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  1. Fair point. The state. I figured working for a California-based promotion was indication enough, but hey, I'm running a European promotion so I get it. One of the great things about the new game is the option to "Talk to Worker" and suggest various things to them, one of those being "I'd like you to become available to work in X Region". That way even little promotions can have access to workers they would otherwise only be able to get through talent trade deals. Trade deals means the worker you want to bring in has to be employed by a specific promotion you have a talent trade deal with, so that was very limited. Thanks to the new feature I could bring in folks like Remmy Skye and Dazzler, so that adds a ton of variety to the experience now.
  2. NEW WRESTLERS SPOTLIGHT Abominable Snowman Bulky Big Heavyweight Brawler 34 years old (11 years of experience) The Abominable Snowman is a huge violent brawler. Almost nothing is known about his background, other than that he is rumored to be from Romania originally. With his wild neanderthal-like look and crazed antics, he is one of the few genuinely jaw-droppingly scary men in wrestling and is a throwback to the savages who used to be fairly common during the 70s and 80s. Although he's not the sort of wrestler one would put a belt on, he's become a draw for VWA in Switzerland and is regularly used near the top of the card. Acheron Muscular Big Heavyweight Powerhouse Wrestler 34 years old (11 years of experience) Acheron is an enormous Romanian grappler. A 6'8 monster, Acheron is very limited in the ring but has enough raw power and menace to get over with the fans. Some worry about his sloppy ring work though, as there have already been several instances of him accidentally hurting opponents. He was released by VWA in 2010 after nearly crippling Sebastian Koller with a botched powerbomb and has not done anything noticeable since until he signed with RotO, who seem willing to use his list of injuries caused as another intimidation factor. Dazzler Middleweight Comedy Wrestler 34 years old (11 years of experience) Robbie "Dazzler" Urich is a Kiwi who works mainly in Australia. An unspectacular worker, his highly camp character (his real personality turned up to ten) is a dated but reliable way to get heat. He was virtually unknown until Australia's biggest promotion signed him in mid-2009, after which he was still unknown but now had a regular pay packet. That lasted until the end of 2010 when he was released, leaving him right back where he started - unknown and without a regular pay packet until he joined RotO. Notorious F.R.E.A.K. Middleweight Entertainer 29 years old (8 years of experience) Notorious F.R.E.A.K. is a unique wrestler to say the least. From the first moment you see him he makes an impact, although it's hard to say whether that is due to his multiple facial piercings, lipstick, mohawk, red PVC body suit, or knee high platform boots. The French worker is more of a bizarre drag act than pro wrestler, but his personal brand of individuality - and the outraged reactions it generates - gets him regularly booked by promoters looking for something (very) different. It's a shame he's so poor in the ring, or he could have been something really special rather than just a talking point for independent shows. Maybe that can change now that he has joined RotO and teamed up with Dazzler. Remmy Skye Toned Lightweight High Flyer 35 years old (17 years of experience) "Psyche Out" Remmy Skye is a high flyer who is originally from Georgia. He is most closely associated with the California promotion Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling, where he spent a decade and became something of a cult hero thanks to his daredevil style and oddly hypnotic charisma. A regular champion and main eventer for them, Skye was a critical part of the company's future plans but got himself fired in 2014 after no-showing two events in six months amidst rumors of a drug problem. Skye has been a regular on the west coast independent scene since then and put on many great matches, but so far his personal issues seem to have put off any other companies from bringing him in before RotO decided to take a chance on him.
  3. Well, outdoor Muay Thai was just called off, courtesy of a flash rainfall in *****ng June. Guess I gotta think of something else.
  4. Thank you all. I'm trying to slowly position Yamagata as my new top babyface, but between the old timers and the New Breed, he can sometimes get a little lost in the shuffle. As for Remmy Skye, he really is the Jeff Hardy of that world, from the high flying style and charisma to the drug-related issues. I'm planning on doing a character piece on him, hopefully some of the new faces too like Dazzler, F.R.E.A.K. and the Snowman, introduce you people to those guys outside the shows. Challenge Day 24: Tuesday 2 June Workouts (never miss two in a row) Guess this was my missed day, I spent it home with a lot of domestinc Rangering while the SRLF spent most of her time at work to determine her status. Apparently she'll be working throughout the summer, meaning a solo holiday for me, but at least the uncertainty is gone and I'm hoping the return will help get her out of the lockdown isolation mindset. Nutrition I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Food was tracked, made it to a 91,9kg weight this morning. Networking I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. All caught up.
