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  1. Congratulations on the new tiny adventurer! I hope you and Jessie are able to get some rest.
  2. Note to self. Last tv episode start time is 10:15 pm and bedtime is 11:30 pm starting today. I went hiking this morning. It is good.
  3. Things near bedtime are starting to blur together when I don't report every day, but they're going well, even if I don't remember them exactly. Week 3, Wednesday Workout - oops Learn - Reading: Mountaineering - Safety Systems TV Shows - good Sleep (last night) - good Week 3, Thursday Workout - kettlebell Learn - online backcountry cooking class TV Shows - only one episode Sleep (last night) - 11:46 pm, last tv episode started 10:30 pm I started watching Picard on Wednesday. I'm not sure what I think yet. I think I need
  4. Hard to tell. If it doesn't say anything about glutinous or "sticky" rice, it may be one of the other kinds. With glutinous rice, I would recommend Thai black sticky rice which is kind of like a pudding with sweetened coconut milk poured on top.
  5. Is it black glutinous rice? I know what to do with that, but I don't know about other kinds of black rice.
  6. This sounds amazing and I have pork chops in the freezer that I need to use soon!
  7. Week 3, Tuesday Workout - kettlebell Learn - Reading: Mountaineering - Safety Systems TV Shows - only one episode Sleep (last night) - 11:30-ish I think (I fell asleep while reading) In other news, I have a bruise on my knee from yesterday. It's annoying.
  8. Time to catch up. Week 2, Sunday Workout - kettlebell skipped in favor of not being all kinds of sore (like I was last week) when climbing on Monday Learn - oops TV Shows - did stuff between episodes (except between the last two) Sleep (last night) - pretty sure I did good on this Week 3, Monday Workout - climbing! Learn - oops TV Shows - none Sleep (last nig
  9. Week 2, Saturday Workout - Rest day/outside all day at first aid class Learn - outdoor first aid class TV Shows - put away laundry between episodes Sleep (last night) - 11:59 pm, last tv episode started at ~10:45
  10. Week 2, Friday Workout - Rest day Learn - Medical Issues presentation + quiz TV Shows - dishes between episodes Sleep (last night) - 3am. There were extenuating circumstances.
  11. Week 2, Thursday Workout - Beginner Kettlebell (2 rounds) Learn - CPR presentation + quiz TV Shows - none Sleep (last night) - 12:03, last tv episode started at 10:48
  12. As the intro post says, it's your adventure. Cycling counts if you want it to. Charlomechfry who posted the 2019 and 2020 spreadsheets (possibly more, but I started in 2019) divided cycling miles by 3 and multiplied swimming miles by 3. I haven't done any swimming or cycling, but that formula made sense to me as a way to balance out some of the difference in effort from walking. Or you could just count all cycling miles. It's up to you
  13. It's possible that Pacific Crest Trail through-hikers do. The PCT is around 2,650 miles plus add in a bunch of training hikes the winter and spring before starting on the trail. That's kind of an extreme case though. For those of us who don't have the desire (or ability) to take 4-6 months to do a long-distance hike or don't have 3+ hours a day (maybe less if you're a runner or fast walker) to dedicate to walking, a multi-year approach seems more reasonable.
  14. Week 2, Wednesday Workout - Short morning hike Learn - first aid online class TV Shows - dishes between episodes Sleep (last night) - a minute or two after midnight, last tv episode started by 10:45
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