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  1. 4/4 Yoga for this week Still kind of gloomy and gross, with an associated humidity that leaves a clinging sheen of sweat as soon as you leave an air conditioned space. Fun. Also, I don't know what has gotten into the cats this morning, but from just before my alarm went off until about 20 minutes ago, the all had a ridiculous case of the zoomies. To the point where three of the four of them were sprawled out on the floor open-mouth breathing because they had riled them up so much. This seems to have passed while I was out at the post office and now they have conked out in various places around my office. Good thing I didn't have any meetings this morning, because there was definitely no way I could've focused on anything anyone else was saying for more than about two minutes at a time.
  2. 3/4 Yoga done Less cranky today and instead I'm just sleepy. I turned off the alarm this morning and promptly fell asleep for another 20 minutes. And then at the end of my 10 minute yoga, sat with my eyes closed for a good 3-5 additional minutes. I suppose I would rather a sleepy day than a cranky one, so yay? A couple meetings this morning, then I need to run to the post office. Then likely some Starfield. I've finished the corporate espionage quest line and am incrementing the main story a bit. TBD how far I go through that and whether I do the other story lines this time through or just pick them up in NG+
  3. I am not-so-low key cranky today and am trying very hard not to take it out on either my husband or my coworkers. It's going to be a day. I did get the dishwasher emptied, the litter scooped and the pool set to drain from the epic amount of rain that we received overnight. Dishes are not done, but at least there are a couple things getting knocked off my list today.
  4. 2/4 Yoga this morning SI joint nonsense seems to be resolved Yesterday turned into a bit of an administrative day with some insurance renewal stuff and various other adult-ish kind of things took up more time than they should've in the afternoon/evening. Kitchen did not get the once-over though the dishwasher did get run. I need to empty that at some point today (perhaps after lunch) and do the dishes. If I am well-disciplined, I'll do that before picking up Starfield.
  5. 1/4 Yoga done this morning. Weekend: Dinner with hubs's friend was a nice social event to get us out of the house Grocery shopping Pharmacy pickup Car wash (finally!) Weeded mulch beds and trimmed shrubs (finally!)--it's not perfect but 2 hours worth of work made a huge difference. Maybe at the point where 10 minutes a few days a week could make a difference. Laundry Research into indoor rowers. I've wanted a concept2 rower for AGES and hubs is now on board. Sorting out where it will go and part of the weekend was spent determining whether it was still the best choice (it is), and whether it ever goes on sale (it doesn't). Going to do a quick perusal of craigslist/offer up/FB market place to see if there's a decent used one for a reasonable price anywhere close and otherwise will be ordering direct from concept2. Also, some pretty nasty SI joint discomfort the day after the mulch beds. Ibuprofen and rest seemed to mostly clear it up, such that I was able to yoga this morning without too much trouble, just some lingering stiffness. I'll be keeping an eye on it over the next few days and will likely keep up the ibuprofen at least for today to help keep it in check. Spent some time this morning trying to entertain the cats and burn off some of their energy. It doesn't seem to have worked as they are monstrous this morning and into everything. It's cooling off slightly so perhaps they are more spicy because of that. (though it remains the same temperature in the house regardless, so maybe not) I have a couple meetings today and the kitchen needs a good once-over, but that's about it
  6. I'm dabbling in Ryujin at the moment. A little corporate espionage to break up some planet scanning, cargo hauling, and "deserted" outpost clearing. Thank you! Having a very small goal this challenge was the only way to get anything done this time. I'm trying to find balance with the other portions of my life. It's not really working.
  7. 4/4 yoga done this morning. Hubs has a friend in town so we're doing dinner with him and a couple other people tonight. I'm not looking forward to the Friday night dinner traffic/crowd, but otherwise it should be fun/fine. Nice to get out of the house, anyway.
