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  1. Yay for no back pain - that's huge!
  2. It’s still quite scrappy looking because I just threw together random stuff around the flat. The structure is a deconstructed bunk bed that I have in my kitchen after a failed plant growing experiment. The sitting surface is my climbing crash pad. The book is The Truth About Animals and it’s awesome. Today I learned about the original watermelon vampires.
  3. Mad Hatter

    Waanie climbs on

    Sorry for the struggles. Hugs!
  4. Had a very chill weekend, not much to report. On Saturday I hung out with friends, we checked out a new Iranian brunch place and it was awesome! Yummy food and really nice, chill atmosphere. 😍 I also built a fort/reading nook. It makes me happy.
  5. Jelly of all your beautiful hikes! Here everything looks exactly the same unless you go really, really far north, it's all completely flat and forest, lake, forest, lake, forest, lake ad nauseam.
  6. I love it, it's instant comfort. Like a wearable hug. It's cute! But the holds are slopier than they look. Hahaha I'll pass on the cold advice until after the Netherlands start getting -20C winters. But the cold is only just one factor that makes going to the office gym a little less nice than going later to the climbing gym. I'll play it by ear, if I wake up early enough and want company I'll go lift, but it's not a big deal if I don't as long as I do something else instead. Hmmm when you put it like that the list is really lacking in being upside down! And dancing!
  7. Best tradition ever. Feel better soon!
  8. Haha personally I wouldn't equate spinny with happiness (🤮) but you look lovely on it, such smooth transitions!
  9. Are you perhaps confusing vs The first is the simple blog one.
  10. Hello! I'm an assassin but I'll be living here for a while. Need to take a break from challenges as they're not really working for me right now. If you don't know me, I like to dabble in a lot of things, mostly involving being upside down on a pole or on my hands and climbing things, but I'm going to focus on bouldering and building strength for a while. This decision is brought almost entirely by the fact that a new training only climbing gym has opened about a kilometer from my flat, and that training at home has become a struggle since I started to work from home and I want to use the gym as an escape. I don't really know what this project will look like just yet, but part of the fun is learning. 💪In this first phase I'll be focusing on 1) getting back into a training groove and get comfy in the gym, 2) focus on overall strength and 3) work on core tension, which is one of my big relative weaknesses right now. Besides being weak haha. 👩‍🎨I'm also learning to draw, but struggle with consistency. This is something I really want to change. And before you start asking, yes I'll be posting pictures. 😄 🤯The third project is to actively take steps to fix my long going existential crisis. 😜I don't have a clue how, but I can at least begin by setting aside time on good days to think about this, instead of getting overwhelmed on bad days. Oh wait, this looks kind of like a challenge! Guess it's a good time to add a disclaimer and mention that this battle log is subject to all my whims and fancies and might end up about something entirely different tomorrow.