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Found 10 results

  1. First off a little about me for any newbies to my challenges. I am a 34 year old clinical psychologist from Chicago who used to be a very athletic and very flexible rock climber, dancer, and fencer. Now, I am extremely sedentary and working on losing a significant amount of weight while exploring flexibility and movement as a fat person. I have really struggled to finish challenges and to make changes in my life because of a very stressful job and the pressures of managing both my own mental illness and my wife's. I can't seem to stop trying though, and I find this community treme
  2. Already time for the next challenge, woo! February is going to be an interesting month for me. I am going to Wicked Faire with some friends, and that's the 19th to the 21st. I want to look my best for the faire! Also, I have to wait until the 19th (Match Day) to know for sure if I got an internship for the next year. It looks good, but nothing is guaranteed and the suspense is killing me. My basic plan is to try an keep as busy as possible until the 19th, making progress on my dissertation, lifting, biking, trying to lose this persistent and annoying bit of belly fat I've accumulated, working
  3. The holiday season had been fun, and true to form, Sovellis had thrown himself into the festivities. Now, sitting by the fire in the inn's common room, he tried to recover from the consequences of his actions. Despite having slept until the afternoon, he still only got about 5 hours of sleep and so felt drained. He sipped his mug of hot coffee. Little light filtered in through the windows from the dreary, cold, winter day. Perhaps he should just go back to bed. The front door opened, allowing a chill breeze to swirl amongst the tables. The man who entered was wrapped in a cloak, but the arm
  4. Sovellis


    Sovellis cast his eyes around at the destruction surrounding him. The murky, disease ridden flood waters had begun to recede, revealing the true cost of the disaster. Amid the battered and broken buildings, bodies emerged. Young, old, mothers, fathers, children, their skin darkened and mottled from injury and rot. The stench was overwhelming. Somewhere in the distance a fire raged, sending thick clouds of acrid smoke wafting through the remains of the town. He looked around in horror. This was his fault. He didn't know how he knew this, but he knew it to be true. It was him. Him and the shit c
  5. Sovellis

    High and Dry

    "Sov, I think I am going about this all wrong. I have researched all I could and thought myself in spirals, but nothing is happening." She stood shifting from foot to foot, staring down at the table covered in crooked stacks of foolscap, dusty books, pinned scrolls, and spell paraphernalia. "I need to be *doing* things. I have come farthest with this curse when circumstances have pushed me into adventures." She smiled remembering olden days when circumstances were often named Sovellis. "Huh, I suppose that makes sense," he agreed, picking his head up off the table and rubbing his face
  6. Sovellis


    Sovellis woke with a splitting headache. He felt woozy and disoriented. Looking around, he saw he was back in Noor's stone shack. How had he gotten there? Wasn't he just at the ruins of that tower? Despite feeling awful, at least he could feel that the fae beast's hold on him had been broken. Noor calmly chopped vegetables, layering them over chunks of rabbit meat to start a stew. She ached all over and her mind felt crisped, but it was over for now. The tower was free of beasts and she could finish her research and collapse it's haunted hall. Sovellis was freed for now. "What the
  7. Noor woke early under a warm snoring pile of cat and dog. She smiled to herself, amused by the predictability of animals, even wild ones, during a cold mountain night. She looked for Sovellis and saw his bedroll empty. Stretching and yawning, she slid out from under the sleeping pile and moved to the fire to rekindle the flame and finish the porridge she had left to cook overnight in the coals. She knew that now was a time for planning. She had to find a way out of her Stone Giant form and a way to hold the curse further at bay. As she cooked and thought, she hummed an old halfling
  8. Sovellis groaned as he woke up on the hard stone floor of Noor's mountain hut. This wouldn't do. "First thing we need to work on is making a better bed. Stone is not kind to my poor spine," he grumbled, "and I'm guessing we're going to be out here for a while." Stretching the stiffness from his limbs, he got up and looked around. The giant cat was laying on top of Noor, and the dog, Dael, was laying on top of the cat. The sight made him smile. He tried prodding his friend, who appeared to still be asleep. No reaction. So strange, her skin really felt like stone. Sighing, he got dressed and
  9. On the night that Noor VonKlaven cracked the curse that trapped her body in stone, the room filled with light and magics coursed through the air, painting her hut in light bright as day. She held her arms wide open as the faystone coursed down her body, running like water to pool at the base of the stone wall at the back of the hut. She breathed deeply and shook her finger tips in a shooing gesture. The stone writhed in a purple glowing mass for a moment before springing upward. Written upon the wall in a shimmering purple-silver script were the following words. To break the curse, to sh
  10. Sovellis woke with a blinding headache, cursing the sun, festivals, wine, himself, and pretty much everything else. Now that the festival week was over, he felt he could use a holiday from his holiday. Perhaps he had gotten a little too carried away during the festivities. Heh, well his father was fond of reminding him that he never did anything half way, for good or ill. He should probably get up. Maybe. Eventually. Then there was the decision between throwing up, having breakfast, or both. He began a fresh round of cursing when he heard a sharp tapping sound at his window. What could be mak
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