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    Heidi: Endings

    Probably, but corruption, riots and police brutality will still be around. They've never really been much out of the picture since the financial crash of the late 00s.
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    Heidi: Endings

    You're always welcome, though it's no better over here.
  7. Fatal Fury Sunday, Week 1 April 2020 Athens, Southern Mediterranean, Europe Attendance: 80 with Freak Out! (Dazzler and Notorious F.R.E.A.K.) vs The New Breed (Montero & Bruno, with Ryusgi Ruysaki) Riding a high coming off their win at March Madness, The New Breed opened the show with a match against a debuting team, Freak Out! Coming all the way from his native New Zealand and playing a weird gimmick that’s a cross between an obnoxious male stripper and a campy guru of love, Dazzler was paired with Notorious F.R.E.A.K., a fabulous Frenchman known for his mohawk, piercings, lipstick, PVC full body suits, knee high platform boots and overall weirdness (but not his actual wrestling skills). It was an interesting match, to say the least, given how that team’s raw sexual energy meshed with the sleazy, flirtatious Bruno or Montero’s over-the-top machismo. Bordering on an outright comedy match, this was as entertaining as it had to be to get the show going and Freak Out! introduced themselves to the local audience, while the New Breed picked up an easy win after Montero caught Notorious F.R.E.A.K. in an ankle lock for the submission. Winners: The New Breed 35 After the match is over, Ruysaki grabs a microphone and climbs on the ring to join his teammates in celebration. Ruysaki: Young or old, local or flown in from the other side of the globe, we don’t care who you put in front of us, all we do is knock them down! We said we would take over and we’re doing just that. The battle lines are drawn. You’re either with us, or against us. Tomohiko Yamagata! You’re young. You graduated from the NGW dojo. You never made it into the main roster in time. This is your chance. Join us. Yamagata comes out the curtain, no music or fanciness. He has a mic of his own in hand. Yamagata: I have nothing in common with you bullies. Don’t take this personal, we’re all professionals here, we don’t have to like each other to do what we do. But as a career choice, I’d rather bust my ass to win a title and know I deserve to hold it, rather than have my friends hoist me up and be a hollow champion. Ruysaki: Well that’s a poor career choice then… Tell you what though, I’m not going to come down there and beat you right where you stand because hey, I’ve already done that in a match! I respect your guts though. I respect the grit you showed when we wrestled each other. I’m going to give you a chance to go down fighting. These boys here just had a match, but I have one more ally I can join forces with. You try and find anyone suicidal enough to team up with you by the end of the night and we can have ourselves a match! 45 Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Blair Kerrigan vs Machiko Matsuda The night’s series of women’s matches kicked off with a contest between two athletic, high flying competitors in Kerrigan and Matsuda. The Japanese star had a sense of urgency to her wrestling in light of her shocking defeat at the hands of Spider Isako and her life was made easier by the sloppiness on display from Kerrigan. Clearly, her big win over Aud Valkyrie had made the one half of the Dublin Gals a tad overconfident and led to several botched spots, allowing Matsuda an easy victory with a Run-Up Rana into a rolling pin. Winner: Machiko Matsuda 35 Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Aud Valkyrie vs Serena Ventura Both ladies were fighting for bragging rights here, as they’ve clearly fallen behind in the points race by this point. That didn’t make the match any less exciting though and Valkyrie did a great job of presenting herself as the fading veteran down on her luck who’s struggling for that one last huzzah. Sadly for her, it was Ventura who managed to score the win at her expense, the young German looking thrilled at her win over the veteran, who she offered a handshake to after the match. Winner: Serena Ventura 22 INTERMISSION Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Gypsy Rose vs MAYA Coming back from the break, two fan favourites clashed in the final women’s match of the night as the high flying Gypsy Rose took on the bubbly MAYA. The Japanese wrestler entered the contest with a single-minded focus on her opponent’s legs in an attempt to ground her, first with stiff kicks and as the match went on with more mat based holds. Rose did her best to stay on the move and utilize her high impact offense, but MAYA withstood the onslaught until her strategy began to pay dividends. Exhaustion and piling damage caught up with the Canadian competitor and once she had lost her momentum, it was only a matter of time before MAYA slapped on the Triangle Choke for the tap out. Winner: MAYA 34 Ryushi Ruysaki and Petrov Yakovlev made their entrance first, followed by the appearance of Tomohiro Yamagata. Once he had joined them in the ring, Yamagata motioned for a microphone. Yamagata: I bet you thought I’d forfeit this match because no one would team up with me. Well, you’re right. Partially, at least. Because no one from the usual suspects