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  1. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    I've done my fair share of sandbag (and farmer, and other) carries, but the bucket is a different kind of beast. Sandbags are somewhat flexible, thus can be carried on your back/shoulders, the bucket is an inflexible plastic thing filled with gravel. No clue how much it all weighs, there are little holes near the top and you're supposed to fill it up to there with gravel they're providing. It was a short round course down and up around some olive trees, but man it felt like a mile. Just standard ropes. I hear @Teros had the fat ones in his recent statium Spartan though. My best way of making up for not being allowed to run my first Beast. Also an attempt to make the best out of a worst situation a.k.a. booking miscommunication. Can't find any photos, but the helmet handles were shaped like the Spartan logo basically. I figured chains would be too slippery and hard to grip, other than that I had my mind set on pressing my feet real hard against the wall so as not to slip. Also to prevent straining my wrists/fingers from supporting my full weight. All I have is a few Facebook photos and you've probably seen them already. Also some nice videos of the course. I see no mention of a Journeyman wave. Also, there are mentions of certain rankings in one's age group. To everyone else I haven't specifically quoted and responded to, thank you all.
  2. MR_Willes: [SoA] Keep it tight, to keep it tight

    Sounds to me you ladies need a booker. I'll even hand out the logo as a freebie...
  3. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 87 (Monday, Week 3 of July 2012) Held at the SunCom Studios in Scandinavia Attendance: 2.000 (sold out) Show opens with a vigniette of Edward Cornell, flanked by the Nigerian Hit Squad, as they enter the office of NGW General Manager Sebastian Krause. "If I may take a moment of your time, as a man of similar views, I'd like to congratulate you for your work. It was high time somebody took charge and put the emphasis back on the wrestling. No cartoonish gimmicks, no slapstick comedy, just oldschool, hard-hitting physical contests. That's what the Real Deal stands for. That's what our mission here is. We're not that different, you and us." Sebastian Krause stands up to his full height behind his desk. "Is this an invitation for me to join your group? Because if so, the answer is no. However, if you're that serious about oldschool, hard-hitting physical contests, I'd like to see you defend those Open Collective titles of yours against the Czars, at Terror Rising. Then I might just pay some more attention to your words, little Cornell." Furious at the obvious nod at his older cousin, Cornell snorts and leads his group out of the office. Grade: C+ 67 Edward Cornell, Wade Orson and the Nigerian Hit Squad vs Champagne Lover, Paolo Gandalfini, Marcello Ricci and Sebastian Koller Joining the Real Deal for the opening 4 on 4 match is Wade Orson, his oldschool British strongstyle a perfect match for the group. Their opponents have a tougher time working together, as the newly formed Army of Lovers have not only their massive egos to get past but also the presence of Sebastian Koller in their team. The two italians start the match fighting the Lawal brothers, with the smaller Ricci weaseling his way out of a tough spot when he can and picking his spots to sneak in a hit when able while the larger Gandalfini does most of the heavy lifting for his side. Eventually Koller gets tagged and comes in the match to outwrestle the South Africans, which leads to Orson tagging in for some impressive back and forth grappling. Once Cornell enters, he takes the fight to Koller with stiff strikes that fold him in half. After letting Koller take the bulk of Cornell's offense, Lover quickly tags himself in and hits Cornell from behind with a Lover Stunner. Ricci makes the blind tag as he looks to steal the pin, which in turn leads to an argument with Champagne Lover. This causes the entire team to implode, which gives Cornell enough time to recover and a good opening to roll up Ricci from behind for the pin. Grade: D+ 52 vs The Czars (Marat Khoklov & the Ivanoffs) vs Stig Svensson & The Johanssons Bit of a fanservice booking for the Scandinavian fans, which explains how the babyface Svensson finds himself in an all Norwegian team alongside the Johansson brothers. Clearly, the pairing isn't working as well as the fine tuned machine that is the Czars; caught between Svensson's declining body and the inexperience of the Johanssons, the short but brutal match ends with Marat Khoklov levelling Bam Bam Johansson with a Moscow Lariat for the pin, while Svensson's laid out and the Ivanoff