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  1. Uhh... guys? I totally got these tonight !!!!!! I'll probably upload a video tomorrow. holy shit.
  2. From a non-dancer-background female person, I'd say that it's not just dudes that have trouble pointing their toes. It took me a lot of conscious practice to get that toe point to be nearly automatic. If no one ever points it out to you, it's definitely not something to naturally think about.
  3. It is a little intense and not super happy. Unrelated: My abs are STILL sore from those stupid ab wheel rollouts.
  4. The scariest part of this for me is that they are doing all of that on a hard linoleum floor. Ow.
  5. JessOfAllTrades Goes Back To School

    Core, grip and pull up progressions. You can start an aerial class at any level of fitness. Any good instructor will have appropriate level skills for you to work on wherever you are, but having a strong grip, a solid core and working on or toward pull ups will help you across the board.
  6. I just watched the new trailer for Assassin's Creed: Origins and now 'Hurt' has some competition.
  7. The Assassins Want YOU

    So, there are all kinds of ways you can get started, depending on what your definition of 'started' is. Bodyweight routines--the beginners body weight workout from here at Nerd Fitness is a good start if you're truly in need of an easy on ramp. For something a little less hand-holding, the reddit bodyweight fitness recommended routine If you're looking to find something to pay for, and more gymnastics related, Gold Medal Bodies has some great stuff. Here is a link to their Rings 1 routine. Bouldering--do a google for "your town climbing gym." You can rent shoes (at least at most places around here) if you don't have them already. Poke around in some assassins' challenge threads if you're looking to connect with people. We just finished week 1 out of a four week session. Getting involved in other people's threads is a great way to make some friends and also get an idea of the breadth and variety of challenge types and styles that are out there, if that's something you'd like to participate in going forward. If you have more specific questions about what you're looking for, pop them in here. Someone will be sure to help you out. We assassins are a pretty friendly bunch (so is most of NF, to be honest).
  8. Within calories for Saturday +2 points Hubs had this idea to go to a local park and do a sprint workout, so off we went. Warm up: Jog 400m Work out: Sprint 100m Walk (briskly) back to start Repeat for a total of 4 sprints Cool down: Walk (briskly) 400 m My cardio is shite, so I was pretty dead after this. And all of that for no points as cardio is not a scored task for me this challenge! Oy. Anyway, when we got home, I did some lower body maintenance type stretching as I could really feel my quads, hip flexors and calves +2 points Challenge total: 91 points
  9. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    Sounds like a rough couple of days. :/ Glad you're back, though. <3
  10. This is the last day of my staycation, so be prepared for all my daily totals to drop to ~nil.
  11. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    How'd the rest of your week go?
  12. JessOfAllTrades Goes Back To School

    Hi there! Popping by your thread since you mentioned an aerials class. Do it! It is the best thing ever (I am slightly biased). In my experience, circus people are awesome, so if you want it to, it can become another social outlet. Otherwise, it sounds like you have a lot going on, but an organized plan with which to handle it. Solid week 1. Keep going!
  13. Middling, I think. Useful as conditioning, but not necessarily as movement training, if that makes sense. All the same muscles are being used, but not in the same pattern. Also, I am really weak on standing ab wheel rollouts. Kneeling are no big deal, but wow are standing rollouts a bear!