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  1. Yesterday was frustrating. Wait, no, that was Monday. Yesterday was only a bit frustrating, but I was very tired. The second-level IT called me and fixed the email problem in 40 minutes. Well, fixed it in 5 minutes, the rest of the time was looking at things before trying the fix and then making sure it worked. Why the first-level people can't be told to try that, I don't know, but I'm starting to think the whole point of first-level IT is to fix PEBCAC issues and annoy everyone else. I did not do my exercise yesterday, because lack of (good) sleep has caught up with me. I didn't really go to bed on time, because also my cup is getting empty and staying up watching Black Sails with Husband also needed to happen. Today work was frustrating for a different reason. I can't remember if I've mentioned anything about the big project I'm working on right now, but we're taking work from another group. They are (understandably) not really on board with that. Which means it's all but impossible to get any information from them. We're spending lots of time talking to them, but absolutely nothing useful is resulting from it. I am increasingly feeling like we're being set up to fail. So that's not great. Not sure if I'm going to exercise tonight or not. I should, but I am still pretty exhausted. Like, I almost fell asleep at my desk after lunch. We'll see what time it is when the boys are finally asleep and I can exercise without getting interrupted. Apparently all the crazy we already have isn't enough. We had an earthquake this evening! I was upstairs at my desk finishing up work when I started to feel...something? Was it shaking, did I bump my desk, or am I just feeling a little light headed? Oh look, the TV is wiggling. And then when it stopped, I tried to make the TV wiggle by shaking my desk - nope! Huh. No one else felt anything, so I decided to check the earthquake website, and sure enough, there was a 5.5 in pretty much the same place as the 7.something last July. And now there's been a 4.2 aftershock, which means there's a decent chance it's not done yet. Also adding to the concern is the fact that there were 2 decent sized quakes in what looks to be the northern end of the fault complex about half an hour before the one I felt, at the south end. I'm pretty sure I remember from last year the geologists saying those 2 areas were connected, anyway. So we'll see what happens with that. Oh yeah, and apparently there's going to be a protest in my little suburb city on Friday. Trying to decide if I should take me and Little One somewhere else for the day, on the off chance cops decide to tear gas in our vicinity. I can't imagine any variety of that stuff does nice things to asthmatic lungs. It's not the protesters I'm worried about, but the cops and how they'll react. I've already seen city hall not react great to something that didn't fit their old-people milk toast vision of suburban bliss. 😕 In good, or at least entertaining, news, we introduced the boys to Weird Al tonight. 🙂
  2. Today has been slightly better. Work was frustrating. Details I won't go into, but something I need to have access to was finally approved for me. Something went wrong with setting it up, however, and even after 2 hours working with the help desk, not only do I not have access to it, but my email is only half functional. They were out of ideas, so the issue has been elevated, but that means I'm stuck with things as they are until someone decides to call me back. And I still can't do my job. Husband found another surprise in the bathroom. Nothing huge this time, but super annoying. There's another layer of wallpaper under the one we had halfway removed. Doesn't look like it's on all the walls, thankfully, but it's going to slow things down. The new exercise challenge started today. It's called "Sun's Out Fun's Out," hereafter to be referred to as SOFO. As makes sense for something like this, day 1 is a test. I'm glad it was today and not tomorrow, because I'm not too sore yet from the 50 I did yesterday. For this challenge, they have you set a metronome at 40 bpm and go up on one beat, down the next. I got 8 before I couldn't keep up with the timer. And I did them on the third stair, which is down one from what I was doing before. I thought it was about time to go to a lower elevation, and it looks like I was right! My goal is to do at least 8, since that was my score today, with no modification by the end of the challenge. Maybe that's asking for too much, but we'll see! As far as the country falling apart goes, I haven't heard any booms tonight. I would say that's good, but I think it's courtesy of some very strict curfews. I had a meeting earlier today interrupted by several coworkers getting emergency alerts informing them that parts of the city were under curfew starting at 1pm! This is a couple towns away the other direction from where the fireworks were. It was apparently bad enough that they called in the national guard. And it is not a huge city! I really do think we are currently in the run up to something paralleling 1930s Germany. And I don't want to be here when that happens. I always wondered why therewwere a bunch of people in Nazi Germany who didn't leave. Surely they could see what was happening? Could they not tell what was coming? Well, now I know, and Husband and I are starting to look into moving to Canada.
