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  1. Skywalker heeds Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."

    Always wanted to visit Croatia! Looks gorgeous! Bit late but following along x
  2. Evicious: Defiant

    Hey nice to see you here Great job on your running!! xx
  3. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    Morning (just about its 11.30) Yesterday was pretty nice, i chilled out massively, watched the football, read my book for over an hour lying on the sofa with a blanket like i said, and generally just chilled out. Today i need to get back on it though, i have a lot of work to do this week. And a couple of meetings to organise. Need to focus. Also want to get 3 gym sessions in. Looking at the weather, it will warm up a bit (5 degrees so not that bloody warm) so im hoping the snow fucks off. So i can drive to the gym. Todays goals are simple Drink enough water Eat within calories Work on solo exhibition prep 3,000 steps (a little lower than usual) 20 minute workout with weights at home Read for 20 mins Practice guitar My steps are lower than the 5000 i set as a target, for a reason. Ive found, when i dont go to the gym, its pretty impossible for me to reach the target. Working from home means sitting for hours really, and some days last week i barely made 1000 steps, which is horrific. I think this steps thing is probably easier when its better weather, getting out for a walk would seem simpler and more achievable. Anyway, i felt ok this morning, so need to keep that up! So i set a lower goal, and will do my best to walk up and down and around the house. I dont think ill hit 3000 (if i dont make it to the gym) but will try.
  4. Stribs Fights for Her Life

    Hope you have a great day Stribs xx
  5. How is your Sunday going Shaar? xx
  6. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    Yeah im real pleased. Yes Lush bath bomb Its absolutely freezing here, -1, and the snow last night was absolutely crazy. SO DEEP !!! Thanks for sending warmth Thanks Stribs <3 hahah come round and illl cook! Well i had a drink last night. booo. But didnt go overboard really, so i feel ok today. Yes maybe i feel a bit like i should have stayed home but also, fuck it. I enjoyed myself. Today im just watching the football and planning my week. Busy one. Meetings and gigs. Need to stay vigilant. NO DRINKING IN THE WEEK. 3 gym sessions and good healthy meals. Thats the plan. Feel kinda anxious about it actually. Like i may as well fuck up because i cant do it. Does any one else ever feel like that? Self destructive i suppose. I feel ok though you know. Sort of calm in a strange far away feeling. Im going to TRY TO READ a bit today/this evening. I think Stela is off to her boyfriends so i might light some candles and read lying on the sofa under a blanket Hope everyone is well. x
  7. Stribs Fights for Her Life

    glad to see you back Stribs!!!! xx
  8. Charlie_Quinn Wants to Believe

    Sorry to hear it was cancelled but best to be safe. stay warm today CQ xx
  9. JonFirestar, Race Season Begins!

    Oh no fucking global warming hope you can enjoy your day regardless. Xx
  10. Charlie_Quinn Wants to Believe

    You can do it CQ, we are all on the start line with you warming you up!!!!! xx
  11. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    HOW CAN IT BE SNOWING IF THE SUNS SHINING LIKE MAD??? More photos.... drinking this and singing along to the Pixies... HEY...... Feeling loads better, come on EVERTON please win....
  12. Really? Well i love it, such a lovely voice! Sounds lovely, last night, perfect. Its sunny today but snowing ahahahha Happy St Paddys to you too haha love you!!!!! xx
  13. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    I dont think i COULD give up completely. So just need to have a few days off. Its not helping me mentally or physically. I do sort of have issues with booze though, although sometimes i think i make that up.... Late breakfast just now....slice of granary toast, two eggs and some beans. YUM Oh and a gallon of tea hahahahh The sun is out, and im about to watch the footy. Hoping its a good game. Need to just stay calm, everything is so fucking dramatic, i let my emotions bubble up and over so easily.
  14. Salinger's tenth challenge!

    Todays no alcohol goal is already slipping. Been invited out again tonight to watch the United game.... feel shaky thinking about it