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  1. So the last few months have been crazy. Thinks are really picking up with my full time job, which is good and I still enjoy it, just crazy. Then the business I own is also busy, so most nights I leave work, get home, let the dog out and eat a quick dinner before going back to work. On top of that I am renovating my house. So extremely busy. I am living with my parents as I rented out the apartment and couldn't turn down the extra income. They went on a 6 week RV trip which was supposssed to be enough time for me to get my house ready to go. But as always things took longer than expected. My mother fell and broke her shoulder on the trip back so she can't do much of anything, so I guess its a blessing in disguise that the house isn't ready so I can help her and my father out. Food is going well as far as not eating out all the time. As I said before my next goal is going to be making healthier choices. Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Thanks brother its been a crazy time but Im doing okay!
  3. Hello everyone! Been awhile since the last update. Life is crazy. Renovating my house, crazy busy at work, and my business is growing by the day! All in all mostly positive things. My weight loss has halted and I may have gained weight, but at the same time I spent the last 6 weeks house sitting at my parents. And I am in the habit of not eating out. So I am saving a bunch of money. After another week or two this way I intend to start introducing better meal options and more exercise. Its just a bump in the path I am not off the wagon. Things are a bit crazy in our area right now and I am doing everything I can to stay healthy. I will try to stop in more when I can, I hope everyone is doing well!
  4. Shameless is an interesting show. Im not sure if I finished it or if more seasons have come out or not. Denzel movie marathon sounds pretty freaking awesome! Book of Eli is still one of my all time favorites of his!
  5. Sounds like a great plan and a great mindset! Do you track your "stickers" physically?
  6. Dude your cooking always sounds delicious and amazing! Im certain that dish was delish! Good attitude with th push workout start as well. Everyone has to start where they start. As obvious as that sounds. It could be doing 100 push ups or a single one. Both are just the beginning.
  7. Thanks! I oculd have eaten better but I am happy I didnt get too out of control and that I also recognized it was time to get back on the scale and kick things back into gear.
  8. Great news! Congratulations!
  9. Skyrim and chicken and green peppers sounds like a great night to me!
  10. Sorry about the migraine hope you continue to feel better!
  11. I understand 100% being what you call a "finisher". That all or nothing mentality is really hard and I struggle with it as well. Something that has been a huge help for me is finding something that is adjacent to what you want to do, and doing it just for the fun of it. For instance, for me, I've always wanted to push my painting skills (especially portraits). But I get so bogged down and freeze up from the anxiety of needing it to be perfect that I end up just not even doing it. What I started doing to help push through this was to try abstract spraycan art. I bought a bunch of cheap canvases, a bunch of cheap spray paint and just DID it. I didn't care about how it looked or what people thought. I just enjoyed making it. And boom I was driven and reinvigorated to do all these other things. So as you've said your goal was to approve, which you feel you've done. So maybe something like a hike or walk etc would help to not only show you how much you've progressed, but also allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor?
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