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  1. It's funnier when you do it by accident, but still.
  2. Once again, appreciate your words of encouragement, Tank. Like you pointed out upon your return from the honeymoon, my writing and storytelling have indeed picked up. I've finally settled down to a basic roster of characters and with no trimming or chasing new signings, the biggest thing since has been direction. I know where I want to go with every character, every narrative, every feud. I think it comes across that with Ultimate Challenge I knew the exact story I wanted to tell with every match and none of them were fillers, every match was there for a reason and to advance a certain narrative.
  3. Pretty similar to a game-changing Headspace video.
  4. NGW presents: Ultimate Challenge 2011 Held at Trikala Pavillion Arena March 2011, Attendance: 6.405 vs Girl Power (Megumi Nakajima & Jeri Behr) vs Russian Power (Marat Khoklov & Ivan Ivanoff) Ivan Ivanoff starts the match trying to overpower Nakajima, but every time he gets close he's rewarded with a stiff kick to the ribs or a forearm to the jaw. Frustrated, Ivanoff simply charges Nakajima, tackles her to the ground and beats her down. Dragging her to his corner, he tags in Marat who just drives his body mass onto the much smaller woman in the corner before tossing her over. The pin attempt is broken when Behr takes a diving splash onto Marat, who just throws her out of the ring again before tagging Ivanoff in to inflict more damage on Nakajima. The Japanese wrestler manages to grab a hold of Ivan's leg and execute a takedown, putting him in a submission hold. Bigger and stronger, Ivanoff easily makes it to the ropes, but that allows Nakajima to tag in Behr. After hitting a few impactful moves, she goes for the pin but Marat lifts her up to break it. Behr runs to the ropes, where Nakajima taps her on the back for the tag, then hits Marat like a human missile. Staggering, Marat doesn't realize that Nakajima has put his partner in the Nakajima Straight Jacket and Ivanoff quickly passes out, giving the victory to Girl Power. Grade: D+ (51/100) Frank De Pain comes down to the ring mic in hand, shaking his head at the outcome of the opening match. He points out he's defeated both Nakajima and Behr, so effectively this means he's good enough to beat Marat Khoklov, though he was never given the opportunity he clearly deserves because for years, NGW has put women like Viv Jacobs and Geena the Warrior Princess before him. With neither of them seemingly around anymore and every other female beat by him, he says he's run out of opponents, issuing an open challenge to anyone willing to face him and be ashamed in defeat. Grade: D (43/100) Lights go out and an all too familiar keyboard melody sends fans into a frenzy as lights flicker to the intro music Some people get by... with a little understanding... The song builds up and so does excitement, until the first guitar riff hits and all the lights focus at the top of the entrance ramp. Clad in a spectacular black outfit complete with fitting makeup, the newcomer makes her entrance and fans lose it when she's announced as "The Gothic Grappler, Fusae Etsuko". Commentary team explain that you shouldn't let her small stature fool you, this woman is famous the world over for her in-ring skills and a long time nemesis of Geena the Warrior Princess in Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Goddesses. Meanwhile, Etsuko is mesmerizing as she's doing her weirdo entrance into the ring, ending with her turning her attention to an unimpressed Frank De Pain clapping in irony. Grade: B+ (86/100) vs Frank De Pain vs "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko Things are off to a slow start, as both wrestlers are feeling each other's style out. Though disrespectful as usual, Frank is wary of an opponent he recognizes as serious competition. Etsuko plays to that, pretending to attack but instead doing weird faces to get under Frank's skin and make him lose his cool. A few actual lockups quickly end with Etsuko easily getting the advantage, leading to a standoff where Frank rethinks his strategy and Etsuko just beckons at him to come get some for real. Eventually, the Dutchman sticks with what brought him to the dance and gets moving around the ring, building velocity and momentum for some aerial offense. Etsuko is shaken from the impact but it's because of the size and weight difference as she doesn't seem to be taking any real damage. Once Frank has pulled off a few moves, she puts the brakes on him with a decapitating lariat. Back to the mat wrestling, Etsuko focuses on Frank's neck and seems to be enjoying his screams, yanking to inflict more pain whenever she can. Flopping like a fish, Frank manages to roll over and force a pinning predicament to get the hold released, before hitting the ropes for a few more flashy aerial moves. Though he does connect, the landing isn't easy and it's apparent his neck has been damaged. His saving grace is that he's managed to tire Etsuko who's gasping for a breath, but still her technical excellence allows her to reverse an attempt at an Orange Wave into her own "Darkness Falls" finisher, a simple yet ultra stiff kick that knocks Frank out cold for the pin. Grade: D+ (50/100) vs NGW Young Lion title