  3. Got more work done on the bathroom today. All the wallpaper is torn down, and we took down the remaining mirror. Surprise! There's a cavity in the wall where there used to be a medicine cabinet behind it! Next step is to steam the rest of the wallpaper off, and cut open the wall where the broken drain pipe is. We'll get to find out if we can fix it ourselves or if the whole thing is so feclempt (or however you spell that) that the only real option is to call a plumber. And then patch the drywall, and we can get started on the stuff we had planned to do! Probably not going to put a cabinet in the hole in the wall, because it's so tiny the cheapest one I could find that fit was almost $400. While bigger ones can be had for less than $50, for a plain one. In addition to working on the bathroom, I skated along with Little One while he rode his bike, and then did my exercise calendar. Today was 50 push ups for time, to compare to the start of the month. I did the same modification and finished 2:01 faster! Which is almost awesome enough to offset the yuck feeling from gaining 3 lbs this month. So, a very mixed day.
  4. Well, today has been a day! Started out great. We got to watch, live, as history was made. The United States finally has the capability to launch astronauts again. I watched the other end of that not quite 9 years ago (and legit cried), so that was especially cool. Then I applied for another job. This one would be working on sustainable supersonic business jets, which sounds pretty cool. We'll see where that goes. Might not hear anything for a while on that one, because I don't know how actively they're interviewing and hiring right now because they're in the process of moving the company. But, ya know, still something to throw my hat at. Then we started working on the bathroom, because all our stuff has arrived. Started out good, and then oh boy did things go wrong. 3 of the walls have mirrors on them. There's 2 smaller ones on the side, and a big one in the middle that's probably 4' tall and 5' wide. The bottom of it was just above the sink. They have a little channel thing along the bottom, and how the rest of them were attached to the wall was a mystery. Turns out it was glue. Crappy glue. And, the channel on the big mirror? Not actually attached to the wall! We weren't planning to do anything with the mirrors. So, after we got all the stuff out of the bathroom and disconnected the sink, the next step was to remove the sink and counter. I went upstairs to put shoes on before we did that, because it seemed like a good idea. Husband decided to start moving the sink without me, and all the sudden I heard a weird pop followed by a giant crash. Turns out the mirror was essentially being held in place by sitting on the top of the sink! It fell straight down when Husband moved the sink and the bottom third of it exploded. Thankfully it missed Husband and no one got hurt by the exploding glass, but it did land on the drain pipe for the sink and break it off just inside the wall. So now we have to do way more plumbing than planned (which now also includes cutting a hole in the wall), we also have to figure out what to do with the walls that were previously covered in mirror, AND we have to fix part of the floor. Because whoever redid the bathroom before us did a hack job on it. They pulled up all the old tiles, except for about 4 of them under the sink cabinet, installed the sink cabinet, and then put the new floor down. How do I know that's what happened? Because there is a gap between the old tiles and where the edge of the cabinet was. I have no idea why you would do something like that, because it would be way harder to cut the new tiles around the cabinet than to just do the whole floor! And this is all assuming we don't find anything more crazy as we go. Other than fixing the pipes in the wall, we're not planning to take anything else apart. Though, given the fact that it looks like they repositioned all the sink plumbing (again, why?!? And it's done poorly!) I'm not holding out hope there won't be something nuts inside the wall. So, our simple, quick, (relatively) cheap remodel has suddenly become a significantly bigger project. After we cleaned up all the broken glass, which took forever, we took the boys to the park and kicked around a soccer ball for a bit. So that was nice. But, we've been hearing fireworks for the last...week? Something like that. Well, there were a lot more tonight. And then Husband found a news article about how protestors (or people pretending to be protestors) a couple towns over from us were throwing fireworks at the cops, and when the cops had had enough they started throwing flash-bangs at the crowd to make them go home. So that's a bit scary. I don't know what's been going on the rest of the days, but that was tonight. I'm sure some of it was people celebrating Memorial Day, but definitely not all of it! But what's terrifying is the way cops are acting in lots of places, and the fact that instead of working to de-escalate things, apparently the government has called up the actual military to be ready to deal with things (which I'm all but certain is illegal). If that happens, people will die. A lot of people will die. And then I think there's a good chance something resembling a war will break out. And I do not want to be around for that, or the aftermath once the military has finished dealing with things. So that's now something I'm thinking about.
