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  1. Looking back at my 2020 roadmap, it's amazing how I completely forgot it after the first lockdown in Spring, yet still somehow managed to stick to it regardless. Guessing that's a sign that I set it up well. That, or I really needed to take care of those specific goals. Nutrition and Workouts went ok, as long as I was out of the house. Lockdown shot those two down and though I could have done better, it wasn't terrible either. Did a lot better on the Appearance front, staying consistent and tackling my dry skin issues. As for Me time, it's not like I got super productive (and ho
  2. Well it's no secret this challenge went down the drain. It was poorly set up (as in, carrying over the previous one's setup, then realizing we wouldn't be doing the RPG accountability thing this go) but most important, I fell into an absolutely predictable pitfall. I just dawned on me that I've totally been expecting a second autumn lockdown, been saying it for some time, yet still failed to plan in case this went down during the challenge. Don't say I'm being hard on myself, this is sad but true. I saw it coming, yet didn't plan for it. Taking this lesson learned as I move forward
  3. Congratulations on the promotion!
  4. This pretty much has me covered on what I had to say. I'll just add, don't let such things just be but rather, do something about them. Just as she would do well to draft up a will or get a divorce instead of staying stagnant in her current situation, so should you use that anger as fuel to move forward, not let it fester inside you and turn into vinegar, disappointment, regret and defeatism.
  5. Yup, this was the go-home weekly episode, the PPV is up next Challenge? What challenge?
  6. RotO Pro Wrestling Hero Ep.4 Rated 45/100, Purchased by 42 viewers on the Network of the Olympians Announcers: Peter Belcher & Philip Bescott Belcher: Welcome to the most exciting hour of pro wrestling in Europe, I’m Peter Belcher alongside Philip Bescott, this is Pro Wrestling Hero! Bescott: Final episode before Summer Rites, shaping up to be a great Pay Per View, Peter. Belcher: I’m told more matches will be announced tonight and don’t forget our main event for this episode as the New Breed will be wrestling Cesar Sionis and Tomohiko Yamagata.
  7. Frankly, it's still burning up its starting capital and trying to generate revenue quick enough before it drowns in debt. The subscribers to the online broadcaster are one source of income, but then there's also show tickets and merchandise. My whole line of thinking was I'll never be able to organically grow the company fast enough to a point where it lands a TV deal and still have some of the old favorites available to wrestle (many of them are already 40+ and gassing out in matches longer than 10') so I created my own broadcaster. Weekly TV shows mean more matches for the younger wrestlers
  8. Framed? On a shirt? TATTOOED ON YOUR FOREHEAD?
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