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  1. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    This game sometimes.... Looks like Lister's Star Wars geek gimmick was based on his apparent legitimate love of all things nerdy So, just for funsies, since the Ultimate Challenge writeup is due for Monday, figured I'd give you a little something to keep the hype through the weekend. Here's the scheduled matches card, go ahead and try to guess who wins each one: NGW Ultimate Challenge 2013 Opening match: Emerald Angel vs Justin Vera NGW Cruiserweight Tag Team titles: Team Fly (Matravers & Lister) vs Creep & Shiro Akuma Submission match: "The Terror of the Highlands" Don Henderson vs "The MMA Machine" Roy Edison Grudge match: Edward Cornell vs Wael Hossam Clash of the Titans: "The Tower of London" Danny Patterson vs "The Moscow Mauler" Marat Khoklov Champion vs Champion match: Champagne Lover vs Walter Morgan NGW Womens Title vs Undefeated Streak: Geena the Warrior Princess vs "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko
  2. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 4 of March 2013 Venue: Afragola Arena Comunale, Italy, Europe Attendance: 2.000 (sold out), Show grade: B- 74 PPV Buyrate: 0.01 (3.448 buyers), Shown on Euro Your Demand Bringing a portrait of Walter Morgan with him to the ring, NGW Heavyweight champion Champagne Lover opened the show with a funny segment, in which he mocked his scheduled opponent for this Friday's Ultimate Challenge show by interviewing his image, a not-so-subtle stab at Morgan's utter lack of any skill or charisma on the mic. The Mexican proceeded to hype NGW (and of course himself, as its top champion) as the place where fans can not only get the best wrestling in Europe, but also the most entertaining experience out of it, before saying he'd prove it in the ring against Morgan at Ultimate Challenge. Rating: C 60 Giovanni Bruno vs "The Terror of the Highlands" Don Henderson Since the go-home show before Ultimate Challenge was held in Italy, hometown boy Giovanni Bruno made an appearance for the opening match, wrestling against Ring of Fire's Don Henderson. The Scottish technician had a chance to showcase how he earned his nickname when he got tired of Bruno's sleazy comedy antics and proceeded to take him down to the mat for a series of painful stretches leading to his Scottish Deathlock finisher, an easy win for the Terror of the Highlands in just under six minutes. Rating: D 46 John Silver & Leon Harrison vs Shiro Akuma & Creep Cruiserweight tag action was up next, with NGW's founding duo taking on the reigning champion and quasi-demonic ROF import Creep, real name Harry Wilson and younger brother to one of UK's most well known wrestlers, the "Dark Angel" Cliff Wilson, from which he apparently the gimmick was based on. Much like Edward Cornell is trying to get out of his cousin Tommy's shadow, the Wilsons are a similar story but with Harry being a Cruiserweight, he was teamed up with the white-face(painte)d demon Akuma in order to further visualize Akuma's fall to the dark side instead. Oddly enough, it wasn't just their gimmicks and face paint that made them a good match, but also what they had to do inside the ring; unsettlingly well-timed and on the same page despite never ever having wrestled together before, Akuma and Creep took their opponents by storm and only needed about ten or so minutes before Creep hit his Full Metal Jacket on Harrison for the pin. Rating: C 64 Justin Vera vs Marcello Ricci The only ROF Cruiserweight besides Creep and certainly the spokesperson of the "invading" group, frighteningly muscular Justin Vera was up for action next, taking local wrestler Marcello Ricci and things were more or less a repeat of the opening bout: Ricci was being his usual ridiculous self, Vera took the match by storm and a Noble Axe Kick later, it was all over. To their credit though, the fast pace and high flying moves made for a more exciting match than the one that opened the show and from the looks of it, if Ricci can get his in-ring skill up to par with his oozing charisma, he can look to a great future with NGW. Rating: C- 57 Paolo Gandalfini vs "The Tower of London" Danny Patterson By far the biggest of NGW's italian wrestlers, Paolo Gandalfini still looked small when wrestling super heavyweight Danny Patterson. Unlike the match that preceded it, this wasn't pretty or elaborate, instead it quickly spilled out of the ring and even between the fans as the two men brawled like a pair of bezerkers. Patterson made the most of his power advantage and hardcore background to dominate the match, though the frantic pace may have been a bit too much compared to what he's been conditioned to. Still, Patterson got the win via Towerbomb and was about to go backstage when out came the only man who could dwarf him... ..."The Moscow Mauler" Marat Khoklov! Fans went wild as the two behemoths looked like they were about to lock horns, but they were limited to a staredown instead as it was announced that they would have a chance to wrestle each other, this Friday at Ultimate Challenge! Match Rating: D- 38 Angle Rating: B- 73 Roy Edison vs Walter Morgan Walter Morgan clearly wasn't in the greatest of moods after Champagne Lover's mockery during the opening segment, but given who he was scheduled to wrestle, he showed professionalism and focused on the task at hand. MMA veteran and accomplished judoka Roy Edison had the technical skills to produce a quality bout against the ROF champion and given his modern style of submission wrestling, it made for a great