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  1. Good idea to go look at past challenges QQ...hoping it helps. Im lacking in motivation today, maybe the drop in good weather too...? Sending love xx
  2. Thanks Min Motivation has gotten even lower, i always feel EVEN MORE tired when its time of the month really struggling so im trying to take it easy, doing the bare minimum today, drinking tea, doing a little work and listening to music. I had a nap too. Got real bad cramps so hot water bottle on me. How annoying. x
  3. Hi there. Morning. it is 5.30am, kind of chilly again today, and a bit tired. i went to bed pretty early last night - slept mainly through till 4am. so i got about 6 hours sleep. Ill no doubt have a nap at some point today. - Take medication - Sort through boxes - Take empty boxes to the tip - Water the plants - Clean kitchen - Take bins out - Track food for the day and stick to it - Do some exercises - Have a nap - Sort out work for Transmission Feels like a busy day and already i am finding tough to motivate but its mega early, im sure motivation will come when i wake up a bit haha! I have tracked food for the day, comes in at 1671 calories and 28% F, 39% C, 33% P macros. xx
  4. Salinger

    Iyashi: Dawn

    Hey Sky, sounds all good apart from the bites!! Hope you rest well tonight. Its 5.20am here and im starting my day, how funny xx
  5. Hey @TGP yes she is so so happy! I couldnt cope if i lost Jackson for that long Thank you for your kind words as always...something for me to ponder. xx True! Thats a good tip, thanks!!! xx _________ Hey its 7.15pm, i just had a nice hot bath and my skin is now all tingly I am feeling a bit calmer after the bath ... but frustrated i didnt exercise even though i planned to. I do definitely think its a self destructing thing, fear of failure, fear of it not working, me not feeling any better etc. Im scared guys im still chatting to that girl, its a bit strange cos we cant meet up obviously due to the virus...but also, im terrified to meet her, for her to see me. What a disappointment i would be. Ok enough bad talk. sorry. I had a lovely dinner, very tasty. ive stuck to the food plan for today, eaten good healthy stuff. Even when i went to the shop and wanted to buy some crap ... i didnt! xx
  6. Hey no he isnt well enough to hike at the moment. But i wouldnt go walking with him yet anyway, i get embarrassed at how unfit i am. ive said before *sigh* I think ive planned where i will go... _______ Its 4.30 ... i just woke from a nap. I needed it , could have stayed sleeping/dozing for much longer. I did some star jumps, remembering @aramis telling me it can wake us up. My friends cat just turned up by the way... i think i mentioned how she had gone missing about a month ago? Well she just WALKED IN TO THE KITCHEN this morning, like nothing had happened hahahhaahha my friend is over the moon, Im getting hungry, so wil cook soon. I got some white cabbage and carrots to make my own coleslaw mmmm!! xx
  7. Hey all. 1.30pm - im exhausted...! Feel half asleep, cant stop yawning. Its so cool outside today, about 13C, and rainy. i even feel a little cold...!!!! How can it have been SO HOT yesterday and now this. Anyway, Just cleaned the kitchen a bit, which helps my mood. - Take medication - Put meds into pill box - Clean kitchen - Post office - send zines - Do a clothes wash - Do some painting - Eat healthy/whole foods (TRACK) - Plan a hike for Friday - Plan work schedule (projects) - Go for a walk/ride or KB workout - Have a bath Its the beginning of shark week i have some cramps. And it could be why im so exhausted as well...I want to curl up and sleep! the first day or two is always the worst for me. I should put some washing on, but i MAY do it tomorrow instead. I also may have an early bath, to try and relax. First though i need a cup of tea and to do some work. x
  8. Hey QQ morning. The pizza oven is brilliant, i love it looks like a big garden too Hows the week going for you?xx
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    How you doing Jason?xx
  10. Hello all. morning. 7.45am here, raining! and much much cooler. Just drinking tea and listening to music. Ste popped over last night for an hour, he is going to stay with his cousin for a few weeks (about 2 hours away) so he has some company. I will miss him. Ill be heading to his every few days to check on Jules. His neighbour will feed him though so i dont have to go every day. Feels like a monday?! Anyway here is the to do list... - Take medication - Put meds into pill box - Clean kitchen - Post office - send zines - Do a clothes wash - Do some painting - Eat healthy/whole foods (TRACK) - Plan a hike for Friday - Plan work schedule (projects) - Go for a walk/ride or KB workout - Have a bath Already i feel intense anxiety about working out...will try to ignore, work through it. frustrating. _____ Just tracked what i will eat today. Came up at 1,486 calories. Marcos (25% F, 42% C, 33% P) xx