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  1. sarakingdom

    Beyond Barbells: Tanktimus Bashes Barriers

    I don't suppose I could finally get my "Ankh-" before my Monkpork?
  2. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    I have a number of fails of sugar piggywiggy variety to record, and some wins. But I'm too busy with getting ready to leave town. Soon. I'm taking extra vacation this winter, because I have all these days rolling over. I swear, I'm spending the first day just sleeping. It's what my body's been trying to do anyway. My rate of morning schedule slip has been just terrible lately. I don't know the cause. I do need to do some schedule resetting. But I'm going to start with 24 hours of sleep. Maybe 22 hours, and get up occasionally for a cup of coffee, then go back to bed.
  3. sarakingdom

    DarK_RaideR takes lessons from the Kai

    That does not sound SFW.
  4. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Lately I'm super tired when I go home, barely awake enough to make food. This does not help me get done all the things I need to get done before this weekend.
  5. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Dude's off by a knuckle, then, because this is on the second-knuckle side of my third knuckle. Also, since I only have the one, and nothing on the other side, I'm laying odds this was the instructor.
  6. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    So we did a ton of kotagaeshi and, I dunno, probably sankyo last night, and my question is, who is the fucker who keeps planting his finger under my third knuckle and digging in? Because when I want bruises to show off at work, I want a gallery of them, not twenty all in the exact same spot. Oh well, at least the swelling is mostly down there.
  7. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    I have just zested ten oranges and sliced ten ounces of ginger. Honestly, it was meant to be twenty ounces of ginger, but my brain rebelled. It seemed like a poor idea, especially since I put it in fresh rather than boiling it in a syrup first. It's not gonna be mellow. So by Wednesday, I'll have 3.5L of ginger brandy, and by Thursday, I'll have about five liters of ginger liqueur. I think that's worth: Celebrate Hogswatch x2
  8. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Ginger liqueur, with lots of orange and vanilla. I'm gonna start it infusing tonight and give it out before I leave. This one is a pretty quick infusion.
  9. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY HUNGRY. I consider this good, though, because lately I've been undereating, and all my hunger signals shut off, and that's no good. I really need to watch the undereating thing, I have too long a history of it, and too much metabolism fuckery from it.
  10. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Celebrate Hogswatch: Got a literal ton of booze for making co-workers' Hogswatch gifts. Swords are Educational x2: Went to aikido.
  11. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Assassins are Tidy: Did some cleaning. Celebrate Hogswatch: Worked on Hogswatch presents. Bathing with Ridcully: Got my bath. Waiting for the Hogfather: Got to bed on time. Celebrate Hogswatch: Got groceries for baking. Sugar Piggywiggies: Packed a good lunch, ate a good breakfast.
  12. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    Good Deeds in a Naughty World Hydrate Y Food Y Meds Y List Y Schedule Y Calendar Y Clean Y List Plan Y Pack Hogswatch Y Food Y Bath Y Sleep Y
  13. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    I accidentally slept for fourteen hours last night. I did not plan to. In fact, I had a use for those hours. I was all, "I'll clean before noon, and get ready for my trip in the afternoon". And, yeah, not so much. So consider me annoyed. Instead I will give myself points. Waiting for the Hogfather: obvious pass, I think I got enough rest Sugar Piggywiggies: successful, if accidental, IF
  14. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's Hogswatch Challenge

    It's Hogswatch! It's Hogswatch! I am so ready. I have a challenge, but no idea how to run or score it, so that's on its way. Sleeping so the Hogfather Will Come Keep working on good sleep habits and getting more rest. It's a big deal for me. DO I DETECT A NOTE OF UNSEASONAL GRUMPINESS? said Death. NO SUGAR PIGGYWIGGY FOR YOU, ALBERT. My diet has been slipping. I've, um, eaten from the vending machine at work more than once in the past month. And bought food I wouldn't make for myself. So it's time to stop the sugar piggywiggies. Part of this is going to be doing lots of diet-compliant baking for the holidays. Partly to get in the mood, partly to help a family member who's converting their diet, but also just to get back in the swing of things. And part of the swing of things is that I don't need to cut out anything, just make it diet-compliant. If I wanna make tons of Christmas cookies and cakes and, I dunno, pumpkin cheesecake, that's actually just fine, if it fits my macros. And it's way better than ending up at the vending machine because I've forgotten to eat and just need calories fast. Nevertheless, it was a little bit surprising to find that Bloody Stupid Johnson had turned to bathroom design. But, as Ridcully said, it was known that he had designed and built several large musical organs and, when you got right down to it, it was all just plumbing, wasn’t it? Bathing is big in this book. I approve. Bonus points for excess bathing. I could use the relaxation, and a nice hot bath in cold weather is very pleasant. And extra bonus points for ridiculously seasonal peppermint or pine scented bath water. (Extra extra points if I can find a sauna while I'm on vacation. I've already looked up the local Y and asked about joining for a month, and I'd like to say it's for the pool and whatever, but the truth is, it was for the sauna. The members of the Guild of Assassins considered themselves cultured men who enjoyed good music and food and literature. And they knew the value of human life. To a penny, in many cases... There was considerable satisfaction in a clean kill. What there wasn't supposed to be was pleasure in a messy one. A certain amount of cleaning and organization has to happen. I fell behind this week. Plus there's all sorts of holiday prep, and other things. "You can't give her that!" she screamed. "It's not safe!" IT'S A SWORD, said the Hogfather. THEY'RE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE. "She's a child!" shouted Crumley. IT'S EDUCATIONAL. "What if she cuts herself?" THAT WILL BE AN IMPORTANT LESSON. No, still not sword month. But I do want to train for waving swords around. Some daily training activity, with an emphasis on yoga and a martial arts conditioning workout. These will be tough once I leave on my Hogswatch trip. There's not a lot of indoors space for that sort of thing, and outdoors space will probably be full of snow. Being full of cold is fine, but snow might be a deal breaker. That's the other reason I'm looking at the local Y. Celebrate the Hogswatch Season Do something daily to celebrate Hogswatch. I tend to get into ruts, and not give a lot of thought to recreation or downtime and how to use it, so I want to intentionally be festive and do deliberate downtime. It's sort of a nice little mental hibernation. Scoring and organizing is still under development. We'll see how that goes. I'm still liking having this daily adjustable list rather than a checklist; more flexible and makes me think about it more, which helps.