contrast to Morgan's ultra oldschool catch-as-catch-can philosophy. It's been said often but it bears repeating, making a technical bout interesting is no small feat, but it's exactly what these two did. Edison made Morgan work real hard for the victory, especially in comparison to his ROF fellows earlier, pushing the match well past the 15 minute mark before finally tapping out to the Wigan Wrench. Rating: B- 71  "Mile High" Adam Matravers vs "Jedi Knight" Christopher Lister vs Hardnandez With plenty of time still to go until the episode's end, it felt like the main event had happened a bit early but apparently the three Cruiserweights set for action next took it as a personal challenge to be overcome. Dropping their biggest and most impressive of moves, Team Fly and Hardcore Hernandez set to steal the show, delivering an awesome triple threat bout jam packed with the most jaw dropping spots they could think of. Akuma's presence was felt like a looming shadow even though he didn't actually show up; given his recent teaming with Hernandez and actions against former teammates League of Heroes, Team Fly had a lot on their plate on top of technically being opponents in this match. Hernandez made the best of the situation, using his opponents against each other or capitalizing on their apparent indecisiveness at times, eventually stealing the match with a quick pin on Matravers after raising the knees to counter a Mile High Moonsault. Rating: B- 74 Providing a much needed breather before the main event, a video package rolled next, recapping the careers of both Geena the Warrior Princess and "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko in NGW. The masterful editing showed the two women's highlights and comments almost in parallel, while getting the message across that Etsuko showed up shortly after Geena's departure, hyping up the uniqueness of their upcoming clash at Ultimate Challenge. Geena's comments more or less implied that the only reason Etsuko made it big is because she was off wrestling for Canada's biggest promotion, while Etsuko said she was finally hoping for some proper competition. The only thing these two agreed on as the footage wrapped up was they'd steal the show from the men, NGW and ROF alike, bringing prestige to themselves, the NGW Womens title, the division and women's wrestling. Rating: B 79 Edward Cornell & Wael Hossam The Gentleman & the Pitbull Sebastian Koller & Petter Eriksson (with Viper McKenna) In a main event that announcers hyped as highly symbolic of the challenge for NGW wrestlers to stick together in light of their matches against ROF workers, three teams clashed in a match set for one fall. Every team had their pros and cons and as the match was off to a slow start, announcers had enough time to break things down: Hossam and Cornell may just be the strongest team as far as its individual parts go, but their bickering over who's the top man of their faction was something they'd have to work through in order to win the match. Frye and Howard had tag experience on their side and no bad blood between them, but Akuma's recent antics and the pressure of the group's leadership on Frye's shoulders could prove to be fatal. Finally, Koller and Eriksson had youth on their side and McKenna on their corner, yet the Outcasts still had no big wins to show for themselves following up their explosive burst on the scene. It all played out during the match, with Cornell and Hossam gaining the upper hand before losing it due to bickering among themselves, while Viper McKenna provided the necessary assists from ringside for her team, whether it was sneaky shots, distracting the ref or just firing up the crowd. Every team had a chance to show what they can do, but it was the veteran teammates who got the win when Eriksson accidentally shoved Howard to knock McKenna off the apron; in the subsequent confusion, Howard tagged in his partner and while the Outcasts were busy worrying over McKenna's state, Frye hit Eriksson with the Royal Face-Plant and got the pin. Rating: B 77
  3. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    Eh, gotta make 'em look legit before the big show. No point if they came in and got squashed right off the bat, gotta build up some momentum first. RE-narrative: I realize I missed a day due to writer's block, haven't been able to make up for it with a double update but I kinda like how it's ended up, as now I can post the big monthly PPV events on Mondays. Challenge day 18: Thursday, September 20th Akira Tozawa (Nutrition) 1797 (Target calories) - 1738 (Intake) + 388 (Physical activity) = 448 under threshold Morning weigh-in: 81,9kg (+0,1), Water intake: 1,75L (7/8 glasses) Under target calories before even taking physical activity into account and I'm still piling on the grams day by day. TMI alert, I'm blaming the sparser visits to the bathroom for this, which may have to do with reduced water intake, which in turn may have to do with illness. At least I got the water part right this day and didn't even have to try too hard to do so. BullFit (Exercise) Again, got to work early to justify an early departure so we could watch the Mexican/Colombian "Buy me a gun" on cinema. Can't say I was thrilled. Skipped Polanksi in order to get a good night's sleep, one of the two areas that are bound to struggle throughout the festival (alongside dinner, which also was good for the night). Arranged to re-visit the Muay Thai school with my friend on Friday so I might have good news to report on Monday. Hard Times (Financial) First day of absolutely nothing to report on this one.
