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  1. Had a really hard time getting going today and most of the day went by in a haze. I went to the library to pick up some books and then I walked to a coffee shop and read for a while. And that's about it? In the afternoon I had pole. Before the class I felt a bit blah because I felt fat and like none of my pole clothes fit properly, on top of Sunday's confidence drop. But after class one of the students came up to me and said that I looked super sexy in my outfit especially when I danced. Yay, I'm not a goblin! We had a substitute teacher today and it was nice to do a very simple one-off choreo for a change, where I didn't have to focus so much on the moves but on the dancing and music. Feeling a bit better now. The tech class sucked though. Ok no it didn't, but I couldn't do any of the tricks I was trying and those days are not fun.
  2. You know this would've been a perfect summary - a few months ago. Now I DO want to do things! Except work. Because stupid.
  3. He can always learn on the job! Embrace the DIY punk ethos and all that. Kinda unrelated but my friend told me about about a cool event/project(?) and how she ended up in a band herself. Basically there was some kind of meet up thing for adults that wanted to play in a band but didn't have any friends or any skills (at least in her case) and they grouped people together randomly based on interest. And now she plays bass in an all women rock band. I just think it's a such a neat idea for enabling adult friendships and trying new things. Especially for us more awkward people.
  4. Alright let's do the showing up thing. On Sunday I went to my first hard style class. It's a class which goes fast and hard and scared me a bit because my memory is shite and so's my cardio. But I survived and it was a lot of fun! Though I can tell it's going to get quite intense! I'm not used to doing tricks in heels and at speed. After that I had my regular class, and it was the first day of the choreo that my teacher has roped me into perform. I'm... not convinced. It's technically an "easy" choreo but it feels like it's made for targeting all the things that look bad on me or I find difficult. Yesterday sucked because I had to work and I got sucked into a data problem again and I was deaded for the rest of the day. Today was very up and down. By 10am I wanted to quit. I spent 20 minutes looking for my keys. I checked all my pockets and all my bags and all my everything. And of course the keys were in fact in... my pocket. But it took me that long to realize that I was wearing a cardigan with pockets and not the sweatshirt I could've sworn I was wearing. So yeah. Great start. Then an incident at work royally pissed me off, but on the plus side it made me feel great about leaving the company! We had a meeting about said data problem, but instead of people listening properly to my findings this is what happened. One person resorted to fucking mansplaining what I should be doing, and had obviously already done. (At least he apologized when I pointed this out to him.) While my boss essentially took over the whole thing without really taking into account what I've already done. Not only that but he also dismissed my ideas of what could be happening. And not just mine but also my colleague's (who incidentally is also leaving and I'm thrilled for him!) Because my boss thinks it's pointless to speculate about what's going wrong since he thinks that the raw data (that we don't even have) will magically show him what's going wrong. Which doesn't make any sense. How will you know what to query if you don't have any ideas about what to ask? Anyhow, I got into a shitty mood for a while, but then I realized that this is great. Since my opinions, ideas and detailed knowledge of the product are clearly not valued, and since my boss is taking over the analysis, I can guilt free skip my inconvenient Thursday meetings (in which he's contributed exactly nothing for the past year). But this is entirely his problem now. I have 10 days/one month to go, and my plan is to do nothing except for answering direct questions. On another positive note, the side of adrenaline from getting angry boosted my energy levels and I felt good enough to go climbing! I had a really fun session, and at the end we played with a boulder, eliminating holds (from 9 to 3, not bad!) and trying to climb it in a bunch of stupid different ways. Super fun! I want to do that again, it's really fun and a great alternative for the times when there's nothing but impossible climbs left.
  5. This sounds like a great thing though? I feel like the mixed modes cause the most stress when you're neither relaxing nor fully working... Ouch...
  6. Oh it's glorious! Heh why does it feels like I'm getting my own great advice thrown back in my face. No particular topics, I'm definitely willing to try things I wouldn't normally pick up! Not useful but still curious - what's the Dutch book about? Invisible Woman is on my hold list - again! I waited for 6+ months and when it arrived I was in one of my phases where I'm unable to read anything. Now I'm waiting again... Put Immune on the list - sounds fun! xkdc is awesome but I've never read any of the books. I'll definitely check them out! Atomic Habits I've read, and decided that while great for most people, for some people his messaging is borderline toxic. I'll save the rant for later, but right now I only want to read books that don't feel judgmental, don't tell me how I should live my life and definitely don't tell me that I need to be more productive. I haven't! I've gotten the recommendation a few times but never at the right time. It was wildly popular, but I've also heard a lot of criticisms about it, that there's a lot of scientific sounding make belief that it's heavily coloured by the author's moralistic values? Maybe I should pick up the graphic novel. Let me know what you think of Tough! Based on the description I can both see that it could be interesting or that I'd want to punch the author in the face.
