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  1. Salinger

    » shaar gives no. frickin'. quarter.

    Keep calm keep breathing. It will all work out. Keep pushing forward because you are doing the right thing. Dont second guess your thoughts and decisions ... that’s important. Maybe you will feel you should be going back to your mums, which maybe is easier but HEY , that’s not the best choice for you. having your own space with Finn, is important right now and you will get that place and in a month you will be there. Don’t panic - we have your back.
  2. Salinger

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    This is how i feel. Im totallly deaf guys. I can hear nothing. This is horrible. I also feel dizzy and tired. Ive just napped for 30 mins and woke up feeling worse! oh my. Ive got drops, but they havent worked yet, not sure how long they are meant to take before they work? Anyway, no exercise done, food been fine, bran flakes, salad, chicken and apple... Its raining outside and i CAN'T HEAR IT hahahahhahha
  3. Salinger

    EricMN's Jedi Training - Passion, yet serenity

    hahahhaahha amazing!! Well we all love you Those photos are brilliant !! Sounds like a great time!! x
  4. Salinger

    C_Q Makes Waffles

  5. Salinger

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    Thanks Stribs <3 yes will START the lifting that the trainer gave me, cos ive not actually done it yet.... once i can hear again because its dangerous to drive my moped if i cant hear a thing.... gutted man. Thanks a lot TGP xx
  6. Salinger

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    My Simpsons obsessed brain is freaking out right now at the many gifs hahahahahaha You guys are going to smash this man v lake thing into the stratosphere.....
  7. Salinger

    Stribs' Stellar Summer Self-Care Superpalooza

    Really glad you had a nice time Stribs, sorry about the back eeeek. sounds painful. Rest up, good job changing your fitness regime. Cant wait to hear (fucking cant though right now ) about how your novel goes !!! xx
  8. Salinger

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    Thank you so much Charlie, i though of you all whilst there. YES i will Yeah i feel dizzy horrible. Will see if i can get some Otex drops as i rang doc and cant get appointment for 2 weeks but they said to try those drops.
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    Thanks Jon!!!!! I hope so yeah x Thank you WG <3 xx Morning all, i woke at 8am with two blocked ears i had a bath last night and ever since its been getting worse. I fell back to sleep and woke at 10, and my ears are even worse, i basically cant hear anything....Any remedies??? Ive done the hold your nose and blow out, which does open up my ear canals but they just pop right back shut. Ffs. Anyway, legs are kinda ok, a little sore but not as bad as i thought which is great. I have quite a lot of stupid work to do today. And also will track food, maybe nap later as exhausted, and generally just get shit done. Isnt it funny how you take things like HEARING for granted. I literally feel like i cant do anything till i can hear because its so frustrating and horrible ....
  10. Salinger

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Glad you are ok Jon!! Good that you had fun too Not long till MvL...exciting! xx
  11. Salinger

    When a Ranger is down, she turns to the Corps

    Hope you had lots of fun Rho xx
  12. Salinger

    jstanlick goes along with Ranger Brain

    We are all proud of him too, amazing!!! x
  13. Salinger

    Jarric Comes Home

    Good job Jarric, saw your photo on Instagram, looked great well done!!! x
  14. Salinger

    Salinger's thirteenth challenge!

    Thanks Def, well.... im actually looking at Race to the Stones HAHAHAH you can walk run or jog, 50km, through the night or camp....obviously i wouldnt really be able to do it but hey, one day thats the aim i think. Next is to actually fully run a 5km. Just need to keep working on it. Seems sort of impossible yet i know it isnt. Thanks again <3 I hope so Shaar!!!! I almost didnt turn up you know... Hey guys, just drinking water, watching the cup final. GO FRANCE. Medal still round my neck like a loser hahah Was thinking, my mindset to WHY i want to lose weight is changing slowly....usually its a vain thing, to look good. look better. But it now feels like i want to lose weight so i get better at my performance, better at running, better at hiking/walking. Cant wait for a bath tonight, to soak my legs. oooh yesss France just scored !! xx