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  1. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    Right? Think NtB dropped the ball on that one.
  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Couldn't guess that from the overwhelming enthusiasm of your compliment.
  3. Nymeria plays the Game of Thrones

    I love all the different varieties of stuffed peppers thrown out in this thread! I quite often make one with lamb mince, mint and feta. And mix and match different colours of tops and bottoms to make it more fun and pretty.
  4. Sorry you've been feeling a bit crap. Hope you get some sleeps soon. Good luck on the job!!
  5. [SymphonicDan] and the home run [Level 22]

    Your neighbour was pretty rad! Love that you went swimming with your mum too.
  6. RogueLibrarian vs. Dad Bod: score chase edition

    I'm exactly the same. For some reason I've become much better at separating tasks at work, but at home I often struggle and do 5 things at once, not really paying attention to any of them. But doing things one thing at a time is so much better for my brain, and a lot more rewarding too! Even if it's something trivial like watching TV.
  7. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Your reflections are sooo fascinating, I'm almost tempted to try it out for myself just as an experiment! But then I remember that I hate cold showers so maybe not.
  8. sylph tightens up, stretches out and turns over

    Aaah so many points! Awesome job, but damn it's going to be hard to catch up.
  9. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    Umm, not so great... Ok that was an understatement, it went terrible. My brain decided to turn against me and fill me with shitty, sad thoughts and I could do nothing about it. Instead of fighting it by doing the things that I know would help I literally and figuratively crawled into my blanket and hid from the world and did all the things that I know would only make me feel worse. Luckily it seems to have passed now and I feel fine again! Besides feeling a bit grumpy because I lost a few days and some potentially fun events/hangouts. And a bit guilty for not taking care of myself and for completely ignoring my friends. :/ Today was good though! I went for a long walk to the electronics shop and bought a few toys. Better sound, which was long overdue, and a few things that will make it easier to film stuff. Because obviously if I have new toys I'll start taking a whole bunch of video, right? On my way back I found a really nice café with beautiful and super tasty cakes. And I made delicious and healthy food when I got home. Now I just need to get some movement in and start the pretty hard task of catching up with Sylph!
  10. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    It is, I just need to learn to love actually doing it. It feels good! Though I haven't loaded it at all for quite a few days so can't tell for sure. There's still an ever so slight pinching sensation at the extreme range of motion, so I still need to keep on top of the prehab. And then make sure to keep doing it of course.
  11. Be strong, get strong battle log

    That's great. Hopefully she'll take the criticism the right way and try to improve as a teacher! Well spotted by your teacher. Yeah not only do poles have different thicknesses but different finishes. Thicker 50mm poles used to be standard, now it's 45mm and even thinner 38mm in some places like Australia. It makes it easier to grip with your hands, especially if you have small hands. Though I have massive man hands and still prefer the 45's. Some people think that leg grips are easier/more comfy on thicker poles so it's definitely worth trying, it could actually be that you'll find pole sit/crucifix type moves easier.
  12. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    Nothing weird about that if you, like me, have to do lists that will take a few life times to complete!
  13. Raptron: Out of Office

    But mostly this!
  14. zenLara freezes to death, in august

    That's awesome, hope it keeps up that way!