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  1. Generally no. Essentially, the force of trying to hold onto the rock (or artificial rock) is also trying to pull your hands out of the gloves. You will have much better grip with bare hands. For easier climbing, it may not be a big deal. Last year I scrambled up a section of rock wearing gloves because there were biting ants and protection from the ants outweighed the benefit of better grip without gloves. But for more difficult climbing, gloves would make it impossible. My hands will be alright. If I keep climbing regularly, I will build up callouses and be able to climb longer. I think I stopped at just the right time the other night. My hands were a bit sore, but I didn't end up with blisters or anything like that.
  2. There's good news and there's bad news! The good news is you know exactly where the boulder is going. It's not going to bounce in unpredictable directions as it falls! The bad news is it's coming right at you and isn't going to bounce in unpredictable directions!
  3. I did it, y'all. I went to the climbing gym yesterday and took the intro to bouldering class. It was good, although I have no callouses at all, so my hands got pretty sore. They are still a little sore today when I get them wet. I'm excited to go back again!
  4. No walk today because it's Monday and I have a meeting at work that I have to be on time for and I'm not good about getting up early enough to have time to walk. On days when I don't have the meeting, I can just come in late and work late. I stopped by the climbing gym to ask some questions. They do have women's climbing nights on a regular basis, so that's cool. They also have a general social night that I'll probably never go to because it's on the same night as my SAR team's general meetings, lol! I'd heard previously about a SAR discount, so I also asked about that, but it turns out that's only for Mountain Rescue members, so I don't count for that. That was pretty disappointing, especially since I have pretty similar rescue training as the local mountain rescue team, even though I don't meet the climbing (rock and glacier) requirements to actually join that team. Anyway, I decided I wanted to think about it a bit and didn't sign up for a membership. On the way home, I did realize that I'm a member of an outdoor group that does get a discount, so now I'm a little happier. I'm also going to see if my punch card has anything left on it. It may have expired because I haven't used it in so long, but if it hasn't, that could save me a little money as well. No broccoli because I'm eating the cabbage soup.
  5. I agree, it could definitely be a new belayer tendency, but it can also be climber preference. Some folks like to know that the rope is going to catch them immediately instead of after a couple of feet. For a few months pre-Covid, I was lucky enough to climb semi-regularly with a group that had a range of experience and who weren't shy about expressing their preferences if they didn't like what you were doing. I learned a lot by climbing with them. Yikes! Bad belayers are scary because that's your life on the line. There's one person I've climbed with that I will be very cautious about allowing her to belay me in the future unless she's using an assisted braking device (they're required in most gyms in my area now) because she has sloppy technique and I've seen her hand come off the brake strand. If you do more top roping, I hope you can find better belayers that you can trust.
  6. That seems like a belayer problem. You should be able to tell your belayer to give you a little more slack if you don't want the rope pulling on you while you climb. I imagine that folks who lead climb regularly would want a little slack, even when top roping, to practice climbing without relying on the rope. Thanks for the suggestion! + I'm at Episode 32.
  7. I’m Ranger Hal. Normally I would say that I hike, snowshoe, scramble, climb, and do search and rescue, but the last few months have been kind of light on all those things. Motivation to exercise is very low and my mental health is a bit of a mess (mostly lonely for IRL friends I think, although corporate at work being idiots isn't helping. I love my team, but somehow corporate keeps making me hate the company). If I want to be able to do the outdoor things in the summer without being super slow, I need to start getting in some regular exercise (something that actually gets my heart rate up), but I'm not sure if that's going to happen this time. So I'm going to stick to doing something rather than nothing. Last challenge, I didn't update often, but I mostly did the things (1 and 2). This time, I'm going to keep doing the things and add broccoli. For meals that don't already have a bunch of veggies (like the cabbage/carrot/ground turkey soup that's in my fridge right now), I bought a bunch of frozen broccoli and divided it into smaller bags work for one meal, so it's easy to just pull one out and cook it. Here's the challenge: 1. Light a candle for morning prayers 2. Walk - regular walk (1.3 mi) if I'm not feeling rushed to leave for work, short walk (0.4 or 0.6 mi) if I am feeling rushed 3. Eat broccoli (or other veggies) I had this grand idea that once my office moved (several months ago), I'd join the climbing gym because it's kind of close, but that hasn't happened yet. Partly because low motivation, partly because I don't know anyone that goes to that gym so I don't know if I'd have anyone to belay me (although there are a couple of groups I suppose I could ask, but I don't know anyone in those groups particularly well, if at all, so cue social anxiety), and partly imposter syndrome because I don't believe I'm a real climber. Maybe it would be worth it just to do a little bouldering (which I haven't really ever done) and have access to whatever's in the exercise/weight room. So much uncertainty, so I don't know if anything is going to happen there. It would be good if something did happen, but it's not going in the challenge because if I don't do anything, that would make me feel more guilty than I already do about not doing anything. Oh, and my current nerdy thing is binge watching Critical Role. I'm a little ways into Campaign 2, so please no spoilers for anything in about the last 5.5 years. (Sooo much to catch up on!)
  8. Online dice roller? No. Just no. Especially for something already not fun like chores. I was going to say I can be pretty stubborn and could totally see myself just getting one set, but I think I'll modify that. I can probably stick to one set unless I actually end up playing DnD sometime. Then I could see it going up to 2-3 sets. I think I'll see if I can find some nice math rocks at comic con in a few weeks.
  9. Well, if it helps, the fifth and last book in the current story arc/era is coming out in December, so you won't have that long to wait on that one. And with Sanderson books, for practical purposes, I consider the end of an era to be similar to the end of a series. Yes, there will be another five Stormlight Archive books after that, but it will be a different story arc with a bit of a time jump and likely focusing on different characters (although previous characters may still be around).
  10. Oh, I know, there's a part of me that wants all the shiny rocks! But it's balanced by not wanting to gather too much stuff when I live in a rather small house and have a bit of a problem getting rid of things that I might want to use again someday. It's easier if I try to limit the new things I bring in.
  11. Whoa, this sounds really cool! How does the rolling table work? I definitely need to clean more, but if I was going to implement this system, I'd need to pick up some dice. I'm not sure I even have any D6s. I haven't really ever needed dice, so I never bought any, even though I kind of want some. But if I can use them to get cleaning done...
  12. I really like the way you put words to things I've been feeling for years. I have parts of my life where I've just decided to do or not do something and that's the way it is. Drinking is a fairly rare occurrence for me anyway, but I've also decided that when I'm in certain moods (sad, upset, etc.) and I'm alone, I'm not going to drink because it seems like that could lead to problems if it became a regular thing. And there are days when I look at how I'm feeling and the thought runs through my head that today is not a good day for drinking, so I don't (which sometimes seems silly because given how rarely I drink, I probably wasn't going to drink that day anyway). I can see other areas of my life where I've made similar decisions (and there are times when I occasionally break those decisions, but it takes conscious thought and a choice that something else is more important for a brief time). And then there are things that I haven't made firm decisions on. Like eating more vegetables or exercising regularly. I know they should be important, and there are times when I'll do them for a while, but at this point, I'm still holding back on making a decision that this is a thing I'm going to do. Yeah!
  13. It's no fun waiting when you have an idea that's ready to go now.
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