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  1. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    Actually, the new guy interfered to help, not win himself. Dark Magik is the new champion with a little help from his friends. I edited the post to make that a little clearer
  2. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    Dark Raider's wrestling log Date: Saturday, Week 2 of June 1997 Show: RWA Noche De Leyendas Location: Plaza La Esperanza, Mazatlan, West Central Mexico Attendance: 2.872 Ratings: 0.11 (84.870 viewers) on Canal Tres Show Grade: D+ Comments: With the seeds planted, it was time to really let characters and storylines grow. I’m very happy with this show but it does feel like we’ve hit a glass ceiling. If we are to grow, we need better shows and bigger stars. Picking up where the last show left off, Fray Valiente came out to address the apparent changes in behavior of some luchadores. Axxis Jr. and Nicolas Lopez soon joined him in the ring to reveal what had come up after a little research of their own;apparently, Ataque De Noche had performed some dark ancient Aztec ritual to draw power for themselves and transform Gonzalo Rubio into Dark Magik. As a side effect though, the rift caused by the ritual allowed other powers and spirits to seep through and imbue various luchadores, such as their trios co-champion, Kid Tiger Heart, whose mask was empowered by the spirits of jaguar warriors from ancient Aztec tribes. At least this was my way of getting the point across to the audience while thrusting the duo into the storyline as they challenged Ataque De Noche to a match once again. Needless to say, all three men did great in getting the show off on the right foot, getting the audience all fired up and moving the whole storyline forward. Grade: D Araña Zafiro Jr & Kayin Puro vs Kid Tiger Heart and Washichi Inao I jumped on the issue while it was still fresh, making K.T.H. and Inao versus Araña and Puro our opening parejas match. The introduction made it easier for fans to grasp how and why Araña Zafiro Jr has been incorporating more submission moves to his arsenal or where Kid Tiger Heart’s fighting spirit comes from, though admittedly Inao’s kitsune thing is still a bit too alien for Mexican audiences yet. Kayin was the usual weird Kayin and thank heavens I put him in the match, because everything that could have gone wrong here did just that. I took the risk to make this an all-out, high spots flashy spotfest of a match and while fans were hot enough after the intro, the luchadors weren’t. The technicos had absolute zero chemistry as partners and to make matters worse, their mistiming and pressure of a high spots match made Kid Tiger Heart extremely sloppy in his moves. This in turn threw Kayin a bit off guard and it didn’t take long for things to spiral out of control: K.T.H. botched a plancha to the outside and gave Kayin a Bladder Contusion. With Kayin scheduled to pin K.T.H. for the final fall, plans fell apart and we had to speed things up, wrap the match right then and there and end this disaster. Grade: D Masked Rebel & El Pavo Real vs El Toro De Oro and Man-Darin Continuing our practice of bringing in beloved veterans for their star power and experience, this time the golden bull El Toro de Oro hit the ring to team with Man-Darin. Our entire story about spirits and powers is meant to justify going over the top and Toro couldn’t have come at a better time as the fans ate up all his bull mannerisms leading to the first pin when Pavo dodged the charge to send him head first into the ring pole before scoring the cocky pin on the stunned veteran. Toro’s plodding, ground based brawling style was nicely balanced by Man-Darin’s high flying and really allowed Masked Rebel to shine as the high flying extremist who puts his body on the line with little regard for his own well being, accentuated by the big finale where he hit the Twisting Moonsault on Toro for the second pin. Grade: D- Ataque De Noche vs Axxis Jr. & Nicolas Lopez Answering the challenge at last, Ataque De Noche had the fans on fire from the moment they stepped out of the curtain. The documented chemistry between the technicos made for a great match and while Axxis showed radical improvement, it was Lopez who really stole the show by putting up the best performance of the night, hands down, better than the veteran Toro de Oro even. The story of course was that Ataque De Noche couldn’t hope to win this fight, so they resorted to blatant cheating, bullying the referee to push the limit of what they could get away with. This not only helped tell the story of the match, but also keep Axxis and Lopez strong as it justified their loss and really got them invested in the whole storyline. Grade: D Hot off their victory, Ataque De Noche grabbed a mic and announced their next move would be to take the parejas gold off Balas De Dolor. Fans went nuts when the champions’ music played, not to mention when the duo came out to accept the challenge like the fighting champions they are. I was glad to see Mexican Ghoul really put in the effort to make his gimmick work, while Lopez did a similar thing with his reaction to the announcement as he played up his frustration for losing the opportunity of a title shot. Grade: E+ Dark Magik vs Dark Raider for the RWA Mexican title Remember a few months back when Gonzalo Rubio beat me in a non title match? His victory justified a proper title shot and with his new gimmick of Dark Magik, the matchup felt fresh again, not to mention how other things like his Fuerzas De Mal allegiance and the storyline in general helped build up this match. I knew the two of us have great chemistry in the ring but I also knew Dark Magik struggles in longer matches, so I kept the match short, took the slow build approach and climaxed towards the big finish. This allowed us to pace ourselves better and gave Dark Magic a chance to really showcase his new character. After just sixteen minutes, a mysterious new figure stormed the ring to assist Dark Magik in scoring the second pin on me, which in turn made Dark Magik the new champion! Grade: D+
  3. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    They're in the laundry so I can't take a photo, but I found them on the website of the company that sells them! If you browse around, they have a few more SF themed ones plus a truckload of classic hip hop pairs, Star Wars stuff and so on. All together now... KTH is a flashy kid with tons of charisma but not the greatest of dudesters backstage. Made fun of Pecs a while back, I'm surprised he got away without a beating. Kayin's our resident weirdo, which makes his character quite a loner. It's hard to put him together with other rudos and have it look convincing. He's super popular and the owner of the company, so it makes sense. As he nears retirement though, I could see him lose his mask and turn rudo. Option A: Right, thanks for the heads up, Tank! Option B: Ah, so del is like de la compressed into a single word? Option C: The Dark Raider character is Japanese, so he still struggles with Spanish Option D: Blame Google translate I do not recall agreeing to a weight loss PvP, but you're gonna lose again regardless. Unless you somehow get injured or back out again Like I said, give it some time to kick into full lucha insanity. I'm just turning the characters to 11. Raider's Radical Report for the Rebellion, Monday 23 April Record and Report Early morning weigh-in: 84kg Calories: 1876 (goal set by app) - 2251 (food) +0 (exercise, estimate) = 375 above threshold. I was 300-400 calories under the respective meal goals after lunch. It was my professor's nameday and he brought treats to work, so I had one to be polite and because I had cals to spare. Got off work with a crushing headache I attribute to undernutrition, so I had dinner and a beer out with the SRLF and a friend, putting me over the daily goal but not much above my BMR. Carbs: 247/160gr Protein: 94/183gr Fat: 40/50 Water: 1L (4/8 glasses) Ranger Restlessness I am tempted to leave the Street Workout booking for after our UK trip, just so I'm not worried about running out of cash during said trip. I'm also exploring the option of working out on my own but there's not much besides running I could do in that scenarion. Rasslin' Yesterday was busy so I haven't booked the show yet. Off to do that and return with some story posting.
  4. EricMN's Jedi Training - Choose Your Path

