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  1. Heidi Reflects: Blue Wolf

    Oh wow, that's...a lot to take in. You've been doing some serious druiding though.
  2. Sloth's hype is at 11!!!!

    Did you just assume I haven't seen it? Also, how come Barbarians is not on that list? #ManObros
  3. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    GPRO Into The Fire I Second Sunday of June 2016 Yorkton Pavillion, Saskatchewan, Canada Main Event #1 Contender for the GPRO World title match Canadian Wildman vs Larry Lightning vs The Goaltender Mask vs Shades match Midnight Mystery vs Model Montana GPRO Dream Pair titles match Slo-Mo Dojo vs The Warriors
  4. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    GPRO Into the Fire I Held on the second Sunday of June 2016 at the Yorkton Pavillion in Saskatchewan, Canada Attendance: 170 people Event announcers: Lynn Brown & Grizzly Walker Referee: Ron Watts Once again, the show opens with Mattias Taylor coming out clad in another of his fabulous robes with the GPRO World title around his waist. The champion strikes a pose at the top of the ramp, before confidently strutting into the ring. M.T.: "Tonight's main event is brought to you by the graces of your GPRO World champion, you are all very welcome. Last month, I decided to award a title shot to the man who scored the pin in that night's main event, Larry Lightning. The truth is, he doesn't deserve it, but I needed a contender to my title. I have beaten Savage Warrior, I have beaten Canadian Wildman, I have beaten everyone there is to beat in GPRO..." Taylor's speech is interrupted by the music of Canadian Wildman as the face-painted muscleman comes out at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand. C.W.: "It may say so in the books you've beaten me, but everyone here knows the truth because they saw it with their own eyes. You cheated your way into winning that title and you've cheated ever since to hold on to it. I'm not expecting you to be any different tonight, just know that sooner or later we'll be fighting over that title again and cheating won't save you this time." Danny Roxville vs The Goaltender Match number three in the Goaltender's ongoing feud with Rock and Wrestle, this one is the tie breaker after one win and one loss. Unfortunately for his team, Danny Roxville is way out of his waters and the match is an extremely one-sided beatdown from the masked maniac, who connects with the Puckshot by 5:55 and picks up the win. Grade: E- Not happy with the final outcome, the Goaltender continues his beatdown, which brings out D.E. Mon to the rescue. The big man tackles the Goaltender and keeps him down to allow Roxville just enough time to escape, before joining him on the outside of the ring to carry him backstage. Savage Warrior vs Buzzard It's the power of Savage Warrior against the flashy high flying antics of Buzzard up next and the match does not disappoint. The avian luchador pulls off several impressive moves and does a good job trying to exhaust the facepainted legend, but all it takes is one lucky move as Warrior catches him mid-air and reverses the attack into a Warrior Slam for the three count. A strong showing for the youngster, though it just wasn't meant to be this time. Grade: E- Once the match is over, the Wasteland Warrior's music hits and he comes out in full post-apocalyptic gear, including a microphone that's been propped to have spikes coming out of its working end. W.W.: "Last month, the Warlord of the Warzone teamed up with the Savage One and their combined power blew the roof of this bunker. We may have lost that match, we've also had our own stumbles in our singles matches, but it's all because of a greater purpose the Warriors were meant to fulfill. We are the dream pair of this clan and what better way to prove it than claiming the GPRO Dream Pair titles as our spoils of war? Savage Warrior, I come to you with an offer. Will you join forces with me?" As usual, Savage Warrior simply nods with a, well, savage grin of satisfaction on his face. Styxx vs The Grey Two drummer's stools are set up in the middle of the ring and the two competitors make their entrances for this Alien Air Drum Hero match. The projector displays two 3D models of Styxx and the Grey, with a Guitar Hero style bar in the middle. Joe Satriani's "Surfing with the alien" starts to play on the speaker and notes appear across the rolling bar of the screen, with Styxx and the Grey trying to drum in tune on their imaginary air drums. Unsurprisingly, Styxx nails the song with gusto, whereas the Grey seems to be having some issues due to wardrobe malfunctions relating to his wrist guards and headpieceband/sweat guard. Once the song is over, the reaction of the audience makes it absolutely clear, Styxx wins this by unanimous vote. Grade: E- Larry Lightning makes his entrance, complete with flexing and shirt-ripping attempts before he's handed a mic in the ring. L.L.: "Well you know something brother, my brother Canadian Wildman is right, brother. Mattias Taylor is an amazing wrestler, brother, but he's doing a disservice to himself picking up victories the way he does, brother. He may think he's got me all figured out, brother, but he's wrong, brother. Because you never know where lightning will strike, brother!" GPRO World title match Mattias Taylor vs Larry Lightning Taylor is quick to take advantage of Lightning's showboating and jump him to gain control of the match from the start. This leads to a long session of Lightning being tied up in all sorts of ways, but always "hulking his way out" thanks to the power he draws from the fans' cheers. This loop starts to frustrate the young champion, who gets more and more reckless and exposes himself, finally allowing Lightning to reverse and swing momentum his way. Excitement builds as Larry Lightning does all his trademark moves routine leading up to his finisher, but before he can deliver the Lightning Strike, Taylor goes low and masks the cheap shot by turning it into a roll up that earns him the win, along with much fan disapproval. Grade: E+ Show grade: E+
  5. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    Well, I got Tapatalk back on my phone, just because I remember it had its own "image/video hosting" thing built in for stuff you wanted to upload straight from your phone. Should be able to post a photo of the gifts (and @LadyShello's paintings, lest we forget) within the next few days. Most of Saturday was spent sleeping, before going out at night and attending a birthday party. Sunday we dedicated to an extensive round of domestic rangering, so with that... Week 3 summary Quest 1: Not a single day lost. Just one round of 18.Zero before the pie party due to crippling back pain. It's gotten better though and we've already booked our spots for Tuesday's rowing class. Quest 2: Get in the Zone. Yep, this was too optimistic when I set it up. No major slips, just struggling to stick with good eating. Quest 3: No distractions before 15:00 on workdays. As mentioned, I'm not strictly adhering to this but this and the prior challenge especially helped me with workplace distractions. Quest 4: Housework. With Sunday's stuff in, I'm pretty satisfied. Quest 5: Continue using a Bullet Journal. This is a thing that's happening
  6. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Depends on the sexytime preceding the removal of each set.
  7. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    Well, I guess bothering to explain the whole NYE pie cutting tradition did indeed bring me luck, as out of the 100+ slices served, I got one of the four that included a coin. This also came with a good luck present of an oldschool camo backpack with the box's logo, a Rogue jump rope and a roll of gymnastics tape. Not bad at all. Will try to get a photo of teh lewt for y'all. It's good stuff if you can get a decent one and terrible if you get the cheap dough and crappy cheese. It also comes with various other fillings, such as minced meat or fresh tomato, olives and feta. If Brunch is what's between breakfast and lunch (a.k.a. elevensies) then I guess what comes as a late snack that also doubles up as your lunch is probably called a Snunch. Friday's report Quest 1: Not a single day lost. Finally made it to the box for 18.Zero, a 21-15-9 race of DB Snatches at 35lb and over the DB burpees. Got 6'48" which is one of the worst scores at the box, but I did it, I had fun and the back didn't give me as much of a hard time as I expected. Also, I am extremely proud of the SRLF for finishing this WOD. Quest 2: Get in the Zone. Breakfast: Oats, milk, tahini Snack: Grabed a pastry thingy on the go, supposedly with minced meat in it. It actually had mushrooms and bacon in. Lunch: Chicken pie and a bagel Dinner: A pihladelphia cheese and bacon pastry the SRLF had brought for after the workout. Wise move, because we never made it to the food bench in time after the pie was cut. Quest 3: No distractions before 15:00 on workdays. Ugh....sort of...I guess? Quest 4: Housework. The standard stuff, dishes and laundry Quest 5: Continue using a Bullet Journal. Done
  8. DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    Friday 19 January 18.Zero For time: 21-15-9 DB Snatches (35lb) Burpees over DB Score: 6'48"
  9. Newb's first Challenge, KISS Mr_Willes

