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  1. I'm having trouble making this fit with the previous descriptions of Phantom. Has it all been an act? Does Phantom have us all fooled?
  2. I dunno, it's a whole vegetable. Seems like it ought to be a serving, regardless of what's stuffed inside it.
  3. I'm so sorry about Tricolore. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of her.
  4. I'm imagining you on Wednesday: Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational challenge!
  5. Ahh, that explains why I couldn't figure it out. Maybe I'll do a little learning next time I need to modify a table.
  6. I find editing tables to be very difficult in the forum and haven't figured out how to add columns (or remove columns or rows from an existing table), but if you want to copy from one of my old challenges, this one has Saturday and Sunday. https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/119940-ranger-hal-gets-her-heart-rate-up/
  7. I hope you get extra PTO to make up for not getting the regular holidays.
  8. Personally, I'd start with the amount of time I could hold good form and gradually increase from there. If that means starting at 20 seconds, so be it.
  9. I agree that we could be doing better on this one, but from what I've heard, it's not nearly as contagious as Covid or polio. Close physical contact appears to be the primary way it spreads which makes some populations very vulnerable, but also means it should be a lot easier to avoid exposure. The person at the next table over in a restaurant is unlikely to give you monkeypox, but you could fairly easily get Covid from them.
  10. Thanks for the warning, but it's not something I really have to worry about in my area. Technically we do have poison oak locally, but it's extremely rare and I'm 99.9% sure there isn't any in my yard. My jungle consists almost entirely of invasive blackberries and bindweed (morning glory). I'm glad to hear you're recovering from your experience with poison ivy.
  11. Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Wake Up 7am Morning Prayers Other Thing Stretching Daily Walk Remove a Vine from the Jungle Improve Things Around the House Readings Prayer Rope Brush Teeth Lights Off 11pm
  12. I'm guessing it's a sizeable number of people declining the vaccine because there's still a version of polio circulating in a few parts of the world, although a couple of other versions were declared eradicated. Hopefully New York can get folks vaccinated quickly enough.
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