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  1. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    It's been a weekend. Met with 3 more real estate agents, and are pretty sure which one we're going to choose. Also, either he accidentally took the packet of info that was meant to be left with us, or Husband put it in Elsewhere. Not the end of the world, but annoying. Also, turns out he's a derby fan (from when he was younger) who had no idea there were any teams in the area. He bought a pair of tickets to my bout! I have been trying to keep up with my workouts, but I have been so tired the last few days. Since Thursday, actually. I pushed through a few of then, but I have just been tanking on them. And now, I'm a little afraid I'm getting sick. Or, it could be my body reacting to the flu shot, side effects of the new inhaler, it almost being shark week, or some awful combination of all of that. Oh! Can also add new office to the list of stuff that could be responsible for me feeling like crap. Only thing I know for sure is I can't get sick. Not for at least a month. At least, so far anyway, it seems like I'm not having a bad reaction to the new inhaler. It'll be at least a week before I can really say if it's helping, though. On the "not getting sick" front, I'm going to bed now.
  2. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    I think I might be getting sick. Which is not allowed. I will do my best to do my combat feat this week, but I might end up frozen.
  3. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    Mostly good stuff to report today. My start date has been resolved. I'll be transferred on the 2nd, but will be loaned to my current group through the 15th. So no need to change any of my plans with that. Had my checkup yesterday. Got a controller med for my asthma, but there is a chance I'll be allergic to it, so I'm waiting until tomorrow when I can just hang out at home to try it. Also got my flu shot. And kitty had her checkup yesterday, too. She's doing good as well. All sorts of stuff is getting lined up for preparation for the move. I think we're doing good getting ready. Food has been not so great, though. Maybe starting to get slightly back on track, because we have a fridge full of veggies that need to be eaten before they go bad. Exercise is also falling by the wayside a little bit. Didn't exercise last night, because of the flu shot (thought maybe it would be too much on top of already feeling tired and didn't want to get sick), and probably not going to do anything tonight because my team is getting together to watch the recording of our last bout. I won't let tomorrow get away from me, though!
  4. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    Darn. Missed 2 workouts now. However, I went to the doctor yesterday and (finally) got my flu shot, and that coupled with already feeling pretty tired and a bit run down made me think adding another stressor (did I spell that right? My computer thinks not, but isn't offering any helpful suggestions...) probably wasn't a good idea.
  5. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    Not getting my strength feat done. Wasn't able to get in a workout last night because I had to help work on the house so we could get the last of the rooms looking semi-presentable before the first real estate agent arrives this afternoon. I did help coach Little Bug's practice, but we were late so only there for half of it, and I did not do close to enough skating for it to count for the challenge. Well, on I go. We'll see how close to completing it I can get. Not planning to have more than one missed day!
  6. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    It's normally not that much of a limitation. I can take my inhaler before I exercise and I'm good. Except when something else is giving me issues, like bad allergies setting it off. I definitely took it "easy" at scrimmage last night. In general, though, I try not to let it hold me back from doing things. I was constantly told (by actions, if not words) while growing up that I couldn't do things because I had asthma and it led to some bad habits and me using it as an excuse to not really try. I'm done with that.
  7. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    Yes. And also allergy-induced, and illness-induced (pretty much every cold or such ends up causing issues). And, it's been slowly getting worse the last few years. I think having pneumonia messed up my lungs a bit.
  8. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    Trying not to freak out right now. Just when I was starting to feel that maybe I was on top of getting things ready for my impending move, HR is maybe changing my starting date. To either this Friday (no freaking way), the day before my bout (also no freaking way, unless they're cool with me taking a vacation day for my first day at the new job, and this would also require a bunch of crazy logistics), or a month later than my current start date. WTF?!? Both the new and current manager are trying to argue for keeping the planned (and approved!) date, but probably won't know for a couple of days. Not cool.
  9. 2018 - The Year of Changes [Elennare]

    So far the house cleaning is going pretty well. We've made a lot of progress, found we had less stuff to get rid of than we thought we would (woohoo! though we're still getting rid of lots of stuff), and there's only been one incident of making (bad) decisions without consulting me - and it was caught in time to fix (we have had pieces of several of the nice lunch-packing plastic containers vanish in the last month or so. I've been trying to find them all, because I really like the containers and they're not cheap. Several of them were found, so she decided the rest were lost for good and put the pieces in the recycling. Including several pieces that went with containers currently in the cabinet/fridge, part of one that the missing piece was found, and pieces of things we had like last week). Any sort of meal plan is currently out the window. Exercise is on track, except for the fact that I had to take a few days off because I couldn't breathe from all the dust and fumes of the cleaning. Still managed to go to practice yesterday, though I kind of felt like everyone thought I was sandbagging it on the endurance stuff - I wasn't, that was just all my lungs would let me do. Have a doctor's appointment today, and I am going to talk to her about getting on a controller medicine for the asthma. This now makes 3 really bad attacks in as many months, and that has got to stop. Got scrimmage tonight, and MIL is coming to watch (yay!). And things are starting to get really crazy. We're getting stuff set up today for redoing the kitchen floor, have another company coming to give us an estimate for the roof this week, vet appointment for Isis, the moving company is coming to look at what we're taking, and at least 3 meetings with different real estate agents in the next week. Next week we're going to look for somewhere to live, the week after that is bout week, then only 2 more weeks until I start my new job. Also, we need to decide when we're moving and if we're all going at once or if I'm going first and the boys will come a bit later sometime in there as well. Also, if I haven't said it yet, I hate the new office. It's awful. I am now counting down the days until I am out of here (or, I will be as soon as we decide when we're moving, because that could affect how many more days I have to be here).
  10. Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

    My strength feat was supposed to be going to the gym, but I just remembered we canceled the membership in preparation for moving. Today is the last day we could use it, and I will not be making it to the gym today. I don't have anywhere else I can go lift (this week, anyway), so I need to change my feat. Uh... Guess I'll make it following my regular workout plan, no missed days allowed? Sure, let's go with that. Unless I come up with something better later. Edit:That plan won't work either. New plan is do a workout, either derby practice or per my plan, every day this week. Not going to have time to derby and other workout and work on house stuff, which I would have to do a couple days this week if I stuck with my original plan B.
  11. Holy *bleep*! It's a new year, and everything is changing! I start a new job in February, which involves moving the family to the other side of the country (north to south rather than west to east, so it's the short way, but it's still the other side of the country). Which would be more than enough on it's own, but I also have champs on February 3rd, and Crush is going to be extra gunning for us, which means I can't let my diet and exercise slack off. So, goals: diet and exercise are going to be following the Blogilates 28-day reset and PIIT program (similar to Whole30, and pilates mixed with HIIT workouts). No thinking about meal planning, and only half an hour a day of exercise. That makes that part easy. Moving. Oy. Well, step one is to clean the house. Two weeks to do that? Let's give that a try. More moving-related goals will be added as the challenge goes on and I have a better idea what they should be. Here's to kicking off the new year in "style."