Ambulance match Edward Cornell vs Beast Bantom The ambulance driven to the side of the ramp has fans cheering as it signals the upcoming match. Cornell makes a somewhat cocky entrance, seemingly sure of his victory, while Bantom just oozes bad intentions. As soon as the bell rings, the two men are on each other's throats and it's a slugfest. Really early in the match, Bantom hits the Savage Pounce and takes down Cornell, who he then rolls out of the ring. Bantom produces a mop from under the ring apron, which he disrespectfully wipes on Cornell's face before whacking him with it so hard it bends. He then takes one half and uses it to apply a chokehold on Cornell, taking the air out of his lungs so he can pick him up for a running powerbomb onto the steel railing that separates the front row audience from the ringside area. Lying on the ground, a desperate Cornell manages to kick Bantom in the balls, taking advantage of the fact there's no disqualifications in this match. This allows Cornell some time and space to get up, beat up a bent over Bantom on his back and then take him down with a spinebuster. Dragging his fallen foe around ringside, Cornell brings him to the announcers' table and hits the Black Thunder Bomb, driving Bantom's body through the table. Shifting in the splinters, both men struggle to get up and once they do, they grab each other by the hair and trade blows to the face. Bantom breaks it up by stepping forward and grabbing Cornell into a bearhug. Realizing he hasn''t got the strength or stamina to keep him in it, Bantom turns it into a belly to belly suplex and Cornell's back lands hard on the ring apron. Again, Bantom reaches under the ring and pulls out a weapon, this time a baseball bat but swings wide as Cornell dodges and pulls Bantom's head to drive him head first into the steel ringpost. Using the bat, Cornell goes low once again for good measure and swings between Bantom's legs. Seemingly incapacitated, Bantom is dragged towards the ambulance before Cornell picks up the stretcher to slam it on his fallen foe. Writhing in pain, Bantom is barely able to fight back as Cornell straps him to the stretcher. Instead of putting him in the back of the vehicle, Cornell takes advantage of a helpless, trapped Bantom to beat him down a little more, culminating to him climbing the roof of the ambulance to come down with an elbow drop. Once he's finally had enough, Cornell drags the stretchered Bantom to the back, puts in whatever strength he's got left in him after such a physical match and gets the man inside. In one last vengeful fit, Cornell places Bantom's head in position to slam it hard with the ambulance door, then kicks the stretcher properly in before slamming the door shut to win the match and keep the title as fans stand in confused silence from the carnage they've witnessed, some even hastily cheering in sympathy for Bantom. Grade: C- (56/100) Fitness Fury (Viper McKenna & Petter Eriksson) vs Violent Mood Swings (Adam Matravers & Robert Howard) vs The Addams Family (Jimmy & Kalvin Addams) vs Landon Mallory & Hercules Johansson Despite this being a 4 way tag team match, teams belonging in the same faction work together against the other two teams. Everyone gets their time to do a few moves and while everyone expects the incompetent henchmen to be eliminated first, it's actually Landon Mallory who taps out to McKenna's Single Leg Crab as miscommunication has his partner brawling with Robert Howard at ringside instead of helping him by breaking up the pin. This of course leads to the comical situation of the Addams Family having to stand their ground against both Fitness Fury and Violent Mood Swings. Though they try to retreat, Jimmy and Kalvin can't get past four opponents who drag them back into the ring and hit them with both Fists of Fury then Highs and Lows to pin and eliminate them. It comes down to the two babyface teams, who realize they've won the battle against Stars of the Show so they might as well put up a good fight for the rest of the match. Shaking hands in mutual respect and sportsmanship, the two teams are off to a straightforward tag team match. The finish sees Matravers knock McKenna off the apron with an aerial attack off the ropes. Viper bumps her head on her way down and is out cold, leaving Petter Eriksson with no one to turn to. The big Norwegian tries his best but by this point everyone's too exhausted and the numbers advantage favors Violent Mood Swings, who hit him first with a Chaos Theory and then a Mile High Moonsault for the pin. Grade: D+ (53/100) vs #1 Contender for the NextGen championship match Shiro Akuma vs Champagne Lover The two men know each other inside out and it shows in their fight as they both evade and reverse each other's moves in a spectacle of move, countermove and chain wrestling. Pressing his size and power advantage, Champagne Lover leans towards using a lot of his puroresu based offense, which coupled with Akuma's super junior aerial style make this look like a match that could well take place in the land of the rising sun. Despite his occasional fits and shivers, Akuma seems to be faring better in the match, which in turn forces Lover to switch to a more classic lucha libre offense, blending high flying with some hard suplexes. This balances out the playing field and things