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  1. This gets worse and worse. Fingers crossed!
  2. Ask him if he knows what CYKA BLYAT means then
  3. Again, dropping my $0.02 until Eric gets here to answer - Box jumps at home are tricky business. You'll want a sturdy enough box to withstand the force of your weight landing with momentum. Make sure there's space around to land, including emergency landings or falls. Also consider the material on your floor and any neighbors on the lower floor for noise reasons. That said, plenty of parameters so no universal answer. - Personally, I like to inhale while standing, exhale going down to a pushup, inhale, jump up and exhale as I complete the move. Eric might know the science behind a more efficient way though - Foot positioning during the landing depends on what gives you more security and stability going down. Just don't stress it too much overthinking about whether your feet are glued together or too wide apart. I had an old worn out pair of Speedcross 3 Salomons I wore for my first ever OCR before throwing them away. My way of having them go out in a blaze of glory. It's been said, go with an old pair of shoes for your first OCR and if you do catch the bug, then invest in a new pair for them.
  4. Day 46: Thursday, Feb. 23 Goal 1: Eliminate sugar: Success. Customary New Year's cake cutting ceremony took place after the night's class for our Masters course. Managed to skip the sweet stuff, though the buffet picks weren't ideal and some wine was consumed. Goal 2: Eliminate coffee: Success Goal 3: Crossfit 3x a week: Last day of sickness. Friday marks my return to crossfit action. Life Goal: Bullet Journalling done Worker relationships do happen at random and there's the option before every show to meddle positively or negatively. It's how I reconcile wrestlers after one botched and injured the other. You are not breaking any new ground here, but your suggestions might be taken into account #fanservice 17.1 is out and between my tweaked knee and receding cold, it will be interesting to see how I tackle a MetCon WOD that includes Box Jumps
  5. But Ro lost again Thoughts on 17.1? It sure looks like a boring grind...
  6. I'm a boring man, I simply added mashed carrots or sweet potatoes most of the times and called it a meal.
  7. Didn't really track profits/losses that close after I started making profits so I figured I should stop writing about that as well.
  8. These two, the General chat/Off topic and General Fitness are where spammers show up most. We do our best to keep everything clean, users flagging topics makes our work easier so thanks for bothering to report threads. True, though it's not just the cooking. In my case it also helped cut down grocery expenses and eliminate every day dishwashing. Totally worth the big once-in-a-week time drain. Totally. If I wasn't on mobile, I'd post that "What type of fitness chick are you" video from BroScience. Look it up. I used to boil it. Meat was saved for various dishes and I boiled the bones in the remaining water to make broth for rice, pasta, sauces, gumbo and other dishes. Just an idea, roasting might be yummier but you miss the bones/broth part.
  9. This is some kind of trick to fool me that you've been paying attention, isn't it Tank? Log was deleted after posting, but something like $3.000 in case you were really wondering.
  10. Baby thrusters? Just hold on to the baby because otherwise they're baby wall balls and that might be a bit too much
  11. I already like you, but this here is the ticket for the SRLF to instantly like you as well. Ireland will be fun. Sorry to hear about the job. Pretty badass of you to run in the storm tho
  12. To User: Reese Frenzy Message: First round's on you. I'll invite Morrighan and page Teros too. We all in the same crew these days, thought he might tag along. I know you miss his wooly butt and the wiz-kids'll love him. Might make us look less suspicious too. To User: Morrighan Message: Hey there, I'm meeting a friend tomorrow night at the Zephyr Gate. Thought you might like it, place being an astral bar for the local awakened, including the neighborhood Hecate wiz-gang. Dude's cool and I'm inviting Teros too, mutual acquaintance and such. Z-Gate is near the arcology too, give us a chance to check out the place, fish for some local rumors over team-building drinks. What do you say? To User: Teros Message: Well, now that the initial Johnsoning and running out of burning buildings is through, let me say it's good to see you again. I'm meeting Reese at the Zephyr Gate tomorrow and Morrighan's probably coming along too. Feel like catching up in a more relaxed setting? To User: Mistress_Makiko Message: So now the local 'weener patch knows my new face thanks to you? Good job girl, thought I'd get some work done to ease your arrival but you already done your work to mess up mine. I'll add it to your list of favors owed, consider the Tanaka and Halloweener info a fair trade of information among friends. Enjoy your trip. To User: El_Santo Message: Of course. Ganger's way to earn street cred. Thanks for the info, keep me posted when the real perpetrator shows up. Oh and the offer to AztecLucha and chill still stands. Might need to lay low for a while pretty soon. To User: Druss Message: Hey there Hotshot. I know you didn't mean to start a riot back there at Johnny's, but this is how things work here and the deck is stacked against us. Don't blame yourself too hard over what happened, just remember to think twice before saying or doing anything next time. Gotta think several moves forward to stay ahead in the game. Vintage takes a moment to check the map Firefox sent in the team chat. Could it be that the cat crawled into the arcology or did somebody pick it up and take it there on purpose? To User Group: Hide and Seekers Message: Nice title, F-Fox. Just wanna let everyone know there's no way we're going into the Arcology with fake SINs as janitors or handymen, seems like the only way to go through the front door is pose as dreamers of the corp life. That's my style at least, you're free to investigate options like cat burglary or hacking some drone to grab the cat and deliver it outside to us. Let's use this group chat to pool information and ideas, alright?