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  1. I kinda just want to be able to refer back to this easily. I'm beginning a regular 5x5 program under the "guidance" of my boyfriend who has been training for awhile. I quite that because most of the time I will be on my own, except for bench-press days.  I like the numbers you've put together for a more varried workout. I think I might give it a go when I get a bit more into this!  Thank you!

  2. So today I reinstated my gym membership and began day 1 of A powerliftubg regimine. So excited! And it perfectly fits into my hectic schedule and I can do it without support if I must go to the gym alone!


    Also, my prepped meals are actually delicious this time so I am not tempted to grab a taco on the way home from work. 

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  3. I've been belly dancing for almost 9 years and have danced professionally for a few years. It is great excercize  and makes you feel good about yourself which is the most important part.   Traditional bellydancer don't have flat stomachs, but they do have a nice hourglass figure because of all of the muscle work!  I highly encourage anyone to give it a try!

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