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  1. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Zero week, day 5. After the horrible start (not really that bad, all things considered, I was just super in a funk), the afternoon got marginally better. Hadn't food prepped at all, so didn't have anything to bring with me. Bought a cup of oatmeal for breakfast (to go with my coffee) and a couple of energy bars for lunch and snack so I was making an attempt to stay on plan. It almost worked, but I got too hungry in the middle of the afternoon and bought some chex mix from the vending machine. Dinner was actually on plan (other than the margarita), more or less. We had dinner and went bowling at the fancy lanes at Downtown Disney to celebrate our anniversary. It was a lot of fun. Tried to get frozen yogurt on the way home, but they didn't have any decent flavors that I could eat, so everyone else got desert but I didn't. Bowling counts as exercise, right? Obviously, we got home late. Managed to make lunch for today, though! Edit: In case it wasn't clear, I had a very lovely evening, which made up for the not-good morning. Also, Husband got me the most amazing present - a necklace showing where all the planets were on the day we got married! (this is what happens when I post from my phone before I'm all the way awake...I forget to mention important stuff)
  2. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    The thing is, though, for the most part, I am at a higher skill level than the other ladies I'm currently skating with. Aside from fixing my plow stop (which I've almost got back!) and just generally getting used to skating on a track all the time, I'm just spinning my wheels. Or possibly even going backwards, because I need to work on doing things together and they're all working on doing stuff individually at the same time, if that makes sense? And I know that for some stuff at least, I am slacking at practice, because if I go as hard as I can, I will blow them up and it won't help them learn. It wouldn't really help me learn, either. Though, working on the drill at their level isn't really helping me learn, either. And, as great as it is for people to be all impressed with me for doing things at a higher level when I can actually *play,* it's also getting to be demoralizing, because that should be my baseline and I know the only reason they're impressed is because they all think I'm brand new to derby. I'm not sure it will still be fun after another 3 months of this and almost no opportunities to play. All of that might not matter in the slightest in a little bit, though. They're considering raising dues because the warehouse is expensive, we have lower numbers than they really planned for, and we've had trouble getting things finished to get the higher occupancy/event permits from the city, so we haven't been able to have any bouts yet. If they do that, I think I'm out. Banked track is best, but I can't afford what they've proposed. There's a bunch of flat track teams around, including one who's travel team has gotten to playoffs several years in a row. At least I'll know getting stuck in fresh meat with a flat track team is likely due to having to learn a new rule set. Sorry for the griping. I had a rough morning and am still in a bit of a funk. Zero week, day 4 Things started to come off the rails a bit today. Husband and I both ran out of energy to cook last night, so we got take out. The boys got tacos, but I got stuff from a sushi restaurant that was at least close(ish) to the meal plan. Didn't workout, either. I clearly needed the rest day, so I'm not stressing it. Bought plane tickets for vacation (yay!), and had the lovely experience of the price increasing, twice(!), while I was in the process of buying them, to the tune of over $200. Feels very bait-and-switch, and I am still pissed off about it, but at least we have tickets. *sigh* I really need a mulligan for today. Like, can I just reload from the last save point? Please? I'm trying not to be all grumpy/feeling like I'm failing at everything, especially since it's my 10th wedding anniversary today, but it's just not working.
  3. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Zero week, day 3. Vacation is going to happen! Yay! Real life is conspiring to prevent me from sticking to my plan, but so far I am winning, though much reshuffling of the meal plan continues to occur. Practice last night was...interesting. Lots of frustration with my inability to do things as well as I have done them in the past. But I know getting in repetitions and working on it will help me improve even if it sucks at the time. And, I also found out that I will most likely not be able to make it into subpool this go round. Not being able to make the required number of laps is automatic failure to pass. I doubt I'll be able to add 3 laps to my time in a month. :'( Slight ray of hope, in that the requirement might actually be 25 instead of 27, but apparently there is a big debate around that currently, so who knows what it'll actually be. 25 I am fairly confident I can make.
  4. Elennare

    WhiteGhost Will Probably Change This Title Later

    You don't need one unless you want to. I've kind of given up on them the last several challenges. I always want to do something cool with them, but then it never happens, so I've stopped doing them (for now). Nice challenge, either way!
  5. Elennare

    Raptron's Haunted House

    *waves* I was going to put a gif there, but I couldn't find anything good and the sheer amount of WTF nightmare fuel was more than I could deal with this morning. Yay lifting (your comp outfit was amazing, btw), and yay gymnastics! Good luck with the house.
  6. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Hopefully! It's been rescheduled 3 times at this point, and is still contingent on a set of the grandparents being able to watch the boys. Theoretically we find out today if that's going to be possible. I'm not entirely sure what we'll do if they say no, because Husband and I both need a break. Last night was going good, until Husband decided to put Maleficent on at like 9:30, just as I was about to get up to make food. However, due to some unplanned for left overs (Little Boy appetites are incredibly unpredictable*) and a slight rejiggering of the meal plan, we got today covered with minimal work. Woot! *some days they eat one bit and declare they are full (and legit are, because they don't ask for more food until the next meal time) and other times they will eat a whole pizza.
  7. Elennare

    Assassin's Den

    I'm crashing into it.
  8. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Zero week day 2 Ate mostly to plan. Added a glass of horchata and a few olives (not consumed at the same time!), but otherwise was as planned. Did the first PIIT28 workout. The little boys joined me, and actually did a good job, all things considered. Going to get tomorrow's breakfast and lunch ready and then go to bed. Doing good so far!
  9. Elennare

    Elennare Gets Rid of the Fat. For real this time?

