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  1. I appreciate salted caramel, but that's about it, I like my coffee black. Anything else counts as a coffee-based beverage in my book
  2. I should also mention, I participated in @jonfirestar's "low commitment" D&d game, which is basically the idea of a West Marches type of game done right, and that's got me itching to try something similar. First of all, because every RPG game I've ever played with people from NerdFitness turns out to be awesome because they're an awesome bunch, so I'm glad to do more of that and put out an open call, as odds are anyone who'll respond will be great. Second, because the idea of doing a single run per session and then leaving the location means you can really take whoever's available each tim
  3. I'll be disappointed if you didn't at least rock your Hulkamania shirt for that gig.
  4. To be fair, with the product style I've selected, grades are calculated as 60/40 of each worker's performance and popularity, whichever is better. Most of my wrestlers are rookies and their low experience penalizes their performance, while their popularity is still in the single digits. It'll get better with time, I'm just writing the matches as better. If I was doing a crappy 2$ promotion, I'd be writing them as super crappy on purpose. Oh, my sweet summer child... Farms are nowhere near where I live and nearly all the harsh farm labour is done decades now mainly by low paid, u
  5. You'd think he is destined to be a big hit with a crowd that's in a forum titled "Nerd Fitness"
  6. I'm aware and I'm not mocking anyone. It just blew my mind when I first find out there isn't just "yoghurt" and it still does, to this day.
  7. Piper Hale is shown without her camo bandana, sitting on a chair with a table in front of her, the scene lit by a single light bulb hanging above that casts blinding light on the surface, which contrasts with the thick darkness around. She looks shaken and the scene is heavily reminiscent of some sort of interrogation room, her hands however are not restrained. A large figure is walking back and forth in the darkness, muscular and wearing a beret but otherwise obscured. The person speaks first, a baritone male voice addressing Hale in a composed but menacing manner. “I don’t want t
  8. Yeah, six things before computer time was clearly an overly ambitious goal for the state I'm currently in and it only lasted for the first day. I need to take smaller steps, like maybe take 5-10 minutes at the start of the day to meditate or do a bit of self care in the form of a facial scrub or something.
  9. I will never not roll my eyes at people needing to clarify "Greek" instead of just saying "yoghurt".
  10. After two nights of troubled sleep due to the sheets causing physical pain on my sunburnt skin every time I switched my position, I was finally able to get a decent night's sleep last night. Think my skin is starting to shed too, so I'm on the tail end of this thing. Had a nice weekend, on Saturday we hit a local outlet mall for the gf to grab some hiking shoes while I got a second pair of jeans for myself. Sunday involved some much needed housework, from taking out our summer clothes to me washing the interior of the fridge. We then ended the night watching a livestream of a rock band the gf
  11. I mean, he had a bunch of hp, resistance to acid and various healers standing by. It wasn't as risky or suicidal as it sounds.
  12. It's been a hot minute since I updated, but not much has happened. Spent Wednesday mostly playing Battle Brothers, in what I could only describe as a day of total inertia. Kinda kicked out of it the day after, when I rode my bike to the beach for this year's first swim. Sea was pretty cold and I got sunburned on my back, shoulders and arms which gave me trouble sleeping, but it was still worth it, both for the swim and the ride.
  13. Do you ship overseas? Now why does this sound super familiar... Excited for the upcoming purge!
  14. Kudos for the three-pointer. See if you can keep it up all (working) week for a 5 day streak
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