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  1. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes, Pt. 3

    Week 2 Day 5 Politeness of Princes: On time this morning Did a task when I woke up Impoliteness of Princes: Wasted a little time when I woke up Headology: TBA
  2. ICB Works For No Masters

  3. Keep it Simple, Carpinus

  4. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes, Pt. 3

    Week 2 Day 4 Clay Lane. It hadn't been easy to find. Oh, not the street itself, that was right there on any city map, in the industrial zone on the edge of the Shades. But the importance of it, that had been hard. It had taken map references and police reports from the Watch, guidebooks, even an old-fashioned stakeout, which Sara had walked away from with a worn black suit and a disgusting meat pie. You could chart all the sightings of saffron-robed monks, all the written references, all across the city, and the highest density was in Clay Lane. And Vetinari had known. Well, of course he had, he was Vetinari, wasn't he? You could write down in your diary that you were considering robbing a bank, then think better of it and burn the page, and the next time he saw you, Vetinari would mention that, while the banks were a tempting target, being where the money was, the Thieves' Guild looked unkindly on unlicensed theft, and, by the way, your pencil needed sharpening. The purchase of a second-hand black suit had not been part of the plan. But Sara had had to go into the shonky shop, just to be sure. It was run by a middle-aged monk named Soon Shine Sun. It had always been run by a middle-aged monk named Soon Shine Sun. And she couldn't exactly say, "Excuse me, I'm just here to confirm you are in fact a History Monk, and do you have any books on slicing time?", now, could she? So she'd pretended to be a low-level clerk who needed a cheap black suit for work, which had the virtue of being largely true, and had ended up leaving with one that wasn't too bad. The meat pie had just been a mistake. That was the problem with Dibbler's pies. They always seemed like a good idea until you ate one. Politeness of Princes: Ran an errand before work Organized tasks Did a time sensitive task Stayed mostly on target all day Meditated Exercised Impoliteness of Princes: Ran a touch late in the morning Missed a time sensitive task Headology: Showed up and did the thing Showed up and did the exercise
  5. Keep it Simple, Carpinus

    I mean, who can't be lured back with baby Susan Sto Helit and her My Little Binky doll? How's it going on yoga, water, and showing up?
  6. ICB Works For No Masters

    Indeed, A True Capitalist Thinks Of Benefits Constantly, Albeit In Terms of Denial.
  7. ICB Works For No Masters

    Woooo! Congrats! That is excellent news. May not be bad to work on setting up a sideline gig to make future job changes less chaotic and worrying. Like they say, Jobs In The Heart Cannot Be Taken.
  8. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes, Pt. 3

    Slept all the sleep. Exhausted. Not feeling very polite.
  9. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes, Pt. 3

    Week 2 Day 2 Did all the things. Mostly. Going to bed early. Exhausted. Was very polite.
  10. ICB Works For No Masters

    Swimming is pretty great, and might do a little subtle strengthening of the wrist. There's a bit of resistance on the hand.
  11. Keep it Simple, Carpinus

    Hooray! Good to see you with us for this one. This is an excellent challenge, with a lot of useful, practical, and modest goals. It's a bunch of things to be working on, but it seems like you're started on a lot of them already, so they're already a work in progress. If you need to creep up on them slowly, don't feel bad about that. And if you need to triage them, I'd suggest prioritizing just showing up. It's useful to know how to drop things in response to life, and the last thing to drop should be the habit of showing up and getting ready to do something. Beyond that, welcome, and feel free to look around our lounge and kitchen and meditation hall (and, um, sleeping area currently filled with Black Ribboners, which is a long story). Our Pratchett books are in the library, and give a shout if there's anything you need. We have folks who've done all kinds of training, and will be happy to help with any challenges you've got on your plate.
  12. Now with added headology. [Challenge coming.]