    Zero week day 1: Had a bit of a hiccup with the food. Didn't make it to all the stores I needed to on Saturday, so we had to go grocery shopping which made lunch not happen until like 4. All the avocados were rock hard, so we didn't get to have any with breakfast as planned. And we never did eat the scheduled snack. And then, come dinner time, we discovered we forgot one of the vital ingredients. So, the menfolk had mac and cheese, and I had the leftover lunch the little boys didn't eat. More or less managed to stay on plan, though, and we got breakfast, lunch, and snack for today all prepped, which was great. Exercise was derby practice. I got a really bad cramp in my shin partway through, which sucked. You know it's tight when rolling it with the metal water bottle feels good. Took care of it, though! And then at the end of practice, I was in the middle of a big pileup and got kicked in the head. My helmet did it's job, and I'm fine, but that helmet is done now. It was reaching the end of its life anyway, but I don't trust it anymore after that. Which makes me sad, because its got a sticker from my old team on it. Luckily, I just ordered a new helmet, and I have my bout helmet I can use until that one arrives.
  10. Last challenge went fairly well, all things considered. And, as of this morning, I am down 10.2 lbs from when I started counting calories! Woot! I have a much-rescheduled vacation coming up. I think this is the last reschedule for it, because if it doesn't happen then, it's not going to happen. Thursday is my 10 year wedding anniversary, which is what the vacation is celebrating. Just me and Husband and Maui. https://media3.giphy.com/media/v3a72uJFP1Kx2/giphy.gif?cid=3640f6095bc4bec52e574155415d4798 Wait, wrong Maui. There we go. I still want to lose more fat before we go on vacation. From yesterday, I'll have 3 weeks until we go. I would love to get back to the gym and lifting, but I know that's not going to happen right now. So, I am pulling out one of my various "get in shape" resources that I have attempted in the past. I'll be following the Blogilates 28-day reset for food. It's similar to Whole30, but not quite the same. For exercise, it'll either be derby practice or a PIIT workout. Pretty simple challenge, but it'll do! Oh yeah. And I still have to make the Halloween costumes, because that's what ended up falling through the cracks last challenge. Got 2 weeks to get them done. Not quite crunch time, but definitely time to get busy if I don't want to be up until 3am finishing costumes the day before they're needed (one of the kid's school's is having an event on the 26th). And I have tryouts for subpool on Nov 11th. Which is looking to be right after we get back from Hawaii, so that'll be interesting. As much as I want to make it onto subpool (which means I will become eligible to be drafted to a home team) and NOT get stuck in fresh meat for another 3 months, vacation is more important, even if it risks jeopardizing that. I'll just have to make sure I stay active on the trip. Probably not going to haul my skates, though.
  11. Elennare

    Elennare does way too many things!

    Started my new challenge yesterday (will write it up today at some point). All things considered, this one went better than I thought it would. Also, as of this morning, I am down 10.2 lbs from about 6 months ago!
  12. I will come back and update this later, but I just want to get something written down to start thinking about stuff. Vacation is coming up soon (roughly a week after the challenge ends, I think). So I've got 5-6 weeks to lose the weight I wanted to before the trip. That's not going to happen, but I still want to lose as much as I can before then. And we need to actually plan the trip. It's already delayed a week from when we wanted to go due to unavailability of relatives to watch the boys, and I'm worried if it gets pushed back any further we'll have crappy weather for it. Also, Halloween is coming up, which means I need to be making costumes for me and the boys. I'm going to be Gamora, no idea what the boys are going to be. We're also in the middle of moving to a new house. The movers are coming on the 18th, but we've got a lot of work to do to get the house ready and the apartment packed up before then, and we'll have to unpack and get settled in the new place, and finish anything we didn't actually get done ahead of time. Little One has started school, so now we've got everything that goes along with having 2 kids in 2 different schools to juggle. And roller derby has (finally!) started back up, so I'll be having 2-3 (or more if I'm feeling particularly crazy) practices a week. And I want to keep up with the weight lifting over started doing, because it helps with roller derby and weight loss, and I want to get back into yoga as well, and I need to start adding in some more cardio for derby because I need to get faster (and what's really holding me back from that is lack of endurance to hold the stance I need to go fast for as long as I need to). Oh yeah, and I still have a full time job, with the ever-present possibility of sudden overtime. Holy crap that is a lot! I know stuff is going to fall through the cracks, so I guess this is going to be a challenge about keeping as many plates in the air as I can. Nothing will be pretty, but maybe, just maybe, I won't end up with a bunch of broken pottery.