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  1. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    @Rurik Harrgath is that your kitty? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you <3 it feels cosy too Im getting well into the Christmas spirit...HAHAHA
  2. Salinger

    Cry Havoc X: Sweet Child of Chaos

    What books you got lined up?xx
  3. Salinger

    Cheetah begins to practice at intuitive eating.

    Cant believe someone painted that white !!! Looking forward to seeing it all finished xx
  4. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    See VOLG 2!!!!! x
  5. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Well then you can listen again hahahahaha __________ Hey all....4.30pm, been an OK day really so far, done more drawing, drank shit loads of tea.....and here is little surprise for you!!!!! And @deftona i mention you in here Sorry about the awful face i should wear make up to do these ahhhahahahahahah bags under my eyes and double chins not a good look
  6. Salinger

    RES: That's the Spirit!

    Hope the treadmill is just what you wanted will you have it in front of a TV so you can watch? or read ? or music? xx
  7. Salinger

    tgp tries to quietly slip into (old) habits

    oooh let us know what you won!!! Yes failures are part of life. For me its about dealing with that failure and pushing through to do better next time. And acceptance i guess too. Hard for me. Hope your day is going well xx
  8. Salinger


    Make sure its clean Mia, especially on the palm it could get dirt or stuff in it. And then wrap yourself in a hug from me. Its ok, its happened and now we move on yes? Next time we try a little harder to distract ourselves. Remember you can message me if you get the urges. (if you have facebook you can add me there, or if you want my mobile number, i always have my phone with me) You are strong and awesome and funny and cool. And i want you to know that and look after yourself. Can you do some self care today/tonight? Maybe a nice bath? Some writing? Drawing? Watch a film you love? Listen to song and have a dance in your room? Drink herbal tea? Always with you Mia, i understand how hard it is but you WILL get through this xxx
  9. Salinger

    C_Q: Oh my Glob! It’s Adventure Time!

    Good attitude, great job CQ!!! You will have a lot of fun im sure <3 xx
  10. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Thank you Charlie!!! Its funny, i hate my voice, but you have all mentioned it being nice!! Yes therapy is brilliant at the moment, and im really enjoying drawing for people Thanks! I need all the luck i can get hahah xx
  11. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Morning all, its 10.10am!!! FREEZING. Oh and we are forecast some snow on Saturday which im so excited about. I have a nice cup of tea, and although im really tired, im trying to focus on the work i have to do. Also i will be putting the tree up today eeeeeek how exciting!!!! ill get photos for you I wonder if i will hear about the funding today?? *GULP* i feel so sick about anxious. Maybe i need a Plan B incase its rejected??? Anyway. I will know in about 3 days for definite. FUCK.... xx
  12. Salinger

    Salinger's seventeenth challenge!

    Wow thank you TGP! <3 Yeah cool idea - i wonder if my phone has enough memory to do that! I cant draw really, so i use my left hand! Try doing some with your eyes closed too.... so fun!! xx HAHA who?! Hope you are ok Sloth <3 xx
  13. Salinger

    Rhovaniel: Healing

    Great, yes definitely a sign of progress, being able to get through that initial 'shock' is something im working on too, in therapy. Not letting the bad thing ruin days of progress etc. Have a great day Rho, you deserve it xx
  14. Salinger

    JonFirestar: Countdown to Awesome (181 days to Oblivion)

    Oh my word Jon - what a lovely thing to wake up to!!! You are so handsome, and what a lovely voice you have too! I hope your arm is a little better today xx
  15. Salinger

    Tobbe catches up and pleases his wife

    Have a brilliant day Tobbe xx