would. I had to make a long distance call… The odd electronic beats and melody of Meat Beat Manifesto hit the PSA system and lights go out as flashing lights turn the venue into a scene out of a rave party. After several minutes to build up anticipation, out of the curtain walks… “Psyche Out” Remmy Skye! 25 The New Breed (Ruysaki & Yakovlev) vs Tomohiro Yamagata & Remmy Skye They New Breed seem shocked as the match gets underway and Remmy Skye uses that to pull off a series of impressive, flashy moves that -combined with his hypnotic charisma- instantly have fans cheering for him. Yamagata takes the cue and matches the opening salvo with a few moves of his own, but being a more familiar foe to Ruysaki, he gets shut down when goes for a senton and lands back first on the raised knees of Ruysaki who had been expecting the move. The heels proceed to cut the ring in half and isolate Yamagata on their corner, while Skye riles up the fans in expectation of the comeback and hot tag. Yamagata gets a few hope spots but somehow always gets cut off, until Yakovlev tries to powerbomb him, at which point he’s able to roll through and launch the Belarussian fighter across the ring. With both men down it’s a race for the tag and Yamagata gets there first to tag his partner. Wasting no time, Skye hops over the ropes, steps on his teammate’s back and propels himself across the ring to kick Yakovlev into Ruysaki and prevent the tag. With both his opponents down, Skye hits a few more moves to ensure Yakovlev will stay down and finally ascends to the top turnbuckle to hit his spectacular Skye High (Swanton Bomb) finisher to pick up the pin and seal his RotO debut with a big win. Winners: Tomohiko Yamagata & Remmy Skye 47 Show Rating: 45
  8. Guess that's his selling point. The novelty factor here is probably him being in a tag team, instead of a solo monster crushing people, but I'm glad Snowy's getting such a reaction. Might be worth a quick narrative at some point. I like to believe I have a decent track record from the Etsuko-Geena-Rodriguez days when it comes to stuff like that. Part of RotO intentionally not presenting a black and white face/heel dynamic. Vidmar is basically an unlikable character put in a position that would make him somewhat sympathetic. Perhaps he eventually turns face, who knows. Good. I'm trying to establish my future major players here. Challenge Day 23: Monday 1 June Workouts (never miss two in a row) Did a little farmer's carry walking the cat to and from the vet. To no one's surprise, he was uptight the entire time, which made his weight of 6.9kg feel like 15 at least. Also walked to the supermarket and rucked back with a backpack full of supplies. Nutrition I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Good reminder, gonna punch in the rest of my eating after posting this. Networking I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. All caught up.
  9. March Madness Sunday, Week 3 March 2020 Athens, Southern Mediterranean, Europe Attendance: 70 The show begins with Nelson Frye, Robert Howard and Petter Eriksson making an entrance together. Neither man seems to be in a particularly good mood as Frye gets on the mic. Frye: So… New Breed, huh? Catchy brand, I’ll give you that. Gotta get the marketing stuff right if you wanna make a name for yourselves, I suppose. See, we get where you’re coming from. New guys trying to break out at the expense of the already established ones. That’s ambition. I applaud that. But it means nothing without respect. There is a reason that guys like us or Dovydas Vidmar are at the top of the food chain. Wrestling is not for the weak and we’ve already been doing it for twenty years, each. Just to get through so long with no injuries, without ever missing a beat and still be on top of your game, that’s saying something. That deserves respect. And if your skulls are too thick to get that, well we’ll just have to beat it into them tonight! 56 Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Machiko Matsuda vs Spider Isako Not seen in RotO for quite some time, Spider Isako made her return to wrestle a tournament match against a faster and more experienced opponent in Machiko Matsuda. Clearly her hard hitting style was not complementary to Matsuda’s lucha-heavy arsenal of moves, yet despite this odd chemistry and the fact they both clearly had an off night, fans were still very much into the match and reacted to every big spot all the way to the final Jumping Knee Strike that took out Matsuda. Winner: Spider Isako 24 Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Aud Valkyrie vs Blair Kerrigan Another “rookie vs veteran” matchup in the ongoing Round Robin tournament for the RotO Women’s title, this one featured a different matchup of styles to experience. Aud Valkyrie paced herself and tried to slow the match down with sharp kicks to her opponent’s legs, in hopes of taking away her speed, mobility and a large part of her moveset. Kerrigan would hit some big moves to pop the crowd before making a rookie mistake that allowed Valkyrie to take control of the match and this trend continued for most of the match until the Dublin native seemed to figure out the pattern and managed to top a sequence of offensive moves with her Top Rope Legdrop finisher for the pinfall victory. Winner: Blair Kerrigan 28 Cesar Sionis & Tomohiko Yamagata vs Transylvanian Anger (Snowman & Acheron) Sionis and Yamagata have been having a hard time since the debut of RotO and needed a victory bad, so teaming up here was a challenge to begin with. It didn’t help that their opponents were two big, tough men from Romania who really looked like they were out to hurt somebody. Acheron came with a mean streak and a reputation of legitimately injuring his opponents, which made for some hard hitting exchanges with Sionis and a hard fight for the smaller, high flying Yamagata. The NGW Dojo graduate took a beating at the hands of his opponents but was somehow able to escape using his speed and make the hot tag to Sionis. The Greek Punisher now had the unenviable task of facing up with Abominable Snowman, a savage neanderthal of a wild man that seemed to come straight out of the 70s. Hits barely seemed to register with the big man and slamming him was out of the question. All he did was take a few blows, then pick up Sionis and ram him back first into the corner. Yamagata tagged himself in and shot inside using the ropes for a kick that sent the Snowman reeling, just the opening he needed to start moving around and get some offense going. Apparently his plan was to come from all angles, confuse and exhaust his opponent but all it took was an instinctive reaction from the Romanian, who got his foot up and nearly kicked Yamagata’s head off his shoulders before pinning him for three. Winners: Transylvanian Anger 40 INTERMISSION Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Cassie O’Peter vs MAYA Things started off hot after the break, with a fast paced match that got the audience back into the groove as both competitors set their brakes on fire and put the pedal to the metal. MAYA was gunning for a win after a bumpy ride so far in the tournament, while Cassie O’Peter had proved herself a dark horse in the race and wanted to continue her rise. There was a lot of quality grappling going back and forth in a pretty even, competitive bout but the pressure seemed to catch up with O’Peter who seemed to slip during a couple of crucial spots, allowing MAYA to put her in a Triangle Choke for the submission. Winner: MAYA 43 Women’s championship Round Robin tournament Florida Simard vs Paula Edwards No doubt one of the most highly anticipated matchups in the tournament, this one did not disappoint. Two of NGW’s next generation of women that never really got the chance to shine before that promotion closed, Simard and Edwards were also regarded as the two most likely candidates to win the entire tournament and that fact really brought the big fight atmosphere to this match. Simard used hit-and-run tactics to wear her opponent down and get some damage done without receiving any, but that’s easier said than done given the reach and killer instinct of Edwards. The massive American was able to get plenty of offense in, though Simard was the first to push her into a somewhat even match, unlike the one-sided affairs that Edwards’ matches usually are. Hope really built up for the French competitor, who did her best to stay in the fight and she was rewarded with a win out of nowhere when Erdwards got a bit too confident and let her guard down, allowing Simard to roll her up for a shocking pinfall victory! Winner: Florida Simard 46 Nelson Frye, Robert Howard & Petter Eriksson vs The New Breed (Montero, Bruno & Ryusaki) This was the next chapter in the ongoing story between the New Breed and the NGW veterans, following Ryusaki’s interference during the last show’s main event and his allegiance with the hungry youngsters. As such, the storytelling element was played up, especially since the six man setup allowed every wrestler to get in, do their part and recuperate at ringside, initially at least. Montero and Ryusaki did most of the heavy lifting for their team, with Bruno playing spoiler from the outside in a showcase of character and some of his sneaky comedy spots, like when he tied Robert Howard’s boot laces to the ringbost while Montero and Ryusaki were beating him down on the corner. Speaking of Howard, he took most of the beating for his team and sold it all for cheers from the audience, though part of it may have been improv in order to cover up him being off and having a sloppy night. With odds turning against the babyfaces, it felt like a 3 on 2 situation and to make matters worse… ...Thorsten Sigurdsson made an appearance, which led to a short but violent fistfight between him and Eriksson. At the time, Frye was the legal man so the attack was not eligible to force a disqualification, but it was enough to take a lot out of Peterson, who spent most of the remainder of the match reeling at ringside. Frye really fought an uphill battle after that and he tried to tap into his teamwork with Howard to pull through, but the Louisiana Pitbull had taken a lot of damage by that point and got caught in a sleeper hold from Ryusaki that choked him out. Winners: The New Breed 53 Dovydas Vidmar makes his entrance, carrying the RotO Championship on one shoulder. Not bothering much with crowd interaction, he gets in the ring and demands a microphone. As if intimidated by his very presence, the music fades down so he can talk. Vidmar: Petrov Yakovlev! You have messed with me and my matches for the last time! I’m going to end this tonight when I end you! Know this, and you people here know this too: Petrov Yakovlev never earned a one on one match against me for this title. I requested this match just so I could kick his ass and I had to put my title on the line to get it. So be it. Let’s get this over with! 74 RotO Championship match Dovydas Vidmar © vs Petrov Yakovlev True to his word, Vidmar was relentless in this match as he threw his hardest blows at his 25 year old challenger. Yakovlev never backed down, making this a matter of pride and a clash of fighting spirits. Though this wasn’t one of those brawls that spill out of the ring and across the entire venue, it was every bit as hard hitting, which would explain why the match barely hit the ten minute mark before Yakovlev finally succumbed to a Bratva Bomb that sealed Vidmar’s second successful defence of his title. Winner: Dovydas Vidmar 58 Show Rating: 58