    You know, in my brief stint with Muay Thai, I remember the teacher telling us during a long planking session to relax our face muscles and let go of the suck. It's amazing how this simple thing shifts your brain's mentality a little out of "this hurts and I'm dying" mode and increases your endurance. That said, I'm glad to see the smile back on your OCR/trail photos, should help your state of mind going forward.
  5. Heidi: Receive

    Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after @Rurik Harrgath became a Guild Leader
  6. Makes sense. "Me and Bobby McGhee" is one of my go-to songs for going on a holiday, especially if it's a sunny one that involves camping and beaches I assume tiny home = dog house? Congratulations! If you double-click on the picture, an editing window should pop up with the option to resize the image.
  7. » shaar channels the lizard king [hiss&fist]

    Pretty obvious you're getting back into World of Warcraft if you're watching what gave birth to the male Dranei /dance ALSO A L S O LOOK WHAT I FOUND
  8. Heidi: Receive

    Both Guilds are about hanging out in the woods Also, congratulations! Great news overall, about time the universe shone some light into your life
  9. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    Dark Raider's wrestling log Date: Saturday, Week 2 of May 1997 Show: RWA Dominacion Location: National Arena Tijuana, Northern Mexico Attendance: 2.000 (sold out) Ratings: 0.08 (64.070 viewers) on Canal Tres Show Grade: D+ Comments: This one was all about storylines and characters. Some things were off to a start and seeds were planted for more. I also decided to spend some extra cash on glam: we got a local band to perform before the start of the show, some local celebrities to sit in the front line and a custom entrance stage set built to make everything feel more grandiose, as the event’s name would require. It’s time to pull the trigger on our first storyline and we did so with a bang. Fray Valiente opened the show with a speech addressing the announcements of Del Muerte and Mexican Ghoul the month prior, saying he was feeling “evil in the air” since only to be interrupted once again as the lights and his microphone went out. In the pre-taped vignette that was shown above the entrance ramp, Gonzalo Rubio was kneeling in front of Ataque De Noche, who praised him for his “big victory over Dark Raider” and invited him to “take the next step towards real power”. When the lights came back on, Rubio was standing in the ring with Fray Valiente, but wearing a creepy skeletal mask. Seeing him was only the first shock, because this allowed Ataque De Noche to creep up on him and initiate a three on one beatdown that really got the crowd going. Like a true superhero, Inao rushed to the ring to assist Valiente. He had little luck with that, before the fearless Kid Tiger Heart defied the odds to join him. The three rudos continued the beatdown with different targets now, generating more heat for themselves and fan sympathy for the tecnicos. As things peaked, I finally stormed the ring to even the odds as fans went wild. Our opening match was underway. Grade: E+ Fuerzas Del Mal (Dark Magik, Del Muerte & Mexican Ghoul) vs Dark Raider, Kid Tiger Heart & Waschichi Inao Obviously, the new villain faction needed a win to establish themselves and they got it in dominant fashion by two straight falls; first one when Ataque De Noche hit a double pinning move on Kid Tiger Heart (who kept on fighting, as his name would require) and the second when Gonzalo Rubio, now under his new ‘Dark Magik’ mask and name, put Inao in a Boston Crab and forced him to tap out. Storylines aside, this match planted the seeds of RWA’s shift towards more cartoonish, larger than life characters; Dark Magik being a prime example that will hopefully help Rubio finally catch on, but Mexican Ghoul is also getting more comfortable in his new skin. Inao was being crafty like a fox and K.T.H., as he’s called for short backstage, emphasized the drama of his underdog comebacks, showing great improvement as a wrestler and entertainer. Now, on the technical side of things, I took a risk and pulled off the night’s High