brothers prevent Hercules from making the save. Grade: D+ 52 Fusae Etsuko is backstage with the NGW Womens title around her waist and a mic in her hand. "This is what happens when a megastar such as myself is confined to a limited pool of potential opponents. Even when I held the NextGen title, I beat everyone there was to beat on this roster, then some more like Ring of Fire talent or Hall of Famers like Louis Figo Manico and Viv Jacobs. Now, after being stripped of that title and winning the NGW Womens title, I am limited to the few fighting females this place has to offer. Surprise surprise, I'm out of challengers already." As Etsuko finishes off her little speech, a figure clad in black stealthily rises from right behind her shoulder. Without a sound, the "ninja" locks Etsuko into a sleeper hold and maintains it until she passes out on the floor. Picking up the title from her unconscious body, the female assailant takes a look at it, then lays it on top of the fallen champion and walks away as silently as it appeared. Grade: B- 74 vs Leo Harrison vs Hardcore Hernandez Announcers hype this match as a "mirror match" or a potential "passing of the torch" due to the similarities between the two competitors not only in looks but also in aggression and willingness to take extreme risks. The in-ring action proves them true, with Harrison throwing punches that Hernandez answers with stiff kicks and knee strikes. Compared to the more rugged, unrefined style of his opponent's brawling, Hernandez looks more fluid in his motions, somewhat like a kickboxer or muay thai fighter would. Realizing close range melee is not working to his favor, Harrison changes his style to a more velocity-based one, with running moves off the ropes and high speed attacks. The shift initially catches Hernandez by surprise, but he proves his new nickname true when he reverses a move out of nowhere to send Harrison crashing head first onto the ring post. Hernandez exits the ring and grabs Harrison's hair to slam his head a few more times onto the post, before climbing back in to hit his groggy foe with his finisher for a big win. Grade: C+ 66 Show Grade: C (63/100) TV ratings (new record!): 0.46 (347.910 viewers)
  4. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 86 (Monday, Week 2 of July 2012) Held in France Attendance: 2.900 The show opens with Champagne Lover leading two men to the ring. "Feast your eyes, ladies. You are looking at the three hottest, most attractive men, not just in NGW but across the entire continent. You see, I figured since the world can't get enough of the Champagne Lover, I might as well bring in some allies to try and satisfy your insatiable needs. First up, the only heavyweight that might one day be good enough to be called my successor, the Milan Masterpiece, Paolo Gandalfini!" Gandalfini flexes and smiles full of confidence. "But it's not like the Cruiserweight division doesn't need its rescuing from the ugly scum that's flooded it. Fear not, for I give to you, Marcello Ricci!" Ricci lowers his shades and winks at the camera. "There is only so much a man can take and since I'm about to win the NGW Heavyweight title at End of the World to become the champion that carries the entire company on their back, I figured you need more than just Champagne Lover... What you need is an entire Army of Lovers! And you're... gonna... love it!" Grade: B- 72 Army of Lovers (Champagne Lover, Paolo Gandalfini & Marcello Ricci) vs The Czars (Marat Khoklov & The Ivanoffs) vs The League of Heroes (Stig Svensson, Nelson Frye & Robert Howard) Caught between two trios of really big heavyweights, Army of Lovers slide out of the ring and let the other two teams go at it. League of Heroes don't fall for the trick and call the weaselly heels to get back in the ring, but the Czars don't really mind who they beat up and jump the babyfaces from behind. Stig gets quickly tossed out of the ring only for Army of Lovers to stomp on him as they take cheap shots on the fallen veteran, while the Czars use their 3 on 2 advantage to control the match and do some damage to Howard and Frye. The beatdown continues and the faces retreat to the outside for a breather, evading the Czars to instead chase Army of Lovers and rescue Svensson. The Czars won't be denied their fight though and press the offensive, leaving the ring for a ringside brawl. Army of Lovers circle their six opponents to take potshots when able, before Lover signals for them to return inside the ring. Their opponents caught up in a brawl do not pay attention to the move, which results in a countout and a sneaky victory for the debuting Army of Lovers faction. Grade: D+ 48 vs League of Heroes (Adam Matravers, Christopher Lister & Shiro Akuma) vs Joey Beauchamp, Leo