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  1. sylph keeps it boring

    New challenge is/will be here
  2. sylph lays some ground work

    No drinking Stay within calories Squat Pull ups Open gym Class Splits More here later....
  3. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    Here, of course. <3
  4. Raptron Falls Repeatedly

    Woo challenge! Woo GL!
  5. karinajean finesses some fall

    Oh, KJ, you will do amazing as an ambassador.
  6. sylph keeps it boring

    She is kind of amazing. No idea how it was for the lower level woman, but she seemed alright to me.
  7. sylph keeps it boring

    Not terribly noticeable as mixed, actually... there was only one newbie there on Wednesday and she did fine... our instructor did a great job of giving progressions for the skills we were working on, so some folks worked on the entry level stuff, some worked on the harder stuff and there was a huge emphasis on making everything look good, regardless of what progression you were doing. Good stuff. I've come through my 'the world is stupid' slump, mostly. Now it's manifesting at a level of general irritability instead of monstrous rage.
  8. sylph keeps it boring

    Keeping with my goals for improving circus, losing those last few pounds, and increasing my flexibility, all while not losing strength, maintaining my energy levels and eating well, I have put together an overly complex google docs tracking system for what is essentially a very boring challenge. But hey, spreadsheets are pretty, right? 1. Diet Stay below target calories each day. Assess target vs. energy levels vs. weight to continually maintain appropriate caloric goal. 2. Circus Open gym 1x/week Class 1x/week Choreography. Due to various life things, I probably will not be participating in the next student showcase at my studio. The official yea/nay day is 9/23, so I must decide by then. Regardless, I'd still like to choreograph something. Likely to this song. 3. Flexibility Warm up prior to any circus or muggle workout. Stretch out after any circus workout. 4. Meal prep Food goes easier through the week when I think ahead. Make at least two "for the future" (or lots of leftovers) dishes throughout the challenge. Now I have 5 days to gear up for this.