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  1. Elennare

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 1 [Elennare]

    Day 4! Was Valentine's Day, so I kind of ate terrible. Dinner was relatively healthy, but everything else, we won't talk about. Got my step goal, but ended up half an hour short on sleep and didn't do any other exercise. Meh. As long as it's only one day, it's not a big deal. I just need to make sure I stop saying that so much, because that's how it ends up being not only one day. I also filled out the registration form for the tournament yesterday, at the coach's direction, so I guess I'm going!
  2. Elennare

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 1 [Elennare]

    They said they completely cancelled the old account, so theoretically the payment should be stopped. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it, though, because I don't trust them. Day 3! Went pretty well. Probably could have done better with my food, but I wrote it all down, so I've got a record of it at least. They've switched Wednesday practice to start a 1/2 hour earlier, which I love and hate. Hate, because it's a bit harder to make it on time. Love, because it's earlier so I have more time when I get home. In fact, I managed to shower, do my yoga, get the rest of my steps, and drink a protein shake (not in that order) AND get to bed on time after I got home from practice! Technically I got 8 hours of sleep, but it wasn't very good sleep. It felt like it took forever to fall asleep, and then I kept waking up (including once from REALLY loud thunder). We are getting a giant rainstorm today. So. Much. Rain. It took half an hour to get Little Bug to school this morning (normally 15 - 20 minutes). Luckily, the school was being lenient on arrival time this morning due to the weathers, so despite arriving almost 10 minutes late he wasn't marked tardy. I guess some of the area lost power as well, because they called to say school was still on.
  3. Elennare

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 1 [Elennare]

    Week 1 Day 2 Went a bit better. I did all the things! Well, I didn't go to the gym, but I did everything else. The videos for the yoga thing I'm doing are shorter than I remembered them being, so fitting stuff in on practice days may be easier than I thought. We'll see. Husband had a dentist appointment to get several fillings, which I had to take him to because they were giving him a sedative to deal with his being nervous. Which meant the boys and I were stuck waiting for like 2.5 hours. We took a walk for part of that time, so that was nice. They were very well behaved, which is nice and also surprising. The little boys went to bed on time (for once), and Husband went to bed early, so I ended up with like 2 hours to myself before I had to go to bed. So that was really nice, even though I had to spend part of the time making lunches. Made doing the things easier. I almost went to the gym, but it was too late by the time I realized that I could have. Oh yeah, and our internet stopped working last night. An hour plus phone call later, it turns out they screwed something up when we moved and our modem didn't get set right so 4 and a half months later it decided to stop working. I'm a bit concerned they merged our account with either the people who used to live in our house, or the people who moved into the apartment we moved out of. I can't log in to my account, either online or through their app, which is not great, because I had autopay set up and I can't see it now. Which is extra not great, because they are making us start a completely new account. So, I have no way to view or cancel that payment, and I have no idea who's internet we've been paying for, because it sounds like maybe not ours. Husband is off to get a new modem today, and hopefully get the billing issue straightened out as well. We had issues with this company pretty much from go, but they are the only option for internet, unless we wanted to go with a mobile hotspot from a cellphone company, which will probably cost a lot more. I hate regional monopolies!
  4. Elennare

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 1 [Elennare]

    Week 1 Day 1 Didn't go to plan. I did manage to get 8 hours of sleep (barely) and hit my step goal, but that was about it for things going right. Had to go to the court house to turn in things to deal with the traffic ticket, which I did on my lunch, and between that and getting food, it took an hour and a half. Ended up grabbing McDonald's for lunch, and because I took such a long lunch I left work shortly before I would have needed to leave home to get to practice. So, I didn't go to practice. Dinner was ok, until I ate almost an entire box of crackers. Oops. Wish I had gotten to bed earlier, but at least I wasn't late. I'll do better today!
  5. Elennare

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 1 [Elennare]

    Well, I ended up doing absolutely no catching up on sleep or anything else during zero week. I'm honestly not sure where the time went. All done screwing around, though. It's challenge time! The game on Saturday was fun. We had 4 jammers, so pretty much every 4th jam I was skating. I did manage to get lead a couple times, and even scored some points! Got 2 penalties, because I apparently didn't manage to quite stay in-bounds while trying to run past blockers on the line. I was pretty dang tired by the end of the game, but I did better than I thought I would. We got annihilated, something like 170 to 65, because apparently they somehow missed the memo that this was a C-team game so they showed up with their B-team plus a few C-team skaters. It sounds like there may have been some drama related to past games and why who showed up did, but I don't know any of that so I'll just give them the benefit of the doubt. It was, at least, easier than practice on Thursday, but not by much! Very glad I had that practice, though, or I think Saturday wouldn't have gone quite as well for me.
  6. Last challenge went pretty well! I made fairly good progress with my healthy habits, and am slowly (so slowly) starting to actually see a bit of progress. So of course life comes along and says it's time to switch gears. My new derby team is going to a tournament in April. I want to get on the roster for it. Based on the lineups for our inter-league scrimmage this coming Saturday, they want me to be a jammer. Yikes. Tournament = almost certainly 2 games in one day, possibly with only an hour break between them. Making the roster = being in the top 14 skaters on the team. Flat track jamming = strong AF and LOTS of endurance. And skating fast helps too. I'm currently writing this on the idea that they want me to jam, but honestly, even if they change their mind on that, nothing I'd be working on for that would be wasted as a blocker. So I probably won't change anything even if they change my position. Goals! Part one is going to be pretty simple. I've already got a good thing going with my food, so I'm going to maintain that for now. Not going to track it here, but I will be writing down everything I eat. Improving that will come later. Sleep: 8 hours every night. Exceptions only for practice nights, in which case the goal will be as much sleep as I can get. This is an area I struggle with a lot, and one of the biggest things holding me back. It's very hard to make gainz when you're chronically sleep deprived. Exercise: -Meet my step goal every day. So far, I have done that every day this year, and I have no plans to break my streak. -Hit the gym. No set number of days/week or anything like that, just finish my current training plan by the end of the month. -Yoga. I've got a yoga plan designed for derby players, to help improve skating ability and to even out some of the muscle imbalances that tend to happen when you skate a lot. I will be doing that every day I'm not in the gym or going to practice. If I can find the time, I'd like to do it on practice days as well, but that's a stretch goal. Going to start on the 11th, and use zero week to try to get caught up on sleep and stuff before I jump into the challenge.