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  1. Elastigirl : The Mission Continues

    Happy belated birthday!!!
  2. In which Mad Hatter un-adults and enjoys life!

    Vacationing is going great! I’ve been hiking and eating food and everything here’s is so ridiculously quaint and English, just what I wanted. I’ll try to post some pics eventually but the internet is a bit shaky. Tuesday I went climbing in Manchester. Considering I only slept for 3 or so hours my performance wasn’t the best, but it was fun to try boulders set in a very different style from what I’m used to. Tomorrow I’m supposedly climbing in Sheffield, hopefully my legs are up for it after the 26 km I walked today. My biggest issue right now is that my appetite can’t keep up with my cravings. I want to eat all the things from all the cute shops, plus all the things I haven’t had since I moved from the UK, but even with this amount of walking I can only eat a normal amount. Sad.
  3. In which Mad Hatter un-adults and enjoys life!

    Hiii! Yeah I guess it is just about that - finding the right balance. Maybe l’ll figure it one day. When I’m older and wiser. Need to find your thread!! Indeed. Haters be haters. I’ve said what I had to say to him, can’t do anything more than that. Ooh neat! You should absolutely come to this side of the pond. Aww yeah. Can’t say I’ve done much in terms of actual job searching, a recruiter contacted me. But so far so good! I’ve more or less completed the coding test now, though I can’t seem to stop second guessing and tweaking my work! LOL I feel like I a bit TOO good at unadulting right now, it’s really not ideal. But whatever.
  4. So say we all!

    You do love making life hard for yourself That was super impressive and all, but I’m pretty sure LG had a transition from a yoga/bound headstand in mind where your elbows are already on floor.
  5. Ohai! Last challenge was a full on adulting challenge so now I'm swinging around 180 degrees with this un-challenge. Un-goals Climbing Just a reminder to have fun and try hard. Try all the jumpy jumps! Fun stuff Do it! Preferably daily buuut whatevs. Backbends, handstands, crow PvP. Maybe take out my slackline or hula hoop. STUFF! Go outside Already doing a great job of this, but max out the current weather, because this is Finland, and winter is coming. Ice cream diet Because an ice cream a day keeps the doctor away? Ok maybe not, but I do want to use my cute little single portion ice cream maker. HAPPY CHALLENGE EVERYONE!