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  1. EricMN's Jedi Training - The Grand Master's Trials

    From methane to jedi powers, this picture leaves so many interpretations open as far as your levitation powers go...
  2. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    But what if it was African children? With automatic rifles? Oh, you said enhoyable, not motivating. Sorry. Please continue.
  3. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 64 (Monday, Week 4 of January 2012) Held in SunCom Studios, Scandinavia Attendance: 2.000 (sold out) Travis Cool is shown in his General Manager office, when Joey Beauchamp walks in and takes a seat. "Listen Travis, I'm not here to make demands. I mean, I could if I wanted, I got like twice your age and twice your years with the company, but I respect your authority. What I also respect is your vision for this company. What you said since your return, how you handled Champagne Lover's behavior, it really struck a chord with me. See, I had John Silver cost me an NGW Television title match, then next week when I fought him it was Leo Harrison who interfered. This can't go on." Travis Cool hears it all with an expressionless face and lets a few seconds of awkward silence hang in the air after Joey's finished before he speaks. "I don't like your tone, Joey, but this isn't about you and me. I am a man of my word and I will not be treating this situation any differently just because of the people involved in it. I'm already on the case, as well as several others. Now, if you'd be kind enough to let me finish putting the card together for Determination this Saturday, it should sort out a lot of these problems, yours included." Beauchamp smiles, thanks NGW's General Manager and walks out. Grade: D 41 vs NGW Television title match Edward Cornell vs Viper McKenna The opening match is a strong start to the show with Edward Cornell defending the NGW Television title against Viper McKenna. Despite being well versed all around and having improved her striking game, McKenna is aware that her opponent has the upper hand in terms of brawling and power, so she opts to go for submission holds instead. The influence of her trainer, British Samurai, is obvious as she masterfully uses leverage to control her larger, stronger opponent and keep him on the mat. Instead of going for the leg to set up her finisher, McKenna seems to be working Cornell's right shoulder and arm, presumably trying to take away most of his offense. When she finally goes for the Single Leg Crab though, Cornell kicks her away with his free leg before she can properly lock it in and that turns the momentum of the match around. Knowing he can't afford to try and wear her down by this stage, he rushes to pick her up before she can recover and slam her to the mat with the Black Thunder Bomb for a quick pin. Grade: C- 55 vs Shiro Akuma vs Mainstream Hernandez Two young, exciting high flyers meet to duke it out in the ring and what looks good on paper turns out to be even better in reality, as both Akuma and Hernandez pull out all the stops to deliver the most exciting, fast paced, action packed match possible. Working a frantic pace full of flips, twists, rolls and dives, the two men light up the SunCom Studios as they pick up the pace from the previous match. In just about fifteen minutes, they pull off enough moves for an hour-long ironman match and in the end it's Akuma who gets the win, though little does it matter since both come out of the match looking way better than when they came into it. Once again, fans cheer both men and the two competitors not only shake hands, but Akuma raises the hand of his opponent and points toward him, a sign of recognition that he's one to watch for the future. Grade: C 64 Excitement is turned to eleven when it is announced that this Saturday at Determination, Shiro Akuma will be facing his nemesis and current King of the Ring, Champagne Lover. Grade: D- 38 vs Leo Harrison vs John Silver With both men interfering in each other's matches lately, there's heat and emotion behind this grudge fight before it even begins. Announcers point out the outcome of this will probably determine which of the two will be the next person to face Joey Beauchamp, before discussing whether this is Travis Cool's idea of punishing the two men for their recent behavior. Although it's a pretty open match, Harrison seems to be having a slight advantage thanks to the variety of his offense instead of Silver's focus on high speed, high flying attacks. Keeping it nice and short, the two men go back and forth for about ten minutes, before Harrison catches a flying Silver on his back in a