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  1. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Right? It's a way different mindset than being somewhere on vacation... i'm thinking about stuff like -- where is the nearest grocery store? Home Depot? Mall? Movie theater? Is everywhere a snarly traffic-y mess? Is there somewhere relatively close to the workplace that is an appropriate level of civilization vs privacy and quiet? (We are not downtown city people at all) Are places generally safe? Where's the 'bad' part of town and what kind of 'bad' is it? Is there only one major highway in and out of the city and if there's an accident/other disaster am I automatically SOL for getting to work? Or home? I'm for sure over-thinking it for being this early in the process, but want to have at least some gut feel about the place in case I do get an offer.
  2. dancezwithkittehz gets a grip (on silks hahahaha)

    Boo for clothes shopping. Nothing is cut properly for anyone. I think I just need to hire a tailor and have all my clothes custom made.
  3. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Thanks! Thanks! I've lived in this state my entire life, so it should be interesting to look at another place specifically with an eye to 'could I live here' Pretty typical for my field at my level, so at least it wasn't a surprise. I am pretty relieved that I don't have to give a presentation or anything, so that really helps reduce my prep time.
  4. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Alrighty: Plan for the next few days... Tonight: Laundry & pack Tomorrow: Fly out for job interview. Sunday: Wander around town and decide if it's a place I could actually see hubs and I moving to. Monday: Interview. All day. beginning at 8a and going straight through dinner. Tuesday: Fly home. Wednesday: Go back to work. Decide whether to go to circus.
  5. sylph hits 30 challenges

    True. Thinking Deep Thoughts could have definitely helped overflow this bucket. Yesterday was much better overall. I have concluded that hormones are a dumb and welcome the eventual arrival of menopause. As mentioned above, yesterday was a much better day overall. Got a few things accomplished at work, managed my third session of my new workout routine (wow, it's a lot of volume) and then hubs and I watched the recent version of Jumanji. Never watched the old version, but was reasonably entertained by this one. The Rock and Kevin Hart are funny together (again) and some of the video game tropes it touches on made me giggle.
  6. The unbearable lightness of spring

    Yay for straight(er) legs! An ever-present learning progression for aerialists.
  7. RogueLibrarian: Verticality, Brachiation and Armaments

    Valid point. Throwing a fit and going back to work doesn't seem quite as satisfying.
  8. sylph hits 30 challenges

    <3 Yeah, it was not great. Fortunately, my teacher is pretty awesome so she gave me a hug and let me slink away. This seems to be happening to me, too. I never used to have an issue (or at least not one that I made the mental connection that they were related) so I'm either more affected now or more self-aware.. I can blame the hormones for the overflow, but for that to happen there had to be some pretty strong emotions behind it, as well. I'm still feeling prickly about it this morning if I think about it too long. Cat snuggling always helps. Hubs was also around for hugs and head pats, which was also helpful.
  9. [WhiteGhost] F* This Challenge!

    This could be a great way to solve it!
  10. RogueLibrarian: Verticality, Brachiation and Armaments

    Way to adapt and do what you could with what you had. (I know I would've been sorely tempted to just screw it and go home)
  11. karinajean is cruisin' to her birthday

    Truth. When I was learning to deadlift, my shins looked like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat.
  12. Mad Hatter climbs to the top

    I know this feel.
  13. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Whelp, that was a giant fail. Erupting in tears halfway through class is probably a sign something is up. Sigh. Made my apologies to my teacher and ducked out of there. Currently snuggling with a cat in my pjs on the couch. ...on the plus side, my MIA period arrived today. Likely had something to do with the tears.
  14. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Circus class tonight. I've decided to not go and then re-decided to go about a dozen times today already. At this point I'm going to go; I'm not sure what my mental state/performance level will be once I'm there, but I'm going.
  15. sylph hits 30 challenges

    Conflicted circus feelings solidarity fist bump