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  1. It's easy for her to say it's no big deal. I'd have a sit down with her and get it spelled out very clearly what she is trying to do, why she won't put your name on it too, and what this would mean for your use of the toolkit moving forward. In the meantime, I really would go ahead and see a lawyer. Around here we have a referral service where you tell them what you need help with and they recommend a local office that specializes in that area. The referral service is free, and I believe it includes a one hour free consultation with the office they refer you to. If you have the same type of thing available, it would be a great first step. If you have your sit down with your friend and clear the air and it turns out everything is fine, you haven't started any sort of legal proceedings, don't owe the lawyers anything and you know a little bit more about IP law, which is good. If she really is trying to cut you out, you've already taken steps too protect yourself and I would have zero qualms about bringing the lawyers into it because that's not how friends treat each other. You'd know more after having your consult, but if she is on shaky ground with IP law, just knowing that you are in talks with a lawyer may be enough to change her tune.
  2. Finished 3 quarts of applesauce last night. Going to my sister's tonight, so probably not going to do much else. A bit bummed, because the weather is actually supposed to be decent today, so I could have gotten other stuff done, but there is a bug going around and I'm feeling a bit worn, so probably not an entirely bad thing that I'm taking a night off.
  3. You are not overreacting. What she is doing is wrong on so many different levels. I'd consult a lawyer asap to see what you can do to protect your interests in this.
  4. I'm sorry, Sal. Planning an event is stressful no matter what, and you are having some major curveballs thrown your way. First off - I'm sure you know what you're doing here and have probably already thought of most or all of what I'm about to say. I'm going to say it anyways because it might jog another idea loose for you. So, I'm not sure how firm a commitment you and the gallery had at this point, but since they said you could have the space in spring and are now reneging, I'd consider looking for alternative space. (Which you might have to do anyways, but let's take this one step at a time.) Yes, it's not entirely they're fault that things have changed, but that's not the point. They've proven to be somewhat unreliable and I am always hesitant to do business with anyone I can't fully trust to follow through. (Note, I'd feel the same way about the welders. You're being very gracious with these people, and good on you for it, but again, they are not honoring the commitments they made to you. Whether or not I personally would try to work with them again depends entirely on how firm your agreement with them was at the point they started backing out.) But back to venues. I would take a look around and see what other space is available when you want to have the show. I'd also consider, since you are using this to support mental health, reaching out to places that might not be interested in hosting an art show, but would be willing to host an art show to support your toolkit project. Any type of community organization or service provider is at least worth an email. Even if they don't have a space that suits your purposes, they're plugged into a network that might be able to get you what you need. If you can use the gallery in February and decide to stick with that, I would push pretty hard for some concessions from them. Whether that means a lower price or what depends on what would be most helpful to you, but they owe you something. And I think focusing on S.A.D. is a brilliant idea. You could set up a little section of the gallery with some extra heat and maybe showcase ways people can cope with S.A.D. like having a couple daylight lamps set up, having a little exercise machine like a stepper or a glider, maybe reaching out to some type of nutritionist who could set up a booth, that type of thing. I had the exact same thought when my trainer said to crate her if she's too out of control, but I think the difference is punishment vs prevention. If she chews up your shoes and you throw her in her crate for an hour after you discover them, that's punishment. You've basically put her in jail, and she's probably not going to fully understand the connection, she's just going to know that you're mad at her and locked her in and she doesn't like it. If she's too wound up and you put her in her crate, she hasn't actually done anything wrong, so there's nothing to punish her for. Let her know as you put her in there that you're not mad at her - give her some pets and talk nicely to her as you tuck her in. You're preventing her from doing something bad while she's too wound up, but you're not punishing her for being a puppy. There will be times when she can get crazy and you'll be able to take her outside or stop and play with her or whatever, and there will be times when she just needs to chill. Someone else (perhaps @Rookie ) can probably explain it better, but that's how I understood it.
  5. *GULP* Guys, I have an apple problem. I filled my stock pot up with apple slices yesterday to cook down to applesauce, and I didn't even empty one of the buckets. And I probably have another bucket on the tree that I'll be picking this weekend. I'll can the applesauce tonight and then I had planned to do another batch of applesauce, but actually I think I'll just pack the apple slices in quart jars with a honey syrup. That'll be faster, and then through the winter I can cook it down to applesauce if I want, or make pies with it, or you know, anything I want. Getting a little impatient with this weather, but it's actually hitting at a pretty good time. It's putting a cramp in my barn roofing, but it's giving me a chance to deal with some of this produce. The apples will keep for a pretty long time without me doing anything with them, but the fresher they're canned the better they'll be when I open them back up.