  4. DarK_RaideR

    cn3wton, Dúnedain, Ranger of the North.

    Computeri-ing can be like that. Most of the times, actually, it's kinda like that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  5. DarK_RaideR

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Blast Tyrant is awesome. So is that chair massage and you.
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    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    Challenge day 17: Wednesday, September 19th Akira Tozawa (Nutrition) 1797 (Target calories) - 2809 (Intake) + 344 (Physical activity) = 669 over threshold Morning weigh-in: 81,8kg (+0,1), Water intake: 0,5L (2/8 glasses) Yep, seriously doubting the magic behind this.. First of all, Google Fit (from which the app takes in the activity data) tracked a ride with my motorcycle as a bicycle ride worth 46 calories. Second, I doubt some of the dishes punched in are even close to the calories they really have. Third, my eyeballing skills are terrible when it comes to translating what I see into how many grams more or less that might be. BullFit (Exercise) Athens International Film Festival kicked off and I attended the opening ceremony (without an invitation #hustler) to watch Pawel Pawlikowski's "Cold War" (it's that Polish guy that won an Oscar for "Ida"). That meant I got to work as early as possible, in order to justify an early departure too. Movie ended late and I had no chance of physical workouts besides walking to and from the office, but I'm really glad with how this Muay Thai deal is coming along. Thinking long term there. Hard Times (Financial) Just texted an old contact today, to no response. Still, it's better than having nothing to report, right?
  7. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 3 of March 2013 Venue: Athens Fencing Hall, Greece, Europe Attendance: 4.537, Show grade: B- 74 PPV Buyrate: 0.01 (4.918 viewers), Shown on Euro Your Demand Emerald Angel vs Shiro Akuma Show kicked off strong going straight to the good stuff, Angel versus Akuma. Seeeking vengeance and justice, Angel laid out the challenge last week and it was immediately turned into a match this week instead of waiting for a monthly Pay Per View Event, though the match itself was so spectacular it could have well made it to such an event, climbing up to the main event spot even. That's how good this opener was, with both men flying, flipping and rolling around in a very exciting match that got the fans all fired up. The finish did set the tone for the rest of the night though, as Ring of Fire's Justin Vera of all people showed up to shamelessly attack the NGW Cruiserweight champion and end the match in his favor via DQ. He then proceeded to grab the mic and announce ROF's arrival, though between the language barrier and the crowd's tangible hatred for him ruining a great match somewhat cut the angle short. Match Rating: B- 75 Angle Rating: E- 23 Justin Vera vs Double Dutch The angle was also cut short by the appearance of Double Dutch, who returned the favor to Emerald Angel when they showed up to prevent Vera from attacking him too. Denied of a chance to add the exclamation point to his statement, Vera came to blows with the other two thirds of the NGW Open Collective champions, leading to an impromptu handicap match between the three. Despite being outnumbered, Vera made the best of his bigger size and power to keep the match pretty even, up to the point where he caught wind of his opponent's lingering injuries. Once their weakness was exposed, Double Dutch began losing ground (and wonderfully selling the injury with each of Vera's attacks) and eventually Vera hit the Noble Axe Kick on Henrick Van Bon for the pin. Rating: C 63 Danny Patterson vs Beast Bantom In the subsequent break, announcers hyped up the "arrival" of ROF wrestlers that Justin Vera alluded to and then out came "The Tower of London" himself, super heavyweight Danny Patterson, challenging the biggest, baddest man in NGW to come get some. Beast Bantom answered the call and it's not every day a man makes Bantom look small, but this was the day. Most of the bout that followed was a proper hoss fight, the two huge men trading blows and slams in the ring as well as a lot of weapons and hardcore brawling at ringside, with no ref daring to get in the way or bring them back into the ring. When they did get between the ropes again though, Patterson gave the match an impressive finish, lifting Bantom all the way up for his trademark Towerbomb finisher that also won him the bout, making it two out of two for the ROF "invaders". Angle Rating: B- 72 Angle Rating: D+ 50 A not-so-subtle reminder of who the biggest, baddest man in NGW truly is, Marat Khoklov was shown training backstage with insane amounts of weight on the bar, a hint to his powerlifting and bodybuilding background. One by one, Dovydas Vidmar, the Ivanoff brothers and even Zofia Jankovic entered the frame to address last