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  1. I dont want to get lawyer stuff involved cos shes my mate i have succh bad anxiety right now. Ugh this is so frustrating. About SAD, thanks, love the idea that AP says with those light lamps, great idea. ... I always have a 'safe space' as part of exhibitions anyway, as i want to create a place to reflect about work, learn more (mental health and art zines/books) comfy furnishings etc its important to incorporate that in my shows Yes......we have all emails and messages to each other etc. Great idea about contracts thanks ! Yes, its kinda crappy. She is my friend....she said its no big deal etc so i feel l am over reacting or going to the worst conclusion right away ugh. Shitty isnt it. Thanks to you and AP xx
  2. Hey 12.30pm. Meeting went really really well with the Woman in Brussels. She was mega cool and lovely, is interested in collaborating next year Really exciting progression for the toolkit. However, oooh look another curve ball HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I had commissioned (?) perhaps wrong word to use... but i have asked an artists, and good friend to work with me on the toolkit project. The toolkit has been my idea, its something i have wanted to do for a long time now, and the premise behind it, the ideas, the name, etc is my idea. My friend who came on board, did most of the design for the actual kit, as in, the box design that we are moving forward with. And we both came up with activities etc to be part of the toolkit useage. Now, she messaged this morning saying that she is getting IP for the toolkit design in HER name only.... Because she came up with the design.... Am i right to be confused and worried about this?????????? I FEEL awful about it tbh. But unsure if i am over reacting x
  3. EXACTLY xx Thing is - the gallery is a sort of very large warehouse space. Its not got a lot of heating so is generally pretty cold in there during the winter months aaaghhhhhhh xx _________________ Hello, Lots of stressful thinking last night, one thing i thought was IF the show is in February, then we could look at the fact S.A.D exists....and that people are more miserable, and poorer through those months too....We could market the show to support people who are struggling. And by having the show earlier in the year, means we may be able to support MORE people who are going through a hard time?! Fuck i dont know if that sounds stupid?? Anyway, another bad thing is that the welding company i have been in contact with to build my work for that show, is likely too busy now!!!!!!!!! Not their fault - just their own company progression ... but it really fucks things up for me. So yesterday eve I researched some other local welders, and one person got back to me, which i saw the email for this morning. He said he is a film student, but working as a welder for a company too...so says this is perfect job for him. And he sent some sketches for ideas about how the sculpture could work ! I have gotten back to him to ask for estimate of costs eeeeek and timeframe, if he could have this done by January time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just work out for me. Today is quite busy. Its 9.30am now, have emails/work bits to get done then 11am i have a meeting with an MP from Brussels terrified..... Then more work, then nap, then shower, then around 3.30pm I am going to town! To meet a couple of friends for a drink. Birthday tmoro! Need to wrap my mates pressie actually, was his birthday last week but not seen him. So I will give him his pressie this eve. xx
  4. Thanks, yes i have a few off this guy and love his work. The crate we have is way too small now, and i can not afford a new one And i just feel stressed thinking about her crying in there. I read not to use it as punishment but if im putting her in something when shes being crazy, then surely that is punishment? Anyway i went for a lie down in bed, and napped for an hour. She was fine on her own (we do leave her now and again - we arent stuck to one another etc) shes sleeping now next to me. Usually if i just ignore her behaviour, she settles after 10 mins. When she knows that acting out isnt going to get her anywhere! ------------- I feel weepy, stressed, anxious. Had a phone call with the gallery where my big show is next year. I knew they had architects and builders who are going to be doing a refurb of the space but its literally due to be starting the month before my show is meant to be ... The show should be April/May... the refurb starts in March. (this is apparently out of the galleries hands and down to when the funding comes in, and when the building firm can fit them in etc) The director of the space said can the show be in early 2024!!!!! but to me that is out of the question i can NOT postpone the show again. I have funding to do it in the Spring of 2023...etc There is a possibility of the show being in February 2023, so 3 months early. But i feel its a shit time to have a show? freezing cold, no one has any money, people dont venture out much. Ugh AND that may not even be possible either! The director speaks to the builders on Friday but he said they had mentioned ripping stuff out from January... so iit depends if that means they can 'break off' for a month, while the exhibition is on. Feel very low about this. Stressed to fuck. I can actually almost FEEEL my heart pounding/blood running through body, and my brain screeching. The house is a tip. Well its not but my desk area is. And not been able to work on there. I tidied the kitchen tho, and put a small loaf of bread on to bake - will have tomato soup and freshly baked bread for dinner. I may have a bath afterwards...try to calm down a bit. xx