  7. Hah thanks for validating my opinion. I may or may not have upset some parents when I suggested giving kids a knife to open a package.
  8. I've always wondered how those people do it and how it comes so naturally to them! Fun!
  9. The worst part is that it barely even works as eye candy because there's no ogleable cast. I mean they look fine, but like TV fine not magically beautiful or whatever. All the good vibes!
  10. In Finland it is. For the lower grades you'd absolutely need a bachelor's in pedagogy, plus a masters. For other subjects you can get away with the masters and a subject specific undergrad degree. PE is the same, you need a master's in sports pedagogy. It's kinda crazy really. I don't know if Sweden has the same strict requirements but I highly doubt that PE is much better in Finland than it is in Sweden. And PE in Sweden sucked. Teaching is a very competitive here though. Totally. But I feel that while the initial drop off for music is insanely high (with people playing an instrument once or twice, realizing it's hard and giving up), at some point it stabilizes and they're happy noodling about on their guitar. While amateur visual artists beat themselves up indefinitely. But it could also be that for most people the visual system is way more developed than the hearing system, so maybe it is the same thing but the scale is different. I think there's also a strong harmful narrative of the lone creative genius and that either you have the talent or you don't. But I'm just speculating here, my impression is mostly based on comments I see scattered around on the internet.
  11. For sure. I would be a shriveled lump of a human if my coffee didn't count.
  12. The worst part about German! I always had to start at the end of the sentence to make sense of things.
  13. Wow thank you, that's way more than I could ever hope for! Mostly I'd like to remember enough so that I could bring it up in a conversation and tell something interesting about it. Currently I'm finding that I might remember the gist of it, or some stupid tidbit that's useless without context, but not the hows or whys or even the author or the book title. So now the conversation goes something like: "I read this super interesting book!" "Aha tell me more" "No that's all I've got." "Cool story bro." I can see how making little chapter summaries would be helpful. Though I guess it takes a bit of practice to figure out exactly what's useful, especially when taking notes without a real purpose. For fiction I don't think I want notes except maybe writing down titles I liked in case someone asks for recommendations. Literary analysis was probably my most hated thing in high school. Skipped as many of those classes as I could. Thanks again! I've been thinking a lot about matching energy levels to activity because I have a feeling that's a huge part of my problem of getting started. My mental and physical energy fluctuates wildly from day to day but also season to season and I have no interest in forcing myself to do something at a certain time of day. Living in Finland it doesn't even make sense to me to have the same schedule in summer as in winter. And it doesn't make sense to me to force myself to do things in the morning when brain's not working yet. So I'd really prefer a more fluid schedule, but the problem is getting it right. Like I might feel antsy to do something but instead of doing something hard I might go for a walk to get that feeling out of the system first. But then instead of feeling relaxed and ready to go I might get tired or hungry and I "lost" the high-energy moment if that makes any sense? In reality it would have been better to use the high energy for the hard thing and then relax with the walk. It's also hard to differentiate, or at least think clearly about, whether I'm tired/hungry/thirsty/sad/bored and I might end up taking a nap thinking I'm tired when really I was bored and then I'd become tired because I chose the wrong thing. Dunno, maybe it doesn't make any sense, but I have this strong feeling that if I could get this right things would flow so much better. But writing it out makes me more think that I don't have the basic skills to human LOL. Biggest lesson I learned the last year and half was that I can be organized in the right context. I still find it mind-boggling that I can do it at work while my life's in constant chaos. Though now I'm wondering, because when I had a deadline it was easy to keep things prioritized and cutting things out. Now we have a list of leftovers and I cannot make sense of it because nothing's urgent or important, just nice to haves and I can't deal with it. My suggestion was to trash it. Thank you thank you, I'll check it out tomorrow! The thumbnail looks good.
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