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  1. Still doing pretty ok on eating well! I really didn't want to go for a run yesterday, but I managed to talk myself into it. Then, just as I was about to get up to go change, it started pouring. Neither Little Bug nor I have the right gear to run in the rain and not be absolutely miserable, so going out in that wasn't happening. So we "ran" inside, in place! Obviously not as good as a real run, but definitely better than nothing. Yay keeping up momentum.
  2. For anyone curious about what's going on with the Artemis I launch, they were able to get the fuel (hydrogen) leak fixed well enough that they could proceed with the launch attempt scheduled for tomorrow. The tanking test had a few small bumps, but they were able to get things straightened out and the rocket fueled! However, the weather says no. Stupid hurricane. Over the weekend, Tuesday's launch attempt got cancelled, and today they decided to put the rocket back in the Vehicle Assembly Building to protect it from the hurricane. That means there won't be another launch attempt in this period, but they will be able to take care of the launch abort batteries that were overdue for testing/charging, which means that shouldn't be an issue for the next try. To the best of my knowledge, then next launch period is the end of October/start of November, but so far there's been no official word on when the next attempt might be.
  3. Oops, been a bit since I've updated. Ended last week and started this one mostly ok. Food has been pretty good, though I had a day of planned "bad" eating in there. Haven't tried my new, finally set up exercise equipment yet, but soon. Did manage to go for another run with Little Bug, and practice on Monday, so that's all good there. My weight and measurements haven't really changed in a while. On the one hand, that's rather disappointing, because I was really hoping I'd be able to get those to go down. On the other hand, they're not going up! So that's pretty great, and I will take the win of not gaining (for now). Semi-related to that, I saw an article discussing a recent study. It's apparently the first one to look at exercise timing in a non-male diabetic population, and while it was small, it had some interesting results. Mainly, for women, exercising in the morning resulted in increases in belly fat loss while exercising in the evening resulted in more strength/fitness gains. For men, exercising in the evening led to more belly fat loss while strength/fitness gains happened no matter the timing of the exercise. So, hopefully I'll managed to get my sleep enough on-track this week that starting next week I can get up early enough to go use the elliptical for like 20 minutes first thing in the morning. Finally, a rocket update! They were able to get the fuel (hydrogen) leak fixed well enough that they could launch, and had planned for the next attempt to be tomorrow. However, the weather had different plans, what with a hurricane about to smack Florida. So, Tuesday's launch attempt got cancelled, and today they decided to put the rocket back in the Vehicle Assembly Building to protect it from the hurricane. That means there won't be another launch attempt in this period, but they will be able to take care of the launch abort batteries that were overdue for testing/charging. To the best of my knowledge, then next launch period is the end of October/start of November, but so far there's been no official word on when the next attempt might be.
  4. I have actually been doing a pretty good job of eating healthy this week! I may have increased the veggie consumption a little too quickly, so I dialed that slightly back, but plan to keep adding more, just at a slower pace for the rest of the week. Monday was derby practice. It was supposed to be a scrimmage, but the Florida trip meant I didn't have enough practices, so I skated with the beginners. Didn't do anything on Tuesday, because we went to the skate shop and by the time we got home it was too late. Today was Little One's practice. I didn't get as much of a workout this time, however, because I was teaching kids basic skating skills. But look! I finished building the squat rack! And I also got the elliptical plugged in, so all that is ready to go. Still need to assemble the bench, and get a TV stand so I can watch stuff while I'm on the elliptical or put on exercise videos, but I made a lot of progress and have usable stuff! At some point I'll also need to get safety arms for the rack but I don't have enough weight to need them yet.
  5. Not as originally as planned, but pretty good. Wednesday was Little One's derby practice, Thursday and Friday I didn't really do anything, Saturday was LOTS of walking (more on that shortly), and Sunday was derby/collapse day. Food was a solid meh, but oh well. Saturday was awesome. Made a rather spur-of-the-moment decision to go to the Michigan football game. Not completely, because we'd been talking about taking the boys to a game for a while, but we were thinking we'd go for homecoming. I decided to look at tickets, and the 17th was the only game that had 4 seats together left. Plus, they were also the cheapest seats available for the rest of the season, so off we went! We actually ended up with really good seats (pretty close to the field, in the end zone, next to the student section), and aside from it being very hot and some bad luck with the concessions, everyone had a great time. It was the boys' first big sports event, and they both said they loved it and want to go back. As far as the football went, the start of the game was the roughest one we've had so far this season...but the score ended up 59 to 0, so, yeah. I'm very curious what's going to happen when we play a team with some real teeth. After the game, we met my best friend and spent the rest of the day wandering around Ann Arbor and hanging out (including a stop at the arcade). So that was pretty great too. Sunday, I was exhausted. But I still got up in time to go to church before roller derby, and then went and did that. And then promptly spent the rest of the day doing nothing, because I was really tired. Probably should have had a nap, but by the time the coffee wore off enough that I could have done that, it was too late in the day. Oh well.
  6. Today didn't go quite as planned. Didn't get the exercise stuff built, but I did go for a run with Little Bug! I finally got to use my running "toys." I let Little Bug wear the light vest, since I figured he'd be harder to see than me, and uses the little speaker for its intended purpose. The vest was slightly big on Little Bug, but it is super bright and definitely improved visibility. And the speaker worked great, too, once I figured out where to put it so it could have a good connection to my watch. Did fairly ok with eating, too, so that was good.
