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  1. Well, shark week landed like a ton of bricks on me today, so I didn't really do anything today. Not how I planned for today to go, but, all I can do is roll with it. Ordered Halloween costumes for Husband and me today. The shoes for mine arrived today, too. Planning to order Little One's tomorrow, and start figuring out where to get stuff for Little Bug's. It kind of feels wrong to be ordering rather than making costumes, but 1, I still don't have a sewing machine, and 2, it's really hard to make the webbing pattern on the various spider-people when you don't have access to some sort of fabric printing machine or want to spend a very long time hand painting costumes. I haven't got either, and we're all being characters from Into the Spiderverse, so purchased it is this year. Here's hoping they all fit... On the shoe front, having taken ballet as a child but not getting to pointe shoes, I am way more excited about now owning a pair of them then I should be. It's entirely possible I tried to stand on the ends of them today (I totally did). It mostly worked. Need to get the elastic and ribbons for them so they stay on my feet, and it should go much better. Given all the toe stop work I do in derby, I have no doubt my ankles are strong enough. Not that I plan to be doing that a lot, because I haven't had the proper instruction, but it's something I've always wanted to do, so gosh darn it, I'm going to play with it a little bit.
  2. I am done with jury duty, without having to go in! Huzzah!
  3. Ate well today. Right up until I had some ice cream. However, we're low on food because we need to go to the grocery store. I ate so many fruits and vegetables today. Picked up dinner from Panera Bread, but Little One didn't like the sandwich I got him, so I gave him part of my dinner and I was still hungry as a result (I couldn't just trade him because his had cheese on it). I only ate half the ice cream I ordered, because that's all of it I wanted. Huge win there. Didn't do chin-ups today, and didn't go running before it got dark, but I did the scheduled running workout inside running in place. So, even though it's not the same as "real" running, I'd say that's a win, too. Did not have to go in for jury duty today. Also made it to the store, so I hopefully have the right color concealer, so I won't have to mess around with trying to make it match. That'll save me some time getting ready. I can also report that doing my hair and makeup every day does absolutely nothing for my productivity or feeling more like I'm at work or anything like that. So I plan to go on continuing ignoring all that "advice" that says the only way to get your mindset right for working from home is to put on your fancy clothes and do your hair and makeup. I've always thought stuff like that was nonsense (from the time I was in middle school and my mom was briefly into Fly Lady which said you must always put on shoes or you'll never get anything done), and now I have proof. I'm sure it works for some people, but I am not one of them, and now I can say that with absolute confidence. I think I had something else I wanted to say in this update, but now I can't remember what it was. Oh well, guess it's not important. 😅
  4. I was super tired yesterday. Almost like doing a whole bunch of exercise when you haven't had enough to eat is a bad idea or something. So, I had enough to eat, but not anywhere near my fruit/veggie goal. And I didn't exercise because I was too tired. Today will be better. Well, other than having the wrong color concealer. Oops. Also found out this morning that the roller hockey rink place my derby team was based out of is closing permanently. So now we have to add "find practice/game space" to the list of things to do when we can return to play. Covid sucks!
  5. Right?!? I have no idea who thought this was a good idea. I also hope I don't have to go in, because I am legit scared to be stuck in a small, probably poorly ventilated room with a bunch of random people.
  6. I am not nearly accurate enough to be any sort of warning system. 🤣 Mostly the bad sleep is due to general stress from job plus kids plus pandemic, and the stupid yelling cat. Though she seems to have been doing slightly less of that, so that's good. The earthquake was directly responsible for the lack of sleep on Friday night. I didn't go to bed until 2, and then it took me over an hour to fall asleep. So Saturday was basically shot for anything that wasn't being a zombie. Sunday was better, but I still didn't get much done. Eating has continued to be in the meh category. Over the weekend I was pretty convinced I have undone all my 3 months of progress in 2 weeks. Today, I don't think I've undone all of it. But I certainly haven't been helping myself. Note that I haven't stepped on the scale or measured myself, and I'm not going to until the end of the month. I'd say today made up for the weekend, but I think the insane amount of stress from today offset any of it. I am on jury duty this week. And the way it works, is I have to check a website every day this week, at noon, to see if I have to show up at the court house at 1. I do not have time to get myself all super professional looking and send required emails and drive to the court house with enough time to find parking and figure out where to go in an hour. Which means doing my hair and makeup, quite possibly for nothing, every day this week. I decided that's the better route than putting on my very professional clothes, because I don't have tons of those that actually fit and I don't want to get them dirty if I don't need to. But it's still a pain, because I wasn't a do your hair and makeup every day kind of girl *before* work from home started! And then I had 2 hours of straight meetings today, that both would have gone longer except for the fact that they both ran into other meetings we had to join. And, I will avoid details, but they were super exasperating. One of them started with a request for some of us working on the big project to be allowed to focus on that instead of also working lots of normal jobs and somehow suddenly we had people suggesting we just end the thing early since it didn't seem like we were really going to get more information from the other people and we can always ask them questions later. What?!? That is the exact opposite of what we wanted! How could you come to the conclusion that would be a good idea? And I'm sure the being able to ask them questions thing won't really last that long, because they'd be using our budget for answering and I can't imagine someone not yelling at us about that being too expensive and therefore we can't ask questions. The second meeting was a different topic, but the general tone of the thing was similar. I need a new job, preferably in a new company. We are going to burn out people. And not like the still functioning burn out I think most of us are in some state of, but the "I collapse and lose my grip on reality" and need to go to the hospital because I collapsed at work type burn out. But after work, I went for a run. I am also wondering who I am. 