Fireman's Carry, then uses the momentum to hit him with the PRIDE Driver and get the pinfall win. Grade: C- 54 Even better than what the announcing team speculated, a video plays and makes it official: this Saturday at Determination it will be a Triple Threat match between Leo Harrison, Joey Beauchamp and John Silver. Grade: D 42 vsvs Non Title Triple Threat Tag Team match The Cream of the Crop vs Violent Mood Swings vs Girl Power Lots of things going on here and the announcing duo breaks it down as the three teams are off to a cautious start. The wild card of course is Girl Power, not only because of their alliance with Cream of the Crop in the League of Heroes, but also because they are somewhat of an unknown quantity at this level as they've mostly been wrestling teams like the Ivanoffs or Grapple Goblins in the past. This is also apparent in what goes on inside the ring, as Girl Power and especially Jeri "Air" Behr are eager to prove themselves. This of course creates openings for the other two teams and makes Girl Power prone to mistakes, so they only get to pull of a couple of big moves before Howard sends them both over the top rope and reeling on the outside. Down to once again Cream of the Crop versus Violent Mood Swings, things pick up and the two teams put up a clinic as they fight back and forth with no one ever really being in control of the match for long enough to try a big move and end it. The most spectacular moment comes when Lister goes to hit Howard with a Kanobi Kutter, but in the middle of the move Howard escapes by pushing Lister away, which in turn sends him over the ropes and crashing to the outside. This infuriates Frye who comes in swinging and the two heavy hitters end up slugging it out on the outside. Meanwhile, Megumi Nakajima crawls back into the ring but Matravers easily puts her away and climbs the turnbuckle for the Mile High Moonsault. Just as he comes down, Nakajima counters but instead of just getting her knees up, she tries to to a little ninja-like kip up that ends up as a weird kick right into the jaw of her opponent. Jeri Behr rolls in the ring as well and shakes her head at the man's moonsault, before she hits a Standing Moonsault of her own. With everyone else busy on the outside, Behr covers Matravers, Nakajima falls on top of them and the referee counts to three for a shocking big win as Girl Power pick up the victory. Grade: B- 72 Massive as it may be, a single win for Girl Power isn't quite enough to give them a shot at the NGW Tag Team titles. Instead, it is announced that at Determination, Violent Mood Swings will be once again facing Cream of the Crop in a match that already feels like it could steal the show. Grade: D- 40 vsvs Non title match "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko vs Marat Khoklov vs Champagne Lover The three main people warring over the NextGen title find themselves in the night's main event, a triple threat match set to sort out the issues between Etsuko, Khoklov and Champagne Lover. Not wanting any of this, Etsuko immediately leaves the ring and motions for the two men to fight it out, as if she's offering a title match to whoever comes out on top. With the smallest person out of the equasion, Marat fighting the middleweight Champagne Lover feels a little less of a squash and more like a proper wrestling match, at least as much as any Khoklov match can. Exhibiting his excellent all-around skills, Champagne Lover hits the massive Russian with kicks, strikes and aerial moves but nothing seems to phase the behemoth, which in turn only makes him look stronger. Finally, Marat puts the brakes when he catches Lover by the throat and lifts him up for a one-handed chokeslam, before proceeding to toss him around like he usually does. Despite all the beating, when Lover is whipped to the ropes he is able to duck underneath the Moscow Lariat, bounce off the opposite rope and come flying for Marat's neck. He is unable to pull the man down for a Lover Stunner though, as Khoklov catches him in a cradle and reverses by using his freakish strength to lift him up in a powerbomb position. That's when Etsuko returns to the ring and sweems Khoklov's foot, which sends him crashing to the mat together with a very unfortunate Champagne Lover. Just as Khoklov tries to get back on his feet, Etsuko hits him with Darkness Falls to knock him out. Whether due to the force of the impact or Marat's ring awareness, the big Russian ends up rolling outside the ring. Etsuko takes her time to set up another Darkness Falls for Champagne Lover, but the man doesn't seem to move after being on the bad side of a nasty Russian Legend Powerbomb. Realizing neither man is about to get up soon, Etsuko dives in and covers Lover to win the match. Grade: B- 71 In Travis Cool's final stroke of payback, the last graphic announces Fusae Etsuko versus Marat Khoklov for the main event of Determination. Champagne Lover is not in the title picture, but given his match against Shiro Akuma he can't exactly complain either. Grade: C- 54 Show Grade: C+ (68/100) TV ratings: 0.30 (225.510 viewers)
