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  1. While I have been feeling a lot better an saving a lot of money the weight loss has stalled a bit since starting the meals. The big thing is eating a few snacks that are probably not the best choice. I have decided that this week I am working on further limiting these secondary options in an effort to keep losing weight. But it is still trending down which is good. 2lbs in 5 days isnt a ton but its not nothing.
  2. The food is going well, but perhaps even better is my water intake. I am drinking over a gallon of water a day. I am actually starting to feel better. Yesterday I felt better than I had in a long long time! This morning I was a bit tired when I woke up but I did get going earlier. Right now though I am feeling pretty great! As far as weight goes I am only 10lbs over the weight loss I had achieved before. Which is a lot to some but me that is huge! The last few years have been failed weight loss, gain 30-40 pounds, try again, etc etc. So I am happy I was able to keep myself somewhat in check this time. I havent started the exercise in the morning yet, thats something I have to push myself to do. I want to eventually get in the habit of getting up and maybe going to the gym before work. But baby steps on that. Now that I work from pretty much 6am to 9pm 3 weekdays I need to make sure I spend time with my dog on the off days. I miss him a lot and I feel bad. But I know that starting my own business and growing it is going to be a huge gain in the long run. And while my parents take great care of him I still miss him. Thats about it so far.
  3. Thank you it is exciting! A little stressful but still exciting!
  4. The food plan is going pretty well. The meals are generally really good. But I did order a few different healthier sauces to spice them up a bit without adding too many empty calories. I know I would probably grow to love them if I let my pallete get used to not being oversaturated with flavor. But one battle at a time. I also bought and have been using a 1 gallon giant bottle, its more of a jug, for my daily water intake. And as crazy as it sounds even though ive only been on this for 4 days I am already starting to feel better. I slept really great last night as well. My life is about to get even busier now with the store officially open. On top of my job I am committed to working mon-wed night and saturday for most the day. Its fun and Im not overly worried but I am watching my mood. I still havent found a good solution that I want to pursue for therapy. Someone was suggested to me locally, I might try that. But I dont know if my hesitance is because of overall hesitance to talk to someone or I dont know what. Will keep everyone updated on that.
  5. This is our first brick and mortar location but we do sell online as well!
  6. This week has been crazy. I open up my first ever storefront this saturday for my business and I am excited and nervous. Ive been working a ton and this cold is still hanging on and I cant quite shake it. All the tests I have done have been negative think its just some crazy sinus thing. I start my food plan tomorrow!
  7. So yesterday I felt stuffy and congested. I was not surprised as due to the medicine coverage fiasco I didnt take any allergy meds for 2 weeks. But last night I had a very strange breathless feeling while watching a movie on my laptop in bed. I would sit up and my mouth and throat would be incredibly dry. And even though I felt like I was breathing fine I felt like I couldnt breathe? It was very strange. But I fell asleep alright. I woke up tired this morning with the same congestion. I considered taking an at home test but when I got up and moving it mostly subsided. Then my boss told me he had similar symptoms, and his wife had the same a few days ago. And they both tested negative. I still think I am going to get tested but I am happy to know/think that its likely not worse case scenario. No progress on the food and exercise yet but I did order a bunch of chicken to throw in the crockpot tonight!
  8. Thank you I will have to look into it! And yes I am hoping that the premade meals will help me get on the right track and start prepping. Thank you! And yes I love lemon in water and used to use lemon on salads with oil but I read somewhere thats frowned upon now? Who knows lol
  9. Love the challenge idea following!
  10. That does sound nuts. Do you do 1 bell in a 1 hand then alternate? I feel like that would be harder and easier than one in each hand. Harder because you have to work to keep yourself upright because of the shift in weight. But easier because obviously you can rest one arm/side when you switch. The dynamic stuff is always fun. Snatches/cleans always have that satisfying side to it. But I always bruised my wrist with the bells when i did them. Except when you get those gloriously perfectly done movements and it just seems to float up lol.
  11. I think I have a plan. I met with a friend who owns a delivery "meal prep" service. Basically he makes healthier pre made meals. Im sure youve seen similar things as the idea seems to be spreading. I can't say if he was the "first" or not but he was a very early adopter of this type of business. He offers discounts for a 6 week "meal plan". Basically if yo ucommit to X amount of meals a week and pay up front you get a decent discount. A friend and I are considering doing it. I would need to go all or nothing though. For six weeks I dont want to have to make a choice about what I eat. The only thing I want to find is options for breakfast. One of the things he suggested was Fiber1 cereal with mixed fruit and sweetened almond milk. Properly portioned of course. But I think this sounds like a pretty good option. I bought a large bag for keeping lunch and stuff cold. I could put all the things in there seperately and eat the breakfast at my desk in the morning. And the microwave meal would be a perfect solution for lunch and dinner. The only thing I will have to figure out is snacks. I also have to find a good solution to water intake. I used to have a large water jug I carried with me but I cant find it. I want to have a full thing of water every day that I have to drink. Maybe drop a lemon or so in it? Is that still the go to thing? I have also decided to wake up early and instead of going back to sleep for a short rest or watching something on my phone I will do some form of exercise. I have access to a treadmill, a bike, and a ski erg. One of those for 30 minutes would be a good starting point. Or maybe 15 minutes of that and some form of bodyweight workout for the other 15? I need to just go all in and be prepared. I know myself, and I have learned that half measures wont work. But I also know that I need to forgive myself if I slip a day or something happens. If I do this 6week meal plan the goal will be to work towards transitioning to making my own meals in the crockpot etc.
  12. Whatever the thing is I will be thinking about you and sending positive vibes!
  13. I still havent figured anything out Therapy wise. I am going to start doing some research into online solutions. Most of the professionals around me are poorly rated, but who knows if thats to be believed or not. Food I havent even tried adjusting yet. The house is still frustrating. I will NEVER do tilework again. At least not at this scale. Thankfully only 1 tile came off this time (not the whole thing). But its still frustrating. I have decided I want to try to focus on positive stuff here. Its been a lot of negativity. And its nice to have a place to vent but at the same time when I found the most success here it was posting positive stuff and trying to get better. I have printed off some stuff to fill out from my friend who owns the gym I used to go to. I am going to start looking into options of how to get back on track with my health and take it one step at a time.
  14. Your right, at least my medicine is fully covered thats really cool. Its mainly due to this stupid plan I chose before deciding to get help. Its a high deductible plan. I basically pay for EVERYTHING and its really cheap... Ill be reassessing my optinos for next year. Maybe. It does sound a bit like what I am feeling. I appreciate you sharing. Its definitely hard to talk about stuff like this its awesome to have people to share with.
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