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  1. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    Bending Lessons : Episode 2x09 Bitter Work 1. The key to earthbending is your stance. You need to be steady and strong, like a rock yourself. 2. You've got to stop thinking about it like an Airbender. There's no clever trick, no special angle. You've got to face it head-on. 3. Lightning is a pure expression of firebending, not fueled by rage or emotion. It is precise and deadly, and requires peace of mind. 4. There are energies all around us, yin and yang, positive and negative. Onlya few firebenders can separate these energies to create the electrical charge that tries to restore balance. 5. Breathe first. 6. You will not be able to master lightning until you deal with the turmoil inside yourself. 7. You need to let go of your feelings of shame if you want your anger to go away. 8. Pride isn't the opposite of shame, but its source. Humility is the only option. 9. Meat is so tasty. 10. Fire of the element of power, of desire and the will to achieve that desire. 11. Earth is the element of substance, of persistence and enduring. 12. Air is the element of freedom, of peace and also stupid dad jokes. 13. Water is the element of change, of adaptation and of strong community. 14. You need to draw from all four sources of wisdom to be strong and whole. 15. Never promise to give up meat and sarcasm. 16. Don't let fear of failure stop you from trying, because it sounds like a much stupider strategy coming from a little cartoon dude than it does in your head. 17. Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy, letting their defense become their offense. 18. To redirect lightning, you need to take the energy into your body at the fingertips, direct it down to the body's source of energy at the hara, and up again and out the other arm. Do not let it flow across your heart. 19. You've got to feel the flow. 20. Earthbending? Stand your ground. See, it's a metaphor. 21. The key to earthbending is being totally rooted and unmoveable.
  2. sarakingdom

    Cheesestick Finds Balance

    Also, for easily grabbable high protein breakfasts, have you considered, um, cheesesticks?
  3. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    It's just my windowsill at the moment, though I'm considering joining the community garden. But I suspect my windowsills can keep me in herbs, scallions, and arugula, if i do it right. And things like basil and mint, I almost use those like salad greens when I have access to them. A fall kale planting would be amazing. I really like kale, and have trouble finding it in the stores near me. And I can't find daikon at all. I've got enough martial arts training that if I sit down to meditate, I can finish, even if I'm not always happy while I'm doing it. Mostly it's sitting down to do it. I'm not great at habit. Don't sweat the daydreaming, that's part of the process. Meditation isn't all inner peace, it's doing push-ups. You're repeatedly bringing your mind back on task, and doing it over and over to practice it. What I've found is that on the days my brain is really active or scattered, it can take longer times to settle it, but also that separate meditations are cumulative. So fifteen minutes and three five minutes are similar, and if my brain is not going to settle till minute ten, well, either way, it's not going to settle before minute ten.
  4. sarakingdom

    Cheesestick Finds Balance

    Totally legitimate, and not wasted time. Meds don't give skills, just level the field a little, so you'll still need skills. And Richard Branson is retroactively not dyslexic because he's a CEO.
  5. sarakingdom

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    What could possibly go wrong?
  6. The cardio problem might be deciding what sort of screwed you are, and maybe choosing to mix it up to spread the strain around, unfortunately. The sad truth is that living involves joint manipulation, because that's kind of how the skeleton is functionally designed. Rowing is pretty low impact and has some strength elements in its motion, so might fall under strength training enough to mitigate things, but I'm betting you'd feel it in the knees and shoulders, possibly hips if you get the right body swing in there. But it's got possibilities, since it's basically a squat and a row with resistance, at speed. Sorry about the Sangha. It's unfortunately endemic in, well, most spiritual communities, but no one expects it to hit close to home. I'm sure disappointing is the least of what it is. Fortunately, Buddhism is good for practicing on your own, and it sounds like there are ways to make some lemonade out of the lemons. Maybe it's Zen time. No harm in exploring while you're between meditation gigs. And, well, hey, the kyudo's good news!
  7. sarakingdom

    Teirin sets plans in motion

    Wise choice. Stay in touch.
  8. sarakingdom

    Cheesestick Finds Balance

    Pretty sure I'm not the only one, too, just the one most actively in the trenches with right now. Hoo boy, do I know the irony of having the most trouble doing precisely the things that would help me have less trouble doing stuff. Not sure any of it is wise, but I do know the beast. Medication's a personal decision, and I don't need or want to know why you're not going for it, but do be aware that the stigma around the behavior that leads to the ADHD diagnosis (and mental health in general) convinces a lot of people to prove they can do it without meds. It took me a long time to come to the "if I needed glasses, I'd wear glasses, and if I needed insulin, I'd take insulin, so why am I treating this differently" realization. Meds don't solve the problem, but they are the assistive technology that makes it possible for a lot of people to correct the problem. It's worth examining the reasoning for not medicating brain things in general, because people so often make those decisions out of emotional reactions. Just something to be mindful of. But I feel where you're coming from. I'm one of the rare few the existing meds are simply not that effective on, so I'm trying to hack an essentially unmedicated brain, too. Anyway, welcome! Nom Nom Paleo is great, though most Paleo food isn't that grab and go. Would be worth asking in the kitchen thread, with some notes about your dietary preferences. Keto's high protein and veganism's high protein look nothing alike, even if they both agree on the very portable handful of almonds.
  9. sarakingdom