Spots match early on, hoping the opening angle would have gotten the fans hot enough for high flying spectacular action. Sadly, the pressure took its toll on both members of Ataque De Noche, K.T.H. and myself. This left Dark Magic organically rise as his group’s leader instead of a puppet for those who ‘made’ him but on my team’s side, it made me look bad for a veteran and team captain, even if I was man of the match in terms of in-ring performance. Grade: D- I started bringing in established veterans last month for our roster to beat but this time all the options were extremely aged to wrestle a decent match, so I hired El Mariachi to just come out and sing a song instead. Fans loved seeing him, so in turn they hated Flex & Pecs for interrupting him. The confrontation built up to Mariachi’s trademark spot of smashing his gitarra on someone’s head, something the fans will never tire of, it seems. I wasn’t doing all this for the reaction though and Mariachi wasn’t going to ‘win’ the segment and ride off into the sunset. Oh no, Pecs completely no-sold the whack, then kicked into full roid rage mode as he and Flex demolished Mariachi. Again, in making the characters more over-the-top, this is the way I’ve decided to go with this tag team and judging from the result, it was a good choice. Grade: C La Araña y el Pavo Real vs Balas de Dolor Storytelling time, as Araña Zafiro Jr and Pylea fought the campeones de parejas in a non-title match. Again, character development was key here, with Pylea being over-the-top fabulous and self absorbed while Araña was being sneaky and even tried some weird submission stretches. It was this dastardly attitude that finally turned the match in their favor. The champions got pinfall number one, used to working together while their opponents were still finding their footsteps. Pylea laid down for it, which was a stain on his ego and drove him into a hysterical avian rage and a surprise roll up pin out of nowhere on the champions who’d gotten cocky. The shock didn’t bring them back to the ground and thanks to Araña’s sneaky tactics, the rudos picked up a big and much needed victory on the champions with a handful of tights. Grade: E For anyone who had been paying attention earlier, the opening beatdown and match involved a member of the reigning trios champions. Though they’re not quite a cohesive unit yet, the remaining two thirds weren’t going to let this slide. Axxis Jr is probably the only decent talker on the roster, so I gave him a few minutes to cut a promo and call out Ataque De Noche for a tag match against himself and Nicolas Lopez, who was smart enough to pick up a few things and improve his mic skills. If they (and Kid Tiger Heart) can keep it up at this pace, they could find themselves in a feud against Fuerzas Del Mal soon, possibly with the trios titles on the line. Grade: D Axxis Jr & Nicolas Lopez vs Kayin Puro & Masked Rebel Ataque De Noche weren’t going to take the bait of course, especially after having already wrestled a match for the night. Instead, Kayin Puro and Masked Rebel came out to answer the call. Their crazy attitude and high flying moves made them feel like they have common ground as a team, but it was nothing like the excellent, stellar chemistry that Axxis Jr and Nicolas Lopez seem to have with each other. This revelation was a true blessing given my plans to have them feud with Fuerzas Del Mal and should give them enough time to hone their skills before they hit the main event scene as singles wrestlers. This chemistry led to a surprise first pinfall for the tecnicos, one that came after a fluid sequence of alternating moves, so good even they couldn’t believe it. Kayin then showed his experience and slowed the match down to win a pinfall for his team; more character work here, showing that Kayin is so off the charts weird he can’t quite work well together with anyone. This was what came back to haunt him though, as he got exhausted and an impatient Masked Rebel tagged himself in only to get pinned and throw the match in favor of the tecnicos, ending the show on a high note with the most popular duo standing tall. Grade: D+
  10. RaideR releases the Ranger Restlessness!

