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  1. Revised the name of this battle log. Its been with me so long I can't bare to let it go. Who knows if that's for better or worse, but I'm sticking with it. Something I have always pushed myself to be is an overall better person. It may sound very generic, and perhaps it is, but a big part of my life is reflecting on my actions and owning them. I understand I am not perfect, I like everyone has demons. One of my biggest flaws is my short temper, something I get from my father. Easily frustrated. I don't want that the shed poorly on my father of course. He's a
  2. I know I am a bit late to the party but I love the narrative. Sometimes writing a fictional version of oneself can reveal so much about ourselves. I want to praise you for openly sharing your struggles and how medication has helped. Its something that many shy away from and the truth is sharing your story helps many people who are perhaps too afraid to seek help or fear negative reactions from others by seeking it. Bravo. Keep up the great work!
  3. Tis a rare occurence to find someone who finds Faramir to be amongst their favored few. I do believe we've found common ground. Sorry I tried making that sound as Tolkien'y as I could but its been a few years! Faramir is my favorite character and you best believe ill be following your exploits!
  4. PROGRESS - Week 1 While I joined in late for the week I am going to do Monday re caps, or at least this monday recap. We will see what I am feeling when I get into it after a week or two. All in all feeling good and getting things sorted. The big thing is going to be getting my health sorted out so its easier to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. For some reason I have found it easier to acknowledge when I am feeling burnt out, tired, aka lazy and consciously giving myself a second then pushing through. My business partner and I had a long discussion about this stuff and whenever so
  5. Those where the days! Every spare minute I had went into exercises to bulk up my forces. I remember getting weird looks when I did push ups and squats on breaks at work. Thanks so much! Thanks!
  6. Something that took me by surprise growing up is the fact that not everyone has as close a relationship with their family as I did. But I learned from some really amazing people that family is what you make it. I hope that some day you get the relationship with your family you are looking for.
  7. 8 years ago... Crazy It feels just like yesterday! Off and on for a good portion of it but thats ok.
  8. Making a plan for food sounds like a good plan... Might take a note from this! Keep up the good work and i'll be checking in!
  9. Delivered groceries as far as fresh produce have always been hit or miss for me. But I am happy to even have the option since I live in the middle of nowhere. The dinner sounds delicious!
  10. Came to support the challenge... Staying for the food pics. Keep it up!
  11. Interesting. As a DM I have often found that players think they want to play an Evil party, but rarely end up doing it or enjoying it. You definitely need mature players to even have a shot at making it work. Cool idea and great review!
  12. 7 years! That is crazy. I don't know if there's a profile created thing somewhere but I know I started back around that time too. Ill be following along!
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