  6. That's a very nice seagull. I like how it has a decent amount of detail but still looks crisp and streamlined. I promise not to keep harping on about the crate, but it's a good way to establish some boundaries with Bronze when you need some space. It might be a bit rough at first, but she'll get used to it and probably even start to like it. I almost never lock my dog in her crate anymore, but I can tell her "Go to your crate" and she goes and curls up in there and knows she needs to wait a while before coming back out. And the reverse, sometimes she goes in there on her own and that's her way of letting me know that she needs to chill for a bit so I leave her alone when she's in her crate.
  7. Sounds like fun, except now I'm picturing rival farmers trying to outdo each other by every year planting 1 more stalk of corn than the other.
  8. Rain moved in by the time I got home yesterday, so no rafters were hung. I did make pickled peppers, though, so productivity was produced. I got 4 pints, which didn't use up all the peppers I had. I don't think I'm going to do another batch this year, but I'm making a note for next year to make 1.5x the recipe to get 6 pints. I didn't do that this year because a lot of time I get either more or less than the recipe says it makes, but this one nailed it. I'm probably going to just throw the rest of the peppers in the freezer, possibly tonight. I really want to do something with the apples, but that's going to be more time consuming, so it depends how quick I start on it. Sun's peeking out now, so if that stays I'll probably try rafters again tonight, but if it's gone by the time I get home, I might jump right into applesauce.
  9. I suddenly feel better about all the times I joked about using a sample size of one when sharing my own experiences. Apparently I'm only two people away from real science!
  10. Hey all! Had a very productive Saturday followed by a total rest day on Sunday, and now I think I'm ready to tackle things again. Friday we put up a couple rafters, Saturday we went back to rafters and put up all but the 2 final sets of rafters. During which, I dropped a rafter on my leg, which was not pleasant. So I took a little time to ice my leg, then went back out to start filling some of the joints, pull the old wire off my chicken coop, and pick peppers. I also decided to pick apples, because I don't know when to quit and after climbing the tree my leg announced it was done for the day. So I'm laying around in the evening thinking about how what I most wish would transfer from D&D to real life (FYI: under the [hopefully gentle] DMing of @starpuck I am dipping my toe back into the RPG pool, so expect D&D references to become more numerous) is the ability to take a long rest and roll some hit dice. Well low and behold, after taking it easy Saturday evening and sleeping all night, I woke up feeling much better on Sunday. Those long rests, man, they're really something. Anyways, rained most of the day yesterday and I wanted to baby my leg a bit more, plus we were celebrating my brother and sister-in-law's birthdays, so no progress made. And nothing crossed off the list from Saturday, but lots of progress made. Today we're going to put up at least 1 more set of rafters, possibly finish both sets if it goes smoothly. And I know have 1 bucket of peppers and 2 buckets of apples, so going to try to pickle the peppers tonight because the apples will keep longer.
  11. I read these two lines as all on the same topic and was a bit confused why you would call your toolkit LOOK AT MY BREAD. Maybe I should finish my coffee before catching up on threads. But seriously, the bread looks great. Enjoy your Autumnal Sunday!
  12. Well, I'm always really impressed at how you're building a career in the art world and using it as a platform to tackle important issues like mental health. I guess we're just a couple of impressive people!
  13. Thanks, Sal! Cold over here this morning, but getting sunny out now. I decided to go ahead and chop up the tree on my chicken coop last night. I'm getting tired of moving their summer coop every day, so fixing up the winter coop is going to get bumped up the priority list. I did also get a load of laundry put away, but did not get my pullup bar excavated out of the pile it's currently under, so no hang time. Chilly but dry today and tomorrow, so I'm going to focus on rafters and chicken coop reno. I'm also going to pick peppers and apples, but not worry about doing anything with them until Sunday or Monday when it's supposed to be rainy. I finished reading Mapping the Farm. It was good, the story of a 4 generation family farm in Minnesota. The author married into the family, so it's a very unromantic view of farming, which I appreciate. It's easy to get caught up in the baby calves in spring, but the truth is farming is often miserable work and you're lucky to break even, let alone make any money. I often say I wish I could quit my job and make a living off my property, but the truth is, on top of actually liking my job, I also really enjoy the steady paycheck and am much happier keeping homesteading as a hobby rather than what I depend on to support myself. One more thing crossed off the list!
  14. Sorry you had a rough week. The tattoo is exciting though! What are you getting?
  15. I'm hardly an expert on Starting Strength, but in the vein of something being better than nothing, doing Starting Strength once/week is better than not lifting. It seems to me that twice/week would be better as then you'd do each workout in the program once/week instead of every other week.
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