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  1. I'm at 4+2 this week, think the rest of Sunday won't be that great nutritionally so counting it as a fail already DarK_RaideR: 25 Endor:22 (Weight Points pending)
  2. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Thursday, 10 October Week 4, Day 4 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) I skipped dinner, so while not technically sticking to the plan, I did eat healthy alright and dropped some more weight the morning after. Ark (NF Update) Post was made. Penemue (Muay Thai) Thursday = therapist day Jyotika (BuJo) Did some updates, but no spectacular progress. Friday, 11 October Week 4, Day 5 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) On point Ark (NF Update) No post was made, had a pretty busy day at work Penemue (Muay Thai) Training session 2/2 of the week in the books and despite infrequent attendance (or so I feel) I'm starting to do better. My conditioning is struggling less and less, my technique is better and I think an outside observer would think I'm one of those "experienced" folks who stick to beginners' class due to scheduling clashes or because they don't wanna spar hard with the advanced class, rather than looking like a beginner who's getting his feet wet. Jyotika (BuJo) Notes taken Saturday, 12 October Week 4, Day 4 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) Nope, because D&d day! Ark (NF Update) Nope. No big deal, I've given myself weekends off. Penemue (Muay Thai) Neck is still recovering from two days of clinch training. Jyotika (BuJo) Nope
  3. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    21:30 here and I had a day off work but full of other stuff, so quick update just to keep this running Wednesday, 9 October Week 4, Day 3 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) Nailed it Ark (NF Update) Posted my progress and swag. Penemue (Muay Thai) Place is closed on Wednesday afternoons Jyotika (BuJo) Making progress here!
  4. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Tuesday, 8 October Week 4, Day 2 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) Finally got this right in a textbook performance of a day nutritionally. Ark (NF Update) Le post was made. Penemue (Muay Thai) I left work kinda late-ish and wasn't really feeling it, I was low on energy... so I went regardless and it was the best decision I made. The training went really well and I'm still energized up to today, plus despite my pretty irregular attendance, my conditioning seems to not only hold up but slowly get better even. Plus I picked up a swanky new dry-fit t-shirt with the school's logo on it. Next piece of loot on the horizon is this awesome mouthguard Jyotika (BuJo) Hey, I was more consistent than usual with this thing!
  5. DarK_RaideR

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Anything slow and doomy is great yoga music, really.
  6. DarK_RaideR

    Teros 57 - Exhaustion

    Sounds like that spread-out relaxation means your back muscles are unable to support your frame now in general. Between that and the overall catatonia of the meds, you hit the gym on hard mode my friend.
  7. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    It looks like it so far. She said goodbye to her old job yesterday (Monday), new one starts on the 14th so she has a week to recollect herself. The change is already evident. Monday, 7 October Week 4, Day 1 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) As I mentioned, this was the day the SRLF bid adieu to her old workplace and colleagues. I drove her to and from, she grabbed all sort of nomz for the people, including a box of savoury treats for my own colleagues (!?) so snacking out of that messed up my eating plan, even if the rest of the day was ok. Not counting it as a strictly successful day per se. Ark (NF Update) I showed up. Penemue (Muay Thai) Having to pick up the SRLF from work messed this up so it's planned for Tuesday. Jyotika (BuJo) I've been paying less and less attention to this thing, but at least we did sat down to cross-check our expenses, something we hadn't done since mid-August. There was a lot to catch up with.
  8. DarK_RaideR

