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Found 2 results

  1. April is here ladies and gents, and I didn’t even take a break so I’m late to the proverbial party, but not the actual party. Like seriously, this is me vs the party right now There will be copious amounts of gifs and memes this challenge, because I have an unhealthy habit of finding a meme to answer everything. Always. I’m only gonna apologize once, and that was it. Right there. Just now. I was also gonna do measurements today - but shark week showed up and bloated me up like a whale and I’m not eeeeeven gonna do that kind of damage to my self-esteem by taking measurements like that. Or worse, give myself an over-inflated sense of success when I measure later and its skewed like I puked up Veronica Mars. ANYWAY. Onward! Quest One: Eat This, Not That [No, not the books y’all] I don’t have the aversion to healthy food that the poor cat above does.. But I do have an aversion to eating the same thing every day. I hate it. It bores me, and it makes trying to prep meals in advance no bueno. Like super no bueno. I prepped a weeks worth of breakfast burritos and lunches this past Sunday and I’m so OVER the chicken and veggies I made. Just.. no. Burritos I’m still holding strong to though, I think because they warmed up way better than the chicken ever did. Nevertheless, I’m still going to try and prep my food ahead of time. I think instead of batch cooking, I might try to include lunch prep into dinner prep. I can still pre-make two or three lunches as ‘back ups’ but at least this way its more variety. Breakfasts I’m fine with, though I’ll probably do less kale this time. I hate it when I find a rogue stem in there. Blech. Quest Two: Make My Miles Matter Spoiler Alert: That’s a pretty accurate depiction of me running. This is a continuation of my last quest where I’m slowly rangering my way through the states and down to my eventual goal of the Grand Cayman. Still super stoked. Still making it count. But I felt like by the end I was earning way too many miles for what felt like not enough effort. SO to combat that (I started feeling like a slacker) I’ve decided to amp up the workout schedule to really earn my distance. Instead of 20 miles per completed workout, I’m only earning 10. I’m also changing it up from my Stronglifts program Monday/Friday and trainer on Wednesday to include 15 minutes of cardio at the end of each Stronglifts in addition to doing the WOD on my trainer’s website Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday (Tuesdays/Sundays are my rest days - due to other adult-y stuff I have to do). I still get credit for mileage on my Garmin, even though the bastardly device doesn’t log my cardio on the bike #HUFF Quest Three: The Purge Pt. 2 At the end of my last challenge, I commented that my mother-in-law was doing a purge on all my kiddo’s clothes. I thought that was a genius idea this time of year so I’m TOTALLY stealing it. Last weekend I did our clothes and her closet (she won’t even notice all the missing stuff tbh, except she can see her closet floor now). This couple weeks I plan on getting lots of my home improvement stuff done around the house - which coincidentally includes getting rid of ALL the things. Right now my goal is to complete the following: Remove the doors on my above the sink cabinets to paint and add hardware (getting a feel for the paint before I commit to re-doing my entire kitchen) Host two garage sales to clear out additional clutter Clear the front left quadrant of my garage so I have ample gym space again Repurpose the old swing set in the backyard into THIS Considering I’ve got a camping event I’m coordinating and it’s happening in the middle of May… I’ve got quite a bit on my plate but I know my brother and his girlfriend are more than willing to help me tackle the house stuff because it benefits them too Right now I just hope life goes like this And not this
  2. Roch


    Perhaps something like this exists already, but if so I havn't found it. Nevertheless, this thread is meant to contain various inspirations: anecdotes, quotes, memes, motivational/demotivational posters, really whatever you'd like to share to help encourage others ranging form the most cliche to the most profound. Please feel free to share. “Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.†-Stephen Pressfield, The War of Art
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