turn around, as the two men are evenly matched and the difference maker now is Akuma's struggle for internal control. Champagne Lover isn't going to let this opportunity slide and he manages to get Akuma in a headlock for his Lover Stunner finisher, when he abruptly stops and releases, his hand tangled up in something around Akuma's neck. Pulling it free, Champagne Lover looks thunderstruck as he gazes at the jewelry in his hands. Camera gets a shot at it, a locket that he pops open to reveal his photo on one side and on the other, that of Tara Green. NGW's color commentator is watching the scene with sadistic pleasure and when Lover turns to face her, she stands up, takes off the headphones and walks to the ring as the two argue loudly. Green enters the ring and cradles the fallen Akuma in her arms, a scene Champagne Lover immediately breaks up. The argument continues as Akuma recovers in the background, with Tara Green saying she gave the locket to Akuma because of Lover's "multiple interests" in other women. Furious, the Mexican raises a hand to slap her, but before he can do it, Akuma grabs him from behind and hits the Akuma Cradle, one, two, three, Shiro Akuma is the new #1 contender. Grade: C- (62/100) vs Tag Team Tournament finals for the NGW Tag Team titles Cream of the Crop (Vice-Admiral Nelson Frye & Christopher Lister) vs Top Dogs (John Silver & Leo Harrison) Harrison and Frye start the match, with Frye offering a handshake that Harrison refuses, kicking him in the gut instead. Aware that he can't brawl with his heavyweight opponent, Harrison goes for the headlock and a submission-based approach. Too fresh for that, Frye powers out of the holds and brawls Harrison around, eventually knocking him down with a flying shoulder block he hits with surprising grace for his size and usual style. Lister gets tagged in and waits for Harrison to get back up, something Leo uses to surprise his opponent. Harrison gets Lister to his corner and tags Silver in, who in turn brawls Lister in the corner until the ref breaks it up. A surprise Kanobi Kutter leads to a pin attempt that Harrison breaks up fast, but Lister gets up first and is still in control. Using a style that's a direct throwback to the 80s, Lister hits Silver hard with some big shots before getting him in oldschool submission holds. Frye comes in and continues with the brawling, the pace of the match keeping Silver on the defensive. Being in total control of the match leads to showboating from Frye, allowing Silver a quick escape to give the hot tag to Harrison. Leo jumps Frye from behind and pulls his feet to drop him down face first. Meanwhile, Silver has climbed to the top rope and hits a Silversault on Frye, but Leo's pin is broken up by Lister. Furious, Harrison hits the PRIDE Driver on Lister, but Frye is still the legal man and up on his feet. Running on adrenaline, Harrison spears Frye to the mat and tags Silver in, who goes for another Silversault. Frye gets the knees up to give Silver a hard landing, then floats over to lock in the Royal Armbar. Harrison comes in to break it up and walks straight into a Kanobi Kutter from the recovered Lister, which takes him out. Caught in the middle of the ring and with no one to save him, Silver is forced to tap and Cream of the Crop win the tournament to get the revamped NGW Tag Team titles. Grade: B- (74/100) Show Grade: C+ (70/100) Ratings: 0.15 (112.500 viewers)
  5. Monday, July 24 Eat lighter, eat healthier As usual, breakfast was oats with milk, almonds and tahini again. For lunch, I grabbed some meat on a stick and a banana/apple/mango smoothie. Post workout we had a falafel pocket each, so overall not a bad day nutrition-wise. Keep working out 1/3 workouts for the week, did 12x2 Box Squats before a 7' AMRAP of 50 Double Unders and 10 Overhead Squats. Pretty happy with my Box Squat performance, technique felt easier than last time, was able to use a lower (20") box and even though the weight wasn't as much, the sheer volume of it all makes up for it. Fortunately, someone had forgotten their wrist wraps and I borrowed them for the WOD, but even so I only used an empty barbell as my arms still ached from all the climbing on Sunday. Bullet Journalling done and most tasks completed. I really should take advantage of the lighter work schedule and proximity to home and finally call in a plumber. The French were just checking in due to the show being held in France, not really a long term faction. Frye's hat is another image I requested on the game's forums, together with X-Wing pilot Frank De Pain. Gotta love the community. As for Bantom and the ambulance, he did say he'll end Cornell's career... Song of the day
  6. Monday 24 July 7' AMRAP 50 Double Unders 10 Overhead Squats Score: 2 rounds and 40 DUs using just the 44lb bar