  5. Elennare

    Assassin's Den

    Reminder! Launch take two is today! Liftoff in about 2.5 hours, streaming on NASA and SpaceX's YouTube channels. Coverage is live now. 😁
  6. The rest of the day, before the evil email, was fine. Nothing too exciting. I was supposed to do 100 lunges today, but only got 30 done before the evil email. And then I was pretty well useless, so only getting 30 done today. I did manage to not let it affect me until I finished up work for the day (a whole 20 minutes), but after that I definitely spent some time crying. And then ordered more ice cream after dinner.
  7. I did not get the job. And they sent me a BS form letter rejection that said they decided to continue with other candidates who better match the skill and experience requirements listed in the role description. I met everything they listed, but they want more than what was in there. And now my current company has flooded the market with highly qualified people, so everyone else can afford to be super picky. I'm screwed. 😭
  8. Ended up not doing any exercise today. But, it was a crazy stressful day (see my previous post), and I didn't eat a whole lot, so I think it's probably ok. I did cook a fairly healthy dinner, though. One more day and then it's the weekend, yay! But I'm on call on Saturday, which probably means I'm not getting much of a weekend. But maybe I won't get called, since it's slow.
  9. Interview round 1 is over! I think it went fairly well. Definitely better than the last one of these interviews I had! I don't have all of the experience they're looking for, clearly, but I hope I have enough and was able to present what I did have in a good light to make me the best candidate. Because it sounds like a super cool job. Nothing to do now but wait.
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    Boo! There will definitely be recordings available to watch it when you have time. Not quite as cool as watching live, though.
  11. I had this awesome idea for a post, full of gifs. But not only can I not find anything remotely close to what I'm looking for, I can't even get the gifs I tied to use to show up as links, let alone an actual gif. So, yeah. *Mr. Incredible sitting at his too-small desk, typing unhappily at his computer.* *Mr. Incredible measuring his waist and frowning at the number.* *Mr. Incredible freaking out from the stress of trying to parent by himself and deal with things in the world going crazy.* That about sums up how things have been going. And none of that is ok. So what's the plan? *Mr. Incredible working out in the train yard.* I know I should be doing something about how I'm eating, but that seems too hard right now. Plus, there's not a whole lot of point in trying to make some sort of meal plan when the grocery store is a crap shoot and we don't have enough veggies from the garden (yet? hopefully it's yet) to feed us. So, I'm going to try to eat slightly less like a trash panda, but not worry about it too much. What I am going to do, is exercise. Every day. At least a little something. I'm not a crossfit person, but I am in possession of a calendar to train for Murph. Which is an insane workout that's something like run a mile, do 200 pull ups, 300 push ups, and then run another mile. There is no way I can do that, but I'm going to see how much of the training calendar I can follow. It started on the 1st, so I've already done 50 push ups for time (6:36, elevated on my desk), and a 5ish minute long ab death workout. Today I'm supposed to go for a "long" walk. I haven't really looked at the rest of it, so I don't entirely know what's coming. But I'm going to do it! Or at least die trying! I'm hoping if I can manage to get some exercise in, it'll help with the stress, which will in turn help with the getting fat. So, let's get Incredible! *Mr. Incredible looking heroic*