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  1. Feeling a little stronger this morning. Sipping tea while watching the dogs run around. Vivian and I are off to see Polar Express at the movies today, taking a bus to the mall and then one back again. Leaning into a sense of adventure to carry me through the day.
  2. Visitation with Vivian was a mixed bag. I felt awful, but of course it was great to be with her. I'm glad I asked a friend to drive me there and back from the dog house. I was sick again on and off all evening - I could barely eat any if the lunch with Vivian-- and I ached so bad I thought I was getting worse not better by the time 2 am rolled around. Tea and milk. I called in to work again -- they're probably mad -- and my doctor said to keep an eye on my temperature. I've napped and watched Ex Machina in small doses. This booster was no joke. Glad my immune system works, tho.
  3. The dogsitting house is nice, and near the Loft. I was still feeling terrible, so after communication session, Jenna drove me over to the dogs and we made tea and watched a couple episodes of Hannibal. She’s coming back to get me for Thanksgiving lunch with Vivian. I’m on the mend, but it is very slow. Looking forward to Vivian today.
  4. *wakes up, looks at clock* Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. *takes Tylenol and rolls back over* Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
  5. Dear Reader, the covid booster is not a joke. I was up from 2-6, actively suffering (if I hadn't had the booster to blame, I'd have gone to the hospital), and then managed to sleep (in three waves) until just past 11. I'm pleased to report that I am now merely miserable and achy. I cancelled work and two appointments. I still have communication session this evening and a new dog client to sit. All will be well.
  6. Got back from getting the booster and pneumonia vaccine, and had a meeting with a former writing student who wants another set of mentor sessions. The universe loves me and wants me to be happy. Napping now.
  7. Pinball was fun, even though I clearly wasn’t in top form. I think I had my worst night ever, score-wise, but was with a great group of people (Ben, Jason, and Frankie), so perhaps the best night people-wise. This matters. This morning I woke up at 2 and I’m not okay. I took a pill and slept, and I was still very shaky at 8, so I called in. This is a thing, and I’m sitting with it. I haven’t heard any responses from yesterday’s emails yet, unsurprisingly. Talked with a friend, and got a ride to my COVID booster appointment, and I’m glad I did. I’m still not as spry as I think I am. I have a meeting with a writing student in a half hour, then I’m probably going to nap. All will be well.
  8. It's a slow, blustery grey day with heating pads, blankets, tea, and milk. Emails have been sent. I transferred the Rx back to the independent pharmacy and they delivered it, because it's migraine medicine, and it matters to them. What a blessing. I almost can't stay awake, but I can't really sleep either. Anything with a screen is a lot, so I'm letting that go until the evening and we'll see if pinball happens.
  9. Week 4 Reflection Mind *Writing. The dissertation is 21,730 words, same as last week. I have been overbooked this week and I almost can't remember why. *I wrote a proposal for a conference presentation and sent that in. *I haven’t touched statistics this week, and that’s all okay. *I did a dogsitting client last weekend and have another over the holidays. *Most of the writing I have done has been pre-court sort of email. It's exhausting. Body *I'm overdoing it again. Friday and Saturday were pre-headaxhe days, and Sunday was just awful. Im still recovering. This is not a drill, and I need to take it seriously. I will probably turn in my notice soon. I've contacted a disability attorney to handle my disability claim. It feels like defeat, even though I know it's acceptance. *I haven’t eaten out as much this week, and I even cooked once. This is good. The work and dogsitting schedule meant I didn't drink as much milk again this week, a big factor in my current episode. *I didn't have supplements for a second week and we're right back to pain, so I'll be mentioning that to my acupuncturist. *Saturday vegetable pickup happened *Milk was picked up Friday. I need to do better about drinking it through the day *Massage therapy found some massive congestion at the base of my skull, but that was at the end of the session after working on the lower back. Basically, it's a mess from top to bottom. I might need to increase frequency if acupuncture and massage to weekly, and that's a big step. *No salt float. *No gym time, but lots of steps at museums. Heart *Women's weekly meeting on Monday evening happened. *Philosophy social visit *Storage Unit Day with Jenna went a long way to making me feel centered. *Philosophy Writers group is really more a connection than a mind thing. Soul *Meditation happened mostly in a chair after work, whether I wanted to take the time out or not. *Sleep has been consistently restorative, until the situation started on Friday. I've been a wreck, but seem to be on the other side now. I feel like I had the wind knocked out of my sails sometime around Thursday. Next week is about sitting with the chaos and just letting go.
  10. Made it through the night and things seem better this morning. Still very wobbly, but no longer in the clutches of suffering. You know it's a good sign when I am well enough to complain. I am not planning on going anywhere or even moving very much today. Jenna is picking me up for meeting tonight if I'm up for it. Pinball tonight is still only a very thin maybe. Late last night a snarky email came in, as if on cue. I'm over this petty argumentativeness. There was nothing of substance about the issue in the email, sadly (but unsurprisingly). My suggestions are always wrong and he never has any alternatives to offer. Ok. I don't have the bandwidth to play The Guessing Game™️ anymore. Speaking of a lack of bandwidth, I'll be contacting an attorney today to handle my disability claim. I simply cannot, and no amount of wishing or acting as if will make it so. This is a hard truth.
  11. In other news, I ordered a swimsuit for Vivian. I would have liked to have had her input, but if she hates it we can choose one together while she's still able to get in the pool. Really kind of sad that her suit is missing and we didn't know until the last minute.
  12. You're not wrong. Also, an overloaded schedule comes to mind: dogsitting and the work schedule and lots of philosophy zoom, lots of therapy zoom. Too much. Just took a third Maxalt. It's a rough day.
  13. Made it back from the doghouse and took another Maxalt. Hoping to rest and get some relief.
  14. Woke up with a massive migraine in full swing before dawn. took a Maxalt and slept a bit with weird dreams, fed the dogs breakfast and then went back to bed. I’ve been sleeping on and off and the head is a wreck. It’s been a while since i felt like this.
  15. Reasons Not to Quit #1572: There will always be people who will be angry at you for liberating yourself. That is their problem, not yours. #reasonsnottoquit
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