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    Years and years of pro wrestling have prepared me for this.
  9. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Week 3 results Cog (Zone Eating): 4/7 days Ark (NF Update): 4/7 days Penemue (Muay Thai): 1/2 for the week Jyotika (BuJo): 7/7 Not the best of weeks. Guess I'm experiencing that mid-challenge slump, but I'll perservere.
  10. If I'm being strict about my eating, that's 4 days I got it right, plus 1 training because work messed up the second one. 5 points total this week. Looks like you're catching up. DarK_RaideR: 19 Endor: 15 (Weight Points pending)
  11. TRICK QUESTION, THIS IS THE RANGER GUILD, BAYBAY! Hey everyone, welcome to my thread for this challenge round. You may remember I’ve ran a few narrative mini challenges for the Ranger Guild in the past, as well as a Warhammer Fantasy themed PvP that came to be known as “NerdHammer”, an X-COM themed accountability group, a pro wrestling manager videogame narrative for 17 in-game years as NextGen Wrestling or NGW and several other smaller projects with varying degrees of success. I am a storyteller, a tabletop role playing game enthusiast and game/dungeon master with 18 years of experience behind that cryptic screen. For this challenge round, I’m running two things. The first is a Dungeons & Dragons game for @Jarric, @Raxie, @Starpuck and @SheriffWolfpool which is awesome, not just because I’m playing with fellow nerds from these boards but also because it’s Wolfie’s first ever D&d game! The second is an Obstacle Course Race on November the 2nd. It’s the Spartan Super in ancient Sparta, Greece alongside the Jedi Master himself, @EricMN. Thus, the idea behind this whole challenge thread is to draw upon the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration of the game to prepare for the race, while giving you all some insight on what’s happening in our game! It is perhaps ironic that the Faerûnian continent in the world of Toril has come to be known as the "Forgotten Realms" for it has been anything but quiet. For many ages, mighty empires, shadowy organizations, powerful creatures, world-rippping magic, natural disasters and even the gods themselves have been shaping Faerûn. Our tale begins in the Dalelands, a region that could be described as a miniature of the Realms and their history. For centuries, the Dalelands were nothing but a loose assortment of independent cities stuck between the massive empires of Cormyr and Sembia, the elves of Cormanthor and their underground drow relatives, as well as the assembly known as the Harpers and their dark enemies, the Zhentharim. With so many powerful forces around, it should come as no surprise that the Dalelands have been a constant battlefield for clashes big and small, whether they included vast armies or shady operators. Most recently, Cormyr and Sembia traded ground there, before the ruined elven capital of Myth Drannor resurfaced to join the fray, in turn drawing the -also resurfaced- Shadow Empire of Netheril into the conflict. The clash ended with most of the Dales in ruins. The floating citadel of Netheril crashed into the ruins of Myth Drannor, wiping out both in a blast of magical energy. Cormyr and Sembia were forced to cease hostilities after a prolonged stalemate and what was left of the Dales after the Great Rain caused the nearby Sea of Fallen Stars to rise and submerge entire cities under its waters, coalesced to form the Dales Council. The residents of the Dalelands have always been a proud, independent and self-sufficient folk who place high value in working towards the common good. The area has always been a popular hub for adventurers of all sorts, but while open to outsiders, locals are slow in trusting them. One such group has made its way to the town of Shadowdale, or at least what's left of it as it is being reconstructed, drawn by rumors of strange happenings in the nearby village of Orlane. Even for Dalelands standards, they are an unusual lot: a modron, a tiefling, an aasimar and a fire genasi. Still, they've been made to feel pretty welcome, at least compared to what they're used to elsewhere. On a bright autumn morning of late Highsun, the eighth month of the Calendar of Harptos, they are enjoying their breakfast at the Broken Tankard Inn before setting off on their trip to the village of Orlane…. Cog Cog is a rogue modron cleric, played by @Jarric and according to him, a literal healbot. Modrons are cute little automatons native to Mechanus, a parallel plane of existence that’s all about ultimate law and order. Understanding only logic and connected to a collective hive mind, the modrons function as literal cogs to the grand machine of Mechanus. However, every machine can malfunction every now and then; when that happens, a modron might get disconnected and go rogue. Such is the case of Cog, who was rescued by a group of adventurers and taken to a temple of Lathander, where he struggled to grasp concepts like individuality, emotion and faith. Cog was somewhat of a slow learner, but since he also couldn’t grow old and die, he had all the time in the world to learn. Now a full blown cleric and with his saviours way into retirement, Cog has been sent out to learn more about the world and return the favour by helping someone in need just like he was assisted by the faithful in his own time of need. Drawing upon Cog's single-mindedness and mechanic efficiency, I shall eat according to the Zone Diet for this challenge. 5 block meals, 1 block snacks, daily check-ins with the scale. It takes a fair amount of preparation and mindfulness, but it's what has worked best for me in the 4+ years I've been with the Rebellion. Arkaryn Riftripper Arkaryn Riftripper (or just Ark, for short) is a tiefling bard, played by @SheriffWolfpool and I hope the above image is what he has in mind. Tieflings have a bit of fiendish blood in them and that manifests in their devilish charm and occasional diabolic physical trait like horns and/or a tail. Just like the player handling him, Ark is pretty light-hearted and somewhat of a newbie when it comes to things like combat mechanics, but also extremely fun loving, cheerful and enthusiastic. Drawing upon Ark's excitement and social graces, I shall post daily updates of my challenge progress. Exceptions can be made for weekends. Penemue Alya Penemue Alya is a fallen aasimar hexblade warlock played by @Raxie and she's every bit as complicated as her description feels like because #angstyteenagegothedgelord. The aasimar are the opposite of tieflings, mortals with a bit of celestial in their bloodline. The fallen aasimar are, you guessed it, corrupted ones that have fallen from grace. This may have to do with Penemue being a warlock, meaning she essentially made a deal with some powerful otherworldly entity, trading her soul for occult knowledge and power. The hexblade part means her entity of choice (or circumstance) was one from the shadow worlds and she emphasized on the power side of things over the knowledge part. Drawing upon Penemue's lust for battle and power, I shall attend at least 2 Muay Thai training sessions per week. Preferably without having to sell my soul to some Lovecraftian horror in order to achieve that. Jyotika Jyotika is a fire genasi barbarian played by @Starpuck. Her bloodline has a bit of the Elemental Plane of Fire and its primordial powers in it, but instead of channeling it into fireballs as a scholarly spellcaster, she lets that fire rage in the heat of combat while providing me with a fertile ground for puns like these. Drawing upon Jyotika's passion and rage, I shall blaze through my daily Bullet Journal goals. And drop fire relate puns, of course. Tag along, enjoy yourselves and remember that anything you say around your DM can and will be used against you.
  12. DarK_RaideR

    Crossfit Games: The Open 2019

    It's the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeear..... Gather round, fellow crossfitters, and let us know of your guesses, struggles, predictions and overall shenanigans regarding this year's Open.