble that are not necessarily very interested but only do it once as a one off fun thing and also a lot of people that don't show up. Both which will end up leeching a lot of time for minimal profit. On top of that once it's known that you do groupons people will postpone getting classes until its cheap which doesn't help either. Having said that I really don't know enough about it to have a feel for whether it's worth it or not, but I think it's worth doing your research and keeping in mind that people associate higher costs with quality. Of course too expensive is bad for obvious reasons, but cheaper isn't necessarily better.
  11. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    I think photos are a lot easier to measure flexibility progress by as a lot of progress is made in form, not just distance and especially things like splits are easy to "cheat".
  12. Twilight: You are what you take

    That kind of stability is hard to compromise on for sure. Is there a way for your partners to pick up the slack if your income happens to go down? While stability is important so is your happiness and having a job that you're happy with is a huge part of that!
  13. Be strong, get strong battle log

    Have fun KB'ing! Sorry I've no idea what that move is called either, though I know exactly what you mean. And of course she wants your strength, who wouldn't? The grass is always greener or something.
  14. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    Sometimes I definitely need that extra sleep. In winter I tend to sleep more and if I've been training a lot I'm happy to sleep a bit extra. But 10 hours is excessive even for me and this just really feels more like oversleeping as I don't really feel all that rested when I wake up. But even if I were to need that much sleep I'd rather go to bed early so I can have the mornings free to do stuff. Now I wake up, rush to work and when I get back home I'm often too mentally tired to do anything. And if I have practice that leaves ZERO time in the evening except for eating something and crashing. I hope so! I just don't know whether it will give enough time. It can be excellent, unless I distract myself with something. Oooh can I pick anyone I want? I don't even know what I did. I was fine on Friday's choreo practice, except perhaps for the most minuscule of twinges. But then I woke up in the middle of that night because my rib hurt so much. The next morning it was unhappy, but manageable, until I tried to invert and BOOM I was out of commission for the rest of the session. Since then I haven't been able to sleep through a whole night without pain killers. But it's improving, now it's more of a dull crampy pain rather than a stabby can't breathe kind of pain and I'm mostly fine with basic movement. Unless I sneeze, or laugh or cough, but even then it's not as intense as before. Admittedly carrying home a bag of groceries was pretty intense but I managed. I'm guessing it's a pulled intercostal, anything more serious would've hurt a lot more I think and wouldn't be improving. It just sucks that it's so close to the performance! I already felt so behind in the choreo and worried that I'm going to look stupid at best or screw things up at worst, and now THIS! Even if it will heal up in time I don't know whether I'll be able to pull off anything non embarrassing....
  15. Raptron Falls Repeatedly

    Ooh congrats to our new GL!