  7. NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 24 (Monday, Week 4 of March 2011) Held at some venue in France Attendance: 1.600 Announced as "Vice-Admiral Nelson Frye and Christopher Lister" the team make their entrance dressed in Napoleonic Wars era costumes to a chorus of boos from the triggered French crowd. Cutting a promo in English and stressing their British accent, a fact that further infuriates local fans, the duo hype their upcoming match against the Top Dogs at Ultimate Challenge for the NGW Tag Team titles at the finals of the Tag Team Tournament. The promo ends with Lister appealing to Leo Harrison's sense of national pride, saying it's his patriotic duty as "England expects that every man will do his duty". Grade: B- (73/100) vs Jeri Behr and Megumi Nakajima vs The Foreign Legion (Jaques & Pierre DuPont) The Foreign Legion have appeared in NGW shows in the past, but the nostalgia is nothing compared to the hometown hero welcome the two brothers get from the fans. Since they are supposed to be the villains in the match, the two men do their best to disrespect their opponents. Their technical based style gives them plenty of ways to be insulting, as well as time to shout obscenities while resting in a hold. Once they've managed to get the desired negative reaction from the crowd, the brothers slowly get outwrestled by the technical brilliance of Nakajima. When she's in control of the match, she gives the tag to Behr who pulls off some spectacular stunt flips, last of which is her Standing Moonsault finisher that wins the match for the ladies. Grade: D- (38/100) Once the match is over and the winners are done celebrating, they are handed microphones to announce that they will be making this partnership official, teaming up as "Girl Power" from now on. Marat Khoklov and Ivan Ivanoff interrupt the announcement with wicked smiles on their faces. With no contender set to challenge for the NextGen title at Ultimate Challenge and the Top Dogs facing Cream of the Crop for the tag titles, the two men tell Girl Power they now have a date for the big night, a match against RUSSIAN Power! Grade: C- (54/100) Coming back from commercial break, Champagne Lover is on the phone, apparently with Tara Green. Lover says last week he was about to interfere in Shiro Akuma's match to soften him up for their upcoming match at Ultimate Challenge, but Green's jealousy kept him arguing backstage for too long. It looks like the conversation isn't going anywhere and Lover is clearly frustrated, when his eye falls on something. Quickly wrapping up the call before hanging up on Tara Green, he puts on his most charming smile and walks towards whatever caught his eye. A gorgeous lady with fiery red hair, complete with a matching dress and heels stands there smiling at him. She introduces herself as Liz Sweetheart in the faintest of British accents, saying she's a big fan and she wanted to meet him in person so she snuck her way into the backstage area. Lover says he's always glad to meet fans, especially beautiful ones like her. Slyly wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulls her closer and offers to give her a tour of the backstage area, to which of course she obliges and the two set off. Grade: C (64/100) vs Frank De Pain vs Speedy Marie French fans are solid in support of local girl Speedy Marie, who they already know from her time in various European promotions. Since she's never appeared for NGW, the announcers sing her praises and recap her achievements for the viewers on TV in order to get across how tough this match is going to be for the Dutchman. Marie is an accomplished high flyer and she uses her skills to wow the fans, as opposed to the ground and pound game that Frank De Pain goes for. Cheating to get her in the Orange Wave for the subsequent pin, Frank De Pain picks up another victory and the burning hate of the audience. Grade: D- (38/100) Frank De Pain demands that the referee raises his hand and takes in all the reaction from the crowd, before motioning for a microphone. He proceeds to talk the audience down before boasting about beating every woman there is to beat. Grade: D- (36/100) John Silver, Leo Harrison and Landon Mallory are discussing backstage when Hercules Johansson walks up to them. The big Norwegian says he couldn't find Travis Cool anywhere, so he's taking his request to the present authority of Silver and Harrison. Hercules says he's had enough of teaming up with Ivanoff and Khoklov and he wants a match against the Czars, not on their side. The Top Dogs seem hesitant since the available members of that faction are booked to face Girl Power at Ultimate Challenge, so Mallory tosses an alternative idea: Hercules, the Addams Family and himself against four members of Rock and Roll. Grade: D+ (51/100) vsvs Non title match Edward Cornell vs "The Rock and Roller" Sebastian Koller vs "The Lone Wolf" Okami Cornell and Koller seem to be getting in an argument, with Cornell apparently angry about the recent Viper's Moshpit segment where he was again compared to his big cousin, Tommy. Okami, who doesn't care, attacks both men, then splits his strikes equally between the two to dominate the start of the match. Koller and Cornell quickly bounce back after the wake up call and overwhelm Okami, knocking him out so they can go at each other's throats. The back and forth fighting isn't anything special from a wrestling standpoint, but the intensity between these two and the stiffness of their strikes tells the emotional story behind their brawl. As soon as Cornell seems to have an advantage over Koller, a recovered Okami returns to the fight trying to take advantage, only to get caught in the Black Thunder Bomb as Cornell covers him for the pin. Grade: D+ (50/100) Cornell is handed the NGW Young Lion title, which he puts on his shoulder and