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  1. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    Huh. I somehow didn't realize today was the end of the challenge. "Adventures" in eating has turned out to be right. Husband is doing awesome and lost around 20 lbs! I am spinning my wheels. I do well when I have a plan and can follow it, but apparently I am not so great at following plans currently. To be fair, I've had a lot of plot twists to deal with (sprained wrist, and now I'm sick, plus lots of long days at work). I've also discovered snacks are currently my weakness, in if I don't plan for them I have no good options available at work. I finished the challenge by starting the week great and then everything fell apart when first the boys got sick and then I did. Pretty sure I gained weight over the last 4 weeks. Mental health has been a bit off, too. At least partially because I haven't really been able to exercise how I want to. Feeling very blah about this one, but proud of Husband. And now I'm trying to decide if maybe I do want to try keto...
  2. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    So it turns out I have until Saturday to decide if I'm going to play, but I have pretty well decided I'm not going to. Even if somehow my wrist heals up a lot by Saturday, I would be concerned that it wasn't healed enough that a minor fall wouldn't result in re-injury/making it worse. (I'm not sure I got that sentence quite right, but I'm also not awake enough to try to fix it. Hopefully the idea comes through well enough.) I'm definitely going to miss the next game, because it's the same weekend as the banked track tournament, and I'm going to watch that. So, looking like August for my next chance to play. Should be enough time to get all healed up and in even better shape! Still sucks that I can't play this weekend, but it's the right choice. My food was solid yesterday. Well, aside from the extra frappuchino in the afternoon. But we won't talk about that right now. Today will be solid as well. Funny story: breakfast this morning was a yogurt with blueberries. When I pulled the box of blueberries out of my bag, I noticed that there was a moldy one on the bottom. While I was going through the box to make sure I got all the bad ones out before I washed and ate them, I had 3 people in a row come up and ask "getting the bad ones out? How do you tell?" Apparently people in my office don't know how to blueberry? I'm so confused. It's not that hard to tell if the berry is bad or not...if it's white and fuzzy, it's bad!
  3. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    Sunday was indeed better. I got to sleep in, sort of. And then the boys brought me breakfast in bed and some lovely presents they'd made at school. After lunch, we went to the nature center. Got there later than we hoped, so only had an hour, but we did manage to walk to the 1 mile trail (faster than would have been preferred). Then we went to Ikea, because I need a desk and Little Bug needed a new mattress. Then Husband cooked dinner while Little Bug and I went grocery shopping, and after dinner I made lunch for today. Ended up going to bed with lunch all packed and over 11k steps. Aside from getting to bed too late, it was a good day. My wrist is still improving, but it's still doing it slowly, and I think it is more likely than not it won't be healed enough for me to play on Saturday. Currently trying to decide how long I want to give it before saying I'm not going to play. I should probably decide so the alt can practice at scrimmage tonight. But I'm also like "but what if it IS better by Saturday and I have already said I wasn't going to play?". Because that would also suck. Stupid wrist. I hate wound penalties...
  4. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    I think I need a break from trying to make a super-structured challenge, so this one is going to be rather free-form/rambling. I wasn't planning to put anything up until closer to the start of week 1, but I got inspired or something, so here we go. So I say I'm not doing anything really structured, but what I guess I actually mean is, not going to have a structured tracking system. Which, wait what? Because as I started writing this, I realized that I've got practices, and my push up challenge, and I'm still trying to make lifting a regular thing (I still haven't managed to get through my first month of workouts, and I've already paid my trainer for the second month for when I get there!), but I guess I'm just considering that "normal life." And this challenge is going to be all about food! Husband has decided he wants to go keto. He's planning to start right around when this challenge starts. I am not going to go keto. I don't think it's the right diet for me for a bunch of reasons. But I am all about supporting Husband in his efforts to get healthy, so I'm going to be figuring out how to keto. And I am also going to take this opportunity to get rid of all the bread and junk in the house and go all-in on paleo and likely end up eating fairly low-carb. While also figuring out how to keep the boys from going nuts AND not have to cook 2 or 3 different meals. So, maybe we will still have some crackers after all... Which means you all get a sporadic, running commentary of the insanity that results from all of that. And if you're lucky, I might even post some recipes!