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  1. Main Quest: Pass the Marines Physical Fitness Test with maximum scoring. What does this main quest entail? Being able to do 8 pull upsRun 3 miles in 21 minutes (4.82 km in 21 minutes)Do 100 crunches in 2 minutesI'm lucky enough that my main quest has three separate compartments that I can focus on and add on as I go. Each 6 week challenge will have me adding on another component to the one I've already mastered and hopefully in three cycles I'll have succeeded. The time limit I have to achieve this is by Januaray 1st, 2014. Diet and Fitness Goals: 1. Strength and speed STR: 2 | DEX: 1 | STA: 1 Right now I'm part way through doing the Zombies, Run 5k app. I'm at the point where each of the missions is challenging (the first two weeks were a bit too easy so I doubled up on the missions) so if I inculde a quick home bodyweight routine before each of the missions I'll be challenged enough and require a rest day. Consistently complete these missions, track progress for repititions on the body weight workouts and continue to progress . 2. Train hard, rest hard: STA: 1 | CON: 2 | WIS: 1 Huge part of training is recovery. My body will tell me how much I need to sleep (when I'm done for the day I go down hard) but I need to make sure each of my meals has adequate protein, carbs and fat to match my new training plan. Weight loss or fat reduction is not the goal right now. Make sure each of my meals has a good serving of protein, a veggie or fruit, and a good source of carbs. I'll be taking pictures of each of my meals to track this. Right now I'm not doing great on keeping to my schedule of a day on a day off for my running/bodyweight routines . I'll say I'm allowed to walk the dog, go for bike rides to do errands or a yoga workout is fine and encouraged. Anything more than that might be hindering progress. This will be a goal that helps me listen to my body better. 3. Complete a 5k without walking DEX: 1 | STA: 3 At the end of the Zombies 5k I should be able to run 5k consistenly without stopping. This will be awesome and huge towards getting to my goal of 3 miles in 21 minutes. After I can run 5k then I can work on dropping the speed. Life Sidequest: WIS: 2 | CHA: 1 Visit the library- I like reading and I'm broke. Visiting the library helps me get a little bit of exercise (about 30 minutes away on bike), has me reading to keep my mind sharp, and is something I really enjoy. It's also close to the farmers market that's open on Wednesdays and Saturdays so I might want to keep my questing alined with that for some local grub . A good goal to making me a well rounded individual. What's my motivation? My mother was widowed at a young age by a drunk driver. She lost her husband who left behind a baby and a toddler, was without a job or a high school education, and had to get through this while getting multiple surgeries on her eyes and heal broken bones. She always taught us never to rely on a man, be able to take care of yourself financially and stand on your own two feet. I'm a small girl (5 feet). I'm taking what my mom taught me and taking it a step further. I want to be able to run away or stand my ground and take care of myself physically. I want to be motivation to my family and friends. I want my niece to be able to look up to strong female role models in real life. I want my mom to know that health is a choice that you can take one step at a time (because of what happened to her she's prone to over-eating and poor stress management now, I want to help her with that).
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