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  1. Thanks for all of this! Means a lot to have you here! As far as moderation goes its taken me a long long time to figure out and I'm still no expert. But what I am doing now seems to be working so I am happy about that! Everyone is excited for the lunch box! And thanks again for the encouraging words! Thanks for stopping in and all the support!
  2. Ooo a still life can't wait to see it!
  3. So I typically share the longer write ups in my BATTLE LOG but I decided to try and consolidate some of it here for now as a change of pace for today. I woke up earlier this morning and got to work 30 minutes sooner than normal. Not shocking because I usually hit the 30 minute snooze and I did not today. So that was great. I prepared a salad to bring for lunch today but wouldn't you know I left it in the fridge. So I almost succeeded at the "meal prep" goal. As far as the off day exercise goes I have not done anything intentional but I am certainly running around more at work. Drop
  4. Yea I get that. I think it was blueberries I smoothied and the seeds all went to the bottom. I took a gulp of that and needless to say I was gagging. Tasted good up until that point though!
  5. So the kindness to others goal. I might have a suggestion. Something that was suggested to me which was really awesome. I started writing 1 letter a week to a friend or family member. A hand written letter which I mailed. It was a really amazing experience. I definitely have to get back into it again. I even went out and bought letterhead, special envelopes, and a dip pen! The whole idea was to create something intentional for someone. It was crazy how it made me feel and how it lifted my spirits. I highly recommend it.
  6. So I think in general, at least around here, the idea of adult fitness is rarely acknowledged or an afterthought. The best I have seen is the local college/school having a track where people can walk/jog. I do of course live out in the sticks. But other than things like venice beach I don't really think there are many public fitness installations like that.
  7. "Laughs in Amazon Prime" I just realized that Amazon Prime sounds like Optimus Primes cousin...
  8. "I love my grill." A statement that hits me deep down in the soul. I don't know when I became the guy that enjoys grilling and smoking. But nothing beats cooking over a flame!
  9. I was just discussing something similar to "all or nothing". It seems people have a tendency to define themselves in particular ways. For instance a fat person is fat and thats how they define themselves. Then they start losing weight and suddenly they are the person pushing to lose weight. Then they find something like crossfit and they identify as the crazy no holds barred workout addict in the family. At least thats my story. Once you feel that you arent that thing you drop it and it becomes so hard to identify as that again. At least from my and my friends experience.
  10. That sounds like a really good motivator to mix things up! I used to worry about tracking every Macro and hitting protein etc etc. But your right that is a slippery slope to obsession. I think a general idea of calories is the best. I use Loseit for that. Solely to have an idea on how many calories I am eating but I never look at the full Macros. Keep it up dude!
  11. Outriders!!!! I play that game as well. Despite its flaws I enjoy it, though I do worry about its future. Seems there are quite a few of us who play on the forums!
  12. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but everyone is struggling to find help right now. Don't want to get into the politics of it but thats seems to be the consensus. Our plant is trying to find 16 PPL! I think the folks at your company should acknowledge that its a tough time for everyone. But you are right theres nothing you can do about it so you should not let it get to you!
  13. Very interesting! You will smash that goal Shello I know you will!
  14. Sorry it took so long to find your new challenge but I'm here. I love the writing goal!
  15. I'm sorry it took so long to find the challenge. I am here to support you my dude!
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