Harrison & Hardcore Hernandez Although all six men in this match are cruiserweights, the ring is too crowded to allow high flying so the action is limited to strikes, throws, slams and grappling. As NGW Cruiserweight champion, Matravers is a big target for both Beauchamp and Harrison, while Hernandez calls for the tag every time Shiro Akuma is in the ring. This leads to especially heated confrontations when master and former disciple are up against another, but the finish sees Lister pin Harrison after a Kanobi Kutter. Grade: C 64 Even after the final bell, Hardcore Hernandez seems hellbent on hurting Akuma and the two continue brawling. It takes a horde of ring crew, some of which even get knocked out, to pull the two apart. Grade: D+ 49 vsvs Non title match "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko vs Jeri "Air" Behr vs Megumi Nakajima The main event sees the reigning NGW Womens champion go up against Girl Power in a triple threat match. Behr and Nakajima do work together at times, but their competitive nature gets the best of them and they turn on each other as soon as Etsuko is out of the equation. This back-and-forth is the foundation upon which the story told inside the ring is built, with Etsuko coming back to take advantage of a divide and conquer strategy, only to be taken out again by the strenuous partnership of Girl Power before they turn on each other again. At one point, Nakajima puts Behr in the Nakajima Straight Jacket using the ropes between them, which does some extra damage but is ineffective as Behr holds on just enough for the referee to count, forcing Nakajima to break the hold in order to avoid a DQ. The match spills outside the ring and Nakajima manage to lay out Behr on the announcers' table before hitting a Moonsault off the apron, but Behr rolls sideways and Megumi drives herself through the table. Etsuko tries to drag the broken Nakajima back in the ring for a pin but Behr intercepts her to rescue her partner, before Etsuko hits her with a devastating roundhouse kick that sends Behr's head bouncing off the ringpost. Her target switched, Etsuko drags Behr into the ring and sizes her up as she recovers, only to hit her with Darkness Falls and pin her for the win. Grade: B- 75 Show Grade: C+ (70/100) TV ratings (new record!): 0.46 (347.170 viewers)
  5. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    Goodness gracious me, after a week or so, I was finally allowed to post the challenge recap! Now, on to more wrestling while I hammer out stuff for next challenge and next year...
  6. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    Challenge recap Wheels:How you get there matters This year I made it part of my roadmap for a reason and I'll be danged if I don't ride my own to Sparta (unless the SRLF tags along, in which case we'll probably go by car, but regardless). This is exactly what happened. Even if I didn't ride my way to Sparta, I did finally get the bike which is a big milestone. Nutrition: Quantity control My diet's pretty solid all around in terms of quality, what I really need to keep in check is the quantity. This one started off well but slipped during the last three or four weeks before the Spartan for various reasons. I did not go completely overboard, but I wasn't paying any attention either. Fortunately, it did not come back to bite me in the butt during the Spartan. Bullet Journal: Seeing is easier than remembering Bullet Journalling will continue. This thing did continue and it's evolving to the point where if I don't have something written down I might completely forget to do it. Morning routine: Cup of coffee in the big time A routine of breakfast, personal hygiene (teeth brushing, shower etc), feline care (food and water bowl check plus emptying the litter bin) and housework (laundry, trash, dishes, sweeping the floor etc). Strong start to this goal but as my contract neared expiry I was less and less motivated to even get out of bed for anything else other than to pick up my phone and watch stuff on YouTube. I'll be honest here, it's less than a 50% success. Life decisions: Way into the twilight zone I gotta find another way and I gotta do it fast before I'm stuck where I currently am. Goal here is to think some things through, shoot out some CVs and actively work towards a career shift. If not for the Spartan, this would have been the main focus and biggest success of the challenge. I did jump ship to freelance work and cooperating with my professor, even if there are still loose ends at the previous post, mainly some payments they're using to put the pressure on me. This career shift will also be a major focal point going forward in my challenges. I really feel like I should start working on my 2018 Roadmap...
