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  1. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Heyyyy everyone. Its 2.30pm - just had some jam on toast and a hot cup of tea yum. first ive eaten today oooops. I should have some eggs. to get some protein in. Anyway, its sunny again, not as sunny as yesterday (quite a few clouds) but its mega nice and i sat in the garden again for a while, drinking my tea. I played with the cats, Jackson getting brave BUT eating the grass then throwing up hahahahahaha idiot. Im also listening to music all day, and have the football on mute which ive been keeping an eye on. One game finished just now, the next one i will watch is on at 5.30pm. I watched Inglorious Basterds last night, the one Quentin Tarentino made, wow it was so bloody good. I bought it for my housemate for Christmas, and he wanted to watch it. Im glad i stayed up, because i loved it a lot. So yeah, feeling fine, just chilling, might read a bit before the next match. im kinda tired but im not sure if i will nap...x
  2. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Hello Echo, thank you so much. Not many people i collaborate with know its just me who runs this alone!! They always say 'you guys' or make reference to there being more than one of me haha i am proud of how hard i work. Now to get paid properly?!!! PLEASE funding come through!! Im ok today thanks...more below xx
  3. Salinger

    Stribs Gets Proactive in 2019

    You rule!!!!!x
  4. Salinger

    Cheetah Attempts to Salvage the Remains of This Week

    Hope you have a nice day if you can! Good job on the workout! xx
  5. Salinger

    Cheetah Attempts to Salvage the Remains of This Week

    Hope you are doing good Cheetah x
  6. Salinger

    JonFirestar: I am Awesome

    Enjoy the weekend. x
  7. Salinger

    TGP back Into the Fray

    Heres to a good week TGP, we can both improve and thats good! What hike are you doing this weekend?X
  8. Salinger

    DaemonCorax and the rowdy inmate (incubating pt. 4)

    seeing your cat and drinking water sounds great! Really amazing workout well done xx
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    I saw that episode too!! It made me cry!! I then saw his major exhibition in Paris, which i also cried at hahaha Thanks so much TGP, lovely words <3 And thanks about the website, i made that too haha xx
  10. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Yes i have collaborated with those artists, they were part of the exhibition in 2017. Now i am collating another set of artists to work with in 2020!! So, in 2014, i was sectioned for suicide thoughts. When i got out a month later, i decided to form Broken Grey Wires, and put on art exhibitions AND live gigs all in response to mental health illness. Open up a dialogue, create communication and a safe space to be part of something special. 5 years later?! And its going so so well. However, it is only ME who does this....Broken Grey Wires has one director, ME, one assistant, ME, one cleaner, ME haha i do everything. I apply for funding for myself, to pay my wage, and to pay other artists involved and buy equipment and pay galleries to pay their staff etc etc if i do get the funding though, i will be paying for someone to work as my assistant. Help me with admin stuff. Hard work but pretty cool i get to do this every day! xxx
  11. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Hey all. its almost 5pm. Just had mash, chicken and brocolli, i ate early as was starving for some reason?! Ill regret that later HAHA Listening to music, should we do a little shuffle? Not done one for ages: Velvet Underground - Heroin The Cure - Pictures of You Justin Timberlake - What goes around Sum 41 - Still waiting Lost Under Heaven - The Great Longing Wow, how eclectic hahahaha I sat in the garden for 30 mins or so, and had a cup of tea and let the sun soak into my skin and it felt brilliant. I need to do that more often, looking at the weather, the sun will be out all weekend and into next week wooohooo! Ive drank more water today and hope to flush this cold out asap. By next weekend (a week today) i have a gig to go to, then to watch the football on the Sunday with my friend. Need to find some money for that really, but i am owed £100 artist fee for something i did, so hopefully I will get that this week. Should be almost ok for rent....maybe like £50 short but my landlord said it was ok. I still feel bad but also grateful. My mood plummets when i think about money. Been feeling ok today, the sun makes a huge difference, listening to the birds outside, playing with the cats, drinking tea....all lovely things. Oh and i hoovered as it was a disgrace hahah. I need to do my room but probably will tomorrow now. Will work another 2 hours or so...not intensely, im still singing along to music, washing the dishes, cuddling Jackson, reading etc Peace xx
  12. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Oh and @TGP you do know im talking about getting an artist for the EXHIBITION right? Those photos i posted are of the GIGS i put on....both seperate things. Here are some photos of EXHIBITIONS i have done.... Hope you like the look of them xx
  13. Salinger

    CQ: CrossFit Wanker

    Hope you are doing well Charlie xx
  14. Salinger

    TGP back Into the Fray

    Amazing photos, thanks for sharing! xx
  15. Salinger

    Salinger's nineteenth challenge!

    Thanks, yes good fun and real busy, and both mainly sell outs which im proud about!!! x