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  1. Week 5 Day 6 Week 0 Practice Friday Clean Job List Laundry: hang laundry Clean: prep sofa move clean workspace clear projects rug prep & move sofa Pack: moving container
  2. Time to plant chard, kale, cilantro, and parsley. (Well, okay, a little late, but worth a shot.)
  3. WWJD? 03x06 Remember Janeway would: Take passengers for a vague energy technology excuse Wear a great white suit Have a great and sarcastic friendship with Tuvok Listen to Belanna in her ready room Manage to give Belanna one last chance to pass on the memories In this episode:
  4. Week 5 Day 5 Week 0 Practice Friday Clean Job List UFYH (Kitchen): focus on counter and dishes sink zero Clean: prep sofa move Errands: take out trash and recycling Movement
  5. WWJD? 03x05 False Profits Janeway would: Perk up on hearing the words "Alpha Quadrant" Tell people to do science Not intend to leave two Ferengi around to exploit people Calmly and reasonably argue her point about breaking Federation rules Suffer two seconds of despair and set a course for the Alpha quadrant again. In this episode: This was an oddly hard-hitting ending for a comedy Ferengi episode. They played that ending totally serious, and it worked.
  6. Aside from the bacon and garlic, which are great, the one reason I might recommend this over roasted is that roasted broccoli can get a bit burnt on the florets, and this is fine for roasted veggie fans, but may not be an attraction for the veggiephobes learning their way around green things. All roasted veggies are great, but I think for a totally palatable entry point for the beginner, I'd give a blanket recommendation of stirfrying with bacon and garlic. Should work across the board. Carrots? Stirfry with bacon and garlic. Spinach? Stirfry with bacon and garlic. Mushrooms? Stirfry with baco
  7. I think those studies are good science. They don't really say whether oatmeal is any better or worse than other sources of that type of fiber (I forget whether it's the soluble or insoluble), so quite possibly broccoli or nuts or flax seeds would do the same. (Like, they're saying the only thing they checked was oatmeal, not that oatmeal is a known gold standard among the options, if that distinction makes sense. It's been a little overblown by the Oatmeal Industrial Complex to shift boxes of cereal. But it is good data.) The processing thing is true, and IMO comes down to two thin
  8. WWJD? 03x04 The Swarm Food became an issue, so I've decided that food and rum and Voyager is about my speed for an hour or two while I process this. (The rum won't really do anything, but it's symbolic.) Janeway would: Demand explanations of why her people were attacked. Not want to add time to the trip. Or, more accurately, not want to tell her crew that she has. (Whoa, I've got a solution here, guys... don't tell them.) Break Starfleet rules. I can't totally figure out why, but I think she just seriously hates bullies. And likes pissing off bullies
  9. Family stuff came up. Emotionally exhausted. Now about to start all that work.
  10. Voyager fans, it seems that not only is Janeway returning in Star Trek: Prodigy, but so is Chakotay. I am now very slightly less annoyed by the Curse of Sarah Jane Smith (shunting older women into children's shows rather than letting them have access to the new hotness, cuz everyone knows older women are inherently maternal).
  11. Week 5 Day 4 Today I'm going to steal next challenge's structure for a day. Week 0 Practice Thursday Clean Job List UFYH (Bathroom): standard UFYH (Kitchen): focus on counter and dishes sink zero Clean: Sofa move mop floor
  12. Week 5 Day 3 Today I have decided to do only the fun horrible cleaning jobs, and not the horrible horrible cleaning jobs. 5pm 9pm Make food Study & food 6pm 10pm Food Hydrate Break TBD 7pm
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