    Mistr takes step 2

    Sometimes life is randori, and sometimes randori is life.
  10. sarakingdom

    Spezzy's New Groove

    Does this have a noticeable impact? I have just this minute realized that I don't do this. I mean, I try to do some fun stuff through my day, take some breaks, but I'm essentially multitasking through most of it, or thinking about and managing the list of stuff, or at best not setting aside a specific time, so it's interspersed with all the stuff I "should" be doing. And it's occurred to me now that I probably know better when it comes to how I deal with downtime. If I'm feeling like I'm not getting enough done, it's probably because I don't have enough downtime, not because I don't have enough work time.
  11. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    That's good to know. I'll pop in and see what she's up to.
  12. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    Week 1 Day 3 Grounded Thought: 19 1 ? T F S S Grounded Action: 38 25 32 T F S S Grounded Rest: ? 7 3 T F S S Eat Rocks: N N Y T F S S Yeah, I can't explain yesterday. The day wasn't terrible, although every time I tried to meditate, I was interrupted. And I even did useful stuff when I got home. And promptly fell apart on the ADHD front for, I dunno, eight hours. It is probably true that I'd exhausted my brain reserves doing all the things Monday. But I was being careful of that Tuesday. Just not careful enough, I guess. (I should try some of the stuff in the Rest book, because that's the kind of brain recharge I need to figure out. That might help deal with those dips and peaks of focus.) I've signed up for a bunch of MOOCs. Yes, a lot of them, but nothing too demanding. I wanted to fill my commute with something more useful, but not too intense. One is work related, but the others are on learning strategies (I saw it recommended by lots of ADHD folks, which is what triggered my MOOC signup binge), mindfulness (theory and practice), and a couple of well-being related ones, which basically are going to tell me I should sleep more. They're not wrong.
  13. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    We should strategize, yes. Maybe a Google chat or something to collaborate on sleep-getting when the time is right. Then all three of us will get to bed ata better time. What is your time zone and bed time? (This may be a PM discussion.) (I had such a ridiculously major sleep fail last night. I feel glad I got at least three hours of sleep. And it was dumb, because I could analytically see the behavior, but could not break the concentration state.) This is not a problem I've always had, but it's become common. Even short stories, if it's a collection, it doesn't work for me. This is not at all an issue I have with audiobooks, I can listen to the same thing and it's fine. "Five more minutes" really is five more minutes.
  14. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    Sure. Can't remember where I got it, one of the big reputable-looking ADHD info sites. I have seen actual studies where most of these are supported, so the list looked solid. The list is: Zinc (makes medication more effective, perhaps another effect; no dose recommended, but discussion of zinc deficiency being part of the problem, so I just take a standard supplement) Magnesium (treats some symptoms; no dose recommended, but what I already had was moderately high/average; most people are deficient) Vitamin C (modulates relevant neurotransmitters at the synapse, which looks important to an uptake-related imbalance; no dose recommended, but the implication was to go high because you need more; I reserve judgment on megadosing, but Linus Pauling wasn't an idiot, so I aim high, but beware of going too high too fast - when anyone mentions "titrating to bowel tolerance", I don't wish to discover what they mean the hard way) Omega 3 from fish (dispute over the recommended dose, so I went with the name I knew, Dr Edward Hallowell, who unfortunately recommended 5g, which is a literal fuckton, but it's said to be as effective as medical treatment in trial, do I'm gonna try for a while, though I'm not there yet) Also, sleep is one the list, because that's when dopamine is manufactured. I have no idea at all how to get my daily dose of sleep up.
  15. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Grounds Herself in the Earth Kingdom

    Commuting, so this reply now and others later. I've already got scallions growing, and I have a fennel bulb cutting that's rooting, though I'm not sure how to do it in a container yet. I have new cuttings of mint, oregano, rosemary, basil, and Thai basil that I'm going to stuff into pots. Then the only things I want for my windowsill garden are arugula in the fennel pot, and a small hot pepper bush.