week's NGW show in Russia, hyping their own performances and claiming they have further plans to push this company's "expansion" towards the East of Europe. Rating: C 64 Stig Svensson vs Walter Morgan After two ROF wrestlers made their presence felt, it was time for the champion himself to come out. His scheduled opponent was almost a mirror image of the legitimately tough Wigan native, beloved veteran Stig Svensson. With both men being well versed in traditional European strong style strikes and smooth technical wrestling, the style of the match was just what one would expect, but with a unique NGW twist; in order not to bore fans or expose Svensson's physical decline, it was kept short and emphasized on storytelling, wrapping up in just five and a half minutes when Morgan squeezed the tap out from Svensson courtesy of his Wigan Wrench hold. Rating: D+ 52 Champagne Lover had a word or two to say from his lounge backstage regarding the man he challenged to a match. Lover said he'd been watching Morgan and respected his skills, but he would be no match for a man like the Mexican, who not only has wrestling skills of his own, but also backs them up with charisma, great looks and skill on the mic, making him the complete package and the real champion out of the two of them. Rating: C 62 Geena the Warrior Princess & Fusae Etsuko vs Girl Power The episode's main event featured Geena the Warrior Princess and Fusae Etsuko teaming up against Girl Power and before the match, the two scheduled rivals took a moment to speak their minds, saying tonight they'd be putting their differences aside in order to promote and showcase women's wrestling. With Ring of Fire being a male only promotion, they had no potential opponents but each other for Ultimate Challenge, yet tonight and on that night they'd show why they deserve to be in the main event. The subsequent match proved that point in action, outshining even the Emerald Angel versus Shiro Akuma opener. Nakajima had the toughness, striking power and technical prowess to go toe to toe with both Geena and Etsuko, wearing them down for her high flying partner to hit with her array of impressive moves, while Geena and Etsuko provided an explosive mix of power and skill, eventually leading them to victory when Etsuko locked Nakajima in her new submission finisher, which announcers let us know she calls the "Lullaby". It's the exact same move she used on Geena the Warrior Princess upon her surprise return and as the show wrapped up, it was clear Etsuko was sending a message to the NGW Womens champion about what might happen when the two of them meet at Ultimate Challenge. Angle Rating: C 63 Match Rating: B 78
  8. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    An Angel sounds like a better fit for the League of Heroes than a White Demon, wouldn't you think? "Righteous" as in "effective" or as in "morally superior"? Why, thank you very much. I only got glimpses of that era and the one that followed (Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWF, Attitude era, original ECW etc) but I caught up thanks to the internet. These days the "independent" (as in, non-WWE) wrestling scene is experiencing a revival with several promotions, new ideas and great talent, so I have a lot of inspiration to draw from as far as my booking and writing go. If there's something strange in your legal world, who you gonna call? Challenge day 16: Tuesday, September 18th Akira Tozawa (Nutrition) 1797 (Target calories) - 1401 (Intake) + 312 (Physical activity) = 708 under threshold Morning weigh-in: 81,7kg (-0,3), Water intake: 0,5L (2/8 glasses) I'm starting to doubt the accuracy of this app, but at least it keeps the quantity I take in from spiraling out of control. BullFit (Exercise) Still fighting the cold, stuffy nose is annoying BUT aforementioned friend called and we visited the Muay Thai school twice, during the morning and evening, but the head teacher wasn't around (I'm guessing he was attending the protest in memory of a young rapper/activist murdered 5 years ago in cold blood by Golden Dawn neo-nazis, because he's awesome like that). From the looks of it, given my cold, available gear and scheduled expenses, I might be starting again around early October. Hard Times (Financial) Same friend also quit his job on Friday. I know the guy from law school and we've been rolling RPG dice for over a decade together, so when he told me the law office is still willing to hand him out criminal law cases as an independent contractor but he wants to skip the courtrooms altogether, I used my 20 seconds of bezerker mode to point out I'm available. If he's fine with it and the office is fine with it, I could take up that stuff and use the income. He was more than happy to say yes (except a couple of clients he's built up a personal relationship with) so I'm waiting for his chat with his former employers, see if they're willing to give me a chance.
