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  1. Week 3 Day 3 - Women of Trek Wednesday I need less being quiet and polite, and more hauling off and punching people, power-posing, and sipping tea sarcastically. Maybe also more sleep. (Don't think I didn't notice Bev Crusher's bisexual chair sprawl. That'd have been a way cooler plotline than being the incubator for two different manic pixie dreamboys. ST:Picard, you are fired.) The Needs of the One Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Score Control the emotions Metta Mindfulness Hotness upgrade 1 Social bonus 0.5 Sleep at 12 -3 Sleep deficit -3 (22h) Yoga nidra 1 Hydration 0 Sinuses 0.5 Train the lirpa Walk the desert 1 Weekly Score
  2. Soooooooo last week my sleep deficit hit 32 hours. Ridiculously bad. I suspended myself by accident. It's coming down now, and I had a pretty good day today, challenge-wise and overall. I'm down to 24 hours or so. Probably time to start posting tracking again.
  3. I would also accept gardens and cats and baking, but basically this.
  4. I know. Sorry. It became notable with one of the omicron subvariants, and it's more common in kids. As of last spring/summer, it's only a covid symptom in 1-3% of adults, but it seems to show up in 20-30% of kids with covid. The message didn't really get out, despite a lot of pink eye waves in schools during omicron waves, so I try to PSA it so people can test. There's a ton of other pink eye out there, so it could just as easily be something else; it's just good to know. (Uh, covid rapid tests these days need at least two tests a couple of days apart. You'll see that change in the test kit instructions. That's my other covid PSA. Yay, high rates of covid mutation, for both PSAs.)
  5. It's definitely one of those B-tier holidays that just hasn't become a secular thing in the US (apart from Mardi Gras, which most people don't even recognize is the same thing), and you'd never hear about outside a church. But it's usually a big community pancake supper sort of holiday. (Atheist myself, but my family is half and half, so I know the basic routines.) Easter itself is one of the big ones everywhere. It's the next biggest after Christmas, the other half of the "Christmas and Easter Christians" cliche about ultra minimal church attendance, and is super secularised with egg hunts and Easter bunnies and everything. It's as big or bigger than Thanksgiving in the US, too, and more commercialized for sure. It's only recently that it fell behind Halloween as the second most commercialized holiday. (Easter Monday is not a religious holiday at all, but a federal one - it's the statutory weekday you get off in lieu of a weekend holiday. All public schools and federal offices close. 100% nationally observed by law, like Christmas Day, President's Day, and the 4th of July. I think Christmas and Easter are the only two religious holidays the government makes everyone take, because they're the big two.) The little supporting days around Easter, not so much - although we couldn't possibly observe all the religious feast days. I think I've read that the medieval church had declared up to 2/3rd of all days to be holidays when people didn't work. And different church traditions these days put different emphasis on them. Most protestant churches don't acknowledge any saints, and thus no saint days. For Easter specifically, Catholics observe Ash Wednesday (the day after Shrove Tuesday) pretty visibly, and it's important to them, but protestant churches tend not to observe it. I think that's because it's an important confession day, but I'm not totally sure. Having an official state religion in the UK is totally weird for an American. Both in how much religious education schools have, and in how secularised the churches and church traditions themselves often are. No real firm divide between secular spaces and religious spaces, they kind of blend into each other in places. (And then there's the historical social circumstances that made it a moderately true cliche for a while that the local Anglican vicar was the least likely person to actually believe in God in a lot of towns and villages. Not so much now, but up through the 1950s or so, I'd say. The role of the CoE is just not what Americans are used to at all.)
  6. Not sure where in the US you're from, but it's a big tradition in churches in the Northeast and I think Midwest, called Shrove Tuesday. It's the same religious holiday that Mardi Gras is - that's literally Fat Tuesday. (Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday is the Tuesday just before the start of Lent when people traditionally got rid of all the oil and sugar and nice things in the house via a pancake party in order to start a month of lentils-and-gruel style fasting before Easter on the next day. Last allowed day of indulgence before Easter, basically.) I would like a forest school for me, an adult. PSA: Pink eye should get covid tests, it became a major (and sometimes only, especially in kids) symptom like a year or two ago. Signed, a fellow recent pink eye sufferer. (No covid, and it was still darned miserable for a long time, so you all have my sympathies.)
  7. I absolutely did not tell you he didn't really love you anywhere in that exchange. That would have been a pretty unkind thing to say. The foot fetishism speaks for itself, though (and it is kind of adorable). I'm not a huge fan of mindfulness when upset, personally. Feels like setting up the wrong sort of mental echo chamber. Body scans are a more useful sort of perspective, I think. I don't need to monitor all the upset noise that gets churned up, I need to properly classify it as part of a temporary physical and neurochemical response.
  8. You will see even more commonalities in Battlefield, I think. (Also a very good episode, but more of a sleeper hit than Remembrance.) Remembrance is a great episode, and he was an absolute baby when he wrote it. Super young.
  9. UK folks, the BBC has Curse of Fenric up in their retro Doctors collection. I don't know for how long. But it is, like, the very best of old Who. Arguably even better than Remembrance (although it's not an argument I'd like to have). It is also: Possibly the only WWII story in existence with absolutely zero Nazis in it A chance to see Nicholas Parsons in a rare serious role The start of the first major companion character arc It is good in many ways.
  10. Are you sure it was me? It doesn't quite sound like something I'd say... However, if it was, you're welcome for the meditation enhancement. But body scans are excellent for negative feelings. Better than mindfulness, I believe. The Buddhist-taught meditation I learned for negative feelings involved focusing on part of the body that felt fine. (Which might be your cute toes.) And the full body scan would be an excellent way to find how negative feelings express themselves in body tension and release it.
  11. I'm having a sleep disaster. Being suddenly not sick means I have all the lack of routine of being sick and none of the physical limits on my behavior. I'm also having a related sinus disaster. Staying hydrated is hard. I'm going to treat this as a physical illness, and consume many vitamins. Also, my yoga DVD should be here soon.
  12. Fictional people, even wizards who insist they are not fictional, should not be making real world decisions for me. That is the problem. That goes beyond breaking the fourth wall. It's not on. (Have you finished the series? Am I nearing my golden bookmark?)
  13. I'm making tracking optional this week, because it seems to be slowing me down. That's one more week 1 "getting back on the wagon" thing. (Also, this is super annoying, but apparently the Vulcans looked at A Certain Wizard suspending me for an overly high sleep deficit and were all like which makes A Certain Wizard unbearably smug. Guys, I cannot have fictional characters suspending my challenges.)
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