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  2. Hey all, thanks SO much for your kind input.... appreciate it alot. ❤️ I heard back from the woman organising it.... she told me not to worry about that, its just a fun opportunity to play football and if i need to, i can chill on the sidelines and get breath back etc etc. I guess that means i have to go now next saturday it starts!!!! 10am - 12! Anyway, last night was really lovely, i was with mum, we had dinner, lots and lots of chatting, and watched a brilliant documentary on a super cool artist. My mum has gotten into painting and stuff the last 5 years. we spoke about her getting some quotes to build a studio in the back garden, hope she does it. Would be very good for her mental health. With dad gone, it would give her a drive i think. I love her so much. This morning i took the dogs out, then drove back to Manchester. I had a little 40 min nap, and i had to cave and put the heating on, it is so fucking cold. I was freezing. Ill turn it off in 10 mins. Its already warmed up! Pouring down outside ! BABIES ❤️ So its 3.20pm now, just made a cuppa, and listening to music. At 4.30 i have a zoom meeting .. kinda anxious about it!!! Then 6pm another meeting (over the phone) im tired and need to get motivated a bit to get INTO work mode!! Will check in again soon xx
  3. Thanks to you both! yes covid safe! Lots of sanitizer and masks etc we have a document to read and guidelines laid out. feels safe. im still mulling it over, not sure im brave enough eeeek. yeti - I messaged the organiser so will see what she says! Xx
  4. Hey all.... i have a predicament and would love some thoughts/input. You all know i LOVE football, and i used to be really good at it, then i discovered drugs, alcohol and had to go on meds, and put on loads of weight......then i stopped. Ive been wanting to get back into it though for a long time. But im terrified, mainly cos im fat now and extremely unfit I am blowing after less than 2mins!! Anyway, some one i sort of know briefly (as in we chat when we see each other out but wouldnt ever really message or anything) she's put a call on instagram for people who want to start playing on saturday mornings, 5 a side kick about in the park. Now....there are two reasons why im terrified. 1) The aforementioned reasons, VERY UNFIT and its embarrassing. 2) They are all queer, (the friends group) and for some reason this scares me....i dont really have queer friends, and they are so confident and cool and they intimidate me tbh..... So yeah, what to do. All signs point to not doing it actually !!! Maybe i should try get build up some fitness, BEFORE i start ? I just dont know.... xx
  5. Hey all, morning! Its is almost 5am...i think i just need to accept this is the time i wake up now. And that i can nap later in the day for an hour if i need to. Im ok with that tbh. Its nice and quiet in the morning (although im listening to music hah) Its so fucking cold, 7C (which isnt actually THAT cold but it feels much colder i recon) I have a mega cool playlist on from Spotify, its a halloween playlist....Siouxsie and the Banshees, Daniel Johnston, Tom Waits, Phoebe Bridgers, Sloppy Jane, The Cramps, Billie Holiday, The Cure and LOADS more..... its sooooo good. Anyway, decided to go to see my mum later today, and stay the night. I have work to do but can take my laptop to finish stuff off, and will be really nice to see mum, sit in front of a real fire (!) and be warm for once haha and see the dogs of course too. I will likely cook something too, and maybe have a bath (they have the biggest nicest bath ever.) Think i will set off around 2pm. Be home for half 3... My tasks for today then: - Take medication - Pick up new meds - Get petrol - Pack for mums - SEND Bauhaus proposal!!! - Start work on Forge Fellowship - Promo for CF - Drive home to mums - Walk the dogs - Relax with mum I will just stay one night, im really busy tomorrow and have two online meetings so need to be back early (ish) also mum is working from 10am anyway so i will just set off home then. So i can prep for the meetings. Cuppa time! xx
  6. Your intentions are great Yeti!!!!! ❤️ xx
  7. ooooh take photos of the greek salad if you like mmmmm I think i will make a frittata next week, good for lunches. You are doing so well ! Lots of love Nova xx
  8. Thanks Doug ❤️ Thanks FL .... xx ____________ 8pm how?! Today has flown by, please remind me next time i am feeling guilty for not working much, that today i have done enough work for a full week!!! Still going as need to get an application in, might just send in the morning but formatting it tonight. I will watch the football though, kicks off in 2 mins. Make a cup of tea and have some apple and yogurt mmmmm. And lie on the sofa i hope in a bit, chill out! Watch the footy.... I feel ok, happy with todays work xx
  9. That looks yummy!!!!! Hope you stay safe, you are doing so well ❤️ xx
  10. Hey yes always busy just the way i like it!! Im listening to Nine Inch Nails pretty loud hehe (neighbours are out - i hope) Awww thanks, cant wait till you are rich then 😜 Hope your day is wonderful xx Oh man, yes forgot it was snowing there.... its cold, but not THAT cold, yet....! Thanks Rurik, you too ❤️ xx _________________ Hey all, what a day so far, i went to the shops for a couple of bits, i walked round the block only once but something at least i guess, then i have been writing so much, lots of work and designing some postcards too.... Send one proposal, im not 100% happy with it but the deadline was 5pm today! Will announce an artist at 5pm, in 30 mins. Then put my washing out.... its just in the machine now, sounds like it is going to take off hahhaha Means i can put the heating on for an hour oh to have a warm flat.... JOY haha Oh AND WE HIT £700 in the crowdfunding! wooooo I also have a meeting on Wednesday with an incredible org that i emailed, they love what i am doing and want to video call Busy busy, more later xx
  11. How do you feel today Teros ❤️ xx
  12. Morning all. Just past 6am and yes you guessed it, it is raining HARD. hahah I have nothing in for breakfast, so will nip to the shop after i finish my tea. Im quite hungry....which is strange. Im not usually in the morn. So its Monday, another week begins. - Take medication - Drink 3 bottles of water - SEND Unlimited proposal - Work on Turnpike proposal - Order new medication - Put a clothes wash on - Finish/edit Bauhaus proposal (SEND) - Announce artist - Keep kitchen clean - Read/relax/watch the footy be good to get a few things sent off today, been working on them for a while now. Just need to keep working hard. in two weeks, I will find out about the funding anxiousssssss it could be sooner but its likely to be two weeks... Got a tiny headache this morning, think its prob dehydration, i had a glug of water and now got my tea. Better get started! x