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  1. I barely did any hiking this year, unfortunately. Might have to lurk in the background here and get my hiking thrills vicariously. Do you have any weight plates at home? They sit nice and flat against your back for rucking.
  2. I haven't done any sewing in ages (and did precious little even back in the day) but my mom's a pretty darn good seamstress. Those shears might make their way under the Christmas tree this year.
  3. I see these around my place all the time, but they always have different sized stripes. I guess just like human meteorologists they have trouble agreeing. Saw one little guy the other day that didn't have any stripe at all. 😱 Really hope he isn't right.
  4. Got my tracking chart done! Picture didn't come out great, but you get the idea. I even have room to write out my big why, once I figure out what the heck it is. Weather is supposed to be pretty lousy this weekend, which means limited barn progress, but should have plenty of time to clean, do yoga, and introspect.
  5. It does look like a lot, but I think that's mostly because I wrote a dissertation on each one. It looks much more manageable on my tracking chart, which I did get done! Those are awesome looking! I'll definitely have to look up some patterns. Thanks! Part of me wonders if I'm expecting too much from East Main because my old church felt like an extended, sometimes dysfunctional family, but I was there for decades. On the other hand, three months seems like plenty of time and the Anglican pastor made a point to introduce himself to me my first Sunday there, so I don
  6. This sounds like self-control to me, but I know you said that was an unhelpful way to frame it for you. What if you called it something different, like discipline? In a training I did last year, we talked about actual values, which are the things we prove we value by how we live right now, versus aspirational values, which are the things we want to embody but don't yet. Would it be helpful if you thought of self-control as an aspirational value, feeding into the idea of it being something you're working towards?
  7. Maybe that's why Elrond looks so stern. "That's not how you reforge something. Give me that sword before you destroy a priceless artifact!"
  8. I absolutely love using Reforging as a theme. It's got a natural bad-assery to you (much like you, dear Puck) along with all those cool renewal themes.
  9. Really like the mindset of skills to be practiced vs goals to be met. "Gazelle Intensity" is raising so many questions for me. Why gazelles, Mr. Ramsey? It works nicely here because alliteration, but I would think a predator animal would have more of an intense focus than a prey animal. It's in the eye placement and everything. So something like "wolf intensity" or "lion intensity." Although I suppose running for your life significantly increases the intensity level, so maybe that's his point. Or maybe I need to stop overthinking this and just cheer you on. Go Elastigi
  10. Decided that for moving at work, I'm going to use the pomodoro technique. I've had good luck with it in the past, and in addition to giving me regular reminders to take a break and move, it also helps me stay focused on what I'm working on, so that increased movement AND increased productivity for the win! Going to take some time this afternoon to draw up a chart to track this challenge. I'm not always very good at that and then I have a hard time evaluating where I did good and where I need a little more work. Feeling geared up for this challenge! Let's do it!
  11. I've stayed fairly current on the verses I already have memorized, but haven't tackled anything new in a little bit. One of things I like about the app is when I do step away for a bit, it's always right there to remind me where I left off. I've been attending a liturgical service the last couple weeks and think I might work on memorizing some of the liturgy next. For some reason when I'm reading it I have a harder time really thinking about what it says than when I'm reciting it. Probably going to tackle the Nicine Creed first. One of the women in my Bible st
  12. So this challenge most definitely isn't just an excuse for me to gush about Faramir... but there will certainly be gushing. He's a skilled fighter but he prefers scholarly pursuits and is kind and gentle. He welcomes Aragorn to the throne even though it diminishes his power as Steward. He doesn't allow his father's blatant favoritism to corrupt his relationship with his brother. What I'm saying is, the world would be a better place if we all tried to be more like Faramir. For this challenge, I'm trying to be more like him in two areas: Resist the One Ring
  13. Okay, so this challenge kind of went off the rails. Partially because I devoted every spare moment to barn building (pause for pics) and partially because I lost my focus, which I have plans for addressing in the next challenge. A new five weeks means the perfect time to hit the reset button, which is what I love about these challenges. New challenge will be up soon (spoiler alert: it's Faramir themed) in the meantime, look how adorable Gingersnap is:
  14. I'm probably going to go ahead and get one at some point fairly soon here. I'll update to let you know what I think. In the meantime, if anyone else has one, let us know!
  15. I move around a lot outside of work, but I am way too sedentary at the office. Thinking of getting a mini stepper I can tuck in the corner when not using and get some steps in during breaks. To keep us all on the same page, this is what I'm talking about: https://www.amazon.com/Sunny-Health-Fitness-Stepper-Resistance/dp/B0016BQFSS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=mini+stepper&qid=1633359754&sr=8-3 Pros: It's tiny and cheap. Cons: It's tiny and cheap. Has anyone used one of these? Are they decent? There are more expensive ones and you get what you pay
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