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  1. Thanks Harriet! Yes nice idea.... Its quite warm, naughty me has put the heating on!!!!! xx
  2. Hi. Yes they were very cute. Maybe i should stop eating bacon?! You are right....i should do. Thanks so much, thats really kind to say, and spurs me on!!! hehe xx
  3. Hey all. morning. 6am here, im up with a cup of tea, my throat is REALLY sore and I am sniffly again. Prob needed more rest during the week to fully overcome this cold. I'll rest this weekend. I feel kinda stressed as it is a good friends birthday today, with a night out planned. BUT i am totally skint, and not feeling too good. But i dont want to let her down at all... Today i plan on watching football, doing some cleaning, working on my business idea, planning the upcoming week, zoom meeting, napping, writing an exhibition proposal, reading... Looking
  4. Yes, very chilled. ❤️ Yes, it is not nice thanks a lot mate xx
  5. Morning Yasha, hope your day has been good I also cant believe it is the end of the challenge... ! xx
  6. Hey all. 8pm here. Im sat with low lighting on - candles lit - Jackson purring by my side - and listening to a Cat Power record (moon pix - incredible!) Feel VERY relaxed Roxy will be home in ten mins, so im heating up the pasta bake i made earlier for us. Cant wait for a cuddle! Will watch the footy soon, have a shower and look forward to a nice sleep Been doing some work, mainly on my website business adventure. I have a zoom meeting at 12 tmoro with a potential client xx
  7. Jeeeeeez, people can be jerks. You are coping so well Mia, you are cool and im proud of you xx
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