  4. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    Thursday, September 21 Wheels: How you get there matters Still checking out stuff and narrowing it down. I've been hesitant to mention it, but I think I've finally gotten my dad seriously on board with this one. Not that he ever was against it, but I had to really get across that this is more than just something I'd like to do sometime in the future. We've been checking out stuff together and I've tapped into the knowledge and experience of a serious motorcyclist, which makes me feel a lot safer about my final choice. Nutrition: Quantity control Again, borderline pass, but in the sense that extremes end up producing a decent average sum. Considering though that the Film Festival has begun and we saw 2 movies in a row, I think skipping the snacks for just a decent burger (no fries) afterwards is good enough. Bullet Journal: Seeing is easier than remembering Bullet Journalling done, again got a lot of stuff done and these days I'm tracking about double the stuff I used to. Finally building up some momentum! Morning routine: Cup of coffee in the big time Done. Not to perfection, but done regardless. It's all about consistency Life decisions: Way into the twilight zone Sent out another CV in the midst of some worplace drama that, once again, made me question my choices and short term career steps. Now I got this tune stuck in my head. I do seem to recall stuff about graduate school and moving back to the other end of the country. Do you have a challenge or Battle Log up? I'd love to read how it all worked out for you. Lucha Underground is probably nymber one on my wrestling list right now and has been ever since I found out about it. It strikes a perfect balance between the gritty Rodriguez tone and the over-the-top sillyness of lucha, which I think is cutting edge but also reminds us to have a good time and not take it too seriously. The in-ring action is exciting, even if a bit too flippy to be believable but hey, if you want that stuff go watch New Japan (currently number 2 on my wrestling list). And it's all wrapped up in neat, less than an hour long episodes instead of the 3 hour weekly marathon that WWE's RAW has become. Context for those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about: Lucha Underground New Japan Pro Wrestling
  5. Jarric Gets Wet

    From the little I've experience I have of you, coke and beer, this feels like a much needed challenge. Good luck!
  6. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    I think the one I did in Ireland with @Jarric had two versions of this: one was a halfpipe with no ropes you were supposed to run up and the other was an incline/pyramid wall, I think with ropes and easy to climb, where the volunteers urged runners to do the pyramid thing. I may have been a bit high on adrenaline though, he'll correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 63 (Monday, Week 3 of January 2012) Held in Central Europe Attendance: 3.800 Show opens with a shot of NGW General Manager Travis Cool in his office when Champagne Lover comes in. "Must be pretty big if the head honcho himself calls for the King of the Ring to his office for a little one-on-one discussion. Whatcha got for the Champagne Lover, brother?" Not sharing the Mexican's good mood, Cool still breaks a smile. "It is pretty big indeed. So big I wanted to tell you the news myself. What you said last week made me think and I've come to the conclusion that you're right. In my absence last year, you weren't exactly given the opportunities your talent deserves. I have therefore decided to put you in tonight's main event." Champagne Lover nods with a big smile of satisfaction on his face. "See, you get it. You see it! It's good to have you back on the driver's seat again. Let me guess, is it for the NGW Television title?" As if interrupted, Cool continues his train of thought "Not really. See, while you may have had a point in what you said, you went ahead and shot yourself in the foot when you ruined last week's main event, the first ever face off between Marat Khoklov and Fusae Etsuko. Another thing I noticed as I reviewed shows from last year is that the inmates were running the asylum, booking matches and messing up