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  1. Oof. I could NOT fall asleep last night. Partially caused by the HVAC system for the building making it sound like there was a diesel engine idling outside the bedroom window. It was doing it all night, and seems to still be doing it. I didn't fall asleep until after 4am. So, I was somewhat a zombie today, which wasn't great, because it was busy at work. Coffee helped, which was good. Tomorrow is going to suck, though. Hopefully I can sleep tonight and blunt some of it. Also, though, SQUEE! Derby is having a Q&A session on Wednesday! I would be doing a happy dance if I wasn't
  2. Thanks! Yeah, even though she never wears it like that in the show (she takes it off as soon as things get "real"), I might do that. I'm also hoping having the make up on makes it look more obvious it's a costume as well. The rest of the costume is store-bought, so I can't take credit for it, but there will be pictures!
  3. Costume results: qualified success. Pictures at the end of the post because mobile sucks and I can't get them to go anywhere else. The inflatable T-Rex was great. The only issue was securing the battery pack well enough, and that was an easy fix. Everyone we walked past commented on how cool it was. Buzz Lightyear also looked great, and impressed the parents of the other Buzz we saw, because we had the shoes. One of them came slightly unglued, but I think that was more due to not being well glued in the first place rather than the glue not working and should be an easy
  4. Thanks. Perhaps I didn't communicate it well, but I was intending for all of that to be less "this is everything I'm screwing up" and more "this is the root of the issue." Because it's finally dawned on me that a big part of why I keep trying and failing is because I'm running on empty because I have been putting everything else before me, and my attempts to refill me have all be sporadic and shoehorned in when they fit and are the first thing to get dropped when something goes wrong, and I need to change that if I'm ever going to get out of this hole I'm in. Hopefully that makes sense? I
  5. Quick costume update: almost done! I am using quilted fabric for part of my costume, and my machine was having trouble with sewing through more than a couple layers of it, and the way I assembled things ended up with 4 or more in a few places. So, I "cheated" and used fabric glue for some of it. Mostly in the one spot that somehow ended up with so much fabric it bent the needle(!) and to hold the snap tape on, because all of that would have been difficult and time consuming to do by hand. But I got everything else done, and there's only a couple seams left after the glue dries, which I shoul
  6. Right?!? I'm trying so hard to settle in and like living here, but Ohio keeps giving me reasons not to like it. I am beginning to understand why so many astronauts come from Ohio... Last night, I worked on the shirt for my costume. Ran into issues getting one part to fit right, which slowed everything down. I know what I need to do, but I needed to stop, because it was already 12:30am, and it was going to take too long to finish. Which means today I need to fix that, finish putting the shirt together, make the cloak-thing, and make 2 masks. Should be doable? I don't think t
  7. I was productive today! Finished the lightsaber handle and made the Buzz Lightyear boots. Really hoping the boots don't fall apart as soon as Little One puts them on. I have no idea how durable the glue is, but I'd rather not have to try to find contact cement in a hurry. Trying to decide if I call it good for today or work on masks. No idea what I'll decide to do!
  8. So uh...life's been kicking my butt. Ya know that saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup? My cup has turned into a vampire. Amidst everything I've had going on, which has been and continues to be, a LOT, I have let taking care of myself fall to the bottom of the priority list. I do things to help me be healthy when (if) I have time and energy left over after everything else. It's taken me a lot of failing, especially lately, to realize why I have been stuck and failing to stick with anything I try. I have so much stuff I want to do/need to do, and I've barely be
  9. A very battered and battle-worn Mandalorian sits...no, closer to collapses into one of the chairs by the fire. As she takes off her helmet, the bartender sends a server over with the beer from the Chaplain. She looks at it for a second, then picks it up gratefully. Ugh. I don't even like beer, but that does actually sound *really* good right now. It's been a year. I'm still alive, but that's about all I can say for myself right now. Which isn't nothing, but it's a lot less than I'd like. So, I'm going to try to refocus on myself for the rest of the year so I can better take
  10. Challenge Wrap-Up! Boy did this challenge go off the rails. I gave up on all my goals slightly more than halfway through, because...reasons, I guess? On the up side, it has helped me realize I need to drastically re-prioritize my life, because taking care of myself has gotten shuffled to the bottom of the stack to be fit in where/when I can. So, that's a win, if I can actually manage to do it. I think it's safe to say that I am not going to reach my goals for the year at this point, so I think I'm going to shelve those for now and find something actually do-able to get me throu
  11. I was wrong on Friday when I said I was feeling better. Had a few more days of upset belly. I think I'm feeling better for real now. other than being really tired. I think we have now acquired everything we need for Halloween costumes, it's just a matter of assembling them. Making decent progress on that. My pants are just about finished. I died them last night (my "draft" came out so well I decided just to stick with those to save time, but it was white-ish muslin), which seems to have worked well except for the stitching. I'll find out for sure when I get home today and pull
  12. I love it! 😁 I am finally feeling better, which is good. But, it's Halloween crunch time, so pretty much everything that's not costuming or attempting to get enough sleep is out the window. I'm sure I'm fooling myself, but I think maybe I'll actually get things done without having to pull an all nighter (or several). Turns out the pants pattern I picked is going to do exactly what I wanted with minimal modification. So, now the plan has changed to dying the muslin instead of using it as a pattern and making a second pair of pants. It's pretty nice muslin, and the charac
  13. Yes. It happens every time I try to get back into exercise after a break. Always hits just as I'm starting to get a routine going, too, which makes it extra suck. Thanks!
  14. Apparently I shouldn't have pushed through not feeling great on Friday. Saturday I felt kind of blah, and yesterday I felt like I was getting sick. So, no exercise on either day. I suppose I don't actually know if not feeling great was because I worked out on Friday, or if this is just my normal almost got my exercise routine back getting sick thing. Suppose it could be either. Either way, not back on schedule with my challenge. And still feeling slightly sick today, so not going to exercise today, either. And yes, I'm sure it's not covid. It's either the being run-down from drast
  15. Hey, look at me being consistent! I really didn't want to exercise today. I've been feeling not good for a good chunk of the day (yes, I know I said I was feeling better, but that didn't last, unfortunately) and really tired. Like, moving is too much work tired. But I got a small nap in, and did the thing. Well, actually, I tried to do the thing. Did the warm up, got 2 exercises into the scheduled workout and realized there was no way I could land all the jumping in it softly enough to be doing in the evening in a third floor apartment, and swapped the rest of it for a jumping-free
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