  8. You know, this is possibly where my 10 mins yoga came from, even if I didn't realize it. I'm giving myself permission to ONLY do a small amount of a thing. It's not an hour class, it's not a 30 minute hardcore session. It's 10 minutes. I do it on the carpet in the guest bedroom. I don't pull out a mat I don't change my clothes before or after. WFH means I'm generally in something comfortable enough to do 10 mins of yoga and 10 minutes means I'm not getting sweaty enough to make a difference. In my head (and even further up in this thread) I have the mulch beds conceptualized as a project. A whole EVENT that I have to plan, dress appropriately for, and then execute. Alternatively I could take 10 minutes in the morning and go pull a few weeds. Maybe on non-yoga mornings. Worth a ponder.
  9. Are there other things you can do that would still make you feel like you're progressing? Bring healthy snacks to work meal plan/learn new recipes Bat-cave-care mini sessions Exercise snacks--10 air squats at your desk before you leave for a meeting Kitchen yoga--do some stretching while you wait for your toast to pop in the morning Or longer-term planning as to why your life is so full and what steps you'd like to make to change that... Or just give yourself grace and work on recognizing that your life isn't in a place for big changes at the moment and taking the time to accept that? We all focus on challenges and improvements and hustling around getting better so much, that it's hard to not feel bad or guilty or like you're failing if you aren't learning nine languages and teaching orphan toddlers how to do calculus all while making perfectly balanced organic meals from scratch and making our own clothes from cloth made out of cotton that we grew in our own back yard... ...I don't know if any of this is helpful or none of it is, but we are here to support you in whatever way you need it as best we can.
  10. Thank you! The fact that the yoga is only 10 minutes is the only reason I'm doing it, I think. Even if I hit snooze an extra time, there's typically enough time for 10 minutes. And it's short enough and gentle enough that I don't feel like I have to wear specific 'yoga clothes' to do it. As for the healthy thoughts--I've been lucky enough not to have had particularly unhealthy thoughts around this sort of thing, but as I've gotten older and it's become more difficult to find make the time and consistent motivation/discipline/habit to workout and I don't have my 20 year old metabolism where I survived on Mt. Dew and giant Twix bars and felt great, food is becoming more of a need to be a conscious choice, rather than an afterthought. I get on streaks for both of these things and then .... don't... and a more considered approach will hopefully help me make things more of a long-term habit than a wild few months of 'good' behavior followed by wallowing in sloth and gluttony. Hyperbole, of course, but significant swings in behavior are definitely a common theme. Half the time, I even enjoy it once I'm out there, but making the time to do it and breaking the inertia to actually get out there is often an issue. If I examined it closely, it would probably have some roots in perfectionism as a lot of my behavior does. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" has the unspoken reciprocal of "If you're only going to half-ass it, don't bother" when a half-ass weeding job would look imminently better than what's happening outside right now. ... ... ... Apparently I'm introspective this morning and simple questions and comments are spurring a lot of self-reflection.
  11. Yoga 3/4 this morning. Yesterday was lots of Starfield. heh. I didn't accomplish much--bounced around from planet to planet looking for a good place for an outpost (resulting in a bunch of planetary data that I'm going to sell to Vladimir the next time I'm at The Eye, cleared out some Spacers from abandoned science facilities, took down a few ships from the Crimson Fleet (and ran away from some who completely out-classed me), chipped in when some Freestar Collective folks were pinned down and the UC Marines had to save their bacon, and let the Freestar Embassy know that one of their diplomats was being held up at customs, so they could get him on planet at Jemison. Ollie goes to the vet this afternoon. Likely will cut hubs' hair tonight since it's overdue. Tomorrow a friend of hubs is going to be in town so we'll meet him for dinner. Grocery shopping is in dire need. Probably Saturday And I know I keep saying it but I REALLY need to get after the mulch beds. Lots of plant parts are touching the house which needs to be addressed and I noticed today there are a couple strands of ivy trying to wind their way across the window screens. Saturday morning looks to be cooler, so if I can get up, put on yard clothes immediately, and get out there as soon as I've finished with breakfast and coffee, I think it'll be okay.
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