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  1. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    This sounds like something we would do, actually... If I could find some local video game-playing, beer-drinking, fitness-savvy ladies, I'd be all set. I pinged a local CrossFit box this afternoon to see what their COVID safety protocols are. CF folks always seem to be highly social. Maybe I'll become a ranger.
  2. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    Yesterday we made some room in our bedroom for the adjustable dumbbells/stand. Having them handy will at least let us have some sort of lifting capability (they go up to ~50 lbs, so adequate for me for most things, a bit less of a challenge for hubs, but better than nothing). We've also taken to a daily afternoon walk around the apartment complex to get outside, get moving a bit (and for practical purposes to get the mail). Better than nothing! Maybe eventually we'll become familiar faces to our neighbors at least.
  3. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    There are a couple of other apps out there that I'm investigating as well. Making sure they're about making friends and not hooking up is apparently a thing. Hubs and I aren't looking for swinging partners or anything. It was kind of great, actually, despite the huge amount of tiredness and sleep debt that we built up. We take long road trips at least once a year (or did, pre-COVID) and it's usually a great opportunity to have some in-depth conversations. This was like that, just more since usually we have an audiobook and/or attractions/stops that we plan in between. I was just getting to the point with circus back in MI that I was comfortable asking folks out for a beer or to grab dinner after class. Now, with both shoulder complaints and COVID and moving across the country, I need to start all of that over again. I've been cruising around for groups in the area that do appropriately social distanced things and also are things that I'm interested in. I'll figure it out, it'll just take some time.
  4. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    One thing that we talked about was the danger of slipping into old habits. We've moved states and are completely unattached. It's like going to college--no one knows us and it's an opportunity to entirely re-invent ourselves and do new things. That's going to be hard, but it's either that or be completely socially isolated in our new state forever. This is going to take some focused work.
  5. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    Marathon drive complete. It had the added benefit (?) of keeping us ignorant of current events until we got back. On our way back through Kentucky, we saw a bunch of state troopers all lined up on the road, but didn't have any context for why. Now it all makes more sense. Here in our county in FL there was a curfew Sunday and Monday nights (Fortunately we made it home Sunday early enough that our ignorance didn't get us caught up in any unknowing disruption of that). Not sure if that's going to be extended into tonight or not. The sheriff here seems to be a bit of a plain-speaking straight-talker, from what I've read of him so far, so we'll see how that goes. That aside, I'm attempting to go on with life as best I can while in the midst of all of this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The trip to get all of our stuff was pretty uneventful. Drove essentially straight through on the way up starting on Friday afternoon around 3.30 (stopped at a rest stop for a 2 hr nap in the back of the giant rented cargo van around 2a Saturday morning. Worked really well). Went directly to our storage unit and loaded up all our stuff. Drove about 5 hours back south, slept at a hotel Saturday and made it the rest of the way home on Sunday. Dropped lots of stuff at our storage unit here in FL on Monday morning (and sweated our assess off as it was 90 degrees by 10.30a, wow) and got the van returned by noon on Monday. The rental van was a bone simple cargo variety so no bluetooth, no audiobooks, no entertainment of any kind. Hubs and I wound up entertaining ourselves with conversation, ranging over wide topics (36-40 hours of driving will do that for you) and kept the pace going pretty well most of the time. When/where to buy a house, how to meet people in FL where we don't really have a social network and neither of us will have local colleagues plus COVID, stories from our childhoods, some aspects of our individual philosophies on religion that we hadn't touched on in the previous 12 years of our marriage, etc. It was pretty good, really. We realized we're both starving for a bit of human interaction (aside from each other, hah!). Making friends as an adult is difficult enough, much less uprooting your entire social support system and relocating in the middle of a pandemic. We're both pretty private people by nature which adds another level of difficulty and neither of us are super-outgoing extroverts. It's going to be an interesting challenge. I need a "do you want to be our BFF" app With the state starting to reopen here, we're going to have to take a hard look at what we're comfortable doing vs. what's possible to do and how we can start to integrate into the community down here. Our apt complex pool is open (with social distancing and total # of people limited) so maybe that could be a relatively safe (outdoor!) way to start to figure out who lives here and what folks are like.
  6. sylph

    KB Girl rebuilds

    These two sentences don't seem to go together.
  7. Just moved to FL, currently a bit southwest of Orlando while we figure out a permanent housing situation. Making friends in the time of COVID is certainly going to be an interesting challenge.
  8. Once we get into an actual house, we're going with a mesh network all the way. I'm nerdily excited to set it up.
  9. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    So, this weekend we are renting a van and doing a crazy, marathon drive to go back and get all the stuff left in our storage unit and bring it back here for safekeeping in our FL storage unit. My parents will pop in and look in on/feed the cats while we're gone and then ALL of our stuff will be located in a single state. And we will be exhausted again. But then we'll be able to be 'done' until we start looking for a new house and we can HOPEFULLY try to determine some way to get back into some semblance of a fitness routine. Gyms here are open, including our apt complex gym, so maybe we can figure out a way to do that safely. Or we do some walking or Darebee or SOMETHING so we can have some planned and purposeful exercise rather than frantic activity followed by vegetation on the couch. Fingers crossed.
  10. sylph

    sylph brain dumps

    There are also some lizards here which we didn't have many of back north--an endless source of entertainment for them along with birds and bugs. I'm glad the door out to the (tiny) balcony at least is an appropriate height so they can look out. We've been extra cautious since the last thing we wanted was to get sick right before our move, so we haven't so much as ordered a pizza in months. To now suddenly come south and have restaurants open (with social distancing and only 50% capacity, granted) feels like some culture shock is happening. Hubs is very organized and intolerant of too much mess if it were just me, we'd still have many many boxes left to unpack instead of a neat cube of things that are patiently waiting for our departure into an actual future house.
  11. sylph

    Assassin's Den

    Glad for safety, sad for me that now I likely won't be able to watch it due to conflicting commitments
  12. sylph

    Run Raptron Run

    LIFTING!! I'm uber jealous and also happy for you
  13. Hi No goals, no plan, no anything except trying to maintain my sanity while attempting to move house ~1200 miles in the middle of a global pandemic. Typing out all the madness helps, so expect this to be much more journal like and much less goal reporting.