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  1. The truth lies with 1d4 chan on occasions like that and from what I'm reading, it's probably a trolling take on insanely complex rules systems just for the sake of it. If you want a really free form open (thus also complex) character creation backed by a system and game world worth the investment, try Mutants&Masterminds or 1st-3rd edition Shadowrun.
  2. Beer Yoga was hilarious and I love the idea of breaking the stereotypical image of calm, centered faces doing yoga. Not gonna do the challenge this round, but surely tagging along to see what people come up with!
  3. Thursday, 25 May Wellness policy: Sort of ok? I guess? Workouts: Work issues kept me away once more and to top it all, it was in vain. Ugh Life Goals Bullet Journalling: Nope Thesis: Started editing Purge: Nothing to report Plumber. Nope Every time I see comments like these I'm happy you folks like it and at the same time I'm sad things have already been played out and I don't get to incorporate your ideas.... You're probably right, but that doesn't mean it's easy to accept
  4. Malarielle More paging, @Chris-Tien Jinn and @Red1263 check this out! Been thinking of some sort of shambling undead-esque/Necron theme for my army. @Rurik Harrgath calling me a Necromancer all this time must have gotten under my skin...
  5. Paging @ShadowLion, @Xena... uhm.... and probably @EricMN cuz he's a beast. Think he also expressed interest in this. Oh and @Charlie_Quinn if I'm not mistaken? I'll put it up on my challenge thread as well to raise awareness, might wanna consider posting something in the Guild Chat threads as well. Having set up and run the original Nerdhammer, I can only say it can be easy to get lost in the technicalities. That goes for @cn3wton in setting it up as well as players overthinking their resource gathering. Needless to say, I'm in.
  6. Welcome back! Do you mean a new game or continuing this one?
  7. This might be a good shot in the arm. Welcome back, brother.
  8. I do what I can. Having a database of established personalities helps, but so does everyone's input Ah, I see someone took the hook for a potential match in the future... I'm ashamed to admit I haven't watch a lot of Parks&Rec so I'm not that confident in portraying her. Good thing she's a player character and I get some backup from deftona It was really hard to think how this match would play out, but once I got the idea, everything fell into place. Glad you approve
  9. Backstage info In the pre-show, Poison Ivy defeated Kenny McKormick, Altair ibn-La'Ahad defeated Big Barda and Star-Lord defeated Darth Vader The intro segment with Leslie Knope and GLaDOS was a strong start to the show. During that segment, GLaDOS masterfully improvised interactions with the crowd In his match with Leslie Knope, Face McShooty was really off his game Black Widow and Hawkeye have excellent chemistry as tag team partners The show was penalized as there aren't enough hot storylines going on yet Have an idea for next show? Want your character to do or say something specific? Someone you’d want them to get involved in a feud with? For all that, along with comments on narrative style and other ideas, contact me through a PM!
  10. Wednesday, 24 May Wellness policy: I dunno. Kinda decent? I've lost track here and unless I pull a big serious detox in June, it's going down the drain. Willpower is a limited resource Workouts: Nope. Chose to spend some time with the SRLF. It worked out both awesome and terrible Life Goals Bullet Journalling: Nope Thesis: Prolly gonna finish it in the weekend Purge: Nothing to report Plumber. Nope Nelson is a character randomly generated by the game, thus attached another (usually retired) character's image. Here's the bio of the original guy under that image: "The Blueblood" Alabaster Livingstone has been one of the most despised heels around Europe and the UK, and was the star worker and three time champion for WOW for their entire existence. For many years he played an ultra-rich snob alongside his butler Sherman, who served as his bodyguard and interference runner. But Sherman retired from the wrestling industry in the late 80s following WOW's closure and ever since then Livingstone has been playing up that he is on hard times, no longer able to retain the services of his butler and generally being down on his luck. In real life he is doing perfectly well, but his gimmick has seen his suits get old and battered, getting slowly more ragged as he gets increasingly down on his luck. This has led to him becoming more aggressive and he can now often be hired by workers to do their dirty work for them. Makes sense, right? The image fits the description. Nothing like the insanely charismatic heavyweight brawler that is Nelson Frye, though the image is stuck by now
  11. The deadline was set in order to put together the starting roster. Feel free to jump in, either pick a "free" character from those already showcased or contact me to choose someone else that may be hired and inserted into the show.
  12. Here for my dose of centering
  13. Warhammer!