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  1. Woke up to the smell of smoke this morning. Because, once again, the state is on fire. 4 or 5 new fires started overnight, including one very close to the last one that my friend almost had to evacuate from. Here's a view out my window right now, and the giant pall of smoke moving in. Not shown well (thanks auto white balance 🙄) is just how orange it is outside. And the light is getting less strong, which is weird, because it's supposed to get brighter as we get closer to noon. Edit: in the 6 minutes it took me post this, and then go from phone to computer so I could fi
  2. It is currently 11:55, and I am just going to bed now. Which sucks, but you would think an hour and a half between the end of work and going to bed wouldn't be unreasonable. Well, it apparently is when you don't get done with work until 10:30. That also makes it very hard to go to bed on time. It's also hella windy tonight. Like, currently it's close to the windiest I've seen here, if not the top. And it's not supposed to get "bad" until around 3am. The electricity has flickered a couple times (and also did so at my co-worker's house at least once, so wherever that's coming from it
  3. Wrist circles and stretches, usually. The root of the issue is the sprain from 1.5 years ago (holy crap, how was it that long ago already?!?) that still hasn't gone completely back to normal. Might actually look into some physical therapy for it next year...
  4. Monday I was more like 2 hours late to bed. Last night, only 1. Starting to get a handle on how I need to adjust my evening routine to make this work. Thought about doing some exercise yesterday, decided I was too tired. Also, my wrist was surprisingly sore from the desk-building and pushup benchmark test. Not really "pain" sore, but very angry muscles sore, and a bit stiff. I think for today's workout I'm going to put my wrist wrap on and see if that helps. Further grousing about the desk...whoever designed that thing needs to go back and evaluate it from a human-factors poi
  5. Zero week day 1 update: Not getting to bed on time, but hopefully I'll only be an hour late. Did my pushup benchmark test. As expected, it didn't go well. Didn't help that my wrist was already grumpy before I started, thanks to a much harder to build than expected desk. But I did it! And I'm remembering to take my magnesium, so while not perfect, the challenge is off to a decent start.
  6. Yes really. Or as close to it as I can. I'm tired, man. I wasn't joking in the general chat thread when I said I haven't slept in forever. And, when I do, I haven't been sleeping well. So, I have a very simple challenge in mind. I'm going to drink my magnesium supplement and be in bed by 10:30 every day. That's it. Hopefully it'll be enough to make a dent in the giant sleep deficit I've been rocking. I'm going to be doing the Nerd Fitness Prime pushup challenge as well, but honestly, I'm going to get a terrible score on the benchmark, because I'm beyond tire
  7. Oy. So glad I don't have to work today! The drive home continued the theme of the last few weeks. We decided to get on the road earlier, so we could get home at a reasonable hour, get things set up for school today, and everyone could get a good night's sleep. So we left at 1pm. It's normally a 6 hour drive. Apparently the entire state was driving home. Lots of traffic so things were going slower than normal for that alone. Then throw in several accidents. We decided to stop at a truck stop for dinner, because one of the kids had to pee and it was dinner time anyway. Th
  8. The door to the tavern opens just far enough for a woodelf assassin to limp in. She has the look of someone who hasn't slept in ages and has been fighting for even longer, and things did not go well. After looking around, she collapses into a fluffy chair in a back corner and is soon snoring. The barkeep deposits some spiced cider in a mug encorcled to keep the drink at the perfect temperature nearby for when she wakes up. Hello everyone! I have no idea what I'm doing for my challenge yet, but I'm here. 😏
  9. I mean, I'm trying. I just haven't had a chance in a while where I've had enough mental energy to do it. I've been told in the past that you just need to apply to lots of jobs if you want to find one, but that ignored the amount of mental energy it takes to find and apply for even one job. So, I'm trying, but it's very slow going. To be fair, they were! None of the water drained out of them. 🤣 That was actually the first time I got to see how they did in wet. I am confident that had I not stepped in water deeper than the shoes my feet would have stayed dry. 🙂
  10. Huh. It's the end of the challenge already. Well, things were good, until they weren't. But, we've had some shit to deal with, and all of that took priority over exercising, so, it is what it is. As for the end of the challenge, since I am a few days behind with updates, I crashed and burned. We got everything sorted with the new school, though we have a few things to get figured out tomorrow/Monday with the computers and joining the class. Then drove up to the in-laws on Tuesday night. We decided that all things considered, the risk wasn't really changed th
  11. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  12. Friday didn't stop quite when I hoped it would. Things were good once we found Halo, but it took forever to find. We found every single other Halo game we own (all 6 of them!) but the first one was missing. Still don't know where it went, but we somehow ended up with 2 copies of it, and we found the copy we hadn't been using recently. And then destroyed the first level on legendary. 😁 I hoped to sleep in yesterday, but that wasn't to be. Got called for work at 8:30 in the morning. By the time I had my coffee and finished work, there was no going back to sleep. I at least managed to
  13. This is great. Thank you for sharing. I am working on helping my kid who has a bit of a perfectionist streak learn that everyone screws up when they try something new and you shouldn't give up just because you didn't get it right the first time, and stuff like this is a great example.
  14. Well. Today. We are not going to be interviewed by the news, because, plot twist! The current school sent an email this afternoon, an hour or two after school ended saying that someone had made a big stink to the district so now they were going to be extending distance learning. Thanks to all the families who supported them in returning to in-person teaching. So, with that, there's no more story for the news to report on. And yes, that email was exactly as passive-aggressive bitchy as it sounds (I guess we're getting a more explanitive email from the superintendent late
  15. According to some recent news articles, the current spike in cases is driven much more by people spreading it at restaurants/bars and "small social gatherings." So, my guess is, this is aimed at bars, clubs, and restaurants, and just people going over to friends' houses in the evenings. Though I agree with you, it does seem to start a little late to be incredibly useful.
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