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  1. Still hahah a full week install (opens on Friday at 6pm) there’s still a lot to do. im kinda very fucking stressed and I want to go home….. I miss my pets and I miss Roxy. I have so much self doubt I cried in my car for 20 mins this afternoon !! Just felt so sad. then went back into the gallery to be the boss and tell people what to do etc anyway. It’s fine Roxy arrives tmoro around 4pm. also I think the fact I’m not getting drunk or drinking in the evenings is making me more stressed cos I use that to calm down…. going to try relax this eve (it’s ten pm) will go bed in about an hour probably ! X
  2. 9pm first day done, home for 7pm. Absolutely exhausted. More tmoro i recon - ill post some photos too.... Big big day tmoro. Wish me luck x
  3. Lots of love, sorry ive been awol. Miss chatting. How are you doing? xx
  4. Hey all. I have an idea yes. its silly but fuck it. .... Hi from THE SOUTH 5.5 hours drive today, i arrived around 6.30pm. The place is very posh.....im lazing now watching the rugby with a cup of tea. I ordered a curry, which hopefully will arrive soon cos im starving. Ill eat, shower, watch the match then get some sleep. Tomorrow i plan on waking early, grabbing breakfast and slow walk on the beach (im literally 1 min from the sea) Then go to the gallery around 9.30am, to meet the two technicians i am working with this week. Feeling anxious about it. My car is full of stuff and im also nervous it will get broken into over night hahahah ffs Im sure it will be fine. Been a very very very full on few days. Lots of crying from me. I sobbed last night in bed with Roxy. Like, i suddenly burst into hysterical tears. Because i was so scared i was going to die soon. Rox held me until i fell alseep. Anyway. Just need to get on with it this week, it will surely be fun , im sure! my friend Robert arrives on Tuesday to help out with install. So much to organise and do. Im the boss, so im a bit panicky ahhahaha People are waiting for my instruction, which is hilarious to me actually. Exercise non existant. Diet not the best. Missing Rox, Jackson and Bronze already xx
  5. Sending huge love you are already fucking drop dead gorgeous btw. Have a beautiful evening pal x
  6. WOah Love all these updates. Exciting changes ❤️ so so cool of you taking that courage and running with it !!! xx
  7. Hey all. thank you so much for kindness ❤️ Last night i got home late with the tech, decided i should check it all works with my wheel etc.... Absolute nightmare, wont go full screen. Tried everything i can think of, watched a million videos online, read shit loads of stuff. Nothing. Got up at 5am to try again. Im surrounded by wires and tech and cameras hahahhaah The company they are from is being a bit annoying. As if they are exasperated at me...? But ffs i did everything exactly as they told me to...... Anyway. Im awaiting further instruction. Until then, i have emails to get through, and lists to formulate and insurance to get etc etc Trying to be calm xx
  8. Yeah so so busy. Can not wait to relax for a bit in mid oct when all up. I actually put a silly £6 bet on the footy last night...... it was silly cos the odds were large, due to lots having to go right (3 specific players to score, over 8 corners in total, and a specific player to get a yellow card) I bloody won!!! £650 So i spent £250 of that booking a small cottage in the Lakes, for me and Bronze for mid October. With a real woodburning fire ------------ Anyway. Having a NIGHTMARE UPS shipping people, NEVRR USE THEM. They wont colect the plinths. I paid £360 for the service and they are not collecting. Im trying to sort it without telling them they are wankers. x
  9. How exciting Rho, i hope you will be safe, and have fun and rest when you can Can not wait to hear all about it when you are back ❤️ xx
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