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  1. Also important. I've been asking myself lately why fantasy is my go-to when I'm feeling sad since it often has this bitter-sweet tone to the end that just yanks on all my heartstrings in an almost painful fashion and seems like I'm just piling fantasy sadness onto my real sadness, but after thinking about this, I've decided that's exactly why I go to fantasy. It's so cathartic to mourn with the characters.
  2. And the Fellowship breaks a little more. Putting my dog down tonight. Kind of letting things slide this week. I'll try to pick it back up again for week 2.
  3. I don't know why some people dislike that sequence so much. The hobbits were the heart of that story so it wasn't fully over until we saw them return to the Shire.
  4. That is a fantastic phrase. Very well said. I've done pretty good for a while now with chasing sunshine instead of trophies, but I'm still working to overcome the knee-jerk reaction that I have to defend that choice against the trophy-chasers.
  5. Thanks! Had a meeting with my ministry cohort yesterday and feel like I might have a direction in mind, but I'm avoiding picking one for the summer, because it's been a long time since I've been direction-less and I'm kind of enjoying the feeling of lots of possibilities. Week Zero has been pretty good. Drank my water every morning and it definitely helps me drink more water throughout the day too, even though I'm not sure how that works exactly. I did my 5 minutes of decluttering every day except yesterday and it's made a more noticeable difference than I expected. Should have eve
  6. Don't mind at all, just being deliberately vague since it was a bit spoiler-y. But the series was The main series is over now, and I don't usually like the "extra" stories tagged on to the end of a series, mostly I think because it tends to feel more rushed and less well developed, but that wasn't the case here. In fact, it may have been my favorite book of the series, although it's been a while since I read the rest of them, so I might change my mind if I re-read all of them.
  7. Funnily enough...it wasn't romance. It was a fantasy novel, but the romance plot took up the most page space. Also it was behemoth of a book that follows up a behemoth series, so readers were already invested in the characters and familiar with all the backstory. I think that's why my favorite romances tend to be in series, because it's really hard to develop that much character in 300 pages without rushing it, but if your main characters played a supporting role in a previous book, you've got a leg up there.
  8. So I just read a book where the protagonist has a ton of unresolved trauma and is being absolutely awful to everyone around her and the love interest helps her work through everything (she has other friends and family that help as well, it's definitely not a case of him "fixing" her) but she keeps pushing him away and when she finally tells him that she keeps pulling back from a relationship with him because she's done terrible things and doesn't deserve him, he assures her that he has forgiven her and loves her and doesn't hold her past against her. That quick little run through doesn't reall
  9. I just recently made it to the Redhorn Pass and got attacked by wargs. And all I could picture was Does anyone else think we need an Oregon Trail style Lord of the Rings game? Because I totally think we do.
  10. A little dramatic, maybe, but that's how it felt at my farewell dinner with my church last week, and I'm running with it. Also, the Breaking of the Fellowship is where Aragorn had to decide if he was going to go after Frodo or go down to Gondor. As a Ranger, I've been trying to do ALL THE THINGS and this challenge is going to be about picking a direction and staying focused. I'm not 100% sure what that direction is yet (I'm giving myself the whole summer to explore different ideas and not making a decision on this until the fall) but I do know that I've let a lot of my basic habits slip and th
  11. I do really like the idea of the "garden goals." Thanks so much for reminding me about them!
  12. Hey! Sorry for disappearing. I have been in full-on homesteading mode, hanging out with people IRL, and *drum roll please*...HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO START A VEGETABLE GARDEN WITH OUR STUDENTS! (I've been working on that for a while, and I'm a little excited about it, in case that didn't come through) So lots of good stuff has been happening, although not much of it shows up in my challenge goals. Even though the challenge isn't officially over yet, I'm going to go ahead and call it a wrap. So here's what I learned this time: Screen Time: (CONSTITUTION) Getting on a device after dinn
  13. I WAS INSIDE MY LIBRARY YESTERDAY!!!!!! Just popped in for a minute at the end of the day to pick up a hold, but still, it's the first time I've actually been inside the building in over a year and it was GLORIOUS! I forgot how wonderful libraries smell.
  14. Huh, yours is the only one that did that. It's fixed now.
  15. What a week! Ended up hanging out with DB twice, Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Both times I stayed a little longer than I planned to, but did not drink more, so that's a big win. My birthday was Wednesday, bit of a weird one because I shared a birthday with my grandma and this is the first year without her. I did a pretty good job of not wallowing and enjoying my birthday, but also felt kind of guilty that I wasn't wallowing more. Only got one chin up workout in, but been doing lots of outside stuff like spreading mulch that was definitely a workout. I have not been writing. I've come to
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