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  1. Elennare is Spooky

    Thanks. I think I'll probably count them both as deadlift, because 1) I'm lifting to get better at derby not for the sake of lifting, and 2) that's too much bookkeeping.
  2. Elennare is Spooky

    Week 4: Points: 108 Status: Scary Missed being terrifying by 1 point. All things considered, that's pretty good. I had a lot of unexpected obstacles thrown in my way this challenge. I would have managed to keep the kitchen at the same level of disaster as it was at the start of the week except that I spent today dealing with allergies and/or feeling sick. I did go lift yesterday. 85lbs on the sumo deadlift, which is more than I've done in any variety of deadlift before. Not sure if it counts as a PR since I've not done that variety before. Looking forward to next challenge!
  3. Elennare is Spooky

    Week 4 day 5: Points: 104 Status: Scary Bought breakfast and lunch yesterday (again), and I have failed my budget goal for the week. I came close to hitting my macros yesterday. I was really close, then I had a soda at my derby meeting, and there went that. We were at a bar, I didn't want a beer or food, and I felt like I needed to buy something because we were taking up multiple tables in the very tiny restaurant. Meh. I'm trying to figure out how to make this very new thing work, and I am getting closer. Progress is progress!
  4. Elennare is Spooky

    Yeah. it's proving surprisingly hard. Granted, I haven't been trying super hard yet, because I want to get an idea of where I am in relation to the goals before I mess with stuff too much, but after 3 days it's looking like I need less carbs and more protein. So, probably going to add a protein powder shake of some sort for my snack (hopefully the chocolate stuff I have will work for that? The plain stuff is great, but I don't think it'll make a good shake. Maybe I can mix it into the overnight oats?) and lots of eggs. Because otherwise I think this'll end up being way to expensive. Somehow, next challenge is going to be based around the new direction. Still working on figuring that out...
  5. Eating for Athletic Performance?

    Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like I've got some good starting points to go do research, which is exactly what I was after.
  6. Elennare is Spooky

    Week 4 day 4: Points: 103 Status: Scary
  7. Elennare is Spooky

    Week 4 day 3: Points: 101 Status: Scary Yesterday started kinda crazy, but then I thought I got things back under control in the evening. Husband had dinner pretty much ready when I got home, which meant we had time to eat, then I got to spend some time with the boys (including doing some exercise), got them to bed on time (for once!), made breakfast for today, and had time to snuggle in bed with Husband and watch a movie all in time for me to get a good night's sleep. And that's where the crazy hit again. Halfway through the movie, the power went out. So, we decided to just go to sleep. Except Husband has a CPAP, so he started snoring shortly after we fell asleep. Then I remembered I had a backup battery in my car that had a normal outlet plug on it, so I went and got that for him (it worked great). Then, about an hour later, he wakes me up because he heard Little Bug calling me. So I got up and went to check on him. Turns out either he was talking in his sleep or Husband was hearing things, because he was asleep until I walked in with a flashlight. Back to sleep, for another hour or so, until the power comes back on and so do all the lights, because we forgot to turn them off before we went to sleep. Oops. So much for a good night's sleep. And then my alarm didn't go off this morning, for reasons, I guess? Yay... On the up side, I found a quick and dirty guide for how to eat to fuel athletic performance, which is exactly what I was looking for (it was even aimed at derby players!). Now I just need to figure out how to eat to hit the suggested macros. This'll be interesting, and probably take me a bit to figure out.
  8. Diastasis Healing!

    Hey @Zera! Sorry, I thought I had replied to this before, but apparently I never actually posted. Before I tried the thing in the NPR article, any gap I had left was right around 2 fingers wide (I hadn't checked in a while, but I had already gone through a program to fix it that got it down to just under 2 fingers). I checked just now, and I can't feel a gap at all. Thanks for the recommendations, though!
  9. Help? Anyone know of any good (preferably free) resources on how to eat for athletic performance? Everything I already have is geared for weight loss. I know of one or two places that have info on eating for body building, but that's not right either. I need strength, endurance, and power. In a very HIIT fashion (roughly 1 minute on, 1 minute off, for an hour, with longer breaks every 15 minutes). I've been trying to lose weight (fat, preferably), but after my scrimmage last night I realized that's not working for me right now. We've got the hardest game of our season coming up in about a month, followed by champs in February, and suddenly looking good has taken a back seat to playing good. I just have no idea what I need to do to fuel that.
  10. Elennare is Spooky

