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  1. I can't, for the life of me, think of a corn maze outside the context of a horror movie
  2. Never heard of that one, must be one of her B sides
  3. So you're literally running an underground joint for the cool outsider kids to hang out in. Gnarly.
  4. In sewer ants? Now that sounds unusual! Ain't just his beard game. @starpuck hit the nail on the head, man is ridiculously photogenic, even in the middle of an OCR.
  5. Soooo, I've indeed been keeping up with some of the threads since then. I also re-applied for TheThing(TM) which I can now reveal was a work-related exam process. Last time I made it through to phase 2 and fell short just ~25 spots in the final ranking, this time I took the first exams in July and two days ago the results came out: stellar performance in 2 of the things, barely rated below the baseline on the third, meaning I got cut and won't be advancing to phase 2 of the exams. This has brought a lot of disappointment, but also the need to make drastic changes to my schedule, as I was expecting the rest of the year to be full of phase 2 stuff. With no study and nothing to look forward to, I'm left with plenty of time. Also, since the exams were meant to sort out my professional/income issue, I need to make some hard decisions and make them fast, in order to deal with this problem that's already been festering far too long.
  6. Mounted march on the bikes with the MC? Don't forget to take photos!
  7. Well, if you're excited, I guess it's ok to stay on the topic for a bit... Very true. I almost envy you for playing the game with a clean slate, it's always much fun to be as clueless as your character. Alex Ward was my case of instant win. Cynthia Marie took a bit to convince me she's more than another pretty face playing a pretty Toreador. Kinda same with Erika Ishii, took a bit to get over her being overly, obnoxiously emotional all the time. B Dave Walters started as indifferent for me, but the power plays and hide in plain sight stuff were slow burn awesomeness. You are right that the NYbN cast isn't as instantly captivating (except Alex Ward, as a Tzimisce, but you probably have to know a few things about that clan to be excited) and Aabria Iyengar specifically, as a person and a character, is the type to grate on my nerves so that's not helping. Have you kicked off the challenge yet or taking the zero week break?
  8. I'm just saying, you talked about warrior poets, when there's a Gotrek quote at the start of that post Is it any surprise that Beastmen are my favourite army?
  9. Appreciate the compliment. Yeah I like their more philosophical, let's-all-get-along vibe (even if it comes with a lot of whining over Carthage) over the stereotypical rebel-for-rebellion's-sake stuff of most modern Brujah (as in, Molotov anarchists and red star beret Brujah suck but Smiling Jack rules). Guess I'm a humanity guy, because my second favourite clan is Salubri (especially the paladin over the healer branch) and then it's a tie of the tormented ones (Malkavian and Nosferatu). Not a big fan of game streams, but kept up with LAbN until the... 4th season, I think? Even though it's a show and not how an actual game plays out, it feels a lot more like how Vampire is supposed to be played and feel, as opposed to how most groups do it. I'm just wrapping up New York by Night now, not as exciting so I don't think I'll bother when it moves into Season 2
  10. Heck to the yeah! Plus (True) Brujah are my favourite clan, glad you're enjoying your game
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