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    Xena does some stuff

    It was just one of those days... But cats know
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    Wanna be like Xena

    Yeah, well, I mean... plenty of us want to be as awesome as @Xena Welcome to the Rebellion!
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    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 2 of March 2013 Venue: Grozny Hall, Russia, Europe Attendance: 300 (sold out), Show grade: B- 76 PPV Buyrate: 0.01 (7.058 viewers), Shown on Euro Your Demand NGW Commissioner Sebastian Krause kicked off the promotion's first ever show to be held on Eastern European soil, tapping into his East German background and fluency of the Russian language to connect with the 300 fans that had sold out the venue. He also had a major announcement to make regarding this company that always kept pushing limits, thus this "expansion" would continue with NGW holding this month's cross promotional Ultimate Challenge event for the first time ever in Ireland, a nod to its Midlands-based Ring of Fire partner. Things got even hotter when the Czars came out to circle the Commissioner, with Dovydas Vidmar grabbing the mic out of his hands to greet his fellow countrymen. He then passed the mic on to the Ivanoff brothers, who reminded Krause of their little "home town agreement". Krause had no choice but to agree, revealing that indeed he had booked a member of the group as the third party to join Fusae Etsuko and Geena the Warrior Princess in tonight's triple threat main event match. However, part of the agreement was also to let him book a second match for the night, featuring a member of the group against an oppponent of his choice, a clause he would be immediately invoking. Rating: C+ 67 "The Black Widow" Zofia Jankovic vs "The Steppe Cowgirl" Anna Twirl Straight off the hot intro to the show, out came Zofia Jankovic, baffling fans and announcers alike as she is the only female member of the Czars, thus the only one who would normally be able to wrestle Etsuko and Geena in the main event. Before any sense could be made, her opponent came out and it was none other than "The Steppe Cowgirl" Anna Twirl! Making her NGW return, Twirl had turned up the gimmickry as far as her character goes, taking the out-of-place cowgirl character into comedy territory. That's not to say she couldn't still wrestle, even if her opponent's superior skill between the ropes was obviously greater, leading to a clean win for Jankovic after a rather entertaining first match. Rating: D 43 Champagne Lover had a word to say from his Lover's Lounge studio next and it had to do with the upcoming Ultimate Challenge show. After voicing his excitement for a chance to spend some time around the irish lasses, Lover said he wanted to meet ROF's main champion, Walter Morgan, in a champion versus champion match, a prospect fans seemed pretty excited at. Rating: B+ 83 The League of Heroes vs The Real Deal Three on three faction action was scheduled up next and both teams had their fair share of internal issues to overcome. Akuma's betrayal still hangs heavy above the League of Heroes and the Real Deal made the best of it, using their size and power advantage, as well as the fact that so far these three seem to not be caught in the whole Cornell-Hossam power struggle to work together and control the match. Edison's judo, MMA and submission skills kept the Cruiserweight Tag Team champions grounded for the Heavyweight Tag Team champions to then tear apart and even Svensson couldn't do much for his side due to age catching up with him. To make matters worse, Shiro Akuma showed up just as Stig seemed to be making a heroic comeback. Although Akuma's attack didn't really hurt the veteran (physically, at least) it was enough to end the match in his favor via DQ. Truly though, it never felt as though the League of Heroes really won this bout. Rating: C- 56 Emerald Angel caught up with a retreating Akuma backstage, letting him know he could see "the demon behind his eyes". The NGW Cruiserweight champion wasn't having any of this, but Angel still had one more thing to say. He would banish the evil and avenge his Open Collective fellow champions for what Akuma did to them. Rating: D- 40 Edward Cornell & Wael Hossam vs The Gentleman & the Pitbull Whether an attempt to have them sort out their differences while fighting on the same side or a cruel joke, Wael Hossam and Edward Cornell found themselves booked to wrestle as a team next. To make matters worse, their opponents were none other than The Gentleman and the Pitbull. On