other people's matches. I will not have any of this anymore, not on my watch. That is why you will be fighting in tonight's main event... against The Louisiana Pitbull, Robert Howard" Cool stands up behind his office and leans forward to get in Champagne Lover's disappointed face. "And you're... gonna...love it!" Grade: C- 57 vs Joey "The Breeze" Beauchamp vs John Silver The opening match sees Joey Beauchamp try to exact some vengeance for Silver's interference last week that cost him an NGW Television title match against Edward Cornell. As the announcers point out though, this may just be what Silver wanted so he practically got it for himself by getting involved in that match. No strangers to each other and with amazing chemistry when fighting, the two put up a solid opening match that gets the fans going. In somewhat of a dejavu from the previous week, Leo Harrison shows up and shoves Silver onto the referee. Instead of another DQ finish though, the ever opportunistic Beauchamp capitalizes on the opportunity to hit Silver with the Breeze Block and cover him as the referee turns around and counts the 1-2-3. Grade: C 59 Backstage, Nelson Frye is talking on the phone "Splendid! Oh I totally get that, my friend, I do at times miss the great British outdoors myself. Besides, you've earned yourself a little break. Listen, I just wanted to ask when you plan to get back to work though, the Hellfire Club may be gone but we do have some problems with the Czars and I was thinking maybe next week at Determination you could lead the League of Heroes into.... oh. Oh alright. No no, I understand. I'm not glad to hear it, but I understand. Take care then." Grade: A 89 vs Christopher Lister vs Shiro Akuma If the opening match between two popular high flyers set the tone, this one takes things to another level. Both Lister and Akuma try to out-do each other in a breathtaking, all out match filled with exciting moves, athletic twists and high risk dives but done with the expert technique of two skilled veterans instead of the recklessness of youngsters just trying to wow the crowd. For over fifteen minutes, Lister and Akuma put together a pay-per-view worthy bout but in the end it's Akuma who scores the win before the two men shake hands to a standing ovation from the audience who cheer them for their effort. Grade: B- 71 vs Champagne Lover vs "The Louisiana Pitbull" Robert Howard As promised at the start of the match, the main event features the Mexican womanizer going up against the hard hitting heavyweight from the U.S. and Lover looks every bit as unwilling as one would expect. While still not comically trying to weasel his way out of a tight spot, Lover doesn't look too eager to get in the fight and as the announcing duo points out, he has nothing to win from this situation. Robert Howard on the other hand has a lot to prove, since his singles track record isn't as impressive as his tag tenure next to Adam Matravers. The initial duck and weave progresses into Lover trying to grapple with Howard, unsuccessfully though as the big heavyweight is still fresh and easily powers out of every hold. Lover still tries to avoid getting caught in a big slam or power move, but even getting in a striking contest with Howard doesn't work to his favor, so he introduces some aerial offense to the match. This does get a reaction from the crowd, but does little in terms of getting the damage under Howard's skin. The big brawler gets his chance when Lover misses a plancha and takes over, working his opponent with big hits and throws. When he does however go for the Chaos Theory, Champagne Lover is barely able to reverse it into a Lover Stunner out of nowhere. Just as the referee is about to count to three though... ...Fusae Etsuko pulls the referee's leg to drag him away and break the count. Getting some payback for Lover's interference in her own main event match the previous week, Etsuko catches the surprised man with Darkness Falls right in the head as he stands up from covering Howard and knocks him out cold. The referee calls for the bell and awards the victory via disqualification to Champagne Lover due to the attack, but little does it matter as the show ends with Etsuko standing tall over both him and Robert Howard. Grade: C+ 69 Show Grade: B- (71/100) TV ratings (new record!): 0.31 (236.450 viewers)
  8. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    Not exactly a catchphrase, but I'm holding onto it for a future promo. Crossed my mind too in the past, though it's a bit tricky using it as a general catchphrase given the intergender booking Thanks!
  9. cn3wton, Dúnedain, Ranger of the North.

    Happy belated birthday!