walks backstage when a loud bang is heard. The double side doors burst open in a flash of red lights as an ambulance apparently rammed them open. The vehicle comes to an abrupt stop next to the ramp and out of the driver's seat comes... ...Beast Bantom, charging at Cornell. The two men have a big brawl at ringside, with a fresh Bantom enjoying a distinct advantage over the fatigued champion. Bantom whips Cornell onto the front of the ambulance, before picking him up to powerbomb him on the hood, giving fans a little sample of what they can expect when these two clash at Ultimate Challenge. Grade: C (65/100) Shiro Akuma is shown training in the gym. As the intensity peaks and his heart rate climbs, it looks like fatigue is taking his defenses down and whatever's been haunting him starts to creep back in. Pausing abruptly, Akuma drops to his knees and mutters something about "not losing control". The lights flicker and the place goes dark. A slow, guttural laugh is heard for a bit before a single, blood red light falls on a figure standing before a kneeled Akuma. "Oh but you will.... pretty soon, you will. If you want to become the #1 contender, hell, if you want to win the title... you must." Grade: D (46/100) Rock and Roll (Viper McKenna, Petter Eriksson, Adam Matravers & Robert Howard) vs Stars of the Show (The Addams Family, Landon Mallory & Hercules Johansson) Unlike recent confrontations between the two groups, this is a 4 on 4 free for all meaning everyone is legal all the time. Mallory and Johansson pair up with Eriksson and Howard, their brawls quickly spilling out to the side of the ring, leaving the stage free for McKenna and Matravers to fight the Addams Family. While clearly the better wrestlers, they have zero experience working as a team and that allows the Addams Family to put up a decent fight thanks to cooperation and double team moves. Things go back and forth with no clear winner and suddenly the bell rings out of nowhere, signalling an early end due to programming issues. Air time is over and nobody's happy with the time limit draw, but they can't argue with it either. The episode ends with the announcers reminding everyone that these eight will meet again this Saturday at Ultimate Challenge. Grade: D+ (49/100) Show Grade: C- (56/100) Ratings: 0.14 (105.000 viewers)
  8. I was blasting KISS and Motley while driving yesterday, hence the Song of the Day. No shame in seeing the Crue live, especially in during their peak
  9. Sunday, July 23 Dad left in the morning and we left with the SRLF to attend the annual beach party of our crossfit box. We then drove to her mom's house to check on the kitten we rescued a few days back, only to find him on her mom's lap all cuddly and grown up. Its leg is getting better and all the bugs are gone. We then drove to a nice place near the box for dinner before returning home to shower and sleep. Eat lighter, eat healthier As usual, breakfast was oats with milk, almonds and tahini again. Since we didn't have any food cooked, we grabbed a couple of pastries each (I had a cheese pie and a slice of pizza) but that was enough to keep me going and I didn't have any snacks or beer at the beach bar, except for some watermelon that some dude brought. We shared another pizza slice with the SRLF after the party, then for dinner we had a salad each and shared some tangerine juice. She had some ice cream after, but I resisted. Keep working out Though technically a rest day, we did get to use the blow up platform games for an hour. This is the same platform we used two years back to host the final event of the Community Meet competition, so I had an hour to balance around, climb and swing from stuff while getting friction burns on my shoulder, elbow and knee. Coupled with the swimming, I think it makes for a workout altogether. No Bullet Journalling on weekends or any plumber update. Yup it was a good chance to highlight the difference between Frye's new gentleman gimmick and the baked laid back Matravers. Also the difference between newcomer Ivanoff and the monster of a NextGen champion Khoklov. Now, I'm off to post the final episode before Ultimate Challenge... Song of the day
  10. NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 23 (Monday, Week 3 of March 2011) Held in some venue at Italy Attendance: 1.800 vs "The Rock and Roller" Sebastian Koller vs Ivan Ivanoff Show opens with the energetic babyface Sebastian Koller taking on the hulking Russian brawler Ivan Ivanoff in a clash of attitudes. With both men being members of Rock and Roll and The Czars respectively, this fight is bigger than the two of them as they are each representing their faction. Koller comes out swinging and excites the crowd with a couple of big moves, before Ivanoff connects with a forearm to the face that stops the German dead on his tracks. Ivan beats down his opponent in an unspectacular but effective way, taking short breaks to work the crowd into booing him. Once the fans have been somewhat riled up, Koller makes his comeback and manages to hit Hamburg Rock City for the win. Grade: D- (37/100) A video plays next, recapping NGW's evolution across the years and hyping the fact that this is the first ever show the company has held on Italian soil. Things then shift towards future bookings, with the announcement that the match