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  1. Hey all. Not a good day. Missed a couple days of meds and got some withdrawals today, woozy, headache, sick feeling, i feel anxious and on edge. Still, managed to do some work, and do a clothes wash and wash the dishes and clean the cats station. I also napped to try get rid of this fucking horrible feeling inside. Also cried a bit, wishing desperately i could call up my dad. Anyway Rox will finish soon, need a cuddle. I guess we can relax tonight. Maybe watch a film?? Eat something nice and healthy, early night. Maybe ill have a
  2. Please, no need to say sorry at all ❤️ its not annoying really, its just, right now im struggling a lot with mental health, and work load being so overwhelming. Perhaps not good excuses? But reading i should be exercising as well, just yeah, a bit of dread sinks in! Thanks for understanding, like i said, i truly do appreciate your love and support xx
  3. Hey, not really no. I take Roxy to work, just got back and meeting starts in ten mins. I really appreciate all your support but i do feel guilty every time i read here to push me on and im not doing it. I get a dreaded feeling to see you are mentioning the bike like i say, i really do value your friendship and support. Maybe im just being sensitive though and i need the pushing?! Anyway ❤️ Thanks regarding funding, for some reason i feel i will find out tomorrow?! aaaghhh Im on hold at the doctors, been on hold for 25 mins so far ugh. xx
  4. Wow thats a great fact ! Maybe painting it will be even more cool then, nostalgia Also if you put the pennies in water with (i think) vinegar, it shines them up. I also think coca cola shines them hahah x
  5. Morning haaaaaaa 2.30am AGAIN I am awake. I think im going to bed too early? So im waking early. Annoying. But ok i guess. I will do some work for a couple of hours then rest, then start my day properly at 6.30am. Yesterday i did so much hard work, i felt good about it. Was at the studio all day, did LOADS of work on a clients website, he loves it so far. Today is another busy one... More work on the website, hoping to be finished by the end of the week. Also funding app writing. And emails to respond to. I should also go to the tip, and do chores like was
  6. Thanks Yasha ❤️ xx Hey Rookie, thanks a lot. Really appreciate your support xx
  7. Beautiful photos ❤️ Hope it helped you feel a bit better? How about you fill a jar with pennies? Would that be metalic enough?xx
  8. Hey all. 2.30am. We went to bed around 9.30pm as both exhausted. But i couldnt sleep much from 12...so got up and made a tea. Rox is fast asleep of course hahah Annoying really as i have a busy day ahead of me. Studio...two meetings, application to carry on writing, emails to get through and website to build. Aghhh Prefer the day being busy though. I made a lovely veggie chilli yesterday, which went down well! Tonight will likely be salad, with chicken perhaps mmmmmm or tuna or quiche. I have been trying hard not to f
  9. Hey Yasha!!! Late but here ❤️ xx
  10. Happy Birthday Daisy lovely photos ! Well done on the hike xx
  11. BOWIE Hey sorry im late - here though !!! You are doing so amazing and consistently well!!!! xx
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