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  1. Week 0, Tuesday - 5 points Evening walk (to pick nettles for the food thing I was making) Dishes Tidy/Clean Evening prayers Brush teeth I put nettles in a chicken recipe that called for spinach. It was okay, but not great. If I do nettles again, I think I will chop them up, or at least pull the leaves off the stems. I left them connected and they ended up kind of stringy and difficult to cut up. Week 0, Wednesday - 3 points Morning prayers Evening "walk" Brush teeth I had to get up early for a dentist appointment, so n
  2. Growing up, my family took advantage of the discount candy as well! Although we learned that it can be risky to wait to buy plastic eggs. Sometimes they were all gone by Western Easter.
  3. It may be a cultural thing in that it has also become a civil holiday, but it's an Eastern Orthodox thing as well. There are 12 "great feasts" in the Orthodox Church that are celebrated throughout the year, one of which is Christmas. Easter (Pascha) is called "the feast of feasts" and is bigger and more important than the 12 great feasts. It's not a civil holiday in America (Easter is celebrated on a different day most years by most Americans anyway), but it's not uncommon for people in my church to take several days off work around Pascha if they can, often the Thursday and Friday before, and
  4. The last couple of challenges, well, I've pretty much stopped doing things after a week or two. Maybe I'd restart midway through the challenge, but the attempt would die again within about a week. So, it's time to try something different. I'm going to earn POINTS! And there will be LOOT! Ok, so I'm a little skeptical about whether this will work. I mean, there's no practical reason why I couldn't just buy the loot for myself. But what I was doing previously clearly wasn't working, so this is worth a shot. And the books I have in mind for loot have been on my want list f
  5. I dislike signing up for something when I don't know what I'm getting into, but I did it anyway.
  6. This week was mostly a bust as far as workouts go. I have been getting the short walks done, but it feels like there's too much other stuff going on and I'm skipping the other workouts. Monday I went climbing most of the day as part of my mountaineering class. It was lots of fun! Oh, and I slept in the back of my truck under the stars the night before. It was beautiful and possibly the only night I've spent away from home in the last year (except that one SAR mission, but since I was basically hiking all night and not sleeping at all, it doesn't really count). Wednesday I had a doc
  7. I think I stayed up past 11 last night. I was reading and fell asleep with the lights on again (bad habit). Anyway, lights went off after 3 am when I woke up and remembered I still needed to submit my timesheet for the week. Got that done and went back to sleep. This morning was a little slow. I hit the snooze button a couple of times before deciding that I was actually going to get up and do things. I also kept getting distracted, so the things took longer. I considered skipping the workout and doing it later because I was behind, but got it done anyway. It's a good thing the thir
  8. Last night was good. This morning, I didn't want to get up, but I did anyway and got the things done.
  9. That would be awesome! But don't wait too long to start. Le bébé is only going to get heavier!
  10. Welcome! Last year I did it twice in a row trying to get my first pull-up, but while I made noticeable improvement, I didn't quite get all the way there.
  11. Last night was lights out before 11pm. Actually, the lights were still on, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before then. The lights went off when I woke up a few hours later. Morning schedule was weird because I had to leave home early to go to a job site. I woke up a little early, but not enough to go walking (I knew I'd be doing a bunch of walking at the job site) or do the pull-up workout. I will try to remember to do the pull-ups later so I don't get off schedule.
  12. Last night I was a bit late going to bed (11:45). Nights when I don't get home until after 9:30 pm and haven't had dinner are a struggle and will likely continue to be. Taking dinner with me would require planning since it's nice to have a cooked meal for dinner, or at least something I can reheat. Maybe I could look into taking my backpacking stove? This morning I got up a few minutes late, but otherwise did pretty well staying on track. The end of the routine got a little mixed up because I was also pulling laundry out of the dryer and folding it so I would have clothes to wear.
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