between Beast Bantom and Edward Cornell for the NGW Young Lion title at Ultimate Challenge will be an ambulance match: only way to win is strap your opponent to a stretcher, get them on the back of an ambulance that will be parked at ringside and slam the doors shut. Given the history between these two and the title on the line, it is said that one of them is bound to end up at the hospital by the end of it. The video ends with a big announcement about a four way tag team match to determine who will face Cream of the Crop for the NGW Tag Team titles at the finals of the Tag Team Tournament at Ultimate Challenge and that match, is now. Grade: C- (57/100) Fitness Fury (Viper McKenna & Petter Eriksson) vs Violent Mood Swings (Adam Matravers & Robert Howard) vs Top Dogs (John Silver & Leo Harrison) vs The Addams Family (Jimmy & Kalvin Addams) The lineup tells the story: this is more than just a four way bout for a shot at the big title match, it's the next chapter in the ongoing feud between Rock and Roll and Stars of the Show. As expected, the factions result in automatic alliances, with Fitness Fury and Violent Mood Swings working together against the Top Dogs and the Addams Family. Leo Harrison acts borderline suicidal when he picks up a fight with both Robert Howard and Petter Eriksson outside the ring, taking a brutal beating from the two big men. Silver and Matravers do their flying stuff in the ring, when Viper McKenna tags herself in. Silver sees the opportunity, tags one of the Addams brothers in and dives onto Matravers, the momentum taking both men out of the ring. With McKenna practically isolated, the Addams Family use their sneaky ways and numbers advantage to overwhelm her and eliminate Fitness Fury from the match. The scale tips in favor of Stars of the Show and the Addams Family are free to aid the Top Dogs. Violent Mood Swings put up a valiant fight, but in the end they just can't win a four on two situation. Matravers gets hit with the PRIDE Driver before Harrison pins him for the elimination, leaving Top Dogs and Addams Family to fight it out. It looks like the faction is about to collapse on itself, but instead Silver orders the Addams brothers to lay down. The mockery of the situation sends fans into furious boos and Kalvin Addams goes through with the plan, letting Silver pin him to send the Top Dogs into the finals. Grade: D+ (50/100) Champagne Lover is backstage, heading towards the entrance way with a mean smile on his lips when he runs into Tara Green. Blocking his way, Green confronts him over Jasmine Perolt. The name doesn't ring a bell to the Mexican, but Green says it should as she's the french woman that wished him good luck last week. Amazed at Green's jealousy, Lover tells her she's being paranoid taking up a random encounter and researching into that woman. Saying he's got business to attend to, Champagne Lover tries to walk past Green, but she pulls him back and tells him he won't just walk out of this. Grade: D+ (50/100) vs Shiro Akuma vs Frank De Pain Frank De Pain voices his delight at finally being able to "wrestle a proper opponent" and Akuma goes straight to it by hitting him with an explosive dropkick. After an initial offensive sequence, Akuma once again seems to be struggling with whatever's haunting him, which allows De Pain to gain control of the match. Unlike his recent matches, FDP doesn't bother with the power or technical stuff, instead reverting to his old high flying ways that made him popular in the first place. From the looks of it, Frank De Pain is out to prove himself by outperforming Akuma. Easier said than done though, the two men go all out as they pull off ever more spectacular spots to the delight of the fans but the skies belong to Akuma. Reversing an Orange Wave into a Masuko Akuma Cradle, he gets the one two three and the win. Grade: C (60/100) Backstage, Leo Harrison praises both men for their performance. He says Travis Cool is out for the night with health issues and he's filling in. It was his idea to make Bantom vs Cornell an ambulance match, as well as pairing up Akuma and De Pain. On the contrary, the four way tag team match was Cool's idea and in no way his own plot to thrust himself in the Tag Team Tournament finals. As his last master stroke, he would now like to present the night's big main event. Grade: C (60/100) vs Cream of the Crop (Nelson Frye & Christopher Lister) vs Marat Khoklov & Hercules Johansson If pairing up Johansson with Ivanoff last week was a bad idea, this one has disaster written all over it. Frye and Johansson start the match with big shots and failed attempts at power moves since neither can pick the other heavyweight up. Marat tags himself in, overpowers Frye and slams him to the mat, telling Johansson that's how it's done. Calling for Lister to come in, Marat gets his wish and Lister gets the tag as he comes in flying. Marat catches him with ease and drives him to the mat as well, but can't get the pinfall as Lister gets a shoulder up at two. Another attempt at a slam is reversed and Lister twists around the giant but just doesn't have the power to throw him around, so he settles for an odd choke-like hold instead. Marat stumbles around and when he reaches the corner, Johansson tags himself in. With animalistic fury, Johansson beats down Lister but his emotions get the best of him and he ends up arguing with Marat. Lister pulls Marat's legs to drop him on Johansson, then gives the hot tag to Frye who charges in to drop both men out of the ring. In a deja vu from last week, Khoklov and Johansson turn their argument into a physical brawl, only this time there's no countout. Marat nails Johansson with a Moscow Lariat, then rolls him in the ring for Frye to pin. Not one to settle for such a cheap win, Frye helps Johansson up and gives him a chance to properly defend himself, though in the end he has no problem locking in the Royal Armbar for the tapout win. Grade: C (67/100) Show Grade: C (67/100) Ratings (new record!): 0.15 (112.500 viewers)