  10. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    Wednesday, September 20 Wheels: How you get there matters Checked out some options online, trying to narrow down the options in order to get things going here. Nutrition: Quantity control Again, borderline pass. Bullet Journal: Seeing is easier than remembering Bullet Journalling done and I got a lot of stuff crossed out! Morning routine: Cup of coffee in the big time Rough night meant I woke up late and didn't have time to do everything, but I left the home with pretty much all of the basic stuff done and it didn't look like a mess, so I'm counting it. Life decisions: Way into the twilight zone Shot out some CVs! Good call, but it has to be really basic. Stuff like what Tank said is a bit too complicated for European audiences who aren't as familiar with the language as US crowds Product Appeal Definition has "Cult" set to Medium, Hardcore set to "Low" and "Risque" to None and here are the definitions Cult: This element refers to having a rebel/counter culture/alternative feel that appeals especially to 18-30 year old males Hardcore: This element refers to having a strong emphasis on bloody, hard-hitting matches that involve lots of weapons, dangerous bumps and adult-oriented characters Risque: This element refers to having a lot of sexualized content and/or adult humor in shows So overall yeah, pretty family friendly but not the PG14 stuff you'd expect from today's WWE. As a character, Champagne Lover is a bit more realistic than cartoonish (the "hardcore" influence) but not the full-on sleazeball you'd expect if he was in a more Risque-heavy company. I try to go for the innuendo when possible. ERMAGHERD ROWAN IZ BACK!!!! WHERE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME, LADY???
  11. T2SC- Time & Tits

  12. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    I try to make him as cringe-worthy as possible. Speaking of which, here's an improptu contest for y'all: I got a notification that during that last promo, CL debuted a new catchphrase that caught on and will aid his future mic work. Best I could come up with at the time was ending promos with "and you're gonna love it" This is your chance for some input. Go!
  13. T2SC- Time & Tits

    Don't mind me, just leaving this here for tit2sarahconnor
  14. [DarK_RaideR] Road to Glory, Chapter 3: The Spartan

    NGW presents: Back to the Future Episode 62 (Monday, Week 2 of January 2012) Held in France Attendance: 2.900 vs The Johanssons (Hercules & Bam Bam) vs The Addams Family (Jimmy & Kalvin) The massive Norwegian brothers take on the Addams twins in the opening match. Well versed in both wrestling and comedy, Kalvin and Jimmy do a funny routine where each tags in the other unwilling sibling to force them into the match and ensure an escape for themselves. Once the Johanssons break that up, they predictably dominate the match which feels like another tag squash, until... ...not seen around an NGW ring for over four years, the Nigerian Hit Squad storm the ring as brothers Rahabad and Rashid Lawal attack Jimmy Addams and Bam Bam Johansson respectively. With both teams receiving a hit, referee Gary Garret rules a double disqualifiction draw and the match is over in less than ten minutes since it started. Grade: D 42 With the match over, the Addams Family roll out of the ring for a weaselly escape, whereas Hercules Johansson tries to rescue his older brother. This results in a big brawl inside the ring, with the bell constantly ringing but no security staff daring to get in the thick of it and break up the fight as the feed cuts to commercial. Grade: C- 56 vs Viper McKenna vs Jeri "Air" Behr This all-female bout sees the technically-oriented McKenna trying to keep the Swedish high flyer on the mat with her submission holds. Peppering her style with a few strikes here and there, McKenna is in control for most of the match, before Behr manages to reverse and get some offense going. Always willing to go the extra mile, Behr slides a chair into the ring, sets it up and stands on top, signalling she's about to hit her Standing Moonsault finisher off the chair. In a move of desperation, McKenna pulls the chair from underneath Behr's feet, the surprise sending the blonde wrestler to crash face first into the seat. More than happy to bend the rules and use the chair indirectly to avoid disqualification, McKenna traps Behr's foot in the chair before applying the Single Leg Crab to get the victory by submission. Grade: D+ 