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  1. ooooh excited for the letter!!!! so is Jacks That gif is so cosy ... Hmmmm warm drinks, fireplaces, fairy lights, jumpers, golden leaves falling from trees, halloween and bonfire night xx
  2. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    Thank you Echo, i think you are awesome too! I do think it is the thing im meant to do. yes, im not just doing this art thing as a hobby, i have exhibited all over the world, from London to New York City, from Manchester to Poland... im good at it. But its hard, funding rejections, exhibition rejections...constantly. There is either no money in it at all, or there is millions in it. Unfortunately im in the first bit, i barely get any money for doing this, and i rely on funding to keep me going. You ask if there are resources... well this morning i emailed someone from the Arts Council to see if i can meet with her soon to go through and see if she has any advice. Thats a positive for me, i react to things so deeply but i am getting better at not letting it consume me so much i fall off the cliff. I had a funding rejection 2 years ago and self harmed and almost drank myself to death. This time? I cried a little, i felt awful, like a failure, i drank tea and had an early night (in the hotel) thats a positive for me. Thanks Shaar, i love them too!! And thanks a lot, yes i agree, i think its about recognising the emotion and allowing yourself to FEEL ... Of course im going to be upset and frustrated but recognising that and allowing myself to feel those emotions is important. Like i said to Echo, my go to thing is self harming, cutting myself, and i havent (or even thought to do it really) thats a massive thing. And i need to just keep moving forward, reassess my finances for the next couple of months, and try again with the application. Its all i can do. Im 30 next week, ill have a million more rejections to come in my future hahaha need to just get on with it xx
  3. Salinger

    Cheetah is looking forward to a little slack time.

    American Psycho is a brilliant, wonderful, fucked up film which is one of my favourites, so watch that x
  4. Hey Shaar, how are you feeling today? I hope you managed to sleep better? And hope Finn is behaving! Keep pushing on, things will get better but i know it feels like they wont, or that 'who cares about the future, right now im feeling shit.' I get that. i really do. We can survive this!!!! <3 love you xx
  5. Salinger

    Errata: Welcome to S.T.A.R. Labs

    Well done SG, you deserve all the goodness in the world <3 xx
  6. Salinger

    jstanlick does more MetCons

    You are doing great, keep you head in the game and keep grinding away x
  7. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    Thank you guys. Been a strange few days. I had no time to really think about the funding rejection. Thursday, once i got to the hotel i was so exhausted from the emotion that i fell asleep almost within the hour. Then Friday my two friends from London arrived, and i had everything to sort for the gig. Meeting bands, meeting the managers at the venue etc...i totally had no time. Then it was the gig.... it went really well. Was very busy and people seemed to have a great time. Couple of photos. not the best, my phone is shit hahah was a good night though, again didnt think about the funding. Drank a lot but not overboard. Hung out with the bands ... was really nice time. Then yesterday, oh man. What a nightmare. Usually takes 3 and a half hours to get back to Manchester from Glasgow. However it took 8 hours. Had to stand in a queue at the station for 2 hours. Everyone ran to get on the train, i had to stand for about an hour. I felt sick and faint. Finally got a seat. Then the train stopped in the middle of nowhere for 45 mins. Then i had to get off at Preston and get a bus replacement to Manchester which was another hour and a half. Nightmare. Got home, showered, crashed out. Slept till 10am, (from about 10pm so 12 hours) still tired now ahahah but im up with a cup of tea and trying to keep relaxed. I ordered a couple of plants about 6 weeks ago, they finally arrived yesterday. They are really nice and fit in well in my room!! LOVING the pots i got too.... fits in well. So today is the first day i have free. to relax a bit but also to THINK about the funding. Which i will try hard not to, or not to get upset. Im so gutted and sad and also numb from it. i suppose the thing to do, is apply again. Keep going with it?! Ughhhh but can i be bothered? Im not sure im cut out for this. But its all i want to do, i know its hard and i need to get a grip really and just fight back. Busy week coming up, work till Thursday then off to London, there for 2 days, then back to Manchester Saturday then fly to Milan on Sat evening. feeling very anxious about it all to be honest. Everton are playing at 4....against @shaar's team, Arsenal!!! Shaar, i predict 5-1 to your guys. We are awful at the moment hahahaha but im looking forward to watching the two games today and lie on the sofa and drink tea. x
  8. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    Guys. I didn’t get the funding i feel empty and numb. Im on a train to glasgow and want to scream and cry but I have to sit silently instead. Im devastated but what did I expect I’m a fucking failure.
  9. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    haaaa you should have Thanks Jon, i hope so....!! x
  10. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    Morning all, its 7am almost, ive been up for over an hour, watching youtube videos about serial killers and drinking tea.... lovely. I couldnt really sleep much, stressssss. Ill just try to keep calm, relax...i have a few hours before my train up to Glasgow. Its a long one, over three hours. Ill be so bored. oh well. nothing i can do about it. Then when i get there, ill check into hotel and just try to chill for the night. Need to relax because its obviously a busy one tomorrow. Up early, sort things out for the evening. Meet the bands, make sure they are all ok... general stuff like that. Wish i could cancel it all... im such a baby.
  11. Salinger

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    Thanks so much Echo xx
  12. Salinger

    Mediaguy99 - Resistance is Futile

    Hope you had a nice time with your friend!! x
  13. Salinger

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    What are you reading Jon?xx
  14. Not the best photo as i have to bend my arm hahaha
  15. Yeaaaahhh! Amazing I have the 28:06:42:12 tattooed on my arm xx