  11. Saturday, July 22 Meant to go for a workout, but that went down the drain because reasons. Instead, we went to a discount outlet mall and I grabbed a new pair of Reebok Nanos. My old 3s were pretty beat up and I donated them a while back, so a pair of 5s for 55 Euro were not bad at all, not to mention the same model that the SRLF found for her size at 35 Euros. Eat lighter, eat healthier As usual, breakfast was oats with milk, almonds and tahini again. During a coffee outside, we got a chicken/cheddar/avocado quesadilla, of which I had a quarter, then during the weird lunch case I had an omelette with potatoes. Skipped the oriental dessert and ice cream my dad brought home and at night we went out for dinner. Boiled veggies, mushroom pie, fries, spicy chicken with peppers, metballs and a 1L bottle of fresh beer I shared with the SRLF. Not ideal, but given the circumstances of my dad being here and us eating outside all the time, it was a decent result. Keep working out As mentioned, rest day. No Bullet Journalling on weekends or any plumber update. Of course they are, but I gotta fill in some TV episodes with material The story here was Cool putting together the remaining half of each team, which of course imploded while Violent Mood Swings had a chance to showcase their characters too. As I was typing the match, I figured if you added two buns of hair to Nakajima's portrait, she does kind of look like Chun Li and she certainly has her offense. Technically, Marat is a Zangief, though with slightly different looks and background. I could however ask the game's community to try and come up with Street Fighter-like variations of both portraits. The things I've commissioned... It's not Tara Green, that's for sure Song of the day
  12. NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 22 (Monday, Week 2 of March 2011) Held in Slaskie Stadion, Poland, Central Europe Attendance: 2.727 vs Landon Mallory vs "Mainstream" Hernandez (with Vita) The opening match is a showcase of NGW's younger talent, as well as a celebration for NGW's return to Central Europe. Hernandez takes Mallory by surprise with some quick aerial offense, using his charisma between moves to fire up the crowd. Mallory gets his head in place and counterattacks, using his size and strength advantage to muscle Hernandez around with some power moves. Vita riles the fans in support of Hernandez who makes his comeback, but color commentator Tara Green gets in an argument with her at ringside. Distracted by the two women almost getting into a brawl of their own, Hernandez gets rolled up and with a sneaky grab of the tights, Mallory picks up the win. Grade: D- (38/100) Flanked by the Addams brothers, the Top Dogs adress the camera and answer the challenge laid last week, saying they'll make Stars of the Show vs Rock and Roll happen at Ultimate Challenge. Grade: D (45/100) Cream of the Crop come out to a big reaction from the crowd. Lister and Frye go through their matches in the Tag Team Tournament so far and their "peculiar string of bad luck". Indeed, they point out initially they never knew who they were facing in the quarter finals until it was go time. Then they made it through to fight the Johanssons, but that got canned when Bam Bam got injured. The spot was taken by the Ivanoff Brothers, but even now there's rumors backstage that one of them is still hospitalized after last week's brawl. The music of Travis Cool plays and the General Manager comes out, saying he sadly has to confirm the rumors, as Igor Ivanoff is out with a Cranial Contusion as a result of last week's free-for-all. However, he still has a way in mind that he could work around things and he plans to test the waters tonight. Grade: D+ (49/100) Frank De Pain cuts a promo backstage, boasting about having beat all the women in the company. He runs through every one of his recent matches, ending with his victory over Anna Twirl at Fallout and how he finally rid NGW of her presence. Grade: E+ (31/100) vs Violent Mood Swings (Adam Matravers & Robert Howard) vs Hercules Johansson & Ivan Ivanoff From their entrances, it is obvious that Johansson and Ivanoff are tense in their fragile pairing. The unlikely pairing does however seem to work out, as Adam Matravers finds himself in the wrong corner and both men challenge each other over who can hit him the hardest. Johansson and Ivanoff take turns to strike or slam Matravers, then challenge the other to do better. Eventually, this escalates to insults between the two, an argument that provides Matravers with the oppportunity to escape and give the hot tag to his partner. Howard charges in and