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  1. Straight from the jar. Problem solved Also, as someone who grew up with cake frosting on graham crackers as a regular snack/dessert, Nutella would probably go well there too.
  2. I don't think we'll get that until November. Average highs all throughout October will still be mid 80s. ...not complaining, though. I'm still thrilled to have escaped the great white north.
  3. My mom makes an *amazing* cardamom bread. She's of Finnish (mostly), Swedish and Norwegian descent, though, so that totally tracks.
  4. I just read a little analysis on the hate for romance novels on FB somewhere, which made me think about them in a whole different way, similar to this issue. https://www.facebook.com/groups/parasolprotectorate/permalink/4625842697428789/
  5. "grandboss" is the only appropriate term. And while it's never fun to have performance related conversations, it's actually the kindest thing you can do. Give them a heads up, lay out very clear expectations and consequences. Then it's up to them to try to meet those expectations. Much better than not knowing, not getting feedback, and being on 'double secret probation' until getting fired without warning.
  6. Good job on the extra practice! Much more mentally engaging than the elliptical, I imagine.
  7. Here for miscellaneous chit chat and talks about relaxing things.
  8. This challenge doesn't even deserve a wrap up at this point. Unmotivated and bored with everything. Yay.
  9. Slump is still slumpy. Kitchen is definitely sliding. My friend is coming in mid October, so we've got a little time. Just got the shipping notice for the bed we ordered for the guest room, so we should probably work on making room on the floor in there for a bed and walking around purposes, as it is currently the catch-all room for a bunch of stuff that used to live in our basement back in MI...granted, I have no idea where we will actually put any of it.
  10. hey, I've gone to the gym twice this week counter has been about 50/50 this week no exploring.
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