😜 There's another NF 5k through Prime on Halloween. I want to try to actually run it, which means I need to train, and today was the start of that. 7 intervals. Little One came with me! Well, until the 3rd interval, at which point he stepped weird and said his ankle hurt too much to walk. So I carried him the 1/4 mile home, got him some ice, and went and finished the run. And then I did the chin-up challenge workout. Only 5 of those left! We'll see if I can move tomorrow. I would say I got my eating back on track today, but I didn't eat enough food, so I'm not sure that actually counts. I will do better on the quantity of food tomorrow, but I'm not entirely sure about the quality. I went to Trader Joe's tonight, and some pumpkin bread mix fell in the basket... 🎃
  7. Thanks! Yes, the boys have significantly less weight to lift than I do. I am very proud of them. I just wish I was right there with them. 😁 Have I mentioned in the last couple weeks that I was pretty sure there was an earthquake coming, or did I avoid mentioning it for fear of looking silly? Well, either way, we just had the craziest earthquake I've ever felt. It actually started with sound. It sounded like a semi truck engine, the deep vibrating sound that you feel in your chest just as much as hear. Then it got more stuttery, and then things started shaking. The previous earthquakes I've been in have started slowly and then got bigger, and were either an up and down or side to side shaking kind of feeling. This one was pretty much the same intensity from the get-go, until it tapered off. Definitely stronger shaking than most of the previous ones, but in some ways it didn't feel like it because this shaking felt like it was going in all directions at once. Most strange. And there's only been 2 aftershocks, and it's been 40 minutes, which is weird. I would expect more, based on the other ones I've seen. Also, the cat has continued to show that she is totally useless as an early warning for earthquakes. 🤣 No weird behavior from her prior to it, and she only seemed mildly concerned during. But I did good on my eating today, and I did a small bit of exercise before I (was planning to) got ready for bed despite having a slightly upset stomach. That sleeping thing? Not going to be happening for a while, unfortunately.
  8. Oh! I totally forgot to post this, too. I've been busy during meetings I don't need to do anything besides listen to the last few days: Could use a wire over the nose, which I will try to add in the next few days, and it's a bit big around the bottom near the ears, but I think it'll do the job. My top stitching is a bit uneven, and there are probably some other things that could have been done better, but since it's been a while since I've hand sewn anything more than a button or fixing a small hole...or adjusting some waistbands now that I think about it...I think it came out pretty good. Little One loves it, so that's worth a whole lot. Going to take a day or two for my fingers to stop hurting and then get started on the next one.
  9. Good news! The air actually cleared up some, enough that it wasn't hazardous to asthmatic lungs to be outside, so we got to do the chin-up challenge workout on the rings. Little One is super close to doing a chin-up with no assistance. Little Bug has a bit further to go, but is also getting close. I am still very far away and therefore jealous. 😜 I am making progress however, so I'm very happy about that. Thinking about starting it again at the higher level I'm going to end at once we finish. I want to get pull-ups! Did ok eating today, but had a few more chocolate chips than I should have. I was also starving all day, so I ate a lot. On the up side, I made paleo rolls instead of ordering ice cream, so that was a big win. I'm going to try to enjoy the clean ("clean") air while it lasts, because the fires are still going strong and who knows how long it'll last.
  10. I believe that's the official scale (Air Quality Index), but for whatever reason, Weather Bug (my weather app) has decided to use their own scale. It's somewhat annoying, honestly. Apparently some of our smoke has made it all the way across the US and even to Europe! So if you wait a bit, you might get some of it, too. I love sharing with my friends. 😜 (For real, I hate that we're sharing smoke. Wish everything wasn't on fire.) And on the other coast, it's been sucked into a low pressure center and is making a very pretty swirl out over the ocean. Let's see if I did this correctly... https://images.app.goo.gl/ftz2czDFsAjFAobLA Yay, it works! But you'll have to click on the link to see the picture. Sorry.
  11. The last 2 changes have gone really well for me, so I'm going to mostly stick with that. Adding some tweaks, partially to transition from a diet to sustainable lifestyle and partially because I am trying something new. The plan: Exercise 6 out of 7 days. Currently that's a mix of the NF Chin-up Challenge and pilates, but I switch it up randomly depending on how I'm feeling. Eat good. What does that look like? Avoiding added sugar, except for 2 treats a month. I also avoid dairy and wheat, because those don't like me. The 2 treats a month are new, as is my plan to eat 800g of fruits and veggies every day in September. That's coming from another fitness group I'm in. The idea is you'll fill up on healthy stuff and therefore not have room for junk. I don't know that that's a magic number or anything, but it is helping me eat more fruits and veggies, which I've been trying to do for a while, so it's useful for that. Let's go kick the start of fall's butt! And then hopefully I'll manage to come up with a fun theme for the next challenge. 😁