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  1. Oh yeah, the cast is definitely not ogle-able. Where are the super pretty elves!? Anyhoo--we are all battened down and waiting here. So far, some rain. Winds and all the really heavy stuff are supposed to reach us this evening, so I fully expect to lose power tonight. If not, that will be a lovely surprise.
  2. Welllll.... Turns out this hurricane is probably going to hit us after all. This is our third hurricane season down here, but the first two were very quiet, and nothing really hit the area very hard. This one is supposed to make landfall in Tampa as a major hurricane tomorrow morning and then will come east and curve northward to basically come over my house. I am hoping that it weakens rapidly and we don't see much damage. Regardless, it is a slow-moving storm and is expected to have high winds, obviously, as well as up to a foot of rain. Fortunately, we are not in a flood zone or an evacuation zone, but we do have a lot of trees around the house so send good vibes, cross your fingers, or pray for us--whatever suits your fancy--that we don't sustain any major damage. ---- Hip is much better, though not 100%, after some rest, ice, and stretching for the past couple days. With the hurricane incoming I obviously won't really have time for working out, so that's somewhat of an enforced rest.
  3. I think I mentioned somewhere up thread that my hip has been snapping/popping for awhile (maybe a week or so?). Well, after Saturday's workout it felt kind of funny and ... not swollen exactly, but just not quite right. Yesterday it was achy and uncomfortable, with intermittent stabby pains associated with certain movements (mostly internal rotation still). Yesterday was ice and rest and NSAIDs. Today it's slightly better but I'll be taking a few days off of my written program, laying off the squats and deadlifts. Expect to see lots of rows, bench, and pull ups in this space for awhile. I pinged my sister, since her wife is a PT and got some suggestions for self-treatment as well as an admonition to get it checked out in person if it doesn't start to get better after some rest. I figure I'll give it a week of rest (maybe some light walking), do the stretches, etc. recommended by my sister in law, then bring in some yoga for awhile and see how I go. Maybe by the end of this challenge I'll have some more clarity on whether I can get back to lifting (lighter again, sigh) or whether I need more rest, a professional evaluation, or a really good sports massage. I should probably do that last one regardless. While getting old is better than the alternative, it does kiiiiiind of suck.
  4. I'll have to take a look, eventually Oof, that's horrendous. Can you "turn off tips" somewhere? Yep. I'm watching it now for the pretty costumes and sets and basically just sit and make snarky comments about the terrible writing and characters. Sigh.
  5. Yesterday we travelled down to Batuu (Galaxy's Edge section of Disney's Hollywood Studios), had a couple drinks at the Cantina and rode a ride or two. Got home around 10p, so just enough time to shower, have a snack and watch Rings of Power (which is honestly turning almost into a hate-watch at this point. sigh). Today, our new TV was delivered right before noon, so that meant 4-ish hours of hubs and I breaking don the old set and then setting up and trouble shooting the new one. 4 hours sounds like a long time, but it was relatively painless as far as actual set up--keeping the cats away and then tweaking all the display settings took up the majority of the time. I did get my workout done, though. Squats Heavy singles today. I though these were going to be a problem with the way my warm up felt, but the singles felt lighter than my last warm up/ramp up set and I still managed good depth, according to my reflection in the door of the Jeep, so I'm going to call that a win. Glute Bridges Done bilaterally with a good hefty pause and squeeze at the top. I'm still trying to figure out a place in my garage gym where I can lay down for these and not get blinded by the overhead lights. It's a work in progress. DB Calf Raises Three sets just for funsies Cable Rows Three sets of these, too DB OHP I think I've decided to do the 4x/week template when I switch training templates--that means I should be able to give OHP it's own focus day, rather than throwing on a few sets toward the end of another lift's day. Face Pulls For the shoulder health, you know. Also, I think I need to start doing some balance practice/work. Between my comments re BSS the other day and the wobbliness I felt trying to do calf raises on a block (to get that good stretchy negative), this may need a little attention. Protein and shower on deck. Then some assessment of our non-perishable goods. Apparently there's a possibility that tropical storm Ian is going to turn into a hurricane and one of the possible paths for landfall will eventually reach my house. I think we're fine on supplies, and don't expect to be hit too hard, but better to be prepared, eh?
  6. What's the goal/premise for this play through? Kleptomaniac cheese collector?
  7. Yep, that they are. I used to like them a fair bit, but lately they've been super fiddly with getting rear foot height and distance and everything positioned correctly that they feel like more trouble than they're worth. Next time I'll probably just sub in DB lunges or something.
  8. Ugh. Colds are the worst. Hope yours clears up quickly. Give yourself a break to recuperate--pushing harder will only make it last longer (ask me how I know).
  9. Workout done CG Bench Press not my favorite--I have to carefully manage ROM on these to do them without discomfort Deadlifts Skipped BSS Again. Honestly, I don't know why I programmed them for myself. DB Flyes High rep for dat pump Triceps Kickbacks Not much to say about these Shoulder Internal and External Rotations These keep my shoulders happier than they would be otherwise.
  10. They must've made an update or something--in the three years I've used it, it has never made such a suggestion. Even when I had my goal set to cut and was clearly... not cutting. I'll have to dig into the settings and see if there's something to disable.
  11. Well, I got on the scale this morning and the app was like "you seem to be moving away from your goal weight. do you want to adjust the goal and get back on track?" Erm, my goal in the app is to maintain, and I am less than a pound heavier than that maintenance weight, so WTF?
  12. My last tested max was 175 lbs (so, like, almost 80 kg). My BEST EVER max was 205 (just over 90 kg or so) but that was more than a decade and a back injury ago If I were fresh and really wanted to max out, I think I could probably get 7-8 at this point--but then my elbows would hate me and I'd have to rest and ice and NSAID for awhile. Getting old = accumulating injuries, niggles, and fragile bits.
  13. Thanks! Pull ups (like deadlifts) are one of the exercises that make me feel like a bad ass I do them neutral grip (palms facing each other) to help keep my cranky elbows from complaining too much and generally that works (though the right one was complaining a bit this morning. I'd like to work up to sets of ten and then add weight after that, though I realize that won't be for quite awhile since it's not a huge priority.
  14. Alrighty--got that workout in. Bench Press 2 sets of 5 then three sets of heavy triples Goblet Squats I like my ROM on these Pull Ups last week was 4, 4, 4 and felt pretty solid This week I aimed for 5, 4, 4, 4 and got it so next week the goal will be 5, 5, 4, 4 I think the two minutes of rest (timed) between sets is key for me to keep progressing these. I'm not going to failure--I could probably squeeze out another rep (maybe two) on each set, but I'm not trying to rep out each week, just make steady progress and keep my elbow happy. So far so good. DB Press SS w/ OH Tri Extensions two sets of each just for some bit of volume Hanging Knee Raises 3 sets for dem abzzzz I also did some hip stretches to try to figure out if that'll help my snappy, slightly angry hip. (only makes noise/hurts when I go from external rotation to internal--so, like, froggy legs back to center). Quads and hamstrings and psoas stretching might help me out here.
  15. Yesterday was supposed to be a lifting day, but we made a run to Costco and then Best Buy and by the time we got home it was late. But, we adapt and overcome! This is fine anyway since we have plans on Friday so I would've had to skip/reschedule that day anyway. I'll get a workout in today, Thursday and Saturday instead of yesterday, Wednesday and Friday.
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