    Raider's Radical Report for the Rebellion Record and Report Friday Early morning weigh-in: 85,6kg Calories: 1876 (goal set by app) - 2422 (food) +0 (exercise, estimate) = 546 above threshold. Quality dinner was totally worth it, a beer with friends who asked me to Dungeon Master a 5e D&d game in Tal Dorei (Matt Mercer's word for Critical Role) wasn't Carbs: 198/160gr Protein: 153/183gr Fat: 99/50 Water: 1,75L (7/8 glasses) Saturday Early morning weigh-in: 85,4kg Calories: 1876 (goal set by app) - 1837 (food) +0 (exercise, estimate) = 39 below threshold. Carbs: 203/160gr Protein: 102/183gr Fat: 51/50 Water: 1,5L (6/8 glasses) Sunday Early morning weigh-in: 86kg Calories: 1876 (goal set by app) - 1708 (food) +0 (exercise, estimate) = 168 below threshold. Carbs: 164/160gr Protein: 92/183gr Fat: 50/50 Water: 1,5L (6/8 glasses) Ranger Restlessness Friday to Sunday was Athens Throwdown, with our box having two teams and one singles competitor. We attended on both days of the weekend and I picked up some awesome Street Fighter themed workout socks. While the whole experience sot of rekindled my flame, the practical aspect of going to the same box is still unresolved. Rasslin' Took a break from the forums on the weekend, but I'm off to post the next show
  11. EricMN's Jedi Training - Choose Your Path

    Whoops! Wrong franchise!
  12. Lauragee Tries Again

    Third time's the charm, or so they say. Good luck on this challenge, I'd suggest reaching out to some people and make connections, it should keep you coming back to the forums and accountable on your challenge.
  13. First of all, welcome to Nerd Fitness and good luck on your challenge. Second, your baby is beautiful and so are you. So is that doggo, even if showing just the butt on the photo Third, since you're into Tolkien and Hiking, you might wanna check this out.
  14. Jacey's Serious This Time

    Hi there Jacey! So great you finally gave it a shot and created your challenge! There's a whole subforum of recipes you might wanna look into, plus some pinned threads on the challenge forums of various guilds. Likewise, check out the Accountability groups subforum and of course, look up other people's challenges, drop a line to say hello and connect. Before you know it, they'll be checking out your own challenge back and boom, internet friends!
  15. The time for cornerstones, is now

    Welcome to the Rebellion! That seems like a rather diverse list of goals, enough so to make my Ranger sense tingle. I know @WhiteGhost is into cartwheels and the flippier stuff, though obviously the Assassins are better suited for that stuff. Likewise, most of the Rebellion does a bit of yoga to stretch and recover, but the Druids might be able to chip in best on the issue. Also feel the need to draw @Mr_Willes' attention here, as he's been working a lot on his handstands lately. Feel free to ask questions and connect with people. We're all in this together!