top of that, apparently they (unwillingly) worked pretty well together, with Cornell's power complementing Hossam's technical prowess to the point that rivalled the chemistry between Frye and Howard. Everything was in place for a great match and that's exactly what this confrontation was, to the point of stealing the show altogether. For any doubters thinking this was too good to last, Cornell proved them right when he finally gave up on his partner, leaving him alone in the Royal Armbar instead of breaking it up, which of course eventually led to the tap out. Rating: B+ 83 Backstage, Sebastian Koller was having a chat with Hardcore Hernandez. Viper McKenna was also present, chipping into what Koller said, essentialy highlighting the fact that Hernandez just so happens to be the only male cruiserweight in the group. Though Hernandez took this as a case of him being underestimated by the heavyweights and the reason why he wasn't part of the team last week, Koller smartly pointed out that this may actually be a blessing, not a curse: Hernandez was free to pursue dominance of his division without having to worry about any allies betraying him. Especially now, with the NGW Cruiserweight champion going through an unstable phase and having alienated himself from his League of Heroes buddies, this might just be the perfect chance for Hernandez to strike and finally become champion... Rating: C 61 Geena the Warrior Princess vs "The Pain from the Ukraine" Karen Bilous vs "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko The original female member of the Czars and NGW alumni "the Pain from the Ukraine" Karen Bilous was finally revealed as the third person to join Geena the Warrior Princess and Fusae Etsuko in the ring for the main event. Though not as popular or skilled as her two opponents, Bilous had the element of surprise on her side and tougness to spare, taking Geena's best hits and Etsuko's nastiest stretches without ever giving up. The match momentum swung nicely between individual exchanges, Geena and Etsuko teaming up to eliminate Bilous and those two getting caught up in their personal rivalry. It took the appearance of Melanie Flyman to end the match though, still stealthy like a ninja despite no longer wearing the hood. A timely pull of Bilous' leg set her up for the Amazon Plung and the pin, crowning Geena as the winner but not really resolving anything between her and Etsuko. Rating: B 77
  12. DarK_RaideR

    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    Thanks everyone, it's been a long hard process but it finally looks like it may be getting somewhere. I spent most of yesterday being completely zoned out; even though it didn't feel like 'a weight had been lifted' or anything, I guess it kinda felt odd to finally be somewhat... at peace? I DUNNO! *cue @shaar mannerisms* Not many can, because for all his Charisma, Akuma is absolute crap on the mic and has hit his skill growth cap so no hopes of improving that; unless he gets someone else to do his talking, he's stuck to being "silent but violent". Thus the concept of having him tell the story in the ring through his actions. I'm trying to be faithful to the spirit of booking and not just have him deliver a crappy promo just so I can have him spit out his evil masterplan. He's got better skills and greater potential than his brother, plus Bam Bam spent some time on the sidelines with an injury. I'm re-introducing Herc as a cheesy cartoonish singles wrestler while Bam Bam pays his dues as the EWA champion in developmental. Pictured: Cheesy cartoonish Hercules Come on people, he's trying real hard to fit in as the clean-cut face of the promotion, cut him some slack... They have tag chemistry, so a monster pairing isn't out of the question (hence the hint at the match description). Viv has more or less hit a glass ceiling, she has the popularity and in-ring skills, she's worked on her entertainment skills, but lacks the "it" factor to go any further so she could settle in a team with Edwards, carrying her through matches and providing hands-on experience as the rookie builds up her skills and fanbase. Eh, wasn't ever a big fan of the overly sexualized Attitude Era stuff, seeing today's women in wrestling treated as proper performers instead of eye candy or cranky crazy PMS weirdos is a real blessing. Also, I'd have picked a better portrait; this is one of the generic ones that comes with the game so it can be assigned to randomly generated workers like Etsuko. Jeri Behr is much better when it comes to that, her portrait really looks like she has a Sex Appeal of 97. Challenge