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  1. Mad Hatter

    Machete Reloads From Last Saved Game

    This! I love your mental health posts, even when they're dank memes. Especially coming from a "fitness" person, it feels like most people in the industry are all rainbows and butterflies as long as you drink your kale and spinach smoothies.
  2. Mad Hatter

    Lucky Fire Dragon has dawled for long enough

    Oh shit, poor her! Hope she heals well!
  3. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    Haha you get used to it And the better technique you have the fewer bruises. Love it!!!
  4. Mad Hatter

    RogueLibrarian dodges bullets

    Yes love everything about your karate post!
  5. Mad Hatter

    Elastigirl's Exciting Endeavors

    Bwahaha touché. To be fair this whole year we've had amazing proper seasons! With about 6 weeks of beautiful autumn. But now it's the crappy pre winter part of autumn... Glad your back is getting better, sounded like a nasty fall!
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Umm guys I think I might have gotten myself a mild concussion. Building IKEA furniture. How hard can it be building a loft bed, on my own? Well turns out that some things are jobs for two but I'm just too bloody stubborn to ask for help. But don't worry, I'm ok, just got a headache and felt sick today. Went to work for like two hours, mostly chatting in the kitchen, before heading back home. Feel much better now though except the occasional dizzy spell if I move too fast. Also my flat's still in chaos buuut I'm very excited about my gardening project! The loft bed is perfect, now I just need plants.
  7. Mad Hatter

    Terah - Finding the beat

    That's the problem, I don't need new hobbies. Neat! Congrats again.
  8. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    I used this one and I liked it! Though I think he's confused about using pan sizes interchangeably as he suggests that doubling the pan size doesn't require doubling the dough. That does not work. For a 20x30cm pan I had to double the recipe. And I'd possibly use a bit more icing. And since I love the ginger kick I add extra ginger, but that's a matter of preference. Speaking from experience it is however possible to overdo it, even even by my standards, so take care. Oh and me the dough came out extremely dry and barely holding itself together but it works well once you smoosh it into the pan. It's just odd to work with it.
  9. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    @raptron cool, thanks for the explanations! Never thought about the men’s bar being more whippy
  10. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    @raptron Out of curiosity how does performing bar skills on a gymnastics bar with a little give compare to a rigid bar?
  11. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    Oh for sure 100% agree with you!
  12. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Fury Road

    When I was working in NZ I was obsessed too. My favourite coffee place had amazing ones! What’s your grudge against bars?
  13. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost Finds Balance

    Not surprised, I think I'd certainly flip sooner or later. And by that I mean sooner. It's true that you won't make improvements, but it can send a signal to not make things worse or simply calm the brain down, both of which can help with neurological tension at least. Impressive batch cooking!
  14. Mad Hatter

    Annyshay Explores Oge Mai

    You're welcome.