  7. I've broken this year down to 3 big chunks of long challenges leading up to major fitness events. Chapter 1 was about preparing for the Crossfit Open 2017, Chapter 2 was about preparing to run a Tough Mudder in Ireland next to @Jarric and now Chapter 3 is about getting ready to run the Spartan Super in Sparta on November 5th. I've also kept up a wrestling narrative, where I’m playing Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 and doing the Road to Glory challenge, essentially creating a newbie 18 year old alter ego in some backyard wrestling promotion as I try to headline the Main Event of a big promotion’s Pay Per View event. Technical details and rules can be found here. I am using the game’s database of characters, but set in 1997. Considering the first TEW was set in 2005, it's pretty early in that universe and if played well, I should have the chance to rise together with the game's most famous characters. While so far I've used my Guild Leader powers to move the same thread across challenge forums until each chapter was complete, I've realized it makes it hard for people to keep up with the narrative if they've missed the start. Also, since I will be tweaking my goals for every challenge cycle anyway, I decided I might as well set up a new thread to continue where the old one left off and help people get back in track with where me and my storytelling is. Now I'm not sure how much of my personal stuff I've been sharing here lately, but on top of my recently discussed paycheck issues I've had a lot of things going wrong and it's got me in a real bad mood. The latest thing came a couple of days back, when I got the confirmation mail for my Spartan ticket. You see, my Crossfit box is sponsored by Reebok, who also happens to be into the whole Spartan thing, so they offered us 60 spots on the race and of course I applied for the Spartan Super. The confirmation mail said Spartan Sprint and it turns out the arrangement is to run the latter as a team. To quote the late Macho Man, that put me Misunderstandings and financial pressure be damned, I wanted to do the Super and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Since there's no option to cancel the Sprint ticket now (plus the peer pressure of running the thing as a team) I went ahead and signed for the Super on top of it all. "Why not both" is the Ranger mantra after all. If @EricMN can travel around and do Spartan weekends, I can do more than just look up to him;I can be inspired enough to run a Super and then a Sprint on the same day. Considering I've already run a Super and needed to push myself further, this feels like the right thing to do. It also feels like madness, but let us not dwell on what happened to the last person who spoke of madness in Sparta. Instead, given the wrestling narrative of my challenge, I'm sticking with Macho Man Randy Savage. Think in cases like that it's mandatory to also tag Macho Man @Teros Savage as well. Wheels:How you get there matters As spectacular as it would be to get to the Spartan in a shiny silver robe next to the SRLF on a throne that's carried by man-slaves, I'm going for something a bit less grandiose. It's been too long since I got my motorcycle license, too long since I've meant to get one but for various reasons never did. This year I made it part of my roadmap for a reason and I'll be damned if I don't ride my own to Sparta (unless the SRLF tags along, in which case we'll probably go by car, but regardless). Despite my financial troubles, I'm expecting a good one-off pay by the end of September, which coupled with the late paycheck from work and the next one hopefully coming in faster, should create a hefty lump of cash I should quickly invest in a motorbike before reality settles in and I start spending it to plug holes in my budget. Life happens once (a.k.a. YOLO). Nutrition: Quantity control It worked, so I'm sticking with it. My diet's pretty solid all around in terms of quality, what I really need to keep in check is the quantity. Bullet Journal: Seeing is easier than remembering Bullet Journalling will continue. I've notived I tend to drop the habit after a couple of off days, so I need to keep it as a goal to make sure I update the agenda. Morning routine: Cup of coffee in the big time Domestic Rangering worked last round so to take this goal to 11, I'm going back to my army days, where every morning began with a standard routine of getting dressed, making the bed, eating breakfast, shaving and cleaning up the barracks. The civilian version I'm going for is a routine of breakfast, personal hygiene (teeth brushing, shower etc), feline care (food and water bowl check plus emptying the litter bin) and housework (laundry, trash, dishes, sweeping the floor etc). Obviously, the getting dressed part is optional and can go between any of the above. Life decisions: Way into the twilight zone So my new job is better than the previous one, but I'm still not thrilled and it's not just me being disappointed because of all the payment issues. The subject isn't what gets me going, the money is way too little for my qualifications (no arrogance here, I'm getting marginally more than the lady who cleans the worplace thrice a week) and from the looks of it, this initial setup phase of the institution I'm working for seems like it'll go on for much more than originally expected, meaning my work will be a lot more administrative than I'd like. On the other hand, this collaboration with my professor doesn't look like it can bear much fruit in terms of employment, at least in the short run and I'm not too fond of living on my parents' cash for a few years before work picks up. I'm keeping in touch because I love the subject and I could get involved in a few research projects (plus the prospect of a potential PhD down the line) but that's about it. I gotta find another way and I gotta do it fast before I'm stuck where I currently am. Goal here is to think some things through, shoot out some CVs and actively work towards a career shift. P.S. This challenge cycle is supposed to go until October 14, but I'm stretching it all the way to my Spartan weekend on November 5th because this is my challenge and I do what I want with it!
  8. DarK_RaideR's BattlE_LoG

    Behold, the Pyramid of Health and Fitness: Simply put, everything builds up on the things below it. If one level sucks, so will those above it.