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  1. Salinger

    geng shi keeps at it - smaller and stronger

    Mr consistent!!!!!! Xx
  2. Salinger

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    You are inspiring me... i cant do 3 mins ughhhhhhhhhhhhh without dying. Thanks Jason. YEAAHHHHHHHHHH xx
  3. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Hi there, well my day improved. I threw myself into some new work, a travel grant. I have got a connection with a curator in New York...from when he picked my work to be in a show in the city in 2016. We have stayed in touch and get on pretty well, even though ive never met him in person. My idea is to go to NYC next year, and i have three main research points. First would be to visit Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a hospital where there is a living museum, filled with art created by patients! You can make appointments to visit so im confident they would allow it. Second is to visit Westbeth Artists Housing - here it explains what they do there, sounds incredible. Well Adam (the curator) knows an 80 year old artist living there so we can visit!! And third, i will look to create an event to be at Fountain House Gallery... 'Fountain House Gallery and Studios provide an environment where artists living with mental illness can express their creative visions, exhibit their work, and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.' Adam has already connected with my their director so i can begin a dialogue with them! And get letters of support for the travel grant application Im excited to get my teeth into ANOTHER thing ahahhahaha I also got feedback from my mate on the BIG application. He thinks it is really good and there isnt much to change really, just need to hone the budget, and add more to one of the questions. Should be good to send by tomorrow eve. Nervous. Ste is out tonight at his gfs, so i had tuna salad for dinner, ive put the fire on, lit some candles and watching the football. I will probably have a bath after this and then relax. xx
  4. Salinger

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    The challenge sounds pretty bloody awesome and you will have me cheering you on!!! Really cool, if i was better, id try that too hahah xx
  5. Salinger

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    oh no, sorry you got ill poor you ! How do you feel now?? That stew sounds incredible yum!!!!! xx
  6. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    HEY all.... 1.30pm. IM TRAPPED IN MY HOUSE! I had to park the car on our drive as the road is being resurfaced. I just went to go out and the workmen said can i stay home for a while?! !!!!! I cant go on the pavement either its all blocked off outside mine hahahaahha how strange and annoying. What if an ambulance had to come here or something?! Anyway. Means i cant procrastinate and have to do my work I went early to take the TVs back so at least there is that! Hopefully they piss off soon so i can drive to the park. .... OH MY SUNGLASSES BROKE at the weeeknd... so i got some more today. Cool? Or not cool? Im freezing cold, and bored, and headachey and feeling sorry for myself. Not a good combination! xx
  7. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Thanks so much Aramis yes will focus on each task and not get overwhelmed ... Ill wear my Twin Peaks hat when i go out!! hehehe xx Hey thank you man! Good to have you checking on me Ill definitely go for a walk.... it will be good for me, you are right xx
  8. Salinger

    Mr_Willes: Gets a bit scared

    Great job on pushing yourself on the run xx
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Hey all. 5.45am... of course, i couldnt sleep past 5am, so im up with a cup of tea and sort of half working (email responses) Sort of busy day so im making a list to help keep me going. - Take medications (mental health AND cold stuff) - 10am, drive to town, pick up broken TVs, and return them for refund - Work on application - NEEDS to be finished this eve ready for editing - Call doctors for blood test results - Keep on top of emails - Drink four glasses of water - Eat well and healthy through the day - Have a hot bath in the evening The application is going to take most of the day up ... i also have stuff like promotions to update online etc. Just bits and bobs that need doing most days. My cold is a BIT worse, as in, blocked nose. But its not that bad, and after my meds being taken and tea drunk, it will be fine. I MIGHT see if i can get the application ready, to go for a quick walk in the park. I need to get back into exercising more. Im sat most of every day working and im piling on the pounds, im going to explode soon im so fat Anyway. i also need to get ready for Wednesday, when i will be heading to London. My friend is driving down, because we have to take masses of art with us in the car. SO yeah, i think we are leaving at around 4.30am and im in London till Sunday. Wish i wasnt but oh well. It will be fine im sure. xx
  10. Salinger

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Hey! WOW look at your garden!!! Amazing. Good job on all that work. Oooooh we need a pic of Tiger Have an excellent Monday xx
  11. Salinger

    Illumination: The Protector Rises

    Hey Sky, hope you are ok. Im absolutely awful at budgetting. Scary bad. I am always skint, especially towards end of the month. Awful, makes me stress so much Hoping you can start to do better with it!! Thinking of you xx
  12. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    CRAZY of her!!!! haha Thank you TGP, 9.20pm now, bed soon i think, after the footy! BUSY day tomorrow... xx
  13. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    I will definitely keep up the meds, that reminds me to take my antidepressants actually, THANKS oh wow thanks for the compliment of my work xxx
  14. Salinger

    GoodDoug on a cultural exchange

    Hey Doug, how are you/.xx
  15. Salinger

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Brilliant, well done on cooking, looking after your boys and the running xx