  10. Challenge Day 22: Sunday 31 May Workouts (never miss two in a row) I did go for another walk with the SRLF. Doesn't help that the weather decided to get super rainy again, even though we're technically entering summer WTF. Nutrition I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Still tracking everything, even if it means I'm logging it a little later than the time it's consumed or that I have to eyeball some quantities. Gotta cut down on the eyeballing part though, it makes slipping into bigger portions a real danger. Back to a square 92kg this morning and pushing for another drop. Networking I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. All caught up.
  11. Yup, failing spectacularly over this part of the boards. Welcome. Oh but I am counting the small things. It's just that even those aren't happening. Challenge Day 19-21: Thursday 28 - Saturday 30 May Workouts (never miss two in a row) Only thing involving some physical activity was me going for a walk with my best friend on Saturday. That was a 30 minute walk to meet him (+30 more to return home) that I got because I intentionally didn't take my motorcycle or public transport, but it also involved a few beers and takeout, so I may have ended up taking in more calories than I consumed. Still, it was nice to go out and see him. Nutrition I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Still tracking everything. Had a night out with friends on Friday, plus the aforementioned "walk" with my buddy on Saturday, so weight is having a flash rise but should be back in check and dropping soon. Networking I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. Up to speed. I really should write out the next wrestling show, been a while since I posted one.
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    RES: FEL Down

    A realization that seemed to dawn upon many of us during lockdown.
  13. Starting Monday, May 4th, the government round these parts will be gradually lifting the lockdown and quarantine measures, with a view to a full lift by late June or early July. While they haven't done much to contain the virus besides impose lockdown (as opposed to, say, strengthen public healthcare) social isolation has kept the numbers surprisingly low. Now, with the measures gradually rolling back and still no real plan apparent, the strategy truly seems like the image posted above and I can't help but worry that frustrated people will storm out and potentially re-circulate the virus. Either way, I'd love to do a "May the 4th be with you" challenge, but I'll leave Star Wars to the master @EricMN and go Hunger Games instead for this challenge, which basically covers most of the "return to normality" period. Workouts In case you didn't notice, I'm joining the Scouts for this challenge. I started going for night runs after Easter and it seems like it'll be the only viable option until any workout-specific locations begin to operate again, probably around September. For this, I'll be employing the "never twice in a row" rule: I can miss a day of running, but never two days in a row. Nutrition Speaking of running, you may recall Rule #4 of the Rebellion: You can't outrun your fork. It's not about (over)training to burn fat and excess calories, it's about getting your eating habits in check before you even consider working out. Obviously, lockdown was mostly about cooking, eating and not being very physically active. I've slipped back into eating large servings of food, more sugary items than I actually like and a bit of mindless snacking, all of which saw me put on weight. Now I've saved up some mental fuel, but quarantine isn't holidays;it takes a toll and I'll need most of that fuel for my return to the world, so making big changes here would be foolish and short lived. Instead, I'm going for sustainable baby steps as I'll be tracking my weight and eating every day on my phone app. Networking I'd like to up my NF game, both in terms of consistent posting here as well as keeping up with other people's threads (and, you know, actually read stuff instead of speed-reading it). Between this challenge and the return of my pro wrestling narrative thanks to the recent release of Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, I should have enough motivation to stick around so I'll be using a quid pro quo approach: no posting on my own thread until I'm done catching up with other threads. I also need to get a new job and sort out my financial situation, but that's not something I could make into a challenge goal, especially with The Uncertainty still raging.