  7. I'm with the leopard, though. Pumpkin everything! Bread, coffee, cookies, donuts, candle scents...
  8. Week 1 off to to a start. Not a great start, but also not a terrible start. So, just a start. I have not managed to finish assembling my exercise equipment yet, but hopefully I'll get that done today. Running hasn't started yet, either. But, Sunday I did climb 10 flights of stairs (in groups of 5), and Monday I went to practice even though I didn't really want to. My eating has edged up into the low 70% range for healthy vs not, so that's an improvement as well! In awesome news, NASA was able to repair the launch pad with the rocket still there, and so far everything is testing good. Assuming the final tests also go well, the next launch attempt is going to be on the 27th at 11:37am eastern.
  9. The Artemis I launch has been rescheduled for September 27th at 11:37am eastern time, assuming all goes well with the post-repair testing! And, because I was unable to find a gif of a pumpkin rocket, here's a clouded leopard eating a pumpkin.
  10. Last night was the first practice of the season for Little One's junior derby team. He had a blast, and I am now an assistant coach for it. Since it was the first practice, and it was mostly endurance-type stuff, I just ended up skating with the kids for a good portion of it. It was quite the workout! They also skated the 27/5, which WFTDA has moved away from as a benchmark. I don't know if JRDA is still requiring it, but the team at least requires it for moving up to level 3 (travel team). They had an odd number of kids, so had me jump in to count for one of them. Then I decided to skate it, too, because I haven't done it in several years and I was curious. According to the girl who was counting for me, I got 30 laps! I find this highly unlikely, because I have never gotten that many laps previously. I think 28.5 is the best I've ever done. My count was 26.5, which seems much more probable. I can believe I was short a couple laps, but 4 seems like a bit of a stretch. However...either way, I am very happy with the result. I was expecting to be somewhere between 23 and 25 laps, because I am out of shape and still recovering from vacation (lack of sleep), and I haven't practiced it at all for like 3 years. So, the fact that I just busted out 26.5 (or more) laps is amazing! Also, Little One had a great time at practice.
  11. Hopefully? Depends on what we decide to wear this year, and if there's time to throw together a second costume to run in if the main ones won't work. Like, last year Little Bug went as one of those inflatable T-Rexes, so that wouldn't be great for running in. And we are so far behind on getting costumes ready that I am not sure we'll have time to get more than one around. So, that's the goal, but we'll see. Step #1 is getting caught up on sleep so I can actually go train without feeling like a zombie (am currently still zombie). In good sleep related news, Husband has volunteered to take the early shift for getting the kids ready in the morning since he can just go back to bed after they've left. So I get to sleep for another hour!
  12. *looks at calendar* Yikes. School has started, the fall and winter holidays are fast approaching, kids sports are starting up again/getting added, and I have an actual roller derby bout in the not-too-distant future (exact date set, but not public yet). I am going to lay out some stretch goals, but will be happy with surviving. With any luck I'll land somewhere in the middle. First - during zero week, I will finish assembling my exercise equipment so I can actually start lifting. It's been sitting in the basement half-built for too long. After that... Sleep! I need to get up at 6am now to get breakfast around for the kids before school and then start work early enough that I can be done around the time they get home. Which super sucks, because my body is not a fan of that schedule. So I'm going to do my best to get to bed at a reasonable time (10:30ish) most days of the week. Eat! Going to continue my quest to get to 80% healthy. I've got a meal plan I like, I just need to do a better job of following it. Move! This is going to be a mix of roller derby practices, RDA workouts (with the weights), and running. Yes, running. I still hate it, but it will help with derby, and Little Bug has expressed interest in the NF 5k training that's running now (no, didn't intend that pun, but I'm leaving it), so we're going to hop in on that a week late. And then hopefully run a 5k on Halloween!
  13. It's pumpkin spice season, and I got back from my failed attempt to watch the Artemis I mission launch Florida vacation at 2:30am, and then had to get up at 6 to get food around for the kids to go to school, so I will take a VERY large pumpkin spice latte with oatmilk (with enough coffee that it's not a bucket of sugar milk, but not so much that it tastes gross ). Here's to kicking butt this challenge, and a successful next launch attempt, whenever that happens!
  14. Launch attempt #2 was also scrubbed. Here's hoping they can launch on Monday! I guess there's the SpaceX launch tomorrow, so I'll at least get to see *A* launch while we're here. I'm sure that will be cool, but it's also going to be very bittersweet, because it was going to be very special for my first live launch to be a rocket I worked on. As I'm sure you can tell, the end of this challenge got consumed by vacation. I did not get my exercise equipment fully assembled, and I've been eating like crap on vacation. I mean, I've been trying, but 1, it's really hard to do when all you've got to work with is a mini-fridge and a microwave, and 2, Orlando has treats we really like that are not available in Cleveland, so I've been enjoying those, too. I think we've managed to stay active enough that I won't have completely gone back to square 1 on fitness, so at least that's a plus. Pretty sure I'm going to have gained at least 5 pounds by the time I get home, though. So, I guess overall this challenge has been a failure, but I also ended up playing on legendary difficulty, and with that in mind I didn't do too terribly. And I think I learned a few things I can use next challenge to have better success. Here's another picture I took of the rocket to close things out.
  15. Launch attempt #2 for the Artemis I mission has also been scrubbed. NASA is going to provide an update on what's next later today. It's the same hydrogen leak that's been an issue since the dress rehearsal that's still causing issues and led to today's scrub. Hopefully they can get it fixed in time to launch Monday, because if not, the next launch window won't be until late September/early October. Later in the afternoon update: it was not the same hydrogen leak, this time it was on the pad side rather than the rocket. And they won't be able to fix it in time to try again during this launch period. It's also not looking great for the end of the month, so probably the end of October before they try again.
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