day 15: Monday, September 17th Akira Tozawa (Nutrition) 1797 (Target calories) - 1917 (Intake) + 243 (Physical activity) = 122 under threshold Morning weigh-in: 82kg (+1,5), Water intake: 0,75L (3/8 glasses) Paying the price for the weekend, though I think that sudden dive to 80,5kg on Friday was temporary anyway. BullFit (Exercise) Had to take the SRLF to the doctor again in the morning. Also, I'm catching a cold myself, though it's focused on my nose and not my throat like hers. Still did some domestic rangering at night, but not counting it as exercise since it was all static (dishes and ironing) Hard Times (Financial) I made a spreadsheet of the people I should reach out to and keep in touch with in hopes of "warming up" my initial pool of potential clients. There's a name and a date of the last time we were in touch. Pretty happy I've already started making calls, especially to the owners of the kindergarden I attended (also our family friends) whose only son (just one month older than me) is now officially a dad.
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    DarK_RaideR's 30th Challenge: Don't call it a respawn

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 1 of March 2013 Venue: Mads Kristensen Arena, Denmark, Europe Attendance: 2.000 (sold out), Show grade: B- 74 PPV Buyrate: 0.01 (8.260 viewers), Shown on Euro Your Demand The Czars The Outcasts (with Viper McKenna) A whopping 5 versus 5 free for all in the night's opening match, with the Czars fighting the Outcasts in a bout that also included female members Jankovic and Flyman respectively. The action was good enough to fire up the crowd and with the men locked up in various brawls and holds, there was enough space for the smaller ladies to hit their own moves, especially the high flying Flyman. Viper McKenna was at ringside for her team and proved to be the deciding factor, as it was her sneaky interception of Jankovic that allowed Petter Eriksson to hit the Belarussian with a Northern Lights Bomb for the easy pin. Rating: C- 55 Comfortably watching the show from his office, NGW Commissioner Sebastian Krause welcomed fans to another episode of Back to the Future, the first after February's "Fallout" event. Pointing to tonight's opening match as a continuation of Fallout's opener with male and female wrestlers in the same match, Krause announced tonight's show would feature two more intergender matches, while next week would see Dovydas Vidmar go toe to toe with Roy Edison in light of their interaction at Fallout. Rating: D 47  John Silver & Leon Harrison Girl Power Emerald Angel & Hardcore Hernandez Moving on to the first of two more mixed gender matches the Commissioner announced for the night, it was Girl Power against the pairing of Silver and Harrison in a three way match that also included the oddball pairing of Emerald Angel, now missing his two more champion buddies in Double Dutch, and Hardcore Hernandez. Despite now focusing on a more brawl-based approach, Harrison hasn't forgotten his aerial skills and was able to keep up with everyone else's high flying in a spectacular match filled with jaw dropping, flashy moves, though it was Jeri Behr who really stole the show between the ropes. Cheered on as the local favorite, Behr made the most of her grace and gymnastics background to deliver a stellar performance, yet it was Hernandez who ended up winning the match for his team when he managed to hit Harrison with his own PRIDE Driver finisher for the pin. Once the match was over, Hernandez got on the mic to voice his displeasure regarding the opening match and how his "fellow" Outcasts once again did not include him in it, calling himself "an Outcast among them" before making a sharp remark with a rhetorical question about how people "question" his teaming with Shiro Akuma at Fallout. Match Rating: C 61 Angle Rating: D 47 Stig Svensson vs Ripper LeStat Speaking of that 3 vs 3 match, the two men involved in its finish were set for action next in a singles bout. Local hero and loser of that bout, Stig Svensson, sought to bounce back and defeat the man who pinned him, returning talent Ripper LeStat. Having considerably toned down the gimmickry of his vampiric character, LeStat still displayed viciousness in the ring, going toe to toe with the legend of NGW in a pretty equally spread out bout. The action itself was somewhat limited in order to emphasize the story being told, with Svensson looking to teach the youngster a lesson and LeStat hellbent on making Stig bleed, neither man went for the pin early and that took away from the flow of the match. Still, LeStat pulled off