    My arms don't work right today. Upside of being late to practice: if I make it a habit, I will be super buff! Week 4 days 1 and 2: Points: 100 Status: Scary This week is continuing the theme of "crazy" that's been my life lately. We had a big wind storm yesterday, which knocked our power out for a few hours in the afternoon/evening. The repair shop lost power while they were working on my car, but they finished it anyway (with hand tools and flashlights, apparently). I think this shop just earned my future business. It was a bit expensive, but significantly cheaper than it could have been. And I have a working car again. Yay! I also had a bit of an epiphany during scrimmage last night. We were low on people again (no idea what's gong on with that... ), so my team had 7 and the other had 6. About halfway through, I hit the wall (mostly figuratively, but I was having some issues getting stuck behind walls as well). I need to give up on trying to eat to lose weight until after the season is over. I need to be eating to perform. Which, I kinda knew already, but my brain wasn't ready to accept that. Last night, I realized that not only do I need to make the switch, but I'm ready to do so. I don't know exactly what changed, but I am suddenly ok with my pudge hanging around if I can play derby better. That's all awesome, but it occurs to me I don't really know how to do that. Pretty much every nutrition-related resource I have is aimed at weight loss. Eat healthy, but with the goal of losing weight. I think the closest I have is my paleo cookbooks, and they pretty much just say "eat Food and everything else will fall into place." So, I guess I have a new adventure now...
  11. Hulkpool has been slowly shambling behind everyone (my few miles so far have been from doing things outside of my normal routine with lots of walking, but no dedicated running). I know I can't even get within spitting distance of the rest of you, but I WILL go on a proper run this week. Don't know when exactly yet, but before the week is up, I'll have done it. If I state it like that, that means it's actually going to happen, right?
  12. Elennare is Spooky

    Correction: Week 3: Points: 97 Status: Scary Totally forgot I managed to stay in my budget this week! I was late to derby practice tonight, because I had to stop for gas in between Little Bug's practice and mine (they're at opposite ends of the metro area, and mine starts an hour after his ends), so I had to do 30 burpees over the course of practice. It was really hard fitting them in, because we only had 5 people so everyone was skating all the time in every drill. But I did it, and I somehow didn't die!
  13. Elennare is Spooky

    Week 3: Points: 82 Status: Scary Only got one point for food yesterday, but I got the kitchen back to a usable level of disaster, which is about where it was before things went sideways, so I'm calling that good enough. 5 bonus points this week if I can keep it from getting worse, 10 if I actually get it completely cleaned up.
  14. Elennare is Spooky

    Last challenge went fairly well, if far from perfect. I also really liked the format, so I'm going to give that another go. With that, on to the new challenge! Let's Get Spooky! It's Halloween season (shut up, I know most of this challenge will be in November, I don't care. ), which means it's time to let your dark side out to play (or at least out to dress up). But how spooky am I? Let's find out! 0-36 points - Nice try, but you're adorable 37-72 points - That's a bit creepy 73-108 - Ok, you're scary 109-144 - Terrifying! Err...that's the wrong kind of terrifying. Try again... That's better. The Quests! Don't Eat Out! Eat better! - 1 point for each meal I don't purchase already-made from a shop of some sort (restaurant, cafe, grocery store counter, etc). Save money! - My wallet sure is spooky right now. It looks empty when I open it, but there's this weird sucking sound coming from it. I think it might be the credit card? It sure feels like it's trying to eat any future vacation plans...or Christmas presents...actually, I think it's going to suck me in if I look too close! 15 points/week with less than $100 spent on food purchases (not counting grocery shopping for real food) and other incidentals. I may drop the amount I'm allowed to spend to get points if this turns out to be too easy. I've got exactly one year to pay off the credit card and save enough money for a trip to Hawaii if I'm going to succeed with my epic quest of taking the family to Hawaii for my 10th wedding anniversary. It's not looking like we'll be able to go without putting it all on the card at the moment. 5 bonus points are available each week, zero week through week 3, for getting a meal plan together for the following week. Groceries to be able to follow it must be purchased ahead of time to get the bonus points. As always, I will be continuing to try (and somewhat failing) to juggle derby practices, working out, spending time with my family, and getting enough sleep as well as my quests. Edit: removed some of the items that have turned out to not be feasible right now, and readjusted the points accordingly.