cleans house, but as they recover at ringside, Johansson and Ivanoff go from insults to getting physical. Howard doesn't look interested in joining the brawl, instead he tags in his partner with directions to hit a flying move on their opponents. In his new laid back attitude, Matravers takes his time getting to the corner and climbing the ropes, teasing perhaps a Mile High Moonsault to the outside when the referee's count reaches ten. Violent Mood Swings win by countout and Matravers hops back onto the ring, pointing at his head for outsmarting the opposition. Howard, as usual, looks confused and the fans are disappointed at being denied the big spot, but the result does not change. Grade: D+ (52/100) The remaining members of Rock and Roll are backstage, hosting Viper's Moshpit with a big guest, the brand new NGW Young Lion champion, Edward Cornell. After some basic questioning on his victory, the three hosts bring up his relation to Tommy Cornell and start talking about rock bands whose members were lesser known relatives of big rockstars. This of course doesn't sit with Cornell, so when the hosts try to switch from that discussion into an offer about Cornell joining their group, his refusal comes as no surprise. Grade: D+ (51/100) Travis Cool comes to the ring and calls out Shiro Akuma, then Champagne Lover, who come out to join him. Cool praises Akuma for his hardcore match against Leo Harrison at Fallout, saying it's a victory big enough to earn him another title shot at Marat Khoklov, who needed a challenger anyway. Before Champagne Lover can complain, Cool adds that he's heard what the Mexican said last week and took that into account as well, so to balance both ends, he has decided to book them against each other at Ultimate Challenge for the chance to become the new #1 contender. Fans love the announcement and so do the wrestlers, nodding in agreement. Grade: D+ (50/100) Returning from the announcement, backstage Champagne Lover runs into a rather stunning woman. Speaking with a distinct french accent, she simply introduces herself as "a big fan" and says she heard the announcement so she'd like to wish him good luck. Champagne Lover is silent, but his body language speaks volumes as he checks out the woman walking away. Grade: C (63/100) Beast Bantom cuts a short but intense promo. He says at Ultimate Challenge, he'll deliver more than a grudge match, more than a title match even. Come that night, he will end Cornell's career. Grade: C (64/100) vs Non title match Marat Khoklov vs Megumi Nakajima His competitive spirit rekindled by the announced promise of having a new contender for his title, Marat comes looking for a fight. Crisp and methodical, Nakajima uses her excellent footwork to stay just out of reach while stepping in to hit Marat's calves with stiff kicks that echo across the arena. Even when he manages to grab her leg, she turns things around by spinning and kicking him in the chest with her free leg. The combination of her battle screams, stiff kicks and maybe her looks inspire fans to start a "Chun Li" chant for laughs, but in all fairness she displays a fighting spirit and a never say die attitude much like that character. Marat gets a second wind, running on pure rage and hatred, an offensive that ends with a big powerslam and a heroic kick out at two. Nakajima switches to submissions as she grabs a hold of the Russian's foot before he can get up after the pin attempt. While obviously not enough to take out the big man, it does keep him down and gets some damage done, since clearly Marat struggles to get back on his feet. Nakajima looks to take the extra step as she introduces some aerial offense to the game, going high risk and while it pleases viewers, it's just not enough to keep Marat down. The match ends when she goes all the way to the top turnbuckle but spends too much time thinking about taking off. This allows a recovered Marat to simply pick her up and then drop her down with a Russian Legend Powerbomb for the win. Nakajima gets cheered regardless for her valiant effort and even Marat seems to be giving her a minimum of respect for what she was able to do in the ring. Grade: C (63/100) Show Grade: C- (59/100) Ratings: 0.13 (97.500 viewers)
  13. Friday, July 21 Eat lighter, eat healthier Breakfast was oats with milk, almonds and tahini again. There was a meeting at work, so I did grab a bit of a pastry or two, plus leftover pasta for lunch. My dad came by to visit then, his flight landed in the evening so we went out and had taboulet, cheese, veggies, mussels and fish for dinner, while sharing some wine. Not an ideal day nutrition-wise. Keep working out Rest day, had to stick around with the dadster so I couldn't go work out Bullet Journalling done, still no update on a plumber. I'm starting to get the hang of how to book this whole faction wars thing... Blame game mechanics for putting a cap on stuff. I may have all the narrative ideas and wrestlers to pull them off, but without a bigger platform to showcase it and the financial power to promote it, there's a glass ceiling I can't seem to brealk yet. Song of the day
  14. Totally on board the Teros express, I too get lazy when there's not a clear goal at the end. That's why I keep signing up for OCRs and Crossfit competitions. So are you doing Fenway again this year?