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  1. NERDDS!!!

    How do y'all feel about a change of venue?

    A local CF box has graciously said that they would host our event (thanks to wildross). The venue is 1.8 miles from my place so it wouldn't add too much to the driving ditacne. And we can run 4 squat platforms, 2 bench platforms and as many DLs as we can.

    For those confirmed for coming, is this an acceptable last minute change? The after party will still happen at my place.

    That sounds amazing!

  2. I guess these posts here, show what I have a difficult time understanding with the type of Paleo diet that's being (as far as I can see) advocated on these forums. Nothing personal to you who I'm quoting, but I'm merely trying to understand this.

    If Paleo diet, is as you say not trying to demonize food, and only aims to make people eat whatever it is that fits in their lifestyle, then why would people constantly claim/advocate that, in this case, dairy is problematic/troublesome? I mean, I see it happening over and over with grains as well, regardless of type. People keep posting that this and that is bad, whilst this and that is what people should eat - but usually haven't even asked the person where (s)he's living, what (s)he's doing or how (s)he feels about eating certain foods.

    I guess my main issue/point/question is: Why would one need to exclude it to find out whether it's possible living without, if living with it doesn't cause you any grief?

    I just don't quite manage to wrap my head around this way of thinking.

    PS. No hard feelings, I'm merely being curious :)DS.

    Oh, it's okay. I like discussing it because I'd rather talk about special snowflake syndrome than just think everything is a-ok.

    My take on it: gluten is bad. Some people can tolerate it, but I'd argue there's a difference between tolerating it and thriving on it.

    Everything else can be good / bad on a series of degrees.

    We're all different. The easiest way to do this is to take a 30 day period, eat animals, plants, fat, and fruit.

    Add stuff in. Take it out. Take 2-3 days and see how you feel. Then do it with another thing.

    The reality is: you do that 30 day challenge and suddenly you realize that you don't need X. Or that you love it and it works for you. Or that you're actually allergic and didn't know it because you were so inflamed from a bunch of different foods.

    Dairy is weird. I don't think it's bad, but there's so many different ways to eat it that there's no one good solution.

    I do great with European butter and aged cheese. If I'm not stressed, I can drink heavy whipping cream.

    If I am stressed, I have to pull out every dairy product but butter, and stop with coffee, some nightshades, and other stuff.

    It's so individualized that a blanket recommendation doesn't work. Which is why most of the time I go....well. Maybe.


  3. I don't know anything about the adjustment period or anything like that, but I'd like to send a reply to the people above me who talk about what would be problematic, what you should avoid/not avoid and so forth.


    This is the most educational video I've seen in a long time, when it comes to the paleo diets. I know the title uses "debunking", but please do hear it out because she's not debunking the diet in itself but the common misconception of how the diet should/shouldn't look. So as for eat this vs don't eat this, it really depends on a lot of factors, especially if you want to stay true to a real paleolithic diet based in where you live and how your ancestors in that region really would've eating. If you watch the video you'll understand in detail what I mean.


    Robb Wolf has an excellent post about the video. Also, the second set of pics has our very own spezzy featured. :)




    The reality is, paleo is not a recreation of a caveman's diet. It's not about demonizing food either, it's about finding food that works best for us. 


    Hell, if you read Chris Kresser's new book "the personal paleo code", he includes WAPF style sprouted grains and legumes, and dairy...but only when they fit your lifestyle. That's what most of this is about, how do we find ways to make this a lifestyle. :)

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  4. Tuesday's workout edition


    Where I learn to pull from the floor again, since it's been nothing but rack pulls for a while...




    3 @ 125

    3 @ 145

    5 @ 160 


    Leg press


    2x20 @ 70




    It's interesting to see progress with this. I haven't been pulling off of the floor in the mornings for quite some time because of spondy (and my pt's warning to be careful).


    I saw today's lifting session as a calculated but necessary risk. It was worth it. My new back posture makes me feel invincible! 


    I'm starting to feel thicker, like my muscle mass is coming back a bit, at least when I'm in the gym. It's also amazing how just two-and-a-half weeks of working out have made me marginally more confident in my body again. I know my body hasn't really changed, so it's just that being a person who works out makes me feel better about myself.




    YES! *fist pump* 

  6. Hit a couple snags en route to being my most badass self:

    1) Flight got canceled, had to rearrange week.

    2) Woke up feeling a little sniffly.

    3) Hit a really hard psychological barrier about going outside in weather that feels like it's -10 degrees. Working on getting it together, but this morning was not a winner for me. But that's OK!


    Except for getting in a good workout first thing yesterday, yesterday was kind of a fail. I didn't eat great (paleo-ish but eggs were two of my meals); I didn't do most of my foot stuff; I didn't make even 10 non-internet minutes for myself; and I spent a lot of money (but it was all necessary — a doctor's appointment just pushed me over the edge). That's OK. Going to move on, work hard at being my best self today and going forward.


    Stuff happens. It's okay. Let today be awesome!

  7. Holla team Nerd Fitness


    Been a long time reader of the forums and blog, and I have just started the Paleo diet after a year of solid excercise, but pretty terrible eating.


    I have been good for the last 5 days or so, the only concession I have made is milk in my tea (I am British after all) - but yesterday I had a real struggle day - I was tired and moody, but when I went to bed I could fall asleep for nearly four hours. So today I am tired and moody all over again. I also had a bowl of cereal at 2am which i hope hasnt knocked me off the wagon too much.


    Has anyone else experienced similar side effects when going Paleo?


    On the excercise front I haven't been doing a huge amount, some walking and badminton and one one fairly hardcore gym session on Saturday


    Loving your work guys






    It really takes a solid 15-30 days to get used to it. Just take it moment by moment, and keep moving forward. 


    Also, whether you're British or not, I'd would recommend removing dairy for 30 days. Butter seems to be fine for most people, but dairy can be very problematic. 


    Please make sure you're eating enough yams or sweet potatoes (or depending on your version of paleo, white rice) so you're successful at the gym.


    I always recommend batch cooking. Take 1-2 days a week, cook up a bunch of meat, veggies, and sweet potatoes and such and have them ready. That way when you're tempted at 2 am you have something to eat. 


    Here's something else that may help: http://whole9life.com/2013/01/whole30-timeline/


    Good luck! 

  8. The challenge looks good man!  And those breathing techniques definitely do a lot of good.  I started practicing them while I was driving down the road, because I can feel my back pushing into the seat.  My squats and deadlift both got so much easier once I learned it properly.  




    Yeah, I'm still in the process. It's making me move differently, which means I need to re-learn how to squat and deadlift.  :nightmare:

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