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  1. Thanks! My fiancee is providing a lot of accountability for me right now. So I’m rocking all of my goals!
  2. Last night I made my mothly log for December and I stretched right after I got back inside from taking out the trash.
  3. Hello all! I was recently reading the book Better than Before and I was struck by the idea in it of a fresh start. According to the book anything can be a fresh start and I figured why not a new month! So for this challenge I have 4 goals. Goals: Morning ritual For this goal I am going to brush my teeth & wash my face in the morning after my alarm goes off. I am also not going to use my phone, except for Duolingo, before school. Evening ritual This is a similar goal, brush my teeth in the evening, layout my clothes for the next workday, and no phone/email after 8:30pm. Stretch shoulders everyday using Focused Flexibility I bought but basically never used Focused Flexibility, so for this challenge I am going to complete two stretches everyday except Thursday. Posterior shoulder opener and the prone scaption rotation. On Thursday's I have yoga so I don't need to stretch on those days. BuJo everyday I will look at and use my Bullet Journal everyday. My Bullet Journal is also how I am tracking all of my goals and habits. Rewards: Each time I do a thing I earn $1 towards a 90 minute massage. Each time I don't do a thing I donate $1 to my fiancee's computer fund.
  4. I’ve mostly been keeping up with things. I’ve had a set back with the push ups. I haven’t been doing full knee push ups so I’m going to start over with 3 sets of 3 or as many as I can do. And I really need to make sure I’m going to bed on time because sometimes being tired determines if I follow through on my habits.
  5. I had a successful work out on Monday. It was late at night but it happened!
  6. I didn’t go to yoga or are today due to a fever which made me miss work. Ugh.
  7. Week 0 Review: 97.4% This was my last week of freedom before school started and I did really well with my goals. Goal 1: Morning Ritual 14/15 I missed brushing my teeth on Sunday morning, otherwise I have been on a roll! Goal 2: Evening Ritual 14/15 My evening ritual has also been going well. I only missed getting off of my electronics one night. Goal 3: Strength Training 6/6 I did 3 work outs this week and stretched after each one. 3/4 (knee) push-ups are surprisingly difficult for me, but I can tell I am getting stronger based on the strain in my arms. Plus it feels good to do something hard! Goal 4: Yoga I went to yoga. I napped. Life is good. Goal 5: Tracking & Posting to Nerdfitness I posted 5 times last week. Doing pretty good. Level Up My Life: Sewing Everyday I sewed everyday last week and made good progress on my knitting bags. I haven't posted a picture yet but I will take some and probably post them once I have a finished product or at the end of the challenge. This is the first week of school for me so I need to be extra on top of my sleep and making sure I work out!
  8. My 0 week went well! Week 1 is also the first week of school for me and my friends wedding so I might be light on the posting.
  9. Right now I have all of my pieces cut out and pinned together. I'm going to sew them tomorrow. I am making knitting bags.
  10. I actually just had that thought last night. I will post a progress pic after work today!
  11. I had s slow start this morning but it included working out! Sometime this week I need to figure out how to do the 3/4 push ups so I have no excuses on Monday. Last night instead pf 20 minutes of seeing I did 40! I wanted to make sure I finished making my pattern so that today I could start cutting out material.
  12. I find I do better with goals regarding time spent rather than progress on a certain project. For leveling up I try to choose new projects that will stretch my skills or teach me something new. I'm not on craftser but I am on Ravelry. Here is the link to the blog: http://www.thedailysew.com/2017/01/twenty-minutes-every-day-the-20-minute-sewing-challenge/
  13. Hello all! I'm back from what was probably my most successful NerdFitness Challenge ever! My goals will be very similar this time around as I'm looking to make small changes in order to make things stick! All of these goals are related to self-care for me. Goal 1: Morning Ritual I will do those three things everyday in order to take care of myself and because it jump starts my mornings even when I'm tired. Wash Face Brush Teeth Drink the calming drink Goal 2: Evening Ritual My evening ritual is designed to make sure that I get off of my computer soon enough and make sure that I get enough sleep by being in bed on time. This is an every day goal. Off Electronics at 8:30 Brush Teeth Go to bed by 9:30 Goal 3: Strength Training On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will do a push-up work out from Strength Unbound. I use the Strength Unbound warm-up routine and I do three sets of (currently) box push-ups with the goal of increasing one rep each work out. I am currently at 8/7/7 and next week I will be moving on to 3/4 push ups and by the end of the challenge I hope to be ready for 3/4 push-ups with 5 sec eccentrics. Goal 4: Yoga On Thursday I go to a yoga class which helps me with deep stretching and deep relaxation. I usually nap through the first 10 minutes but I feel so good afterwards. I will continue going to this class, although I will have to miss two weeks when the studio is closed due to the state fair. Goal 5: Tracking & Posting to Nerdfitness I will continue to use a spreadsheet to track my progress and I will post to Nerdfitness three times a week. Level Up My Life: Sewing Everyday One of my big goals is to be consistently exercising and another goal is to be consistently crafting. I read a blog where the person sewed for 20 minutes a day every day and that is my goal for this challenge. I am going to test it out during the first week and see if anything needs to be tweaked for the four weeks of the challenge. Anything that helps progress a sewing project (washing fabric, ironing, cutting fabric, reading the pattern, watching a tutorial) counts towards those 20 minutes. Reward: If I get above 70% I can ... (to be decided)
  14. Friday- 10,000 steps (thanks concert!) Saturday- 1500ish steps Sunday- 2000ish steps I need to figure out ways to keep active on the weekends.
  15. Tuesday: Got over 7,000 steps. My legs were so tired. Did shoulder stretches. Win! Wednesday: Currently at about 6000 steps still have daylight to burn so I should get 6500 today 6414 steps today, thanks 0.6mi bike & teaching job! I will do my stretches after dinner. Yoga is scheduled for tomorrow evening.
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