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  1. Neeeewwwww JEEEEEEEP is on order. Fingers crossed that it really only takes the 4-6 weeks promised by our sales guy and not some ridiculous pandemic-fueled delay-fest...
  2. Yeeep. I saw it in the list of local business and definitely did a double take while hesitating to click on the 'further details' link.
  3. It is seriously adorable. Lots of little shops and restaurants and stuff. Apparently it's a bit of an off the path tourist destination, if that makes sense. And a HUGE antique shop just outside of town, which is not our thing, but does explain the service-oriented nature of the surrounding town. There is a British restaurant...pub?...something in town called the Magical Meat Boutique. Apparently it is the place to go for some fish n chips and they have outdoor seating, so I'm pretty hyped to go there. Also a bar/restaurant down by the lake that has (again) an outdoor patio
  4. Today is the longest day. I have accomplished a lot (or at least, crossed a lot of tasks off of my list) and it is only 2p. There must be some kind of tear in the space-time continuum.
  5. We are *thisclose* to selling our current vehicle to Carvana and picking up a Jeep Wrangler. So excited.
  6. I could not eat brains. Or any large-scale nervous tissue, really. Eyeballs are right out.
  7. Welcome Ordinarily there would be some semblance of organization, a promising start, and then a gradual descent into haphazard posts and lackadaisical efforts at participation. In the interest of efficiency, I think this challenge will start at phase III.
  8. Continues to do what, you ask? Who knows! Exist at a minimum. Likely bore you all with blog/diary style updates while not making any progress toward fitness, nutrition, or life improvement. Perhaps disappear into a cloud of the don't-wannas. Probably complain about the Florida weather that is already ascending into a miasma of humidity and swampiness. Who knows! The world is my oyster. Or something. Other stuff that may happen: Vehicle shopping Ongoing cat health saga (hopefully not) Ongoing human preventive health care saga (fingers crossed that all
  9. Been awhile since updating--I'm still here even though my challenge is tanked. Repeat bloodwork for the cat was EXCELLENT. Like, right down the middle excellent. She'll stay on her new food and we'll recheck when she's in for her vaccines in a month or so, but we are SO SO SO relieved, it's almost comical. BC kerfuffle is finally sorted? After one million phone calls to half a dozen bureaucracy-filled institutions , conflicting information and still not quite knowing what the problem actually was, my doctor's office called to let me know they had my implant in house and
  10. BC kerfuffle is annoying. Not just the bureaucratic nonsense, but the fact that my doctor's office didn't call me to say they didn't have the implant UNTIL I WAS WAITING IN THE WAITING ROOM ALREADY! ARHGGRHGGRHGR! Anyway, I think I've sorted it out now. On the plus side, when you have to call Nexplanon as a patient, you hit one button and get connected to a REAL person almost immediately. The three times I called them, all three CSRs were amazing and helpful, but none so much as the last one who sorted out all the issues, told me what the problem had been and then looked ahead to determi
  11. I love some stuff by ee cummings for exactly this reason. It's so unconventional that you can't help look at it through your own lens. These two I read in high school and they've stuck with me since...I've read them aloud so many times to myself because I like how they sound and there are some delightful turns of phrase here and there.
  12. Hooray for sunny days/sun stuff. And excellent news re: stable squats. Funny how just one mental change can make such a huge difference.
  13. Hah. I would like to have some kind of fitness life again, but currently I am clearly not prioritizing it. I am trying to be okay with that. We did get some tortilla chips and ate the rest of it as salsa. Tasty that way and I'll have to remember it for the future. The chopping wasn't too awful--I put on an audiobook while I was doing it so I didn't get too bored. At least the imaging place isn't too far from my house so I don't have to traipse all over creation without deodorant for the doubtful honor of having my boobs squeezed. It very well could
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