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  1. So basically, the compost that I added just before planting probably all disappeared in Junuary?
  2. Whoa, this is a thing? *mind blown*
  3. Note to self: when I start doing challengy things again, I want to add knot tying practice. Still doing some steps, although I didn't get up to 12k for the last few days. Foot isn't up to jumping rope yet. Garden looks about the same. Why isn't it growing? House is kind of a mess. I need to do more dishes, put away piles of stuff, and figure out what to cook.
  4. I kind of got distracted during the last week of the previous challenge when my office started a six week step challenge. To get the maximum number of points, I have to have 12,000 steps (or equivalent converted from other activities). I was just going to do it because some coworkers wanted to form a team and I figured it would be easy to do the minimum (only 2000 steps), but I was surprised when the leaderboard pushed my competitive buttons. I now have 9 days of 12,000 steps in a row. I'm planning to try to keep the streak going through the end of the office challenge. I'm not sure I'm going to also do a challenge here, but I want my own space to put stuff, hence this thread. We'll see what happens. Garden news: the zucchini plants died. They never did very well after being transplanted outside and I found slugs eating them a couple of times. Everything else is still alive, but doesn't seem to be growing much. For now, I'm blaming Juneuary because it's been really rainy and not very warm. Hopefully things will get better soon or I won't be getting much out of the garden.