52 vs NGW Television title match Joey "The Breeze" Beauchamp vs Edward Cornell The night's title match is a well-rounded, exciting bout with little technical grappling to slow it down; instead, Cornell brings the big strikes and power moves while Beauchamp pulls off some high flying moves that while not the most spectacular ever, they are still impressive given his age and many years of in-ring wear and tear. The two competitors are equally matched and at all times it feels like this could go either way. Just as Joey is about to hit the Breeze Block, John Silver rushes down to the ring and shoves the referee from behind to send him crashing onto Beauchamp. The distraction provides Cornell with an opportunity and he pounces on it as he picks up Beauchamp for the Black Thunder Bomb. Silver runs away and with the referee not knowing if it was Cornell that pushed him or someone else, he decides to drop the idea of a DQ and counts the pin instead, resulting in Cornell's third successful defense of the NGW Television title. Grade: C 62 vsvs Non title triple threat tag match The Cream of the Crop (Nelson Frye & Christopher Lister) vs Violent Mood Swings ("Mile High" Adam Matravers & "The Louisiana Pitbull" Robert Howard) vs The Ivanoff brothers (Igor & Ivan Ivanoff) Given the recent matchups between Cream of the Crop and Violent Mood Swings, it's no surprise this is an exciting match. What does come as a surprise though is the improvement shown by the Ivanoff brothers, who seem to have developed from a team of slightly comical jobbers no one could really take seriously into a team of proper hard hitting bullies. This also carries into the flow of the match, with the Ivanoffs breaking up the exciting wrestling of everyone else with their brawling, a move that earns them significant heat from the audience. This is also evident in the finish of the match, because surprisingly enough it's not one of the Ivanoffs that ends up getting pinned. Instead, while both brothers are busy brawling with Frye and Howard at ringside, Matravers manages to get Lister down on the mat and then hit him with the Mile High Moonsault after the two have traded spectacular aerial moves previously, making for an exciting crescendo to the big finish of the match. Grade: C+ 70 vs Non title match "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko vs Marat Khoklov Even without the NextGen title on the line, this is a dream matchup NGW fans have been wanting to see since Etsuko debuted for the company. What's also interesting is to see how the undefeated Etsuko will fare against the Russian behemoth in the ring. With Etsuko using her small size and speed advantage to dodge the slower Khoklov, the match is off to a slow start, at least as far as the in-ring action goes because the audience reacts every time Koklov swings wide and Etsuko evades. Slowly building up some confidence, Etsuko starts to add a few stiff kicks as counterattacks after her dodging. This does however slow her down, as this bit of offense does still take time and after something like ten minutes of dancing around, Marat finally connects with a thunderous forearm that sends Etsuko flying to the ropes before she crashes to the mat. It's all Khoklov from there, with the massive Russian throwing Etsuko around the ring like a rag doll, before he triumphantly lifts her up for the Russian Legend Powerbomb. It's a long hard fall for the Japanese superstar and Khoklov takes a moment to enjoy his handiwork instead of going immediately for the pin. Sliding into the ring from behind, Champagne Lover taps Khoklov on the shoulder and once he turns around, catches him with a Lover Stunner, which of course leads to a DQ win for Etsuko. Grade: C+ 70 Champagne Lover rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone as he walks backwards up the entrance ramp, his gaze fixed in the ring. "Nice try, big man. Real nice. As for you, mamacita, I'm sorry to interfere in your match but hey, you still get to walk away with your undefeated streak, so you're very welcome. Don't think I did it because I like you though. I mean, you're welcome to party with the hottest man in that locker room if you think you can handle it, but between these ropes it's another story. I'm gonna be your first one and believe me, it'll be an experience you won't forget. If anyone's gonna take that streak from you, it's gonna be me. And you're...gonna...love it!" Grade: A* 96 Show Grade: B- (72/100) TV ratings (new record!): 0.31 (232.720 viewers)