  5. Hey, 1pm. Bronze being so naughty hahah she wont leave me alone either ffs. I need 30 mins to myself christ. Got another little tattoo this morning, one for my dad. A little seagull God i fucking miss him Anyway, maybe ill have a 30 min lie down, maybe if im not around then Bronze will calm a bit.... Ugh Have a meeting in an hour, need to go to the post office, walk Bronze later on ....think about dinner ... same old stuff. Its freezing but its too expensive to put heating on !!! AGHHHHHHH xx
  6. Yeah shes grown out of two !!!!! Thanks Rookie, i go back and forth from being quite proud, to thinking im a loser who is a failure..... nightmare. YES Bday on Friday!!!!!!! I hope so hahah xx
  7. FUCK SAKE!! I drove to the wrong vets. hahahaa there are three of the same company around here.... So appointment has been moved to 4pm today, which means ive had to move a zoom meeting as well. ANNOYING Trying to sort the week out and getting quite stressed out. LIST TIME> - TAKE MEDS FFS - Call welding org to discuss work - Meeting with artist (re-arrange time) - Call the business bank - Go to the CORRECT vets (4pm appointment) - Discuss toolkit project with artist - Write diary out for next 7 days - Email responses to get through These are the main things i need to do today. *breathe*
  8. Morning (just about) 11.30am. Bronze was kinda naughty at training but also, she picks things up really quickly its lovely and cool to see. She slept all night afterwards This morning i have felt kinda depressed. I am trying to get perked up but it feels so tough. I need to NOT FORGET that Bronze has the vets at 1pm, I am worried but have a reminder set. Lots of emails to get through, and trying to sort some bank stuff. Im drinking tea though and trying to relax a bit and not panic about life stuff. I dont know what to do about my birthday. Was meant to go to town on Thursday to meet a couple of mates but they have covid haha its not likely they will be negative by thursday (they dont actually feel that poorly but just positive on the tests) Im starting to think i dont really want to go out anyway!? But maybe i do..... Friday Rox is working anyway.... we likely have a few beers in the eve together. Maybe a pizza.... Anyway doesnt really matter. Sorry just low low low - cant even be bothered/feel awful about having to take Bronze out. Which is sad ... xx
  9. Having a Deftones afternoon - paging @deftona haha Bronze is being pretty good, she must know its training later !!!!! Feeling a bit better tbh, done a lot of annoying chores. And doing a lot of work too.... also music always helps, doesnt it!! xx
  10. - Take meds - Share news about the upcoming zine - Wash the dishes - Take the bins out - Take recycling out - Sort surfaces/re arrange appliances. - Sort living room out/tidy/light candles - Keep on top of emails MEETING MOVED TO TOMORROW AS PERSON ISNT WELL - Take Bronze out for walk when new harness arrives (not arriving till 6pm ffs) - Start to create the toolkit press release document - Puppy training at 6.30pm - Dinner/chill out/watch England game/bed Doing ok i guess, just had lunch, grilled chicken with salad. I bought a dressing but it wasnt nice, too sweet. Ill stick to making my own!!!!! My mum text earlier and said on Sunday did i want to go home to hers for the afternoon. With Roxy and Bronze. (its my bday on Friday so be nice to see mum) It will be longest drive with Bronze eeek. She needs to get used to that tho. Also...she will meet my mums dogs!!!!!! Im terrified hahahah Meg (springer) is a nightmare with other dogs sometimes. Can snap for no reason. Lottie (cocker) will be fine and lovely and gets on with everyone. Im excited tho as well....be really cute i bet!! xx
  11. DO you have a phone? A smart phone which allows you to get free sat nav? Holders are pretty cheap here (like under £10) which attach to the car for you to put phone in ... I also have a lead to plug my phone into the ciggy lighter hole bit so it doesnt run out of charge whilst i have the sat nav on. ALSO can we see your hair? Bet you look mega cool Defo try to see the doc Mia xx
  12. Hey all. 11.30am. Bronze has brought a stone inside and throwing it around - we have no carpet so its shattering sound and i am trying to work. But it is preoccupying her so i dont want to take the stone away ahhahahaha She is too big for her harness now, and we have a new one arriving today....SO waiting for that before i take her out. Anyway..... i found this amazing article a few weeks ago ....https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/17/museums-on-prescription-brussels-tests-cultural-visits-to-treat-anxiety And I decided to email the deputy mayor who instigated the project. I just heard back from someone in the board.....who said the email was forwarded to them. And they want to call me at some point to chat further... so this is pretty exciting. They also sent me the press release document which is amazing. in other news, i do feel a bit sickly today, stomach ache a bit and run down. But just trying to keep on working and sorting. We have puppy training later this eve (6.30pm) so need to tidy up a bit. The kitchen is a MESS. And need to find room for all the bits. So will need to move things around. ... ok list time. - Take meds - Share news about the upcoming zine - Wash the dishes - Take the bins out - Take recycling out - Sort surfaces/re arrange appliances. - Sort living room out/tidy/light candles - Keep on top of emails - Meeting about toolkit on zoom (2.30pm) - Take Bronze out for walk when new harness arrives - Start to create the toolkit press release document - Puppy training at 6.30pm - Dinner/chill out/watch England game/bed Busy but stuff that just needs doing....x
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