    Assuming the lack of info (goal pace or strokes/min) I'm guessing you just went all out max effort for the best time you could. Yes, it's a very decent score, well done
  10. Cry Havoc Infinite: Chaos Theory & Road to the '18 CrossFit Games

    Well hot damn Rurik, might as well move to the Assassins if you're gonna set up your challenge threads all stealthy like that... Signed up for the Open yet?
  11. Laghail Therin on the Peak of Dragonmount

    Substitute "Kindle" for "Steam" and it describes me pretty well
  12. [DarK_RaideR] prepares for the 2018 Crossfit Open

    Thursday's report Quest 1: Not a single day lost. *shakes fist* Quest 2: Get in the Zone. Breakfast: Oats, milk, tahini Snunch: A small "pizza boat" with cheese, bacon and egg. Something like this (I know @shaar, I know...) Dinner: Spicy soup with broccoli and a little bit of pasta in it Quest 3: No distractions before 15:00 on workdays. Blergh Quest 4: Housework. The standard stuff Quest 5: Continue using a Bullet Journal. I did Funny thing I brought up my knee and 17.1 (dumbbell snatches and burpee box overs) recently, because Dave Castro did it again and 18.0 is 21-15-9 DB Snatches and burpees, but over the DB. Will be doing it today at the box, that's a NYE pie slice well earned.
  13. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Paging @Xena and @Charlie_Quinn, I know you ladies can be of assistance.
  14. Newb's first Challenge, KISS Mr_Willes

    @Tanktimus the Encourager said I write comedy well. Coming from him, it's probably true
  15. Teros XXXX: Terrible Things

    Yeah, what @Leigh said, basically. I've had a similar rant like the one you posted going on in my head every time you mentioned Little, but never said anything because you needed to get to that point yourself. Glad you did.