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  1. Jessebel Enters the Dojang

    Ah, food on the go! Gonna suggest getting a pack of takeout containers, maybe some silicone muffin cups for dividers, and figuring out homemade bento boxes. You can get a pretty good routine going to make putting them together fast, and a nice variety of stuff in a box really makes the difference between "packed sandwich" and "meal". And designed to be taken on the move.
  2. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    Week 3 Day 4 Politeness of Princes Good sleep practices Pretty much on time in the morning, given that I had a slight dispensation for reasons Drunk: 64/128oz. On schedule and stuff 5 minutes meditation Impoliteness of Princes Kind of a slow brain day, where I'm attacking things slowly My fitness tracker says I've been meeting or exceeding my step goals for a long time, so, hey, not totally sucking at moving around while I'm flaking on regular formal workout plans. Still would like some more plank, though.
  3. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    I know, right? It took real talent to pick one place I couldn't arrange my own requirements. The answer is a macrobiotic place with a single fixed option. (And it was a fine place that did their genre well, it just didn't suit my needs well.) I did eat the carbs with dinner. I was hungry, gave myself a bit of an IF dispensation, and it was honestly good enough to be worth it. It was a fantastic place. That one, I was not going to customize the order, because they knew what they were doing.
  4. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    I will be fair to them: they picked an amazing place for dinner, and I was much less annoyed when I had more food in me.
  5. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    To be fair, the food, while I'm sure it was just fine, was not very tempting. But I've been slightly undereating while walking a lot, so I'm pretty hungry. And green leaves, while also nice, are not cutting it. There will be a late night burger.
  6. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    I tell ya, I had my heart set on carnitas and guacamole. Three slices of pickled radish and a cup of kale does not hit that spot. And the same people have picked the dinner restaurant. Also, the company is good-natured, but annoying. Although maybe I'm annoyed from lack of guacamole. Lack of guacamole is annoying.
  7. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    Sticking to macro goals despite having the restaurant changed to one I can basically only eat green leaves at and had a fixed plate meal with a fixed number of green leaves... god, that was annoying. Oh well, there's a burger joint near the hotel. If meals keep going like this, there'll be a midnight bunless bacon cheeseburger in my future for protein and calorie needs. Maybe two, because, seriously, I could bring facing a whole day of just leafy greens. Because my breakfast was a bowl of baby spinach.
  8. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes

    Week 3? Day 1 Politeness of Princes Dressed like an assassin. This is important. Tons of walking, which is good baseline low-level exercise. Sleeping okay. Turned on my hydration reminder in the phone. I'm doing okay, but could use more, especially with all the walking. Sticking to macro goals during a lot of eating out. Impoliteness of Princes I counted my green leaves as IF, on the old warrior diet model, and allowed a non-macro-compliant dinner. It was a special place, so worth it.
  9. My zero week, however, is Dr John "Mossy" Lawn themed. Because I am SO SICK. (It started off so innocently. Since then, I've hibernated a full day with zero awakeness or food, and cleaned up every type of bodily fluid imaginable while half-awake.)