another shocking win over the veteran in just over eight minutes when he escaped Stig's powerbomb finisher to retaliate with his own turnbuckle powerbomb, a move he calls the Vlad's Impaler. Rating: D 46 A pre-taped video package aired next, in which Hercules Johansson was shown performing various feats of strength. Many of those involved lifting rocks, pulling a heavy-looking bow string for some archery practice and even wrestling a live lion! It all made sense though when the footage ended with a graphic referring to him simply as "Hercules" and skipping his last name. Apparently the Norwegian has been taking his (nick)name a bit more seriously than he should. Cheesy, yet impressive, the video was an instant success with the Scandinavian crowd in attendance. Rating: C 62 The Gentleman & the Pitbull vs Viv "The Violence" Jacobs & Paula Edwards Last of the night's intergender matches, this one featured an interesting matchup as two of the biggest female competitors in NGW were teamed up to face heavyweights Nelson Frye and Robert Howard. Given his character, Frye was reluctant to hurt a woman and even when challenged, he limited his offense to grappling and submissions. Jacobs wasn't having any of it though and perhaps taking his attitude as demeaning, unleashed her aggression on him, before tagging in Edwards who seemed to be sharing her partner's viewpoint. Both ladies seemed to be working nicely as a team, to the point where it wouldn't seem odd to see them team up regularly as a monster pairing to terrorize smaller opponents. Still, Howard and Frye also have that magic when teaming together, plus the experience to boot. Howard wasn't shy about trading blows with either woman and experience did indeed prove to be the deciding factor, as a rookie mistake from Edwards created the opening for Frye to lock in the Royal Armbar and score a quick submission. Rating: C+ 70 Announced at NGW Fallout, this episode of Lover's Lounge was perhaps the most hotly awaited one, especially given Etsuko's actions after the end of the Womens title match. For the first time interviewing a guest in a pretty respectful manner (at least for The Mexican Heartthrob's standards and Etsuko's looks*), host and NGW Heavyweight champion questioned the state of the Gothic Grappler's injury and the reasoning of her actions after the Geena-Jacobs match. Calm and collected, Etsuko revealed she had underwent surgery that led to her being cleared to wrestle earlier than expected, a fact she hid in order to surprise her rival along with the rest of the world at NGW Fallout. March is the month for one of the promotion's big four events of the year, NGW Ultimate Challenge, a cross-promotional show with UK's Ring of Fire and as Etsuko pointed out, ROF has no female wrestlers. Therefore, she would be fully expecting to meet Geena the Warrior Princess in the ring at the end of the month in a title versus streak match. Rating: B 82  "Mile High" Adam Matravers vs "Jedi Knight" Christopher Lister vs "The White Faced Demon" Shiro Akuma Not featured in the multi man match against Akuma and not even booked to wrestle at NGW Fallout, Cruiserweight Tag Team champions Team Fly were given a spot in the main event of this episode, a triple threat match against (former?) teammate Shiro Akuma. The story of course was the champions being allies as well as opponents at the same time, something Akuma exploited to fight the match on equal terms and prevent his two opponents from overwhelming him. Surprisingly enough, the match was pretty well rounded, mainly thanks to Lister's technical foundation and how he and Matravers made the best of Akuma's small size to hit a fair share of slams and power moves cruiserweights usually don't bother with. That's not to say that there wasn't any spectacular high flying; far from it, yet there was variety and cohesion that prevented things from crumbling down to a messy collection of impressive spots with nothing to tie them together. The finish saw Akuma attempt to end the match via stoppage when he sought to injure Lister, only for Matravers to selflessly make the save and get hit with an Akuma Cradle himself for the pin. Rating: B- 76 The show ended with a backstage segment of Cornell delivering a fiery speech as he tried to rally the troops for mutiny against Wael Hossam. Despite a great delivery (and a poorly delivered response from Edison) his words never hit home with his Real Deal stablemates, as Edison was the one to point out that Cornell himself had invited Hossam to join the group and delivered leadership to him. Rating: B- 74 *She has a Sex Appeal rating of 100